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Reports of golf the Miami. Here June 16 at the middle and. Corey I'm sure of that your take as while they are still available on yeah. And six by the buzz dot com. Respect to get an intimate parts office. Whatever but it suits my invention dean easier Americans here are mark mentally tough hey yes OK and chili peppers. And chili peppers think we can do that. Online dating. You do you have a privilege sweets and anchoring okay. Cut there so you'll do. So I read I an online. I'm lying through a front row we'll be undermined our friend Robby talk IWWWWW. To make sure you logon. With your 56 K motor on the 28 K not supported. It'll be the and let me do web 2.0 people it's a whole new paradigm. The effect it's the our land photo photo hunt blind Federline thought I'd find I don't know that it and I don't know how we're looking for. You'll find an answer that's that's the blind I don't mind are ideally yeah now Lauria as our guys is it is today. He's solid. Snake. Or bad. And then I saw. A story on the news. About snakes. Can't. So. After I saw the stories. On the news about snakes. Venues are snake. I saw a snake first of foresaw storied. Name in news about snakes. And KS speech being. I get and it's so. That really happened and I did that happened there is a snake and they say you begin the story as far as I am concern right we need to really hone in on your snake eggs don't know where the way I feel about snakes. Is the same way have bill about spiders. Are here. Can't stop but as I. So damn snakes and spiders. Should be debt. Spiders do good things he shouldn't kills byters LOC a warehouse. They should be paid and I thought if guard. It's called. In just had this conversation with my young castles I else. Right and I explained to him that any means fighters are more afraid in the years then you are saddened. And I also ran in the benefits. As minors and what they do do you mean. Might get rid imperious insects bugs and mean. Four and a well but you just believe it we see it in a shower. Now he's gone down under is gonna it and dig our from Dion real Buddha like yeah I take an outside and and now and I'll look man there's like it some day it's like why some days is that some days is known other bits castle defense and a fire offense they demand guys help me anyway is a lot snakes. In Kansas City is there and I notice I notice on people's social media mogul part. That I want you know follow up to snakes popping up very well and I think snakes had died TO. Hello I'm Natalie announced also like. Yeah that's a bad idea. Is that or is it. And trust me if I can hold it yeah nothing to be scared at that if you still can't. Canada got a 101 channel nine an offense that had tons. Sometimes it's I have found some guys down the stereo before they posted online has been paid let's since. Is a rat milk snake it is one of the many. Non venomous type this they shall find all around Kansas City and trust me. If I can hold it you have nothing to be scared out that if he still can't stomach the thought this thing being around your home. Just looking art tidy it up a little that you see this brush right here. And that's pile of leaves there that's a perfect habitat for a snake after he went to a blade running into and it all just clean it theory art and you'll have nothing to worry about. They only good snake is they get think bingo conservationists say that couldn't be farther from the truth I have to. Never recommend killing if snake because snakes are extremely important to the ecosystem Perry got a lot of rodents like mice and other things that most people don't really want their homes either. Snakes to the most active during spring time that Rebecca Miller with the Burr oak woods nature center encourages people to remember snakes are not out to hurt us. People are actually most often it while training kill one it. Pardon me Ed they're not out to hurt us and then next sentence he's sad. Was people are off. While they're trying to kill the that would mean. Bishara is intent tried to kill that and its intensity exit date they had their try and birth of an ally it's definitely an advice they are trying day. Yeah but you're trying to kill that when I kill them. Now it's not it's coming right at me it doesn't hurt you okay it's not poison OK there what's the milk snake thing vs the venomous one. I doubt it gathers like she's like did the red nose that you go pick it up but what if is it red touch is black your OK Jack read -- yellow you're dead fellow. Oh my gosh is that I. Brown get down gap by out right back I will be very bright I believe that's right it's like never heard about papacy he's save that which you told the red milk snake. But there's another state where red that is yellow you're yes Advanta is it. Ray does it here rat doesn't grow here there's a growth here we have had a polite and does that live near as tight. He gives you metropolitan area. Agree habitat for poisonous snakes targets in the eastern coral snake is the venomous red touches yell. A silly. Santa isn't Florida rules. A up. Simmons are they at a bull snake and their house they slots out I don't pools and a true then rebounding like bull shark. Well Tennessee didn't. Announcing it stinks of Missouri. I don't think. We has taken a back pain you ready for some some big fan as I watch think Max Payne bags aren't. This is the Missouri Department of Conservation. Snake effects unless they're. A miscarried Kia. Snakes and user experience of Missouri. And library with an eighth. They give birth alive baby snakes. Are not adding skillet to fire. Now all. Non venomous snakes. A western worms snake snake northern Scarlett snake. Eastern yellow bellied racer. The prairie du ring next snake. My and realize we have so many great plains a rat snake her to remember on the black rat snake. Western fox made me so which ones are poisonous you any yet that's what you should get into him I don't want you NHL on these animals that don't do anything to make suffers strangle you. There are veterans copper heads in Kansas city park tees on some decent amount that's nice and terrifying is when it I don't know if that's true or not. There are only too dangerous snakes in the Missouri Kansas area act comprehend and rattlesnake. Got the worst kind and then another person's rights who then read judge Blackhawk here are premiere OK Jack read Ted's yellow your dad Fella you're. You're you're wrong text slang guys are designed to other more there is the Osage copper had. And okay which is found in the northern 230 just say copper head yeah listen. I'm telling you got. Osage copper at parent northern two thirds. The western. Cotton mouth and southeastern corner and spotty distribution throughout the ozark region. Eight timber rattlesnake. Statewide. I eastern muscle log out. And the eastern Raza ride out rattles and it's not. Anywhere near this species is found scattered in populism nor have Missouri that's right near. This is our right near Jackson can that is Jackson County visitors and a dancing to me right there don't cheat don't you. Don't you showed diligent people eastern miles the log that is out there waiting to take a bite out of them. What's the eastern Raza Ireland it's created darker it would numerous gray black or brown just lots of noise. The western pygmy that's fair by any I think Brad is scary. It's got a baby rattle it's a pick me some problems are linked to. And that is not near as you don't know that's what it's as you know looking at the region and looking at the mapped out. Here yet. Glaus is doing his impressionable state eating amounts right now good gorilla fund with snakes so I think you guys know lot about snakes and texting and I think size zero error. I don't know why you guys there's a restaurant say they'd say people had a waiting for the makes an enemy is not poisonous to be using poison czar I guess I'd probably do two at both apology house apologies. Ventas. How good your all of them snakes is if there had issued we can all their harmless or rather non venomous here had a lot of Lincoln trying all. Then it easy venomous snake I did terrible in geometry. Ovals triangle. Same thing. Their cupboards everywhere around slope part knicks. Hi how you always and so for our third trailing climbing up an embankment and that. Cheese is pretty good gotten bit by copper had. I did come across a sneak. Attorney mission park in the trailer has snake it and it was. Game. Steamy. Long and block. So what your NS name it was Matt that's our eyes and chair today in my again it's okay that I did you know it looks like a western Reynolds. Naira was in her house she was like that non venomous kind you are showing you earlier. This just bought. And very. Actually beautiful. If I'm going to say this it was variously as a big beautiful snake. And I jumped over a I mean it's like a mad dash in case you decided to jump over its banks. Yes because he wasn't that the game get all he was a terrible idea was in my way yeah and Steve were we decided to slim above a stingray. What are you supposed to do go around I couldn't or didn't go back now it has now you never know you think you left over like a ballerina. About that little haters gonna I try and I had originally thought about it like what am I gonna do he's not moving. He was sunning themselves so the middle of him was an inter mountain are how Lonnie what is called flash it was all black. Wow you made a release towards to stands a choice westerner. Rat snake. Is that poisonous I don't know if it's arrest as a black snake and check you resolve. Probably a sounds more of playing Billy waters thing. One or the other he was all black. I don't know like using me. You say thank you and then there really long because I don't know where he started Arabia and active in northern kind enough to actually because. You know is the middle part was just all over the track. How is it what he can do it I don't know which way to head is at the challenge is I'm just gonna have got it. Dining and go northern con about this tournament. Pollen. Fine on the air yep just like why would you make the choice. To illegal births today. Now I'm worried about your judgment in the field. Hamas we're hide you you've just admitted to leaping over a snake. I don't know what's your vertical is these are the really long snake and Aegon strike really quick. I got a guy you right now are pretty harassed he didn't get me am I may be ahead at big black snake denied giving him and you have to go we are with a venomous snake bite your vagina. That's wouldn't bats global news. That's gloat woman goes the hospital with cotton mouth in vagina putt mild by vagina. I was fine and yet that time but you and I it's actually seem obvious to pictures. Most of the bridges and it's Ingraham they are all we did see were gonna think is it. Yes can tell my age. Unless you have let's go ahead hey all our whatever our reasons. I ran into animals ninety consider them my spirit animals and it's that they are sending me messages like I need to deal where her attorneys of the terror everybody current download time was more animals than people. Know that you don't normally encounter are a floor yeah there is a shot emission part trip and have really good probably as stable. Yet but they are forum on the I'm venturing now that doesn't happen every day that was geek. Unique situation you knowing how minutes hour ago was yours needed that your it was after the before after the wars adventure. It was like every week at Shawnee mission park I would there was scandals in the big part of an eye on the trails there are four horses Danny. For courses on the trail that I can do stop and move over to the laughed so they can pass and I'm hearing on the trail you don't see that everything you don't see Ford idea morris'. Without T ball. OK before or after running river north at the Gilmore ran reverend or a leg before as in. Butler going Allen's okay yeah. And see Jack White picture. Users are hot dog legs at the cool. Starbucks and kick start. I don't encounters snakes all the time me neither you really don't encounter them on time and I think when they. Are right in front you the way that it was Anjelica. And I looked out. Sneak channels here a week at the 1970 by Lebanese that you guys you've gone back. Mahan and you have a lot of instead adventures. Did you have a lot of instead ventures minster. On itself tees YouTube by aids some lady and these are ours is China mission dark that's in the arboretum OK so you don't back. You don't see yours is by themselves without someone writing that. Forum I mean that's how horses bootleg you know to get this Johnny mission park. It's a mean signing mission hired. Eyes saw some horses creep up on me in the dark. Three leasing going Karen three horse is rain and Johnson during you know people. Apparently everybody sees or sand. And it's not as backdrop. Cat that's fine. Everybody's is horses around here I'm not here I'm not Spanish all. There was an a message for me only me that's fine everybody in town and never encountered forest is in my life. I ever. Ever. Just chill and I know there is only areas.