Wedneday, 06.14.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, June 14th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • House majority whip shot
    • Trump responds to shooting
    • Another shooting at UPS facility
  • 12:11 - Snowcone's dad sent him a horrible message
  • 31:18 - The guys find out about random Facebook events you can attend

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So righteous man. On all sides. You're homeland. The values dark. And I will strike zone of the on the and here. I'm an ally good Harriet I've got no problems. What a day whether I was out of town had to finish on some things but I got it all figured out. Busby spoke announced this morning. I feel like. We did okay. Should this fund and thinking to give us thanks mantle are. People are set I got a lot of text this morning. From friends I grew up with and we're excited and I detection my Brothers and it. I think you know. Trying to take a look at social media see what people say and. Looks like you're ever gonna please everybody and there's always in India but I feel it does stuff is for everybody yeah. I try to do that like you know I thought just. Your nose and are trying to include. May do so you can only have stood retired new numbers speech called stupid on reasoner. Awesome people Roman jewels spoon Marian no no more no mission ridge Bob Moses can't play. Paris iron Thom temple campus Tonys should come Batman low low middle kids local Asian beach lying historian Sean slash. So there's something there for everyone right night and thinks it. Can't see lonely without. I'm excited. What are you most excited student not yet. I'm very excited I just a killer like out there on out for instance without will be exciting to I think seen them and that stadium yeah. I think the current huge show critics on. But I loved each line and there's a lot of to combat man. Yeah iron solid iron songs. So they're slamming this chili peppers accidentally. Filled the suggests that enemies Boone could had to find some early in loans they remain Marion held. I mean she was they were great dash. Everything everybody's like yeah it's almost ridiculous show some good news is especially nursing and it was awesome it was awesome he super nice. What's on our awesome show. Bob Moses. I think that'll be cool to see guys arrived is everything is a little bit different then went on you know scene Tonys and local eight I'd try to play as well as employers usually tell usual population. For journey and that's a smooth. Eight amazing. It just coincidence that's awesome. Everybody says it's I don't you hear a lot of people criticizing this much snow. Should be fun I don't learn anything and it. None of the good. I get a cup of coffee man the amber and an arm strength. And a hand job yeah. Leisure suit Reba. That's I say what do you marina McEntire should not. This year I thought it was I thought I was Reba McEntire looks like delete an accident realty balloon. It says Reba so I don't know really McEntire undated shirt looks like a re Max knows notations fish bluntly why I'm insensitive. It's the song it's removed. I didn't. Alert again. Finest. And life and it's in the nation's finest in the nation PH. Jeans T hodgkin's and as the man identified as shooting a Republican member of congress and 4 others this morning. He's was a small business owner Illinois. Who define himself publicly by his firm support of Bernie Sanders progressive politics and his hatred of conservatives. And president Donald Trump. This is all according to scene in dot com. According to his FaceBook profile public records. He had three years of impassioned letters being sent to local newspaper. Quote trump is a traitor trump has destroyed our democracy it's time to just straight trumping though. Posted on on his face back. Republicans are the Taliban the USA because of that effect February. Yeah 66. Marion lived in Bellevue. Belleville Illinois. And started his own company in 1994. Bernice found out today it is the suspects. It was a volunteer one of the volunteers. For his presidential campaign and he spoke about her on this floor part. Have just been informed. That the alleged shooter at the Republican. Baseball practice this morning. If someone who apparently volunteered on my presidential campaign. I am sickened. By this despicable. Acts. We're shooting people. Watch. And now the strategist and if you go to any news site right now and he web page that. Focuses on news just pictures of him anything they can sign about thanks guys. Alex I shirt. Tell him. So you know he sits supposedly singled out. This house majority whip. Steve's. Screen he's hired some say this morning hours Dallas. Louis police. He was wounded in the attack in this guy and his shooter. Had said quote here's Republican this should lose his job but they gave him a race. That's rear back to 2015 minutes FaceBook account is referring to the Louisiana congressman. And and had cartoon. Picture of congressman. Thirty say it's too early to determine whether the assault targeted members of congress for representative. Run Desantis Republican Florida. Raising ominous prospect that the incident may have been politically motivated to. You know it looks like. You might have been politically motivated. So of course child. Gave here's. Post shooting speech we may have our differences. But we do well. In times like these to remember that every one who serves. In our nation's capital. Is here because. Above all they love our country. I'm I don't agree that but I get the running right now no reason to fight right now but I don't think the dynastic change right. I'm news. Whatever it might not the time. Tom and play sharing. Not the time. And if you woke up this morning your listeners are watching the news on TV you're just looking at live. Alerts on your phone. You may be confused I was confused because you see these reports of shooting in other talking about Virginian and they're talking about San Francisco and right and Bernice for what what's going on wall. Or two shootings three people have been killed and two more were injured after shooting hitting UPS facility in San Francisco this morning according to polices the police chief there. Responding to some questions. And at this point I'll take a few questions. No we do not as you can imagine. There are dozens and dozens of of witnesses to this forward are not releasing any information and didn't get our respect for the the families and make sure there was notified before we start releasing any information any detailed information about who these victims are. The shooter died on the scene from a self inflicted gunshot wound as well. It was just it was assistant chief Tony Chapman said at a news conference. You know I feel about gun solutions Manu don't mean I'm. Jesus. Services so please respond to shooting around 8:59. AM. When police arrived they determined the suspect was inside the building and begin evacuations. Officers and located the suspect put his gun to his head and he shot himself. Suspect living under his. She. And it's like so many things were immune to it now manager's shoes shoes shoes don't talk about comments like who cares boy you know shooting. Happening around sitting on you whenever. Just the way works not only you know about as good about it it's our right I mean I just saw the big guy who who shot the the Indian. And was it one guy just hit a driver now just did how long that that was I saw something about him in the news yesterday ended in Florida for Donald I don't. Like twelve murderers and we get Kansas City commission as it's not us. But you. Whenever I talk to loan. Gun control in amount and are you review in your hand fishing buddies on day. Oh god given right to carry embers into. Let's not argue. I'll say one thing about ambition doesn't require contributions. But if you and says yeah. And I feel you feel like you're right and fish and Canon fire he beat you. Legos and I don't know of shooting a fish from the dock counts is in fishing and I'm. I think that might be against the rules but I'm not hostages is drive narrowed. That's dangerous. And human. Function fish. Please. Let's let's talk about each song dynasty battling that should be fun. Children's mercy park September 8 and ninth slots yes you are the score local HB trying to kind of Batman middle kids Lola toady to vote canvass iron Tom Paris bishop breeds can easily Bob Moses married it'll. Global bordello spoon run the jewels Foster the people. Weezer. And. There's someone else. Should gun. Okay. I'm not gonna talk Rodham. And a kids I gotta tell you it you know sometimes losses my feelings will get its it was a salad you really there wasn't sometimes joke around kind of get into a little bit we get frustrated with each other. Just I would do that glass panel should you guys get into it there. Oh yeah yeah yeah I did and I think like I in my immediate reaction is well ma'am what are you doing. You miss read the situation so long what are you upset and named. I see the post from his dad and I'm like you know what. I gotta get this guy value items some leeway I just take I really I I'll be the first to admit that I could call me addict downstairs. Program he did engineer Dick. All I said was that he has any a bumble account. And he was upset about you know girlfriends stopping us and many sort of mumble account your findings like I deleted off my phone. I said Deborah you still have the account like. I'm not judging you face a ball which divides lit up my phone that has gone I was like well if I parked our car in my garage and don't look at it it's still bear. Writes this I guess this is reserved available to me that I understand that it's there I don't have to look at it or he's a man yeah. I don't have to engage yet but it still there I don't get I wanted to get rid of the car I would sell the car and this case she would delete the car. I was so you know and I don't need that Carly solid but you know I've. I'm not gonna drive the car mount. Not interest in the car right now but I am gonna put it and I'm gonna give it in my garage just in case alleged hit a car right right. That was mine metaphor. And he senator Dick and I said what you what you that you wanna believe me when all the pain you know we don't see how do you guessed do you understand. My men of. I ended I told him as they are saying oh I think was I I get this thing. I just didn't want that extra extra time to go to a new account is deleted I don't get on there now have got on there and weeks. I can dollar right now and show that you I'm not register my point being is that I could always say my cars and garage having gotten into it in regular you're saying non interest in what I was quips about this news wanna let go of that. Are your true. I'm doing the little less like you know little less upset about it like hey you know he's still. And so does your bumble stuff going on you're okay and and you got real defense of whatever amount in Greeks and I was just saying. Mark it as serious as everything was. It wasn't serious enough to sell the Porsche Johnson he's shown same MM yes I see both sides. I do. Just wanna clarify and use quickly said yes but you can. Delete and account correctly through senior Erica consumers you scroll on the Bonnie say delete my account and says. Do you really does I did and it says do you really want to delete your account and you say. Yes and it says please type the word confirmed and then you type confirm and then it's gone about as far actually greater than knowing him a crack. So you know I can see yellow sign portion of share was that you put. Do you believe that I haven't been on that. Why doesn't matter CS thing you'll believe me that a man on but it doesn't matter does that not I gotta go I'm gonna sidelines on this one because that's not the debate is about he. Saying why not just give it manager and a portion UH what does that matter otherwise still if it's summarized his argument I believe you. I've I've always assume. I do believe you but I don't think about what this is about but. I just wanna say first of all types such a short time ago and hamburger. Early app. The count and got hammered. If you are lucky enough to have a nice mom are nice dads are good parents maybe a good parent whatever. Thank them. If there rounds left all thanks thanks for being a good parent because. How do we bus no cons balls all the time about you know his situation we try to make fun of all of us bright and all of our differences we're trying to bring light to bad situations through humor I watched a and viewership is a documentary maybe an Amazon. About comedians who shed. I don't think so I washing yesterday complaints about. It's it's do you have to be miserable to be farming wow okay. And they interview room you know a lot of people Eli did the basic. Just to that is yes. Right yet here have to be miserable it's certainly helps because that's how you build up a defense Mecca and that's what he's due don't. And so the document and I thought you would love it because I mean you've talked about it before. The same thing. That's where and they also talked about well that's where you find light and even Jimmy Fallon is like that's when you find it like oh man my life is awful. And you start writing and down all of the awful things. And then you're like this is great because I'm gonna be able to share at MP it's like it is human. Can action right via of this is he off fullness of my life. And when people can relate to that then. You've really made some sort of connection and so that's what we do here we do it through all three of us I think right. And you know snow cones off bonuses his father. And so we try to talk about that I never actually thought that the fact that your dad laughed is funny I think trying to. Joke around about it. Is so off color as far as exaggerating right definitely makes you laugh at times and seeing you laugh about it at times. Makes even funny period when you get caught up in. And I've I know the stories he told us before you know you dad wasn't around for very long he left him you know there was is at some point your teenagers he came back at some point and said it into the casino let's hang out to do the easy on the left in the car orders I've heard those stories. But since no con cents us in a group chat unit up to penis to police and isn't a group chat. Paul Gonzalez and her defensive just by just saying. Yeah I thoughts when I first saw it. I thought it was going to be something funny because it's right they don't. Not ladies don't let my hair is my dad right and I was like always gonna be like you know you want all I 'cause you know I did you wanna go to the casino I thought I was gonna make a I was going to be from last so I don't write something about I thought it was going to be I don't trying to make a joke of Sony recently set on the ad is just saying. I just thought it was so ridiculous now it is is this a textures that at face there was FaceBook messages last okay that's why have the children all this call from him as a missed FaceBook calling you actually on FaceBook yeah. Which I don't see that this all the you have a message requests. Excellence. So how long go to descendants did you find it right representatives. Right before a taxi a guy or sometimes I'll see those requests have been there for weeks and I don't yet know I was there was one earlier that I haven't seen from someone else so bad does happen but I solve this one aka. So since you treated us in everything I guess we can talk about down there. So this is the message says the heat he tried to call smoke on and then stubs his token as an answer tries to FaceBook column and he sends a message and there's. I think there's zero punctuation zero epic. Because I was like do you may be missing. The words are horrible horrible horrible and a horrifying. Is lack of punctuation. Is the least. Of the things I'm a little bit disturbing absolutely but I definitely like longest run on sentence summer. I'm like yeah yeah let's focus on the fact is maybe the worst father and her. And then not so much his grammar that's at the extra weapon and other because that argues that it's so ridiculous so top horrible that also. The punctuation on the run on sentence. This sounds like trouble I think the whole thing together so ridiculous what and look how absurd my father can be right now didn't he at one point are so. A couple of years ago some like a welfare check editors and cops don't of the station I forgot about it Nigeria Nan well well. Why I was calling me now okay to call me and said. What's on the concert here looking forward. And you're like rates right that's what I thought and so dealer rather found out later that it's in a welfare check it appears he likes to do Felix the mess with the U. You work you are still bears he called my mom's hospital shores and says she has aids she can't be around children and why. Because he likes to create. Havoc in your life he wants to make everyone else. Let's bring everyone else and that sort creates a problem for you. I just don't like man I'm broken I get it and I really only deal. In my world would broken people like I don't know anybody who's really well adjusted right. No means are better than others obviously right but I don't know anybody who's really well adjusted. But I've never seen anything like that like. I'm just gonna call someone's work and tell our Boston Herald Staten. I don't know where you think about issues and nervous and I got it I understand the whole thing but I like I didn't understand where that you know what I need to do today. Yeah like I can understand I needed Texas person write and tell them how much I don't like them it was a challenge I need to Texas person and tell them that they screwed this up. I needed Texas spur the economy does a list of things. But you could Gerald. To kind but I guess them let out your anger towards people right now. Calling. Someone's work and singer of the band aids that seems to me. Like that's delusional crimes are adds a whole different thing. That's a hold everything in just a quick. I'm a broken person reaction right. Yes I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that he has a lot of problems. Potentially that you know things that he's thing was so. We're now almost I don't know anything about him that almost sounds like to Maine the ramblings of an alcoholic. Yeah he's well as far as I know when the message committed apparently denying her nose was eight yet says he tried to call actually married him. He's never as far as I know he's never taken a drink of alcohol and was never around he has severe bipolar. Nothing that's necessary about it. He's gone he's never been medicated for oh OK okay aces as he's kind of went on his glasses oh yeah exactly well all I know. For certain is that you sent me this he said everyone the screen shot I'm going to assume that it has been altered anyway and it this is the screen shot this is the message that you received from your dad at 8:23 PM and I. It says you know the sad part Spencer you think you know at all and you don't. You're going to have a rough road ahead of human life. Time will tell. You can put all the blame on me you want it doesn't matter to me Spencer you're the one that has lost out it's a shame you had your head so far up your mother's past. But that's what you chose that's what you shows good luck to your miserable life. There's been a lot that I've heard about you over the last few years very disappointing when you write at the end it is just missing like gas tax all right. Very disappointing. But the whole. I've heard a lot about you is the old trick or however one does all IQ you like it right this person told me that a bowler Randy bring someone else and had been surprised that gives you more credibility. Rice's the ramblings of a mad men which is exactly what the right. I felt real bad for you an excellent message I put on really did Spencer and I was really. And I think that's I was bummed me and I was just I thought I can't even imagine. One of my parents talking to me now away. And I know like I know IBC that I am I was very lucky guy to really blood meaning Riley parents. And I also know that some of my friends had parents who could have a bit more of a temper view of it you know less predictable but I don't remember anything like this is no. Now I mean my dad could be a little more famous unpredictable for sure but. I kept my dad would not a right that. So what do you do when you see that. How does it and I don't I know you don't go to therapy and I don't want to sound like their present not one or do or how does it do you feel. All get to that what do listeners outside just ignore I don't need to respond I'm obviously a show my fairway and my sister. Blew up couldn't control is a Shia and there's now blesses or does she have the same. Dad no different appreciate them you know equally as much of a more awareness and this was you probably can't read any of honor but lawyers shooters. But only solid sub because that's the first thing I ever heard of from him and the last. Couple years right since the welfare check probably. Yeah I don't talk to in the welfare check okay summing. Maybe since the casino I think shall why do you think neutral site so I know what he does as he's got. Four children. None of which are you know there's half Brothers and sisters made do I am only Wear them now or not including you are including you know four including a pack none of those children talk to. None of them have talked to him and multiple years but you know so I know what he does I've heard this before is that he. Goes on these cycles over which child he misses which child he's mad man who wants to reach out to connect with. Because someone I've found who I found through FaceBook was the daughter of his ego production. Said he came back in her life and was talking about my brother and sister but never mentioned me and she had no idea I existed or go to these cycles of I miss Tiffany I mr. Jeremy Hillary tried them and that is just my turn right now pages but that in south. Like someone messes deal. It lets us I'm always get a reaction from this person I don't feel like I wanna make this person hurt OK let's say mrs. I mean he sits on his own possible that he. Catches wind of some think is reading this message you know it sounds like when he says it's a shame that you've had your had super. It sounds to me like maybe he's listens to the blog before us in the podcaster and are heard you mention him. Before and doesn't sound like that's kind of what he's addressing otherwise what would. Why we send you this it almost seems like he's trying to defend himself a little bit. And the fact that we poked fun at you and him right. And then blame it on you put all that blame my right arm and I where you know I'm gonna put all the blame on him it's his fault. By saying that you you know you were too close to your mommy you know our stem what's going on the other miserable life in new life is hard you don't realize that because a you chose. The to take that tough road yeah. When you could've been when me. Or something right like yeah do you mean to me it's like if you chose to hang out what your mom right. Yet here had so far brash record that could have been a lot easier. What I see it and I could be wrong what I see you as he. Does he realizes how he messed up and he's wrong and has ever made that deal with the heat turns on other person and so he turns it into. You're the one he's wrong huge it was a rather over me. And that's why you he lashes out like that that makes sense. Yeah it does act that's but I wondered if did you cement American humanitarian. Problem. Treasure just text that is always does that bother mom closes out and tell you it. The ticket and it. While you said to me. That as well as hurtful that mr. green's time staring like red that is one of the meanest things over. How's this what she sent to him yeah she cannot control or anger so she message from on FaceBook and said. I'd be some very colorful language. Should there is a good call for his death. Among other and so that here is a waste of EA sperm. And she's not related to own. And she just has yet buried no relation to view him. But bigger with them to like in the first. Since I was alive the first like five or 60. Hole so they know me know so he was like a step dad I yeah my mom. Mean my sushi yours with her she did OK okay I was is that after awhile. So what you do abundance. And man drink. Yeah I I feel like. Again I'm no expert from. The good news talk to some of the top someone and I would think that outlines of therapy and how your relationship but her father man that's not easy you can't just. Can't swallow that. You know our guy doesn't no matter how much or how little you think it's affected you would. It's a factories these Hass who were affected. And it's likely lessons. And then that's I was gonna ask his monologue last issue when somebody said. He should you better than you situation that I knew and I Sinatra to better and I don't texture of the content protection. That make you feel better. And left mr. Singh. I would never text of that. As what does it do just imagining your dad out of the blues and he knew that message. Just say my dad sent me a message I would think he's lost his mind then something happens had a stroke like he's right or he's just. Decided he's old and drunk as hell ride I mean that's I would think. I actually would need to be mad I would be so shocked I'd be like dead. Quit drinking with a uncle bill what are you guys doing. Is so clearly you texted since the wrong parts of the don't texts let's go to put them back. Clearly you're not talking to me. Weird. Well. I felt bad it really bummed me out. And I just wanna say that well I'm not going to be I won't mention it doesn't have been brought up but in the future when I think you're getting. Perhaps a little too worked up about something that you know you shouldn't be worked up about. I'm gonna say and to remember that message and think I have no idea. Next time I think you're getting to work does not something. An acting angry for no reason. I'm gonna remember that message and light it on face the yeah. Hi hey. How are you a good area and go man. No problems. So I cannot remember what the name of this thing was but. There's this guy was talking about. Arizona podcaster on NPR's in the but this guy. Started going to. Random. Public. Face group. Our face grew FaceBook group invites you may get the invites on FaceBook it's on the republic. Right verb you know a lot of times people see what and you respond and about I've never responded one of those is the truth is it. I don't really know how they work and us is like I guess I think I'll be attend I've never go to concerts. Yeah like it's much desire he you know some of them all do it for. I think my. Graduating class did it for their ten year reunion. Jason had a group advice and said will you be attending it's at the casino however click here. And so you get all these FaceBook group invites may be your friend from high school is a DJ now he's gonna have he's going to be spent and record some Marty oneself and nominees is that an invite. I just I'd I'd don't even really look at them. What this guy did is he sort of going to random. Public invites how do you find a random come again I guess some of them are public and now he's coming out and act and I don't think actors out yet but he's coming out as an app he said. That will show you different public. FaceBook draw okay and vice forever and he would just go to these things he would not gone someone's door like they do excesses seven guys isn't exactly a that it had seven guys in an apartment like Oreo is like I say I'm here my name's Steve where there's it was like if I Sampras was like oh you found something just like I was going to random FaceBook things and I would I kind of find random phase when things because of my good sign in my would certainly send. So don't. They first the thing I would not know I was the first no thought no more I feel like you've been such a good mood lately. And Pete and I feel I have people like you and I. I don't best sunshine around until you go over to someone's house or just right made there events even matter and all like don't. When I think of I mean you're basically there walking carnal man. This is where a girl and well I know you know I'll do any thing melanoma that we show really lives that I Dice-K Amanda this on his millions now so much better than. So many other men I went and prayed that. Like a month ago and hasn't gone way we're just. By the way in the end we ended up being right now that was on the news got busted by the way my idol so what we did was good they investigate that I've found out. And he wasn't a thing of what he said he was. And handed the leaders entire face border town and his group of militants soldiers all disbanded when we did was not only go to. For us it was good for the city good for the nation and good for the world you should be proud of that those guys out there pretending. Let there are former green berets wins guns. Walking around strip malls terrifying is that Bob what we did it took courage. Did occur it was my idea. And by the way I also got into big arguments in this guy. Yeah well ours also yeah well you know every now and they never know right but still he said he is gonna come up there are all kinds of things and then they found out he was a fraud. That was good for the world issued proud of that. I agree with that but I can't go to some random. I can't little pool party loans or his own. So I don't know if I'll create original I started looking at these all the ones I'm looking at tong on how to use FaceBook. I'm not person I'm looking at events and it shows me these events that are near my area of the lone Republican of these like you know. Portugal demanding and you know can't go to battle of Narnia and all those harmony. I need like you know. Sarah's cool party all right is that you found what you're looking for a go to those things we'll do that. Now this is not what I was looking for. Not how I let it wait here's one here's 1 July 8 adventure hunt. Does sounds good an adventure hunt Kansas City now. July 08 it's a Saturday at 9 AM I know you're not busy Saturday morning's. So let's see what this is about. Com the registration closes July 7 sponsor limited. And venture on does a fun adventures modern day treasure hunt. You come and go pros loads of adventure gear absolutely not. A vacation. When this is doing this is great hassle in this is great while enjoined it is and I was showing front and Neitzel and needlessly guns it's. Yeah but me and look at all this loot you can when they've got a blood treasure chest your filled with socks and go pros and red bulls and I don't call us and bustle stressful sucks the case they might see you on a vacation. August and on occasion and it says someone like this I guess national contest and I don't I don't know if it is. It says adventure on Kansas City that's sort of sense if people are gonna start creating random ass Madonna's people ideas. Some count are here we got. I got one I got a good one what is finish fourteenth collapse. June 20. June 20 girly night Nell dirty dancing movie party. Is it the alma. This is perfect man all get kicked out you can get this thing to do you you're happy when they did all female screen of wonder woman in whatever state that was they got in trouble they. I'm sure you can go if you want to we like Charlotte Craig trouble not creating any trouble you're bringing attention to it too girly night. Members of site fond join us and celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of dirty dancing. When he came out 97 and change lives speedy and Johnny showed the world the power of dance you can get dressed up for this. We'll gauge a pair of obligation that those black jeans and in the black wife beater that he wears. You kind of like Patrick Swayze actual office. Harness that sinuses or a girl until I feel like you're put in a coffee is going to be out there somewhere yeah. OC chip Coffey tells that coffee pleased to have him on the show the apparent is that the paranormal guide there. I mean he's not apparently he's a person but he's just investigates panel stuff. Prove here's some sort of anime thing. All of this seems to easy I was trying to find a way. That we could see people's you know public. Like you said pool party birthday parties ha this is perfect. Or international weightlifting federation and it's. Having somebody on the grid that appeared this looks like one of those pyramid scheme type things and it's for girls this would be great. On just for her shop can't tolerate Jaafari for her. So I data that stuff for her show is so nice job and Mohamed in Kansas city's largest summer shopping event. Pamper your self and friends somebody's hello yeah. And I don't think on going leasing sounds out that. I would rather find someone's pool party or something that I'm going to end you wanna get up. To go find a treasured hopefuls are so you don't like a treasure round one but if we could find someone having a birthday party a pool party in some than one hour. That you don't know. But maybe your friends went on FaceBook. Who you know. Someone invited me to something here we go. Now that's over or no it's not that's just to show sort of a look for these little calendar things. I am invited here you go someone's birthday party. It's a birthday. It's in three days it's on Saturday. 7 PM you can go. When your cells from a I don't think she might wanna share not share. The green goddess of John John chatted some sort of get together. And or. But budget just hang on. What does that we're gonna forget the segment. No I do I didn't venture hunch. I think that as thoughtful and I think treasure don't think sounds pretty good. What if you use a lot better than a birthday party and here's another birthday bash and independence that is there is not a chants of go on doing that there is a chance and now there is not a chance that I early on independence for birthday party though you are not a hell of juggle those and during. Oh no no whoa whoa I'm. Don't need or lightly he's a blanket. Descriptions. Of entire John Edwards is gonna beings and the west and why it's. She's a psychic medium guy how much thought you're talking up the forest Anderson's exciting. I really liked the idea of you going to a party and a birthday party independents. But I think the jury's going to be rodeo suiting trick event no I didn't see this on my it was a make up thing. They were selling. You know girl stuff what's the through marine check event. The footage Sugarman as the latest concept brought you by check events this is great. Does trophies on top rust from plot by its local Casey wian craft beer and coffee and vote for their favorites. You enjoyed tastings from Casey restaurants. And dozens specialty drinks wine beer or coffee in addition to our shopping our marketplace. So was artisan food. And drank entertaining product renders this inaugural event will take place on the streets of park place rotation and shopping experience. Unlike any other. A perfect day night or girls' night out to. This is so. This is gone now I've found some good moments here and open house and petting zoo. I use a bake sale its pages fourth annual bake sale as of bingo fund raiser. A dog. A wine festival Sony and a free basic American sign language lessons. And scone. Excited about that. So I think you should jump to the opportunity for the treasure on. I'm regret my decision to go back to the yeah I think you should say your interest Casey interfaith vigil for immigrants. Well that's perfect now. Burbank I can't judge I'm Olympics present a more private wanna go the president on. I will go to the birthday party candidate that has immigrant thank you note treasure hunt in independent has the immigrant minority happened. Worship night's Kansas City. What did you think today's June 14 hello tomorrow is eighteen now tomorrow. For a while about. Music is hitting the road to the United States for an extended worship nice to are focused on worship and ministry on June 14 I can't visit join Brian Johnson Christine DiMarco Josh Baldwin. And don't look dove more dove award winning. Special guest house fires reserves of Saudi apparently good good father. Busy tomorrow or the party. It. For the first cut out on the dilemma for the first time Bethel music does bring Bethel church leaders Eric Johnson in game. Some Venezuela. To equip and resource Kansas City to see you have an invasion earth. No big and special worship nice in Kansas City. People are submerged scientists says so excited for god to show up. That's used to joke on the talk about you up. Some and also I would love to go we have plans saying what job is to show off how are you in the what plans could you have that would be more important. Then god showing up weird. I have plans to. A lot of these people are going. We are on the page right. Not. I found a couple of other good things here. I'm not doing that in motorcycle thing as a motorcycle thing there's motorcycle there's an import car show on Saturday. Much of fat man tomorrow sings good and that's real gun. Last thing though Bob Ross bar crawl all grab your curly wig. And your children honor that come paints and happy trees with us cycle do that I'm home and then make your way. To these other bars in north Casey. You're gonna go alone. On a pub crawl a lot of bar crawl. Not familiar friend you know that was the part of the deal. I'm gonna go on this guy goes alone remember those phones eyesight all go to this woman Michael Malone. I'm excited for all of us. All do the Bob browse our girl. I like the Barbara spark early true that's true. Not I don't know this motorcycle thing looks pretty tee good invest I don't know a thing of dollars obviously if you did it wouldn't be funny. Mom to immigrants from love. And there's a Casey metaphysical summer fair David. Is that like that fake science health club and it looks like crystals and tarot cards absolutely not not a chance. Am messed up angers me. No chance for us. Yeah I need more birthday parties reach her but. Almost supernatural thing. Liver life lock you should probably do this anyway from. Join us as we changed the face of liver disease or have drinks. It participation will bring awareness to liver disease and provide financial support for educational programs and patient services offered to millions I'm all for your twosome Sanjay you know girls are coming down again Kaufman. Really that we don't first of all I'll I'll go I mean I'm glad we know you can't stop you can't stop me from going. All Mallard just missed a wild woman. Timber challenge what does that don't know when it's over so yeah there were several that we just missed the last couple days it looked older than Barack stringent thing. Boy you're gonna do not only were randomized either color run. Is that they throw them like the entire run anywhere yeah right now that's on Saturday noon. Oh adult might at this skating rink audible does that say it is Saturday what do we sent snow cone to the skating rink alone aren't all night. I'm John. I must show valid idea BH zero over a roller skate yeah you have to rose Giuliani all I mean a thing. Let's see it just says I'm guessing they just well my kick there's just no kids. Covering them. Nope turn out at an old. This is perfect paper up lights. Looks like. You know there's probably slow skates couple skates. I think you should go to this and you have to find someone to couple statements that. Ally goalies but he got reducing until about tomorrow I can't busy hurricane among the other unites them tomorrow. Hemmer I only got the night stand still think I'm gonna hit the other tomorrow I'm planning this for weeks. Thursday is a perfect day. I'd really like the idea if you go into an adult I just brought walking into the skate. You don't like it all in one place. Re all you roller skates alone then we lose in the first change right adult night. Yeah posted by stage setting. Which one is that the Sanofi I think. Third Thursday there amongst. Them was kicked out along those younger expand. I'm sure they won't remember. And you've got to find someone to slow skate. It brings the long. Small you're there invite someone to the import auto show the will be attending. The next day. If you care about Amy go to. We're not gonna pay huge. Where you lost your mama are gonna pay unit and understand you know limit if you wanted. I analyze what I think the import our should think can be funny if he goes and asked walk on to talk to guys about car I'll go walker whose whose whose movements we should yeah. And you plus tomorrow is a scary night right. Is it tomorrow it said the fifteen seat commuter Gasquet at night or worship thing you're correct escape night. Sure I'm not doing the one where you are you're gonna do they're bottom. Nominated. And cherish. Yup nominee and social media blast. Commuters get. This.