Friday, 06.16.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, June 16th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Slimfast has beef with Chris Ketz
    • Trump on Cuba
    • Amazon buys Whole Foods
    • United employee kicks passenger
  • 31:42 - Mail
    • The Killers - The Man
    • QOTSA - The Way You Used To
    • Pvris - What's Wrong
    • Spoon - Can I Set Next to You
    • Beth Ditto - We Could Run
    • Kitten - OMG



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So righteous man is sent on all sides. Well these dark. Will strike to own up. No I mean. No I. Our June. Means. And as an ally in me now and me in the night and an agreement. Leaning tower. You know what I'm talking about. I think it's funny. Yesterday and started the show and clears nothing usual you are you. And I admission today I was having one of those days of Hussein. Did you go back and checks and records and Bryant you can find some of this information from the past couple years have gone. But in my mind. I was soon. Out of my league. Had no idea. I have no idea how anything works especially this particular thing. I convinced myself that I've been somehow rungs. It's and I cannot weights and I certainly know people who have no idea how this works like I think Kevin Rondo again. Doesn't like you've been drawn I think you've been wronged my friend that doesn't sound right to me. That goes on all day. I talked all these people talk to my Brothers yeah it sounds like you not talk to people who work I think even runs. I go home. My growth becomes ever she's CPA. And accountant. I say videotape we've showed you this I think I've been wrong and so Saturday she goes. You know. You haven't been wronged you need to buy calculator. And do a better job of being responsible now and at that moment also you go. That makes sense I would expect and a business person like that up. American company pretty good its troops huge company. I I mean I feel like I preface all this list I'm no accountant but I'm no bookkeeper I'm not even good at math basic math. But it's like why didn't I just ask the account from the get go and my accountant looks even goes I'm sorry. Now. I don't know what you so worked up about this is how the world works run just another one of those moments where it takes you back to being a kid. When your argument class like yeah. Until maybe now that the first president was Abraham link you know it was. Yeah he's wrong. And they truly trying to. Well that's how I was talking and I was on McChrystal skin I'll. Thanks for sharing sorry. I don't use it as a coward for not going down and apologizing to everyone know. I was saying you're a cow because you've been on this radio program. It is. Vehemently. Adamantly. Talking about how. You have a severe dislike. For what I consider an impeccable local newsman. Chris cats I consider him an institution view I can have said you just like Demi is combined here and said why does some fast not like me. You have tried to start a fight and award him over and over and over again. And he has been nothing but a gentleman his son works there as you say to me hey this is Chris touches kid and I say hey. Nice to major. Some faster natured dad and you say Brewster because I don't you know who are. People would listen this program. Very long time. Will I. Once I'm out earlier you were even giving helping you what you're saying he's choosing I hate is that I don't his dad police say he did so I just say you're number. Did I am in the business of hate them listening. To what people say those are the men responding die never came out and out of allergy those might be in the exact words not surprise it was real thing were the exact words I hate that Donald why. It was it was it was it was quick. And it was saying in response to something and I said I think Andy you said why and I said I'm just kidding I sent down. I'm a friend doesn't really like him. Number I Sunday and then we talked with I I I heard something about it turned out not to be true we we talks in person talk of the song. And I like them and it was a long time ago you'll let things go it's like out. You bake a horrible ambassador. Trumps and you Germany and this thing today. Remember when you lost a warrants I like to remind them of the Holocaust didn't meet meet the election just get a Germany and mentally I've. It doesn't. You hate us no we don't guilty to in the multi party HI. I don't think that you hate us anymore. But I would like to remind you of the atrocities you committed against humanity. And I like to remind you that ram forgotten them so. Well you don't necessarily need to be a pocket I got a guy on you I would like to remind you that you'd show us just now. Compared. I tweet. And you didn't tweet that I UK flights use that and I'm the ambassador to Germany. Do autumn brought it up not many. Again you do trotted soon. Just stores everything is slowly into something that you didn't say. I said usually you don't like Chris does Huston I would make a horrible ambassador to Germany. Duke brought up Germany not many. People just I was. You don't remember what the tweet was it doesn't matter viewer acres that's I don't hate Chris K okay fine I do not hate. That guy fine I don't and you did I have one please send dead. I'm just in the business is taking people of face value and yes I hate him. Well I don't him and never. My decision. Sounds funny to see maybe we don't pay. To introduce a long into your life sir. Everything I've been doing. By the way I like to tell Lou who Christians and some I've defended them to the veterans from the beginning though. Grade. She stops. Are you try to do so gasoline on the fire I have told Chris cancer again and again and again and I can't you you had ads. Called the you disguise and remember who you senators on the phone from he said oh hey your mom's on the phone or your friend. You very much sailors on the phone someone a good friend of mine in on a marathon and hey it's Chris Chris prove. Chris that's why can't we just want to know he's a good hey he's he hates. Okay he said he hates you oh man did. Now right now. It's OK I don't hate him no at all. I mean I don't I I don't know him personally well. But what little personal interaction we've had he seems very nice into I think he's a good news man. It's fantastic I think he's I feel you're traveling anybody local newsman. I'll still is retiring as the top of his game. A big fan Christians. I like him. I've seen amount amount seems like a gentleman yes he says nice hello to name but I rarely in the back my money is your son lying lying. Most impressive stuff I don't I don't I think he's in new there anymore really strange. I don't know unglamorous stuff. He says. I don't know who Larry more news to OK it's one thing I know who you guys don't say. Monty for fourteen years I'm trying to be honest I very I don't know who Larry Morris who's going back. It was easy sounds to me like you could've been my day backup wide receiver for the judiciary more news Kansas. Was Kansas city's Ron Burgundy. Is close are you playing. Cornerback alongside John shares are on January aren't he's a newsman. He's like these you know these local news and much Christian center. Chris catch. Came long after and so when it. Did a wonderful job over at fox for. And I see those billboards up looks like he's retiring her retired I'm not sure. Touchdowns as prisoners is a god damn national treasure I think he is too I said dad in the hallway earlier and I said he's a national treasure seven. To his son and I'll I said to you Oklahoma doesn't have the balls tells slowly his dad I don't eastern hour. You get here and microphone that's just me you know. And he'll talk all kinds smack but then when I mean. That's not why you think is going to say don't heed his dad. I like to unleash. But I do McChrystal. The same valid. I'm not convinced it's like close your laptops right now I don't know what you can simulate and texas' tight closure laptop took away your own. And I put up images of Chris cats still wit Larry more. I don't think you I'm not positive you would know the difference I'd mom. And stuff. I'm positive all known Larry mourners. And even on into attack so I don't know who'll fill witches. Yes I do you know wouldn't risk exists so you don't put the picture and I'll tell you yes or no offense Christians. I love that. You don't worry. Don't look at the names like shooting. Does not Chris jets know that's Larrimore don't know I'm easy to look like a senator. Out of gas it was a senator you recognize it looks like somebody who's running for senate. The man survived something I don't remember at one why do you should just why am I just don't know them I'd like to me and we were all worried. Not saying anything bad about I'm sure is it was a great or is crazy stuff and he's mr. Kansas City that's me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry check Wikipedia he says he's mr. cantor already know what to Prius is on mister Henson says he's mr. knows those aren't for over three decades. Sorry. You need to know who yes exactly how do you how can he be mr. Kansas City and I don't know Maria's. I guarantee you he knows who I am says Larrimore. As being called mr. Kansas City to his local prominence to them. This is not just every good participate and fund raiser in many charitable event to advance that you don't see you doing raw sewage and a life. You need to let them high prisoners' commissary I. Give quietly. That's what Jesus said to do yeah. I need to boast about it. Check my tax returns items when he and money to charity. It's not about giving money it's about hosting the events and raising money. Anyway everybody does their own land. But it cured mr. Kansas maybe you channels well maybe you can't throw money at problems but I'll try. That's what I did. You may know and I'll say this crystals or not. Don't look now getting. The son Chris cancer. As a national. And I hate that. I know he's fighting words I'm so that a million times people didn't say no I'm talking about probably. Don't say you know once. Once in my city zoning. People love life and. Made no bones about it. A. That that's just just. Larry Moore it's Christian that's right and courses are children. T. And you really don't recognize this guy's. Really and I do not religion are you serious. I don't know who that is shined yeah who has no that's still win I don't know him. The son used to. Hang out there. An anonymous reviews an intern or it's. Like there's an email I knew I hate nonetheless the I don't know I know you listen to the picture of of course. We knew she. Stuart's for a I hate George run alone and I don't love them. I'll come on look. I love them for what the as a baseball players and universities kind of standoffish and your interview with them. Why did your good interviewed many was very nice guys and use phony and was sometimes I have seen and how it's and you know. It's ace is much mention. Pound. Jim announced. Sometimes on and so George Brett you know Ron saying he settled down ten. There. My dad. You know round sons and Lewis introducing me. You need to get what you need to get to solidify his status here bridges and a. Yeah get to George Brett. I'm Wayne bridge whatever I've never been our members to formalize whereas. In the kitchen stadium never an. And is at the George Brett bridges and George Brett superhighway. But they both sound. Well let's find time liberation wants to put a British online though muzzle bridge should be Smart kids lit up. There's got to be a bridge. Yeah I was demolish they're gonna rebuild. Orchard and allows memorial Britain should be of them reconfigured. Just gonna apply physicist George Brett superhighway. So he's got a bridge in part of the highway M. Dana. Many who's gonna dish dish and that whole section of independence. He was sort of baseball I get a. Now at Denny's basically news. Oh yeah you need. I don't know what. You should feel to get this outer road. This is even a real. It's like an access road. Just a stick to sign up and says Laszlo super router rouge Remington. As those sheets router road. I was calling outer room. This technically is now. And replied I don't. China did she know that affront to true road now. Is called an outer road in misery nothing that we union. I was checking out what Tom service drives run Tuesday outer road and which pieces on the front to intrude but in Missouri it's called an hour road. Agency. Had no idea. For both. Did no one was. So yeah. I'm just say George Brett has been standoffish before to me that's sick. Yes personally he's been standoffish to me. And that's fine he doesn't owe me anything and I'm just saying you know Wade Boggs settle down. Terrifying third baseman. Chipper Jones or not. You know it's not a great way to win people over in cities are talking about all the players in history there and enjoy grounds. Including Chipper Jones. Greg nettles Greg nettles Wade Boggs and much match Dave Winfield. Terry Pendleton. Right gentlemen in conservation and management. Was Pete Rose. Prefers fish and I'll soon. Well that's it Monsanto Buddy Bell. It's going out. There is better than money go find. But those good thanks Oslo. It's generous of you. President. Trump most of president for a president trump. Went to Miami today. Hillard talked about Cuba. He says. This is Obama that Obama guy's crazy for opening up Cuba. Build a bridge they make bad news station takes. You. Like it. As I mentioned. I'm building regiment rocket pay for. And in the building bridges via sign and make him pay for a stick to sign any. I was excited writer says I guess frontrunners Kansas. Last those funds from Israel farm fabulous from the drone buzz those fabulous furniture and. Love wins. I mean this tank thing I said trump says Cuba this thing is done. Obama's vast hole and keep Cuba's got to go. My recent trip overseas I said the United States is adopting a principled realism. Rooted in our values shared interest and common sense. I also said countries should take greater responsibility. For creating stability. In their own region's. It's hard to think of a policy. That makes less sense. Then he prior administration's. Terrible and misguided deal. With the Castro regime. Timid now we can go to Cuba now. So I don't know they're restricting it in the business stuff is gonna be restricted now the fake media. So I guess all of it except Fox News has been clean out since last night it's. By shutting down business is ability to operate in Cuba. The first businesses were really setting up shop American businesses were hotel industry. Shared and to be. Exact chair in the zone I don't know some mega hotel group trump doesn't have any real estate down there yet doesn't have any hotels on their. Toms others say hey by shooting this down you do realize. He's crushing the competition. To the hotel competitions. In Cuba. So you know. Not saying that's why did it this sane it is most likely going to hurt his competition. And I was he's got his competition is he has nothing to do those companies anymore. Donnie Trojan virus control. Its arch Linux on each. Sooner or no foul play here and. Amazon or a legal purchase. Freaked a lot of people out there just people are. Earlier this week Hawley said they're gonna spend billions of dollars and build I don't know 32500. More stores or something in those stores are worried. Become this battle between Wal-Mart as the low price Croshere and in all the and now this Adele or whatever which also Germany should open up stores here. Wal-Mart China makes her own fruit in. The freaking out. There that there and you know. Even though price pressure sure they ask for is everywhere and I had no idea you'd get sold food and it was early in the grocery and judging by how many people lose their jobs in the country coming from restaurants are closing down. Our all these you know that are wal mart's. It's crazy it's just they're all. Jim squeezed out and now Amazon today really freaked everybody out I guess a lot of growth Stewart's stocks tanked and Amazon's radio is even talk about going to get the grocery business on time and museums on freshen on up and they said screw it presented by whole foods. All of them. Am. I gonna shut down the stores and keep the same dude in charge. Amber's got her own hole food area. Hall again they didn't find that Amazon is very scary about pres right. Very serious about food and groceries and serious about brick and mortar also because they're not going to be closing down all these whole foods stores the company said that whole foods will continue to operate as a separate subsidiary under ams on John MacKey is staying on whole foods to leave the company. And this is really just stunning clearly we know. That Wal-Mart is trying to step up its game against Amazon and Wal-Mart has a big grocery business too so this shows that. Amazon realized that there are a lot of things Wal-Mart does that it wants to do as well. So now you can ever order nor should show. I do all the time you have ordered like you know snacks and gummy bears shirt put him or anything imminent comes from Wal-Mart. I've ordered stuff from Amazon comes Wal-Mart march. Desolate diseases as a third party purchaser in the may send it right I didn't know this just makes sense when you know and Amazon sold earning a Wal-Mart sold on him. I don't think they tell you manage to citizen does item is available through a third party in the end but there comes at a Wal-Mart RS I'm saying I'm surprised I don't mind it no more so this doesn't really surprise you that much and I think will not just coming into the box moment down. Right there also Amazon's going to owns her sister does nonsense they don't have to go to Wal-Mart does flow on Mars and Saturn is I'm guessing I'm not the only one who's ever bought a grocery. Listings from Amazon who's done some of the stuff from Wal-Mart oh decision saying cancer so now all this coming Amazon Barcelona at all. About an who delivered. Porsche is strong enough. Well yeah. I hope she wants sticks around. A celebrity get an accounts are within that three years. See this woman who says she was kicked. And that head. Oh she was sleeping at the airport. By united employees. So in Houston Lindsay or Bonnie an airline passengers say she was assaulted. And I. Com. She was flying from San Francisco to Belize for a ten day trip with a layover in Houston on Saturday night. Through Sunday morning. She decided to take a nap in the nondenominational. Chapel. United Airlines terminals in chapel. No. Which he says happened next though she couldn't believe I was woken up by someone kicking me in the head I immediately got up and ask the person why you do. It's. Yeah. I didn't immediately got a nice little person. My hands and I don't deserve spots of blood. Yeah. You're playing. If they don't know if he didn't do in fact I'll probably proudest hour and is radios that in kindergarten. Not a big deal went hopping. Portland you know any. Not complete game. I don't completely Miley didn't. They are my true it's always been doing all the I don't want to go out. Sounds like someone's giving us who in new. I mean. I do is that Vernon. I did it's yeah. The good match. I'll Amanda makes fun American so I have no idea that maybe kick your maybe this guy's service and sentenced to say just like having none of them are doing into the how many as it has only key Internet and extrapolate a ditch. You're about to miss your flight in which case assume. I mean I I understand. Wideout be happy or why he thinks he can get away with that analogy you should be sued us I'm not sure. You know everybody is different man I don't know that it would keep me from sleeping learn and it's not power and let me glorifying it. Blood while he said he must miss your flight. How are you know what places on. My isn't Paris. It's like to kick. It's huge you know late at night accompanied chapel non denominations on people who ticking now and could. A tone that's really the snowflake is an identity in the for earlier this. If she character managed to be some sort of yes she penalty I don't know about the company needs to lose millions of dollars in a lawsuit to see should be. Arrested for assault right. An affiliate of I came across a table and punch in the nose I don't know why you would be able to suit the company really works for. It would just be assault it's weird but they do that I know all the time and it doesn't make a lot of sense and then I feel like maybe they'll have a slight overreaction on our purpose in mind. Luckily judge. My real world and on an overreaction. Do you rapidly. You'll. Spent time with. Excited. I was ready okay. There's no inch on us Democrats wait for me it is signal okay. He's like Digg have helped. But that doesn't tax Levy is like jtapi. Happened because oh yeah I take snaps. Does yeah. I take captain. It's like poems at the private industry isn't that the service is not round sort of and it's taking deposits from and well like you and I miss your plane ditching a pig that's actually kind of the pain nameplate. I'm saying Obama was raised it got a ton of those treatments because they'd say six. Welcome hotel got just a guest Felicia I'm serious and so they won't be your friends. It was some people voted than oh driving trucks they have thanks mosques homes. He wants Amitabh Bernie groceries and that Amazon politics he's noticed is there's. If there ever was around the better than me I'm blew into its new DOT excited TV headline and first teach appreciate those happen now you might. All. Screwed up this up the first high doesn't go very good it was exciting he's headlining his first beat all around and priests don't have number I thought you know later on I notice to get so close to being right and at the end to say. First speech though you know. You know you might have thought I actually wrote down her first beach ball like I forgot. About the thirteen no one's you know artillery corridors in the studio before him. You know I feel that it takes some of the magic okay. Okay. No no let's go to the mail here's how it works. We get mail centers throughout the week we say rich. We till Friday we play it. So you can tells for the election and I'm real attacks on nine should chargers are pretty simple stuff you know. You have ma'am. Yeah and I didn't. It's. Mr. Thomas up effort there's some good dance. So well known stuff Malaysia. Well let's get started use Texas tells really like these songs are not nice excise Joes are under your age sex location uncertainties. That's it soul you wanna start up with. The new killers I would love to it's called the man tells really like it or not really text line. Ninety chargers are. Hi and he. That's new killers called the man. I like it I don't love it yeah I like it but tax Linus split either hated or loved it. No one seems to foment joins me now and final group I love it good idea. I wonder what the Soledad I can view it if I just been at a different place. When I heard the first time but I do and I was late at night I forgot to listen to it when it first come out I'm set now my couch and I've. Political YouTube watching on my TV and I don't know I was guerrilla like this got kind of a seventies. Funk after SharePoint and then and it does sound different. Then. Even the recent that they've done still sounds like him but I wonder if it sounds like the killers because of Britain's voice. Or any other part of it really is that killers ask you know what you think of like to send pop on don't. Doesn't sound like Sam's town or how no us doesn't come off as an item number four for sure so. I like it knew killers called the man there's also. New Queens of the Stone Age. Here thus. You know. It's called the way you use to do. He's a sergeant tells you like and I'm really attacks on nine she chargers are out. I do you. I do literally. So. Hands across my. I go way you use did move. Love it. New Queens of the Stone Age you don't I'm disappointed more. I feel like if it's I love it raises donates a lot of Josh is voice I think if that was someone else singer and is. Now. Not some counseling and and it's off I now. I'm they can grow on me. So it. Second or third toppers aren't I loved it I was really excited about it I don't snow caused your recent eleventh who moved in and so can it resign Winston. It was shaken. There's new Paris. I like to spend don't spend. That much about them and no I Elvis songs or music played in a Malia and they do you know. Lot of streams on the Internet there and it's tough. Currently. Are people who love the spent. I'm not that familiar with them but I do you know that you know and other songs we played in other going to be a beach ball. And you know his love them and I know the kids love them social and together. This news on me all the what's wrong. Okay. His son. Somebody might initially reluctant. But are assigned I like it. Sketchy. Spoon. It. Has put out. Can I sit next to you. But it's a re Max. You know anything about this now perimeter they sent it to us. And you know I just read somewhere that it there was I don't ones if that's right because. So possibilities of denials he geese on sister Marie makes opposite notices and it Tyler poke. Both remixed. My favorite you know entire post is known for my loved them. You know what this says. On a song it says cash or next you'd Tyler Pope remakes and it says. Parentheses LCDs houses and so maybe use on the other guys it was part and help. Let's listen join our spoon. I don't need I would listen. I don't know but I vandalism Jerusalem now and I don't I don't either parties don't complain or whatever and I'd simply assign us in a good point. Terrorists and them. How does that even a reeks. To me just listen to their real own car no no no to stop that noise and I'm planning and I'm worried and I was gonna play the actual on remixed version of it. I don't know why they the remake showed up more than once. Maybe because it's they just release it. Now yet came out this week. Are now. Two under the real version governor now. Lerner and what's on the album but I'm the real version I can sit next year in these guys are behind false or come. And this and next thing you. This nonsense. It's the. Soon and soon. June. So. Don't seem to be. Nice. Let's. Yeah. Steve. I. I love that. I like that you land a lot you love that band camps and can do no wrong relief I mean and the new album is great I am very excited to see them a beach ball there and that was so much better than moderate every mix was I don't even see how they called that remixes spoons on. There was nothing about that. Maybe I missed that point. You know what I life. Beth ditto I like that's been on the gossip I lover any inch. Lucky me as a fan. I hope how Gaza leaders buddies but there. I get to here world friends China's record on. I had a tribute for his lips remember him and I got remembers little alone time little demos. And our great drives I'd shell hole records out now all right great. And add album came out to today I think who knows we've and it's on at the check is out I came out today. During different song like place on and off the album I've does a song I've been listening to for a long time I think is if this isn't. If this doesn't win a Grammy news something's wrong I really believe that like this should be the biggest song in the world. Like does is her target I love about it but this song to me is. Unbelievable. We can run yet euros. James came clean. Mean it's. Healing as he named me the eight. Me. I know. Okay space I need. Me. Some little say don't like her doll but a lot of people I can't. I think that song is amazing and I'm a huge Beth ditto supporter. As a set I've had this record for quite some time. And listened to the demos and all those things and I think his burrow into you chance to get that you should do so. No one in Africa it's not did she says she is a fat feminists lesbians from Arkansas. And she is truly an amazing artist. This year their views of videos. On there. Thank you again resolution point. That really I'm gonna Seattle here Shirley Chu but on policy seems like Agee was important nice person. Shares. And it should be fun to hang out at she edged. And you know. She's so our size of people showed does that make sense media choose a school. Let's do another one and now I love the song to another about that a sign. No sun is up. She can tell me it's no good day. And again. Giddiness they need these moves. Daily and then even Mac O. Moon. He. Am not a done. A funeral. And he is then and then his name from. You know. Me. And in less than it is to. I. Yeah. Really and he'd do for me and me. Right right I love I suggest those solo record it's out now. Com fructose article that's another record that are premature and I have. And I played us. Down if you want to. July did I love this so I'd love a lot of the news that she's worked. The song I played a lot of it right yet. Sometime in the student that's just another guy wrote in saying man and I feel like I'm biased because. I just can't believe that she's. Not one of the biggest stars in the world right or so were about an hour I'm in the alternative music scenes he's weird. But I name's Chloe consensus unbelievable yeah. It's and so combat by the way vanishing without like you know when it was those gossip records and stuff sometimes she gets so costly it this woman could. She could lead to acquire right you know she's. They got a handsome lines and so generous so cruel and different but this is growing is limit courted New York there was no result there. A good people were not familiar with kitten. They knew nothing about them rather than just played in the rectory after its take them. And let them see you're live in the first. Let that be your first impression. Or majors on the pencil Dick Kosier. I just think she makes great great great great records musical song to learn. So if she does shares those lyrics that yeah banned. And that's stung yet. Why does is kitten. ONG up. Is she caught on sheer Mike matter whom I got a I loved getting people harassing some they've donated it is fine. There's there was no you know somebody who dislike and I love it. Some new asking how to get it became period as my little sneak peek for you. I have run a mean. I have a lot of songs us one let's finish. There's good stuff on their two right yeah that's on politics that alike I'm out of a matter male. Let's say we're done. They're what is killers. I love you OK okay Granger didn't like Reggie Love that Paris grand people's flip but some were like a spoon and everyone likes right. They feel like a lot of people like that that'll. Definitely the kitten they don't these.