Thursday, 06.15.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, June 15th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Blimp goes down at US Open
    • Cosby jury is deadlocked
  • 22:04 - The guys try and figure out their plans for the fight
  • 29:04 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous man it's on all sides. The selfish. And cheering you evil men. Values dark. Was strident tone up. You are you know one great Harry and I'm good everything's fine a beautiful day as hot as hell out yet it is time. Just me now. I showed two high. You know I have to voyage. There are awesome. And I tell people all the time. You may love your kids as much as low mileage and a lot more right right I'm Honolulu. But god damn getting them to agree on one blonde one thing is like pulling Jason. And I guys I don't pool no wanna say yes you put on bathing suit element I know. Wanna play catch. Okay. And then doubles just salt. And then five million idol let's go to the post go to this school I wanna go to that glowingly other plum like man you are some ungrateful. There's kids somewhere where consumer products go to pull out you know that. They don't have baseball's there either of you little bastards. To rejoices. Too many choices you're right I should just picked eleven severed on. But I didn't. So and we do. She just move on individuals and in. I felt my power to. I've failed miserably today. I know you love the team and I prefer the sun and heat over that cold and dark winter. Announces it feels like a 102 now is that I was like man. Slow hard to walk the dog eat dog. Can't make it right swimming is okay you can slam you gotta stay in the water that's really that's your option. I stay in the water dog leg. Too hot for CN volleyball. I'm sure people I'd like for me you can go and house. Turn off all the AZ. Make love. And then turn on. None of that. You know I like to light sweat seeing now so let's try and let me. It's kind of been listening got them into. I'm asking him reeling and I'm asking you. I'm saying I'm in. You get one of those. NASA's thermostats your house yeah. There's a name when center is some gloves are more deliver some I know. Call them it's pretty us just lane and it. Changes from here right now it's really dog. I finally got my check him next in Houston and two together. Our callers and no no. Can tell. Casey did not only assists. We're I'm I feel I just remember I think it's for them as they don't want a buzz like game and send me that lesson about him on deadline as soon go on the phones again now and under a new neighborhood. Went okay. That seems weird I thought they. The whole thing from my feeling in my name and everybody's view were over using energy you. I'm really not a bad when really the way houses is big houses and they're all it's hard to fool the eye and vision. It's inefficient their all of they're big. Nobody in there. And think in my you know what I've done so a couple of chuckles this weekend. Just instead they see this 74 nobody is doing 99 era in. Those things are all trying to low sponsor. But we'll know it. Did you look at tonight's text which I enjoy. I'm trying to prod if any as soon as I did anything put in my name person asked I think I touched. Share OK. Are you just Symbian Belle just now. I do in the auto saying that the problem is union since your cable Bill Clinton for a 160 bucks or whatever and into the month in the community currency oh win. I guess and Peter bunch of bills this month and it wasn't aware of that commission on all those numbers a little. I never renters need any know let them announcing that its. Stuff. Or use our money and even more important. Brokers and loan. What is today is today Thursday. Pay us today I mean you've finally consummate. I've completely forgot it's an amateur. But later in the day Glenn. Did you listen to and killers yeah yeah I didn't. There's a grain and I'm curious what you yeah us. In addition. I think it is the best song. Do one of those two thousands of fans. Deserve a long time certainly the best killer song in a decade or belongings. All that Christmas music instead they're gonna do online and did some of that space command center that it is OK guys. But I know some people think this song. Sox yeah it makes. So I'm curious and Hillary. It's I'm looking for. I know I put in there yeah. It's. It's called the man. Yeah to a yet attainable today to its. And caught on fire. Did you watch the video. Erin Wisconsin. Pilot as the game went there crash. Thursday near the US open. Tyler suffered serious injuries including burns. You. He jumped ship of course are plenty of cell phone series captioned media. Sort of weird thing where people. And dvds. Women really worth thinking oh my god I don't see is what you are videotaping and as I feel like NIC just. But. Yeah yeah this is happening this guy just doesn't. Right you go to an air show isn't part of why is there. It because you know. Sometimes they crash trains running is sometimes it's alive. I notre shirts I don't either but I just as soon people who know there's anything fundraising dangers faced if you watched you looking eagle jump. If you will of the people and they crash right. Now I admit that maybe you didn't wanna see him die and you wanna be there seemed I'm behind you 100. It's not that exciting to watch guys jump over double plus some are saying you know is gonna land. Sorry. Dangerous can be really dangerous. Beyond her real cost me a trial going on I saw someone the other day session that mean which. I don't I don't know much about it unless I log in don't. It's real cause me. And all those faces like importing and honestly dislike him. Right all those different though because their faces and he just says you know. When you're girl wakes up and says she's ready for round two and secretly you know it's round three yeah. It's somewhat I'll bet you didn't. Nothing funny. Our man is funny because as you know so yeah. Someone said I don't know where it was an imminent renters and Sony said what a strange time it is really lift. All the things going on with the president everything else the trial of Bill Cosby. There you notice. I know right to pitch there but for the security news that there's a parish sheriff's. It's a picture of. So. I don't know if you've been reading anything about this trial listens to its immunity they had the mother. A 10 yeah. I users. All right. An alleged victim she's an accuser. And a mom was talking about conversations that she had had the Bill Cosby she recorded some of the conversations that she had a Bill Cosby talking about. Change for this girl's college and stuff like that nobody never specifically says she tries to get him to say it but he won't say it. But she claims in a previous phone calls. She had reported that he had said David apologizing said he was a sick man all these different things. But this trial is barely making headlines. Ten years ago I feel like this would have been. Like the Michael Jackson droughts yes it's Bill Cosby was talking about dozens spare of accusers. And it's. The biggest TV star degeneration. Not to mention. He was known as. The guy with a squeaky clean image well the jury. It's split the jury came back out and told a judge this morning that they could not reach a consensus. On those three charges of sexual assault and it appears. They seem to be wrestling with the question about the key night in this trial that this trial really revolves around and that's laid back in January. 2004 they Canadian entry common sense says. Her friend and manager Bill Cosby invited her over to his home and that he offered her pills that render her incapacitated and that he sexually assaulted her. There are. Several instances it looks like you people. Who are part in this case it's not all the accusers are part of this trial. But there are several instances of stories that time lines change stories change. And from what I've read. That's been could really defense budget there's been some really really bad stuff. Pollutants including a mother who sat down and and you know they have the audio yeah. Bill constantly talked about how these jurors how board these jurors aren't counted or you know basically falling asleep in an exit its audience and I'm son. Bill Cosby's Cherie I think that's a that's a big play. That's better than someone's are not my land wasn't an act properly for the whatever zoning like I'm trying to understand they're saying all of the jurors were sleeping. She really weird and everybody and suffered the real tired. And now this kind of slavery in guys who. Guys got any now. I feel on this I'm not the problems I think it's fine. Exhausted and everything now is go home. So Lauren. Think you talk about any and all us. They did basically saying seems to me like queen lose our feed drug of choice that he was using NASA they're alleging. I wasn't. It's. I was an old enough to take away listeners on the market I think they got reminds I think it was a Wall Street real sure I think when it's but I know that it's this light. A lot of dinners and actually one of those sedatives and they're talking about you know some of these girls telling stories are coming and sitting down he's offering free advice is take this hello relax you the fact he was saying. And take this sort of relax have a drink deeply news releases. Not Q how did you ever triumph when they were big you know. I just wonder. I'm easy to something you hear about. Some students just made some sort of tester so we need to tell their. Drinks and had been driving me nuts like lemon. Limits. Wall Street takes lemonade looking answering yes. And if he did. Live yeah mounting. Seems like it seems like it seems like he probably did. Just from what little bit I've seen and it seems like a good chance he didn't. Something that few things inappropriate. So if that's your MO you're the guy who gives drugs to women. And then assaults and mother unconscious. You gotta be pretty sure this. Trending news. And how big undertaking. I mean this tournament one of these limits and he actually said he would take so calm me down singing when choosing taped it wasn't as. Sometimes obviously guilty that did this got one story BT I thought was interesting case. He calls are up to the room and says of your career advice whatever and it says here take this note your alarm and wants to stick. She wakes enmities. Also. Plaza do you think it is some sort of specific. And her version. Because I feel like Bill Cosby. Very rich very famous. Should not had a hard time. Season with women are finding women that we're going to sleep with them. It is one of the richest most successful television stars in the world and comedians you know before that. It seems they keep probably there were rolling horsing around. Now how that works and we're not because he's married anyone stairs you know what way do you wish. Portrayed on TV only times it is nicer home learn grandmother and guys like I don't know girls who went on tonight hey let's see I think they would I wonder if he didn't want to get out that he was at Playboy is he's afraid it would ruin his doctor constable. Image with the public. They don't want Bill Cosby to be disguised telling just pull it pans out and do the right thing when they find out he's going around. Club and an eight singles group peace. I don't know I don't know yeah. I don't pretend you know is going on doctor arsenals mind. And then what do you think about. I still find while hilarious is they're so the jury was also. And what you know this age thing from. This time. We think that the age. He's blind now officially. Isn't he says that as a like last month this is going to be jealous or doesn't manners and Joseph Paterno found she's done. So he's 79 when I didn't talk early seventies here in January but it will still be eighty in a month. How do you punish. That person. Let him live too few remaining days in prison it and that's it you know it's only guy right there that you got. Yeah. Don't drug women don't read them. Doug does sound advice. And what about that. Women who are sticking by citing electoral it was on the show she's been coming to court them and holding his arm and watch him into court every day. And that happens. But most. You know the juice whether they're slow every now someone's brother signed with your big girl who played her. That can someone they're using evidence under and he did it like did she think that he did it but she just loves and someone should you be my son. I oh OK yes but I see a lot of scenarios play now where if you were a course. It would be advantageous for me ninety by your side because our whole story hinges on the fact that we're not back their friends. Didn't talk to each other on the night in question says we had no contact you weren't there I wasn't fair enough. Are you loosens you killer song assuming I think. Much is spent a lot of people listen to your largely such. I'm asking you a question that what it. There remain more it will land on Minnesota's is very popular. I hate why do they wire I wake up a lot of middle and I don't need a longer music bed. It's a position. And conditioning which a person engaged sexual activities closely. Follows the drug class sleep disorders. Known as her song. Her son in southern coast. And extreme cases. I'm here has been a legend accepted. As a least a part of the cause of the insults. Including ring. I don't know if you're down. Now I have woken up before. And in lane in my stomach. And I see now your bra. You can measure milder and. So then I just think oh he stayed out late tonight and. And he doesn't care all these waking me up and lucky for him. Laura next to. Oh man I remember that night yesterday. And yeah. A new era. I. You mean you knew I was up I wasn't nothing you can then you. There was a plus or yelling. Yeah. Sort of throw in just send snapshots. So the police. Those not is a nice day. RA but. I didn't stream and I didn't say that is skinny my thumb but you knew I was away from. You're way you you know I looked. Like giggles. Yeah. You can't hide and don't. Think this guy again. Why is he insane absolutely yeah. I. You neutral zone to tell Australian president. Smell lengths and often on the moon shine. I just smelled pure ethanol some like you've been drinking jet fuel. We just have an aroma of or you know citrus wine coolers just not like sure. It's fire. Should educational. To get this song about you know us. Good insurer still the main. All. Hot whiskey. Another makes me feel better. On a hot day today like today. Mean he really was somehow whisky you should have been at that. That Jamison thing is they started feeding everyone they did they do like guarantees I don't they do anymore they may have just only invited us once said. For the Kansas City only here but the there's serious about it wake up like all right a some coffee this is like the main guy you know musical it's nice in the chicken and Micah Kenny brings over coffee. Scott whisking like wow. Gadgets now I'll be just so you know I wanted to go to Ireland and right I understand that but they keep I don't know laurels are. So then as soon as breakfast time is over and coffee is done they switch to whiskey and ginger. I mean they're going through so much injury or they just expect everyone drinks whiskey engines and after that. They just expect everyone to do shots whose shots. Whose honesty it's it's afternoon's afternoon than they tell you are you got a little bit of time to rest because we're gonna go out tonight so. Before you go rest ago settle yourself before you go take your little siesta and have a hot time. And well more whiskey there. And that's now professionals are made. We talk about it some people just have that ability Ron no rookie mr. And some people don't so I got to play it straight out about only those. You know Diana. Justice now. Morbid Beers got pushed around my 200 miles watching a Shalala exposes and the mouthwash proof. Saw my job the phils and Leonard. Men. Misses some summer for you. I got excited because the last time. I mean you and I have hung out but the last time that we really got to get a with a group of guys and hung out rather than like drinking coffee in the morning or something like down. Let's get together we got a date sat we're gonna go to someone's house was for the Pacquiao Mayweather fight. It's trying and now Floyd Mayweather and kind of McGregor are gonna fight is coming up soon ocean dunes and August. So they've been talking about this forever. Many people's that it would never happen. But it's happening boxer Floyd Mayweather junior year c.s are kind of McGregor will fight August 26 there's an official poster and everything. It's going to be a twelve round boxing match so we got a lot of discussion with nick right however so it's yeah how are they gonna do this is it going to be part. What did nick say he wanted one round of boxing in the one round of kick box seen or maybe in a manner molecular alternate but we both said. Whoever's. It's five cents whoever wins around right whoever gets and they should pick how they justified the next round. Is it and I think that is the way I needed boxing and only the first round may what is gonna win right I would assume. While other men you know we're talking on his cell and may erosion and Kidder's assets are yours and really move. So there's no doubt about it it's going to be a true twelve round boxing match with ten ounce gloves. And they're holding it at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. They'll fight and I 154 pounds. Floyd has an undefeated record of 49 you know all Connors when he went threes and emanate Perot. He's one of the biggest stars in the history of the US seabees never boxed before as an amateur or professional so I didn't know when you would ask nick does he write a history of boxing somewhere along the way and we all kind of assumed. That's how we how we got started well. Boxing you know on a plan to put all my money on it won't I would say Mayweather wins by decision. And there's not gonna knock amount I can't imagine that amount amount I can't imagine they can hit a die hard like I have been hit hard and why it says is no way not some bright as possible. So that did I say finish just to renounce the bill a unanimous decision after twelve rounds so the big money is on. McGregor get knocked out like Takeo that would paid at the vast probably odds probably yeah. A little doesn't knock anybody out that's certain. And certain element where when it sounds like. Are they just days away from Rome had some people say. And Randy an amendment writers it was a just ran from an all time and members it'll say when he's always says he is like Richard ash from. After the decision I understand so guys are millions need to sign a pro boxing match I'd be unanimous. And that's when of an hour and a measure. OK I guess I do what you say that he's not gonna knock them out but it just seems like. It seemed a little unfair I get that Connors only 28 and Floyd is forties O'Connor has the age advantage sure. But still they're going to be boxing that's Floyd's. Arena well one thing I mean I'm but you don't like Connors counting on is that I just got attention once right. If I catch him once or Shannon Zimmerman hit by anything like me when these lighter gloves ominous knock his ass out. But it just seems like the losers are an Emmy earlier I'd like to Abbott who is Arnold and everything and in the guys box a lot of people know innovation are like him. You know I think packet on its artists never know. No. So assault Connor artists are trolling Floyd do you see depiction between now and boom. He said the fight is on it's a picture of himself Conner on one side and now her right hand side it's Floyd's dad so it's an old you know. Making fun of Floyd's age aren't. Poised that was awesome. Well so this is it are we going to choose there. Are we going to. Get together to watch this fight I feel like this is the first time there's been a big paper you think we're not really into wrestling I think we got to do the same thing will last time in store. Go to channels houses got to be projection screen you'll be on the phone for three hours. I have got to pass rush he's got the projections I know what real solutions and so replied man disguised it. A slow guys there was a guy a lot I'd like a lot like a lot. I'm not making fun of them I'd like him quite a bit. But he was like you on dry sorry pomp and I'm like mom mom come on try. I think drinks I noted salary not both so I'm sorry it's not tomatoes themselves or that sorry voters are regular pop would lose. Tell mats what you want to make it four if I don't get I don't want to make regular god I want Coca-Cola toll regular amount of fiscal it and examining. He actually did at home homemade job I don't think it right. But there was always some good how are it's like pop in whiskey. She monitored your house Mitch does and I'm thinking I'm going through your grocery list. And what's your house and it just popped in whiskey so I feel like you board decided to publish your. Oh I managed fine. Hi nick right. Well are you oh good. I'm assignment. War welcome him. What what are. Resume tonight that in haven't. Or that all. I'm really don't have to adjust to London now. About the first summer bird that Herbert herbal or Arnold going I want to talk about what was the first whenever I lose like five MB ancient egyptians and the know that I mean not obviously not true and if you read my room or. Where are all crew arena goes wrong. You'll lose. I don't know how many law or so LeBron beyond LeBron finally Biederman something. We'll get a lot Eric black is a pro one and eight. In the NBA finals and they called him mr. clutch but that was back when people care about back. All but I figured you more ultra more topical news read more product like. I was luxury oil. Real quick nick I do wanna address something. I saw last night. Anna I got so angry I was really upset and I felt like. It's kind of like when plaza starts and things you know about like Stanley make it on my family and you know that that are not bought our art our idea. So last night. Ice he. There's FaceBook page you know I should Nevis and I'm not even going to promote them they stated it's Cora court official I'm not gonna give them. The blog but on their FaceBook page they have an article has just titled nick right the idiot. And then it says he took more als than the Brooklyn nets and they have a crime acting in the you know they have a video of you talking about LeBron. Nick I want mine these guys. I think last nights ago together because Maxi. And I can do but I think last nights ago takes welcome but this will find these guys. And what's on the island to pick on you anymore I don't like annual. You know on the war on Iraq right now like in the old school cool machine. Up following. Nick aren't. Honor the actual one war and then me. I think quick imaging. You'll see it you can police stop you couldn't read these on the air like he is how we go beverages. Well liked what are eat all day. LeBron sexual or bronze sexual. Or not you not how is he RO. Can't run the actual me mountains. They're not probable. Why mind. The things they say that you wanted to LeBron. On my goodness if LeBron Toby right now to put his plea in my bleep. It's MVP bleep and you never turned bleep away from the greatest of all time went on strike calls from Mac that's what this thing says they've guided I believe I heard him say. You people want some. And make only seen it and flash. Yet says no right hospitalized. Notorious Tehran sexual has been hospitalized after months of bleed writing. Some you gotta admit someone took some time but now India desperate again. May there are about Indy Twitter. That action we've got a cold and now. And it's all day long people like all are currently. I'd rather out of myself and it's a fair question how do you talked. Oh. Then apparently again yesterday long pauses. Beyond that the teacher talking about well pat. Actually get very little to do with LeBron is a compilation of all I like. The Golden State Warriors shouldn't find. Gregorian. And that the cap wearing an order book at all without during. I didn't watch the video ID money given that this does stream you know the view that I. Well LeBron saying he's never played on a celebrity. Well partner and I hate that he's never been on super seems like yet we epic on super line that it Iger both guys are on super nerd. Such thing except collector or Coker. Record. It was Celtics do first. I would argue electorate in the right. In the eighties but then go on and get any of those guys like to make it a super team. Well they went out and got Corey. They try to Gail Goodrich in order to get the Baltic urban traffic expert at other where it during QWERTY. Now they ended up black importing inaccurate belt that minority champion added Bill Walton. The ball minority. Of 2000. I was a little different than like to heat right McGahee and the Celtics and and and the lawyers this year right. It feels different like the lakers went on animated try to limit a couple of drafts and I got all of those teams per share. But they didn't like bill that Iran and throw money at free agents and bill panoramic you know there's some risk involved in what they were doing the Celtics went out got it and they bought it. Right I mean it's like the Marlins say when I'm bought. Eighteen the Celtics are each duel one person has the Celtics their first one night to think I'm right. Our current Hollywood guy who that it got. Here's and it may not help your partner they got Barnett Korea. Yeah. All the couple lakers. That won championships they got the. Burt a follow your record and Karl Malone and Gary you at. All. We're really. So they're the first ones to really try. Yeah but it was then you're at the actual news or is not Arctic Courtney or are quite all call and Mimi. She's like big meeting that means not vote me out like an. I think we already talked about we were talking about a little bit the fight. So what you think Mayweather Pacquiao. Mean I cracked my. Let's talk about that might wanna file was twelve rounds. Mayweather status LeBron loses value all rattled. Through her. Maybe what they're McGregor I apologize. You know what in the liable. I mean it's so uninterested. So I write questions are. That important in part one what he opened. Are you want that back on the other it's important in a hundred dollars and street lined take the deal. Yet you wanna win under our market what about Jesus 150. Our. 900000. This is one that just doesn't mind. You let. Ripped a nine under way and 100. Internet and come down because enough people that are cracker ordered now by it picked it. Go get the expect you to win 100 and right now wanna bet cracker if you quit if you wanted to law. And one on virtually at the at what point boxes you'll want harder it would buy them. It. That their partners not like that surprises. It does surprise I mean I certainly don't put my money money on on money bought. Those kinds of odds are almost stupid not to throw down a little bit of money because there's a random chance I mean boxing is still boxing. And there's a random chance for the guy as strong as McGregor and Iran that it catches him once so I don't think he will I'm saying from a sports batting point. It if you look at sports betting which I know you love and I laugh we'd both love. It's talent the stock market you're like wow I mean I don't think tech companies gonna do go to that stocks pretty cheer about as are a couple bombs that sentence forget about it see what happens. It will buy a couple of important points because it being all 154 pounds in the oral school law. And if it depends on the way they are in it bought one what happened with views in eight ounce caught. But because I want it to border using an out score. That well no other significant. Because the bigger the ought upon our. For MacArthur. I don't are going to be here. Cracker 48 other 41. Or as for questions like what you know what I think each has got to make. No I didn't actually didn't see that it. Got. I really could use upwards of 45 million. Update the right thing McGregor who make well over. Ian maybe a hundred million I Natick and aiding Mayweather could make 400 million. 400. I was on the knowledge and people that excited about. Oh. Harper and the but I feel like I mean I'm gonna I'm crazy. For years and it was two boxers as common novelty thing you know what I mean I think. It is going to be a much. Mark baker ran in the act. Is that just because it brings them a USC fans who think they're gonna just Auroio boxer. Exactly and cut the poppy in note with the last big paper due for decades. Like what it yet they don't have an excellent series. But yet you they're a partner at August point six. We you know locked in what you see it as a Mayweather promotions but we see it. If I can get it from docking. You guys and for sure. They hit the evil is for. Me what about our corporate Carter. Love it weren't there I'm pretty tightly bubbles in my view it here Nicholson. That change not the air it or not that Earl we will be or. I. Incidence and have them locked down and he's got his Smart. We got that are open. They cry like Nixon who isn't gonna win that fight don't water. Now do you think it goes the same way I think it goes that. I mean he just runs from bomb he hit some and it goes the distance and it's unanimous in not close. Exactly right. I think it is not one like to watch. I think. And when it's over the USC people get to bitch because I like no you go on that's boxing it's not fighting it's just running. And then boxing people get to say your boy I was schooled and then everybody leaves somewhat happy. Yang he ought to like your election prognostication. I think you just wait it all out in jail bought or. It yet he is chain. Did that you're not wrong could hurt but it. You can hurt there nary an opportunity to feel like well I hope we don't now what they are. Really act. So the greatest outcome in this fight would be at Mayweather knocks out Connor because no one's expecting that to happen. Boxing fans would love it but is Liza said earlier Mayweather doesn't really knock people out and McGregor. Really gonna take and it name it isn't it he's taken bigger shots. Then what I'm guessing Floyd in light. Not only that McCourt herb Mayweather you're gluten are well. In 1988. Mayweather has won knocked out. And it was bad light if you remember when they got I think Ortiz will remain. He put it all down talking to the rap I mean whether locked them yeah. You yet one knockouts and no one in the last twenty years and they got what. Like no he's shut these big ovals technically sound fighter ever and so. You know what I mean what it looks like to me is. Is the Sugar Ray Leonard Marvin Hagler fight win. Conor not being as go to fighters Marvin had us. I would like our anger over eager for and I know exactly. Are you talk about that you should Google. And arm. Oh god I would give us a good fight then and what you know what ought not say I am literally where. Right now that commemorate aren't at work or did you ever see. I've watched on you abruptly greater for permanent. Unbelievably you know Tommy broke. You know I don't earn double play and that's where. But you don't know those miners. And I sure when Mercury laden and we beat or I don't like it. See him.