Mark iPod Shuffle 4/20/17

Thursday, April 20th


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ONG. Kitten. And as it around eight wounded from the night's. Not to be confused. We have. O and see. Now. Is playing profits Friday how does our. Had to mend Winfrey show and joining didn't miss tariff Kirk. Deep valley unleashes hell yeah absolutely free teen an out and this morass. Or any address. Yet. That's what it says that system parts. And mutilate dealer really had doing manages to make an effort. Just a little your and twenty Griese isn't evil do when they like get this as you do garner now out and Tom and if you don't just announced winging it. Whatever it is weighing in. As but I side. As I wing it everyday and I mean I don't know that I nail it. I have been weighing it. I mean wing it's on his very own planet because if you planet then you see how bad you're missing if you winging it a planner my partner. I don't I don't plans. And I. It's hard for me to get along with planters yeah. But I feel like wingers need planners. We years he players we get. Yeah evidence like mark that he plans either. He does come a definition. He he follows her and when we went. Are you doing I'm not shovel as Smart marketer of yours community and our future. Anybody in here and there willingly for mark. We grammys cougars. Yes well in my e-book. And Huff who are we losing them sounds. As though it's on the dual Rita from our. The first priority uranium. Now pays players realize it was me I got to going to cigarette it maybe try to groups and it was the longest time we had earlier in the stall going added to do to tease tease tease did you do. You couldn't do this Asian in the bathroom just off. As you know as your honor ops guys didn't have an app. Your cell phone out and throwing an app for that India had to fire each element. So you had to press a button every time and her the next on the next sweeper the next commercial. He actually had to be in the studio. Now I just can go on for a car. Gamers attention. What if either of them out at something. Now I keys two times and room. It has a lot of very into investments. This is no touching. There's a lot of attention in radio now Bakken and I still lives Zelaya touching just not in this do you hear another all right. Got any right well it still I think here area of our tests. Mark. Earlier he shuffled out our iPod Shuffle mark is that it's very simple we have concert tickets you try to when I mean you may have. A pair of whatever we kind of price income. I know we had do you envision Berg's. Yes she's playing in Midland. That's next week coming up prime that's freedom mean that there's next a leak out a bush is counting. Casey life. Can and Brazil's Hank may fifth 1975. Into instant and I just I. I sure wish. We have I am I have to go to that. And her friend's band. It's charity day we're all go and. In 1970 not and see it we have to its use he glassy animals makes note from his starters. And we also have OJ tickets we have one pair of its ambassadors at the Saint Joseph Dixon as well this Saturday and all right and if you like and this may 06. And our line nine line 91 night early you. Very solid and eager now. We kind of went through those on Monday when you heard on. We just in the past most of them are aesthetics and mess is an asset pass it around. Have to tell you know I said Ryan has been asking for its ambassadors and is now you may finally let me do you know who X ambassadors is clearly there are. Neglect there's that new airborne toxic event. Now diamond club yeah IA that they're way better than air margins and mood that song was. Huge which wine. Day yeah I talked imminently good and they came in handy and I did you ever thought. Emeka or didn't does demand an end as you know there was a break you in. Or call us a Latin immigrants Avery you gets. They came back with that song sunny Christian army freaked out IAM gonna gas Nixon marks I pod is going to be wrecked talents. I mean. I'm tornado I mean Z daily I mean bigger hard. The sun paid in natural naturally I'll answer it I guess Thursday because I science. Snap to aim targets Emmett is he actress because of excuses weird. And my brother wants me to fly to Seattle to CM XP enabled we're always right mark but you should do that that would be fine. Earlier royals they're in Seattle that same week god is she going to ask the fourth visualize makeup and watch them. We'll see. You marketing dollars in an experience as we moved towards me. They were a little weird towards like uncomfortably weird they get where I was on Twitter away here with. What do Dini. PH attorney to play anywhere they said. One dude flying to us is way this way and XPX never brings anything because there might want to find out is way easier than all of us live here. To videotape the fact that they're charging gee you know. Tells me they need a bigger hands and eyes out I I think that's a non pac. Now and I guess saying hey when you come does and I class I said. Well I said you know. But it might be worth your while if you come here you don't say it about like you know make your money. They're only shows the summer in Seattle on Denver and they said no that makes sense they didn't know. We still would like it knowing that it is cheaper for one person to fly to Seattle from Kansas City. Then five people didn't let me just say no spice is actually something that is I don't Spicer facts like we wanted to Spicer max's conversation how many followers do and I can't count on Twitter. I had thank marsh has more. As far as the other means that we're. I was feeling rowdy that day I think and I am experienced leader and in the Juliana theory followed me out in our the end of June and there is back. They're going on two or this summer that's Olympics reaction to it I'd be amazing and Millen Cowen and be a lot of things. Want the closest realize the Julian day is coming as Nashville. It's terrible honey powers them. 35000. Parents buried zionism more than you think at that pop I'm not enough on him yeah and not enough. I'm it is funny to see MX PX are now. Like. And they're 25 year anniversary right they look like engineers in this building at this point legs so I just wetland forty when they were doing. Chick magnet you know being an ambulance. Shouldn't very holy and others want our inside your guess is MX PX I guess Thursday. A plane I'm my chops for now the red behind MX PX to. I it was a river anonymous you're a number of staying at is an hour or even agents and nagging feeling that was how my dreams hmmm I don't think gazes and it's. I'm sorry you feel that way I won the hell is this more though on a sad isn't it may be angry. She. Under oath featuring Copeland. When they want to feel soft. Marriage is an email shall on Sundays if you did not have the kind of like all of this. You really enjoy the show on Sunday at seven A yeah. Parts of beauty does you know until it's done and Oneboxes. From tennis to fascinates on this TV news. I mean. And did get a idea tech guru he's back and got back into serving me. Things in. Common citizens. There. Paula and me. We're glad that's close but the minute cordless and in that sun. This song and I saw it some strong currents by sleeping. This current space museum. It's kind of get people on the phone. So maybe it's now. Our brand China. As. Firm Korea. It is sure I am here are right Airways next emerged I am. Our men got out in back and then how beauty team and send it doesn't take in back today it'll back to send a hello guys. I honestly it's all past seasons. At the opening Stephanie when he during and. Yeah in order during what do you dissent in the. Eric in marketing. Oh fer on the railing got up marketing people like my marketing idea Stuart thing I ask you. I do okay. When we heard. I don't know probably not it. It's my urgency if you happen part of it and I think Barack is an uncle enough eyes tell. Yeah yeah. Sounds like an escort for hire business not that kind of age like immediately it that's what we started out early bird did you marketing. Arrested for prop up your a lot of people don't. Now I do an. Or even the mark anybody anybody anything anybody's people's mind blow hard is it. It really I am sorry about Clayton had the buzz. Let me get paid to do your commercial less than anybody else that the ruling it. Everybody will ruin everything for you did you if you've heard some of the car commercials. Very clear yet. That's Anthony loves company I if we have an age at an agency that hired and Argentine soccer. Somebody in terms of morale but I'll tell you what Stephanie good who. We don't follow through on anything's that's gonna happen. The current stock in their reasons so many tell. Summers I've. And it would bring a brilliant. New not yet and collier's. Let the guys. Don't yeah idea and. Just sit put boots eating. Potatoes outbreak that you know normal that. Your booze or any. Yeah. Fatality fire and you know that don't Easter breakfast. Brunch. It. I was in a blues yesterday and everybody is always that perhaps boost I needed I went to stoke park and this. Stop and respond by act passed out by needed. In the U refreshments you do large vase of water and energy drink. That's not going to pop blues you into the gas stations going to the gas Asian man to walk through the restaurant part of Padre is on me is so get to. What I mean you know and then on the way back and like I miss topping this calendars and didn't I didn't one neighbor Bob clues we'll have. Oklahoma Joe's legend to waiting in line status I have to guys and have. Because there was no line you knew it had happened is no problem is great man I love Liza and asked yeah his arm I've never been dishing out its untimely death. Time period ahead the bets. Whose story apple lover Tony when his next and Merck's I've gotten. The cynic could grow the ticket. He's not do you want conquers rob. Our arguments you just can't do costs happy is. Happy that I have to answer that my kids are coming and he's a clown he's a blue and about as rural area. An area and is. An hour. And. Will that I'm delivering paycheck from working. Color and protects both. Man I mean you selling your character and stranger things learned Ajax villain in paychecks. I wish I actually weekly dude. Weekly paychecks I don't who gets that. That should be in marvel at what cost we give me twice a month and I are here and every other Thursday it's the fifteenth. And the last stand the month yeah. Our solar is our fans though wars that he's very knowledge economy changed we believe they are not. We need yeah wild helium paid weekly what's the big deal. So you know it makes them post a poor bingo ticket something. Yeah we'll get some post boards and they get something unfortunately your collective bargaining has been weekend a month selling cans and a union. Then. Old gently it's XML file your supplies. Okay let's not do that on the carpet about. And I can tell me who has examines. All of the last skeptic ever take you back on their brand name. He paint on crest around it and it's weird. It to him because he is sitting about that is how I Sanaa. Current. It under the current Apple's cats greet fans online you guys get by spends. I've got show Obama is op we need. TJ Maxx and name brand new Chris carafe back any of his fans is that the chain smokers an apple seed casts. Berliner. That is as Kate Snow yeah whose me I had this thing another thought it was cold black keys and it's a couple weeks ago I had a during March Madness ice pass and can't somewhere I've been making fun out of that video chain smoker and he's changed not making every chance even make any chain smokers song by holing a very simple chord progression. Yeah and singing. About the things you see around you. Bought thousand Coldplay music video because it was during March menacing you why don't you just say like this instant client's image is only once and I'm. Oh that's awful. Our teachers get paid once a month. That's terrible. Didn't mean. Weekly paychecks or desire however my grandkids pay went through but I got I got I got weekly when I worked in the MEC. It weekly amounts taste and by association. First cease humans in the in that dean it was good. It was so he had here's the breakdown. See if Chris morrow and we think they'll probably name that is on with them it's like I would like him more of Chris burns thank. That is dispensing. It is good Marianne as I probably might get as much water guns. And a month. Is voices. I like it it's called something just like this time change smokers and called corporate. I know they just hung together. Other chains bloggers are hot yeah a lot of people in the moment. But the everybody thought I had ordered a new Timbaland is a cap so they do a lot of beats and at times. Instrumental zeroed in on what I need this thing I was they had excellent did the one guy and it's saying ten. Apologize. That I yeah that I produce like every radio here for awhile I relied. Fifteen years and now. I only knows. And you know anymore. Mean anything. Here's a local man Korea turned up. Hopefully I'll guarantee you. Mama's boy. March 3. Sounds like. Both the our study yeah they're trying his idea hey hey hey yeah thing along yet so they don't say. Not exactly. Focusing on how they do and. Alone in the world and whoa. Whoa whoa you. Whoa we'll. See things. You weren't sent out of those record company yeah he's really good nice it is. Yes next. It's. You. That's all right. I was trying to figure out how he's got to go because you can Felix. Moon. Your clothes and he's been playing the. Within calls to him Moret. This is to share more answers should never played teachers. They hit a few to go back to these guys are right we are playing iPod Shuffle that was the third spent right. Yeah arts is we needed Taking Back Sunday bring you Chris Toronto or Apple's Steve Casper ware far. I. And contestants compete to the. This Tom Petty. Down don't late as that makes. Yeah don't don't don't don't do any. Don't. Don't want more spent. This in the mile and on this. Night I exit out another run around the and Elan in the bay didn't. It's strictly pay. Don't be logged in all of his pain yeah what I held in all of you're okay me what that it means. It doesn't mean anything because it's not real. The zone tonight. It's that I'm. Nobody doesn't get better. Play out.