The Church of Lazlo - 10.03.16 - Sugar Grandpa

Monday, October 3rd


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All right I have to read this to you and I did some checking just to make sure this was a from the onion or something and there's a bunch of our news stories about this. A 68 year old guy Miami Florida. Wins a few million dollars in a lottery about five years ago Monica okay so I was a 68 managers are seeing now I think he's sixteen now a country. So he won a few million dollars in the lottery. Five years ago the money they say did not help him to be any less lonely though. So last year he signed up for one of the sugar daddy dating website says shattered when dating webs and I think it's one of them was like seeking an arrangements. Are sons at the same one of them. Yeah you know there's a travel one working arrangements not ordered Saddam. Dot gov probably dot com there's one where I think you can just travel with rich guys rich guys go travel maybe the child for business or they wanted to could grow them in the girl wants to travel for free. And you can you know assign us some more around with you. What traveling with a stranger. When yeah I mean pluses I mean yeah that sounds like a bad idea. A very very bad idea. Well and be on a plane was this percent and you don't know lemon. You're trying to take him have prisoners say riders are risky proposition idea shares one too many Martinis and says she met you wed. You know hot box dot org and there are not Jesus man I just a risque agree you know I mean don't that seems like. I get the sugardaddies emotions are you should give those back and usually keep them there girl who wants you as a sugardaddies separate. From the thing that allows you to BA sugar daddy. Let those two things should be separate Q my nose separate pass right. Okay iGoogle sugar daddy would say in seeking arrangement is the first of what comes up I think that is the main one is seeking arrangement there is also one called sugar daddy dot com. So I don't know what was said this guy use but just to recap sixteen year old guy wins a few million dollars lottery five years ago he's lonely so he signs up for the sugar daddy dating website. Well he meets a girl a 24 year old stripper from Jacksonville. I'm guy and does not live there right. I'm at some point it towards world's servers from Jackson so he he meets is 24 year old stripper and everything's going gripe what problem. I doesn't say just as it's ever from Jacksonville Florida well done. Dot while all mom just forgot my pass so almost language actually saying that oh my god stripper from Jacksonville Florida. So he made so many words. He basis points world's super sweet to lose touch she. I apparently likes him things Georgia she likes the money whatever the case may be long and they ended up getting married three months ago OK he married the stripper. Mayor I thought that. They start looking through some of his old photo albums recently. And I obviously they lived together they're married and she's going through these old photo albums and she's going through these photo albums she realizes something. She sees pictures of her family members in his photo albums. And she discovered a little bit a researcher asking her husband a few questions it turns out this is your grandfather. They are both playing plunged from their families. And they don't really all just isn't true so they made the connection that her father. Is his son. So it is his son's dark father. This is okay yeah and so. It's a grants grandfather. And believe it or not which apparently were gonna say not as they say they are staying together she says quote. Every couple is different and special on their own ways I feel our bond is so strong that even something like this is not enough to make us give up. Now. According to the Florida incest laws are looked at doesn't always legal so I don't know if the marriages. And be recognized or. How that works but they're gonna work out if you're gonna sit together. This is not my site uses a step. Grant president saying that he is a father are legal trying to figure how why and what a neighborhood and that's what we now know believes she she was looking through pictures right namely an insurgency pictures of her family in his photo albums. Check wiser pictures of my framing your photo albums. And they had both apparently don't talk to their families it seems too ridiculous to be one Irish are going through pictures of his phone number because they're married they live together I know they don't love each other she's on trying to figure out his. Asked him I don't know as an arrangement she gives them you know. Not stuff and he gives true Merling but why should go machine pictures and your family envision good morning John bush is sitting there to like like no I really do like yours are all right he should just say when she says I see a photo he's really made shorter. You know after pretend. You know I necessary Ryan like you know I have to go look into my photo album assume my family's values don't care how you don't care. I don't care you don't care well I mean now let's sit down go through old pictures are world. Take a couple of Florida sun post because there when the people who are in the story and I don't know if they check their sources droplet. They say that they discovered that they are related in the she is his grandfather and they don't care they're gonna work it out. She says our bond is strong strong have to work through this. What are you feeling about that. I have a hard time believing it's true but I think even if I had. Even if I found out that was my granddaughter I was like I'm attacking from the events management manage your time around SF. Once you know you it's over you know now if that's true then it's over. Well you're the minority Donna there is that the wrong time and you solid use secondly I don't fully but so you set out to do it right. Astros aren't even done. It's already been done you can't take that away by flash doesn't go back. Although you can say I didn't know I didn't know and now you're doing so well I don't know if I did some really granddaughter now. So now you say while I sub my granddaughter. Right. In rent. I still have a lot of money. And she still wants it I don't know. What are you doing. I'm not saying I would do I wouldn't know I wouldn't wanna do it. I'm missing and you put themselves and their position then I mean they've already done the filthy deplorable disgusting act an accident right. Did just solid all away. There's like size we are you don't debt I mean from her standpoint Judd like oh my god. It was bad enough that disable his older. To get money but now it's actually my grandfather. I didn't know it so you want her to just walk away from the whole thing. When she's got to be. Now he he may have a different opinion but she's got to be in it for the long haul like she's guarding dominant. He's able he said that he has no plans to divorce her because. PRD has two failed marriages behind them. He doesn't wanna be names but he proposed tour on New Year's Eve. And they that's the matter Ahmed dating website ends. What do some photo albums and saw his son she saw this is my dad whatever and yeah. Fox News I just looked up again just to make sure that headline says for a group reported goes he marries his granddaughter are no plans for divorce. There you go. Horny always wins and money. Money might be almost as strong as or you might be stronger than or no it's not miked but it's pretty strong.