Thursday, 07.13.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, July 13th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump defends his son
    • Cop pulls over state attorney
    • Kevin Durant was pissed at the espy's
  • 22:00 - Kid Rock is apparently running for senate
  • 39:38 - Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes calls in to talk movies
  • 47:30 - Lazlo is pissed that Slimfast won't stand up to Snowcone

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So righteous man is sitting on all sides. Well you start. Will strike zone up on the. Hi thank. Are integrating you. Never met a strong and why you say things. It's the second. Man I am never learn bing better. Never. And no matter how do you think it was. Maybe your own maybe Durbin better despite having a terrible morning. Good shot up. Millions questions. Some tenacity I know everything about you. Don't know. They sent us and we get a fifteen years. The only thing I don't not the only thing I don't know as well. That looks like. I still feel like I can spot in the lineup if I had a desk and I can't say. Like if they just showed me pictures spencers and only guys that unit it is yeah. I feel like I can figure on an issue. Pictures and it's good guys and stars busy ones reeling. Today bouncing. He came in its. It's an endorsement win in the bathroom and mastery of the great teammate. Is okay. Gay and street 3 o'clock in afternoon. And Jesus. He did finally admits it later. Yeah of course he did you know and they're ready doesn't use the popular on its feet exactly yeah exactly hughes' own comfort offer. Offer offer an hour. Same or different. If the they're talking dirty to sell. I newsroom plus you really do music just make the special move remain whole instead it's the most closely on Amazon echo of that kind. Thanks. Daylight so. What's the weather like today. They Alexa. Let's flustered do. Election really toilet paper. Yes. Alexa we're only goldfish. Yes. I have some people love their radio some of the dog yeah. I can and pseudo tuner. Election and orderly top stock. No. Yes. What the hell's. So I ordered. Alexa orderly and do wipes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah looking at pictures right now. Just in case you come in here and say all right I know you don't get a chance to slug as a resident booming business world. Juicy chaps. Just in case. I am my own float for. That's a shirt. No. Alexa Tommy John. It's that beautiful little kid. I was a kid asking for just doing so for something in minutes and third. LXL order bloody knuckles hand cream. This. The economy just like. You really think there. Dogs have been doing some shopping. Trump says the sons of wonderfully young man. As far as my son is concerned my son is a wonderful young man. He took a meeting with a Russian lawyer. That game. Government lawyers like a Russian. It was a short meetings. It was good meeting that. Went very very quickly very fast to the people whom they. I guess one of them left almost immediately and the other one was not really focused on the mini iPod lying face I think. Look at this and going to remind people what if I have made me want to try to wait on pay attention can't remember a word that was sent. Fascinating. Says her practical standpoint most people would have taken that mean. Most of on the president again. He went on soccer now and like as a politician. Accused clearly referring to politicians. Did you see that video this morning on Twitter FaceBook ground. Yeah its collection of sauce wanna. Yes. She's seated video snow on those cops and over the woman in Orlando what happened back in June of their release body cam footage. It's gospel is black man. And she messages seeking to overthrow in the so. We wring your plays and hitting some bags in. Another reason that they're coming up but this is an excuse me at this point they realize that she's not a civilian. She's one of the only. Female African American states attorneys in the country. Way easier. Thank you tagging comeback never seen them before. This is more uncomfortable to watch your tags and come tags and come back and was I mean like always in comeback has register weeding get a car we knew we surge should tags and he's seen thinks that's what pulled you over now he already knows at this point is she show on the ID. Any realizes that she's she's government he said what are you she said. On the state attorney and music oh sorry so the reason we pulled you over your ties intellect. Never seen that before re anyway I didn't. We're doing now. Minutes tag it. I've never seen a fourth floor that it's never come back to anything New York. That's series. No we run titled time whether it's a traffic YT and that sort of stuff that's always figure out if you know cars are stolen and that sort of thing also to the windows were really dark. I cannot attend measure but that's another reason for the stop its. One thing but actually there's in my car but I can write many now tonight target viewers are in business cards on hand. And yes your head. Actually this is a Mike Cutler right tell my name's Mike we have all done that junior high kids yeah. The young man what is your name and Joseph owned and bring you. Jimmy. Jack off the senate on Eddie's done I don't know CH EKOV. What are you born and feed. How does someone. How does that make you I don't classic. To be interning. Now they claim the police had responded and said look it's a justifying a stop. Read the tags nothing came back and do and a little. Start stated she's responded selfless. You know good lesson for everyone but the police. And I wasn't doing anything illegal my name tags are. Clearly registered. And my intent is not illegal so they can't see that oh your windows are dark that's reasonable you know. But the police did say we do run tags only time will love to do. Zones justified stuff. Imagine losing matches there sand and saying oh we got to come back and now I'm sorry. It was a kind of the accidental over. Okay so what happened just wasn't also your windows are dark your darkening your windows. Your face dark. Obviously the measure this window measure. Chairwoman. Yeah I swear it's just because you're a woman it's not because you like we were startled there was a woman driving it looked like you were alone in the vehicle. All the police also said the when news looked. We couldn't see who's driving there's no way we profiled Clooney even know who's in that car. The windows percent to eight. Ten mile down. A window into the limits there. We used to I think they are programmers can any permanent mine I do my neighbor was my doctor so he gave me. I am I living in Florida firmly know. Isolated obviously agents which honestly now. Window attempting women so I had really dark windows and Karla and I moved back to mission and you pull most goddamn time. And they changed it when I was a kid it was like the strong windows couldn't be tempted when it's 10% of the they optic lighting and I still think you can have totally blacked out front windows I don't know. But that's anyways as he pulled her over for a person who brings Saxton Argentina. Which maybe they didn't maybe just sounds really nervous to me I don't know maybe he got nervous because he thought Jesus does look bad. But I didn't even see who's in the car and I don't know winds can challenge every image tags nothing came back. Some weird government tank. No he just said sisters is now plans to ask you really know what battle talked. What a lazy state turning. Texas is a way to just promote racism for no reason. I don't know do we promote racism. How do you promote racism. How are you promoting. I'm promote racism. And I tell races Jumbo. Personally. Russia and Turkey now I see a racist charm and the race. Wait I didn't tell racist joke I remember. You had to think about it and you just thought about it you just went up. An article on those to the lottery is a struggle and there was no gun and yeah. I'm addicted and then yeah trying to figure I'm allowed amount to the punch line is the idea of true. Thing is not a moron yeah. And don't think. We and nutritious jokes nor do I think original criticism. Plus the espy's and races or an inch. Won't shy showed the lives yesterday. I'm bottomless been wrestling stone cold Steve Austin not. He jumped over the air and kicked them where is one flat right. And me and after dollars and that's would you get your racists. And I said hey man. He's jungle. I said yeah. I said what what are what level were real racist means he goes yeah he's like him he's a racist includes a moment or nice it was a registries like. So why diaries black people and I know one and while guys are so called a racist is goes obviously in the resource continues to ask for more. I see are you racial starving out where your body is like. No are you and I said now. I actually just continue to drift angles as I do believe still holds primaries and I think current. I don't know for surges of fabric I guess I would think don't you don't. Thing is I think he's probably. Said some things he wouldn't want the same problem yes. Let's privacy of his home. He may or may not have looked over solutions we're told. I don't know that yet. He's bald skinhead looking white guy from Texas. It's a numbers game. The SP Israel last night you watch this clip I do not pay me. You kind of have to watch the video of news all over tour I guess it is a little it would reduce fuel this ridiculous and so Cebu. That Clevlen. Are old friends. Kevin Durant does not look happy. And pain meaning it's a joke. Just seems so dominant they Kevin Correia told me he wants to play from then lecture. Have I got. I would tell you how did you start preventing them. And grant look really really were. Really deserves. Iowa Westbrook looked festive. Tell them look they look back to Kevin's face like three different times you give us uses Steve we are miles roach yeah. Just delegate w.s and embracing the name is there guarding you know I mean. Not happening. The evenings and I guess who birdied I think numbers. Right did you grow oranges here receive millions and that's it we've got every single conversation. When you say yeah. Attendees they Maine's head's still growth story entirely racist jokes. Did you follow the person why can't you tell just by nine they're going themselves winners today. Picasa justified reason for oval promoted races. Let people ask why you. And a race war. Gotta do their job would just go ahead and rage black people are shot on the other racers. Can tell when attached. Racist. And McConnell I don't think you are racist sir I'm sorry. Come on man really the tax what is did you lose jobs just pull over a black woman for no reason sometimes veterans and veteran has stumbled all over himself basically based. It's easy. Larry I told you batteries. I'll treasure. Whatever. At some racists that's. You know and I know it's and it reason. Matt textures are racists yeah. Stone cold Steve Austin your relationship. Johnson touchdown aren't you guys are closet racists and closet fashion openly retarded yeah. Yeah. Don't forget you that's not a Muslim doesn't sound like it's untrue that Jimmy. Did you look Jews and honors your home please. I love Jews. Love them. I. Why is a slim fast is the only one where I've. I'm incensed. That's Riordan and bridges and decided to keep the balls what are. Delicious yeah. Actually you guys and think yeah. This older only. The answer. Name for so Connors and bartenders and it's part of your tax free or I don't bring it into words. He's not getting. In order. Well. I read about this moon Norwegian Hans. Not only is delicious. Near the top women is the only time you realized early drugs and it's yeah. Glass bottles and inspired by luxurious. Look. Heard on Amazon medication. Now available in specially designed high grade TT models. Race Biggio goes I don't. Just yeah it's. Just life. Justine yeah. As a way to look at everything in just a car owners. In his blog it's just your car. Yeah. The bottled they're promoting this just basically saying here in the bottle is luxurious just an election. To bonds. Just dance Duvall in when I was excited because no country teams lost water whatever illness teaching generally about I would think. Religious lines they had been. I think prioritize. It does tonight's next. Big lead and today he told me the other day when you're on the Ares goes. You know unhappy too much let's fix those in Missouri in terms yeah. Blowing and I was like yeah. The full let's start again. Size doesn't listen stumbles podcast. And is a drunken domestic abuse or they say but he's no racist OK so I'm learn something new today. Just antisense. Banana on the line not true. What a magical world loans it's. Can't sing. Stone cold it is a bold wrestler from Texas winds. Isn't a race. Minorities. Email. Learn to drive balloon. And look stone cold. No more surprise years ago who knows. You. I'm donations and time. I'm more schmo shock to some it was into historical context. Okay. I don't think it's real but. Made maybe his son the Kid Rock thing people always gone on her president you know senate. And Snowe Collins and Jimmie last night and I said well you offices reeled them. I guess. I guess relive it and true mediocrity right just run celebrities and you know it's route instead of rerouted as they retreated. Well the thing is if you click on is. So can rocks that I had a ton of emails and excess need this website Israel Kid Rock percent on the answers and apps yes we'll notice he says the website and oh yes it's a real website. But it. Doesn't look like a real senate when settles like emerge website if you click on it yes there's a picture from sitting in a very presidential looking armchair with stuffed. Animal of some sore but it is selling. Teachers and bumper stickers and says are you scared all rock the party you never met a politician quite like. I mean I could see him selling the stuff Ryan and I are really running a politician so I do they get in the senate and try to help someone. These are jokes is set that he posted on his tenth of the nation. I feel like you can run out on new born free pass through and now White House syringe trumpet and yeah he could run a Nugent I could tell a new drew until he could definitely run while I tried to figure out. You know if anyone knows for sure and if you you know just Google it. No one knows it's clearly a set if he is running or he's not running it's still is successful. Publicity. It's not called a stunt if you really is running but it's. Good we are good PR. So. You know. I'd like what's likely did that concert ticket things is go about it. Commemorated a concert ticket thing we're sold cheaper tickets natural right now. No particularly over fifteen boxers from them. We're just all I know a lot of people do that but the point is is that it was still had to sell. 20000 tickets it was getting harder from the sold 1000 tradition and 75 dollars or she was selling them. At some are just lower the price. And in charge last two of our company's. No one knows for sure these Ryan. Which by the way not a bad thing as not a bad thing and it's only shorts. Fun. Creed do that in this X fifty cent tickets or something wasn't there some bands that sold an Olympus did this for free ride sponsored by Napster yes that but I thought someone tried to do an arena too and didn't work out Internet site tickets for fifty cents. That doesn't ring a bell with the last five or six years. And the contributions tough. It is us. I'm into the bottom of the volumes Kid Rock became a senator. I said if kid rocks in a run in Michigan tech ninety's around a Missouri. Will this have how many runs love celebrities. You should run for congress against yeah order. Oh man. Jack that's your district right now. Run against some Euro wanna him. You guys it's. Skinny dip together as skinny dip. Competition while we do not been skinny dip in the Sea of Galilee yours OK yeah. Each Kid Rock does have some good solid when I saw people making fun of my Twitter today knows who this guy will be the ball ought to walk us. President urged senate. Member ever but. He's doing the stuff on his own website he's making fun. All right. I just had an idea. We could buy one of these T shirts. When he's yard signs on these bumper stickers when it's trucker hats it's they can rock for senate. And just keep them around here because I think that is a good lose my leverage for of that. It's amassed 200 yards side they have to Wear this shirt Wear the hat put the sticker on the car and put the arts center in New York. Actually. I don't don't and other don't don't don't don't really mind. Just by another four Wheeler and kill a kid or midget. OK hate. That was and his fault my own home my habit on his property yeah that was and is fully wasn't even there. I'm an engine burn that kid I don't know anything about the little person but that's his name I don't know what happened with little person. Yeah right I don't whose death Josie was an original religion. Downright Detroit in the united. Aaron knows that is who's in the videos or something I was in the band men. Unarmed. I think we should get an F the police bumper sticker make Spencer put score foot tall with a two foot day at. Is that what they said about him what's on was that. Was that in this song. I own no back I was in advance your. He looks ill. Was he sick. When die at home. But he didn't Diana formula you're can combine those two triple. I secure right there. But that guy. This lions. I'm so happy pizza. All right let's call it now do you think he's really going to present it raises a fundamental right. March. I don't hear him talk about the images. Sorry. That was not rock. I remember. Amanda does Google's fourth slot one of the kids when spitz I want to make you put that sticker on your. Since they don't care that you're tail lights don't work. And he is one that says blue lives don't matter don't count. If a I guess that's gonna save you lose a bet some wanted to but I don't I'm not put on my car. I think we should go straight to you. Protectionist trade foot nine with a ten foot Gator consolidation. Okay. Whatever it was has taught our imaginative and. But I don't know what soreness. And. What are what are my searching to two feet tall with a ten foot plus thirty foot nine okay. Three foot nine width. Ten comes up it's double without cause. Don't know Monaco launch I'm gone platinum. Right. It's seven times I make money off. The studio and Andre and I don't. Because it's all right kids. Something about it. A case from the Chinese I thought that he didn't buy anything from the timeliness and had to be made America this is when he just getting started it he got started. When I'm running against them present in Michigan I'm like hey I remember I'm you're behind me came from the Chinese moon or love that mr. America take that Kid Rock right. I know all about junior Chinese AK 47 dealings. So matter of fact I had you quoted assignments. In public sir. Let's not forget Iraq is Canadian. There's not a Canadian just keeps and he was born and Romeo just keeps saying he's gonna everything. What's his time in the country. I when I was a little kid might once a year my dad would wake us up and trying to store petting zoo. And that we get really excited. And it took like our and I have to get all of way out not hell in this country to go to the petting zoo and African rock trump. The don't want employee he's thrown on the car dealerships now do not kind of car dealerships. And it says right here he grew up on a six acre luxurious estate. I mean we had to drive like I mean it was a drive like. Vacation like when your dad I mean my dad was intense anyways but he was still have to regularly Simon in the morning to get there at nine. And drive of Romeo Michigan and dot ago. Desert Iraq from. At age eleven he joined a break dance crew called the furious bunkers. Taught himself to work a turntable. People Bob Ritchie. Batters name. Something Richie and it just keeps enriched here. Beneath became a DJ. High school parties for booze. It's our host in his own parties for thirty dollars while that's what's so funny because. I mean I mean you look at dollar sentiment clearly thought. I see. The what's. Well not so much kick some butt you look at these three ride and I'm the only one. Of those that actually grew up in the city is Jack White. Like he grew up in the city the other ones are all from farm belt wearers ICP from. Birth Berkeley naming fellow platoon become an affluent suburb. Went to the guys and shaggy who can don't change too. Shaggy to do that discusses kid rock's cubes are more American and you to squirm first months ago on. Bruno. Shaggy dude. Dope. Is named. Joseph Butler sure. Lost. Sucks. Busy from. Doesn't say. Oh Wayne he's from point. From Wayne Michigan yet. Jack White girl the Mexican jobs. Why doesn't he run for senate I guess he was at Tennessee. So who's born in Detroit when coach I can tell. I'm just saying that. No he met the guy and serious issue I think he met Connie was waiting for Conway and permanent part Iran Iraq and when used and it didn't take. He worked there is. One. That not much room to work at. He went to Cass tech. No Hussein. Sean Dana valuable relationship when Detroit had pump station WH TD. He reassures rhyming skills on a weekly basis is part of very rap battle contest held by the states and so is the in the Sonoma. Kanye West deserve radio and in the noon. Yeah. And then he drove over their main you're obsessed. Billick his biggest fans so green everything about this guy. Like Arianna Ronde. Zach is is it is then she dated it. Yeah which when she does that to your neighbors but when she which was dating Mac that Miller now. You know one of them stayed Mac Miller. Man that guy. Matt Miller has to be and I obviously I'm not saying she is doing in a region ranked. Now who is Celine it is but are in a crime dazed a Mac Millen zone. There. That guy. That has to be the most like I don't know I want out about it coverage for our week you get sound they discovered out whatever it is. The I don't know about about your comrades that. As to a no win deal how did you have a penis right thank you very quietly out of doubted your coverage like you and out headache you know I'd watch sorry I just I was so confused as say that he I understand what does it more reverend Jimmy three different sports a one reference. I don't know how bad it is coverage okay. What does that mean. But I saw a picture it was too clearly can choose. For like two men inside dish in my handler what does all of I didn't even know that he was famous anymore I thought he did that Donald Trump song you know. It's eight years ago how well. More about you trying to hang out when guys at a Barnes saying the words out batted his coverage. It's so. He missed look at. And that's what I'm saying look I'm not to look at the look at this guy he looks like the guy from. I that's an ethnic and on people's looks. I'm in no position but come on. And she's she's since I've been woman here. Lets me think for young kids. Yeah doesn't make it all right there. This. That's that's their initial closure Israel does not like a video is being used more and time after the terrorists. Man. Yeah it was buyers of these pictures isn't and I saws and this guy good for him look back. Should have been a rapper snow cone you think you get mad. You think you out because you know right now coverage he should have been a rapper. Listen here I'll bet my coverage. Are. There have never watched a sport. I know they've done. By. Its it. Can rock legend still is guys Tweety city suspected us to talk about a thirty minutes and on what senator Tim Ryan speaks on. That. All scattered along ha I'll summer lawns all summer long man. That's so good and the I like it doesn't really change the song and only just changed and lyrics is no I'm misses you will Wear wolves of London on thing I was Audi does I does know I've heard that course is two songs are ones right. I don't Sheryl Crow. Who voted on June. Photograph I got a picture you. Uh oh cut. I got a picture used to action. Makes you want to. Oh yeah that's when a line does not veterans what is edged kid rock and show Crowley broke up. They take it down. No they didn't realize. Of course they didn't. Absolutely and it and why the surge is an issue is are in a grinding it dates back is you DiMarco yeah. I'm only. Oh yeah. Good. I'm the Kid Rock. I. You're crossing. He said I'm crying need. When I run against Obama they use that. Come on that's on a million dollars plus and my god and guns to shine is an Enron only joking well two things I've never done. Welcome him back right here right now. Well for many sections I was. Is coverage. She's actually got to sing. I have zero and then like it's. You know I don't remember. But I don't remember the little person either and you guys that I should remember little Thursday. Josie David Kelly Clarkson. And who juicy and a little I'll. Are you. I'm doing fine I'm melting here in Los Angeles item in our business. No actually at this at this we're in condition. What is not what is not in Italy because. It's like a thousand here right now it's after we are in the midwest. It's that it's a thousand there you could probably have like a little more humidity than we need is and right now it it's like ninety's in the middle of the ball. And also today but it we're walking into a father of the kind of terrible people here present company included like myself up. What's coming out. Rotten tomatoes dot com has a website and any movies bristles at this is reconnect simply this there. Here are definitely supposed to be warfare in that the it's. Now I like those movies I think I'm the only apparent why must I believe personally still make dumb and I know they'll never do great but I like the movies. You know I think they do relatively well they each won those the previous do you want me to. So we're like 175. Million over the course of their lives. Not too bad admit there. The effect or off some the acting is our firm and the war for the planet at the age is the culmination of this new series. Where either a liter V8. They'd they'd suffered some really big losses in this movie and they kind of go up against Woody Harrelson of the colonel Bryan this. Completely. Awful human being among other ought notably awful human. And that is the best part of the movie the war isn't Jeff Blake. Eight certain humans call up exploding lots of fighting in cool fact it's also like he internal war that either goes through the characters that have moral issues with. The situation that he then. Sure and cool and I think he movie they're great as you can enjoy them if you just wanna go and watch popcorn flick with monkeys you know punching human. At the same time if you wanted to examine them further there really cool rewarding. OK I saw the first one I'm atop a little bit. So the first leg room and so sees as the main right he's only got some sort of extra smarts trumps a science experiment. But yeah as Ara called there's an haranguing tang in a prison cell across from him and they start talking and sees is like. How do you know how to talk is that I was inserts in the Tom Mastny. Hear your name is Maurice and I don't I don't know why you have such problems being mad because they teach them final language like some of these small there are eight. DC and. Oh lucky strikes that's true that's true cocoa cocoa is pretty good with the sign language I've seen Coco and I could guerrilla. Say what you will about them you know sharing our DNA and whatnot but he's a first super Smart and so I've by the will be a line and sinker every time and I I think they're so good they're really emotional. I like Alec crying at the end of the movie like an idiot you guys. Are able to got a 93%. Right now my world was it always does I saw the first my guess and I never saw the second one the there was there was a little kid sitting next to the fear was sold out and there was a kid sitting next to me. And he was really excited like when Caesar what are the first time he catches it high he was grabbing my shall like did you see that. And so you know obviously people like him and I would've said they keep making them and that's when got a 93% so the critics like this as well. It actually OP didn't love the first one I'm not sure that you'll love the second one. Did and that is better than the second one alliance. And so it is just the fury just keeps getting better base they know that they're able to make you need them because they're more story itself. But they keep adding different aged characters. They they put in a human girl in the movie and it all just works it's very well written I'm glad they take their time with these. I can't recommended enough I think it off some. All right that's a big gun and in the big sake but we talked about that last week is we got to hear last week and that size I did go see that it's got a nine December's a lot of I thought it was great yeah that's really good. Yet it's so funny I'm really glad you like it could that it is. Gotten some of the biggest belly laughs term knees so far this year. I thought Ray Romano was may be Oscar worthy good and it. I don't know if anyone asks I mean he was really really really good Annette Clancy I what I like to stuff that he's done. Since. He left everybody loves Frankie or whatever that was Raymond. I agree I mean and we also can't forget that the role that equated the woolly mammoth and the ice age movies I think whoa. Relic itself. But he would even counted dated and that he'd shying. In the big stick. He played he had been them Holly Hunter in the movie and the two of them together are really memorable. Yes she's great zero. It's it's you know it's. Exactly as advertised it's a really good round commons lease on what he liked it yet though you definitely don't want to check out there's a horror movie in theaters. Called wish upon the that is not doing well and you're usually indicates record for home on the tomato meter and a girl to get the music box her dad that grant wishes and okay daisy every time she'd. Get her wish granted it kills someone that she crawled through but the so we've seen the concept and lots of other you know TV show or movie before this but probably. Executed so wild wild that night. 29% on the two millimeter people are adjusted for wish upon. So that tube of war for the chance of war for the planet of the eight sets the big one you'd have that are set rate. Hey that's not racist abuse say the best races as races dollars and five cents at the same core I had chance that's all I said how is that race and school Allen of the race I'm vault. Not how dare you don't you know that I've won eighteen native American I'm my grandmother's side twice removed or something I'm watching you grant. Gray Drake website is rotten tomatoes dot com thank you. You got it Feyerick set. My eight stating that you know she said the native American thing did you read and of that article that came out recently know how everybody thinks there native American and now they're all doing these DNA tests now but I remember my college remain had to do a DNA testing get a scholarship. You know I had to prove that he was like one quarter and whenever I could live in dorms for for it right well I do all that and on now is you're doing is in it doesn't running out of them out of Lamar none of my day you know. Whereas guys apparently there's guys like sort of super serious you know we're both. Long hair and yeah a friend he got a tattoo and everything and and if mom had all the artwork hanging up all over the house and in the DNA tests came out without their German there. Stuff. Can I say just don't tell people he shouldn't have told me they should just found out they were German keep that a secret mind to see why people are all the are you've already got the feathers you know the territories righteous designed to stick with that I feel bad this. Speaking of divorce while you look just I talked to my diet and why do you keep them around. Back on so come. Two billion dollars I want you guys referral I thought either little or talk about your Gannon. Go after my denouncing him as my kinda get mad an athlete has got to fight out there's something not right here I need you walked in. Today they need just one word in June. That he wanted Credo some says same engine makers to freedom to go wide. And you just allow that and then he comes in any just talks all kinds of smack to you like constantly. He says you know your role. You'll do anything tool because you know your role. I was most until then you word. I'm used to. How did you let gonna happen. How did you let go out roll get turned around. And wasn't on was worth fighting what do you make now are just talk your armory once. He calls you names so you shot out. But hardly seems so. Jesus Christ man. You're his boss he's outside Sweden most of time on the world would you. Take charge some room. What I mean you're due out was violated because some delay a final round. On the comfortable fire in anybody now. What do you mean don't feel comfortable firing images and on talk Julia says he's leaving anyway so. And I'm shocked. Our knowledge I do expect our community to philosophies dawn then. And while we don't hire someone towns and just means that maybe were in the future and a business. And proud so we could mold and figure out how to do the pods I can't go on them. Do something great to me to be somewhat responsible for. Seems like an awful lot now on we've had people go on leave this program go to great things. Okay shake your head no you're the only one who has an. India and nick ride great things any bargains great things Jordan solar grade things. Got. On the table left they're gonna Florida and worked in radio right they just idiots gonna go anywhere and work anywhere in the industry at all. I don't know. Okay well you know want I don't feel comfortable calling him an immediate side that's economic and feeling better he was us. He was not used to ease sneeze feline you don't stand up yourself all goes back you can slap in the face led DJ recalled border border in your kid. And the fact that you allows this. Dumb ass look good now why do you now you're attacking me to Ghana from both trying to did you stand up for yourself. This take it from some people. You're intent regarding other guy was in fourth grade this guy you are older than him you're smarter than any more talent than him enjoy his boss. And he still comes in and one words you will reward me. My enemies laugh his or nine when doing a thing about it. I was is signaling them. I felt fine ignore him. If Freeman. Really out hey your coverage today. Well I thought maybe you guys for fighting outsider something I would then you guys brought it back in here gonna million trillion things I'd rather do. Well most students bitch. You know who else will be abuzz beach gulf. The timing iron Tom. No stuff going you probably won't be there guessing by that point you'll be. Wherever your. Blood Burris. Tallahassee. That Tennessee. Nashville will be in Nashville. Man he's down there and why wouldn't you just if you know once Lehman who has owned his firearm. Though you can feel better about yourself you stood up for yourself fired any civilian pushed around because he bitch about the crater bitch is not accredited members say your wardrobes are many comes less than lunch instead of yourself and he's looking UN city he said because so little bitch knows his role. That's what he says a little bit of an X and no that's what he said he said he says and who loses rule Narnia. That's 'cause he knows his role he's not gonna do anything about it and he kept pushing and pushing and pushing the editors something. And just sat there. Smoking Ares said. A look over and fire him. Jesus Christ. I don't know how to put the podcast up. They show me very much does he uniqueness and neither does seeing. I'll he has been working here for four years he has done nothing beneficial. Nothing. There's no quantifiable data that needs help and any small part. Nothing. All get her Texas dad say I miss Meredith. They would have forgotten about her. I mean we hate so added that people bring up past personalities from nine years ago. Is there a chance that. Crews chipped and number. Like Jesus man he's so bad that they're begging for people ten years ago and he walks around here and tells you what to do. He's so bad. I think that's because. Occasionally he plays an old bit and it has you know one of those old people on there. And then they go oh I forgot about I forgot there was somebody who was talented in that room at one point ten may come back. They don't ever say hang she was great but I really nobody. Ever since she was great but I really loves Spencer and I've never seen it. Never seen it. Not once. And I guess that haven't. Never. Chips in something known. Something positive. Now the only thing I remember is don't pick on him so much. Yeah that's because there's a brass or something it's like what we're doing right now no. The available people don't understand is that. The reason why is because those stuffy does. Walks in here and calls you a little bitch. He didn't call me a little bitch you know your raw let's reset knowing your role know your role. I think he should does that now know your role he knows you don't then I think use kind of joking he's not. He's shaking his head now he says no you're all well. They use these challenging you because I don't you won't do any thing he's crying and now I think he's crime. You've upset them. And see here's the tax I love snow cone he's my favorite you know all Palestinians that bombing. I was so bad for stuck on I think he's pretty good I'm a stroke house Meredith. I think is all funny you talk about him in front of them it's true I'd rather have merit if. I just said we've never gotten a positive taxed that say do match so one would start to the plate and just do it out of pure necessity and still not one. Shake my head snow gone so bad. Merit of those only four years ago she is way better. I do mess here. It's but it's. Meredith was great Spencer manner. I hate Spencer and they go one I like snow Tony got one. Dude is so lame. I've never like snow cone and he's never been funny air then read. I'm not a range Spencer is garbage. What did it would you play there is a good question ask yourself this why bit would you play him best job that featured snow come. Well you might hear in the bag right but what's what would you say that that this is one that he really carries a show on. This is a line at where they isolating him like Bob a bully me just say man look at this kid go. Young and talented I think you know it's one I'll tell you not all of them I think that would make fun of them for avenue dead as pretty. That's not him he just sits there are the people are aware of these there. While some people are really. Really really main. I like snow cone. Joseph doing. What did have an emeritus of snow cone. Well there's Coco instead she's C does not like you're either. Pollard palatial cone I mismanaged. They are love spent Summers chairman phones so much. Saint. She does some additional ground does sport so good I feel like I can feel the sarcasm. Shall thank you I appreciate that. I'd trade one year of snow tone for one show when Meredith. Britain says is this a bit much does this count. I don't know I hope not. They're probably have to though. At some point. Toyota one music. Call with a lawyer who set up those are great and Indian. So LeBron got a good job of that. Won't screw with that you've booked interview Eliza didn't wanna do and so as a major talked to on. Everyone knows who do Shane Spencer. Resigned and is so gross job as a matter of fact I Eminem Monday. Who is snow cone. Arnold woke up this person talking about the sizes. Junk. Secrets and it's been linked romantically. You know he's gonna. Drink about us. He's reading to start trying he's gonna. Cry himself to sleep. If you really hung over tomorrow. Can. My fair Tyson I don't know the storm Colin has but he sounds like an African decent. We don't space camp Perry stories. Riveting says someone. So don't grated overnight stanch. I don't know about great I watched him do it took all day. And the doors to task force side wage. Don't work. Everything does just. Kinda screwed up. I backed a beach ball September 8 September 9. We have one more or beach callers we've almost right when he daughters being extorted for us from his phone racists is racist and a lot. Remember when he thought someone's toes trying to Sharpton for his phone. Oh that's right after general ray says he's asked. A horribly racist person. And I'm glad to music emblem. Anyway you enjoy thing in my latest on one time annoyed at all. Okay well I guess is right you know you're off this. Nice.