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Wednesday, February 15th

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Courageous man. On all sides. Touring yeah your homeland. Well leave dark. Was strident tone of. Let's get this thing started running hot shot already pay only a real friend does that money go. That's true you're reckless threat to flush. How you feel about it you know it's it's kinda like. Some senate queue up on a blind date. And you you send me their contact information is in his you should Texas woman who. I'm just text her first I know you senator I was telling you my friend likes you you'd like him. So up and take them winds. Some class to my therapist. Is that managers see somebody like. I shall whereby it is lady she's unbelievable. He's like all right some of the number hesitant like we are our first our long term thing. Come on there like so don't let me tell you honestly. Just always had disputed east it don't their overseas start talking. That in their mind it's an inch. I mean they are now it's today to I have to hear this and anxious alone learn those little like muzzle. Yeah. Just get over it and hints at some point and sure somewhere in there this afternoon I do know. Taxes and you don't need to do is doing it a little. I feel I'm not I'm glad village you do that to me comes on business but do you really need to come back did you know what to do. Yes I like to come back at least get back when I'm not sure I'm running the show on the fly right now. I mean my wings drew some are what's going on there. She's great lover I'm a big fan. I feel like her to be all I was noticing. Is she finds out. Your political disposition. You know. The guys may bash trumping other for a couple not a assassinations of weeks of not are you may bash him a little bit at the beginning and then you move on. Mike did you see that. To say about our idea she's Farrah. Nash. Really does feel like appointed all right. At first time going in the well the first thing you know there's really aren't telling everything he's yeah because I'd really like to use that against him yeah. Odd coffee day I'd love to use that against him. When he's acting all tough diluted try to look. Tell me wanna cry about it. And here's the launch. Causing dozens of stress and needs right his position she. No sorry but you're right I see him come back I think he was done a lot of them but after two. Do you like to you don't trust. Making everyone around you mess. I was at my brother's house of the region's. Having lunch and he he's just got a new house seat held movies furniture that'd been you know move to the garage sir into the bedroom. And my girlfriend came with me my mom was there and they were left alone and let me talk for awhile and ask her later she said and settle your mom. Kept saying not. So. Are you re getting along and she says I see you know everything's fine really get along well London she said I'm. Are you dealing with this. At the time I know it's difficult. I know he's claustrophobic. And he's a hypochondriac. Any community you know a little overwhelming at times he's just always been that way innocent you can't do it and she's like I don't know it. I've really noticed it I feel like you know we both have problems with anxiety and all of us up so hasn't been a big issue raising it's funny that my mom I'm actually. Easy baskets it's Jesus. All right and elevators it's over ten stories. He's convinced he has cancer all the time. I don't let him get on London dean. Don't fly list. And ruin your vacation. Just take separate flights and meet up later. We don't I did today when he learned. I managed to get headlines have nothing to do. If you somehow gaining. It's starting to come along receipts starting get a little bit easier when you go to those web sites now you're starting to see this abuse and lastly the New York Times. Don't act. Gas it is when you go to like the big gun. Outlets web sites. As always not a political side obviously reduced of the news website USA today is starting to get more of the stories. Much center. Including. This story witness. Someone local to close its Fayette Missouri. They so like Columbia. Area. Howard county and number I don't not too far from here. Come. The dairy queen there. Much as beautiful as early. Into. There's a woman who managed to steer between. There. She had done an employee there is working under her. She's sort of she's Tony one. The alleged victim that jumped seventeen. Other victim at a Jerry green. So he committed suicide oh my god why. And it's a dairy queen right you think Jim why John Zelaya is a large enough pressure being a very we got access to soft serve right. Apparently this guy. It was a little overweight in a speech impediment I guess since you made fun Lundy got bullied at school our and you do a clean June according to other employees he was bullied at work. Line. This woman. She's crazy is he had beyond T kill themselves if an autopsy okay and after they performed the autopsy. Warner suggested they look into this. Which I don't know what you see during you know how much information corner as it says right I I don't of the should just be an open and shut case I think we should look in tunis. So they did and this is where you and I talked about this again happened Ferguson rearing up to grand jury and they decide whether or not there should be charges and so they had these jurors and they said we're gonna try and press charges against this woman. But there worked at Fayette Missouri dairy queen for prosecutors say his 21 year old supervisor Harley bringing them subjected him to constant her breast meant his friends sing the teen was also believed for years at his high school. All of the humiliation they say finally driving him to suicide. After his death the coroner making the Briere moved to call an official inquest a public hearing with a six person jury to deter. And whether criminal charges should be filed. OK so that juries say yeah you should file criminal charges. So now this 21 year old. Hardly bring them bring in. She is being charged with second degree involuntary manslaughter. The prosecutors have we wanted to be very cautious and responsible. Both sides of the issue are extremely important. A young man is dead but we also want to acknowledge that it's not easy. Being in this situation right so I mean he went to public schools he was getting bullied at public schools I think the prosecutors say hey. It's not it's also not easy being in public education kids get believe there. What hole was more to blame for us right now so it's really doesn't it sounds like to meet. And she's the one who's been charged when they're saying he definitely got the lead in both places right. One of the things that they mention in one of the stories I read and I guess another place and at one point she had him lying down on the floor on his stomach. And clean the floor it why don't stunning. And I don't know what what she was saying I was doing knowing yeah. It was me. Mentally impaired and I want user I'm really don't know that jurors concluded this is the code jurors concluded. That she was people that she was principal in the cause of death. And that dairy queen negligently failed to properly train employees about harassment prevention and resolution. According to the inquest verdict for. Jurors also found that Glasgow public schools followed unspecified policies and procedures. In this district was negligent. And failing to preventable. Now all of those factors caused the boy to take his son. Green this morning this is also an ABC thirteen. So. We've heard about. Cue stick you know lies because they were low one. Intense man soon it's gonna get better like I know you hear all those videos on aids is going to matter right. Whenever the problem is inducing drug often yourself amount. That is an and is gonna sound manner that isn't even the beginning of what your problems are really going to be. He's still saying yeah we got a whole life to live to get to new problems though seem. Will make those seem small also just know. Everything's gonna change and especially when here. You know from elementary school high school man six months is a lifetime. Yes so it seems like a lifetime when you're going through it. Buddy there's also like a lifetime of changes in six months. So just relax a little bit there's no reason to kill yourself in. Wasn't mentioned they man like an important job to do. And I mean like much more importantly you may. Be able gaining gaining these life experiences to help other kids are people when I don't know what it is ride that out for a little bit figure out what that is. You can do this. Other people. You know are being nice to be we'll have to bully them all the time you can talk just to me that's fine because I decided to talk a microphone and put myself out there so. You can make fun I mean you can make fun Bill Maher and Donald Trump you can call them orange whatever. We all put ourselves out there. This guy trying to work at a dairy queen he wasn't donating to trying to live leave him alone. Right yet. So you can call me out for whatever you want to call me names do whatever that's fun I've put myself out there. You can do it to the president can do it to people who put themselves on the now if you do do it know that Rosie O'Donnell may call you and then back in you have to be prepared for that. But under normal circumstances when going to school and neither one of you have. Run on TV. Billion each other alone I'm not even say to bill I mean a lot of people. It's a be nice to other people I think are being raided UN sat down and on stable with a Q did you have any friends but you know I. I'm LS top still so. Just don't be mean how about not. That's my new slowdown is just leaves me be kind of knowledge is still beaming. I was back. And managers if you work at a restaurant you're employing young people you never hear huge influence. On their lives. I worked and Applebee's and I was like nineteen. And I had this manager name Scott. And he knew I would have these panic attacks that work. And I was really depressed fees and ours to a nice you know typical whatever dramatic mean. I remember after I stopped working there and he got to know me a little bit you know he would call me. You say hate. We just got a map music just wanted to check in on UC LU do don't you feel all right lemon everyone knows stuff and museum by the way you do start feeling better I know you're going to allow our number if you start feeling better you ever wanna. You know just escaped in and busy come up here you don't TV's ugly some more but she checked and onions. Three different times and after I stopped working there. If you that he's a nice person right. This is as low Lazio was normal psychiatrist nice try. But not good man ride that out in our own be tough for a bigger problems. I think maybe disappointed maybe I didn't I was guarding those bigger problems that you were talking about you get better at dealing with even their. Absolutely and you'll continue to live weighed less stuff that you're going through now. You'll be so good at dealing with issues they were like man I can handle that in three minutes right yes there are going to be more challenges like a little wide you. And tell you that life doesn't get more challenging but what I am gonna tell you is that you become more equipped to handle those challenges. That's what I'm saying I gotta tell kids hey get out of high school everything's gonna be great because that's a long. It's not everything is not gonna be great but you'll be more equipped to handle those challenges and you'll be a better more well rounded person. Don't give up too early. You're only in the first quarter don't quit the first quarter ride it out. See what happens the second quarter is gonna have you don't want the second war's gonna have challenges to. Nerd in at halftime and the third Gore's gonna manage challenges. But who well knows what's gonna happen in the fourth quarter right I don't know I'm not there yet. But don't quit the first quarter. You got to us about a lot even tell you there's not going to be challenges along way light into his own judges and get bigger. It's failure anymore are they believe equipped to deal win them. And you're going to always be able to move on not only two more challenges but two more happiness is what. Do we think that. That's what did you lose god just tell drugs are bam. Just stupid drugs are fun. Drugs are a lot of fun if they want fund known it would do them you know the problem is the problem is they kill you. And they take all your money. May spiral you down largely ambition is right and tell. You actually are worth nothing and you've lost everything. What to say on a Friday night on out doing some drugs just feels horrible. Would be a lie and to tell kids that big gets better and that's it. That's a line. Don't think Indian teenager Camelot always been the most difficult time because you're not ready to do at those challenges some say right I mean so yes that the problems will get bigger but you're gonna be shocked at how much. More you're able pass on to pull off your back casino. Exactly because of that stuff I would I am trying to look at is from like I got does Limas is easy. And you're always going to be Jillian more challenges and new things and things that are going on McDonald's where in the first corner and look at all these standup comedians who you know. I'm podcasts and television shows and on TV and you wonder how these guys and gals get on stage and get heckled and booed made fun of because they've dealt with that most of them their whole life going up to us seems like so many of them talk about. How they got picked on when they were kids they weren't popular and that gives us strength to say you know and time has a new drugs to you kids can't hurt me right. Whose fourth grade all wrote that a lot of us are made an email signed an. You can't hurt me anymore and amount. So we need everybody who stars texting any suck event masturbation I think Len. And 13 of the entire fourth grade I remember dealing that. Paris strikes. I am still fight my way into the beginning of the third quarter. Right right. Accidents suicides in her being charged how do you feel about this. If you're just tremendous manager dairy queen from middle of Missouri is being charged with a manslaughter charge because she allegedly bullied employee kill themselves. And how you. You know I don't know not enough information that is Dora yen while what's Yemen or make him lay down. I got you know I don't know what all happened and what kind of match to me it's abuse of some sort itself you start to pull me on that. The earnings start to make me think okay what else happened and is very green and make him play an Estonian. What are you doing. Also like why you know -- no luck Lauren and talked his parents why you come home until you have Sox by what happened were you aware that any of this was happening you know I don't know. I need to hear a lot I'd you know what I think I have a Pallet after denying grand jury remained on some sort of educated. Opinion I think but do I think people can be talked into self harm. By abusers. Yes. Sure I know that happened in this case not sure about you but if you were convinced that she had played a role. Your Ocalan to charge if you had enough information you have to. But yes you know I don't tend not to because there's going to give you another but maybe it's I don't know what it is maybe it's not manslaughter maybe it's you know. I endangerment and child are you know I mean I don't know what does the world is filled with Gray's men and I I've I just read that and in his favor that's a serious thing about a seventeen year old and by the way. But 21 year old Maine fully formed either so all you lose some 42 year old guy can legitimately as every day it's on what was going on another. Sunny to figure out all that stuff now but when I I'm not happy with the error. But I don't know I don't know she's a murder or not and I don't know if pinch as her doing that was any more harmful to him than the school wanting to talk to everybody you know. Her best Ers are his best friend. Was a stroman Lex. And let's see testified that he was picked on a school she said quote basically everything about him including his weight a speech impediment and how reactive. She says she reported the bullying only once at school because nothing happened when it was reported. She says she did tell them but to niece she's saying he got bullied at school all the times that how do we decide all right. Right hoosiers loves on the drill them over the edge when we were gonna miss school getting sued right I don't know. Saying they should be on Osama I mean not that is an actual. Question I've thrown in the air and I'm sure people learn car and have opinions on both sides I have no idea. If you if your kid is continually getting bullied and you continually call the school and tell that he's getting bullied and then eventually something bad happens. Are they responsible well. There's certainly responsible for his well being while they're while he's there. And if you could draw a line between what he did away from there. Is a result of Blair. Lack of whatever the word would be while the years there. Then I don't know I don't. If you can draw that line I'm sure that's a line and a lawyer would have to try to draw. And another line and a lawyer have to try to erase some I don't know the answer and I. I had June unionized last night. But I ran into my current manager Jack Healy and now I was I was nervous. You know as an adult love music nine and one at and and didn't undersea. And nobody would say. China icing. Let's just get sick with the apparently so yeah don't do that to kids. Rosa Maria Ortega did you know this name. She a guess instead of eight years. For illegal voting. She was she is a Mexican citizen. Living in Texas and she moved to the United States when she was an inside her mother illegally snuck into the country. With Rosen she's and then her mother got two important this summer. And roses stayed in the United States. And Rosa was a legal citizen of the United States are sorry SARS illegal residents of the United States. She's not a citizen. Now she claims she didn't know the difference. Between legal residency and citizenship what she wasn't wasn't allowed to do it was never made clear. Now they say prosecutors say that she voted. In the November 2012 general election. And then in the may 2014. Republican primary runoff and Dallas County. And they claim this is when she knew she was not United States citizen or the Tarrant County jury indictment. She was arrested in 2015. So there's all this talk about. Voter fraud. And three million people have voted illegally. And people are being bused in and we've got a legal immigrants who are voting and there's no real evidence of that. So she feels like because she got busted for voting illegally as a non citizen but as a resident that she's that they're making an example of our. She says look I I have notes Pryor's you're gonna put in prison for eight years. You're just to make an example out of me when I didn't even realize that I was breaking the law and even if I did would you give a normal person eight years for this are. I don't think we'll see years the last green. I didn't think it was an NBA. Yeah yeah. Yeah. In India and didn't even me disobeying the rest zionists cannot. Because they couldn't get this to somebody someone else really did something wrong reading of car you know my hair was clean. Now include this article and I just a matter. She's gonna do that eight years. And then when she gets out they're gonna to horror to Mexico this and keep in mind she's 37. Now. But she's gonna move she's gonna be deported to Mexico or forties when and be in a country that they say she knows nothing about. She's never lived in. She moved to choose an infant all she knows is the United States they're gonna serve prison three years in the kicker and a country that she knows nothing about. And are really. Ironic bit to the story isn't the Texas attorney general is named Ken Paxton. Key was one of the main people who helped prosecute her and get courtesy years she voted for him in 2014 yeah. He was a big Tea Party guy looks amount. And I I do it looked like she voted Republican just report quoted in the Republican primary. In minutes they said she voted for Ken Paxton I looked him up and saying he got elected during the Tea Party movement is using big champion of the Tea Party movement. She voted for him he was on the guys in the locker precious shoes has spent woman. New Jersey voted for a Republican it looks like him get there and it's. But I'm not. And he thinks we've part of note of it if she spends eight years. Until understanding of the letters I mean have been on who the president does. Her lawyers said this is a quote he was talking to. And I'm GN a low without. Mean I love voters roller I wish I knew because she's still claims she didn't realize she wasn't allowed to vote because she thought a legal resident conventions ago did you know the difference do resident citizen I'm thinking if she shows up and she can vote in our names on the list and are otherwise or are we argue about voter ID laws on that stuff but even if you don't have a voter ID card and going your name is on a list or does. She'll just say this is my name innocent okay go vote I thought our basic now live visit your name's not on the list and push young girls provisional ballots and I was a break a law. Below Michigan Republican. The Dallas news says that attorneys for the state showed the jury did she checked a box on her driver's license form indicating she was not a serious and she knew it. And she said if I knew everything would have been done the correct way all my life I was taught I was a US citizen. They're saying no you you have to drive places have a right they're ignoring US citizens that you knew. Saw her lawyer told the New York Times for the eight years in Texas presidential be deported him wake up blinking and scratchy in a country she doesn't. Blinking and scratching. Eight years in prison. And Texas prison. I don't think I'm registered more than one place I hope I'm not registered more than one place in your registered local issue Asia I don't know. Nervous now yeah. When you're register immoral pleasure what do you. How do you unregistered I don't know we'll have to make that moron I really want oh now when I'm on the register to vote. Haven't toasted and and Aaron another guy Joseph and his cabinet are registered in bottling is wrong to be registered to blazers let's just wrong to move into places right. What do you moved around the country and use. You just vote the last place that you register obscene myself registered in Seattle what is suitable for being registered in two states is not running as long as you don't vote in Bo you don't vote that's the way I understood it and I don't vote to stem cells I'd like I was climate muscles to call them or something and get nervous. I've never wanted them as if you shall not be named is really on a mission right now I'm concerned. Ten wanna make sure I'm not doing anything. That would raise a red flag. Ominously when you're not doing. You may brown. There aren't. They look at your record should. Why do as an insurance and decent job of car Palin a mortgage. That's when your house truly. I did the final story in Missouri. Effort is under way to raise the age of parental consent for marriage in Missouri. I did not know this became a this weekend because my brother was talking about his daughter's boyfriend I was asking about she's sixteen and see you look how does that work. How old can that we can be what age limit and have to be you know there Romeo usually outlaws losing he seemed to know all of this sound worse. You know they can do this old if you're under this 121 Nixon he went to the whole thing. Send notes rather mild stroke. You know lawyer. No there was no one so guess yeah you. Okay because it. And as a lawyer and I don't as far as John you know I'm a little concerned well it sounds like huge into because his daughter all okay John and I put in June just exercise is Justine or boyfriends eighteen how does that work you know is he an adult and she's a minor. Is it a little if you're under 21 minutes this sounds like to have some sort of what you icicle Romeo and Juliet laws whatever they are. But he's answered tuchman marriages and no it for marriage in Missouri and there's no what's. Didn't I see today that there is. An effort underway in the state of Missouri to raise the age. For parental consent for marriage in Missouri. I looked it up. Currently teens can get married at age fifteen. Or they can go to a court at any age to ask permission from a judge to get married in Missouri and if you go to the Wikipedia page they list each state. And it tells you that general age which is I guess he's you can just consent right you can see Ellen get married in Missouri's eighteenth. Then there's a statutory age when all exceptions are taken into a cent okay. And it goes all the different states 1614 succeed Missouri's not. So it says parental consent required for ages fifteen to seventeen judicial consent required below fifteen. So apparently according to story that was on fox war. You had people who come to the state of Missouri and Sanmina Mary give my kids Mary because someone got pregnant. Or because I'm in trouble or whatever for days hundreds we're gonna go get married. Censoring news we'll go get permission or you know I know you can get married fifty so they talked to a girl who was fourteen apparently it's really big with. Evangelical Christians have taken like an abstinence are listening. Wanna get married and they have to get married and marriages Biggio Melanie Mason is a cancer some of these people are you married him. Fourteen Missouri's. Something sinister is with supporters of Missouri house bill 270 hoped the bill would protect against. Johnson County Missouri recorder of deeds Jim Jones cites an incident in the metro last year. Where in Idaho father was jailed after authorities say he brought his pregnant fourteen year old daughter to Kansas City and forced her to marry the 24 year old man who raped her. Jones thinks this bill would have predicted that. Writes at least once or. She's fourteen is out they said. And he brought the kids here to marry him because I guess that's. Once your married. You're above Jesus. Statutory laws he's consent laws because you're a married couple even though she's fourteen is raped his daughter who's forcing her to know I don't know. Think what they're seeing is his son racing girl. Rigor right he and his son was straight for the girl was fourteen so he brought him to Missouri today to get married he stood his daughter. Always his daughter. Can't you. I just dominant among. The present. This is no way. She set our. Just listen to wartime service. Johnson County Missouri recorder of deeds Jim Jones cites an incident in the metro last year. Where in Idaho father was jailed after authorities say he brought his pregnant fourteen year old daughter to Kansas City. And forced her to marry the 24 year old man who raped her safe zones thinks this bill would have predicted that. That's said no it was his daughter. But he didn't labor leader rate nobody forced to admit that I did well. I thought stilted aren't fun is that many lives are trying to raise it. You look into that because I'm so I still feel like the lights on Missouri every now you have to marry him. Well apparently if you're if you're a differ if age is too wide you can get married and it sounds like Idaho the community came here because they knew that you can get married. And now I guess as well a little to stop braves and make a man marry him. Right. We all know that. That's just out worked like today if you're maybe you gotta marry me like. Applaud him and I know I'm sure I'm no matter your age I am masters ribs and on and on and on equal amount and wants a girls married she's older she's an adult she's a limit to Verizon appears. Right and I'll bet you yes I'm sorry and they're married once. Sometimes I knew sings I think and I think they're on the books. But like nobody really. On the books from 1776. Right and earlier let me feel like releasing a new one has exact same setup. There's no age in Michigan. So we're down fifteen and on if you're under fifteen you need consider a man judge I'm no feminist vote we should do a better job of production no women and we know what reason does do a better job protecting humans yes. And who did not I am or am not a feminist and this you know I'm all for equal rights assist and protect people don't try to do that. We can do that better I think we can all make an effort today and you better than me. Says maybe need to be at least eighteen free agent signing him. Let's and your parents can't decide for you yeah. Don't be joy Isuzu and Samaria and want something how old disease. Mayors have gone. I hear wedding bells are better make this could you remind me hello to. Okay. Man I knew aiming wrong. I mean. I don't know wrongness. The right word is just unnecessary. Who watch. So were sent out front and put under his much issued an Irish it's nice outside a bit she DO. And does some additional work on my arms and these two kids run up to us when our kids teenagers. Late teens seventeen aging can be in nineteen who knows one of them has a dog leash and empty dog relations and and they come running up and one of the guys says. Eight have you seen a dog running around here and I say. No I was like now sorry no I. On this and as a no Mansoor good and he goes there's about this married it's why don't like I note a dog looks like each other what I was trying to sort out my kinda. I know what a dog looks like he looks at the kid and says I know what dog looks. Oh lord you're due to strong and what does he describes a bit and like. I did play borrows a chicken and easy to order right around the corner he's panicked is just Brian Smith cried as say. I didn't do it mainly I did it with a little bit of a smile. Like milky look underdog world today it is smile to my. I've been again a little tongue injury from your mind up I know LL talk in shape. I didn't really know noted dog looks like Dick and who I was like oh. I looked up my pleasant I don't know dog looks like and I didn't like this exactly does Jenny you have as an older dog looks like. That's sick and then he laughed a little less embezzling and just jerked. That I'm. I just have likes our remain deadlocked you know. Over his it was. Unnecessarily. There was an unnecessary description of dog and it was unnecessarily. Confrontational though it wasn't confrontational at all. It was done tongue in cheek and it with a little bit of fun. I made them smile. And also you know you know there was also factual. For. Madonna's truth in the sarcastic moment like I do know what a dog or slide and no matter what you say at this point my answers and guidance it. You're not in the describe a dog. That I don't know. What that lives lodge and man that I'd say damn man I did see that thing. There's not a hat designer dawn. The salad Blackwood head on her second. Wholesale that they are the years before I get it. I know allows a dog doing right right there on I should I think pumpkin for years have no idea I knew it was ridiculous in my mind at the moment I had no idea that's a dog I ever Jan one before. I I I I I understood that it was ridiculous when he started to describe the dog. But I shouldn't get nervous and think oh god meant don't discredit doc. Because you're gonna get some sort of response here that you don't want and then for you look up ago I noted dog looks like and that's it it's just. You know just in that moment just yet no sorry I haven't seen him you know. Humanly can a little bit I dead. I did it with a smile. Usually I grabbed my assurance I noted dog looks like jackass I didn't do I smile that president noted joblessness and it was a base I don't think. This embarrassing for him I'm sure. He's like all right well you sure it's small white yeah and eighties and just keep an eye out for I don't know I just think it's navy seal later. If I see a dog it. Well not only should got a good idea that does a guy comport to a does a guy looking for a lot higher on the corner. Just like the smoking thing gases not to smoke. I just said okay answer walking away. And then turn into a big confrontation. You heard about the adjourn I did yes in attendance. Now it's one thing it's if someone comes OK don't smoke you're like I was wrong you have a problem with authority. I and I know that that's fine but when I kid comes uploaded first dog just humor that man I did you really can you make it seem like I attacked him verbally I did and as a joke he knew it was a joke he laughed. Here's a guy. He says small it's why I said I don't dog looks like man and many latins and OK and I took off running. You may seem like we stopped and put up fisticuffs and I was like I know I I'm describing exactly how I have I insulting my intelligence. I challenge doing all young man for some of monsoon and as some people that's a little awkward. Exactly how went down. No exaggeration or embellishment needed just the way it went down. When he this frantic and Reza as Saddam Hussein no assurances about this big it's white eagle I noted dog looks like that was uncomfortable for me I always say a that's six years mr. Graham and punch him. In the flicked a cigarette and his face a guy here but I also smiled you forget to smile and a half link I don't inaugural excitement. Would you have done it that kidded just like broken down into TI round horribly and because it was done as a little bit of a joke ran in excess and I don't. I'm and I got to do with our blog on how do you look for the dog to I didn't realize I'm sorry but I senate cars like a little bit of a job when I go to Bob looks like round. And he smiled and laughed the only would have felt comfortable as you. It happens a lot that knew there was a. Joke. You're like. Jake Gyllenhaal in jar head all this pent up with great. That you never get an opportunity rather release. And so you just constantly pushing it down. And then anytime there's an unexpected. Encounter with someone. You're looking for an excuse not to just light it up and it could be a guy comes down and says hey can't smoke here. The air conditioners or pollen in the smoke. Eight that could be if that can be the most that's not what happens. I don't remember what happened I started I was fine and I said I understand how walk away any said. Plus this is a public entrance. Now I said it's not a public entrance. And he said I'm not gonna argue review it's a public interest as a bloody admitted to again. Not everybody in the public has a cheat. These are gonna argue you guys if you. Like Saudi doodles are. See remain. Bob was right about that made my life it's Spencer I've been down their load because of this a public interest my man. And he volume behind little what did you say god I can't that was upon politically correct I didn't make a kid feel stupid it was a joke. He understood the Jones he laughed. Cameron laughs out ourselves sometimes Jesus Christ said. And have you seen my dog and I said now and he said it's about this big it's why I'm like I'm gonna dog looks like. That's it and he smiled and laughed. As an article only took off running nearly as I have been around your house like okay. What I got it went down on to describe the mood to imagine George comes we're doing. I just read a little bit of a well I man I just saw them walking by outside there was a leash again what we're talking months this tax on says that he should go up and help them find the dog now. What you know like. No pills and one of us yep no don't go go to their home cooked up. I want to know you know unless you're like me I love the dog. Follow you you'll go down there you might feel good all around there and get a. Oh description. And given out on the radio asking where it was lost power was lost what happened. Ask him what a dog looks like and then we'll talk about on him every so what novel my conscience is clean in this encounter Lucknow you can how low. Although woods well I'd say that need to go down and help like the Texas that you might actually like it might make you feel good lawmakers voted Brodeur. Hundreds. Of description rude so said dog I've already got description proud small lives unnecessarily given to us from. Ten minutes I'm. Which you at the time it was unnecessary but I also thought oh god please don't tell me you don't necessarily meant no he didn't. What you thought was thank god I'm friends and allies though because he's gonna tell my noted dog looks like before I have to. That's what you said that did you always said you're thinking that you just don't say I'm just a guy who says that everybody dumbest voters like let me go to dog looks like. You guys just don't say it and I say it and you know lie you lie detonated a turnaround say goodnight to the bad guys. All allows those are bad guys say goodnight to the bad guy I got it. I just say it think it. Even if I thought you did you even I thought I did think I thought it I know you thought you. Everybody thought I go I passed was ago cable ansari and if we see it I even I am not it's like dominoes and then I noted Douglas are you wanna me to say it. Well no I didn't would you say as uncomfortable no I would not say where you're happy I sound like ten that he's someone said yeah I thought yourself thing got a simple the last well thank god himself open and I do it I gotta go get this get it features a plus our looks are we were just joking around about the dog my friends joking you know. Very dry sense of humor. Good luck find the dog that was don't smile I went down for Christ's sakes. I don't dog looks like brown. You've analyzed the smiles some links to the snow it was one mile away just I just like look up your phone and give a very dry look is that I noted dog looks like not a minimum now that was like confrontational knows his stuff to a that's not what happened my hands in my pockets clearly not an an aggressive most. And I looked up and I smiled. And I said I did this and I halfway like that I've that I don't dog looks like man I've smiled and any laughter. This sailor would ever did you laughed he understood his lay out there again. My way again and said what you want me to say three things you want to have Michael back I was fine. A total burden on the right now melodrama I don't know I NN money might take a while thousands exiled to Singapore right now is an apparent moment your dog I notice later on as you know and I was led to describe a dog and I don't judge don't they get up OK fair enough. Yeah. Hello I am. Yeah yeah. Yeah although. You also don't have your life for you got up and you can have a sore throat every day know it until they keep. That's from being hung over Sorin do you score that well I would view. Yeah that's all the match. Won't your attitude they do. Then I go oh yeah I think pretty good here in California separated finally. Have you get you know every semi see a commercial for that fifty shades and a C Dakota Johnson I think about how she. In the cold shoulder and tried attacks during congratulate her on Oliver success has she ever reach back out you have you tried to tell Vernon. We've got a lot Peterson stand I didn't talk about it added I was like haven we're number hurt if you like that that. We never addressed it but if she. Acted negotiator got it. But she also acted as though she remembered huge knows you are didn't translate those who are you I'm famous. OK good that's true. So everything's good. Yeah although you don't money we've project he went to this premier. And did like a life I think but why haven't they can can go to the prepared then basically just troops stole my idea. Right what I wanted to bring him here to Kansas City I do that and have them watch the first two DJ's because it's his sister whose stars and it. I don't want to let everyone I talk about it and he said he felt uncomfortable. And I needed just stole the idea. Now my goodness if so in that Millie work short tracks dot com belly the only website in the universe follow what you've ever seen yeah. As I've heard others exist but I never go to them. Any calls oh usually once a week on Wednesday around this time we discuss an article on cracked dot com I know that you say you wanna talk about Tony Romo does your big Broncos fan. And the talk of the town we talked our sports guy LSI about it that he owed by the chief should the Broncos looked like the two big favorites to get Tony Roma. Yeah that's crazy I I thought her shirt and activity admitted that not only that you put the player Elena but now you'll want him there a trend. Really turn packed religion or quarterback. They don't have an offensive line can protect Tony Romo there's no way we'll get it and now we have an entirely new coaching staff like and yet we wanted so you wanna lose a sense. I don't know man it's not like we saw him when we got Peyton meaning we had one of the best offensive lineman we can now we have one of the worst he'd get a break it short of the. In spring training and. Now everybody on whether revenue impacts and let's I think he's got to just take you guys the playoffs and perhaps on some role I don't know. As you do with a quarterback like them but keep your hot Turkey you have. Who can catch the path whether you're tight end. We have a wide receiver that is never gets the ball thrown to them a pretty good wide receiver that you Justine announcement never throws downfield so I never miss an opportunity catch small. One article we told them we're talking about now these are the top six biggest prize. It is is a video correct and it's right there near the top of the front page today. And these are the six biggest lies that companies try to Telus may get that right. Yet it. And some of these I had no idea. Companies got trouble for saying the first one in the video and I remember seeing this commercial for years. The last that you are the frost in many ways commercial a little talking frosted mini we have Haley says. Studies have shown that children who eat a breakfast including present many wiest perform 20% better in school or right. Apparently Shaq got him in trouble that's not true is that right. That's straight they did at Kellogg get it done studies. Which you become a recurring theme here but they've been there unscientific study in which. They have a really small number of kids. I think like one of them performed better out of all of them and all the make frosted mini heats. Send. Out because that they could conclusively say well. Would it be better that it will be even better. It does seem really don't have rules and advertising that say you know studies show and just be your own study. Number two on the list was a Listerine commercial which I also remember seeing but the whole commercial latest talk about how. We've got big news and we can't wait to share with you. Listerine is as effective as flossing. The sciences and whatever they say something like that you know it's just as effectively killing germs and of you know doing accomplishing what sloshing that flossing accomplishes in the ass sued yet. Yet Indo PA and even get back and ran a steady available strain and that that's a thing about. We have flop now I think it's every regular you know and actually done any real studies on how much walking helps you keep right. A lot of people are capitalizing and that's saying we'll probably doesn't help your keep now we just hadn't done any actual study done that we know it. Like we know that it helps keep because people would do it okay cavity but. Yeah they PG then their study because they're so big group of fiscally good that it internal clock thing they're able say that would strain was as effective form thing. So the minute they got so Diana Johnson & Johnson who make work work what. So the biggest loss company sues the mouthwash company but is this another example does that also come up later in the list. Up Procter & Gamble saying all right we losses much when lawsuit but the money we gain from this ad campaign were outweighed it. Yeah I think that's true but can they tried and I think to have that same situation where they said that dentists. Everything is good at brushing your case. Ratify forever dentist recommends. A number number three on that list and a video and they preface it with I can't believe we have to tell you this but there was a media. Lotion that apparently made claims it can make you thinner. Yeah. It was in any international product but we had a here in the states to and it was yeah media had a lotions and firming up lotion. There was a marketed as you rub it on your cellular and it gets rid of them dimpled. I remember I was harming other companies coming out with Sully lite cream or something yeah well it got to work. It man that's too bad. Just some day I feel like if you come as a well I'm send some they can come up with some some they were gonna have held a cure for baldness or will be Appel and she was very nice life. Yeah we Campbell we're not as likely could not as prone to a store fat different part of our body. That's right yeah it looked very saturated and get number four on the list is really funny is I don't remember this commercial but it does seem ironic now. It's an Audi commercial and they're talking about how much oil is wasted every year for cars how much oil we import. And a commercial basically says if you learn to drive clean diesel. We can just send a lot of oil back. Yet they're really they make a big show there is a bunch of barrels rolling back up onto it a huge freighter. Was so we can get rid of all this oil are all depends if you just show this car that he cheated on all their emissions tests but both. And the commercial are trying to remind you that diesels got a bad rap but you know it's actually awesome it's clean diesel and of course we know now that. They were cheating number five Melissa is another one that you don't have to tell us you shouldn't have to tell anyone. With an average at least an average or above average intelligence. That those commercials for extends. They're not it's not gonna make your jump bigger. Yeah that it is the thing is it if you if that really worked and if they really had figured that out. It would just flood has junior would have noticed. The B new stories every week about that. Right like Viagra when they came out and it worked it was a huge deal. Yeah if plows overnight there was a pill that sent a major winner bigger and doctors. Why hasn't talked to his doctor all the time that this doctor would probably say hey you know they do if your interest as they do you have daylight prescribing laws and it yes and the work you tell us about I was working. How does surprise you and I and Bennett aka. Or he would do that but I would notice now. Usually it's like when you know somebody else's hair cut. He had no other so well that suddenly. It's really different about you. Yeah I think I notice. I would definitely notice I'm in a opposition to notice before and number six on the list slocum was actually just telling us about this last week and I never heard about this lawsuit but as for the subway five dollar foot long. Ads that ran forever did you hear about this lawsuit. Last although that it would make do with a guy who what you associated with a lot firmer regulate that but he did he really trial where he went to a bunch of subway throw it over a year. And measured all along and determined that. I think during the 80% of them were actually twelve inches long. Well there were like ten or eleven so that president cooking and actually twelve inches long and. We got a lot trouble for that assimilating into true words well we get to the people along with the name of it it's not actually pulled off. From the Sadler is that they said we're just calling it info along that doesn't imply. Then it's actually a full on no one would. Think that it's actually a full longs is the name for why they never valid to federal bonus should be measuring it right I mean yeah like man we don't think they did what we didn't think Arizona is gonna come and say it's only eleven inches long. And we'll call that alone is pretty damn close to a fought it it's a whole series should make sure how many to have and own colorful long run but they lost that lawsuit right Sorin. He had a lot of Big Apple can all they had and everything is rulers pick everything there's twelve inches everywhere all the well. Alec has played yet and they got a lot of children. But again this is another example of they said they made so much money from that ad campaign it was worth panel also. Yeah everybody knows that coming up that's all you beat your head for the rest today. Are they won't injure another under the chains have really figured out. Yeah they had changes and changes to twelve feet and trash talk was. Twelve feet right still hasn't talked about this before it was explain those because I was asking Montana not some infomercial and I'd seen on TV. I said I just don't understand how to console something our guys all documentary about it I read a book I read a book and saw a documentary about how they just put it on the cost of doing business. So. Some. Under our policy Reagan maybe they put in a a cap penalty for false advertising right. And so it's twenty million dollars or whatever it is so they're making me circular push up thing right. Well they just ports. Forty million dollars in the total cost and say we know we're gonna get sued for that. So when we're doing it. You know our sheet to figure out with the Carlyle is gonna be on this. But twenty million dollars goes into a part of the cost because you're gonna end up having to pay that is a fine because we were just gonna gamble claim under the sun life. There was they put out. And I could say let us get skinnier in three days whatever they wanna say because they've already accounted for between million dollar fine now one is more lawyers all parts. Yeah that's amazing I don't know that. With a vacuum they're called. Metal look it up but this is a wild that we talked about it. But if you have an idea for a product do you wanna sell well look you know what the causes you want your rich Hollywood friends maybe Dakota Johnson. Two front as a cash more than a sell something on late night television. All uploaded a word admission yes we will not responsible okay I'm glad you guys talking again because now again last year on TV old times and like I. I'm one degree of separation from Dakota Johnson. Yes you heard a person. I position probably just a different number and a guy. Also incendiary responsive when doctor although I've been a treating it Don Johnson Lilly and got nothing richer but the cold Eagles. Do you think he knows it's you maybe just he's toward Austin. I don't know but I have Blake. Like quadruple the number of followers if it's really do you have to have his son emerged you can text and now. Okay just a kid's league maybe it have any acute it happened to be that that is land playing Colorado right next week we're calling his house. OK so. Did from a conference UN do an empty line we're gonna call Don Johnson's house all right are at our right banks aren't. And it's it. The line. Whenever government just use it does is one of those things that happened and I know it'll drive you well drug present and have an amoeba. You hate these stories so. VD partying right yeah. Bomb a fundraiser you parred I got there and I was standing out front of the Indy bar I was smoking a cigarette image to people that we know. Com. They came walking up Brian and there's a girl in front 99 back and the go front to start a lot thing. Right an instant looked at me two point shields my god what did you do your head or shake your head. And then just walked right by me wants right I don't understand how the guy behind bear who. You know I've I've thought for a long time and like now wasn't exactly sure why but. Mary has more zoos and what's on an annual Arctic and I was like what I know. Her right among human rights and I you don't like for me. I should mad when I was twenty or wherever would grow back but. And that's OK I know I'm not handsome I'm well aware. My physical attributes I talked about them at length and so maybe you feel more comfortable saying that I look ridiculous focus on Janelle. It's like you know but it's a gender double standard. It is you wouldn't she wouldn't have it to a girl what's your ear hair oh my god looks terrible slur brought back rollback. She wouldn't said that mount. By the way I like you're proof. Well I'm not out on OC Gooden. She makes a good point immune and doesn't look gray but no great shape your I think it'll it'll just to me. I don't know I tracked I don't know pursuant to do what they're way better like this I like there are pictures of the shape that it's way better. I agree. And I don't know why do you feel comfortable doing that that's where. It does walking up to me saying there on attract yes. I don't know I know it's true it's almost like. Earlier the Jews and they feel like they can say that's up to Ali while race and racing you have problems with your skin notoriety and you being serious crime like OK wow yeah so anyway. Keep there at school. I don't know if two with a or when someone says meaning you should see this guy he looks exactly like you know like ha ha ha ha ha moment all of man. All men know sometimes I feel bad for the person they're comparing me to but other times it is thankful that okay moved her. I guess so because those are the moments when you realize how people really view. Right. It's like when someone says I got the perfect. Girl for you she'd be perfect. NEC you don't you what she's perfect for me and that's who you realize oh. This is how you may view me and it's walking up to you and saying you look stupid. Black. Is this someone that you like you're so well get along with what. And I and I feel they were able to week or so until we can bus each others balls by a lot of stuff but even that I wouldn't expect to walk in here you go like water. What why did you trim your beard you look stupid girl back up I just can't even if you're thinking like castle specialist beards and. Right whatever it is a photo and just letting I don't know. We didn't do it I talk about it enough you have to know that I feel. That I know what you're about to say is true. I'm aware. Just like him I don't tell you every day man Ahmad Karzai Hondo pass. God damn thing you know I mean every morning I go ahead and try to kick it over to change starting right now. And then if join us on that Jesus your cars your assessment. I don't understand that time that's what I was telling you before. Now let's let Obama Lara. But I try to put it out I tell you again I'm unattractive that I you don't have to mention it to write that way when you've seen me in Berlin bar you're not surprised. All right do you mean a beast probability we go on the X I got an obese. We're arguing with you recorded up there. You know be different if we came visibly now I'd say out Israel wanted tenement eight or nine as it was like you know she's. Roiling surely four or five. But we don't do that room says. Leave us alone. When it comes to those things. Act like a human being. Norman is usually bust my balls in Orange is usually nice slide. I like her as a person a lot actually and Shuster does it feel like a man. Because she saw as usually and everything like Niedermayer really the right ballot a familiar couple times like oh boy my. As I do duties of the dipped run is there's just a ludicrous thing undoing. And he should be edges are never mind. Drove it back out. So gee what can do we there man looks like a bit more handsome much like an organized well we can't change I would look. We gonna do and start working countless. Sit out the suns are working out whitener chief commute break I don't know yet none us that's gonna and a fair enough so does leave us alone and we are sad what's coming up to here. Nice. And sports and their pride how are you. We oh what about certain orders one. Walked. Watched. Her. Course and I enlargements. Robert shall Howard. You can't buy into that egregious fox sports here work. You know future. Yeah. I'm sure it on it ought to mean acting out yet can't hit it. Weird what watcher per she is well. Yeah I'll set the DVR tonight. What time. They are. Want it what are able writer and Google five. Some days to launch Nick Greisen sports. What are you talking with here you know obsessive reminders here. And you know. You what we call nine anymore. Oh. Yes of course. Here what are. You go. Chart yeah I see a lot of girls. And guys. You know tweet about him snap pictures and girls love them because I hop on Macgregor Wednesday as a fighter bullet. I don't know what looked like guy I like like for some reason. I think it. Extraordinary. Box I don't I don't know like that like it right out of respect or are kind of what was your problem. Look at cracker and walked by the problem is it if they do by the rules. Lloyd is minus 4500 meaning you'd we're 4500 to win a hundred dollars. They do like in an eight hole it the opposite McGregor market for it by like. There. They're not wait to make it fair fight so what they get it. I saw spot in the rules but they knew at the end and make law would abate volleyball player. What do you think that could make it more human. Like one legitimate you can otherwise we do. It still feels like it's gonna be I think I have to find it's my vantage drew a two different times with both rules. And six months in between each one. They had an Internet and a little like. I don't know yet what the public wants this fight so badly because like. 888. The acting as one could fight the other one sport I think observed. Like it's going to be the next big box thing. They're gonna. Come cute when they're gonna do it by rules and I would imagine fortunate not gonna get hit single pot. Like not Ayers and try and I don't really care about the NBA. There's not want to get it back look at it in court I Cris Carter and I got in that it argument that. Were we not error at all. About being considered the greatest football player ever Chris Carter. We agreed that worry air I'll bet there and we did so where one. Would care what other people think about in the gulf are. I could not only. Like I'm consider what what other people think about himself like that and I think I would aptly. You can buy it that were in the air like what. No not really a medium. I mean he cares slightly less than some brutal war but. Every time I see some talk about him being the greatest I wonder if he's sitting there watching and it's got to make him feel good many years always people saying he's the bass it's gotta run be good for his ego. And it would back to life on. And yet whereas in the we talk to you today and he said no way like it is that it at all like that it. That is something media and they think that we care about spotlight. It still it is a rarity for athletes actually care about like where they are well. I can't wait all honestly Natalie isn't a bad way. Now hikers car. Our money was never going to be the best. Why pursue it our all time he was always going to be one of the best but if you get to the point here Tom Brady and talking about man. It is in order to one urgently get to LeBron he's in order to AZ don't want to do I think that changes the game a little bit. Right where it would let slip Iger. The spectacle that is the second spot that right. And law you old bat and. Quite that I would like when you were higher. I would like one note the wide receiver you're playing for second place right chair like Iraq like it didn't matter to you. Eight people thought well we're Carter the second best wide receiver. And need that you like and what they think about it in the. Oregon border I've played the second best. Interviewers about retirement centers battered Jerry rights or groups garner. I think you would start to think about turn the volume up on a discussion now that's all I'm saying is like if you're in the fourth place radio station you know never really spent the day thing about being announced. But in second place just belly like boy I'd like to be the vast right. OPEC are that Rodney and I what I. Nobody liked. I'm not maniac on the south what I consider air like I. It is like you work for me at how unrealistic it's maybe like eating like a long I'd like would still like. Career goals like that and it has always been. I want there'd be open and why. When I'm considered the best sports spot guy in the country like that. I've been bite that remarkable and it's not even it's not about like I want you quality at it that like in that the public is like what. Or maybe it is like urban I don't know like I felt like. I think like what Susan I think your right like he wasn't going to be just get the most out of it sound like you wanted to. Being jacked you wanna meet. In certain coal. Cold War and so you know Jordan I. It would were he was saying he got here about really hard to. I had worked arguably that's responses say. It's going to be like houses on reasonably as you think it's a loan to owners of march 5. And here we are doing about it animal you know Nevada you're in what had been around. Like you know how I mean all right you would be the best sportscaster in a brief moment in time if everyone else dies. I'll come on and united aren't there. And talk sports. Allah that while he wrote that. Right now they're back in the business that can't hour. And talent to our off you know open for me I feel like you mean they've seen more here I can do. What form that. I'll let you I think it now taking a long way so good to hear. You know what yours number on and our hearts right. I think and to be perfectly honest but things working against me the most right now in this day and wiping up but right. Is the fact that people are like LA cop is what do you do any vice. But more like America the Olympics all of the Kentucky Derby and they'll like me to write what you do. I'm like I did consult our lineup. And then I do. Let seventh place rock day and a weak link for Larry Bird no reason under the old. I would mention that I would leave that out you know we've got the resident. Yeah I'll leave that out there on to mention that I didn't read to let us know leadership was beat by a bubble copies by 800000 people. It would create shots. Called off all of that is that we are it is tomato bottom. They just. Like bubble copies. Sold American. Port base and. I who are home in the middle of the day at a later time. For television and parents and no other competition makes up just mobile numbers on. Every fork over there and I'd. It means everything but the day I don't pick up all hope it will MySpace. And gazelle like bubble companies. And ally again. It's hard for you to be about but Bubba Gump is goes owns and home at night if things about being number one. Which is a reasonable goal. For bubble ought to always. Thanks nick there.