Thursday, 04.20.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, April 20th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Making fun of Snowcone
    • Missing teacher and student found
    • Eli Manning accused of some scam
    • Slimfast's brother makes the news
  • 40:15 - Michigan cops can still have sex with prostitutes and a recap of the lemon party

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The righteous man. On all sides. The value dark. Will strike down low numbers. Hi I am a great area I'm done man. Shoots. Chicks chicks man girls. Done damn. Watch how Snowe Collins visited news sports when he insurance well you got to forge what tantrum and you might do without it for a few years. As Eric call your response to it when we did it last year is what the hell is that. Citizens for Tony intro. He said it's stupid. I don't understand unfortunately chosen. I don't really either but people love it I know I do but I feel like c'mon man. And by the I'm taking the day off from the smokes so much we disease. This Phillies lose that allegedly rented a lot of days off rice yeah you probably smoke a lot every day and you take a lot of days off. Constantly to work. And it didn't I don't know that it is celebration. Causing up from the sales girls so. Harrison. I. You got problems I got major issues got a major issue may never leave you need to smuggle illegally and down let go of those. There ray. You all Sinai. Selfish. Here any. Evil man. Neighborhood OK being good well he moved half Kurds don't week. Narnia burn. Maria. Hi in your lives you know you. Series paying the. I. Those who intend to. My knee in the lower who. And I laid my. And it hurts. Go snow I don't know I don't know who clearly has some runs on just I evidence that. As I know rent and nobody's ever done excellent work on Larry yeah. He did such a good job of news ansari and urinary on the mr. Cullen avenue and ideas and I feel like Mary had pat I don't know the next four we will let you were. The price. You know like that we've now learned that as the intro from now on Smith. Found no. My blood for some reason. Why don't like an evident. Who. According to implement a stereotype. Of donors and blue is not over until my. There's people off who. Who. Incidences we are also. And listen willingness. And he says name. Jared Beers. And conflict now. Yeah I know you don't it's a joke. Some of you do. Not say most if you if you don't view it it's eventually. And you know on seems endless references arsenals and a lot in junior high and high school and bill. That it happened at some point in this sounds like you do a little lesson on senators and no way. Loosely organized. Everybody you guys who want to conceal his blues band with DNA data network hours and that is the worst thing to join as one of buys a movie right pull money you guys these pictures they took these tigers this sanctuary in your reads screens and and and I got a man got a new camera I got a new lens barrel are. I'm gonna go worst enemy it's all volunteer men who work with what Arizona is my friend down on Antonio did dealers lunch no don't do that numerous times. I send them. And I saw someone on closing yesterday were fortunate Christian singer has been allows you to guess who's kind of fell fourteen point would be good days do but I. I don't think it must have we choke on as if I doesn't. He bring it. The greens aren't you see Anderson Garza's in his car I don't really got to change I forgot I had Shaq one. Home why you even know you know did you branded and I'm not sure what you are not sure I'm not sure how good are you can't remember what you did you just Don your ten minutes I went to put it. You just under ten minutes he doesn't you don't put an undercard twenty minutes ago for you didn't. I don't think it's from Baghdad that's that's actually ingredient that I want to. Actually your own I know that that's not why we have you around. You know you just good that you just made yourself available so I think the president herself available and and look at her I don't know if given a broken tail lives I don't know. Canada's I have fans jobs at a snow cones look in. A good job on a man who. I'm menu was ready in that when it's. Calm man. You just said yeah yeah or something man I'm gonna look for what. I got a guy it's a homeowner oh good yeah right and too late now. All right that's that's good on the unfortunately some friends sir we did it. There was happy. Celebrate your. Whatever. Medicine in the news tonight. Okay yeah I. Or doing. Don't smoke yourself hold on number. Don't smoke you're so full tin foil hat. Just tonight. Let's just like anything else. Don't drink yourself just straight just the best variety of items okay hasn't drench your garden. Six we did those cops those guys and I madame free no charge money. Does a job and end. She treats those cops in Minnesota sent. Now today. Police are small town my computer and yes there's an opener showed me again and the tuna. It's soon so yes so it's it's still legal. And a police they're sent out this thing is said and done. We get the actual teeth undercover hash tag for Tony operations are in place to street tracks and set up throughout the city today. A picture of a back injury goes she'd claiming that she does mountain do. Battlefield for Xbox long Grand Theft Auto for Xbox-360. Some white castle burgers and something else a look controller. It's all sitting on the ground and apart and then in the background there's a police officer than men. He's waiting for a I mean that's real funny unless you're did you know. And anyway didn't jobs right because you got busted for pot. Seven years ago. And last note on his riches now isn't exciting thing in a 47000 dollar laptop. He you're happen Johnson Bryant he's got credit that I nationals don't rent to own and rent and own credit bitches but it. Secret a couple of practice I assure you learn to pick up our rental that is that is tees here that's just for you see you'd court. Let's welcome my gym by 700 dollar camera boom boom you know as you can send pictures wirelessly doesn't your phone do that's then I'm gonna do not limited is always depended on about the case I mean I don't you defend him because he felt -- I was like man. Attitude isn't that much better then my I've found that my iPhone soon and you like within. I can take it and then sitting here as well and it's in my computer and then I assume I can do than I uploaded it. To all these social media sites in my. Don't compromising my phone is doesn't autumn I'm not sure. I just don't automatically is trying to help. I'm sure he Chia. When my son uses a camera broke okay I'll ride the show opener. There and I drop that into drugs should just cancel it and me and. Astra nose broken nose. There text from. Should they remember the day you'll live in infamy today to 700 dollar unpaid for camera how much. Al to the floor. It's. Come on many got to be laughing yourself. We've all done it about 400 dollars with the underwear and old navy with the credit card I forgot all about and was able to buy a house for ten years because of boxers probably trapped in. It happens. I never went full rent on. That's another level you went full Raton. You should never go full Fritz I'm manner you can you know put too much on a credit Carter. You don't get crazy with the good news today come on interest free never go full rounds and never go full ringtone. I totally get the allure of five year interest repayments. But that's different. But he learned a valuable lesson right now I'm gonna do it again. No. License every guy in their twenties this. None none none maybe. You we all make mistakes. Don't we don't mind cameras. And for years. I mean yeah I mean really bad mistakes. It really dumb things drawn. Treated people Orly. Got a lot of stuff to go through my date tonight instead if I ever did there are a lot of army isn't return their rent to own camera. Again my worst days I wasn't like you know I need to do is rent discounts for about nine years. The yacht works out this is great if I'm doing the match. I gotta pay discounts offered the next nine years. What is Suzanne payments only Harden 82 bucks a month alone but we have another week all the damage reared its four times a month. All right. We got it but I got as Apple MacBook sleep Palin. I got around to for a year or so clearly the way they builds and it'll be you know up today to eight years from now. Well IID software and inform because within eight years from now we'll still remain items that one. Know guys is only 7991. X for as little as twenty dollars today. I know I go between goes today. Once Tony books and revenues cured for four bucks a week to. So that's good. Position in my house brands awesome yeah. OK okay. I hate you got a lot of nice blue consumed the edges of the moon pursuant where. This is the second. Is just making a lot of links are right thing imagine that until we don't know how communities are very pleased that things don't you guys and that's fine I don't I don't know why you went to the rent don't plays and only got four things all the. You did your children well. I'm gonna give myself some men you are pushing at the noise canceling headphones. Mutants some terms and who's. Listen to launch. The familiar venomous logistics and mention love scene shown. This is the throne and from just an extra forty dollars a week. Did you mention goes forward looking older and fitness. And I laughed but. It's flattered that you. It is who fled. It does astronaut did it does have a dollar does I've done all I know I'm better than I did and it does and does a no I bought a lot so I couldn't afford all pay our schedule us thing and yet to tighter credit card Arnold might not nearly seven years ruined but don't walk into a brand does sound but I guess they aren't getting my understanding who are. I saw also those commercials late at night for their computers that you made the weekly payments all right site you know. Bucks a week I come up with thirty bucks sweet this was at a time when when we got paid. Instead of grocery shopping in lieu groceries that is bought cases of passing cartons of cigarettes to last me tragic grocery shopping when I was wondering Jose. Because I knew I wouldn't have money all those things makes sense not doesn't. Residents whose camera and swing. How would you most bottoming exercise I don't know on the station and really treasures these felons owlen. Here's Rupert should Obama thinks god yeah. Just met and got to block at another business. You're really pushing for the moon and this is gonna today this dialogue. Man don't walk away. I don't see I don't wanna see a lot of complex. I don't know. She knew. Does take my hand and yeah it's a big. What are you gonna do you walk away what did you all around us senator. It has cinnamon out let get away with Ted would campaign designed. But no I don't add back these payments not all bad. Guys really pissed me off. I as walked. So go to mass promised job paid double and three months. I'm Matt twelve year alone. If this kid out there that makes you do a better I was the late in games on student loan that's participants. Smoked. 34 gigs well schooled for a man wondered and no one he's. Thatcher they do it. The cuts. And doubtless not that I'm in May he payments every month since I just want me I'm 34 years. By the way for what school did you go to Harvard's. They I think it's how do you still we are planning effort for AJ fan meal. So Luke. Fourteen years later submit. However a total loan when I told them I'd only afford to pay fifty bucks a month that it is wild affair that kind of thing off. Coming of fifty dollar monthly payment slot that's gotten us. Scheduling is no rich off my mil player from 2001. Hot man. I should've played sports how would you go phone call and I remember what it was pleases as are my dad you're a prisoner monies in the college they said will. Co sign on the loans for used that was what he did my dad's an up close sign that you've got to make the payments don't scrub my credit your Brothers and partied a party. Fought this battle for years to your browser whaling you and then hurting my credits and please make the payments. So I had to make sure I made the payments I had to work with India the payments on to something I can afford it. So it's been fifty dollars a month I think it's for life. I don't even know I don't even look to see with a total bounces I some it'll never be paid off. There's fifty dollars they just take it out every month. You know what kind of blue notebook computer I guess. Then when the lights on the outside and she knows things are sweet pretty sweet. And your lows. You yellow blue hippo computers for the lights on the outside no water bottle and a clear case resilience has only 799 am PR machine me. Some sort of rough style dragon thing now baton. Rare and I'd love to go over your house. I mean I wouldn't I love to go there and you're not there and and look around to see that kind of stuff you know and it's got awesome stuff. There's just prevention. Yeah anywhere arming climate. With puzzlement Mexican army can't be just. Do we got golden handcuffs and went to Sunday gently as soon as there were no. I win this money in the morning and and that's right you walk away command city got. OK you know those who weren't designed to those who they'll walk away from. Actress and her officers not easy listening and he is now what do you hear that you walked out there upload all your view 17 contracts right now. But that is an agreement that you stay informed us that the flow of the game right now and if it is under employed. This Kyle. Making phone calls right now. If you've got an agency in the area we've got one threatening to jump. Get a different. This is a big fish so. He's been since he's a liar O'Leary he wouldn't be good tease out what it will do so well. Steve let. Us from that payment plan could Eagles went too much but at 7%. Yes people around forever. Via a teacher. Who went missing. With these student. Down. Yesterday reformer on the air. So if I were saying I cannot believe they have caught the citizen nationwide search for these two tagged commons. And this student of his which he talked about you know before they went missing she posts this up on FaceBook about being a love getting married he searched how true. Live off the grid had a myriad teenager. And his family had been on TV his wife went on ABC and did an interview these kids went on television his daughter. His daughters were interviewed. Right. You know it's asking him to come home and seeing what they thought about their dad there's. He's reminded us for our entire life. And that's Romans 828. And that god uses all things for the glory of those that love the lord. And I caught according to his purpose sex and that means even. I have no idea what that means but it sounds like 200 had to come home office maybe Jesus wanted him to run away with the stroke but they found. If I'm them. Down the SEB that they were looking for the 2015 Nissan. And does this sound both of them. Little bit later after search and she is safe there northern California right now. And he's been arrested. Clearly were hiding lights and sound like they're hiding them. Steve Parker sums in northern California. I. Do you see. She's the story about Eli. Meaning no. So he's been accused of so lean. Memorabilia. Are trying to get a hold the fate memorabilia it's a memorabilia stand. So apparently there is an email. And it alleges. They allege. That this email. Was from him ask him equipment manager at the giants' fourth helmets that looked like. Game day helmets and he had worn. So it sounds like. What they're accusing him of is asking the equipment guy pace emissions up it looks like we use in the game so that I can sell it which I'm thinking why does Eli. Why would he need to do that I think he makes funny money from the giants organization he wouldn't have to sell game day helmets to sports memorabilia people. He made a statement earlier today say he's done nothing wrong. I would like to drive put Angolan news past couple days. However because this is pending litigation. Or not bill into questions are going to specific details on the back. We'll stay that I've never done it but I've been accused of doing. I have no reason nor ever have any reason do you let me just I've done nothing wrong I'm not enough time. I know this is all of donned survival suits that would. Again I can't do much but we haven't they about Duncan's team. I like that everyone's Ernesto about the survey things can't you present you guys talk about the upcoming season right. Ball go ahead and answer your questions. The lawsuit claims the email as evidence that the quarterback attempted to falsify the nature of the equipment giving to Steiner sports is part of a memorabilia contract according to the New York Post. Choices shoes is a story is weeks old boys. Which won the missing and a time. They just found in today. Are limited you are men's room. I don't know I did the press conference touch line isn't pandering to groups as a news man. Forty minutes ago two hours ago eight minutes ago. I don't know. I like god I got historian. Perez furnaces you guys really have such low self esteem that putting people down on a daily basis and zero I feel better about your own lives is as us and across as he answers yes absolutely I was trying to explain this to somebody the other guys. There's this weird thing and you're built like me right. Mean air America. You don't like me and by the way this is a very very very low level we are the the bottom level of these types of people. But it goes all the way I guarantee to Robin Williams right. Dave Chappelle people who do what we do. Which is trying. To perform in some sort of fashion. To make you laugh or smile or make your life feel better right. And we are the kind of people who are self loathing. And we never believe. That anyone actually likes us right are so low. Is if if me and some fans are out and people say now man I love you guys. Most people would be like that man that's awesome man who was at a lawless right. But the way that were built rethink. Okay. And that's great Ryan. But I don't know that I I does site. Mute but if you knew me you wouldn't like me I've always said if someone is usually how it might have been among complements me I think they don't know me very well as someone criticizes me I think they see right through me they know me and then if you find someone and I guarantee you like just assuming that I am. But if you find someone that you really really like you say you love them right. Then. You almost need some sort of constant reassurance which is just bet. Is. Way too much or any other person to have to live with the ordeal when Bryant because you never actually believe that they like you back. And so therefore. Use then at which we have talked about fall in love very easily right and then self destructed destroyed. That's because you don't believe that Israel. And then eventually you just tell yourself. Because you're never happy. Most people when they find some of my leg to become happy but you know become happier right. You become like oh man this is. I can only think about when when when this is gonna end I think it's our loans are gonna feel it right now. She does limit a constant state of unhappiness million amaze me at these men posted on. So I mean backs can you give me back a month. I am for it hit. Jesus isn't he goes on the drinks about it writing. Why it. He goes on tenors like Churchill may have Benson goes until the same clock. Doesn't care. So he wins. If he wins it goes almost official has played guitar and I got seven girls on a phone touch at all times. Shame challenge and play your game reserve captain of the girl thing is true but I do think he goes summoned and drinks away via anger. Turbines on about as much bad non alcoholic he's about last minutes and that's about it. Definitely a term. Tomatoes as a love for us is like our own personal rent to own suicide pitch yeah. Like that's exactly. Does presence is from Robin Williams and Dave Chappelle you're not sir. Of course we're not sand saying it like I'm very local level. I'm very small level on one level the underneath the weatherman a little recognition of that right so we read it right. Why. You read about how these guys are depressed when you think why would they be depressed right there hack being. They tell jokes they make people laugh. People like them. Yet they can't get it straight right they can get it straightened I had because they're depressed because we've been depressed since the beginning of time. Our time so we've always been trying to join us. Dog and pony show to make you liked us writing in to keep people who distance runner. Jackson. So no and no way MIA. Comparing my talents. To Robin Williams and comparing my depression. To Robin. Does that make sense. Yes right. Palin will headline. Okay you ever watch a Fox 4 News. Well a lot of people do. Okay and they did a story. Yesterday. Tomorrow night's. You know local mites are back running all kind. That time a year last year reading I was getting eaten up by him a lot of his words back and write this things they just came to town. Few years ago we never had a deal to another everywhere in the horse a horse each year. Guess a story experts say we casino earlier than normal this year because of the watt mild winter that we've had this shortly itself how bad they're going to be again this year. What's interesting about it is it. All this because and that's. Yeah and us and center. A doctor from. It's nice to spread talking about Chinese do among other shows up the center of the annoyance I am and you're famous. That's just how lots I didn't know man I'm sorry my brother I'm single expert and who's the expert to. My family. On the noose. Jam isn't even live here. Even quoted a master. They interviewed him. Pretty sweet now that your brother man yeah you got any questions about a large sites you know and could ask. To attack I ask you and you ask him and ask him nuts good. He's out it's also look pretty knowledgeable about the chiefs very opinionated so. Best in me the most by any either want I think if you could really oh my it's affected chiefs I don't know when I. July as a loss nausea owed mice will affect the chiefs of the really open minds gives achieves a home field advantage. Or not. You never know whether to use a factor in effect. The. No it's like she's happens he'd. It's gonna happen. Now you know he could be teaching. Sometimes it takes some second. Rethink of that. Match just sitting there. You're watching TV normal this year because of the Wada model run should have had but it's usually a brother Paul mentally and energy and his there's no way you just. You know once you finally look towards a history of drug showed us where possible which occurred in the Kansas City area so Kansas is the epicenter. People each might and I think as it spreads outward we're gonna continue to be. This center of the annoyance factor for this particular species yes. The center on the annoyance factor what does that even mean. You should sound professional and didn't make any sense zone. It was just rambled worst. He said that Kansas is going to be dissension like episodes. Unsure of the annoyance factor in this particular species you can write that down to the annoyance factors probably all over the midwest where the center of it. For this particular policy they started a big gun dealers aren't here yeah. Donna why they started out someone brought him. Don't. We don't know somehow they've restaurant and I think it's a different Europe good. You know clippers I don't drown your bass hole I said Lawrence Kansas City yet not a lot of international travelers here but just for you. You know ex wife going to Europe three times a month or whatever it was. Would you go like six times. All in. That's why your Brothers expert doctor win at all sort of become a family a minus. Will affect the chiefs' season he said probably. And is in hot probably. So don't you're asking financial advice he's pretty good with the money to hold on. Kid and he's got a good Curtis grow older kids and money but. Delegate Ph.D. M that morning. She hit. Right doesn't mean these are good with his money management batch of maybe he's happy doing what he does. Everything. Maybe doesn't come in everyday slipped to number of those things are talking about is not how are they without suicide beating his strategy shows kids. Every day. You learn a model mites. That's my brother. I'm not gonna let this conversation with of them. This thing. Very Smart man like him. Telling you timing more than women injured two semesters at whatever school and you're still paying it off and on human market. Yeah you pay for any school all scholarships all the way. Never spent and done. And then you just adamant do you show about Thanksgiving down to our own money around and look at me. Yes and when we get mom a bigger TV. And I civil someone should ask me exactly right that's unsolicited and advertise here are bought her a bigger TV in the one that you guys all went together. The bias of so much of call me first. On you guys I'll Paulette education take over the best minds on a bison to winning. Here's an idea. Finances. They called an education over there and get a bunch of stuff that you really want and finance. Or ten years. Going to be over here Rowland joins a fifty dollar bills. They don't know what to do it this morning and I know. But it probably find something to do with him but. His lack the motivation. Yeah. Mostly sleep I hardly works as the most my time in bed. That memory foam mattresses paperwork. They gave it to. I just sex I love you guys but today your show has been boring as fast that at a what I. Oh man that's no gone by god to an absolute excellent but it still comes in there he is in my other T-Mobile phone to send anonymous tax. I didn't lose could be mean to some but this is an orange should do and. It's extremely. I guess my judgment. Don't ask don't. Ask you know Ali okay second to second guess. And to come up bad. And just Latin. We're gonna walk out of here and just leave this music playing. Yeah music bed and nothing else. You and it seemed boring yeah hundred Lauren rich. But smoke some weed. The suggestion. That. Them. Canada and on the national. It was an all day ones. I. They left they won't believe this try their luck. Is that it is happening now basically go to the look and leave this. And I can. Okay. Never done that so it doesn't matter a. You give us an idea we were just saying I know she shouldn't do. Hey you're from Michigan. I'd say how do you know what about manhunt because an annualized on a kind of mentioned it before did you know that Michigan. Is beef last state. To do something. The last state that allows police to do something. Do you know that is now. This headline a solace headline and I didn't even know that this was a thing I guess from may be I mean I remember seeing the undercover videos. But there when under his articles that Michigan would be the final state to do this but. Police could lose last chance to legally have sex with prostitutes. So if the police are doing a standing. I guess there are allowed to legally have sex with them as part of Stan did you know that some part. I just assumed that it was like once the deal was made and then you Anderson money here's something. You say okay the staying his complete. Or maybe maybe they're talking about like dumb and I have no idea about maritime well you know I knew infiltrate. Yeah I think it's a bear. Now sex trade thing. So you gotta do it at least a couple of times again I got a snorkel a couple of times you're trying to bust go below right I'll like yes it was a part of a bailout so it was like to bring up race like we're gonna testify I don't NN is such strain. You can't. Not have sexual numb. Or they might know something's up. So Michigan is moving to become the final say in the country to stop allowing police officers to legally have sex with prostitutes in the air investigate. Quote we have the dubious distinction of being the last state in the nation to have this lawn our books that's Republican state senator Judy Emmons. Who sponsored built it into the exemption. Most other states only require confirmation I don't know potential roster. Former actually now you know what no she's not and she was. Most other states only require companies that intensity and their commitment I know she's good late. If you're from that she seems I mean from what I know vs seems like a good lady and I don't know. I've heard nothing of allegations. Which you claim. Most of the State's only require confirmation intent to commit the crime without the cops doing the deed themselves. She introduced a bill on March in the state Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously passed it this week sending it to the full senate for consideration. I know modern day police department would ever allow what this loss still sense. That's according to another Republican senator Rick Jones. As of now Michigan is the only city gives immunity to police officers should get true deep. Undercover with prostitutes their probing. Him otherwise some prostitution related crimes in Michigan's penal code are punishable up to twenty years in prison. Just imagine if that's your word. That's that's your job. That's what you get called up to do like I want to be a cup. They say. Yet we need you to go invest you know these. I don't do a gun costs in Detroit picking up reverse. What happens when you get caught and how did they catch Shia like when like so you go to look a certain area you try to to double hooker we're talking like on the street now I am. My motto I loses and ask him for friend this is true that never happened to me. But I know people on May you know you've picked him up and then when you pick a mile and a Sam account. And then they arrest you an impound your car. And then you have to bond out and you have to go to your car. So I wonder how it works on the Internet and back pages down now but for a loss I had somebody called me and say hey man. You know I got caught with some weed in my car. And they impounded my car and after getting out in Kenya are turning help me silent defense attorney I'd. Have on the island had a constant retain and and even to this day just in case. And I assume and I can call Greg Barton. Why lions AM passenger car. I wanna do that likewise you know. Relied on the highway initial incident highlights and by the way just like an M the only issue we have feel like you just be able to go get that yeah. He should have to go to court to go get a that's not part of the deal. And I think that's go to court first to get my car my. Two man that does not Pamela I'm pause I don't. You know call Booker right. And now as a silent some line. Many magic got caught with a hooker like I would I'm like I'm right you can't call you can Ashley Nicole my attorney. And tell me got caught with a joint. And how many calls down and though I had all enjoy their collar worker like you got. You know got to tell the truth to anybody except for the middleman in the attorney everybody else you can do I do but you gotta tell me right. I find that you know it's such an embarrassing thing you know for guys they just don't wanna tell anybody match I understand. Women suffered a whole thing's battle it out to figure out a way to legalize that and make it. So there's not so much shame and guilt and oppression in all of these things involved I'm not exactly sure how to do that by. Yeah god damn manages a terrible situation. I've heard both arguments. The people saying it's never a job because that'd do women who end up the sex workers aren't you know too often. Being forced into it or whatever and then there's a lot of sex workers out there's saying no. Is my choice I wanna do its job I should be allowed to do it. But when they do it. You don't want once a move to the Internet and you had all those ads and it says in caller out called right. I just assumed any time I said I'm it'd you know a skill location near the plaza only OK that of skill near the location near the plaza is. Makeshift police headquarters and Hyatt or whatever right. And if I walked in there I'm gonna get arrested I just assume any time they say come come meet me on the plaza at this thing like too many of the oil. This place now if they come to your house. Could they say in someone and and the sure the sex workers actually police officer or she's being followed by a police officer at all or so they just knock on the door and they come in and command union discussed when you discuss money at things and none saying you know in the top women have so how do you know. You don't there's is no way. That's I present you'll say oh you gotta read the reviews make sure that the world views of monopolies and I felt relatively soft from there just to try to do right and right early January Google image search rescuers were born that they're not using images of someone else. I the I don't know I don't know if you Agassi is little massage parlor. Even then what happened while LA anyway jobs did you you have driver left Austin and that was an Austin. Pretty sure it was awesome and simple quick but right after we left. Austin massage. Parlor. Apparently there was yet this is it it was right after we left for south by. There's a massage parlor in Austin. And police said they uncovered a prostitution ring at this Austin massage parlor after a waste pipe at the business became clogged and destroyed by hundreds of condoms home. Noon dead giveaway if they're using condoms that's fall that's offensive. That's a sign serves its full service. The affidavit said police were tipped off about possible prostitution. And February by companies to recently taken over the property one of the tenants was listed there is Jed massage therapy. And there's the other conundrum for someone looking. For a sex worker you say. He allowed me to us and our driving through Austin and we see old jade massage there which it will shall we go and but then knowing our luck we go and within a hundred bucks we get some sweet justice massage my neck Kurds. In relief. And I sit well I still don't know what happened only try to in New York City you know bowl elevenths but I doesn't wasn't. I'm guessing that and then did not go as planned and I I sure is not as planned is one thing but. I'm positive it ended weird. Man you put plastic pants on and got no hot tub full women's ya and they brought me dream team and all the stuff in and they say get on the cell. It just kept screaming that they get back here kid in this thing and I was like. It is like I already pays very soon and I'm like man I'm not getting in there. The most bizarre thing I've ever seen in my life come out. But what kind of laugh parts that story that you don't tell often is that there was one other couple on their door look a couple good looking and this guy comes over needs to conceal and everybody's saying and this is that in my daughter and bad guys like and I know Manny got his days awesome he's got a towel wrapped his bases built these they can demand. Yeah relax really enjoy it and others know what you there and have a lot. I don't know that girls as a girlfriend are you resign as soon results on a prostitute I don't know machine but it was like man it's great just put the towel on relax a moratorium on here are some big ball lemons outburst that was happening. A major program plastic pants I don't know I got ago. You know so I laughed and I agencies sometimes like twelve hours some odd one out is through a sort of technical. I didn't leave right after no but I did we leave levels lower than I am. I sat in that tub alone which was weird without other couple of Yemen and finally she said and are you ready for your massage and I walk over this elevator go up into this dark hallway and I think. Jackpot right up. Now I overpaid does that pay for Laszlo but at least I'm here and his buddy. Who was a matter all it does take dead. Cab down as I've never Ivan a New York a lot man I've never seen where we were. There was. The driver to nowhere was at his academy is like zero to 30 it was an hour and a dump any kept coming back and for the violent. I act that is left the door behind the dumpster and I'm like you've got to be kidding me buried all this cool. Elevator should put some plastic pants and shower shoes. We had lockers. And then she says going man get in the pool. I've got a plastic pants are a and I think what he's got plaza fans on this bitter row with. And men and he and I look companies as he's already in the pool lemons just splash around like little baby duck wait until about how things have happened. No I don't let Obey the Dodgers blew. Did that cause I get an already pay for you and I'm like I gotta get out menaces. This is too weird man and you know a lot. It's already weird enough for me much I like weird but it's already weird enough I don't even know where the rest of the story goes. It goes upstairs into a dark hallway don't need to know. Animal member by the way that was after he would want to have sex with the a peep show I don't appear to show why that's not looked like she had been. She was only seven then got hit by truck man she was fifty had been a nice body none of them and and room. None and and she was a Arafat and there was something wrong with her. And problem and I look at me I know I told you know a million times I'm an unattractive man so anyone would. Bestowed a gift. Of sacks to me I'm very grateful. Very grateful and I would never look at another person and think. You know. I couldn't sleep review because I know who I am. Except for that person I've finally found one in New York City. Meant she added allege she might have been a lot or something like things were falling all over our. But could cut her hair was side whereas and thinning a legend like really sharing it. Earth earth regular things falling off my face and she was wearing like I don't know like these Jean pants and only game. Pastor knees and like these kinda high heel things from. 1984. The classic campaign and no they weren't there were really weird and she looks she lived she was limp then. Like she had been hurt. I know won't ended. Animal of some sort that was on its last legs about. And I felt bad for her. And then here's what's remaining those shares at battlestar dude has some luck or bad I gotta get out here so I leave that place and he comes out of those. Yes I know the boys and as a ruins eleven haven't had if I called me twice the price went just to clarify. I said now this place is got to be getting old service she said yes sir it is. And so here's the thing about celestial fashion any. Kansas City proper in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Most reserved. Calm guy ever. Well the other night the guy leaves early it is like oh. It's going to be cold by the Tom I'm riding my motorcycle mama don't wanna be called. That's the way he acts. Give him to LA. New York. Either one of those 2 places 4 o'clock in the morning dig out of assurance. And parent. Were a boy is and I'm like who is is Karen I'm an investigator and. Throws his man and no let up list of things on his phone I'd love all these things. Which one do you wanna go to. I'm I wanted to sudden eat first fine there's a Euro place there let's dig heroes and there's. A woman with things falling off my body up there I certainly don't talk to. Like. No but why the senate bill. Happy medium I left I love to see you having fun. I'm slow I'm happy that you're having fun. While many you don't have to go people. Have to go full lemon water. With the who were only there a couple days of the equipment and. Ads are relaxed I was top I someone else. Who's been in the business longer than me am I gonna say any names but I went to one of those things years ago. And this person who I respected who's very talented radio person. I happen to be it is saying any came in and said what are we doing and I said well you know we're gonna. Go to this'll barn and they've got some putt putt golf music are you out of your mind doesn't what you're doing these things he said where's your iPad and he pulls up my iPad. And then Easter is going to my backpack and point out pill bottles and say can I shorten this guy's or this is and I wouldn't open but he does. This is here's what you do when he went online and he showed me what to do he said this is we should be doing every time you're out of town this is what you do. Guy he's if you look like such a green card here. But all these people were all right have a good time unless they had no room he'd rented a Dodge Durango and we were met about sounds a and I try to carry on the tradition. My favorite story is having him pills. Army and and giving them to one guy. And then like five other guys sent him mankind to kick it kind of a couple Lowe's target a couple of those kind of double those I'm sure the guys don't have a couple. I'm watching a band. I am marching. As it was something of a tournament. Must store aisles around the stage watching it. And and then I alternatively they all hate I. It we're going to be okay because we took those are playing nice and you're refine. The worry about it. I mean unless you took note unless any of your own cocaine too because I mean a magic killer and it. For a lot of the five people keep watching the stage and wondered turns NATO's what did you say about it. So walk. And lesser there was like a Panamanian nationals mixed with cocaine and goes hole. Why do you comment on who's been your man is like Tom might get. The.