Mark's iPod Shuffle 2/16/17

Thursday, February 16th


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That is they are new spin and it's called hot shots and before that I heard from older spare unwritten and reverse. I think we've played slots or else. In low low. Yeah that's only really. You're welcome claims of a dram marks here DNA he's gone. He's sick child that he brought and why does he do that. Shows dedication to the or adjust say my daughter's not doing well I would just ahead. Stay home. Ray yeah. She is a wanna be here. And it she's not she had made or he she went home so we're gonna do iPod Shuffle mark is that yeah. And we have ticket slots were taken so there's a lot of stuff this weekend okay 576796. I saw a lot of this has figured out yet what do we house. Suburban and bacon. Where is that what is that. I mean honestly it's perfect and then again but besides that. Yeah that is an event they -- get all the details of the nineties by the buzz that come out of pulled up on site our guy gouge out tanks burn a lot of it that means that. The unlikely candidates in Lawrence at the bottom like on Saturday and I are kind of Lego land Batman days this weekend. Bad and a half for that the Lego movie that man again came out last weekend it did come I haven't seen it yet. It's that knucklehead Selanne a cut knuckles. A garage. Not too far from now dumbest the second nailed Berman a big contrasts very February 18 Democrats tried season Iran is special suburban. Can you meet with skis from nearby Stiller is on your favorite big barrel labels play is simple in the sermon of smoky bacon treats from local restaurants in shots. With two sessions to choose from. I heard was found last year and IP tickets are sold out. And Mervyn convict offense obviously to anyone an hour. People Burma and a lot of whisky and elevate and I think things that go together. The last year vegetarian. Yeah. The only really dislike Berman who escaped Burton's time. Ali fake vacant there's no such thing you can you cannot replace vacant. When I eat meat again and I well. LB torque from. You gotta have some Kirk yeah eyes one way or another. Our suburban and vacant as unlikely candidate Lago land a Lego land badly and it isn't just this weekend and next week on their pants special there to I have to announce is carrying heavy there are I don't I don't get that movie there they're gonna have I think special meet and greets with Lego Batman. Her path which. Should be interesting as like of having going to be funny like in the mini trial I don't know play a baton and taxes. Character ties to al-Qaeda I think they're dressed up OK but I don't know I don't know exactly Howard's but I also don't moon tonight. At the record are yes. About campus each you're not that's Friday night to record our branding. Arena cross this weekend or rats. Green Day we hot chili peppers carrying out I'm waiting I'm saving their radio had guys who don't have any right now. Or do we have a perfect circle and it. Now sentenced her idea. Right that's always got some good ones would you like to play I've got shot phone. I mean I try to clear the alliance. That way that's fair. By some 67965. Marks iPod is up if you've gets. The next song I'm Merck's iPod correct you'll wind. Whatever their tickets you're. And we might throw in something else him now says Rihanna get rid of them got a few things yeah yeah I'm OK my guess would be what mark what do you know. My guess apple seed jazz have seen gas be my guess. For myself I would guess you're just very further security guess yourself again but anybody can take those so yeah you guys in their cars and 6796 time. How are real house on my day anyway I keep clearing the lines. Mary shown how it works are shovel so uses. It's. I know best excuse and brand name. King who live in grand am and have him in Long Island assigning them. Selling season and that's all showings yeah. Maybe you can play that how you like the pandemic though I love here and medical titles yes I think we have that I'm thinking OK guys yeah. That explains Ryan. I trial is never any I was don't want Alba a lot. Of obamas are NN. Thing on the floor Jerry Yang and back again yeah. I. So I viewed aghast. Brand new unit when tickets yet ready easy they're easy. You gonna shuffle again. So I know you're gonna play apples to cast that. Pansies do then backing. Early 2000. I'm Jacqueline of them that I am. I put more painful either. Yeah. Too bad. Try this match program. Johnson holidays I think season. Always season feel going here are. That's pretty easy if you're the best selling season and biggest for any of them he would like tickets by 767965. There are about as. Our iPods are all okay awesome business. At any symphony what are you doing. I owned writing newer and leads. But I are friends at eight. Okay. You know now and it's honestly here. Are going to be any better then that's very nice to be Tiffany. Hit it it. Health and argues. We need all the help we do youth the youth might have absolutely yes what is next on Merck's side. Bash our. Figured yes. And you know let them see you love the use. So match I'll give you all of cruised around about I am pretty sure ever any Chris Toronto band will make UN are okay when authorities told a lot more. I get to enforce it seems forever Jasper confession on our five cents to 790 Stein do you relate to play Merck's iPod. Are you guys Mario. Peach pits Mary you're an older listener and here. Pro. Life really appreciate it. Love you an idea really. What it was this. Chase chase what are you doing. Our. Our time on behind the Borg or today because Danny's here. It's weird it is weird is that most times I sit over there I don't like you you were on the board yes. Yeah Alex I think you have to have a little Morris story behind here yeah. They. Are real. You know what we had some little leery out of DOD team. Jesus conspiracies and lefty brought his sick daughter hearsay he could throw some conspiracy easily hey that's. I could have been actually late payment for a little. You have to get down how am seriously you know and I think have the rest of the day after he leaves here really cares anyway Cheney's tell me what is next summer Ciba. It's what sort got its simply can't let everybody. We just didn't Jesse Jackson Tiffany and she has olive press corps about. Or are trying to out you know there's another guy and has three bands that I like. Name's Andy Reid could do that endeavor he does Death Cab for Cutie he's got the Postal Service. And a solo stuff out. You want you band. OK you guys are cheaters do is get mark miles and that's fine if you get in first specially for today though because there's so much. Yeah there's a South Korean are right he gets solving the ever. Does. Trying to Mario. Mario and you can denizens. Of embers and like the and burnout amber. Yeah. I think that you know I think we both like Eugene it's numbers sound from it and. Not generally do not cover. In the hall yeah iMac is getting asked if you were a dancer at a guy with a Canadian I mean just the F. I am just idea and I understand and damp. Welcome us ventures had to say edged out at embers that are that out if I yours prefer I would borrow your team member. He's so orange she I think she hung up I mean she's like they're you know she's gone and ember we missed number I'm really sorry I didn't mean to offend here. Tell us about as. Well I use this. The last civilian power a year ago. There. Hungary's Tommy Solis what is nice summer's iPod so. Taking notes and he's just talking about I'm really sorry we lost amber. Elizabeth. A world record yeah. A little older and has since. I am a news and it's been awhile since I now aren't all you have reminded them on the Skechers. Mean Sam we have a lot of callers should do they shouted out there. We have like these teams as peace instead. Voices RTM Jelena is next on our side pot. It. Now I did earlier do you wanna or or use Apple's again so I understand Ari if you guys are just tuning in you're playing iPod Shuffle mark is up. And you get five spends its really easy to play will do my coming up attempt. Are so we need any Chris Carlin bands and even Deborah it's. Apple's C. We're Taking Back Sunday for what her first event. MX VS yeah. Welcome to Bremer chaos and I'm okay you're okay. An advantage over this back in the day. Outlasted his thoughts whether it be before Oakland for the hi I get your panel alone there. Thank you Bob and I feel I do he had Harry First and playing iPod Shuffle marches out. So the singer for this band. Just reunited with them last week. Thank you know night LA. Guarantee anybody I ally yet they did the same happens I mean did you wanna about it. Cunanan Allen. He's like any club they play only my songs and invite guest deejay is. The blink of Spotify is something. Sometimes I bands actually play and I from first to last showed up and that's the end strikes. Is the lead singer of from first and last they had played BMI ten years Karen. His sister and yeah he has given lacy. We're tank in me used to do like a trend. Should give it away on your show Taking Back Sunday customer doesn't show. On Sunday you people really like cats. It's fun there's actually you know cruise. Coming up okay with ago. In late October early November. Let's see it's like kind of pop punk Emo but like I have did Charlotte piano simple plan. No did you did Juliana theory is reuniting which is what made me excited about going on the status. Who else there was Nancy we can not I'm Mary. So like I'd get 311 Q&A current yeah I mean like I understand that makes sense you have flogging Molly's dinner cruise go Bordal. Com I think they realize he knows come back a little bit and I don't get a little bit older maybe you have some money to spend on the cruise I don't doubt my I have had yet I. That's just a second span of playing iPod Shuffle and marxism. We need any dash are any crystal Robin and even give bird. Apple C castor taking vaccinated or winner's third spend. I know it's one summer I feel. We can't get back. And in clear and bring kids don't get a rise again. I just as tragic as. I've always realize what this thing goes like what summer 2006 maybe. I don't know if you heard on this track as these shots you learn in you know the Marlins issue of all right let's. For a spin. Speaking of. And their crews have. I'm making smokers and into something not many of the day stocks so you aren't getting hit on that hurt you on the boat. So play for these kids can you do me alien linked to videotape yourself trying to get an upper grades yes I have. We're gonna start explode Jenny is talking yankees that he didn't talk to on the label guys really Q up very well. You just have to find any of these the end there's normally falls. That's another problem land day is not director and no doubt I get it done teeth and now you really need to call to canal and introduce yourself. Yeah they're like hey man I thought I'd show I was in Seattle to take to it I'm out on the dvd two hours but let me finish up and it hey what's up. I bet they would have some power. But you're not that there's enough of my list of and a heart one more mark they need crystal rather than give us. Apple's disaster takes lesson occur when her. Out here around me and I I'm nobody why aren't you understandable that he went against some like the Lego Batman scaling across one Molly was shot gas. Does this weekend yes yes yes I do that I and we will leave you with some brand new. Courtesy of mark exclusive. And.