Tuesday, 07.11.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, July 11th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump Jr plot continues to thicken
    • Tim Kaine says this may be treason
    • What does it take to take down a President
    • Teen in Texas may have been killed by phone charger
    • Joe Scarbrough puts out a song?
  • 35:02 - Slimfast is starting to get skeptical about why Lazlo wants him to buy a car
  • 55:51 - A list of American foods that Irish people don't want to try

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The righteous man is sent on all sides. Selfish. And to renew your evil men. Belliard starts. Will strike zone of. Ma'am Siam light wanted today. It's not you know one man publicity it's not important and I give her it's not. No pain in the gas dumping some B and bad and not be important so I can't. My house I live in writing. Of ads for I don't know whenever I first me my daughter's ten years and years. And all the appliances and Aaron down there when I got there. And so they're just. Don't work. Ryan a dishwasher broke awhile ago aside there's been washing my hand because. One thing and I learned about myself right here on I mean mine and I got two boys in my day. Use that same play kid's just you know I mean I who chairs and paper plate then you know their refrigerators just been a priest like that freezes stuff if you put it on the bottom any fish just been kind of crappy forever. So I said you don't lament I'm going to buy any. Let's just get to start coming a mile no appliances and I told you that right like could you did everything Lazio did everything. Like I don't wanna procrastinate I just wanna get it all done. Right now I saw when I got divorced I was like you know what I need a new bad I mean you know I mean I mean all this stuff did Iowa all the stuff I need it done inches easily done or else I'm gonna just sit and be like I should get all this stuff done. And I don't mean to say is a long way but I watch you do that for a little bit. Right as I said like me right and now you have not you've got to but I remember like those first couple months and moon. Just go home on sand and I was like ourselves in my head like learning from you on lunch get all that stuff done right but the one thing I didn't do was appliances can hook right I'm sure ask them. Whatever. So I bought all new appliances not one of the goddamn thing fits in any part in my kitchen. Out of just thought it was our standard sizes I spent a ton of money in my kitchen went a hundred times worse I thought that was top hundred times worse these refrigerators I thought worse standard height wells. Here's a good result in about anything may I don't think that there are standard height for the most part. So. When I bought the house to have like this. High end like gin and stuff right. And MM refrigerator was like god cheaper brands. And I always just assumed that banana about a stone washing machine they don't necessarily have for the refrigerator so. There are gonna get it later and then they just sold my house right yeah. So I I assume that they kept the old refrigerator and it was written newer stuff. Well when they pulled the refrigerator around the but the new one and a guy's like oh yeah no it is a bounce a quarter of an inch. Too big too tall to fit underneath to cabinets. And so clearly that's why they went wins the other branch right I listen to this this is appliance sizes dot com. You can look at different appliances refrigerators. Out of all kitchen appliances. Refrigerators have the least standard depth. How for heights. Is generally seventy inches and weights it's 36 cents so hyped and with the supposed to be the same the depth and very tough for years to tell it's a little too soft. And then you know so I am like that stove which I have to bar I'm in just a pain in the ass. Because it has to be in downdraft stove doesn't have a hood right. Right so I had to pay more for the stove because it has some insulation goes on the floor underneath it. So. And has like does metal thing and goes on the back commit rider goes up against the wall with a light but it's not a good. I always assumed that that was put into a wall. Looks like it looks latest partly you know they went around and a bill that part into the wall and almost none no portion of stove. Right now. Right almost like a steel backs last relied on the top was exactly what I assumed it once. No that was screwed into the stokes part of the stove yes so when they told the star allowed the entire back splash came out. So it's just a different color of law broken what my eyes than it. I'm way too much money in my kitchen which my refrigerator and it isn't us and our loved kitchen. Does stalled. It's just it's just kind of old Arnold and and it has broken wooden crap everywhere. Oh and then deduct a touch not at about 33 things and the other thing was a dishwasher and I would like to arms and his own own please. Please let me finish. So the guy puts it in any site time round. When I turn on the garbage disposal. The dishwasher goes on. He's like sold a plug down here is only power. By this wedge for the garbage disposal is like so Greta problem before this I see you when he's like I don't understand what how. Have been his like did it ever work and I'm like man at work like. He put it Anderson pulls it out and he's like and I look at Michael's horrors. Remember when you. I had that leak in a leaked to the basement now yeah AM somebody drywall them back to Manning covered up to block. Of course again. So now I'm. So now I have to unplug. The garbage disposal and plug the dishwasher and an order for you don't want them to work. And I am. It's kind of funny just how everything every single thing can go wrong everything now want to lose words that I bought not loan. It's not like you bought a bunch of parts for your card tried to become a mechanic overnight started screw in you know throttle bodies and you've got these appliances. There you bought the right size you thought might. You put your name and they sort of either didn't fit sort of falling apart or someone had. In your electricity. Just in more. So I call my guy my guy my guy Kennedy just gonna camera are always gonna talk to cabinet which will be bad. Because I. It's like a lid on expenses then I'll Sony can just shoot it down a portion in to be fine. And then the metal thing Holly's gonna have to do is turn and into what I mean you thought it was right he does connect to drill two holes. And then drill that into the back into the understandably final. And then I'll just have to get. A new clog it. Where one side of it runs continuous power and other one turns on the garbage disposals and so it's going to be. Why tomorrow at noon and be behind but as far as just paying him coming out there was all right we'll find this morning I don't wanna be. Yeah the one time you don't consult me. You see that. Lot like you're gonna say a load your refrigerator my view. Your solution shorter than the CNN center in hotels and meals been perfect no problems night stands on time everything's so it's. It's not you don't. All of my promises that I should just call penny from the get go so it. And I had made noon. Appliances commuters get him and put a man possessed what would happen. A few things. He's got reason he's got to sit around somewhere no. Oh I'm gonna get a call. Us. Eventually. All get the call. Yes always dread he knows. You know might as best of your house right he's right. He's just he's one of these guys if you're wondering just can do anything. Anything you can ask him anything to him lagoon to do and that's acknowledged the opposite though that is am I not only is it the opposite view he's also the kind of guy where he's like hey. I was in your basement. And I know you asked me to fix these two things went and I notice of the show was broken sort of try and fix that to whatever now on America I'm like thanks man I write and then he was like hey you're. You know you never relieving as I do that. You don't want is a just a crack in the cement here what you don't want is reining in and then on a hollowed out laying on hold on some logical and knocked out. I'm like what you put a merry psychosis stuff it just tells modernism and myself like. I'll never remember that right never know how to do that. It is so apparent to me that that thing will do whatever you just told me that is going to do open an NBA and major headache at some point. It is like I mean I have it I have it in my truck. And he just goes and grabs a piece cuts announced x.'s legal jurisdiction like. All right man. I was working. And all we know you should be called on him for a long time any instead of yeah. You are golden and I'm content cabinet. To. Put some backs flash photo editor there right now my. I want you don't want joint. Because Jenny kick until tomorrow anyway so once you go protect capital. When it's I could just content is also an artist she's very busy he could in coming days so at least. This. Artwork is he's shown downtown. Yeah well yeah. Us. If you don't cut those tennis now and I can go home and refrigerator would be an eye you can watch him put together that snapped together. Table mic in here all four hours was not snapped together do you put your foot on this one homeless. Well policy of lawyer oh. Sony delivered appliances superiors I'm asking you know George and you've got to caddie John can depend you have the tools. No we had to borrow my tools out of my car security screwdrivers and players and I was at my schedule but let's strip them if I have the tools like the duo. But you screwdriver stripped by the way. That was not my outlook stripped. So anyway again I gotta amend the. Middle class lawyer got problems in addition to lurch. To the viewers. Trump junior seven pretty Benedict. I feel like he might trade spots with the like are writes wow times like these could handle this situation that I have. Easier than I can handle. Yeah I think peace. He's scenes but I will say I feel like I'd been handled his situation better than he's handled it. Yet he obviously has people around him unlike you you had to decide what to do you know here on the set doesn't say yeah trump junior has people around him were telling them aren't trying your next move. You know they haven't got any sleep in the last three days knowing that the New York Times is slowly leaking these little tidbits of information about his exchange it is Hudgens lawyer perfect it's been amazing. And so now today trump junior released. Emails. Before the New York Times could get everything out. Trying to get I guess in front of this this story. This I just pulled a couple of clips of people talking about it com. This is I think this sort of revelers may be David Gregory might. Whether Russians call for someone calls on behalf of the Russians and offers. Derogatory information. About a former secretary of state was a presidential candidate. The first person you call as the FBI I don't care for your Republican as I am or Democrat if you call the FBI. The last thing you do is go mate whether Russians to try and get the derogatory information. They're only trying to do that in order use used to call for some purpose. All right so that's Richard painter he was the ethics lawyer under George W. Bush he's Republican does not lecturing. And so of course he's been out there saying. This I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat or who you are when someone comes due and says I had information about the former secretary stinger that's running mate there. You do not safe although -- you know the big question is does obstruction of justice you know what kind of laws were broken of course now some Democrats are throwing around. Treason word. I guess I think at this point Tim Kaine is probably the biggest name to say that should not make Republicans happy but it was kind of impromptu thing some reporters Draskovic. The investigation it's not nothing is proven head where we're now beyond obstruction of justice between what's being investigated this is. Moving into perjury false statements. And even potentially treason. And my sultan candidate honestly thought of the African abouts in you know try to talk about the age since November. So I don't know we talked about this yesterday. And I tonight we talk about something like this. Every day for the last however many months. Seems like every time there's a big story like this. Especially liberal media. And and I guess little or no on both sides and I think on both sides and this is the want but I think I'm both sides. And it never seems to be the one I'm just saying I did hasn't been the one. Since Nixon. Right even when they hand Clinton and underwriting dude still was president the next day the leg rampaged and I'm like. Why he's still compressing. But I understand what that means then I don't writing yet but. You know my high school. Government class made it feel like that will be a bigger deal. That was and then with George but it W elect we know now he lied about weapons of mass destruction and Colin Powell said the day. He was but this is it this is the line and then ally guy who's got reelected sparked whatever. Obama Reiman do the same thing although mommy's not you know he's not from Lee wasn't born here and youth. Health care I'll never passed away on zooming finally got amendment you know now he's clearly social sees the anti. So he got reelected ride and I feel like. Feel like to Rio we're gonna we hear there's some balls I mean what you're going back to Reagan Rhein main body actually before I mean Bill Clinton and go. Age first Busch drives 41 Missouri Brian and minute you know those savings and loan scandal now Ryan. This guy's done an end of Reagan when the IRN Contra affair right. Nothing ever happened anybody. And all that is big stuff I remember like we're investigating it president's demands attached I would gunmen and math. Time to time and generate interest president here's my question Glenn please I mean if you're on the right right by Greg who's raised an ever but what what about all that. Stuff without you know it's a matter now no one stares no one where a good time. That's OK and Clinton you know there on the left hundreds President Obama pending news dimming can resume peace now okay. So I just feel like we hear all this stuff and I'm not gonna happen. So liberals and social media you know read it it just commenting on the Internet talking on the air. The last two days and has everyone talking about over Robert Mueller. He's got all the stuff now he's girls information he's been hiring more and more people every week he's been hiring more people he's gonna bring charges he's an all making you imagine that Kasey he has built against these guys. Here's my question to the people who are feeling now way. It's Robert Mueller says all right. Yeah it's obstruction of justice or it's treason I don't know throwing your rest trump junior right we're gonna press charges against him he's gonna get arrested. Trump's gonna get impeached whatever happens. The bottom line is Republicans. Don't seem to want it to happen. So if trump got impeached birth to son went to jail or whatever talk is going to be sitting somewhere tweeting. This is exactly what I said what happened exactly. You know I'm an outsider they won't let an outsider for its I don't know that it's. Helpful not because it's it's certainly it's not like all the sudden are the Donald everywhere and RB Donald as I guess we are wrong your right there. He did he did she include you know he worked at the Russians I guess their treasonous he lied. That's never gonna happen you're never gonna get these people to say I've. I did see a couple of people this morning on Twitter who said I voted form of course he's your tweets at Twitter shows you in the moments as we get a lot of traction. And a couple of verified accounts he said I voted for Donald Trump them republic and I want what's best for the country I want him to succeed but I gotta be honest this whole thing stinks so but obviously they're finding those people to say that ensures there's probably emboldened. I don't think the majority of people who are some supporters. Think that this is. They know they're not angry I'm sure. I'm tantrums owners enzyme in the same ballpark is certainly like to exactly in the same ballpark. O'Donnell when. I got it but. Tim Kaine said we are now. Asked obstruction of justice enlisted perjury is not saying Daschle put up monster storm trees Wyman to perjury and maybe treason. But he said perjury like we're passing trucks and justice are investigating perjury perhaps treason ride. To having none of treason that he's saying investigating perjury doesn't play a bus for that not only is the exact same. In the same ballpark as exact same goddamn thing. Soap. Should the update in case people are aware Donald Trump junior tweedy images of these emails that everyone's been talking about in his 2016 meeting with the Russian lawyer he sent those out this morning. An intermediary said he could connect trump junior with people who had information call that would incriminate Hillary Clinton and would be very useful to your father. Trump junior agreed to the meeting which former campaign chairman Paul may have court in Trump's son in law and advisor Jared Kushner. Also attended in June 2016 and met with Russian this Russian attorney. And struck juniors and ultimately. And that she did not provide the promised material on Clinton that was that's a sudden my guest today and it also wanted to talk about were these. Abortion rules you know do my eyes back and forth sanctions that we were trying to punish each other and that she had no useful information. Now scorching Hussein that's BS we don't believe you. And originally you said you never met with any of these people and of course trump is saying that he didn't know anything about any of this until a couple of days ago. He never knew this meeting took place you knew anything about. And you know yes that's hardly. It's plausible it's. My. And these people who were involved you start looking like this this. Music producer and me sir I mean this guy does producers guy I don't know if you read it Sony for social media center policy is why this guy this. Post all this stuff he's the one who's supposedly help facilitate this meeting between two and loves Russia the day after the election he was on social media take consulting with the rest assured on. He's American and as a lot of ties business ties with the Russians in Nam thing is he uses social media like crazy ends the day that the meeting took place he checked in Detroit. I'm I don't know if that was on her it was a program. So it's a lot of stuff today. Digesting a lot of stuff to go through it's I'm anything new on me and I know certainly people that are a lot smarter than me seem to be thinking this on this is. Always something I'm sorry as I don't feel like as any as a bystander. I have watched enough presidents come under fire. And felt like this is a big one. And but I feel like the biggest one was the Reagan thing and so far as I can tell Jones and Amazon in north got to use Sox news right. And I feel like I would I would probably think it's a bigger deals a bunch of Republicans were coming out known running whoa. Whoa this guy you know and by the way I'm not trivializing the actions trump. Somebody just. Text of that and I'm not doing that all I'm saying is that we I tend to look at dozen true. Political glasses. And I haven't I'm yet to see anybody in my lifetime go down. For any of this stuff. I haven't seen anybody go down and always gone down there so much with no basis somebody does kids so summit is by. Listen nobody was senseless yes and I don't live you know you knew I mean I'm I'm saying in my lifetime I'd. Nobody and you would not go down now for water. Yeah I mean come on let's be honest you know I can account now for that. If that happened now I have enough box usability and a vengeance or they just casual some got to work form you know some aren't. Rogue individual who's trying to help them broke into the US open last night Sean Haney was trying to blame Obama for allowing this meeting to happen right. They literally said. Coolidge I remember the exact quote it was like you know why did they allow this Russian lawyer denies it all blocked you know who takes the blame for that and she handled everything Obama administration's. Like my future. So. I'm just maybe a pessimistic or maybe end. I think I'm just I'm I think I'm a realist and I feel like the only. Thing that makes me think that maybe trump to go down as opposed to. Like I said Reagan. For UIRN Contra bush for savings and loan scandal Clinton. Obama although Obama seemed to be scandal free domain we can all kind of admit that right I mean they tried to make a mob muscle under. Ryan I'm innocent I mean it really living museum president Donnie was pretty. Doesn't really happen. I descendants seem. I've seen no evidence. That. You can nail the president for these types of things. By only. The thing that keeps me I guess in my case hopeful because I'm not a true fan. Is that he seems to be such a Dick head. That I feel like he couldn't tweet something say something he's he he runs it more like he's tough on that I think like Clinton's like and Lloyd. They Wear this tie you see this type Monica I'm wearing on TV you bought it for me shut your mouth right at me like. Once they get a little bit of trouble Reagan when it was he said I can't or call 880 times. Those those things you know bush and his sons and decisions so. Those things like everybody kind of backs up and like I don't recall when they start to do the political maneuvering. Where I feel like the trump families. Fingers and hear what. Blazing fears and adds and that could be. That ego that got them trump towers everywhere could be the thing that kills an apology was it OK my question is. Before we even talk about getting bringing down the president. Does this even bring down Donald Trump junior like does he get in trouble legally we heard this do they bring. You know what I he has a bunch of lawyers or euros and hire lawyers and asking do you actually think I don't know. But do you think we're gonna see Donald Trump junior in handcuffs for. Any of these things. I know destruction treason I know I just it's very hard for me to imagine. I think everybody goes down as his son in law now they've I did see a bunch I think it throws son a lot of moves I did see but it will because he clearly works for the can't ride that there's all this. You know these questions about whether or not trump junior is a part of the campaign because he didn't officially. You know. Work for the campaign he's over their run in the business now and is in part of the administration cushion there lies the problem is I think would trump. And if he does get busted it will be beat because. Of the way that you know and it's fine he's I was a very successfully won the presidency I'm not but it will be. Because. Rubio still made some. Ride if he does is because McCain still made some. It's because Ted crews still hates them right. It's because Mitt Romney storage and I'm not saying that they do but if deep down inside when they go to their house like that son of a bitch and is. Mark little Marco crap I'll bust his balls if those guys are still mad. And they're not gonna protect Jim Denny's a lot of trouble. But if they put. Party. Before personality based on right. Dale Farm Paul Rockwood power lines and a nobody does he's our president what's doing. If they'll follow them and he'll be fine but there's 45 or six guys or girls out there were like you know lied. I'm gonna get you back into us right. Because this. And they can rallying some Republicans to just go I didn't. Stab them but that's in Trinidad was gonna take you know there are some governors obviously McCain please. He has his moments. Where he's going out terminate him fumble lebed another time attendees ask and Hillary's emails so. The suit my type I disease and injures he's up less same views do. Looming at the going to do until now there is worth doing. That these emails. May corroborate this fueled dossier they came out and murdered since all the stuff about the Russian prostitutes know that. Any there's been several articles now written I noticed people commenting about it last and it just reminds me a lot of those steel. You know I don't know if you call and allegations or whatever and now there if you just eulogy there's a bunch of articles you know. Point out the time lines and everything that this guy was a accusing them of. And they're all works out. So there's your trump news there is a teen and Texas. Who died in the bathtub. Because she tried to use cellphones candidate they think she either. We need to grab it from the charger and it was on the charger or she tried to plug it back into the charged until like yourself and she did. And heard loud and now being our largest not every single house at this point had some sort of you know wouldn't G up I sort of poster mentioned I just like those lightning cables. I don't know I just think if you said you got to China electric Q someone with this. Phone charger collect less. Probably not gonna work but this girl. They went in there and her grandmother said that she saw her hands were burned and it was clear what happened she hopes people learn something from us. It was a barn mark on her hand to hand that would have grabbed the phone and that was just. Very obvious that that's what it happens this is such a tragedy. That doesn't need to happen to anyone else and we want something good to come out of this as an awareness. Of not using your cellphone in the bathroom as it's plugged in and charging. I guess and never use my phone is plugged in and charging but I. Definitely my phone actually take in the shower. But again I just wouldn't think it. Yeah not in. Stillwater on the charge I didn't enjoy China was still. I really want to know what happened here. All they set every story I Google it looked at every news Rex find about it today and all they said was basically my grandmother she's founder of saw her hand was burned and said it's obvious that this would happen. We know. What happened was she trying to plug the phone and wish him leaning. And then. News story today coffee drinkers live longer than people who don't drink coffee. I think it's an 18%. Reduction in all deaths nothing specific just desk is. He's claimed that. A few cups of coffee every day could extend your life researchers found that people drinking two to three cups today had an 18% lower risk of dying. Brother Eddie cries while Ben non coffee drinkers they also say even one couple day as benefits. Libya has to be black coffee. Hate global agreement. Essentially sometime. Did you get attention it's downloading. Play. CNN. Financial information on. That's where I. Listen to a nation. I have a I make sure I'm right. It's Joseph Scarborough. And let's Julia but I'm hoping to welcome to the monkey house. I'm Joe's from morning show. The tension. The because I saw this he Miller you already know I didn't understand what it once. And apparently he's been there. Why is tonight I'm on the old men are shown on Italy maybe you don't women's round and I'm not sure. Yeah his son Joseph Scarborough song. Called welcome in the monkey house I just got Rosen Xena and it is it's. I. Myers I don't know if these things. It's. And welcome them on huge. This Joseph Scarborough. A league. Yeah. Don't listen to a song by Joseph Scarborough let's try it. I show star Grossman's. So it and I itself played just like -- by invitation because if I play it up for you said do you think this is how many days would it take. For me and Joseph Scarborough give this guy can Joseph Scarborough amid turmoil. He dressed like. You know that was I was you know how do. First anti Trump's son. She got. No they arrived. But I don't understand is putting out an album is this is he may be justice Sandra plank over and I. We talked to my. Shapiro and only incentive. Because I'm not like over the top funny you know as silly is so. Not homer I mean am I mean hello all week. I don't know. I guess what now are Carol are washed and I NC as they need to cleanse mine yours all. Okay. If you remember. The whole purpose the whole reason I brought up in the first point places because I was telling you. You should buy this but but I don't want Hillary right but it but are you always saying I should buy it because you wanted to buy it. I just thought it was a good deal for someone. And I've had for the last thing you want an item that I I just thought. I don't know. I I know we're because I thought there was a chance really that you would say you know what OK yes that's no. I don't know if you asked everybody about it so you can get their opinions and you can buy yourself I thought there was a good chance not a good I thought there was really made like X point 5% chance you'd at least the interest. A guy let me see it on a tester had a thing or is it because it's in perfect condition. It's what you just you keep talking Alexander's what you want. It or not. It's not adding you've been. You're like all I've always liked his cards into what friends call right you and I've always wanted dead in Taiwan and really what do you think and you're like oh you should get a little signal he should get it because you always liked and I knew that that's what you want and his army to say that it was cool. I. Not to in my opinion ways then it is one and everybody's opinion before you and I'll monitor on the car's been parked for a long time so I periodically ask him and whatever happened to the color to your mother Carla didn't buy it because why do you sort of telling me you should buy you should buy you should buy it. Now I don't know borrow that. And you're like a lot of fun to be great we had this long conversation in the parking lot right in Alexandria buttons beneath all of you know you get you take that tee tops off the try to figure out. I'm about highlight was a 91 Comerica. And I say the so it is it's that it is a Camaro. It's. It's not a 91 but it is an older one there it's a 20012000. But I said Mike when you set a convertible Camaro I had my ears first picked up because I know it I like a sixty Sarin Camaro or something. There's a lot of early 2000. But it's low mileage it's a garbage can imagine her as her garage and I heard and then when he said let's use gas for us and that's why it's a perfect details for you I'm trying to think this unit is still in general are you getting your wife usually you. Because I. I have a motorcycle I have nots I need to be saving more money to complain about money anyway so I don't need did you know I know it's not that much money but it just the idea I'd opera I would drive that much I would drive your own intelligence so you are my hero he was Alameda. All when you're telling me about feeling good fit to drive perfect sense. But then I add my garage doesn't have like actual garage door you gotta go you know open these big doors get stuck is as muscles when you're out it's an old. Detached garage. Tension in your car and you shed yeah but it's a it's a pain to get things in and out of Daryn I'd really trying to tell stalk yourself bonanno you know exactly why I brought it up. And you can you know not live right and my god loves us now is because. You. Said basically it's really cool really cool I don't mean from another car although a lot and then. I say well yeah okay. May go into it so then I told you. That I was looking into the whole insurance thing and find out like you get you know partial you don't totally search going on and in use in new picture of a car. A little bit and what is your traditional liberal maybe go by Khartoum. One and I like that was it. I feel like there's. No chance. I think you're waiting to see. If I buy a car. Magnified by the car you're gonna go buy another car. And there were both good driving here and I'm gonna have my. You know alt mode mobile. And you're gonna partners and it we've both got. But a couple of convertibles are so funny mobile. Well that's what these guys are just say he's gonna say now nobody. I learned is and they should. He's out of parking lot CNN it's really cool that's a good deal that's nice is in great condition that's achievement he's certainly well buck. Yes and then once I get a whole lot of credit card that he sent me the pictures up and he's gonna say something like this generally both decided to go out and you know get something and now we want going to weaken drivers are slim fast when I was a merry gentlemen I mean she season ticket holder car. And I went on got something on the that I liked what I. I don't I don't you know judge slim fast food drive that's what I think the T top. Old Camaro and I don't mean like old like classical just like old and expensive like. Fifteen years old. I think some fast just if you're not familiar with this show all the way it is described Wright is exactly what happens is gonna have that's what he set about happens though. I just say you're the call. I was adults if you like to ease any saint Picard now it is nice now and later he's given it weight. You drive that thing places note that just not a good way to hold onto you I think Jack cars are different for me and she tops and you don't see it plays well. I wish you thought. You know I honestly since when he's in the picture of this car it is and you know it's like of course he's gonna say they basically the same calm arms. Would you join the same club never basically the same car you matters just convertibles that's it. Yeah yeah that's it just a couple of you know convertibles just a couple of convertibles. So whereas son. I just like white charge for it but as the only difference and so any line pitching Camaro. What do you mean white the color white. So I found your white Camaro. The media would have an interest at 2001. Junior yeah man. I'm not for me but it's perfect for you trust China sent. That's where it lies right there why is that so bad why guy. You'll like my car because. It's exactly. I mean I just explained it. You started off by saying on that is easily claw like they are you know now I think you should get that that's a full court that's a great price you gonna buy it. If you night he should I should I. And then I had this I'm sitting there on the other minotaur anyways I shot mine that was close and he sent me the picture of this car accident unsettled said I'm gonna go buy it right now because I was gonna go my and I really was gonna live goes closed since July and says and a part of the because as they. You know that's an impulse bond. And if you sit and think about it there's really no reason why NATO convertible Porsche so fast when he says it's the perfect part for you. That is proof that he will make on the right and that's not exactly what he was sane and apart not now he's saying it's perfect Cuba at the times that that's nice that's a good deals well why yeah why wouldn't you that's that's cool you should drive that are you gonna try. I don't buy it why because I get this opening myself up too just in list bite to operation from the Pope to view about but I need a mullet owl man I think guys are you stewards are so long enough. I'll tell you I think that car's cool I don't have a parliament is just not for me. But I thought you were asking for you what you get say omens it's in my garage. Because I'm sort of let me. In my head certainly is what I did you show me a picture of the car I don't even know the guy with the car right there's no way aren't. The picture. I jarhead I say hey this guy my principles are you know there's no sudden you're an impartial person right now yeah you know that he was sending us pictures of that car to see if we would say it was a mullet army doesn't resent it was a smaller car they really don't tell backed off. I don't think it is I think it's fine is for everybody you're the one who wanted that car. No one else wanted that car you want and you can't show me pictures I don't I don't cancel now the technical muscle I really thought there was a chance allows us army and that is a good deal Pol Pot that would be fun to drive you know. Take the top off my otherwise I stop tourism Bob Allen Ford is that his name. That's one problem is that right iMac half. But and I sat with my client matter work yeah. Event. There is it's. Yeah overruled partner Austrian. Soledad said I drove in I want abundantly portion little closed. So when home. Well. I'm now why. Now we can go online no mammals fell into that trap we can go around like god tour together. Well then there's slope as there on the weekends with his truck and is Harley and an advantage and Merrill. And I realize I'm all the things that he says I am but I so vehemently try and you know arguing defend myself and no no no we painting that picture and I realized. I'm gonna have. A pick up truck near a motor desirable and admiration and dry and the whole thing was like this will be fun to drive down the lake on the weekends. Is that it be cool take the top optimistic as a nominee to dominate then yeah. Exact. Yeah there. Why why this volume and Garnett and Wallace then DeLia. Yeah. Why why does that matter. Because you're not gonna go. You wouldn't go I do know that as you look. Down late. Yeah let's not Qaeda finds them fast Palmeiro and I'd love to drive guys and I just Camaro with a camera for sure I don't know address. The daily edge. Yeah I don't know reputable daily edges but I am cement. Check out sources. Its Irish rank. Mean. Yeah. It's an Irish newspaper. So it does list out of American foods that they don't ever won eight in some of the stuff they talk about our gross in as some of it they say they would never try it. Think there's a bunch of them itself from mormons definitely not America like the bottom of the list is doughnut burger bonds mean I'm. Not surprises some error with donuts split yet we don't need that Hershey's chocolate. They say just like twinkies if you try to ease once or twice shall never have any urge to eat them again time Hershey's chocolate bars corn dogs. They say they look extremely unappetizing. That I don't like corn Karzai during I and I'm. Hawaiian pizza they said it's one of America's worst contributions to the world. Mean low I agree point pizza stupid I like I like to put helping as the actual stupid and it's stupid. There's just a stupid thing meatloaf doesn't make any sense I can they don't eat meat loaf I didn't know that I am what it's all dried out. Just. And I can't want to put Giuliani earned just his drives a dried cramped. Pineapple flavor still for an. I don't believe Hawaiian people leave that in and I just sometimes somebody in Missouri made out. But I hope I apple called Hawaiian madame I'm really sucks. Meatloaf and they don't want they say aid just pick one meat to have with your dinner well. I don't think that they know what meatloaf visiting here they're taking about wasn't it just hamburger and bread crumbs and stuff and other crap they demolished opponents. Routine which that's not American that's Canadians as an end. I'll even says here this dish is famously came by this widely available in America there's nothing more comforting the needing gravy and French tries nothing. So why add cheese Kurds to the mix there's no need. Like routine KFC's double down made the list which is say much when had a two fried chick I went on seven a lot of puzzled looks good. I've never had a twinkies. Any of the twenty varieties SAT Chinese wants it's enough for the rest of your like unreal life. I'm not a big twinkie personally but I do like packaged cakes and not against all packaged cakes. I love the little chocolate doughnuts actually most of the little packaged doughnuts the packaged coffee cakes. Like a lot of us of just not twinkies so much. Biscuits and gravy say these things are not biscuits and gravy. It's a weird scone with some unidentified sauce that resembles gravy in no way whatsoever in the picture they're using. As a picture biscuits and with sausage race and I say no then that's up as gets things. I don't know what day I saw that shot on a list on time of what America if you're not American what American foods you wanna try and this is a great musical atop the list. I guess he can't get in other places. Root beer that's. I think. Just about everybody even American it's repaired the think it is I don't. I know I can German you can get my friends try to get my English French any new exchange students they can always give number appear and there are bad taste like well for our own forces like to Goodell is. We did this it. Ideally you want so just little things but three people who it was a lovely you know once flew to Lee's summit. It's always good citizens like crap I had big enough for me that now covers an yeah that's all right Reynolds are right and I get it it's anecdotal but. No I'm just so I can't win. I don't think that'd be violated and doesn't cover all of Germany it covers all of Africa and Peru through boom everybody I know the French Germans realized that the French the Germans in the English don't like it. They say take on the guy did you get any young man W errors are usually get them I only remember Zimmer I don't mind you know it doesn't matter but only. All of your page rumba you know not one person their owners they say tastes exactly like cough medicine not refreshing at all. Make you drink from powder really adds an annoying extra step with very little pay off a pro requires as much water produce this powder is it would be just to sell bottled drink. Okay sweet potato marshmallow casserole. I like that Thanksgiving dress I understand if you know we never had threats opponent senate doesn't I like grits just fine but. Deep dish pizza. They say wire the ingredients upside down. What is the sense in the us I guess the Irish are never had deep dish. Kraft singles. You know we can make fun of that a lot pure butter and jelly said. These are revolting by any means but they would just never become a staple in Ireland the way that they have in the US I guess I grossed out. Snow comes as they just have a cool Popper a slush puppy. These are probably ridiculously sweet considering that they are just ice and Sarah. They never I thought susteren he was a brand of an oval or those things cause you have those in school to jab this does trust judicial watch asked the sloshing. Take your tots are on the list by. Always room bear. Is it's popular is greatest in North America in. But. It's produced and apparently people drink it in Australia the United Kingdom Malaysia Argentina and Germany in the Philippines Singapore Taiwan South Korea Indonesia. Sweden Vietnam Thailand. The list goes on and on time. But whatever man produced from Germany came your house sometimes on days like this won't they ask and then and then I don't know what is the world and add their own root beer that was. Not brew beer like that we should maybe they have regular NW now or ever but they had some some other type of Rupert that was really discussing. Tater tots and a glass of France now remember what it's called it's it was some sort of kids appear. And it wasn't sweeter all. I jars of cheese Cyrus they don't want that there's no obvious explanation is why this exists what kind of seen as requires credible cheese. But the cheese was of their showing looks like the kind of cheesy use for chips you know like a case so yeah. Than they say spray cheese so they don't want that to see what is this for crackers or what. Number five BC sloppy Joes and Mason guy he's off if you ever watch five minutes of American TV is a child you probably wondered what the hell sloppy Joseph was. We're still not totally clear. But it looks like commencing a watch that if the name of this article or that headliners article says does anyone know what a sloppy Joseph is I guess. He can't get it. Frito pie. May and they haven't tried it I never heard some I had a real plus I would mid Ohio and are trying to I would need to. It's just you know chili dog with chips that now issues. Coming up free throws and knows yeah right that's a difference. Sweet potato pie which I'd ask I'd finish Duma not afraid of Fishbein. What is our adding other things really don't like Chile on Cintron Pastrana's IRS's. Someone needs to tell them to go easy on the meat that's way too much meat for one sandwiched. Initial picture of it you know what looks like a Pastrana says you get the Delhi next on other normally and George don't go easy on the meat. And the number one thing is that they don't want is pumpkin pies say pumpkins are purely first static views plus Americans are getting their pumpkins from Cannes. And we don't have access to canned pumpkin or we want celery pumpkin pie I don't really know what I'm compliance. I don't either how to make the canned pumpkin is an adolescent I guess I just assumed it was really scrape the NC it's not assume there's very little palm can. Yeah I asked finally I open up a can of that pumpkin pies governors said contains 0% pumpkin ideally of course against. What I don't got as. Let's see. What is canned pumpkin. It's like pecan pie like we just what resigned in there that's not I don't know but I don't like YouTube and instant justice Justin. I think there's a molasses on an 85% of the Canton console in the world is Libby is pure pumpkin. Who think give pumpkins multiply out as animal. It's so they grow a special kind of pumped and I guess your teeth in his mind and indifference and plant varieties. I don't think any injury this whole thing on the air but apparently a lot of dual don't know what's I don't know I like pumpkin. Things delicious. Samuel said that there might be squash and it. I know it is actually squash there is a scared of people popped up on confined they're canned pumpkin a squash is a scare there's scare. They said rewire the worldwide scare relax. As is back I 2016. I'll never forget or just watch. Is there. All right I'm done.