Thursday, 03.09.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast [Best Of]

Thursday, March 9th

  • 0:00 - The top words that gross people out and stuff found in hotdogs
  • 15:30 - Lazlo has some fun with a guy trying to scam him
  • 32:21 - Country Psychic
  • 51:05 - The guys talk about their most embarrassing moments
  • 1:12:58 - Slimfast sits down with Chris Tomson of Vampire Weekend and Dams of The West

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Best of the Churchill as an 86. It supplies. What's that thing that you have triple triple phobia yeah. You're afraid of doubt John Maine and I Lugar's name of that Billy alerts I told you all the time. You might know his first molecular and then go and I just do dubbed him and I hate like what it looks like personally I use them all Lawler. I can't look at that I can't look at it and then it also looked like three years ago. By name game thing all right line. People are talking on buzz feed yeah right and the main thing is like job I don't know anybody else had Eminem I don't know how to describe it you really adrenaline Dow Jews are holes I don't I couldn't explain it. And also knowing hey you might have just I don't know anybody else and it. They use this picture of the Lotus seed there you'll notice that if you if you don't know what the letters he looks like you have to seed pod and surrounded his style is all holes were the seeds are in there and that's users like our main thing to cause anxiety people would triple phobia. And then people love to. Photoshop. Pictures together just a freak out people with for phobia like putting gouge as I can or taking like a pattern from. I don't know what C version or something and put it on someone's arm Liza can't look at even if it's an end if you look at. So I mean there's a phobia of everything right. But analysts say that I'm Brett shows that they've called and I read about it and just say that I may not be as highly involved as you and certain areas. So a lot of these plans to look like that or poisonous. Well yeah also I saw what makes me like I'm out. And stuff could lead to infection by an actor you wanna see wafers and test out exactly did it can be contagious or lack contagious but it could be dirty run. You're able got to really go inside containers are sincerely and unknowing and I had. The more I. Only those photos I don't think it's usually were just discussing the one where they took the lamp ray's mouth and put her on someone's fingers okay that's grossing me out so I see I can see. Why it bothers you the one that I've never understood it is on a model phobia. On amount of phobia. That's a fear of certain sentences. Certain words certain names certain phrases. People don't like to hear. These words now for some people can be like come. They said Ed but the word cooking Kate Borg cooking could trigger anxiety with a person who has just because maybe they were once. Burned. In an accident while they were trying to cook or Cindy you know they'd have. Fear of fire because you know sort of fire earlier cooking something. As I could be an experience you had the past. Or it could just being. Oh word that grosses you out which apparently is really really comment. And they put together the thing is that thirteen. Words they gross people out. Those didn't tell him I know unless you say wanna hold on my friend growing up he had two words the shady here. Didn't want people to say and he talked about even as adults ever talk but it doesn't like it and both of the words that he hated showed up on this list at the top of the list. But sort of the bottom number thirteen is flat said. Now I mean. You know I. Them depends on the setting but we're might cause me is that it is here in the war doesn't gross me out Kravis. Well doesn't bother me or offense. As number eleven. OK number ten escort. Them squirt squirt that bother you know but I am starting to see where there might okay score. Like. Maybe you're thinking you know of you know loved. I don't know bodily function or something her posture I don't know I don't know maybe there's and in the grosses you out ointment on Williams and drink. So I'm going to be I I think I'd love. But I I don't know how popular Dulles where ointment is number nine okay that doesn't buy me a death case number eight nothing forming. You east well. I start like ease my don't hate you more. You can faction Bryant is I can see maybe the idea behind that is is does right by it still doesn't really bottoms and just saying a word used in factionalism freaked me out. Chunk is number six choke I just think of the guns boom and then the top five words that gross people out is quite a deal late. Corn no it doesn't bother me squelch. Well so it creates. Who and the top two these are the tops because Williams junk. OK and I know one. It always is the one thing they ask him number one in December when it's moist moist moisture in moist as number one on the list now about my friend hail Norman that always those that I've heard why is that moist people hate to have a reason for it knows everyone hates that or ask your reasons for it. Yeah I mean what caused it is my friend I hate that word since we were kids he'd say don't say that. Don't say and then panties is number two. And panties always freaked him out and he hated it when someone that you might sound familiar when he was snicker and well he has a tired too moist in the panties. He has I don't know right Sherry that's my. My book goes he's physically you know I'm a mom I have about you when you've got a lot of our panties of videos. On your computer of their home and maybe that's why don't like to hear it spoken but it's good number two most common word on here if people like tears panties. So you laugh some say he put off the tees so much. They slid under and I SA. Spanish tennis panties and he's an OT like you lose your CNN I am looking at a huge bold warrior his panties some Israel but can't do this announcement he someone's painful here and they've pronounced all of them back in this thing and receiving here. Mary I think is Merriam Webster. Court. It's federal OSHA does and I admit I only. Okay moist all right so it doesn't bother me and well it's a creek impairment and aid. Panties she doesn't like me and there's a tee in the end he went to the diva panties. Dedicated. Flash and east. Shown. After scrapping. That the way they're all put together the value of their altogether analysts or does. Oh and you're late. Orangemen. Credit is about an even bigger sentence you can tell a story. Words on the list announced ultimately decide whom rice. And I don't think it would be safer in the air but I think you'd easily I think these things somehow all have to come back to. Being sexual who don't think oh isn't that why these words freak people out. You know I'd never heard this before on a model phobia. But I can understand if you're scared of a word because it triggers something like oh god don't say that word and you'll live he just he or whatever let's just say that word. Law grosses me I'm aware that you don't like now. Well I I don't have that I'm on my way closer to understanding was those triple phobia right now I am the fear of words was a word you just don't like in general they are afraid of them but now. Not really a bad that I can think of Muslim you have below. I know people do. But I don't have it. I've and one thing I can't say I don't think. It's good of a fart but. With the nets. Guard shoots the female. Oh. Oh OK I hate that word. Yeah it's not a great word in Q yeah. Hey I know what you are talking about in I didn't know what it wasn't so I was you know infiltrators from the year on the bus some sprints to do about it. The little shocking I think diversification and learn about it as a boy. I feel like whoa I know it was a thing. I think it's funny brick yeah it's funny word doesn't bursting out. Now London name. The doesn't gross me out if you don't know now don't say it. Now it's so. It's an awkward. But it's not where my name. And it happens for a pension and it's pretty awkward but that's not the word. You're associated with the action right. What do what I am I have but I still likely to have these other things like moist and panties and east and all these. They have to be thinking about something. There associate with something other than what Nolan when we are to support us and I both are about grapefruit cola mom gets in other people aren't. Otherwise why reverse policy is really a great group a lot. I don't I don't have any of those words. But panties and moisture in the top two which are the two that my friend was always scared of C kid. And people hate more people hate that word out why. I don't get it. We look at our leading this thing I mention that rose's article in slate about words they say that. Well I mean who knows but they say. And give them as far back position on so there are comedians making joy jokes about painting word moist. Bombed. People who maybe prone to have that kind of reaction to learn these words then and it pointed out to them. And then they picked up on that there was an empty words like so to what extent does it really some sort of an an expression. Is independently arrived at. So earlier saying. Home. You know. You may have thought just some I gotta love that word until another tables are talking about how anyone's and boredom and point oh Limbaugh's lead. Twenty gross out list and wants tools aren't talking a lot of venues and I can't stand alone word. But maybe before you're just like all of that word but lemon can sort of pointing it out and became easier to say that we're discussing don't say it. That's what I was people has kind of become a trend right now hurt so much like junk. People are scared of the word chunk are dependent on another hour surgery said they sent obvious and sexual. Yeah I'll slimy things gross things are names of fur garments worn them protection potentially sexual areas. Anything to do with food or cycling. Or sexual overtones. Is these things I use those guys sounds. Dumb. Everybody says there's other ones that are more can found and so sometimes you on the sexual ones some other ones and you could lead him to explain how bad. But he says there's a list of words is an essential foundation and are among the words. Analysts in this kind of reaction Maurice being an obvious one but there are other words like luggage. Usual us. And hardscrabble. So cut both arms more temple I you don't. I don't like that and all that's wrong but it goes on yeah and so on he says. I guess you you could imagine you know associations regionals words of some sexual but certainly doesn't seem obvious OK so there you may get them. I'm more than a lighter news makes the first time I heard someone say goose pimple. I was an adults only once he called the goose bump and crucial I think it was Washington and I emea. And it has literally gave me goose pimples like what I would I think that. So I guess that makes sense and is similar words like how post has an article about words are almost as cringe worthy is moist on but. Some of the mergers not PC you know it's tough Smart OK I get back but like baby. Okay pos. List who's all that stuff I get tigris yet you'd expect what you're talking about but passion. Is on the list nugget. Conversation. Baby bump. Oh. Well I thought no I'm not gonna say what but yeah it's kind of it's it's it's it's I heard it in the first heart was in fourth grade. And we were in sex Ed class never talked matter changing bodies and and I might have been like fifth grammar is at one point they've they've they separate the boys and girls and and and bring everyone together yeah. And have fun it's a lesson and they teach you together every and they are talking about her changing bodies more than two terms are used for the girls. Getting moves really. I'd now like that term what they call them can did you ever did you hear in in in health class they were about breast buds. My maybe yes I was like I won't. Why you cannot that is need to move now. Real I'll lose Cindy that's such original line now that we do all these girls some things to good morning grossest things ever found that hot dogs. Eric Anderson is yes please. Where they all it does supporting them here so I'll. Well solo Margaret's father pictures the last she's covering his mouth LaRouche. Is for all things are going to. USDA. OK now has been found on large. Glass worms and maggots. Bone. Fragments. And current hard plastic. A piece of an eyeball the black. Holidays are yeah. He's an eyeball look small piece of metal are right leg and has a picture of an awful. An entire band aid Bengals just they did I amazing band aids and the women are all the hours after he always seemed. I don't know why America now they just went nuts will make farm or ride will ever really know humanity the purses the I saw personal and scrape on our. Arlo you I don't all know but then I saw somebody with a stock mandate to their. I wouldn't like gullible right but as some about a sitting on the it's like a sign of the growing relationship do you replace your lives and someone's head is our problem as soon as it's out of their heritage and on your food there's nothing worse than a more spam. Calculations. Yeah word is weird but I was and Honda are all of you. I don't really think it's a. Or that was that that was all of them I don't like. Punishment you know like the word but Pope. Yeah that sounds childish right and there's no good word sweet you know move the zone that only getting him. They are. The rat leg I would throw the maggots the worms what the placid all of that yeah but there's things in there that are worse the rat leg. Doesn't look brilliant and I believe some blood supply examined bears any piece of plastic if they hold a full band aid when I would never got to know him but if they are. And these hot dogs that they were inspecting before they supermodel O'Donnell on Sundays are all I knows you know sudden there are some ideas DA. Other paneling and USDA and I mean amount of down time. But the but come gun at once I saw Jack Illinois well how did. If some if you're eating a hot dog you can always say okay. I know what does this mean it's it's cooked right now would you know I don't know. You just don't get people like all I wouldn't assume I would assume that something else like Madison sort out. I don't know. Liquid Ponce something gross well limited color number ones and their like Jesus she's scrimmage and no I does not plus the the matter bag retraces solid back to the planet. There you would need to see. When you say that's remembered what I. Now no way I have troubles Gerri are also three months behind on child. Okay. Hi hey how are you a great. You look fantastic thanks anyway so yesterday I guess it was just early morning. I get a phone call. Move from a number of Ohio and I don't recognize this I just letting go through right. And I listened to the voice mail. When her fashion items like food even work. Should prepare as better I apologize. To shoot me. And I'm calling it problem I had reduced and didn't bet against certain. And at least I got my content to let you know regarding but also as invited at gates' keynote. Pirates. So the base continue to receive this message I need you to attend the call. That issue that had an extremely good sensitive. And are led to my division that. If you don't return a call on lifting sanctions Casey. Wish you could not as the situation. Our post Soviet. Right so I get this number like. That I had no like. This can't be I mean I love how intimidating he runs and the like illusion the but it you don't return column I wish you the best right. As a situation unfolds on you and I'm like god damn I am on NS. This is iris. So. Like we're literally weird so I ask the first message you got that's the first message I think you thought I mean had to think immediately this fact doesn't even set because I'm gullible and I are right nervous easily but I think even I fired over like mountain. Right yeah I know I'm like now let's not right. So. But there is a part of me that's like when you heard an anomaly Danks is only nine days sometime the man. That's certainly possible. So I. I do is Google. The number. Iris phone scam and here's a list of them like you know don't do this in a bunch of stuff on. TV networks of people didn't scam artists IRS. And how desirous scam works it works on all people may bully reminiscent giving them their credit card numbers and not paying the debts on the phone and I was like you know just put up for a man and so calm. I just I called the guy. I called back and I said look you know first off take me off fearless he's like hello IRS and I'm like oh you're not the IRS. The year you're a scam artist a criminal a thief. And take mine lit my number off your your list or I swear to god. I'm gonna do something drastic and so I don't know but just because I've got diarrhea and a man angry. Whatever it maybe all of all of the things together so I tell him that. And he says which of those are funny like. This is my and that's. It could have slid an IRS. And I said man you're not the IRS I swear to god and then hangs up on me. So I just thought you know one word we have. Social media and what do we do a social media by the way I love social media but what do we do it it. We always just you know send out how we're feeling a pictures of are we never served. Whatever the case may be hell yeah I was a redo some good stuff to ride. Well I thought if we have social media and I just gave out this guy's phone number when people call it. And harassing him like he harass is people. And get him to stop I mean can can we just make this it's almost like gonna make an example of this guy right right. And so I weeded out his number and I put it on my FaceBook. And I said this guy. You know I told a story of what he does and people you can go yet you can go look at obvious on the IRS website and as a dad. And so I called him back a couple times and people continue to column back. Wow what a guy and then dying that man and he's left me a message on my FaceBook again used a manager named W that I used to work at in high school. So bad just column got an argument for what I am told my press number one for English and an awesome and I need to old miniature yeah like you know my old manager you know I worked fast food is and before I could drive. So people you know father number nine said he called a bunch of times. Asked if disclosed the magical is just a magical IRS place through and has an east Indian accent a registry to Santa Claus. And so I called I called the guy back and I said look man I tell you get a lot of phone calls he's like I'm blow your head. Stories and I'll blow your head and I said he'll blow my head I said. See that's not gonna we're views like I'll make sure you do not see new year OK and I said I saw that tweet right at that point they had. I know you mess with him do you even think about Kama cops are called back on Long Island so any system and I explained or Lenin. That you're going to intimidate people. Don't tell my you're going to blow their head that is sexual references. And that is you know you may get more people calling asking for. To get their head blown. You mean as soon he'll blow their head off. Because it means. Sucking blank if he does. I like your Dick. I you do like how are you predict so I felt Obama. Time's right people continue to call this guy and that they calling Paul McCollum. So I'm column a couple times so last night. At some point the number earned goes. Away ride it says like the person is unavailable or whatever the case maybe it seems like it's not working anymore. So it's okay that's great you know seems like it's there we did our job even if nothing else it. Cause of a day's worth of that margin is of these are telephone everyday people are asking him questions like as Santa Claus there. Right if you're Dennehy that's one person and he may not be getting in TouchWiz. That he can then skating and her right. So. So I think this is a good thing any changes number among the many other changes numbered only you know all these other things are gonna happen maybe. Maybe people you know where we've saved people at least some people from getting called. So then this morning I wake up and somebody tweet me and says today the numbers work again I call this morning. I say okay. So I call a couple times I tweet out again this guy you know he's now taking phone calls I oppose it on my FaceBook people start calling and everything else. Some driving to work today. And and my phone rings. In answer is number. So I'm like oh my god so I'm thinking to myself like this guy. He must have like a just a list of numbers he's going through them and he doesn't realize. That I'm the guy he called so. I lucked up I let it go to voicemail. And then it's the same message hasn't changed the message and always is same one. So I call right back. And I say. Hello. He's like yes and Mike is a CI RS someone told me out. The CI RS and they are gonna assuming any knows. You know this is not the IRS good and I say what and I know you just call me he's like. I know you're the guy that I call the other day. Please quit calling me putt putt. Not and I said I'm not gonna do that I'm not gonna quit calling you I told you take me off the list is like I'm never call you again please quit calling me. And I said no and so I'm not gonna do that you're a bad person not a drops of F bombs on Imus in your urine passing bad person is I don't use those words. So these are saying don't try to do is accent so he says. Can we please be fronts can we speak like friends and I said no we're not friends I say you. Are badgering old people in vulnerable people in gullible people in Q. Giving you money your feet. And he says what are you Spiderman two sets to me which I think is gonna bunnies those or use Spider-Man and I said yeah I'm at things Spiderman in his life. All CA I say Spider-Man and UCF in Sparta man he's like you have all these bad thoughts in your head you're the bad person. I say I'm not a bad person I'm not worried about it but I'm not I'm not gonna stop calling him. Until you stop doing business. And he says. He says. Look. I said you're not the IRS and you scam people lot of money and he goes yes yes I guess that's what I do. And I said is a lesbian friends and I said no we're not going to be friends and he said. Can you come see me. Is that I'm in Ohio can you come see me this is like when a bully picks on you enemy fire at the you've got friends they get scared they do all. I was just came and we should hang out so right time is like can you come see me you know I said no he's tired he's like can I come see you. Well net and I said. Yeah. And I said no you can't come see me. And he says look. We can do business together. I'll cut you and on the business went into business together so now he's running you're like look man if you could be an addictive and let me get my. Let me get my hustle on what do you want temper sensibly be old user wrote in my console. And I'm like no I'm not gonna take any money or a bad person. And I will continue to call you back until you stop calling people so. My wife at that point is walking out of work or crossing. Admiral Mullen or Mike hey this is the guy and she's clearly sushi slide needs lost your mind why you talk who's got so much when it was wrong radio. And I say and so she reaching beyond gum on speakerphone. This is like hey how are you when he's like I'm good how are you O pennies into he's like just talking to my friends and so she gave Boston wanna be my friend. And she says man she said I'm really jealousy usually. Do people that I know to get my husband is mad at me in his mother and now you've got to miss mad true. It is like no no no your husband is such a sweet man smacked man she married Goodman and so anyway. He ended up hanging up on me and that was there's so I know the people continue to column back but I thought what a wonderful use. Social social media perfect and that we can just destroy this guy and ruin his business of scamming people Sokol also are. Holidays because really the way he said he wanted to be so intimidating and when you column. When he did know I was it was clearly. Once I called him and I think he heard that much does being forceful when my voice and she just screamed at me and so they you know Leon Harris is gonna come get you an anonymous phone. Total views ever gonna call him back again but you know Ole. That people call him back they're nervous and are scared and he gets. Not only that you know I read all about it they ask him till I they'll try again to pay the money right there you can pay this off to a much. They'll also a lot of times they have your last four digits of your social. And he'll try to get the first part of your social and then open up credit cards are on your account. There's just is all this way that they're standing very vulnerable people. And I don't I night I don't know why I picked this to be emission but I thought what a great use of social media. And the fact that we're doing this is is awesome now. Bomb. If somebody does call you because I didn't look all this up but the IRS won't call you. They said they'll always send you align our first and you should be well aware. But that there's a situation where your taxes. Before anybody ever called joint a phone and they would never mentioned a lawsuit or anything along those lines so. There you go you know don't fall for the scam but apparently people and I look at them apparently a lot of people have fallen for the scam over. I Lulu mad like it is my old people you know right. Then you know you get woman who'd and I don't mean this in the bad way but you get a woman who's may be her husband's just pass or even the other way an old man whose wife just pass and they're finances aren't Iraq do you don't know maybe some what was supposed to be taken care of the taxes and somebody was and then you know what I mean you don't have all your family season's almost colony and understand I don't know I sleep a night ride you're just you know this is gonna unfold on you when you do all I knew you just get their money and well it shows savage beast look. I don't like people like just. I don't think anybody does something. And I don't like people who prey on the vulnerable lot of you know early creditors of any sort if you're going to be a thief MBS beef. And I know people would get mad at me about those were shows a ball is bush straight out much more respect for the guy who just steals from outright ride than the guy who does it says god is Mattie needs you bribe money or the IRS right exactly not. I just had a nicely tonight but I am curious how much money isn't it and I column and see if what. Maybe wants to partner with me. You only give his only confront home I'd like to just see if maybe you want Serb. In Syria a news number. It's. We've got a warrant went home to cameo to give it to me and spirit. If you want. Foot. 0143. That was so weird because the guy that I work there's no was right about them like all my god I just give up and that's. Please answer. Just. It appeared. Yeah I just received a call from this number. Forty if it. Who in my blood I tell you should be asking who you are just received a call from this number it was a voicemail and I can hear the voice know very well. Boy you. Why you ask me who I am I feel like I should figure out at least two misses. My name's Tom what you're if that's enough information monies Tom. Cain Gloria. I just told you who I am who is this Tories say my name is Tom and someone just called me from this phone number. Charlie Jewish people out of place shall wait and yes my name is Tom and someone just called me from this number. Child what you quoted over. I it may get called the wrong number I don't know I was I was just trying to call this number back because someone left me a voicemail. Technology here was it was time sensitive and you don't call back but I'd Megan got the wrong number. So as a wrong number. Can we be friends. Man he won't even do his own spam now. That's him there that says he's scared to even run his own scam. Is like damn who is us if he's taken us we should go the prank it was say hi this is. Once you go back and tell me Leon Harris right. I'm all about the other guys are even doing badly the comments on the he's under investigation for fraud and yeah I was is the FBI or why did you get him I'm over a source of energy guy and I'm doing that. Right I do any act as a regulator who's going to business with the steroid holidays. Extra cash in my pocket I don't find a way to we you know maybe we could do pick people that I don't feel guilty about taking their money could we do that. We should act now I don't know how he does it. Shoot you know you should do. You should be cumbersome you guys should do you should send a Christmas program note this does every user wants Osama copping a local suburb. And I just had a scam attempt on an old lady yesterday from a guy claiming to be from the treasury Treasury Department so same deal probably got a guy who Texas who has had his wife got a tax for our got a call from that number. But you gave. Said should they as he called her death and since it did the same thing. From the exact same number. Anyway. I'd send you don't feel freer column. If they can golf with them. It is time now. For countries psychic is she's. My own thing. Single worst you could. Mind MM says it embroidered country songs all you need. Is the title and artist and party proved I have a new groom now just over fun. He did it. MM merely for your first country artists Shia I don't know there's one of these so one of the three songs I know I know the song. So it's not this one. One song is this group's things. That just saying 01 of the songs on the listed her own songs Lewiston and I got in a grand. That's rare must be a big one. Now in mind I don't know anything about this guy in new and I wish I did but I don't just. Chris cage. Okay you know anything about Chris cage or them. I hope I got a name right. I just download the music I don't even listen as songs on his download them and I hope I get a ride the song's called chicks dig it. Chicks dig it. Do I think about it nominal or heard before I'm looking to see if the overseeing the stove for. Chris all you know what I got I wrote it wrong I'm sorry Chris can eagle OK there's an Allen there OK so not to be proved everybody that I just download these and write it down I don't listen to a Criss Angel. As I sort of the look it up any team. Is an American country music artists. From yeah. Director Louisiana my head in Florida whenever there's rarely easy and and a he's got a cowboy hat permanent black T shirt. Some guests and he is conjuring Israel's army strong I don't know much about I don't know Chris Cato. Okay silence I really download me write it down real quick and fast identity Eleanor so it's Chris KOK eagle. Had I I would change my name is not a good country name. Chris K just I would be done eight K sounds like a better country name this is Chris K all the songs called chicks dig it drill here aluminum is physically I. Okay. All right. I don't know what six dead I'm anxious and too much coffee that's a judge did too much Coughlin now. Talking personally hear it in check today hammered chicks dig something he does a good day is lifestyles and didn't think you are seeing. Like you know this is what I do initiates Digg says OK now could dig everything about me. I Alberta jerks dragged there is due in mind doing it. I don't know and here's the music writer let's go right. And. Inside not to sing like. John Anderson as we yeah. True or not. I'm dean Zimmerman now. Easy man trapped under the bed. Fans love when the cameras. Americans want him on a mom might say. Kids. No matter. And now. Yeah I didn't scream I guess I thought I was I go into any Anderson I felt like I kept my voice that time out. Did you guys like the way as saying yeah. Get a good job and I was really good so my answer yeah I download these songs is a Veba Renault from like a I paid for a carry out our country karaoke service and I just grab I don't know any of these songs. I really don't even know until we get any and I try to find out some information about the that's the only reason why change it from OK Chris case to Chris K all this because I kept typing Chris cage in the Wikipedia and it came up with a wrestler. And I thought oh Christ and to the stronger than I typed in Chris CAG. And K goal. Was one of the things that you could pick on Wikipedia when I clicked on mad. I strolled through it and it said chicks dig it song from 2003. Let's do a good job and Emerson and Al urges all. They hit. Married okay. I'm real sorry for him parent and drill Garnett hasn't. He doesn't like dangerous domino. Flies he's it was dad's like why do in this race Herron out my shed riding life he's jumping off a rough with a Superman cape he says there's a chicks dig it snag confused by the belts in the jury plot line matches or a girl when he said daddy's belt I thought Jesus Christ and had a east. I'm going to abuse is there. And he's about to get me with about but it didn't he uses the all right all right all right all right so I didn't get that one OK but this Chris tingle guy never even heard of some. And I was like I didn't sound like real country music to me anyway. Terrible why all of this when I do you do that good on this on the spans called and I don't know anything about disband the launched trailers. Their permit to land at Georgia. There associated what does Zack brown band in Willie knows no Zack brown band is when I did terrible on tonight. Because he's like they'll need southern fried rock alt country guy. I don't know anything but the song's called country folks. Parents article titled live and allowed. Them. Counselor loves women allowed. Livni or eleven allowed LIV I in apostrophe women alone country folks in the called the trailer boys. A lot trailers trailers of Australia's you know this band Australia it's. Good for whatever reason I really don't know it im looking doorknob on Wikipedia now that's where did you information and gave you. And it says one other singles was chicken fried which is something we did right yeah didn't win but yeah so I don't know if they're. Our daily roundup I wanna play or not Emerson a single only chicken fried nemesis played well I don't wanna than. And down. So I must have something to do is Zak brown I don't know anything about that hello terrible day at a lot of trail and are off to a bad start all right let's hear the music at least. Lot of life. Earlier in the I know and I need you need. Lisa's final laws trailers can concert folks. It doesn't love so much garbage. What was that part re held it out okay all right. Mom wants told the board there's something you know. Home. People actually knew there further stage and in homes where they know. Purchase guns well. Willow okay these teen. Okay. Yeah I'm not in the game. No well. Everyone will understand how you live and on day because there's a palpable did just have flown one day today. Now we. That was hard now I thought that was really I really hard. I thought it was really good the way you carry that know him do. And that's a good hard solid it was really gotten a really good let's show the real version. Oh yeah. Is that Chattanooga tell what song is. Way down Yonder past. It's two Alley is yeah pounds. I think Chelsea. All your guns. I knew how we sing the song I could've done it better now I could announce. These are probably try to fit star spangled banner in a one Enron somebody did I'm just I've run. I mean we've been doing this long enough now looks trucks and Beers momma church shut down and right now you know it was funny the person you realize that it worked every time but no there's parts everytime as I say all right you're explosions the song I know and I you know I just tell me Boca Iowa but it's Toby Keith. OK I should have been a cowboy. It's. That's familiar legend goes on. It's familiar but I don't know either words I feel like I know that it goes like should have been a camera well I guess some major not a new but it sounds familiar. I don't know any words to us is the music and if you know it doesn't mind if you don't that's trying to. Here comes. All that course is trickier he's delays a little bit OK I don't know that song now OK don't I mean the museum some familiar the name of it sounds you know what I should say I know there's I just know the right I know how he says that I may have seen him performing on. Seemed cheers I was flipping through I know how he sings that line but I don't know any words of the song on guys I should have been a cowboy okay. I like I I think it was a little more upbeat sounds like a ballot. But show us. It took well I'm really light headed the US. Probably can't alone. There was a time. I'm I didn't know. The banning count Volek could have been just. Hey CNN world began. Driving around on my pores and Kerry genocide at all. Nowadays I think have waited too long not made up all my decisions on May have waited ethanol. To me tell all again that would be away. Quarterback is still leading cattle. Now be great. Stay. Now on. Always on the move mayor ray. All I need. Now moment. Town always good to have those deals around. Good men in cowboy you know an unknown and and Glen day's labor old. I doubt Obama. I'm not saying rises on the minotaur wind bag country plan. I used to it turf she's scared she's old creators. Themselves. Crowd all live meant is still my bow or may need Indians can keep their lifestyles and TV. Keep your TV. Now the whole life. Out on the Iran. This day. Okay. I'm playing ball. Tabloid parade here. How Pawlenty. There where is mom. As I knew a man. And you know I'm having fun. Own and then I'm gonna. The manner in. But it let up and I was on the yard dig it up pretty close I was pretty close right there every. And yeah. Didn't he does have going now yeah. It all right but here Meredith. It's sounds like a ballot for Toby keeping you from. It's. Hey am hole. Big. Yeah we're learning thank you soon. Now I'll. When I mean ever. Okay. No doubt right yeah. Sure he. Young girls aren't their relevance deal. Yeah. Toby Keith was like you know red Solo Cup guy and I don't know anything about him I think he did a good job Ben Ben. That's this week's countryside gig would you like to do a little more Chris scale forest at a time all right. O line. Easy as. I'm sure you saw this but we were talking about the royals game last week where the Cleveland Indians fireworks sky accidentally. Shot off the pirates. It when Rios hit that home run. And it was already is something we're talking about you know embarrassing moments. And I had I had. Her about a like I'd seen the Bleacher Report thing actually an update on my phone the same Cleveland Indians actually set off fireworks for royals home run. I wasn't watching that game have you seen the actual video did you show brand they show the man who's in charge of the fireworks covering is head. And the worst part is. It's not like it's one thing but you don't just keeps going. Well the left field. Down the line. Into the corner and Alex Rios has his second home run of the trip. Now the crowds turning to do yeah realize oh now they realize. Alex Rios is so close in June. Normally. You know we had the Bunyan always thinking oh god what have I done and then they keep going to do and they show his face right as they sound please stop won't stop fast enough. It's a smoker are talking about like you know you're you're big screw ups because that's the kind of thing if you like. Where it anytime someone mentions that story Tim for the rest of that guy's life. He's gonna feel like it's happening all over again the best thing that happened to you where you screw up reduce super embarrassed so I ask snow cone. If he's ever you know what his moment is that when he thinks about you crunches and it's one of the funny things and reverend a allows those who plays. Or when the space camp when I was probably twelve or thirteen space camp yeah. A lot of the stories are prefaced with space camp how many years did you go to space news wants a guy who's. Where Spacek and is it. Hutchison the big they're cousins share. Know someone Kansas. Until morneau but Kansas space camp yet I think it's it's such a sudden. I think there was one and independents Palin's fear so you're going to space on a space camp and they had in the lobby of the plays they had that. We're describes the giants certainly drop in pennies or coins and on the circle around forever that might have a whole mall for charity area but the coin and it spins down a big funnel right. So every day after launch Meehan so my friends there we're going down there and government your coins and in Washington I don't know it went past the time. And so one that got the idea thousands that this launch when your mom gave me. And go to the get shopping get a bunch of pennies. And after launched a day we'd drop on the thousands of pennies on the bureau goal. So under the your Shelton so buys ten dollars for the pennies a figure action yet I castings and although god. Thousand pennies or whatever. And apologizes after launch like it's going down I'm going to be so cool. Its base camp and put it and I was like me you know you can all day is that my parents or go to space candidates can just bought ten dollar vertebrae as I am trying to any Muslim from armaments and wars he's so excited about any other kids like this hour. All alone PH is now. Home we got a thousand pennies man is going to go our thousand pager put Omagh. A little round thing and I think I've found that. There because I said why do you need you know you can grab the before falls through this thing around I'm generally a fact involve thousands of smaller ones he wants to see how many did you according to what grade is the merely cool but of course it was so we who's been really cool because this program down. We have a certain bank a rock and enroll him. It doesn't pay zones and I think that is a rocket at Roland. This is what will the space camp believes you're trying to make friends you're kind of. Anyway I was Turkey to lasso and a letter written that said we don't like you we've all we know we're there but you're explained to me that you were. You got picked off sometimes and this was something cool you can do yeah because check this so. Your friend now home 1000. Pennies exactly so you. Go ahead there was a slated for and so I suspect like an hour before lunch before we're gonna do it. We got our usual space camp activities and that day was the it's the zero gravity thing where they put you in the the ball with your legs and arms stretched out this Spinner around his finger on upside down stuff. I got in there Oswald tried to do it and it starts moving and besides we're gonna feel the pennies in my pocket. Start to shift as well things in my pocket I was I don't know Muslim basketball and that point that's all we're about snowstorms this feature is right. Mom doesn't leave the house and in one shorts and a pocket full of nice to see the I was there won't show up at it and doesn't starts moving if you look any shift don't want a guy there's a thousand pennies in my pocket. And so started going in the Kerry started right away takes a second so I just are going to things start flying out. I hear the operator go those those pennies. What do you think he stops. And at this point everyone in the room ceremony though the pennies are your upside down in pain and upside down and pennies in his thinking and clinking on the couch and our pennies trickling out of your pocket yeah. And so he had to stop the machine I was hanging upside down and pennies were just fly out of my pocket and what are your bros saying it throws trying to gather the penny I don't know very important its opponent barely importance of this any adventure growing and nevertheless you know I kept looking up to see what was happening your seat. If I was gonna stops in the kept hitting me in the face and you're trying to do village and I minds are you trying to will the pennies sustain your pocket have to tighten up as soon as the usually moves I felt them Chappelle's like oh my god there's a thousand things. Pocket. So pages fallout in front of everybody yeah you're upside downside of slowdown and shared. Not all the kids were in on why eight of so far over your wife and kids with autism as a thousand pennies in just I just finished counting them. This change so I just can't just count pennies I knew exactly how many fell out. So many things tells me he's like you assume all the peaceful under his watch community into space camp. And Adobe wants scientists are like a scientist later. Good causes like mission control like some do get to go to space and you have to be scientists and there was a camera or like when you do that you simulation there's like five people and then each one has a role as a pilot co pilot and their two like scientist I was one of the scientists. So he's a scientist and there's implement a Smart uninsured right and right now there are Democrats say I'm Rockefeller pennies in my home boys who tune I think he's good with numbers what I think. So they've got him down and the kids are telling him on. On their their radio and say hey. When did you take that pencil and write her name their emission control I was on the part of you the simulation in the new part of mission control early emission controls a broom had big screens there watching you in this and the spacecraft. I would tell you what to do once you went out of the bottom and start doing your science experiments. And they kept telling me. The my science experiment was to write my name on my arm with a pencil. Source sort of right in my name down that's an okay hold to the cameras are gonna see. I did that they've. They currencies that have this OK right harder so by the end of the coaches jamming this pencil my arm trying to write my name. I fired and start cracking up laughing all the kids relax and the penny kid it's actually really sad we think about it. Somebody really could react. Well they said they wanted to see if you could read pencil and space or something. It's always weird they're picking on the pages. I realized their pick on the line Ramallah and it just takes one of them what is your. Why this kind of cried no and this laughter not when you have someone back up to the thing at that point did you realize maybe you know scientists. Iraq. And maybe not the cool okay this base camp or nine new I was new and. I've been called into space can't decide to I mean that is known as I argued phenomenon known as the main. Everyone hopes of payroll and a space scandal at least we're right. And luckily I shot I dailies I got big dogs through elementary school and it's rough and a school kids. We're also annoyed space camp I can own space camp and then you realize you dump them pennies on your assurance. That's tough man I'm sorry that was like debris Saudi go through weaker than Coleman pennies. Mean spirited of television of that thing. I don't who don't remember. I don't think so. Would you do a lot of pennies I think I'm a member. Peter was put him back and had those two for stuff to go do it it's all a blur after missing that was the moment he can't even tell the story without getting uncomfortable. I remember what happened to him so I just since the same and same thing happened at an alarming worldnews thank you. You gotta you gotta get American story over and I mean I know I do. I know that there's those things where when people mention Michael OK I can't believe I did that. Any time it gets brought up Porsche it feels like it's happening again in almost like it's happy another universe right now do you think are wonderful people still think you mean LA. But I really can't think of anything. I think I'd suppress it. And so I can't think there's a couple things off the top of my head but they don't seem that bears seemed they were really embarrassing to me at the time. But I have a kid I don't have a fireworks moment where accidents are the fireworks so I think Greg second third grand. I'm gonna go roller skating was this girl named Terry Glenn I'm in law went all right I'm Justin rule on whether and you know she goes. Wherever people are talking about ten euros they Cano roller skated them like I can roller skates I had skate boarded before but I never roller skated before Iran. Of course talk about how great of a roller skater I am to him back I had in my believes this is going to be so easy. Which by the way now. I stopped my kids who say that when people say write a roller skating and when I can really judge rules Illinois can no you can't know lie about you need a lesson don't do this I've seen before. Trust me area I really suck all Manning am uncertain things right. And I'm like I can roller skate please in my mind. I can picture myself roller skating backwards forwards dancing have to do everything into that car ride how large an image roller skating and of these other kids can do what I can do it. So of course you know I go drawers didn't she takes my hand and I follow brownish institution at a roller skating I'm holding on my own thing and it's just an affairs is just a nightmare and dead just so embarrassing and especially if you talk so much smack just. Just horrible when she was nice about it which made it even worse. Now and I just had not talked to ruin exchange school I would. Dom dom when you professionally and in the summer so I can't overeat and the rough and I can even though she got the Marino. To my class or ever really known. Loan amount talking you. Can live with the second live in this so. Fast forward like eight years and now special led. 1011 years them. Gotta go skinny. And think about it. And I'm gonna go skiing wins. Terry no same girl named Darryl is now saying you know same girl we're gonna go skiing. I signed up for the ski club right. And I didn't sign up with the intent that I knew how to ski I just with the intent that I wanted to word right. But then Sheen seized at my name's on the thing and she says oh my god you know he's skin like RE IC. Look look look look yeah it's same goddamn good same story or my god guys it's like else but I think you know like narrow this image problems did that well right it's like you when you look I'm not. Oh obviously so she says well you know as did my family in Colorado it's off my mind on Jesus and so I sure I'm not that good but you know I ski before so I'm trying to play down a little bit like I'm trying to learn my lesson month. Again I'm thinking. Americans can be low dose being honest. Same thing the the but again I'm I know take to tell robes of a hill I'm not supposed to beyond. She skis down perfectly does a hockey stop. Turns around wage for me I can see your smiling she looks beautiful on the glistening snow. I'm push those polls once go bright over on my head blown brawl halfway down fell. I have instead of the brakes on your skis they have a safety straps on them. So I stand up I'm on them you know mono that I'm not I'm still the blue spot among Hamas on the binders. And I start to walk down the hill without thinking take off to say just some of the Steve before the ski jumps up. This means of Tibet head and I just finished the rest of thing down face first. Law. It out and then just as I look a little skewed around. Hum. They'll catch up when we renewed and I'm sure she's like I'm tired of those involved in this is happened way too many times does such a complete Jewish and the new guys on skateboarding appears lawyer. Know those two things did absolutely happen. Absolutely. Mine was the squared instant thing which I'm told just I would you know what real quick don't. Fast forward senior year boom right. I take Lacey tee and I get like I don't know like tardy want Renaissance some giants score remind. There's a target but my. My grade point averages like point oh senator I'm getting ready to drop out what. Terry. Is in charge of she works and is an assistant to one of the counselors and she's going to get work. So she stopped when she says oh my god I can't believe you've got such a great moon haven't talked a long time. I don't I don't believe it doesn't your grades corners CG how do you doing you know I got a 27 I'm going to Michigan staple among. Well I got. On him a little while so she says we should go out sometime I say of course I say what you wanna do you aren't drinking. And she's like Charlotte elbowed our child or drinking tells us some she's like bad editor Greg. Two Beers and she's wasted after drop overall she pretended like she knew how to drink. And she didn't and I was like come on this is stupid she's laying on the car if half drunk really good friends I also like. I took her over or friend's house had a beer enough frozen Bush's and so it is good that whenever. I'm out moon shall let you go there are around you know. Which is very square dancing and scored as it was bad I'm told us the story before but and did you visit the square dance engineer I MP now. Most clearly something the we have did square dance and seventh and eighth grade and so on in seventh grade they pick a partner for you in eighth grade based holding guys. You're going to ask a girl to square dance move because you're we're gonna go over the girl's PE class and you're gonna go raskin here's the thing they're not allowed to say no. So just figure oh you're gonna ask go ask them and don't be too scared because they're not allowed to say now. So I tried to pick someone that I thought you know wasn't too outlandish. You know what I mean like I'm trying to. But I still want I I want someone kind of cool. So I went over and they find you know they think they've reiterate what's happening to bring the girls are as hard everybody goal asks why walked over if I found this girl. Ernie was a leash and I said hey will you dance that means meant the look on her face. She goes oh ooh it's. I'm really sorry king can you just wait because I think there was someone else that was gonna ask me I won't ask real slow while we're supposed to ask you would you I know what I was gonna ask someone sorry. So I was like oh okay so give this. It ends. And there's like four people who didn't get Astro ever they have to be pair up and I was one of the bureau's two guys and I was one of the guys. And they had a pair Mia was someone who showed up late she wasn't even Marilyn and and that girl went up with some some mother died. It's only just got I was collision with I think she just really did all of us with me. Horse lemon is a horrible moment I can see the look on her face when I was like eight. Because it takes a lot of balls they've great asking emerald and I think I didn't know that a McCain you wanna dance and choose like who else. Like oh god you're not supposed to say no what are you doing. And then my friend I knew I was friends with his girl in high school. A junior high and high school never data but we're really good friends and she asked me to take your homecoming one year because she wanted to go to French woman dating anyone are obviously until he wants I said sure I'll take you. So I had money for dinner and everything. I always had a job since I was fourteen so I had my own money but I brought money for dinner and there was really expensive it was like out of money and we get to school and we get in line for the pictures. If she says hey. Let's get some pictures this will be fun and the pictures are like 25 bucks or something ma'am and I didn't have any money and I'm standing there in line and we love getting closer prepared you for the restaurant exactly. So I'm trying to think of something to say like what am I gonna say. What do I do I get to the fun aside I'm I'm sweating you're left feeling that hot for viewing inside just tears she isn't him. Like I don't have 25 bucks. And I have no idea how he knew to this day he's my hero because of it but my friend Jimmy who we'd gone out with that night to dinner. He's gets in front of me says Reid can I confront you can we confront you don't like absolutely. Anything could stop this embarrassment sure so I guess in front of me and I know it's hard to explain on the radio when he crosses his arms like this. And he backs up the enemy and whose. Read any in his hand right here under his arm he has a lot of actors John Jeremy Jenin and he hands me there is a good guy easygoing guy and he and he handed me. A stack of cash and nobody saw him I have no idea how he knew. You know I mean I don't know I'm sure he's sensitive front saw the fight on your I was just could see it I I think he knew like man this kid and you know his family had money and mom and super nice guy nice family. And he got finally gave them money so she saved me from what could have been but it's just been O line was a horrible moment. But yeah that was a good guy I remember thinking like man casts a squad he's awesome he's classy too like he hits you know Leslie said Reeve broke you some money got in front of him and he of the whole thing planned out. So. High schools tough talk this accomplishment I remember in high school like in ninth grade. Nurses girl who went to a different school now and I was like yeah come and ask around Kona. Take her somewhere. I remember asking around and I thought she was beautiful and everything was good and and I hear so many say hey who's taken Teresa I'll. Like the sound like god she is ugly is anybody's lips somewhat. What he's talking about this big I'm sitting at a table on their life and god dare you see now won't and they are being as rude and mean as they give me. It looked up and up over a couple sets up well it is only know. Do you have to go yeah. But we had crossed the unless there's something else I'm gonna use humor blue had no idea but I certainly had sixty wounded them enough. Confidence is good compromise. Sounds familiar what it does sound is like now. So do they see you like to she come over and now so we're supposed to go to this place where everybody was go wing and then I just called and so you're the only thing you know we'll always in his own gruesome and ourselves usually don't get a score and then. Reason ago when I was like I hate those earlier where warrior and I just don't put too quickly attract a he did and I know you're all dumb as a box of hammers but but god. Don't let the water view who has a 2.4 oh grade point average figure this nonsense. Out. All of us. But there are that's the wars and by the way if that I had known that you're Dana it's bad for him to but he did know but if that he did not if he's found out is still doesn't know right but if you found out diet is horrified I did I don't think he's trying to be I mean we've all they've been I don't think you would have sent me and her I think it was just. Guys talking and you know install the all right and my god damn you see her Jesus and no Lloyd. And I sure. There. Full Rudy. But the that's the worst I feel bad for him tuna he didn't find out so I don't I shouldn't be liable only insured in final bill all right well it was me. But you've probably been the other person that. I'm sure your kids dot com like whose take America I outages like when I callers or less goes or else you might. Magnificent gift has ever happened to me in my life either I'm sure. It was just the day that we go to remove it a replica of a judge me and being vacated job. Sox that's supposed to purple. And the thing is you grow up and that feeling never really goes well now called Manson fireworks off of the Cleveland game had that exact same feeling it doesn't get any better known as horrible and his position you're doing them. Booth let's stay in the old Man Ray you know this is what is retired doesn't fireworks I will you know I'm telling relatives and soil or boring but they probably weren't Arab bowing out there work there but the answer. Yeah. Our rights Chris Thompson how are you do well. Thanks for stopping by the studio here and I've never eat right before we went on you said. You were a little nervous as you haven't you're gonna to perform a song later Brandon if if things go well we get along Brett you've agreed to perform a song and you see evidence that sort of arms that are higher on the intercourse and okay I'll get to performs pleasing you haven't done it in the race erase issues you're nervous but I never met you before haven't you were older I know you've been here in the past. Because you you came in where you would bail when talk to charity. With Chris bell. And our guys as the rhythm section of Vampire Weekend look at a great time talked about the target. Are on the way here in the in this in this lovely location here Dotson. Dotson fresh lakers' size of the time zone cream sauces there are members it was very important and. Good memory is a very good memory now for a lot of people other product in May with you as a drummer Vampire Weekend. And a lot of people might not know this and this may actually be totally factually inaccurate but I read. That originally. You were supposed to be the guitar player for Vampire Weekend got something right. That is true. Not only lasted for two very sure Purcell though. At the time and when you wonder in college and you're meeting in sort of forming that spans. I was definitely the best shredder. A guy on the guitar I was a bit of a Trey Anastasio. Alkaline oh. Rich reference our brand and our producers stop you early eighties and I got to talk to cars and demonstrations and stuff before it goes yesterday although I've been fine when I say that name often. People who aren't mines don't that is so he's the guitar elitist yeah yeah I would think people were about the same age I think people our age no obvious they don't. Even a big fan but I'm aware of them but into a show in any case I did so you know I was known as a bit of a shredder in college but then we couldn't find a drummer. And I don't is sort of mass surrounds. Like. Growing up and and enjoy it and draws the number two analysts generally done it formally in any contacts. So as an unsettling news Celek wanna mine you know on. Tyrus Alonso goes and a salute you miss it we can't find it. In New York we can't find a drummer well so we're we're a little bit more dramatic was still that I got our. Our collegiate experience. And like to just like friends and friends of friends who were read into like an open call obviously we spoke breath better than anybody I think. Author of those probably works in my favor because I didn't. Sort of tricks that I knew or muscle memory things I would fall back on so ended up some sort of to announce the went along and hopefully that Medford. Some more unique parts and how old were you when this is happening when this once you want there's 21 vampire regions India and and it doesn't take long really. For Vampire Weekend to be the biggest band in the world talked about me and I mean it's because it's. Like I said we're about estimates put it in some ways it feels resentment that when I start thinking back that it ever record we're talking about a decade ago over there didn't you that long. Yeah I mean I think that there was a year and a half for two years where we were doing stuff either in new York and if you snapped by national tourism were sort of under the radar but. Yes I think I think we hit every step at some of the stuff complied quickly so at some point your you're 23 let's say 20/20 four years in one of the biggest fans in the country the world little on the country. And certainly most talked about you know at everybody knows your the coolest band in the world at that point. Earlier about that a lot of people right I mean it's. It's been. You go on these massive two hours and then. Let's the last record came out again I'm bad with dignity 2000 thirds 2013. The logic of that to the 2013 do this massive tour brighten any come home. And you say. All right I've been doing this for you know eight years however long it's been just I'm guessing well. Almost constant nonstop work with Vampire Weekend then you have some time being early thirties at this point. And you say I can't sit here and relax well which I don't understand matter. Well I think. You know and there I think that that was the first time. Outs and of the sort of like time off and I knew that you know we were gonna work around for awhile so I knew that there is there are some time there. To figure out if there was some guy could do but I think that was the first IMAX was able to excel without any sort of death. And and sort of Saddam and processing like. Almost a decade of a lot of informed decisions yet you know in a way what you're early thirties yes yes you're getting married. It's just got mariners. I guess us a lot of things you know comically and essentially turning thirty is can be ripping it if I sake I'm 34 still have a community. So yes so but I you know I think it was mostly just kind of like. Taking stock for the for some alone time is new in the middle of something in the eye of the storm fuel economy is go go go you do what you gotta do you you know like. You you sort of accomplishment. What you can when you can and just yet up up when Thomas is finally comes to sit about it Buick. Right. And yet and so you know I had to necessarily. Go into that time off with a sandwich. You know I knew I need for a missile you know this shot. But you know I sat down and considerations on the felt like me that felt that authentic that we're doing parsley with that excel now like a lot of that. A lot of those lyrics were kinda and maybe I just I interpret the way I want to because I'm of that age group like a lot of those lyrics were dealing with being at a certain region. Does that kind of existential what in my old in my young in my what are we supposed to be doing right now which I think everybody around this age has that moment. Yeah I I think though that was a lot of you know. And in the record is young ish American I mean. They get more little had a direct. So for me out like this is perfect because that's what I've been doing let's do it since my thirtieth are no I mean I think I've for sure I think that was especially. When temper Rican it was on and you know that sort of entitlement one is. The you know you sort of like you're you're doing I was doing when I was dreamt of doing and you know I had a hopefully doing well. And then. So via fronting a step back and sort of realizing 021. Else to you know what else is minded since the cell based Indian band doesn't seem necessarily healthy. But it's not bad at present itself is based on being in our weekend well it's more than 99.9 percent of us are gonna accomplish burnout but but I guess there's some part of its music you know what's separates the successful people from the people just get by like me see if I have time off after being on tour all those years. I'd be on a yacht transceiver to hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio or something you're thinking I keep movement. I start a solo project like the other guys in the yeah I mean I think it's it was more I think the impulse was to. You know. Figure out. Figure out what I was thinking and then what what I how I thought of my life so far and then when I was. And that turned into songs which again is sort of the only thing I'm professionally qualified to do it but. Yes and you know I don't think that these these thoughts or her feelings are unique to me necessarily but that doesn't it and you've been deeply and I and I'd tried to express them and I think personally as a but I also think we is that you know. Hopefully it. As you're saying you know other people can relate to right and so choose. And it can I paused and we're talking to Chris Thompson honest ends of the last name of the band dosage or for Vampire Weekend and I am a huge empire we can fan and he's you know I've I've I'm that's good to should be. And I you know I had a goal line and I tries that you guys should join in and when I saw that you're working on something that's not hockey games of the west with a how does that mean acting like I read somewhere and again who knows that this is true it propose on Raddatz former what Islam is always said. It's something to do. Chris is talking about how the infrastructure. In the United States is falling apart and someone said that all the dams in the west are falling apart in because he's the same age as the of something along those lines had more to do with age again. There was. A conceptual. Part two Iran and also I thought it I thought it sounded sort of cool there's sort of a certain visual elements that that pops into my mind into it and when that without friends. Of and hide under an article about. The debate surrounding some not all of dams in the western United States about some saying they. They thought. It would be better to sort of has to take him down with you know the rivers and you know be more efficient some viewers and then the dissimilar repair its. Says make them function you know probably gotten maybe it would just be best buy stopped now I'm as well. Well I guess I guess then the good the way connected back in was. Was that you know as like. I felt this very. Very. Explicitly is like you know I'm like this way dude Redding rock and roll generally speaking songs into zones sixteen yeah fifteen Motorola's. It felt like you know like this this that world and that that infrastructure is also sort of like. Teetering. Aside I thought that there there was a certain camaraderie with the with the idea of of of the dams of the leg and also to vote this article. It doesn't equal the record is out correct yes. Just a few weeks now early evidence it's not youngest American who's your favorite favorite streaming service was named the site are going to be on I'm going to be performing a song called tell that your book and this is the new single correct yes OK there you go it's Chris Thompson dams of the west and you can see him to night. And not had your open upper black Joseph Louis correct. Yes and I gotta say I'm very excited. The play a place called not of all the that is that the that's got to be one of the best names and there's also on the first on the album. I explicitly call myself an Oakland right. So I'm very excited to put the right call myself knocked a knucklehead. At not at Annapolis is once a life yet there are 0:8 o'clock sharp all right Angeles thanks again for stuff but we ask him. Being created. Soon. Hahn knows men. My mom and thinks it's. When the today. Lose. Because that. Jack. Huge risk for a man yeah. The Blue Line is. As did some people who. Soon. Booted mood at this you know and is. Now that I oppose Saddam. The dieting. Until the end so those. Snag is the it is absolutely not Lou comes up in the Hamptons. Home. Yeah. On the clues to go. So home I assume you. Done a million names. And it's simple things I had many good. It makes it trash at the colts and me. It's. Is in limos and men. Six CNN for a day it's still a salute to rebuild. And into the balloon. Alluded to ask senator known as we don't and and Satan is okay go blue Mac then we'll fifty. And on the. Johnson. Did some of the. Mad. Man moon soup just a you. Okay sues mom and indeed. Yeah. And mean yeah. You do. You know. Good good that's as senator no and as. Still friends and it paying them. You can't damage. News. You have to. The team. I'm and. Press Thompson dams of the west you can see it tonight opening up. Black Joseph Louis. Chris thanks so much appreciated thanks Sasha maybe forty will be easier. Settled or anyone's oh good all right thanks Chris these.