Afentra's Celebrity Death Pool 2013

Afentra: Fred Phelps and Betty White
Dannyboi: George Hamilton and Vanessa Redgrave
Mark: George HW Bush and Hilary Clinton
Evan: Kirk Douglas and Gza Gza Gabor
Shawn: Fidel Castro and Doris Leachman
Amber: Hugh Hefner and Coutrney Love
Tanner: Morgan Freeman and Bob Barker
Derek: GW Bush Sr. and Joan Rivers
Joshlyn: Barack Obama and Betty White
Edward: Abe Vigoda and Doris Day
Zach: Bob Dole and Vera Lynn
Joey Sanchez (2 time winner): Mickey Rooney and Bonnie Franklin
Katie: Mohammed Ali and Aretha Franklin
Amanda: Hugo Chavez and Anna Wing
Troy: Nelson Mandella and Lindsey Lohan
Alaina: Billy Graham and Nancy Reagan
Jane: Michael Douglas and Margaret Thatcher
Kerry: Barb Bush
Matt: B.B. King and Sharon Stone
Megan: Charles Manson and Tina Turner
Brent: Yogi Berra and Mary Tyler Moore
Chris: Sylvester Stalone and Ali Lohan
Nelly: Glen Campbell and Maggie Smith
Lisa: Clint Eastwood and Amanda Bynes
Simon: Stan Lee and Carol Channing
Bethany: Roger Ebert and Maya Angelou
Daniel: Jimmy Carter and Kris Kardashian-Jenner
Chris H: Olivia DeHaviland and Efrem Zimalist Jr.
Becca: David Hasselhoff and Judy Dench
Dan: Paul McCartney
Brian: Steve Bushimi
Lanie: Queen Elizabeth and Stephen Hawking
Kari: Prince Phillip and Sophia Loren
Dominick: Linda Hogan
Kellen: Adam West and Ilene Brennan
Scettlama- Larry King and Paula Dean
Sue: Prince Charles and Prince Charles Wife (Camilla
Jen: Nick Nolte and Lisa Robin Kelly
Elizabeth: Rob Rigel and Shirley Temple

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