Wednesday, 05.17.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, May 17th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Comey's memo says Trump asked him to stop Flynn investigation
    • Paul Ryan talks about the situation
    • Turkish bodygaurds acting a foo
  • 26:48 - Planned Parenthood calls in to talk about "crisis pregnancy centers"
  • 35:57 - A teen has died from too much caffeine¬†
  • 43:42 - Snowcone talks about his Larry David moment at QuikTrip

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Still rages on it's on all sides. Valued dark. Will strike zone of the wrong. Now I am a fantastic or you I'm gonna had a couple days off nice little vacation. Long weekend and assigning. Enjoy my free time. People it's beautiful man kept asking you know it's happened where outlook looks for adolescents accordingly. It's nice sound. Let us. Not did come back to this I don't you love FaceBook dangers scene inch. They awareness and all anybody is just being visible in this great plains plans and a great plains. And anybody. So I'm I'm haven't heard this I don't really know what it is. I guess maybe I should. Penalizes is advice and hated this is on me. It's a FaceBook page form Planned Parenthood the great plains lovers. And it says advisor named an anti choice to extremist group that operates under the guise of may help senator. There's now advertising in 96 times the buzz Casey's alternative radio station and ask. Let's help the buzz understand why advice and hey it is dangerous for their listeners. Tell the radio station to reject these advertising dollars and I'm not opposed to that I just don't know what it is I had to look at out and I feel like infants you know it's it's understood and they tried removing tricked us are today I don't know what it is our. I've even heard the commercial view. I've not heard the commercial bonds isn't isn't isn't hurt tourism just so they advertising on our FaceBook pages and and no I'm not sure what I saw our comments on our FaceBook or com am otherwise impaired clearly I stand review. I think all three of us give you money right yeah there was so it's important to us that you're there. But and I got you wanna go to your placement agent whose command just blown call the one of us and tell us what if we made a mistake. Or if there's something we can do to change is ridiculous call us we're on your side you should know that by now right I don't know if you saw this. I am a card game of card carrying member and on the Sydney carton. I'm not. Sure if this is where it originated or not but there was like him that job fair thing that was posted on on a sitting this company case and confusing and it's. But people were commenting about this company that posted on us. John fair. And you know there were some comments from women who seemed upset about it and I had to look up what this company wasn't. It's really vague really think I you know. If it is something disguised as something else. That would make sense to me because like I said but as hard as hell yeah because it just looks. You know the way to make it sound sounds like they're trying to do good and sometimes it's easy for me. To go downstairs and say hey you know like we don't want them money and I'm not gonna tell you. Whom we said Jill but there are companies are trying to advertise on here and I'm like you know I'm not enjoy it brain. Let's I don't listen to every commercial. Or advertising. Segment that gets sold. Before dogs right where English is not me. Assume. Trying to make an analogy you may be boom. To kind of turnaround. I work here I do this part of it and I oversee music and everything else but there's you know they segments where the commercial runs that I really have much to do today. Unless I find it. Offensive right it's a homestand. They like whoa. Not cool get rid of that. This one apparently maybe I don't maybe I didn't listen I didn't hear it. I don't know exactly what it is. So is this you're. Looking at people talking about. Backed company. No I don't know its Asian okay. That's not what but on the Planned Parenthood votes site that says learn more. And I clicked on May and it just says tell money six signs. The buzz that advice and and lies to women. But it doesn't tell me. It says she. So this is a letter that it would send to name rank and I have received an instrument it's going to college going to our big boss. This says. You should know advice and end it is a so called crisis pregnancy center owned and operated by anti choice extremists they are deceptive organizations. The trick women and thinking their health centers. Okay advertised as TI testing and treatment and pregnancy testing and counseling and in reality. They rarely have actual licensed medical staff women who visit CPC's do not receive comprehensive information. About all of our options rather staff lied and women in order to tell talked him out of safe legal abortion. Furthermore advice and then another CBC soon protesters to stand outside Planned Parenthood Nelson asked her ration game employed patients. I'm calling on you to reject advertising money from extreme organizations like advice and they stand up for women. But listen your radio stations say no to advertisers who seek to statement ties women's health care of it that's all according to who that's ongoing or Planned Parenthood claim that I'm I am and I just have to find out if that's really the thing like I'd I'd let you know wide. Ignorant to this I've never been a I guess if I heard the commercial didn't come off as. Something offensive. But clearly that's you are doing now I'm wildly offended. Like any snow cone. Sorry it looks like from what I can tell that FaceBook post. On the other company with the comments were being made they were just commenting. On the first post itself. And had nothing do with that original so people solid plan Barry Hussein is saying here reject this they went and saw something else. That began thinking it was this advice is hey YOK. Some other company isn't like I don't think so from what Chris counselors on there. So for doing that for several okay so we're approach testing. Our sins we deeply anger the company that's not involved in this at all from right Davis right okay because god damn confusing now what company now does the other company advertisement is the one that. Plan and it doesn't like Jerusalem is not involved we don't know we I don't know I've seen a few tips and stuff about it so maybe Europe and or. But the blog FaceBook I think is something totally separate. All right Ziad you know and I looked at their website it did not look like. A wolf in sheep's clothing but I suppose that's the whole point that this advice and eighth inning. I'm looking at now. These night. I didn't realize that that was a thing group organization whatever the Planned Parenthood was upset when it. I got a mixed up it looks like people on FaceBook got a mixed up to yeah. And I'll do. They don't resistance some outstanding and walking side by side when women and I'm all about Planned Parenthood. And I'm all about freedom and rights and and and all of those things but I do think before we pick an enemy you have to decide which enemy it is and make sure it's the right one right because now I'm like did. I'd like to take an enemy but I don't know which one it is because surveys manage some real some people it's unreal of those companies are good company. They're fine but another good like no other and a bad one reason the bad guys Susan I don't. Now I can't tell. I don't know like we need to sing a muscle focus on purpose here which one isn't. Who don't we like him what are they doing. I guess we'll get to the bottom of the G help me get an Obama. Looks like he's sending emails right now to figure out. We'll figure it out. We've had a couple of done. You guys sometimes kind of dribbling scams that are homeless. I mean it had to go through several processes for maybe a year right you know we had one that was recorded by a someone that works for our company records you know that's their job right or for commercials for companies don't do their own commercials. And we. The whole thing SATA confusing an emissary didn't tax about it looked into it it was just some sort of scam. So just like to get those scans emails and your inbox. And you know one out of life. A 100000 times you get duke right click on nearly Blaine takes you second to realize same thing happens here and noticed that the political. We have to Dahlia yeah ratcheted. We can't like to have one guy that. And murderer or that guy obviously I didn't love what he was saying fun. We do lose. In the United States of America and every cell political as the one person into some solemn moment and we have to take they may laws and we have to take political ads you can't tell. Isn't used stupid guy and any chance. Runners that run on other things against him like you know I'm not really interest a million dollar. And you can probably think of a few things that lesson wouldn't interest in an average guys that I've been putter that I'm send huge ranch. Go somewhere else left. So solid we don't do that. All right. It's being investigated. I wish we talk to the person from my parents who wrote that post. Yeah well. Blood vessels from Planned Parenthood you can tell us who the person whose original post and what we're missing. Similar attacks line. Seems to have it right they said. I mean I'm sorry I guess who says this company is the enemy. Many anti choice extremists guess any other company you you're referring to uses other company. That was just a FaceBook post for empowering women to go to the job fair. Now apparently the people who empowered women the so many red and me Planned Parenthood post. Then went to our FaceBook page and saw the post from the people trying to empower women to go get jobs and said dearly enemies youth anti choice bastards. And this companies like mailers trying to tell people what to come to a job fair there on my right where I thank and now they're catching a bunch of crap. Even though. Path as they do them because. There is confusion amongst. The outrage and not let you shouldn't be outrage we just after being not only selectively outrage but Jim afternoon. Focus our outrage on the right people not to people trying to get women to go to a Johnson. Because not airline and got real and views they didn't want to. We just posted on the buzz site that will help you get a job if you're enjoying it relies on power Oreo and an underlying Spurrier remains. I'm lose this Downey like well the moon was just a post man. Why so angry and so. I feel like bringing into the bottom of it but it may take longer now and as you try to figure out what to do well who zoom yeah. Seems like we've got to figure out of them just to make sure I feel like I'm a firm grasp on what have you came back it's a none those are switched man. Would you be now I'm like god damn all right. Let's figure out. I know moral tell me about the world know world its flag I know Latin. No moon is not real. Right it's getting cooler not hotter right. You've got to let us. Donald Trump and his presidency and it's it's. He. Fired an FBI director. Last week. Caused quite a big controversy. Because this FBI director Louis and an open investigation into the president's ties with Russia. So after he gets fired trump says on Twitter saying you know some along the lines of before coming decides to go run his mouth he better hope I don't release some. Conversations we have ever take whatever was so The Beatles are similarly taste is going on is coming to see something. And yesterday afternoon tell me. Spoke. Any send. It usually happens. A memo drafted by now fired FBI director James coney details president trump asking him to shut down on the Michael Flynn investigation. During a February meeting in the Oval Office saying. I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go to letting Flynn go he's a good god I hope you can let this go Kobe was reportedly so appalled by the president's comments he documented the exchange just one of a number of memos he rode out of concern that the president was trying to stop the investigation. The White House flatly denying the explosive allegations saying the president has never asked mr. Colby or anyone else to end any investigation. So now we know that Tony was document in the conversation. At least he says he was. And he says. Trump asked me this stuff. The investigation into Flynn and Ryan and I wasn't gonna stop the investigation. And I was not only 97 I was appalled that you and I ask. And then I got fired. So. What do you do now right we were are we were all talking about Russia and it's only was looking into trump it's. You know. Ties to Russia and now we know or at least we think it's specifically had to do with Flint. Police according to calming. So did Laura Zach and everyone who isn't too Republicans seem to be upset and even a handful of Republicans. Mostly California Republicans. There's a few other Republicans are similar Ron Paul Ryan. What do you think Paul Ryan would say. And double down on the trump strength. It does seem to be too upset about is obvious there there are some people up there who want to harm the president. But we have an obligation to carry out our oversight regardless of which party is in the White House. And that means before rushing to judgment. We get all the pertinent information. The house oversight and reform committee is appropriately requested this memo. And I'm sure we're going to want to hear from its economy about why if this happens as he allegedly describes. Why didn't take action at the time. So there are a lot of unanswered questions what I told members is now is that time together all the pertinent information. Got to get the facts correct Betty the facts but hey if you worse if this happened lighting systems and earlier. Why did you wait. I. I mean there's some danger that crying but maybe that's ongoing and report. Like so that the source rim. Investigating you ride yeah I'm investigating you know I know my name and once you stop messier mailing me I'm not gonna happen. Not okay Jay can I go back to my office I feel like that conversation doesn't report and won't come to light when my issue in my report. No reason to issue that statement earlier right. Like what we just did was documented that's part of the report page and Israel than their record is me and old man man man man saying if you do not. And mouse game I am and I'm sure winner may like lying. In the report right now. I don't feel like I would say that earlier when I'm. I really really important is finished. Strange yeah. He said of the FBI. I may assume they like to keep a lot of things confidential. Wait to see what happens I feel like they would be mad if Communist amounts and let the president assassinated. Do this since he no he didn't in my name call right now. It's clear that you don't light truck right and then you have out for him and you should recuse yourself in this Reston Russian investigation. So now of course they want to tell me to. Testify publicly at a senate hearing. After these reports of president chump ass and to move past FBI investigations into Michael Glenn Lindsey Graham says I asked Tommy to come before the judiciary committee to tell his side of the story. I think it will be good for any team didn't would be good for the country. Just imagine that this is all Hillary and I mean really think about what those headlines of the night. I saw one of the headlines from Fox News yesterday's ruling liberals have a meltdown or something I thought man if this was Hillary. All those tweets that they sent out all those Republicans and out of Irish can't be trusted news and these you know I'd reserves. And meeting would people and are playing right Bill Clinton all this stuff. It's selective outrage against. So than a Turkish president was here. And he had a security teach him I love you. To the president there's security. The president okay. Security got to watch I guess sensor used part of the process and resume to a so have you watched this video of his guards beating people up. NB CETC it's amazing and I asked the rams finally over. People are asking for these bodyguards who earns all eyes this brawl since then to face some sort of charges in. The same problem happened a medical. Lot of those. I just read. Right through on the air NBC news and posts and articles saying it's probably not gonna happen there's probably not going to be any repercussions from honest with you watched the video there were protesters outside. While the president was in DC need listen our president. Our fare leader. And his bodyguards desert dressed in suits and ties. You know live a Secret Service brush right and they just start in the holy how modest they're kicked in a mall. May like those sounds you hear our feet. Any peace keeping people on the. And some of the pictures of these guys after they got beyond. There are a million people look at times. Trying to get it to stop trying to get these guys to stop. I've never seen anything like I've never seen it. In a setting like that. You have to do the presidents. Turkish president's Secret Service bodyguards whenever on. They look exactly what you'd expect in the movies a desensitize the sunglasses look at him he's run across the street and start you don't protesters. Beautiful and most Turks. Violence is never appropriate response to free speech and we support the rights of people everywhere. Two free expression and peaceful protests. Didn't I just State Department. Unlike you doesn't get to rent it he Elvis extra power. And so I'm called to congratulate him. Reducing. So I can't believe they do then I'm like wounds. And say oh look at. As soon we can't loan. Boy. Not great. There's some zionism Texan a seven just accept incoming sovereign testified publicly. And then someone says yeah. Soon. I don't know because it comes from an 816 number which doesn't mean you're not in the know but it also tells me and know you're not in DC on the beltway Ryan. But I don't know maybe maybe you liar. Now may be clearer still got right yep he's listening don't know. Really likes the program. As does indictments supposedly coming in tonight before Rosen Simi is all 100 senators tomorrow and intelligence brief. Eastern district of Virginia court is. Lowe's is closed to public. Apparently a mourn damning report is coming out tonight that won't trump quotes from Tacoma stuff. Reports from new. Ellis I. But it's a report. He's implying here she's an indictment supposedly going tonight before roses seem meets all 100 senators tomorrow and intelligence brief. Eastern district of Virginia court is closed to public. Apparently a more damning report is coming on tonight Donald Trump to commie stuff. Well predictions. Anything coming this. Every day something different yesterday but mostly it's it's more than one thing in Dana there's something in the morning everyone is like I typically and I can't believe it does. It is I can't believe that he's gonna go down this quick I mean. I gather man he's a bad guy now isn't bad guy he's an in Asian is ignorant to how things work. Any reason you people always say we need someone to run the country like a business. And businesses don't you can't run a country like a business. It's not a business. It's a government it's a government. And you know your job is not to make the almighty dollar in anyone's cause you have to protect the citizens. And then there's also the rules set up that aren't set up a business like. If your boss tells you. Hey. Look I got things going on once you quit asking about the pink memos to scatter off fired Uranus. And you know like not only keep asking amount they fire you. And I just say I think it was a decade in subordinated right now because oil work like that. But I understand. How you can comes and situations and of course it does. The late night television investigating an electricity and on until the show's final and we were I was goddamn tragic hour here we Knight who you know what god damn president. You know I really can't do that as I now watch me. Right. Like OK. This is going to be tough but I also feel there's got to be enough powerful people on his side. That should be able to hire enough powerful attorneys to explain a lot of the subway ride or at least on our side holdout Simpson. At least put on hold for awhile I wonder what. Win win they said they calmly started documenting this conversation well what does that mean with it's kind of sound like he was taking notes in a journal but did he start to record the conversation. Does he have proved to trump said these things it's a drop this investigation. Any 830 said the Flynn was severely compromised by the restaurants. How many do. People as an intelligence and I hope Gomez really good security and and I really don't think about Ireland yard. Yeah empire and so laser. We're doing clown show trump her right. But some I think he's not a clone shown. Serious wounds to his will to do and so and he says talks he talks normal. Come becomes of the mysterious radiation poisoning and soon. This economy had a heart attack too much caffeine. No selfless act. But will it take for Paul Ryan's. Saddam Hussein and his country where the I have confidence in. And the president. Now we have to say is you know. Maybe media saint I wish I had a little more confidence in the president room right now. No we something. They don't care. His 1000% party before country and elegant there's sometime after tax cuts. If they're judges. Yeah I don't facility Texan I'm assuming someone from a rice is a bathing Heller they'll take coming out. My appears anybody happier right now than Hillary. The last thing she wants is common. It is and I don't know listen to a doctor that we should call them back. Seeping out of the number and call them back when they knowledge Planned Parenthood V phone we have so many that we don't know talking about as soon saying it's right. Aren't sold trying to calm right and you know trust but verify stroke. Okay. Hi Bonnie in my name's Liza with a nice excited about is are you. Lap. And that communication and acting director. Perfect so you know that I am a fan of what you do and and that we support junior about you've been and been a part of several shows that we put on an. I think everybody here is a card carrying member of Planned Parenthood. But we were thrown for a little bit of a loop today I guess I was I'll Monday and Tuesday. And I had a friend of mine sent me a taxed. About. Post that you guys made and tell if I'm wrong Obama then FaceBook. It says to Oman as excellent the buzz that advice in any lines to win. OK so I don't go so there seems to be some confusion because you made this post. And and people went from your website. To our web site and gone mad at me. Different company was company WET in W the end. Just like blue when women are tolerant network where they drive wouldn't be able to go to job fairs. I don't I don't know what that is where China sent a message to. At maybe explain that the that he's the boss. Yeah he worked there. It's a track. That well we're kind of send a message but. I love the resistance and I want people to get angry and outraged but I feel like maybe we've created a monster here were outraged that maybe the wrong person we don't have a message across is that makes sense. Yeah we'll talk about let's talk about it OK so we're trying to open about the 92 point five but after. We found out that if I need to buy. Buying advertising on your speech in which also threw us for a loop. Because we know that 96 point five the is a card carrying member of Planned Parenthood supports our. Work and so I mean this is a good opportunity to talk about what a crisis pregnancy center in. And then your advertising department may not have known what they Wear when. Of course and I'll be honest with you I probably heard the commercial and didn't think twice about it while I and I read it or you guys that aren't I. I'm clearly ignorant into a lot of the things that happened and and if what you're about to tell me is true then they do it and named in in a way that is supposed to form. Yes that is there that is exactly the point thank you for bringing had a so great that pregnancy centers operate on the guys that health centers. You hear their act which should be running this weekend. They'll talk about ethnic testing and treatment. So let me ask this have they run yet I'm a bulls are now. In Basra and I think it's the weekend out only that doesn't run mandate it Friday. And be able to talk about coming in for at Yankee acting in treatment they'll talk about healing and for pregnancy pact. I believe the ad says something about are you scared or to crack. Are you worried about your pregnancy. OK NM on it I'm on the website right now and I clicked on their about section and it just says. Advice and a pregnancy sinners. Helps women and their families make an educated decision about an unplanned pregnancy we do this by providing evidenced based medical information about parenting adoption and abortion. And that's right from their website. Go one step further and click on abortion and I'll talk about abortion rent. On each. And you'll see a let them lie about. Complications that come from abortion. We know these are wide because. Cannot get medical voices like the American college applications and gynecology at. On how deep on all of these men about what happens when a woman gets a safe legal work. Ground they talk about infections. And blood clot and the long term medical portions read like future cal bearing in breast cancer. These are not and medically sound. I didn't beat excitement is not information and hadn't been backed by any leading. Certified medical docked here. The attack though I have been used by the turnpike with extreme their own and operate these packet is ready to interstate by. Needed just one PPP. There are many throughout the data and theory and can't. It would happen to be can't that they actually sit at our front door. And days organize people to come out and and at our driveway and Iraq shame and stigma tied the Haitian people are coming here to seek safe legal abortion services. I'm at the very it's very common practice it's happening across the country didn't get much more brought probably this year in the midwest and in the south. And there are a lot of article topic that I can point GQ about under cover. Projects. A bigger abortion in. Topic secret I've done. Read they've gotten into crisis pregnancy centers and has received a lot of data about the kind of misinformation out there feeding into the patient like that there are. Yeah I'm looking at their risks pays her abortion risks and eight debts. It's a long list of the scary things. That they were here. He'll feed Utley and right now without or. That is a statement. Yeah and dated link that abortion provider constantly do on our web site. And it is created. And endorsed by the anti Catholic extremists who did cancer. And they have popped the laws and it can't respond without that we topped Q link to that and we have to get patients that kind of misinformation. At that I needed just an extension of that. They lure women into that are there centers. And day meet you think that you're going to get. You know real radical right would in fact more often than not you're not eating with the medical professional. And yeah her often given the wrong sonogram reading they'll argue that your partner along that you are. Which could meet you in eligible for certain abortion procedures. Okay yeah I clicked on that Lincoln it takes you know woman's rights and no doubt organ at the top there's just a big. Sealed. From Kansas says Kansas department of health an environment. Right there at the top of their website. You certainly understand now I mean look at night I think you know me I'm born from Planned Parenthood. But I try to stay informed and I think everybody the station tries news stand formal. I mean. Not I mean. Hot you know you know I mean not you know let's York if you let your so deeply involved and like you are or people you know I yeah. When I first heard I didn't do anything about it OK so you're scared you're pregnant you need someone to talk to. Go to this place I didn't think there was any you know I think there's anything nefarious going. Yet so we'll look when we heard that act on it explained by the which by the ways are outnumbered Bieber radio stations in the city. We didn't say no lights came on the science. It abides figuring that we did note that an appetite department probably doesn't know. I mean if you're getting an ad buy it from somebody who says they're all manner OK okay well go for re. So we thought that with the the perfect opportunity given your popularity and give and they're reach that you with. Young audiences young women of childbearing age. About that. Well you know and ran an interesting light then running the ads and being kind of devious about it. Has probably turned into not such great promotion after we've just spent twenty minutes talking to you about what they do. Yet but thank you are climbing out you know it's not one of those things we dollar that in port on exactly what they plan. Very bright and I think you know it. It's one of those things that we ought to work every day in and day out educate folks on because if you are working in the world and you aren't living and breathing it when he first sat and it's possibly in the state of Kansas in the theory. You. Can easily fall into the top Eric Domenici Koppel our anarchy state and so many. Extreme laws that are design. To shame and picnic type women without even knowing when it comes to the topic of safe legal question. Well on and I appreciate you take the time to talk to us about it. We didn't get to the bottom of it is where I am. And I just sent you more money so. You're on then think you upload. I. Hi. How are you I'm great area god. You heard about everyone keeps on by the sixteen year old. Kid who died from. Drinking energy drinks he's you know what I don't wanna hear it well that's what I don't Annan knows you would stoke on both and this you know this is screams. Old school. Radio. Bit you know I mean he's got the story here and and I think. As I'm reading a story I keep seeing people talking I think people just went back to have smoke on tried this country. The problem is they're not telling us at least it last time I checked just not telling us what kind of energy drink yeah but that was all the. Had a teen who was described as perfectly healthy. Collected a classroom officials say after drinking too much caffeine. I stand before you broke as a broken hearted father. And hope that something good can come from us. Parents please talk to your kids about the dangers of these energy drinks. But what we want to do here today is make people understand. That these drinks. This amount of caffeine how suggested. Can have dire consequences that's a coroner talking now and ask what happened in this case. So sixteen year old Davis crichton died last month the South Carolina. After drinking a lot today a large caffeinated soda and an energy drink within two hours. The county corner says that kind of heart problems. You doctors have recommended that teens limit their caffeine intake. OK so. I know that it was a lot since they say that I think they said monasteries it was a McDonald's latte and several stories said that it was a large diet Mountain Dew. And I drank a large dive under and had a lot to handle large Diana and in many had an energy drink. And that all of those things were consumed within two hours and he was otherwise how we know that he was otherwise healthy Manhattan. Ten times the amount of that and energy drinks in two hours. Oh man I've had X. Eight Red Bull 820 ounce rebels in two hours. Easy. I remember boom we used to get all those Red Bulls we had a fridge of course and I started to drink those things nonstop and be fine and then one day I drank a bunch of and it was a show. In Westport at the old Beaumont and of course. And and I got really shaky and certainly got a second that was the only time I can really remember there was one other time. Browser based on had been sleeping much and I drank a bunch of energy drinks and I thankful shaky but I've never felt. Most of its magic coffee from the second I wake up until like 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Cup that's correct that's too much of many things too much water will kill you obviously what I goes back to that saying yeah I remember reading this book about senator you know business and they are positive that a large latte a diet Mountain Dew. And an energy drink killed this kid and I does that mean is that other corners or bars so Casey died last month so. This car came back and said that after you know looking at him that it was fitted that it caffeine that he ingested that led to this Arabia. Or abnormal heart rhythm chair department not be able to pump enough blood to the body and lack of blood flow affects the brain heart and other organs. Sun now you heard is dad same parents need to warn their kids about the risks of caffeine all right Lauren this is easier than a century is saying they send and so gone mention trying to die Mountain Dew yep alarm a large large tank and an energy drink within two hours he's got two hours is there aren't yet. Because we're not really I'll do which you'll do it of course. Now I'm prejudice reimbursing brace indefinite myself you lasso I tried to move old furniture yesterday. Oh man that was banned and if I'm good how are. That's not land via a free hand I'm not I've talked a truck this sounds that you and I were making after we moved across both losers. And by the way it was one thing and we didn't move very far M it took us awhile to get it done and when we dig get this get well we don't we were halfway done. We gonna happen we are so let's take a break. And we literally both sat down opposite sides of the room and just hurt. But I was real I mean and I don't know with the I feel like to come up for this feeling of Bruno had energy drinks are done nothing on her quick I did like how when we took the break. Your first thing was. Let's talk a cigarette. That's a lot does that not think like I can't guess I've read the last career. They are indeed president. Who's looser acquitted of all along there's no major throws things open up. What I can use now an all star did you drink some Watson isn't here and couple smokes. Look I've heard that statistic and if everyone in the United States have an aspirin right now it would kill government people and I think they said it's like some like 300 people or something. Will could potentially die from taking an aspirin because innocents are so I assume that this kid even though he had about a are you begin or something you know I just think that most it's. Most. People. But aren't you had about our commercial engineer. Announcer she had that murmur and she had to get Cha as she went to the cardiologists and get it checked on a thinkers might have. I don't know my fix itself I had one. And I had to go to the doctor every year something like that wash my heart or their and a TV and then when I was I don't know like twentieth they said oh it's gone away affixed itself. So I feel like there's something there. We've seen you get a lot today I got the diet Mountain Dew in the energy drink here. All right so all rail ought to all we need is a lot today and then you've got two hours and I don't think. Mean if you want to now Jordan thirty minutes is missing you could trying to fast if you watch what you really only have to do I'm allowed to lose their mile an hour. Yeah it was diet mountain bill now. But I can do and our soul. Handle the unchecked at all if you the coffee the mountain through. An energy drink don't that is different dip all of it an attempt on and on showed up my ass all right well that's what this kid did so let's try and stay true the scientific yeah for a variable we're gonna test this trying to recreate now we don't know the energy drink but I know you have your preference and we have plenty of them here. So do you want years. And you can you can try that you can do and half and our. Owned no idea. We had just moved that furniture and both almost died movement for entrants in this is. Nothing to this bureau Joselio now. I am I really don't believe in myself. There there was a time knocked out Longoria is so spread just do that you want to live like if you died here dredging. Energy drinks I don't I wouldn't die I have since her heart attack it hurt like hell and be in rehab for six months doing stress tests on our adult as I am. The heart rehab all I see you yeah Maria yeah amendments and your term yeah rehab for coffee now I wouldn't I wouldn't get that as ever we rendering him. It's just filled with coffee. And nobody died I think they drained a 24 Simon all day long yeah the stronger the batter and a but I'm telling you wouldn't filming it would just. Something horrible would happen. You do it. I'll get this stuff under our. The life. Eyes on the news story was there as a kid they drank too much energy during trying to two main Dave is Allen Craig you six seniors horrible story passed away but I kind of I'm it would you know calling a skeptic. They say he was healthy otherwise and that he had these three caffeinated beverages within two hours span in the corner says. That caused it is really you know. And that's what killed so they said he drank a lot today. A diet Mountain Dew and energy drink a I don't say I waited more than him because there was a teenager and I'm a bigger German so I doubled on another big ones of all of them yeah. Just in case. So Toyota goalies in two hours yeah. So you start with the energy drink. How does have went on how many of those of you had today anyway to really probably incorrect if not 40. Well you're doing about our shot. New and some medication and you get a drink that pops the pomp there's going to be our desires on drinks costs and I confined to dies and you really sweet so it's like back that'll be hard to chill and not that I'm not opposes the hearted showdown. Flash right. Oh the energy dragon an object who I mean on a television five minutes did that's not going to say about his Larry David Moe that movement. At the gas station from interest and slow snow cone tells me comes into workings of the moment. Man I don't even understand how this could do any damage I've seen people drink six bottles of wine in two hours right. And the men are not find their interest they are a lot. I could I live in funded talked earlier alive nice to kiss acting like my brother drinks that any energy drinks every day within two hours. Easily or score usually. So us and did so somebody hasn't told you this story about the gas station around us please what happened. Are you upset to tell us why do you know center. Aside. Are you worried about my health. Know I know we know your response is going to be it's not going to be a bachelor euros snow cone. Well OK I'll defend you real quick one personal attacks on please don't think you're. Terminals like mantra for a shot under choke on did present the story with. Not gonna present to bludgeon them to lose and I just capitalizing yeah I get that I'm the same way except it's a 100% of the time I think. But. You know sometimes you don't usually are gonna sometimes you say were living in a society here you gotta take a stance after I should preface that too. Maybe. She'll mental state at the time okay right rice and get a little bit liquid courage. Little bit are OK so my girlfriend comes over she leaves to go home targets of personal place I decide to take her purse tour. On the way I saw that quick trip. Gonna repair their tour on the way home much like trivia. I got to repair for myself okay. And I bring her purse of internal Israeli issue thank you moved from side to stop and get some boos so I was out of the question or makes another beer. Gerber for juvenile can reveres already gone so nice here your job and I I got a road bears are and then I did stop it doesn't much import that Americans. All right so you're I'm older suffer the Qwikster Spanish flag I grab a pint of catheter or gunfire house like I don't. Credit pilot captain Morgan and I couldn't let that little genealogy newborns and getting closer home I realize I forgot to get any mix there. For my cap of one bought the cat the margin left Kazaa and well my next question is how did this happen if you had to order than alcohol combined account of Bob you're out Norton left. Some getting close to home must stop of the quick trip on main street violent place. I go and energy drink down voice I there's an energy drink what time is it it took them three minutes. Today it took him three minutes and I start in the Mountain Dew continue to stories so you are about the losing you go to a different gas station because I got an updated and there's no call only drinks. Captain and joke and when they run out of captain he gets real old. Moon. Anxious right unhappy so I get to the quick trip on main. The parking lot there's always a complete zoo are always pisses me off because it's impossible to busy driving them to lower gas station so I get in there. I go get a bottle Coke. Come back to get a line there's a guy at the register. Who's. Trying to check out and then two employees behind the counter. The one employee was hoping the guy the register had messed something up on his computer Oca and they were trying to get it fixed so the girl who worked there was over there trying to help them like Q what you did wrong so both employees my cowboys and got to figure out this you know and computer problem for this one guy right Oca. As did the girl employees seems like she's been there longer has kind of helping him. She starts to finish up in this kind of walking back towards her register okay as that happens. A guy comes from behind me walks around me. Kind of bumps and me and goes up to her is totally cuts the cuts and trying to you know command no shots and no cuts lets you buying and he's vying to watch dog. Too hot dogs let me know. And so you're an armada Zuma not try to imagine what kind of got me a girl gonna find too hot dogs it night and I feel like I can kick your axe to try to get a vote early because of the kind of guy who buys 200 does but again at midnight and have a sometime I would never say anything. But I was already upset about the essence on sudden hey I was next thought. Perry they're UNC is why go on his ideas are bigger now everybody this is why the Olympic venues how would you say you say hey I was next in trying to OK okay uncertainty saint Henry's excuse kind of person working I was kind of saying that and then. Doctors are actually okay sort of man charged city I'm getting that there's no way to tell this hot there are no boy continues the under way. All right I don't know I don't know Orioles on the line now and don't tell got to face the story you can do it until I turned. Let's all work okay Jumbo market you just can't jump up are now so I know there's no law against sent. So you tell when there are no arm I was next less than this society. I can't do that in order against her for the society to function normally we're gonna have to have some unwritten rule smirk. And that means you just can't jump in the front to look towards or not. So you can you tell the guy with the hot dogs and as many as you can tolerate no but I'm limited. And what does he said you cure us what does he says how come when it's on the evening he cut you insane thing looks back at me kind of gives me aside I. And that goes back to the Cole he does then you because I thought I you know sorry I didn't realize that let me go or even after years general I don't. So I heard some pretty nasty out so what do you say when he does the same thing. I get really upset because the our solar and the guy kind of ignore me they won't give me or known it. Then they're like we saw happening is they don't want drama. It's late at night it's a big ask to go in his downtown was only contest. And I said like looked down and Jessica I know I'm not trying to reroute. But I was not only wasn't paid yet you just know he ordered a term you come back in front of him he asked for black and miles of the court turnaround and go get it. And I walked up put you on the are out there do reserve and I said. Am trying to be rude but I was next on you walked around me. OK and so the U walked around a you're talking to himself ya and what is this time again he looks and side those elements of the lessons looks at me and held as I can. I'd say he's around my age like whom worked warnings okay. And so the girl. Behind the counter also looks at me kind of rolls her eyes and goes to get his. Black and mild and comes back and does not everyone there's a going away. I don't know if you don't see you are never gonna know I knew he has to do and I don't think I'm gonna pleasure amend America's stint. And mine is now hey you guys so. You say hey I don't mean to be rude but I was next what do you write you know decided look now what happens the guy behind the counter who would already messed up the computer sort of the crumbling Lleyton has said that's really help works. That's on how what work let's aligned our historical event and so is that what you mean doesn't work like that. There's two people waiting here I was the next in line as you were helping this other guy listener. I've been alive for thirty years. I know how lines work. So they got by I got to the Disney isn't even helping either one review right now take a young man but you can't do is not subject like your mind your own business just had. I don't have Charlie you've been here for fifteen years does allow their all three of them let me tell you know line lurch. I was next and it. A candidate. So you're right now are you know he finishes paying your argument the male employee OK so now that's good hey this is ridiculous I have my money out I was next in line on this kind of by the time I'm running out. So the guy Orton gets hot dogs and walks up the pace more. So feelings Evans as the dollar whatever I get a mighty always hard and I'm like that's ridiculous I was let's line this is. Ball. I'm okay six foot possess. There's so in my group look hot dog guy is really business here. Hot dog paving he's paid a giant bad picture hot hut long you know Miller is now blacks glove and he assured talking to the wall. Asked. My name is known. This is the dialogue now and Verizon is that a lie so this guy how does our copyright page he's done he's want I had enough and now you market failure to the woman yes you're airing your greens as you say hey. I was next right and she doesn't say anything up to this point chairs and acknowledge your existence smugglers are hot dog gotten in ignored me OK so what is she said now she says something along the lines of light. If you want to do the count of first you know he was just hear it too bad deal with that moved to do that. That is not to customer's always right there. So I kind of laugh delicate desert this is stupid but here's my two dollars I'm leaving as a turnaround also hundreds moderate. As a turnaround believe when I know Sean walking through the door and I can hear her start popping off the employees she's Jonas joke around she's say are under her breath but clearly she's an out there was no account should usually there's a chance you weren't drunk and I don't know I'm an ironic. I started you smell like cat and I started thinking all right still on the bottle sealed my car aka some walking out the door and I hear say you know we say there's an accident or walks about how words you know too bad you get up here whatever and starts up enough. So I tried to. Nobody Reich so I tried it you say you does say who's next to you never said that the guys walked around me included back him pocket. And so she starts yelling something else I says are jealous of an OG Allen now well she's a same like you know what you are gonna be like you know and it doesn't matter you by two dollars were the top it's over leave pretty much because I lose all three such disarray of the minister want to enjoy the benediction. I said he'd go after some late night doing. No you said you can just it was so yeah. You can do it through so now you're staying at the door open to the gas station yeah as you to end this bad I just go into the close of the clerks you can got a guy. Is only a few feet away to see just walked out. Evenings I'm telling him that guy and go yeah Dodds and a black a mild at midnight can definitely kick your ass I'll yet. So he turned around to bet that he still talk enemy soldiers safe. He just looks that you. Patrons rounds I was walking towards me okay I'll play this ball inside plan I don't know I was telling them to go out. Because I know I'm afraid hold on man I'm not gonna. Did everything I'm trying to say they review I like I know there's one I was excited to be okay talented than the other as a guy who actually did it. But when you turnaround eligibility and please go about your business on the drops a bath bombs out ideologues. Earlier I know that I got through flex a little bit about a dozen he was left in the next few loud that I use are no known. There's certain ways you can didn't go in your car I'm not gonna it's dash over two dollars. To Joseph I'll call the woman. I say that magic aren't a lot of manipulation. I can't I said that he wanted to like come over on the complication. I said no I'm not trying to fight I was telling them. And then he walked to ask that if you let yourself do I got my car. All land as he was carnival if you. Did Dodge Dart and a well portable white yeah you're right I guess you give an Internet Explorer. Learning doesn't start and here it comes hot dog guy you can lower yourself to stop her and whenever. My own man today's walk out. Consider me a Sutherland and well you know what it. It happens. Once in awhile it happens you say this zip. I'm tired let's following don't think that movie you know used a man I just had a conversation and always I was otherwise I had an year old dad like came up the other night. Make only about a little model is ridiculous. Yeah and it's like thirty years old so it's weird that you hear right yesterday and instances ridiculous I would like to say I don't know why did that I would usually never. Argue about who cut line who cares. But I would come rentals and that's the story he has the exact same story on how soon they haven't you don't know I just killed the woman. That's why you guys fighting or women all Google Android. It was weird because I'd op also and that kind of person. We're just. Now whatever it's in that situation us open there's nowhere would say they have been way too scared that hot dog to class. So there's no way I would say anything there but. I was in my car trying to illegal parking garage and I'm coming on the ground not stop all that man if you really wanna stand up for yourself. When it's hot dog guy turns around after the side are you hit them without bottler Coca as hard as you can write that they may go and and start kicking him when he's done really don't take cuts bitch that's a good like that and don't get. Not now on the right and almost don't get up. I'll hold all the things Madonna snapped if you're gonna join you got to snap you because you can't hack fast snack to me like a little video talking to the girl. That he you don't learn a lesson from that at the quicker you guys sign right there in the parking lot and I liken right you got ahead of when everything got. You can't you can't just be like. Now you term. She Noah for so if you serve well he walked away have a nice night. You know I walk away because I was like Johnny got a hot dogs are relying far I knew what he's gonna say about this is why you want to bring it up so that's why you why I would would tell you to hit the guy know. I'd I'm not saying yeah. OK if you're going to hasn't sent something maybe I don't nonsense you see me say something I'm not gonna say any thing. And less I'm prepared to hit him. You should resign right if I'm not prepared at that moment to fight over. Thirty seconds on the line digging up. But if I am prepared for whatever reason. I had a rough day at work or Palmer or whatever if I'm prepared at that moment they'll majors around and you have to punch a you know it was either. Don't say anything or fire them that's okay that's ridiculous what would you just don't say anything to him I don't want to keep up who's working. Yellow woman you're like. That's why isn't the woman on the do within the fabric. So first you said go after seven and a good guy wouldn't matter you keep bringing up like it was a woman like I know because you would have sent it to a grown man apparently a grown man ready Kim over the polar punch in the face that's now when the woman wasn't it true that this employee wasn't gonna do that the man it was a guy or girl. I think that you felt a little bit more comfortable dropping enough bomb on a female they needed a male I don't I don't know why this story has been well that's ridiculous and it's a senator I always feel more comfortable zone complex but don't want to trust me. That is not mean yell at all only got in rage. Read it holidays are the evil and as soon as this are I was talking new way and I was being aggressive. And and at least aggressive towards someone. And using vile language a little dog knew I was talking to. Hello lady and I saw continue talking to the employee a lady who shut out of an ad in the way they worried that a matter it was a man or woman was a woman big blue also a guy who you. Talk to him. Let's look at both of them. It didn't matter it was a man or woman you're trying to make this woman that's not at all. Why don't think I'm just a bid sobbed conservation. I think job are you know any feeling I'm not I think you're quick to tell a woman to go for shuffling guys are you talking to may I was telling not you know the employee. The employee off themselves because they were acting a certain. So what happened here. Remember me I was just coming out of a parking garage and I came on this rant and there's a there's a divider in the middle you know because stayed in the right. So I would drive on right and there's two n.'s Elaine to exit part gradually coming in the parking garage it's a steep ramp. And isn't coming down is ramp there's a woman coming up the ramp and a Subaru. And so it is a tight spot you can you can fit because like when you're driving through a city street there's a car park and sorrow that you gotta can't make you make enough room. But I just stop to allow her. Tonight until she got to stop so I stopped and I pushed a button to bring my mirrors on my car right and I Moses Michael ahead also your way. Go ahead as I can tell she's up she's nervous. She's motioning she's doing something in his reflection on windshields like UC's Lester to pull up and as I get closer she's going back cop. Back and I'm like why what I am looking behind me. And there's nowhere really to back up and it's hard to explain but as you called the ramp is an immediate turn so I back up on the block her terms of the tires and wait to hear it. Vulgarity is your level that this old ladies so special is an old she was younger than me so I backed up finally I'm Mike what I was just ghosts are finally back up. I'm confused as to why I'm backing up and she pulls up match she's pulling up she's yelling at me. She's got a window down right legacy or yelling I can hear back to hear what she's saying he's got a when it got so I rolled my window down. And IE build better. Would say I said and I said go ask yourself you asking B I hope you have a nice acting day. Does that. Weird yeah it just came out with I was angry and I go to guys to figure out a that'll show where she is like wow. Maybe I said hey look we learned to drive like me there isn't learned to drive I know I said left themselves open when I was at I never do that. Story when it ended with so I punched a guy and as I can tell downward I grabbed the hot dogs out and I show up and down as is out. July does that legitimize movies so I got to the Obama wouldn't be so what you want out of all okay you'll Lawrence at the bench hurt. Men and smoke some more. Democratic talk a real good yeah. Pouring Coca-Cola is out of that smoke in his mouth. That was and as that lady behind the counseling what do you do and say he's lying bitch now did you go home. Your headphones on dream captain and token start fantasizing about taking magnets that counts for good the half hour I think. It's like elementary schooling when you get beat up in the lunchroom and and you go home that night and imagine what it would have been like to be on the other end of that as I could have taken. I do get what allows a single soak and I don't see why you arguing it I mean this is not muzzle picking on you know I if you say something to someone in any given situation if you decide to send ups years even if you think you're totally in the right right probably work. When you decide to stand up for yourself in situations like that what you're saying is there's a risk I'm starting. A confrontation started coming out until. To be willing to follow her any confrontation and you know with countries its war with human beings it's fisticuffs right so this could in but he and I get into I finally figured out a fight over it wow I'm always thinking that is not cursing and kick my ass and answers always yes suspend. Yes sir I'm. They remember most of time answers and it's not that important in the person cut a line and it's fun right whatever becomes not important to you to actually say you know why. This is an assault on my manhood. And I will not allow this dude on mass we delay our happiness is that are of Qwikster which by the way is also apply respond happens sometimes when you deciding your dad I've decided that I'm not gonna allow this to happen. Then you can't because what happens if if you say I'm not going to allow dissent and I'm going to say something and then a guy. Refuses. To even give you the dignity of response. And Vinnie here as you say and ask you someone says excuse me. What do you saw it as ours walking back and you have to respond to him wed not do you someone else OK and then he leaves. I don't see how you go home and sit on the couch NBA anymore plus some man. You'll never human right OK I don't see I don't go back so my point is is that if you are going to stand up for yourself and you refused to do it once the time comes. Then I feel like it is more detrimental to your psyche as a human that you actually stood up yourself because had it goes up the guy caught. And then like got to come really god damn man people are rude whatever. Nothing happens but now you're sitting at home drink apple pro going to. And social beliefs and that to me is not worth it at that you've got to make the decision and you're gonna notice I'm saying I guess you're gonna go slowing getting deeper and man. You know that you're due date that that's this is where it starts and here's where potentially could end I just wonder why I wasn't necessarily. I was more out of the employees for the way they handled within the deny god that guys is a Dick that's fine he coming. If you wanna you know wanna live is MetLife. The employees. Are the ones that once we were Arizona lady. Really bad and insulting people in my. By the way I'm not saying. That. You should've said something to him. I'm not encouraging right. Physical altercations. What I'm saying once you made that step into the pool. You gotta be willing to swim under and you can't get in on the pool and then realized there's what seems to me if we're making a swimming announced it would seem to me is like you're like you know a lot. All of jump in the pool. And don't you got a poor like I really not a slam. As our Larry shares of some lag right I can get out of the pool. And then I got the guy started to get the porn like on and on and on trying to us when to this girl over here. And in and everything amidst Gellar wasn't that mattered and he was as. And Haslem that's fine and their employees are the ones that really got to me they're the ones who were supposed to enforce the rules guys saying they're there yet they keep order and the gun dealers are rude to me when I was clearly in the right. Never gone quicker although now I know that's a lie I don't know whatever way you gonna go I love Qwikster but did not want this now or hold on 11 employee where you gonna go I'm gonna go back to I was gonna say if you cut quick trip out of your life. I mean now and I don't horror you. Is no way to live. I think you just have to make a mental note to yourself that. Now let's say you couldn't not a big guy I think but I think you have to make a mental note to yourself that during times of confrontation. I shall run. But like I should be like you know last year missions Jamie got a lot of good things during times of drunken partying I shall do less. During times of confrontation. I shall run that is your mantra you need to put it on a mirror and look at it every day. If there's a moment where there could be a physical altercation I shall walk away. Because you already saw what happened when you try to go towards that are remind myself that every day though that's a great and it's better. Then being reminded of it when you decide that maybe maybe. I'm gonna go ahead and jump and a school and a new. Doggy paddle all the way back to this. Shallow and is not gonna fight over hot dogs and what you started to write no I always said was hey there we are told F bombs are people in a quick trip. There is without a doubt if you're not thinking someone is thinking. Where this thing is about to go down well rise and adding quick trip and I stood in front of somebody and actually go hey have you. I don't like her. Some local law won't be war oh. Slow with the F bomb right now I say I didn't see you there I apologize but I automatically at that moment no. There's a confrontation. This could get ugly both literally and if I start with the F view that I have to realize that. But when you I'm so that's relating to rule on the matter what I said to the guy who cut me was. I'm not trying to be rude but I was next on record that's Theodore means so he left OK were line that guys as an astle when the employees got and are being super demeaning. When they're the ones supposed to enforce the rules. That's when I got really mad at them and said you look yourself because again their employees and you're gonna come across the cow fight me miss should've done but I was mad. 'cause again but because again. I can't do when exactly because vet they get every super worried because. They're on camera and in uniform there's no way they can attack many say man this is as safe as. I get the only other way to be civil to tell someone that view was if I was intended ardent. I mean you're visually tell me told a woman after you because she was an employee behind the town wearing what's on the olive downer. She had no ability to defend herself I don't remember all the time early recruiting dreaming I was just did you enjoy Indonesia's ring of a guy does not to know why he did do something she was super you know you have you said he had been drinking as soon as you said the guy hey I don't mean to be rude but I was first told you automatically get duke doesn't your body start to produce adrenalin don't like yeah you know why your body's doing that because you know I understand that this could become. They fight or flight situation that is too but it was it was going to iron I know you guys are saying that it can get to that. I don't think it was at least a drop enough bombs and quick trigger can get there fast. That went from someone cut line for me to get too hot dogs and took an extra thirty seconds on your life to ask you. Back escalated quickly and you were. The catalyst. But I don't. Plaza is not coming down on you know Jeremiah eight. For calling this person out for Cunningham and line because sometimes you do you say today's the day I'm gonna say some violent crime what you would also on the Dodgers royals would you say no like. I was told Newman who is talking. I was out of the employee that's that's OK it's embarrassing but happens okay I would have done the exact same thing if if I even had the courage to say you cut and if I told that lady to app off look inevitably in the parking garage someone said are you talking mailers and well below all the little tiny girl on the similar to I was donor definitely not your there's no doubt about that. Had nothing to the fact that Susan want nothing to do. Oh you'll never now now we do now I just told you. I got my opinions are generally thing. Rich kids you know Sears Sears and here as a woman and that's Jenny. Yeah. And I really Jessica like honest elegant nice to get a woman's perspective. Do you think. He would have dropped enough bomb. This is better on a quick trip employee who look like her boyfriend melt and that and something you agree because I slowly nodded yeah. Ali is our security guard boyfriend behind it is like. Man that's a way airlines work. Rocked. You'll feel like do you know god damn even a quick trip employees' statement come on and it's true probably because that if if her boyfriend had been driving that car the other day I could not have told Rondo was that was behind the counter. Hot dog guy you wouldn't set anything that. I think all of us at that point big guy Hamas and hot dogs don't come off my guy he's a real good news that. At that point he's really thinking there's a chances guys and I think when I said hey you cut line that is can be let's go fight the parking lot well I don't wars let's start of you know all I'm saying is I think we've proven a point here. I had the employing. Behind the counter quick trip and a six foot three dude where does ZZ top beard you're shut your goddamn mouth of the if but I happen to be in my one woman but there's also a very there was. Yeah. Come out. That's not everybody over the edge of seven Arab I don't want no question all the parking lot and I literally OK they're not booed. They always have the work with here the facts. The facts of the facts will never know I guess unless you know tonight you find yourself in a similar that you are portable security tape I wanna pull this tape from that quick trip I've sort of why. I love to see that I'd love to see you sure you're wearing a Libby see what hat your NIC what was that hat. Just again that's all she heard or had come and why the says the group loves sure it is funny because that is funny you guys we'll see that everything I'm saying as a 100% correct I believe you. The story I really believe none of those happened it happened exactly the way you did I'm trying to explain neo. What you did which was misdirected. Anger. Towards. As directed towards a quick trip no it wasn't a certain altar boy very rude to me. Well I was in the right it was a mr. Gupta I was angry at them for the way they handled the situation while mayor Ruben guy I want here with him but he left. You're glad you came back and users are warned drop enough bombs on them as this is this the viewer in school he got mad at someone for picking on you in the teacher joined then. Eating out of the teacher what hey here's what I wanna stop doing a hundred dollar pentagon aims the matter in the hearing left. Why did you choose to confront any decided well educated and well. Got appointed Eric I don't know exactly. You have one up items in this audio out of Garland couldn't fight I don't know. Yelled the girl because she is being. Did you know the other guy you don't matter and I think you cut in line that's not cool and then new letter but she pretty good. He came back and come back he'd turned around my gonna start a fight in the parking lot because he got me in line. He turnarounds and are you talking to me and you said no and it's worked good. If you have to say that you said. I was into it and you keep I thought I can't manage the employees like no you can't you just admit you would still be mad at both UB. It was unbelievable. And he said he likely didn't I'm not gonna chase him down or you could is said to appoint you know what result do I was talking to herb you know we. Just think you turn around and look you know they turnaround isn't going to be you're really let everybody in memory wasn't good. Shut your mouth you really that's a quick trip employee of the new guys general join official record of our diet you my friend I have no goddamn brains and hot dog man for Obama look you're president. Now I find the president was really knew that the you shot your love and went around the clock news and your fantasize about ticket their I don't believe all the hundreds yeah.