Friday, 05.12.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, May 12th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump threatens Comey with "tapes"
    • Colbert responds to Trump
    • Caitlyn Jenner may run for office
  • 21:54 - Mail
    • The National - The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    • Baio - Philosophy
    • Day Wave - Something Here
    • Blonder - In and Out
    • Banks - Crowded Places
    • X Ambassadors - Torches
    • Bleachers - Everybody Lost Somebody
  • 51:04 - A fired janitor shares a video he secretly recorded of his condescending principal
  • 1:00:21 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. On all sides. Cheering homeland. Well you've done. It was strike to own up. Let's get this thing stars beautiful out mr. Canada's it's beautiful out in your beautiful. And thanks to Donald Trump's on a roll today yes good day for him like when he tweets. He's good tiller. You know why he is doing. He's got that C you know you can't so. People feel. He makes people talk. And I see. Friends. And I grew up with her friends you know Julie Tyson Lewis told supporters in on FaceBook is something I wondered. And what they think about these streets of time and I guess I'm betting that if I asked. It's I don't know Clinton who care. Others or yeah he's right you guys didn't wanna fire homey or whoever that is. Now you and now your vision about it. And I'll. I feel like what they would save my people I know first thing keep an excellent things they decisions and I don't talk about. You know on earth and again. I don't like your liberal nonsense. Sent live your life and then this morning with everything going to lose this morning I thought that's kind of how I feel. Sean and I didn't well I just try to read about it. Well I mean last night when. Colleen better hope there's no tapes Aminu who's not. I don't see how that's anything other than tampering with a witness. Which he's already done wants and ride a low you know we should ask her about this so I felt like there was something. There are so implausible deny ability behind that tweet. This one word says and you Beijing better not leak anything and hope I didn't take everything. And that's. That's every man that's intimidating. Right. Yes. So. Did decent sound the other tweets isn't just here to. Or press conferences or just send out memos and you can't expect my people it's always. I know exactly what I'm thinking. So in. When I just do that. I heard you know. Course. All the outlets and sources say this services. Sources say yeah trump and asked for colonies loyalty. Cheer that today they don't you wouldn't do it now sources are saying Komi isn't worried about any tapes. Man the guy acts like he's president our president. And I'd say it's not and that's not load. That's not an okay thing because that's what I would be like a relentless and combing your son and a mission found out to dinner ride and listened to me. I'm a god damn president you're walking around here trying to bust my ass. And put me in now. You know cozy potent I don't need your loyalty are almost fire your ass is like man I can't do that I believe I'm firing your ass right. And not all hell would break loose in the near you know. He runs it like. Like a pick and bosh. He's the president. Yeah here. He runs it like a company. It's definitely. Of course it's different and that's the American people are your employee keeps their people. The tweet by the way beyond just this company are your company doesn't have a constitution. The tweets from. Transcendent. Change coming better hope. There are no tapes of our conversations before he starts speaking to the press. Jake Tapper from CNN reported in Communist we'll take you know. Right trench request. Sort of personal assurance were pledge of loyalty at a dinner shortly after he took office thome refused saying. He could not make such a place because he promised to always be honest with the president of course only talked about tenancy and can. Would not be the first time the president. As a tweeted something that was not exactly on point or accurate passer we will of course be asking Sean Spicer about that it today that wolf it does raise the question if it was recorded. What's it during the dinner was a dream one of their phone calls we simply don't know the feet. Historical parallels as they have been throughout the week. Certainly go back to that nixonian moment. I feel they're just record people. I'm not sure we should know the rules we know the rules for broadcast I don't know views record privilege and there and is that she's in a private place I don't know if it's a public place. I know they don't these people with some serious and a public place I can record you any time right now but when you're ending your marriage back dude did you. Released. Some sort of privacy I would imagine network and at home right certainly at home. Yeah at home yes and I don't know if you know Manny Ramirez who need a phone call. You do need permission in almost every state right before you start recording that's why if you ever call one of those you know credit card company or your cable companies say this com may be record and that's before. You to speak with scientists are recorded a conversation you're giving your consent by. Trusting whatever number of stain on the sun. Now some sauce dinner though it is record so many had dinner and Zion municipal swimming you know this story it will all your listening. You can tell us. There's a kind of viral story today about a black janitor who got fired. I from a school. And he recorded the conversation with the principal and she's you know parading him for leaving work early he tigers took a cell phone in just kind of conspicuously. Buddha I don't know somewhere near his pocket so that you can release here's the videos mostly looking at the ceiling. I wonder in that instance he sheet. Was he allowed to record her you know it's everywhere now a lot of people are talking about it today. And her name you know he says her first and last name and live audio. I don't know how that works. Obviously in other companies have recorded their employees before. But I assume that just like anything else they would like you know hey you know we're giving you this device because we wanna record your customer. A service call see how you're handling these are gonna record element not bush saying juicy new laws only one person. But I feel I can we wish to study some of the stuff but obviously we don't study the stuff where you are trading in person to person there are states where. Only one person asked to give consent to take a phone call that's that's how you get through life time. Like cranky anchors and that kind of stuff that would only call states were only one person actually win it according to I've member here in an interview that I'm troll and he said they actually went to Nevada because that that call had to originate from that state. So they would you know fly or drive to Vegas or something and make those calls from Nevada. Because it's a one party state which means right all I'm were courting you but I've also given myself permission to record you and that's all it takes right. Now summation that's true can some reserve that is not true both parties and both parties need to consensus. And wish for a phone call. So federal law this is Google so this is DN LP donor organs legal guides are great uncles and conversations. Federal law. Permits. Recording telephone calls and in person conversations with the consent of at least one of the partners. So that's a federal law which I'm guessing is why some states say no and to come to people need both people to consent. This is called a one party consent law under a one party consent all you can record a phone call or conversation so long as you are a party. To the conversation so I can't afford you when someone and you know come into being. But if I'm talking just open record. If it's a one party state. Now this is also I met in person and over the phone to determine if federal law I don't know what the flawless. How worried are you just say they would fall under the federal law through state you know. I don't the FBI so I guess they're Nintendo cannot sustain some. But if they were in DC and their people are saying DC of one party district. Whatever. So that and the neck. I think that makes sense that I can't root for you you speaking without. Right eat you know. But I feel like there's a possibility that in Missouri Kansas. And need yeah that's how does for the phone so it. He's a cheese and that's notice. For in person comes he's now filming someone though you do have a ray from what I can tell in public places to film people in public and public. So I would think that coming in here and this is not a public place and we're not in a public area right now. Run. Exact same thing next. He did eight Johnson did it and you know the red obviously people are talking about a lot again today. People really so sure why they record like lighted Nixon record everything. I don't know I've never read his biography. But you recorded everything don't Johnson record a lot of weird stuff she'd probably heard some rules also Johnson talked about super hit any balls itching and stuff yeah. Other analysts. So you got. The interim head the FBI looks like he can be replaced I was scene. This morning that they can replace and today. I thought the that they had to be confirmed isn't that what we're seeing yesterday that if it. How would they confirmed someone today that and they have an interim right now but he. Was basically the next in line is he worked under coming so okay you're the interim because you're next in line. So you know it's like you're the assistant energy becoming usually look for new manageable from what I was reading it seemed like he did nominate someone to be the new head of the FBI. Like when these guys been retired for a wisely got that person would have to be confirmed first. The treasury this morning that he can be replaced today. So maybe I just misread that I saw a couple of different times we won't confirm it won and write us an investigator. Assigned to the Russians. Yeah. So not only was he. Talking about. Clearly threatening Tony that there could be to teach their conversations. And then threatening to get rid of Vienna press briefings. Yesterday he had the back and forth with. Rosie O'Donnell right. While this was going he Tweeter Rosie and Rosie responded to him yesterday afternoon and said you know beer and a lot of trouble here's grace and. Then. Trump found time to go after cold air and I guess people must've been asking about cold there. And what he thought it was you know holders. Monologue. Of weeks ago. And colder. Or sorry trump. Finally responded. Com. Yup he said this stuff that you would expect trump to sing. Am. Said EC and no talent guy like cold there there's nothing funny about what he says and what he says his filthy you have kids watching and only builds up my base it only helps meet people like him. OK with many designers say. The guy I was dying by the way they were going to take a must television Danny started attacking mean you started doing better but he show was dying. Okay. Seems like kind of contradicting yourself only fair that people like him only help you. But to show has been doing there's sort of an attack even he says I've done a show when I did he show which by the way it was very highly rated it was high highest rating. The highest rating it's ever had. That's what trump said. In response to call their so called terrorist. The president of the United States. Has personally come after me and my show. And there's only one thing to say. Did you draw this. There's a lot you don't understand. Ever thought one of those things would be show business. Don't you know I've been trying for a year to get through the same might mean. Very restrained admirably restrained but now you did it. So he also went on to talk about. You know the ratings. Which trump mentioned highest ratings ever. Goldberg pointed out to Jeb Bush got higher ratings on the late show the senator and trumps approval Marines are historically low right now she kind of made fun zone. Trump's rains and yet. If you're not wrong I would give this and you're not wrong I do occasionally use adult language and I do it in public. Instead of in the privacy of an Access Hollywood bus. As dignified. And it's true the night who appeared on the show run and there was very highly rated in fact. The only episode that got better ratings was the night ahead Jeb Bush on. Low energy jab. Don't worry you won the ratings college. Jokes about you has been good for ratings it's almost as if the majority of Americans didn't want to be president. You'd. Who has gotten really bad ratings these days. You do. Full approval numbers I hear they're thinking about switching your time slot with Mike Pence. Yeah yeah. She didn't go well. Oil should. Well I'm just trying to find some can. People like to do well on Hollywood news right shirt. Pop culture news source. Searching and searching him. Looking for fame on some I find a story about Caitlin Jenna Caitlin and given general was on losing a much better used to be Bruce Jenner OK sorry. No it's a case when I hear the presidential I think maybe they might lose your mama loves you and your views increases the model right now and there's. I don't know we brutal highly. Good job. And I got. Do they carnations marathon. And does catch up how many seasons those alarm through years and it's got to be a lot. Think it does more precision doesn't Ryan Seacrest produced that show that. From the Fujitsu shot. We'll anyway and it. Larry King was asking her about. And the balance. Transitioning and surgery. It's not quite as bad as you thanks for most. Trans women do not have surgery that's only about I think 32% because women. It's expensive. And as far as getting the time and this man to be able to do something like that and what's between your place doesn't define who you are few of those in the bowels what's here. And so yeah and I wanna warm. To be honest with you lines make you look like they're all parts condom broke and I like field parts doesn't work. Well she also said. As you know she's noted Republican. She voted for trumpet 2016. So she's really upset that the drug administration revoked that thorough policies to do by Barack Obama and allowed transgender students the choice abusing their male or female school bathrooms. And says I do a lot of political stuff but it's mostly behind the scenes. Over the next year I'm looking into it I have to be very Smart about this where I can do a better job for my community in green the Republican Party around ten LG BT issues. So she. Says she might run. Or something. That would be awesome. Says she's injury and she's pondering entering politics malveaux Foreman goes you Republican plot. I would like to see senate or congress he can do more good there doesn't let things and evaluating its options that. Why is Larry King still doing interviews nobody died he has set Internet show players. I'm never Susie in fired him he started doing an Internet show and he still gets pretty big name guests on there and comes up quite a bit which. I guess it is setting up an additional anymore because after what's his name took over and they got rid of him whose English Fella here cheers yeah. Once he was gonna chose Ghana I still Bronson. Here's here's rounds as he had done here is Morgan as the others. Penner goal drones and don't like him he got real trump supporting young. Bill Maher surrogate and arguments on Twitter and tell them. I know much about it. I think I kind of like Tim I was all right with them and I think if you watch him on the mark couple months ago when it nailed it he's at and you change your opinion of them. And I did see something this morning. And bugs and whether or not. The Democrats. Are ready to train impeach. Conscious. Plan. Not 108 days or whatever it Democrats are just dosage. And I really did not like the Democrats and you know wading through nine non Annan on the Republicans that voted for health care bill because. Not they're. Up to this point indestructible drive. Blount and Obama did win twice he did but everything that's happened recently I was so this should have been political suicide has worked yeah you're right. Substitution. So. I've released a man. Oh wait. Thank you grab my lyrics from in the air particulate emissions. I wanted to impress it's over the next event on the side right over there probably see him. I'm really embarrassed about this because I was excited and then I just got stuck. I. Mean I got stuck kind of I laid it down. I wanted to impress you know you like big Sean. And I had a real good start to have but I can't get that I just couldn't get the flow right. Actually I just can't get access to work. But to let you know I was trying to think that the beginning. They might chorus is pretty solid. We have a lot. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I come west down let's take you bounced back. Twitter or at least that's the media was what I need a helping you this announcer just don't push back as I do you think congress should think you might need some track. I don't with the downloads today he bounced back CEO doctor Twitter or at least that's the media was wacky ones don't call me Jesus now shows you don't want to push back. He says containing countless occasions and I might release and I don't wanna go. Call mediate trumps home meet these hurting your cause did you think KGB. And call them. Did you go mouth shut or religion are you all monkey business or yeah Lazio. I yeah. When you score is I'm. And it uses I'm not I'm not. Really rapid that's part of the song he's someone else I. Has no idea I got my whole crew here I've been massacred up Menem's are laid out. Okay. So a familiar figure out. Figured it out. Morley got first. Well you know emissions last week occasionally we played things that we may have heard earlier in the week we haven't done a familiar we wanna do for males we can get feedback and who played the national. I guess and desolate area. The new national the system only dreams and total darkness. Will play nice tells really like and I'm in attacks on 96500. Okay. They go it's like emotional like it as a total related. Most of related Eli get like a lot. Know you like it I love it. Palin's got a new album coming out really already surprising it seems quick right now two years there was no one of those bands records from announced yeah. They're they're very business about it but. I know when Chris and yours. It's tough it's coming right there is anything but two years ago bale bale put out. That first solo effort the names which. I had I thought had a few songs that I loved and I don't say I love the album but there are a few songs that I loved and apparently he's gonna put out a new album. Called man of the world on glass note June 30. And he has a new song out is called philosophy. My muscles into you tells really like and I'm real attacks on 96 I was user. Melissa. Knows about 5050 I loved it I don't necessarily love. Everything and they do that was great that pleased me I'm a fan. I didn't know that he had a new album coming out Manila others Greg you think he talks whose cousin. An unknown. I'm getting gases company it was in a big fan Vampire Weekend but maybe I don't know if I'm down. Below or else new day wave or open up mail I do if something here. What's your days as a write down my Alley has course. Oh well I've got its new gateways or something here is also the election year attacks line is X five's zero. There's only one person and like I mean everybody else like do I get I'll like it mean to I'll do in Milan. Would have been. Well me and I was playing music or at least music that's in to us in the mail sometimes it could be old we don't know it was just so into us and soon. These envelopes are here. Or sometimes he sent electronically I guess we open that we play at mutual's really like it or not. Blunder. On a winner. Knows no. Player called in and now doing a lot of rain has called wander act. Know I done. All right I do a lot. Actually I loved it by the way humble wander. In and out. Remember banks. Got. Looks like this came out last month but. So maybe they've senate before we've overlooked it. I don't think we've played this crowded places. By banks have we done this for males are gone. Down linemen seem to happen I don't know replace Hillary and a OK. So new banks crowded places the know the other tells really like it or not. It's. I. I. I. Okay. I. I. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Tennis yeah. Yeah sure. It's. Yeah. The. OK. This. Loan. London bureau I like banks. I saws and like it. Looks at people like new banks I mean it's new wish this for some of player for male. I have this ex ambassador song I don't know anything about water than that it came on a couple weeks ago called torture is you know the song no. There's an awful lot straighter and now it doesn't want to be looks like they put out maybe two songs. Hoping. And this torches song never heard it. Mean neither was so good together tells really like it or not. Payroll tax on love it sounds like X ambassadors jetliner failed offensive. There's a new bleachers onto it. Today. Looks like it went. Which never everybody lost somebody. Let's let's enjoy it bleachers you don't really like Romeo and attacks on 96500 I think a stretch of mental. I thought it. Yeah. I. I'd like ten minutes. I gotta get some. June oh iron. I'm right there had been no there was an in the studio and the first Arab who wrote that or what have added I do imagine him the first I'm sorry sink in that course there are like whole whole whole whole Goldman and Morgan a lot of money with us. That's a really really good look at. OK so this is a story that was referring to earlier and there is more information about now it's today's it's a big story today you know what happened back in August of 2016 a guy goes back to start promote the trump. Only tapes the alleged tapes only stuff. So Jonathan holly was fired from his job as he schools dinner last year right when he left work eight minutes earlier this is all according to. Poster I'm ready to post this theater Redick it became a big deal today disguise it a lot of sympathy they're trying to get updates from the gender. Apparently there's a video of him driving and boomer I saw videos of him raping they talked about what a directory is and always I. And what happens is back in August. He's got he works for a school in somewhere in Georgia a hole for Atlanta Georgia. And she gets called in to the principal's office tried this middle school he's a janitor web bridge middle school. So he he has his phone and he secretly records this. Mom rep remained where a guy named Ed today in the office for the principle. So. We were talking about what are your rights and everything earlier and one of those things from this update years at Georgia it is a one state. Or one party consents okay. Sure it is so he was allowed to tape it. And also. Everyone is saying you if you Google the story right now you get a bunch of people saying basically the Cha and I was Jerry and he was fired after leaving eight minutes early. I even though he got to work early to letting firefighters right so that they can check via fire alarm or something. But the school has now issued a statement. And Dave said we just read their statement here because this is what happens and you get a piece of something you got this idea from the Internet and don't know the whole story. So the school says com we are aware of an August 2016 video that shows web bridge middle school principal Susan offerman. Being recorded by a former employee who was brought in to meet with her again for his continuing issues of coming to work late and leaving early cynics like this wasn't the right time. Mrs. offerman was subsequently on medical leave. And while on leave the school continued to have personnel issues with this employee the employee was not terminated but did resign in May. OK okay so while we understand this deal is receiving a great deal of attention on social media it is important to distinguish at the conversations on social media do not fully reflect all the facts of the situation. Our HR professionals have begun a review this matter in its entirety. Fulton County schools has roughly 141000 poison me greatly value all the now price of Vick might have a legitimate gripe. The world to get on second story let's. Thank you but I know this is gonna make you angry just because. She's principal and you've talked about when you work around kids who were you that the way she talked talked to him ten. Doug. The tone of voice and also driving issues is to say. So she's called me in the office because you left work early the day before according to this information we have it has recorded right. Well. Miles from 630 to Cuba ahead. And it should Birdie Putt. I'm looking forward and again I do not leave it to forty we're we're calling it when I left there's much do you think you. Well not left now is not that you don't. When I don't know that those kinds he's thinking 52 when I was going out that don't because you look after they leave early because I was here or what you're so. Missile minotaur I thought I would I was here this morning with outside they had to jump in the bill I'm talking. What they are dollars. I'm told him I was originally again. Film. Six days early to think just hears him what time does the bell rings right as though flat so what time when there's no sex fifteen. He says he was there early okay. There are what's our our run today. I want you to tell me when I start you did you play before 3 o'clock I love before this class wine for the simple fact had to come in here this morning. Because the fire he was out this outside sitting outside because we had a didn't do it into the final. So I could be adequate in the building I think it's in this but it won't listen it is they found no yeah it lets its team. It is not a suicide is not. And there's not seeing this not that I wanted to come and that's existing missile when I was sitting outside in the final it was outside waiting in the caught the key inside the. Hey. Yeah until Saturday so they way they have to wait those exploded inside the digital file with the fire alarms. Me. The bill is not open this Saturday. Just hours but you feel like it. Moon cool cool cool cool cool. And here's one thing though I should say. Our boss we have a boss who likes and a get fired up agenda in a little bit and music you'd like it's I don't want to be evil the differences. He Alessio back. Right yeah well I mean I do you do. I do not everybody I'm personally look at their mastered by eminent sounds a lot like that probably does but what I would stop and emulate I hired 615 once you tell me in my hours what my hours right. Images and web now our church and its access to right so. So he tries dig he tries to you know responder gee look who lost or like you saw loud and help the fire movie you saw the US open Wimbledon. It's your loss. Susan confident. Tell you that. Parents are here yeah that's our soldiers of those are doing a good yeah person who's the boss that's what I'm the boss that's I was gonna say your initial talk about yourself the third person I'm out on how I'm done. And you know this this audio goes on for it's been about five minutes of him and he serves a plea with her and she says don't talk back to me don't. And I'm sorry you know me and look what I know tomorrow like Arnold the facts are but you need to go. Earlier today I was not supposed to some miles okay but. Let that was against five people had the it is thought he was sitting up it'll how war bonds. Here are. Soon enough and the fire Marshall she's doing it again. Brother Senator Obama. This old news mobile I'm happy I've never I never say no bulls. Explain my this industry yes. And we need you. Attitude toward a fine. And are calling on the walking and I popular phone finally because nobody could find him. And it doesn't exist but not really what I just most and then the. Yeah if you left before 3 o'clock you left early. Cuba before your shift was done so please let me explain this needs to just think we had a meeting I think that I did so through that thing. Why because he. I think I don't know what's not when I don't know it's time that I. OK I did and it went to finish on time and thank you thank you probably heard all you know like how. It was when I'm that thought that it was on who's passed it well I don't know what you're doing between when you left her at 3 o'clock. So when you look this building. That I did not give you permission to leave early today. You before your shift is over. You left before your shift was completed your shift finishes at 3 o'clock. And you left before the clock without permission. Yeah. Just like you talked about it just like my grown men did so now people get your my boss and apparently think you're superior to me. But. Talk to me like I'm a girl man writes. I got it doesn't emulate him and we need this stuff on red it is sensationalize I was talking to little kids like that writes I wouldn't talk to my kids like that. But it that we had we're condescending prick about everything right. And just ask you a dead razzle what time do you work her children to not. I know what time do you work and. I would just I'm a janitor that's a very distinct pleasure on the gel in time do you leave here and get in the parking lot. Curious. I didn't ask him that I'm asking you that I ask you you question what's her name. You travel on the weekend. You'll not talked to like that it. Was your boss what is your boss's name. Is Susan offer me your boss. I don't hear you say it I have made a lot of mistakes in my life that let me in this place a visit and across industrial. And you are asked me my boss yes you are right. Life. Neck right from that's one how are you. Yeah oh. Yeah oh yeah we got surely got to each week. I'm looking at right now. Act did nick right man I just moved to LA now I gotta move to new York and this story says FS one to kick off its first morning show first things first. In September. Yeah me it hurt Carter. And then nine day and age that day that he Kirk 0:8 AM. Today in Kansas City. On your television. But you'll finally acts will deal with being called Yediot editors Gerri quite appealed UB. You are see it during a morning show Chris Carter. That is correct hey you people get all exports. I'm not in a Dick about that but to people as I like what's that. It's not like I don't like I said I got a whole lot of silicon radio you know like people are open and in the car doing it. On TV is that like a big time slot to like mornings I mean obviously were with Chris Carter do well it's naturally syndicated. What is that like I mean they needed to go I think it might get my access in. And is that like that coveted spot. Or sports talk on TV. Companies. It. It it and I via radio like it was your thing which is radio no need for Europeans are. But he that they might be achieved. Sort of outlook in light there were like the people are. They're neglecting jittery. That is super warrior but he editor at they would its borders be great at. Org or in higher on off box whatever. And where you Bill White people or stop. Bet that those people are operating make millions and millions of dollars right. In there and a whole story that power to like to say. When when the previous show or you went away order people want you people there any doubt. And then there the majority of people which is like the leadership or use basically one he'll bill it now you know what was it all away. So yeah they'll all be used. Right now work we now on the air filled 99 birds in the board in what I'm. So what hurt in the encrypt all our I obviously we all we could be with the people com to watch. And hit it portable people but jittery or right but you'd bet you're. But they are at the paper ought. 4 in the morning that. Some Super Bowl last even if it's just in what were but the rap that. Make sense. Of course only don't I mean obviously win win morning news or doing their morning news he sort of do an earlier and earlier and everyone started launching a morning show and now it seems like they're doing so I know people get up and they must want you to turn your television. To whatever channel it is and then they expect you leave it there and will be there when you get on. Well in hand with art is even with sport to people here you know we have coming up you're liable. We eat we have been in back all of that war. A year and we all let the ball well so the dark again that maybe people walk all week one. And prior. If they wake we are not doing not life sure well. And people. But. In the mail via last year if you were on the call and you woke up in the morning and yours you put on one. We weren't. Simply using the channel we argued their oh. Oh well when the war what do you debate or that they and Albert. New show on it will be in court and hopefully people. Well that is so me already not only because I like both you guys and I. The Big Ten network I mean I always feel like whatever you know the Big Ten football and basketball. I always feel whoever has those things. Has more insight into what happened what's going to happen I could be wrong about that but that's just. How as a layman watching TV I'm like I'll although I must. To more people in the big and then other people or any critic. Does speak Britain's. One of the greatest player in the history of the and no notebook. And now all's vote what order she do you not timing the album is a long time ago. This was brought up yet as strong possibility. What five months ago well. And I call you hold we can't I don't know why. Like well I call oh like we can do it totally and like Latin Latin talk taking the greatest job my life. I talked a minute and I was like look man calmed down and Leah I don't know it by spending an hour and a half two hours on the bodily. Walked our way through it and man I am not I'm not only proud you but I I absolutely know that you will be fantastic there's no doubt in my mind. Like we're still watch. Why Iraq wide or it may yet but a lot. It is it is I remember about it you're you're and a half ago you guys talk about it if you were if you got a lot of money. What what put that she's in debt with you cool now I. Here all the pot. I just heard on the ball go up by torture I. That while Barbara bank and I watch and so I look I thought that way ever been you've got to cop go well. Is the cup so. Like this where it's kind of weird in Moscow but it is really nice tool recruit what. Pat White and hope and dollar. And no hole. Let me. Look at your gonna Simmons supervised watchdogs say it from Pasco. Just in the watch. Mean Kirkland yeah I make the best why did you notice that I just and watches and because you know just like hey man. I got this tax code discount. I'm a member of doesn't have a better one of these since. A similar watchman. But I want to get a that was fine for a couple of who's going to say is. I record our law and that apple I'd been polluting their watches big I'd court actually won't lie. Itself or the Caribbean cited attacks were. For the for the I love you nick congratulations man. Hate that you got it right that one thing I know what the Turks are liable not. Well. I started coming on page you know. At every gate cult will agree that yeah app server. I knew it was coming because. I want it and it ended up. Might there for public comment on this beyond this show that. Really really helped me what I am and so I'm up I appreciate you guys being my outlet he. There's a lot but yours and help me all all all what you saw what does not say for sure this would. The accident unleashes a great weekend. They got these.