Wednesday, 04.19.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, April 19th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Aaron Hernandez commits suicide
    • Fox News fires Bill O'Reilly
    • Tom Brady bails on White House visit
    • North Korea is still crazy
    • Lazlo recalls some stories from his navy days
  • 27:15 - The guys and Jeriney share some of their favorite stories from radio
  • 56:06 - Whatcha Listening To:
    • Lazlo: Sebadoh - Brand New Love
    • Slimfast: DIIV - Doused
    • Lazlo: The National - Available
    • Both: Bloxx - Ur Boyfriend

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The right choice. On all sides. The selfish. Cheering you you'll mend. Well leave dark. Strike zone of the I'm. Hi I mean young enough and you. Just doing stuff here. Today for the next two. French. That about a dozen. You know. Let's see tomorrow. Not mine myself closer. Yeah. I've solved a problem thanks. I'm sorry. Do not they usually rises online good job good job do you help me talk like that pledge. Maybe haven't done things their way and comfortable their budding relationship you have with your parents made you now I'm just getting a lot of on his mind. You look go and I feel good that's perfect let's don't. Someone did. Want to hang themselves because. Soda. Former New England Patriots star was hanging on his cell shortly after 3 AM this morning. According to a statement from Massachusetts department of corrections officers who found him tried lifesaving techniques. And he was transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead an hour later. They say the 27 year old Hernandez hanged himself using a bed sheet he attached to his cell window. He attempted to block the door with a number of items in his room the police are still investigating. Kind. He just got acquitted and other parameters so don't like to run right I don't know it just seems. I guess I don't know. 618 years knew that he was doing you know I have done in order. You write an avenue sooner than many users like you know why aren't everything and gun in a manner again anyway as I got a little extra does that rivals over. Well I mean I just say evidence is long way out man. Yeah I don't understand that line. Need for survival so much so you're just sitting in prison for forty years. May no longer present guys held Dana sixty years like sixty years in prison. Why. No one is so important. Why even what would possess you to say you know wine. Choose life like. Prison. A lot that's arrivals like I do like three years five years now ten years can make fifteen maybe. Nice start talking fifteen years do you like OK maybe not. I lice. You know getting out. Should give you that option there. Suicide or death penalty. I mean nation like you doing what I like you usually don't assailants. I don't. To strap looting. To. Yeah. I was kind of surprised I thought that they kept you know. People are facing necktie determine their own. I watched them you know they. Have stuff set ups and it's hard to do that immediate sheets. I want to move from a window I don't know love what's his name. You Obama on someone's underwear you enjoy yourself you can. And figure out a way. It is finally. It's and that's too easy not just I want like I didn't but I but it is something you will go like flying glass and emergency brake. Like I'm. There's two. Ones placebo one's not home sites and the nukes the you don't know which one is right no one. Casey changed your mind maybe maybe you maybe got a chance to write your mind. But your real challenge and I used an emotional ones you just do that too. If you take 1 every morning mayor replaces. And move around like just like dad to enlighten. Like it is now. Alina three karma thing. Like a shell game and then there you go over each line and. Yeah I'm watching the morning follow and tell you follow on a Julia. I I know. How much taxes. That's well that's it they know what people get upset they're gonna pay this and a lot of people across China and the damage them on a lot of people want these people to suffer you know the famous you know I'll Sudan convention then this is his punishment a punishment is that they're removed from society I group that's the punishment you're removed from society you know around and doing anymore so you wanna kill yourself to resign. And imprisoned. Sox. Well. It's official. Everyone's reporting it this morning it is a lot of rumors you know I watched as you in the morning to get. Caught up on the news and each time you knew and they were saying you know there were rumors but it's. I didn't I didn't exactly happen known. But this. Bill O'Reilly. He's done it dads know. Who done it oh yeah. He's out its Fox News all around the stone. The parent company Tony first century. Has announced today that he's done after a thorough and careful review of the allegations the company already agreed to Bill O'Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel. CEO he left after all this these new allegations came out. He signed off feeling dance and I'm going on vacation I'm not gonna tell you where. You know this spring and Alexei and I saw they. Hey shop around this time a year and grab some vacation because it's spring and Easter time. Last fall I'd want to trip that should be terrific not gonna Somalia where it is what we have a contests on the Laura dot com guess where bill is going to are have a full report on your Honda now here's activity day she's on a positive thing is too good troops in here and there are refresh your life we all ERR I got it to good use planet. The and I are on the road you know and outbreaks in the tree that is in Nassau and he's gone out and I win too good trips paid and I went. The Vietnam as I go to the guys were bill's gone. You won't be any unemployment lines for long. I was you know my first thought was I'll. Tommy learns out of the blaze right. Claim can hire bill that would be amazing exotic but he can't afford them when they're done. Won't have to do as soon as bill comes and the ad revenue I think would pay for bill to be there and stick them on the boys let's box gonna do. He's their guy he's that been their number one guy. I read this thing really about how long he's been number one and now you know he's in the face of that network for so long. I just I can't believe it. What was different about these accusations in the Netherlands and he he made the same statement you know look I'm I'm rich. America. Famous and people trying to Matthew when you do you know you're reaching your famous and this has happened before and I'm going in but that last woman Lou Sunday wherever she said. I don't want any money. Don't pay any announcement for money I don't want any of this they did this time. So those you know that her sing we talked about her of weeks we've played her audience she said that she was a member she's lucid shoes at the end of dinner meeting with him when he Walsh river name is center right name in Shia and current. She. Apparently they were like a hotel restaurant. Yeah and seeing where did she was getting advice on our career from villain using him you know make you a commentator. Called time machine. Bennett gas and a few times show. And they may get up after dinner he says when we come back to my room and she says I don't know I'm not gone back to your room. The bar and she said at that point his demeanor changed to get angry he says forget about all the career advice they gave you started making fun of her handbags and that's a really ugly handbag. She's like you're making fun of my. Personality like she said he just got really angry and said forget about everything I told you and she's the money set I don't want any money. So I the other stuff there's been so many other things that seems pretty lame name. And apparently on the sun listening goes on Fox News good some sort of sex slaves to Rupert Murdoch or whatever right again. Like that was a real stuff disguised as enormously well Ireland she said no and then he got big Jim and that happens every day everywhere right. Now again I'm not saying it's okay to do it but clearly not happened trying and there were other accused I think that's illegal. There were others about Israel sanctioning. Yeah they should stupid. Okay your shorts don't fit right okay. Trying to funnel socks and her shoes are a little pain and a section here anyway. New line. As I hate new moon wow yeah. Don't Gaza we can still be friends I was you know understanding no harm us friends before it rules news. This is. This is about equality for women in the service. Snow and mastering throw it. So in April 1 is in the New York Times and then. Article EG till the ancient alleged settlements made between right inside women who accused of harassment and sexual misconduct. But that. That Lucent's Inglis. Really long time ago and I'd like to lose I think what I've done and you wasn't done then I'm Judy because there was a moment sail out. Seen others noted transcription or an insanity knows a ton of stuff. I just assume down if you survive not survive anything. When his numbers. In its. Annual list the. And. We miss. The letter includes allegations that mistress from New York Times mr. rallying call and miss honeymoon. Well usually she's another one Julia honey. She's unemployed and slash forums. Nonetheless heard includes allegations that mr. rallying call ms. Heidi repeatedly and then it's sometimes centers as he was masturbating. Invited her to his house on Long Island tried to kisser too good dinner in the sear. And after asking her to return a key to his hotel room appeared at the door in his boxer shorts. There are no results of our president's son was cool. All that's Lucy you know get a job now right at the White House doesn't go to the blazes because it's open presents and no shining star player's eyes. Will be nice. Yeah he'll be nine now but we Mann. What's his official role as far as he's smiling man. I don't think he did in his. So she was wanted to change her silence an agreement not to sushi was paid. Psalm and some in the high six figures according to people briefed on the agreement. It was between miss 3047 to 21 century fox and Fox News. Company and mr. Reilly's lawyer sent her allegation and generally high six figures show every time he answered the doing of boxers and I would go look pizza man two yeah. I'm running a mailman the pizza man in the FedEx guy in my boxers and honest. So he. The patriots won Super Bowl. They get to go to the White House right. There is some players and didn't wanna go primarily. Trump. Didn't seem. Did you hear who else pulled out of the visit of the house. Tom Brady. Yeah. I guess he released a statement saying that he has to deal with a personal family matter his mother is sick the only game that she attended during the 2016 season. Was a Super Bowl I shooting poorly in Boston right now so. It sounds like houses he wants to spend time when his mother rather than take this day off to go to Washington DC and you know that's that's certainly think is right to do that's and his mother I say Robert craft revealed at this your wall that she's done with cancer cell it. Also hoping for all the best on that. Sounds like he has illusion and a reason. Trump this. Headline here for NBC news says Tom Brady pulls out. A patriots White House ceremony trump stays mum always sang them and I have to Tom Brady pulls somebody pulling up pause and managed not necessary Dakota. Why does give same time ray pulled out. Many just out. Tom Brady did not attend. Wednesday's White House ceremony with his team he's due to personal daily matters but the show went on without star quarterback. In a statement Brady made no mention of Hernandez. But he did say quote in light of some recent developments and unable to attend today's ceremony. As an attending to some personal family matters. The president didn't say anything about so. Like Tom Brady and pull out again and and so I'm meant to bring your attention please. Ranked number eight. Narratives. North Korea says that they're going to continue their missile tests. And they did a big shot. The history. This is a big ceremony just dead ends. They had this video doing in the background their new team United States seem rockets flying. Lands somewhere in the post nine states American flags are burning make out like that looks like crosses at a cemetery there on fire in the crowd's going crazy. So I love they're ready. Ready for a rumble. And trump series sons and our model there is what he said. I don't know somebody yeah went down around just tired managers say trump. Certainly. Some spices explanation but it makes no sense jumps missing armada finally heading to Korea and may stay awhile. Yeah looks like that's old. Can do relationships are supposed receiving turner dream more than a week to go on armada signal an American resolved and it wasn't now it seems USS. Carl Vinson may finally be heading the an appointment permanent deployment. Has been accident thirty days to provide persistent presence in the waters off the Korean Peninsula. So essentially a lot of there. That's and are looking at pictures of it. They were ordered to sail north from Singapore towards the west. Towards the west Pacific. South Korean presidential candidate. On June piled. Was more blunt in total Wall Street Journal if that was a lie. And the armada was not on the way when he Senna was a mosaic and send them on South Korea's album never trust which helps us look. Mail pouch. Well apparently Sean Spicer defended. His press briefing. Are those before after dropped showed up she drops over the press briefing today and no. Just walks in do you help especially. Well that's pretty funny right in the front walks off like all right I'm I'm I'm wrong but it tired yeah I'm tired of and drunks achieve business and diseases program. So there you go. Are you glad you're not an easy anymore it's. Similar. She floating around waiting and so much. And you were on the suicide and now. This. It's only in the middle each. They've got an armada nozzles on the one in front the says go first to make an up and I am now on an award Chevrolet sixty other now I wish. Randall's first mention no intention not a mom to shine through now. It's terrifying. So does he would die on I mean you have hardly gonna vote. I would make it to them. Diana airplanes. We just four or whatever it. Especially two years. And nothing. It's horrible. Why don't I got some good stories and they don't let speak easy. During Ramadan may not change you drink. That hotel room right now until hotel room. It was an easy one Jeremy at noon she. Called our. But I got just pull out a man knocked over some Miller Lite cans are like man you gotta be quiet because you don't get any trouble but they still awesome like. Forgot about them superstars than its clients this days sixteenth floor in these final two shots. All right that's happened. I. Know no no no no. I'm the last guy anyone over there drinking. I was trying to McNabb Diana magna McCann and I was like come on man. Someone suck and I was just so clearly someone somewhere. Is drinking any time like that. Visit this is an entire country. And you can't tell me I live. In a religious country right. And everyone says all week fast or we do whatever by and nobody doesn't. Like nobody. So where is the blues I got and it's a law here so you can't sell them bars but I know there's places are viewed. Look drinking and smoking pot and doing whatever right now. And can ever discuss saying no drama and not strong enough no trauma center man look at me. You're lying to me. I'm not here doing neo Amish trying to get drunk. I like to maybe get a little high can we do that. Newsnight. He drove me or holidays or go to those who was iron members of the fifteenth floor rooms or whatever and fifteen cents or something. Is this a knock on the door. Tomasson. And knocked on doors open and and it was just a room like this big right and twenty guys in there. And just Miller Light you. I'm not lying you mellow like cases of beer stacked all the way to the ceiling and maybe like ten shares. Nothing else going on he just sat down and chance are nonetheless let's look at. You're just a minute now like my god is running out for. Us. You don't really know. Go to that room drink fifteen bears mentally. And I fell over and not some of the Beers over Maryland she says. I have been that's the weird thing. And then I made you know prison those. Made prison resigned their shot down underneath the ball where our only I was I was like rumor I was wrong. And so one on the talks I don't know how to make it to be honest we knew what he had like there's been. Gallon container before water and there in eastern some Kool Aid and I don't know any hand. Screw the tampons and then I would like expanded Alex really come down every so often open enemy air probably close it again. Chuckle why don't ride and and then he made. Some sort of booze out of it and called it Bilge booze or some thing. And then by the end and it was horrible what you do is get a couple of plunge like a really crappy alcoholic punch. So me in the sky we're drinking at one night reruns of the call watched doesn't matter that's really was supposed to be only two up I walk around with a gun. Make sure nobody trying to shoot Jim. The other guy walks around make sure I don't know all the electronic work or something right. Always start. Actually that's exactly what I you know light switches is like guy making sure you know taking messages coming in right I don't know check an electoral wasn't like John I was down the gun he did it. He did the other part. So we're sitting out on the black smoke cigarettes drinking this. You know prisoners who led the drive. And now we must be drinking it for four hours. Namely I go I'm like man I should walk around just in case or some rims mode trying to kill its people. There's a guy I'm uncheck the messages some intervention fifteen minutes. So go around also and he comes running towards me you've got to come when you gotta come when you've got to come what may soon go back in any takes me in this room. Eventually called a radio I don't know and like it just prints out message is right. And there's just. It looks like the longest Pasco receipt you've ever seen in your life right and I know what is that and he goes. We learned so much trouble and I don't whining does. And I'm like why man what's wrong and he goes. Declared war on Iraq four hours ago. And please don't let you guys that actually happened and as an actor Greg and and it kept sending Ali's messages of like what was going on in the world. You guys are probably watching on CNN may in this congress and on the back dragon coach about. I said what are we gonna do how we got what are we gonna do what are we gonna do is like ma'am learn sumo like we're gonna go to jail like we are really gonna go to jail. And I was like all right. There's no one thing we can do. And he says okay what is and I sent a break that thing. Watches as you got a break I radio highlights. I'm you've got to break the radio transmitter. Right and Denny got to fix. He got to break it. And fixing it and saying that you're fixing the whole time. And then put it back ends and so it spits out and then go get the captain is Amanda Singh has broken all time. Holy crap this is going on I just fixed it and he'll get like a letter of a common shares on the for fixing up thing in the middle of the night. To a T he did it that's perfect yet I'm back again and amazed and you know what and when that happened only imminently announce. Me and they didn't know Clinton learned in the captain calls amount for doing such a great job an overnight watch. I'm being aware that because most people wouldn't notice Edison was broken. But he actually one behind checked just checked it every so often and found out that it was broken and fix didn't. And you guys just hammered quite quite a soldier that we were hammered. That. Hammered. Hammered and we missed him by what you think it. I man. I think doesn't that we would still do today absolutely and I think when all I am a little. Yeah. Ideally yeah Brendan Benson but it's clear got a break it and makes it. Yes so it's even more Muslims and I had a couple minutes is an amount it wasn't pressured Tom what do we do what we do what we do our. Why wouldn't presenting at why would we get. Why would we get that we can't overturn a game. Can't tell remain booze can't tell mom that you never walked by this rumor does that receives like. Six feet long keeps telling us what we're doing and what ships are moving where where we are supposed to be going live. Right here. Like yeah. So that's the legs alone and like we are late late I'm like I'm supposed to be meeting at whatever Charlie Bravo last alone and that's there. I sit there because I'm hammered. We're gonna find out we know that's what happened at some sort modern. That's what they are going the wrong way they're gonna say two guys are I know there's. I hope so often and and I hope my legacy lives on the president's and I. Okay. You're talking about your favorite story and radio. Well I haven't. I guess snow come is he was asking. You know he does a lot of the social media. And couple months ago we talked about how people always ask. Who's the nicest person you met who's the biggest shear environment like that seems to be a number one. Question that people last thing I ever met someone whose terrible to you or whatever. But he said the other thing that people are asking is what's your favorite. Story. Since you've been in radio like be in the business. Once your sharing other crime in my office I thought that that was a good Oscar performance is there room for allows you got a power shocked. A personal performance. I sat in my office and tried yeah I was like. That's a weird thing. Don't do that uncontrolled crying anyway. Right like it really bothers me I guys' heads whenever anybody comes in my office and Fries I try to hand them sunglasses if I have in my platoon is on. Feel weird and he wonders or Dick I can say a name minor girl okay amounts are trying to transited. It should be fine right Sanjay in my office one time in crime yes and I looked hitters and look. If. You seem upset so you know what I'm gonna go ahead and leave so I let my own office and closed door behind me but you put yourself together in there because boy. I can't. I can deal that. And then I had Jerry Leno. Client who's won an Oscar crying and I'm not an although also I don't think I'm really uncomfortable but I don't think you really trying to do. So hard to tell what's true what's not true. Well that's I was gonna ask you was. With Sam. She had no reason to put our performance you know she's upset. Shouldn't so she went Jared did not he came in there. I just assume that you might be thinking one and now I thought it was acting I thought it was Saturday right now as I want to ask uncomfortable as I was trying to be like a man. I'm good lie is now a personal need any personal performance like from Jerry let up. Take us some reports it's one thing you know you've been ready got to do lots of like little acoustic performances in those small sound checks but. We don't. And now with actors very often moon movie stars and you've got winning your office. Giving the performance of a lifetime tube and I am a lot of those like you know you see bands. We know long time ago. You know we're the only. Seven people in the room. It happens. Oh yeah like when you insult a killer's list. Mean when I saw Ben ray pulls on the first album there's like eight people on our own. Always that's giant underground yeah Rick I have been around in Asia he completed giant rumors or eight people in there. In you do get a chance to see some of those orders and have been huge boom but but there's not something that just sticks algae like man you know one of my favorite memories is of our growing. I first started in radio I get nearly nine Jimmer as a member elegant industrial. I'm sure some people knowledge in industrial Satan worship and I think. Called the electric hellfire club I do not yours or relish now that now I was in a bar. And they were playing their opening for someone. And there's a girl in the band. And she's our membership distinctly said to me. Do you want to have sex from nations say and a such terms she's a do you wanna have sex and me in the bathroom Coca equipment and she said. And I'd I walked allows like it's good to see an average of walkway because I had literally a young man had no idea what's happening I'm in the audience cheers and and those astonishing that I like to do this before the show's. I try to pick one little guy to take me in the bathroom. And do that. I don't know that's her there now the band name and Sabrina in the middle. And I thought here's a skittish I was like so what did you did for the shows is they wanted me in a bathroom and I like to do that before. And I. And and I'm. And I didn't I don't know what to how to answer she's still in the band my friend chairs yet you come out around my leg got Natalie did play our iron. I. And they got a metal band mixing elements of glam metal techno gothic rock and psychic del via psychic. Ilia. The band's lyrics contain tongue in cheek references to send violent sex double warship in similar themes what she said yet it says right there Wikipedia it's tongue in cheek. I mean if tomorrow. She said Ed Ed seemed aggressive to me in looking back you know looking back on and com. Maybe shoes just you know they started in 91 so you know that this was early nine I had. I had to me like I'm I guess like 94 mayonnaise on cycle or a psychic. When I Google them the first song comes up on anything is from 1993. Yeah called burn baby burn. An amateur and arrow going up for some other. Came at the M. Type bands I think the giant lab band might being. From the band my life for the throat kill call remember that you don't. There was all this kind of weird you remember my libelous rococo alleges. Found and then yes he is he was broke so that's what I thought Thomas Tom you'll know my life for the throat so called stimulus orange and aren't. I come up when you do right now it looks like a daisy chain for Satan. Sacks on wheels. But yeah the double does drugs yes so try sex on wheels you sex on wheels for risk when you go back here weirdest conversation I think that's ever Mandela years and and enforcement now turnout also. I do not remember that no. We might not have had a racist and played that. Whenever they can now I know I didn't. My life was just brutal call. Who was not to be in a shoot you shoot it that was his second ready leave a man and start to electric hellfire club is that what is says. And we and it. Here's a look at Pete. I don't even see that this. Oh here is something he's a former member of that. And electric hellfire club my like with a throw kill call sleep chamber yet Busan all those events Ringo. From Wisconsin. He's best known as a co-founder. And lead vocalist for the industrial metal band the electric hellfire club is that the first and we talked about as someone that had a girl abandoned Kucinich Joyce it has section of battery for the show's. Yet there she is Sabrina it's like I was very nervous she was very aggressive and I think her shirt said like you know got his dozen. No I'm master greater numbers some thing and you know it up big and they're Graham on the back and I'm master skills this tie you know issues like you wanna do I was little and I can't. I can't like I document. I can't. I can't give you what you. I can't ensure a sign me up like I you can't look like that. And main. Do that we view in the bathroom I'd. Just told you tell you I love you would have really weird I'd answer which one this one from a cut. I'll cry it'll be weird is not what you want. I've never heard a story before now the other part of that is so the second part of that story is after the show. They all leave I'm standing there and there's a bounce or like and gosh now strong bounce arrived when we've got to. Tight black shirt on and I was or what your daily show is not a watcher but I bang that check in the bathroom across. Perfect I actually have a house or you gotta be kidding me not. Kidding me oh. My whole life would be different and he wouldn't let you hello yeah yeah. Promoted in my life liberal tilt all the women crazy yeah. Gauge my son Steven Jackson dirty toilets I've made we will remember him say commercials are so does drugs it would have been ordained ladies toilet sentenced to. Amateurs I exit that started as much but it does I had sexual there's things toilet. Then happened. I just got nervous and lasts a new concedes this episode and conceived in a bar until tomorrow. Wasn't really don't. It's funny day I I ask you what your favorite. Radio memory is and you cumbersome than I've never heard in fourteen years like that just came to mind and I thank you. Are you trying to think if the stories you haven't told or now is find your dog and a television like how long you know so I just. I remember that one I remember looking back kind of like a man I think what some of your batteries through year's tour impact. Like one of my favorite stories of yours was the Olympus this story follies to come I was work in his succumb to the station all the time and drop off their takes. In this like any sort of local band right via mayor drama agitation Fred Durst and west's. And Eric and they were and out I put those tapes on. Just sat for them right. I would put those on from there it never come and west's. What's is not Wes Wes scant on our known as Saddam poem on right west. Although. Your Moreland was in Portland isn't he would. Fax me. All night long like it might. Caught a double clown pictures evil clown pictures and he was dating. An intern at a station that I worked at. I mean we are all like 181920. Years old he would come up. There always have you know ponder whatever and I'd always be writing new music and would have been a kid and he variety music can't bury him. The Dow Jones would come around they were kids corn all those guys. And they all knew Fred. So I got fired from that radio station. And friend. Called me. And said hey man I heard you got fired. We're about to go on tour in Europe when this band called the death towns. Do you wanna be our manager. And I remember thinking. Music as well. Horrible. And I can't imagine Clinton now at the time I'm making up to John I just got fired from a job that paid 141000 dollars a year 147. As well I was making. And I was like you know why I'm gonna go Hendry does radio thing now because I can't imagine that all of this will work. So lay in it have taken a couple of guys who. They took them on a roll them. And name. That and that they Simon doesn't label what does a guy who was there and they all went together Ryan they're dying that they took to run the label. Became a guy named Jordan assured became the president of Interscope and Geffen Records and right from the other guy the job that I would have taken was a guy named Danny winter. And he went on to be a concert promoter. And dean is a guy who puts up all the money and books although rock on the range. All those giant rock fan shows everywhere he's a guy puts him on. I'm here. Analyzing about how I almost had sex Richard from electrical for a lot of missed opportunity in your eyes for a look at that is absolutely true. This story that is your limit listening to elect as can come on man but none anonymous can't work I mean I guess it you know people hate it now but those guys made. Yeah yeah dollar holes on let's not forget that at the time you Elvis whatever that we call posts Grimes post punk now rise basically Third Eye Blind and doc I view and Counting Crows right it was I re Manny boxed warning really safe and really you know it might not edgy. Win that first Limp Bizkit record came out over get Mac until his Arnott now all of them. Saying hey I hate music but you guys are doing something cool and gray and my penfield still is you know one of the guys that people don't go just earlier it's true he was on the record. And he's after and couldn't complain of borrow a lot of fight breaking out. Every time every time a fight break out it was but I still remember just thinking like no man I can't imagine a worse thing and on new Europe where these guys. Fly dot I had like I can't think of and all the other guys so many when he called the other guys they're all like yes I am ended. But they believed in it here on MMI I thought I was gonna change the world I thought you know what man you guys are talking about climbing out of toilets stuff without. Janet fight and I'm done I'm gonna go take this as my favorite son Clement. I'm gonna go. Take his job in Toledo home syrup leads me I don't know which is there about a way and let me here I don't know if you know unless they are. You know eighty details I remember in high spare him. It went like this he got paid the story was that it's a corn was already big at that point they just gotten big. They just started and and they put up that first record and people loved it name I didn't even been getting ready to put up that life is feature record but I remember the story at in high school was. That field the from corn. Got a tattoo from historic rush of Fred Durst didn't give tattoos and 102000 jango. Feel lethal. Here's my tape which is probably tell you that I made forum that's Sunday I don't know it would have been around the same time. And then he gave it to fielding has somehow feel the help them. And whatever which is another man. Clark I mean it's easy room Gordon. Formed its on now amount not only not aware I don't list are not aware of it. But it's a time. Glenn I didn't examine any and that was gonna are that was my thing like of course looking back on it now of course yes of course. Al Simon is dumb contract to do it 15% of whenever you make. I sold a lot of goddamn writers of them they were so my record I think and I sold millions of concert tickets. I think he used I think the two of them well says they estimate Fred's network right now eight million which is still not to shed and let's look at what's. Which you know. We only its basic five million forum. And we ask a handsome guys McCain's boys and they are here how accurate slippery network runs and they said. Pretty accurate as what to say they were worth there was something crazy. Twenty million. So still would have been something Emma and think about it is peak. It says he's worth only now only known as manhunt is on records in track and try to grounds and model modern records and signed stained and put out there now and he had his own record each record label I mean he's probably lost a lot of money via the English. Of those are good. I also like the one where you were with a friend of ours will you will know him I don't remember why you were out of town you guys rally for some sort of meeting. And he took you to a bar. And just said let's go to this far and I heard the story from you and I heard later from him when I was with them somewhere else. And you had no idea why you guys for this little bar and he says. Yes this is really getting ready come out here like who music Tears for Fears there's no there's I don't wherein it were an LA and somebody remind Darren. Mean. He's like on I gotta go to this Irish pub is Irish parliament why are we walking so far though there's an Irish pub and every goddamn city lying. And I'm kind of I think our guys running in these drug selling just try to keep both so we get there and that is just Irish from around the barn that's like you know. Thirty people there and then but it's not right there you have to walk around to the end of the Malek you're gonna go to the bathroom right. And you go around and then you stop and there is a room maybe the size of SI don't know doses 10 march when he made big. Willow really small stage Obama's top and I go what's going on he knows. To issue vision cleared tonight and I'm like watched. It is like Jack and they came out on stools and played for like two and a half hours and front of maybe like. I don't know man I must've been. Seventy people in my room managed 75 Q I would say 25 of those people were drunk irishman walk around the corner who has done when I heard the music right. I've heard like I've watched YouTube clips some of them performing recently and might still so I was a grad who's right. It was also alleges fraudulent lawless was really don't. I know snow comes favorites radio story. Is that it's got its catfish right. Which that it we told that story when we were in Austin boy am I right that was your first up let's outlaw yes my very first what's and in that. Of lies though what's it called lead the British this British embassy. There the last oh my god didn't place is packed. Mean and the fans getting ready to go on well what happened was I got my badge already wrecked and so I was waiting in line for the badges you guys haven't got yours yet. Right and so you had a winner on the corner deceive you get when you saw someone you news and judged not the end. When my guys while we while I'm mammals like you know and then. The manager looks like Marci and Jack are you a yeah and he got it we were inside with the manager Larry wears no account. And then you're Texan thought you were outside moved. And I think you know they're not let him and he's not gonna get I was into it and it was by the over they were overcapacity were right now on Mellon's never Millen is gone and now. Did you want to go get UN and even told him I know right right. I'm sorry man those last you guys are that we run trouble you can't he can't come any Jazeera carries out last night and his main bar the bar was there was the English embassy and a new career in new yes. And you guys you texted me and said. Go back to that now is I walk back the back Alley. Just like in the movies as a back door there's a big bouncer in front of it right and here comes the manager is like hey we thought the men and the bounces like he's done. And on and he's like who. It's like Kansas City then you're not only is he screaming don't don't we isn't smoke appropriate. I think I told you know what are you aren't really don't you don't that is. That's Kansas City let calling choke on the end if it doesn't mean that's his. He kept saying that's the buzz like that's the buzz in Kansas City. And so the guys like no not yet no one year old from Austin's not as though I don't. No longer talking right there's another airline believes that goes back and talks the band and comes back a minute later and says the band so they're not going on they don't know you just visit. That was fans that we're not playing tonight until snow cone gets in the course smaller oil. I was like the members are as Korea that allows it toughest guy who's just at the. Already down did Brett didn't apply your booze was flowing quality. Worries I'm just does giggles let's. Well you are zero did you notice that it did this right. We did some. We've got a perfectly reasonable explanation we try to try to Israel don't have to we're good guys series race at. Thanks Dave van came and bedroom. As like and we were all on via was pretty awesome. So mind. You know again goes back to. Everyone always asks the nice persons is the first and customized still to this day is when lastly you and I were sitting outside the old building and Jane's Addiction walks Opel Stephen Perry walker aria. They walked in and and they disappear I'm trying to play their. Music forum member it's I'm saying is so we worked out. Strategy that they walk up they say hello real quick but someone's escorting them into another studio we had a missile building. They were gonna do an interview with the in the UK and they needed to studios is somehow they'd Courtney did something with our company to come in and use the studio. So they come they walked blue literally walk by us they shake hands real quick introduce themselves and go inside. Two hours later. At least they come walking into our studio into the old buzz studio. And it's Perry and Steven Steven comes up and punches me in the shoulder and goes so fast and punches me. And it says saw. I hear you owe me some money because lasso had said that he got album early that we've gotten. The new album at the time Iraq downloaded it you're you know you're very I don't know like master so yeah at least everybody had it and they knew everybody at it you know I didn't remember because I said I have your record and I like some of these songs and he's that you don't have the record I'm like I do have the record. Any resigned known. You don't and I said what do you guys want you guys don't well I'm we all listen to it together and I was here on blogs and you said to him. But how much money do you really get her record and Perry's like man. No that's to our own orange river but you know we're pretty big band so we've been around a while get a pretty good deal we get I think he said it was like zillions of everybody gets a buckle under a dollar record her band member. So he's like so you know to still play countless home. Let's get started as high pretty quick drying out like five bucks more color even if I play the songs and and they were like and her as it does is it man and then. Hoosiers haven't asked hey does Scott this is the wrong vocal from their members are we ready copies so some impossibly dumb from the studio or something but he was just like golf. This is like there's a hold of imparted that. So when it was over. You gave him five dollars right now I'm an Amazon if you ask for a man you know hey I thought someone was giving me five dollars. Kansai region might still vote now at ten bucks and I game five dollars and he turns it. But they were the nicest guy Miller for sure that's my nicest guys are my favorite story is the Courtney Love story. Like just overall craziest calling him. Yeah because I was a huge. Mutual fan and Yahoo! are in sixth grade relive what she's done it twice now call them right back yeah the second time with your without first time I was young you know you say hey Courtney love's gonna call today. I'm super excited to scan a colony to figure boys and she's going to be you know allows an interviewer and when they call up you know they have a manager whoever that that. It connects the coffers make sure you're ready. And I remember this woman saying hey guys listen armed she's here okay we're gonna connect you. But she can be a little long Nguyen did so I need you to promise me that you're gonna keep her panic contained and make sure that this doesn't go longer. And eighteen minutes like we promised our recently got ten to fifteen minutes and you need to keeper of that or she will keep going. Is no problem right so they can practice all this talk start talking about life's. Like we normally do when I'm not asking about the record or anything just talking to her yeah trash talk for two and a half hours. I don't know if I'm laughter I don't. I told her on the phone. Take a look Susan I got to go home but it was super nice talk and you both and she got dogged him for another half hour you are on hold to remember for the long what I liken this DN and I picked up the phone to make sure if she's still there and she was still. I feel like to go left to use a rest and I was telling him it is according I had this post your view Al never forget you know you had your leg up. On this side you know monitor what everywhere these fish nets and you know I've I was like my hot check but she goes oh you know I still have those business development email to you mayor Sheila just talking about anything that you wanted to talk about it she just kept going and going and going. And of course at that time I was it. I hadn't really interviewed anybody add listen the last little energy people RS 2120 twosome went out and is someone that I was assessed with and was a loosening it says. Okay because he just older and I looks mused I'm going home. Talk about it every theater any of this like I really don't anything else like we have discussed in your birth my birth all. And hellfire club we don't know all I. Oh you are checked for electric cal fire to look at our way and we discussed everything that. Also talked about so I sat there doctorate deeply stressed you're flying near Morgan married are you gonna tell the story about what dawn is dead yeah. That was. Now the good one no I like currently just a lot. To go again the same thing yeah but we did that on the we talked about it nor everything we might even just said let's go lie because we're not gonna have to. Time to do this earlier in the day because it's gonna take it the studio so let's just comment and make sure that we talked her life and is due to remember we talked about. Let's talk about all I Norton stole a new money or something owed him or her eye and understand took on the money on the form intentional thing I don't remember. Now. I still. Still love her and when her daughter was here. We talked about it I was not you're not to his eyes tightly or revolutionized she does I think he didn't say anything wrong because you shut that off suspect they're ready I. Can you guys are. Talk to me out activists that no touchy no talky and so are right. Fine just ask our mom's time. I'm so there you go there's some of the general usually restore what's yours. My it would have to be Scott island it's all you tell them. I can I know you got on. I mean I was clean and sober comes into journeys room and knew everybody says he's sober Palin exactly he was totally robbed then. So yeah I know how literally as it was over he walks in sober doesn't interviewer Jerry Jerry and then. Enterprises are we done for the death. And the guy is whether he says yes Ryan yeah. Okay you're gonna need pores of giant glass a fireball drinks like it's cool I don't yes they solo cut out red Solo Cup and he fill the problem with Kate beer he filled it with the rest of our fireball entered drink you know like drilling and all the time and just good and hung out with an. I'm and died two weeks later and you're really good job there has diminished CNET news. That was cool. Ever coming. No idea he was sharing my entire world are the exact same age so you know STP in those bands plus I Karzai. We'll bring and I say you kill your favorite stories and kill them all. Not let Stephen Jenkins is still OK so let's just leave well see here guys to send Aaron yes except he didn't go for the giant didn't go retired often they get in bed with the Eden. So that's a good story doesn't and it's their grandkids and our zone doom. Not a question yeah he was sober nujoma. Somebody gonna stop them took it. Then she was okay. He's done not who she gonna do she's exhausted right. Susan how to try and running around star island for fifteen were my good moment to solve what do you got him drunk for the first time yeah. Sex Earl and it means that I feel like Hillary air cooled. Why did still alive or you can yeah. You can even look excited about that that that he missed that opportunity or they missed out 15% of limp biscuit I think there I think the sense sags and got back more than the app. Because I think I'm. I doubt at all that money I had gone by now anyway and money would have been got an electric hellfire club girl that. He's right there have been some things are you miss your moment I know that. Sorry you feel the alleged. Are is another question is. Tom. Do you wanna hear. Here's your fears junior or do nearly biscuits you hear catfish with which one. I'm okay. Also coach Elliott or what about my host Tucker yeah electric hellfire. Hi ally if he gray area. Gun we don't. In. We are gonna. I was looking at music festivals. When you know which one inch. Some stuff I never heard of before. Some some big rock shows that never heard of excited don't go to some some. Now not necessarily I'm more curious about who some of these bands are. There's like I was as rebellious different you know shows around the country. Need you know. Brock you know Ryan and some of the bands obviously I know. But then a lot of in my don't put me as if this thing we've heard something called Carolina rebellion. Hand a guy I talk you earlier about. Who own the Bard. When I was supposed to go at them. Actually got to watch a guy who manage him on business or did an earlier review that guy Danny. He was a bar owner like owned a bar like to I don't know I guess compare rolled to the record bar. How can someone that he owned and I didn't go on tour than he did. I know and now he does all those shows are all like denial unsure of corn headlines smaller something there on one of the days I think Sean shirk. That's why are some somewhere but I ice ice blue Derek is a saw Radke was playing this and I didn't know what it was. But so much like diets all active rocks and stuff like you know real smooth and don't listen to but it's. You know. Allowed this month or some thing is that what it is allowed this month in the world this month in the war yeah. Axl so much damage and all these shows and like one month or so yeah I'm. They move from a country. Now their corn and they are seeing. I mention gob smacked him. I feel like I saw they were on one of these. I remember which one. Yeah it's just weird because most of their these heavy bands and renowned and I see something like you know some 41. You know right he's a rock band again that. Com. It is like machine gun Kelly the rapper you know. And Christine I don't do I haven't kept up with I think they have brought I was like I think that probably June fell airline colonel Francona yeah. Anyway what do you do on. The numerous phone. Looking here found I was on my phone and jets and he wanted to play out your phone from. I enter a plea last films and run. Ahead. Do like seven. Now I'm just gonna say no because. At. You know a comic book thing you can write that it's like the kind of thing I think when you talked about dinosaur junior last week or whenever it was last month I guess. It's one of those things like I do. Like dinosaur junior but I don't wanna say that because any sort asking me to name. Their first three albums on now I know ideally like Lou Barlow I liked the show yes and I like to sound you know I. Alison of those Sonko brand new long you know that I don't think you know that is a new or something from. Because he did didn't need. The Nielsen numbers are evident during Boca. I like Lou Barlow many school. Aloe and detect signs Texan goodness Cox. I get whatever whatever I think that is. On the Seminole fan. But I think that's where decisions are in place element or because you get an. This is awful sure you don't do it right. Yeah I don't think he got. Rich touring the world to seven I don't know how he's doing what you think I'm not mean it. By doing OK I think I feel like today it probably get a decent chunk of change to. To a small shows somewhere. Yeah I mean diet dinosaur junior employee you know when I saw you pay as you went and he came back there are two albums ago or whatever that was a big deal side. Podcasts are still together. Muscle Donna surgeon whose plan. Right fast. I'll let there. Putin learned something. So doing I get in no rush. Oh blessing and listen to his. We. What was I yesterday that we were doing this is damned thing there and talking about. You know emotions and songs in the world. And then we sort of break it down by city I'm Rebecca looked at my should Sam. And it's funny because it's usually something they hear the television show are from out right where I don't recognize it. And then a lot of times I forget. That I found it. I never went back and listen to it again right this is one that I did remember. You know the band and again and people are going to be immense history you actually but that being and is it dives. Did GI IVs who think it's Roman numerals okay. Anyway I know that I heard this song out somewhere one time. Waiting for a show you know is like the music at the sound guy was playing you know we'll play musical or wait for next band announced that this is one of the greatest things ever what is this. Precious and it more children and I just I don't remember but I know I was at a show. And I know that the sound guy was playing music in between sets river and the song came on public what is this. I think they pronounce her name dive because that was when I looked him up the old name of their band was diverse I think there's Seattle and confidence DIV but I. If you haven't heard this from guessing you have a siren. The song's called doused I think you're gonna hold liked that subject line doesn't it are. I was right. Right there from new York and I'm dying is. So. Once I start reading about them I realize that I have read about my never heard that song before. He is he was the boyfriend tonight skies for a area check right and they got arrested again there. I went Harrell land and an on and he went to rehab his Hillary and now I think OK the lead singer of the main guy was Zach or whatever right now he's in rehab now on Matt sky a whatever name is dances girlfriend OK and I got arrested New York replied I don't know bunch of heroin and then I maybe. And guns and money whenever a track I remember reading that story. I just I listen a couple of other there are other songs but that was on that. Stuck with me and I. Again I think it might even Courtney the sound girl that does lettuce and run our show's open because I think is probably right rumor something unheard of but. Something that someone is playing on the you know. Monitors or whatever between sets finishes and I told you I have a ton of the national on my phone. Whenever this comes on my car people ask me who it is because. Have you ever heard a guy in the national scream. No no now you're about to. I mean. News. Like that Garang. Jewish or cool enough yeah that's pretty. 'cause I sold it is if you if you if you had earned a Summers when it's fine but it's a person like you're dating. Or your marriage or whatever the case may be if they weren't listening right now. Chances are they haven't heard a signs of besides not really a record for quite some time ago it's how you commit that commemorate. That way when you're arguing and assure that has done. I think that coolest thing you could say to someone to say just let them so you just made yourself available and we can you imagine cup Mike Walker out. Man. Anyway. All right. I announcement unless we we have one we listened to together was that. Member yesterday were going to all the new music like just from some of it was stuff the Lira but a lot of it was just. You know had like a hundred views on YouTube or something you know or banned the sentiment we found that you look like they were trying to fund raise to get all let's try. I'd rather EP Michael blocks I tweet about London ourselves I think to from the UKD. LO XX and I followed them on Twitter had some sort of deep fault response. And I was injury seen when I've followed them and they just send day. They follow you back in his new direct messages says thanks for following check out our track again. And listen to a volume was on the PLO ODL. Oh ax ax and the country it's blocks band below XX band. And the song that you are listening to yesterday you called your boyfriend and Mazar listen all these songs on his crappy computer speakers and we hey want to and they said wait. Let's go listen to us on the real speakers too we've both hurling us pretty good right yours both part yet so I don't know people like they're not but I think it's cool. Listen to a block boyfriends and her boyfriend. Can't. Okay. Do you are. Playing. Why me. Hold the non. Well. You.