Friday, 03.10.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast [Best Of]

Friday, March 10th

  • 0:00 - Would you rather have a clown, an alien, or Snowcone show up outside your window
  • 08:53 - A kid in Florida shot his mom
  • 25:38 - Butt Rock Psychic
  • 44:21 - The guys discuss their long-term health, kratom, and Slimfast's diet.

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Sorry it's always got to find. Eyes flew Alex clones I don't think anybody does anymore. But I just question before it's like Nico wafers or something I think maybe fueled people I don't clown car. Home not always hurts but it's not popular with anyone anymore though right so relic of the past. If your dad your real dad Spencer. I'll ask you what I used as soon fashion your real dabble would you rather I'm sure outside of the window in your apartment. There's little heads sticks up. Is dressed as a woman. And high heels. Or is dressed as a clown. Which one moon. Well in my heels between Greg and grossly. Yeah I know. Audiences because. You know it's you don't know what's happening maybe he's drunk and needs help it's more common for got to be you know do one of drizzle but a woman that and as for God's sort of sort of clump right. Credentials of your house at clown suit man. Now. I got clout I just want to show up. So the left. That back pay. But we talked about before some guys who and there's nothing worse than ordinary we're noticing a clone. Some five says phenomenon alien enough but now I'm not an online daily and it is still don't know his intention if they're not good at the the way he approached a YZ whom lurking around the bush is that I don't like anything about that. That is that's hell. That's hell now they tell but it is surely a moment I alien looking up through the window as opposed to settle behind accounts I've seen that video here. The birthday party from the early ninety's on that video doesn't alienate anyone else. Look it doesn't factor Larry or don't why don't you don't know. At 3 o'clock in the morning you don't know the intentions of the omen nine alien. It's frightening at first but it could be ET because play is spaceship to the crash is easy if a person. Is dressed like a god damn clone at 3 o'clock in the morning and stick our head my window neither is there is no. Neither is good no I don't wanna clown there I don't believe there's no good outcome of the clown he didn't just show up to juggle. He showed up to kill your grave you that's what you're right where you go above scene. Is a clown outside URLs as easy outs and I'm wondering how does it is sure glad he wants all we know those tables put the rubber thing overt suck me down and they showed those meals and might not. Eyes are on duty and I started throwing up in Honeywell on the table and I hope god Travis only cover you when rubber and sucking down at all. No I I I came to think about it like a sleep tonight now. No I don't clown be released may be just an idiot dress up like McClellan Carr guys you are home and ideally and changes everything it changes everything. Everything I thought I knew about life has just changed the sense technology Iran's elite and found I don't know maybe just a mere days my friends like Todd got you down all dressed up OK yeah now all rounds like that guy he's finally fell short I don't o'clock in the morning dressed up as a clown for no reason I got youth. They're gonna kill I've been made a really bad choices friends. And I venerate me. A clown at 3 o'clock in the morning is nothing but trouble. I'm not saying I want either again. Both. Cause for concern. And honestly you give me like a clown and Spencer. So I look out the window and either a clown or Spencer's looking through my window. I feel like you Spencer's looking through my window in my backyard easily and only one area you're gonna well are made no I would not I would think that's I think you're drunk. You equity and she turns her back and Mike I knew it. That if I thought the child was gone through I and I feel like it's over it's done. Now I would date Spencer's drunk whatever come on then I get your bear a cloned YC stand not to look at I don't know abilities and an image got Asperger's he's lost yeah. He takes its OK to show up at 3 o'clock and I don't know he wants to talkies moves I'm going to cloud over Maine yes I would. Just a right it would take you as a cloud over you. At least you as a clown like sky high hero funnier clown outfit c'mon take it off are you joking and then maybe say goes through consumers drunk for a refund but US you'll. There's no good reason PV in my yard I speller probably did you come overnight played video games that's fine but if you show up in my yard at 3 o'clock tomorrow I'll look up a window you're staring in. Ice and their rating kill me. Quote I'm a completely new games the best you can tell by the events are I'm not I'm netcam but he's making no logical argument. I completely understand why you would be an MR explain why is he there in the yard teenage guys you have as burgers. And he doesn't understand the rules of engagement. So he's out at night in his leg arm and sure levels Oprah to lose neighborhood nominal. Take a look over there see if he's playing video games out and you're like OK we're now. But he's harmless. Cologne walking up on the back to my doctor knock on the sliding door. None enemy and a minimum amount. What is the clown was here's the thing let me ask you this no big tonight away here's the thing. You can use this as it is a permit an example. If Spencer showed up at your house at 3 o'clock in the morning right. And was on your tack and you shot him. He didn't do any thing where you shot him you get a lot of trouble. If a man dressed up as a clone. Was on your jacket 3 o'clock in the morning you shot him know during the world would convict no journal are going to look god damn close my door. And then be like okay why I was the cloning like I'm northern government before and his fans are like. Or whoever Israel as a gorgeous will be the car they must've been lost my guys any carrier really no more wrong. Usually my house as a player Clarence you know I'm not a hundred clone you I insane. If you shoals of my house was a like a clown and I shoot him. They would say why you shoot the clown it's like doctor over losing guys a cloudy just shot and he was asking for money for charity or something. Is Spencer shows up on my property at 2 o'clock morning I should from the jury says yes. I think you definitely had a right to shoot him he was on your property there's no good reason that guy should have been your house at 3 o'clock morning we've listened to some. Tape from the show before Russia and we all believe that if we weren't put in your position we were also shot immediately. I believe that. And I think Missouri law pretty clearly says I could. I'm not exactly sure of the laws and I enjoyed drag your body inside the front door you make me rethink our entire friendship and look Spencer our friendship. Is based on the idea that if you're gonna come over my house I would invite you first or you at least knock on the door reasonable hour removed any outside at 3 o'clock in the morning you know since the bigger you know keep an idea I like maybe his car crashes Khamenei says no wire usually he's. Amber are staring through a window so not the knock on my god damn door cold we don't see in my backyard steered to might wind up. That's how this story started I got injured now know I'm I'm staring through winter but I want it done anymore I'm one I'm not scared to Spencer. And I do I am very secure random clown running around in the back during. And Tim you look like you couldn't lift my arms out of my sockets and you get angry. Spreads are mad that I would never do you look like you could just get really angry I saw you talked neck cop on the street the other night. Spencer told the cops to go F himself he's beard jerk. He's out bad ass and he scares me that now OK you're more spare does scares Spencer McLaren. We'll find out I don't like either we'll find out either listen to clone your house wanted to know I told you both have been really bad. I was on June Allison Nichols and clone in your house along heavily piano well and I will shoot him. I think naming a name a name and. Convicted club now that. Big clown shoes. I know you're not big on capital punishment but that's that calls for capital punishment he shows there was also climbed jets are playing the piano yeah I think I can shoot you know you are big into Gaza you can hit him with that that has something kill them gosh I don't think any jury in the rose well issues maybe it was her birthday grant. Now not 3 o'clock in the morning right now no now Spencer. Do you wanna come over if it's a summer driving and paying bills just play video games okay. But should shop at a reasonable hour and not on the iPhone or through the window yeah you can come along join the features are good. Okay. I have a story for you about creating a little lady. Nine months purses aren't they today's been ego crushing irony on lap I think dying. Tweet earlier that I was you know some sort of jerking men attacks on so loud so I hate you and then. Our friend he will burrow he. Many in Durham purpose but he showed me don't read it. Post about who is your least favorite. Local personality guess who's on top allow us to law. At least favorite and yeah how can go anywhere you engineering that's crazy like me and teacher and good job. That's about it you know people and I'm I mean I'm Noonan Buell him. Like me who's up for markings that gives you can't take that serious but I don't think played I don't know obtain. Just slightly. Yeah. Yeah they do I've been on the before they don't they don't like us. Nobody ever mentioned Joseph it's always me yes because your name on the show them it's your name on the coffee mug Jamont teacher. Russian change up. Because things aren't going well. Yeah. Mollid I'm just back here lurking in the shadows. People forget. That's the benefit album. The downside is when you get an award or something more general lord I don't know you won like page should best something I've seen her glass thing that broke. If fell but it hit it existed I remember CNET. But you give speeches and conferences and. Aside here and I am not an analyst SXSW. They mentioned human body how many know like me medals sometimes. Congratulations. Our friend Muslim. Oh man. Only human. I have feelings animals come just getting out there's Arabs are feeling I really don't work for Papa. Alia Jamie guilt. When most people can shut the front a little while the book what a. Want. Now I can't tell this story Mike because what because what you just said. Why nobody heard me. People hear what he said so come on do you think now. Are. Straight about Jamie guilt she's quite a looker. She's from Florida. Chairs several pages including Jamie guilt for guns sense it's a community on FaceBook you probably heard electric page entry wrong. Judging by her FaceBook page she also likes Ted Cruz. It's like it's a great supporter should someone pictures you posted about 45 caliber handgun. It and then. Taken apart. And she said got to play with my new toy today. Time to Clinton. She likes guns you know two good Florida girl why don't you Osama Regina known around. No different loaded weapon. So she's 31 years old yet and she likes guns and she has these web pages about guns cents. But something happened terror. And wasn't good she was shocked. And you may ask who would sure right. She's pro gun whoever shot and had a gun you'd think they'd be on the same shouldn't they be able to protect yourself enjoy should've been able to protect yourself right. An awesome shot in the back. Coward coward a diablo style shall write them back coward. No not not a funny story actually she was shot by her four year old son. After leading what kind of. We year old accidentally shot his proud pro gun mama she drove down a rural highway after the Todd found a loaded pistol in the car. Jamie guilt 31 was rushed to a local hospital after the mid drive shooting in Putnam county Tuesday she's in stable condition CBS 47 reported. The vocal Second Amendment defender runs her own FaceBook page Jamie guild of forgotten sands dedicated to spouting her fiery pro gun opinions. Guilt was driving Tuesday to pick up a pony for Putnam county ranch. When she was shot officials said her four year old son in the backseat fired a 45 caliber handgun into the back of the driver's seat. The book what a horrible day you're on your way to get a pony. This kid was they were on the way to get a pony who gets a real pony in real life a pony they were driving to get a pony and the four year old he's probably excited for girls they can talk right. I'm sure she said like K. We're going to get a pony this kid's gotta be ecstatic. But he sold Saturday picks up the loaded into a sitting next film and he fires one off I'm guessing it was supposed to be a celebratory shot into the air you know. I love going out. I'm Gonzalo ponies and it was like day. But he shot his mom in the back now I don't know what the rules are Florida I don't know the rules. Here Missouri I like your mother got up by their faces and exactly. You're supposed to then this is easy. And yet you know I. That you don't calmed down back there I'm gonna stop discard turnaround no pony for anybody in his like today. That could and got a gun I'd love to know what happened well I'm sure. It was Jesse was has gone they say he found the gun. But judging by her FaceBook page which ended the more I learn about my government the more I love my guns I'm guessing she wants everyone around her arm to the teams including her four year old. And you know you're going to get a pony pony is expensive. There's a lot of road pirates out there trying to steal ponies from people on the way back he got to make sure your protected. And a shirt now. So this poses a new plan. The way let alone is gone and there slowly and got more match to the car sees these so he's the land and he's in a car seat and he isn't easy found of course he's found many found you've got to hand and the dells like the way I did read the story I've played down. Also the kid wasn't strapped in a he wasn't enough so where do you find that out where do you find it amazing he's found it. I love the thought that there's this kingdoms like loose change as well following underneath the seat use reach back there you find it has value beaten showed similar 45. Wherever Dallas 38. Ani Sharon back now what happens if OK first of all I'm not a parent I don't own a handgun some asking your at least apparent. Is that some sort of child endangerment leaving no I don't I'm. I am armed to the teeth okay just so you know OK so then. Do the right person to ask what are the rules about letting your kids play with him. Oregon lawyer driving is that some sort of child endangerment. Well he's. He is protecting you don't. Against road rage she's sure. He's your dot if anybody tries to cut you off you for your own blog that Don and home. YRS up. He's four he doesn't need concealed carry. Constitution doesn't say. Concealed carry it does seem to be certain way as well as if to conceal it now you have a god given right to own a firearm. Earlier two or 200 points right. It's moments ago employ one and she should back. Right I mean she got shot in the back you'd think she's strange pleasure moment but she's down. Man down honored god. She's in stable condition right in the sweet spot. If you are away when she gets all hostile she goes she should go directly to jail. Go directly to jail much she won't will's she now there's no well I don't wanna say that because they have I have. We talked for years and years about all these stories about a kid getting actually shout all guy was trying to a dad was trying to sell a gun to someone on the street or someone you met on Craigslist. Or taking a gun out of the car Cabela's he shoot your grandson in the back. I wish in accidents but accidents can be a cause or the results of negligence right right and and plenty of these news shows a red. People were being negligent it would seem. Mental list of things you can't leave next your kid in the backseat of the car I was gonna ask is if you had to sit become full vodka now there was mind. Right so I don't MB air back there right there a lot of trouble right. What a joy I just a burning joint yeah ultimate animal marijuana you can get ahold is amenable Mary ride you can get ahold of alcohol right. About poison. Are just a bottle of poison backed there sorry. Los killer and Stephen back here not all legal to have boys on his kid and about six times we get lost in the car. Up until the month contest and poison back there's not a big deal little guy gets startled we we get the Montgomery shot how many holes in the car shoddy legal I've bleachers at a couple bleach back there. Are you kidding me with it's I drank and I don't know I didn't expect him to drench it. Are you kidding me you know how much trouble people IBM or any of those things. That's I wondered if you're the parent. I didn't know maybe I thought maybe make comment. At parliament now that you're not odd how upon I don't really get in trouble and it won't let us finally lemonade and owner. Yeah well always when I was a kid I remember them telling us that if an adult leagues pornography Al somewhere where you conceal her somewhere that surround your supposed report because it's against the law. What would you can't show a child porno. Take it out of let's just equate. We let you guys showing kids pool let's say she left a hustler sitting next to her son in the backseat would you say that she's unfit to be a parent or to that was. Or at least at the very least extremely inappropriate yeah and possibly some sort of sexual molestation guns different story. But if she actually left a hustler or Playboy about third. Accidents happen in Canada act clashes and the farms do I belong to kill someone. I don't know what the long term effects are looking at your dad's porno thing that's quite a ride in the back seat to run on the way to get a bonus or. You way to get opposing I am one of their children and a very bad you know you should Drago microphone you have parents you don't know what it's like and there are certain generally you know I don't know I don't know don't have I and I had a mom and I can talk about the story right you went through your mom's torn sash. Now mama porno watch a lot of guns so much that that you know I do I sound like. Magazines and stuff. Got a legal. They're not supposed to show it's legit I don't really can't say when you're dead left porn magazines. In your bedroom are in the backseat of the car you're driving wind and yes I think the police should investigate. That's only common sense here. He can't drive around a porno. Throne next year kid by the way kiddo guns either. Mom. Or poison. Or bleach. Pot. You can't. Your a lot of trouble when they go to shot himself. Owner shot some real happens what are your important they got out the window and shot somebody driving next to him the charge that killer murder. What went occasionally charge of attempted murder enough. Well he does but he can't stand his ground. But I thought I was crazy looking woman was drive them to get a pony you know what was happening inside they're gonna you don't if he thought she was gonna drop them off some relief tempered guy. If there is reckless endangerment of a child or the child knew what it was doing and clearly shot on purpose there is no doubt there's no other options. If the gun was given George child who doesn't know how to use it. So therefore. You endangered the life of a child and all are a four year old is old enough to not use a gun and and it's his right to use it let me try to kills look at least it was by the way I don't care which one is charged. Actually notable charged. Horrible to them charge. We've already decided. Right then there's no age limit on on Maynard. Herb firing a gun right she owns the gun and he's allowed to shoot it right. Even before that little girl use automatic weapon and shot the instructor. No laws were broken and she did that she was allowed to shoot the gun. So he's allowed to shoot under some coffee can on it but it's forgotten. We can't shoot her you and your person is accused shooter you can shoot a that you can't she's ever or I can't stand your ground laws. Now if you guys just tell the lunar right take this a trial and the Brady isn't Florida over standard. Around this kind of a big deal is all loved it here for a while you stay in your very isn't accidental lawyers are 40 yeah. His lawyer's gonna say look at this one. She told them we were going who's going to get a pony my client didn't believe for one minute he was going to get a pony up. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I ask you would you believe of this armed to the teeth woman a white woman. Turning to drive you know the woods and we're gonna put up a pony she says I take it home alone. Arms and talk a bunch of guns in the car scared you would be scared you would know something was amiss what choice do you have a that we are old enough to drive. Darrel Matthews a cell phone which you are old enough to do is grab that 45. Pop one off. You know it would they didn't do that they didn't drop them off on the was it and go get whatever that pony was. I just wish there was another for a limit car or don't gun shows just at all stop them. So it never would have happened so she sang well I mean if there's more four year old wooden guns and cars and four year old June. Guns and cars don't shoot other four year old would guns and abortion rights is your assignment right they're driving on the street that whole car was filled. Where is toddlers we've weapons then. Probably would've seen any of this happened. Agreed. As the mom is someone that knows what she does some engine die what is your general on Wednesday to Iraq I don't understand I. She's obviously an act of aggression favourites. I think any jury would say he shot you in action before it's a good shot in the back and you're not allowed to return fire and I don't know what the rules are. Oh no he's on his occasionally if I'm walking on the street and a four year old shoots me in the back and I am on to the teeth I'm sure you back right after. SC ruined what was supposed to do right. The kid she shot me in the back. By the way you should be charged as an adult. This is a crime trying to kill your own mother. Look firearm that's there is not a crime of a toddler alleged crime a grown man. I think god is. We live with a woman who was all of all gun safety and more arrived here for my government tomorrow Wal-Mart does he obviously had heard about gun safety before and it gonna. House is probably cleaning gone. Once we get the whole story. She's driving she got her hands full she can only clean one gun while she's driving the other one's got to be industry can definitely and it doesn't make a mistake was he a mistake them. There's an act of rebellion. Now. It's premeditated as what you sandy contemplating this for months. We normally don't launch. Is what I do know. But the facts speak for them so much I do know they paid double loaded gun. He pointed it at his mother and he pulled the trigger. I rest my case I don't need to know much more. All right over under on her getting in trouble for this. No trouble. No trouble do you guys think. No trouble. As for. I think they're not gonna take the kid away. What does rules. I'm afraid desk. If you case your four year old takes up handgun shoots someone and they say you're not responsible enough to be a gun owner anymore they can't all right you know OK I'm heading things up. Society can throw a white isn't given to you right. But I like a driver's lessons right back right is giving do you buy dot com. I don't. Oh god no I don't know a lot of these bands I've heard of this man before Erica so I know that they're popular but I don't know. I try to give you some stuck some stuff and Obama and I just you know having a look at Wikipedia. And because I wish I knew some of their other songs are some but I just I don't know home and I know people listening. Know on some new light on so I call last week is a good job lose all your listeners really like. He was a good job lose all Elizabeth make of Boehner music allied and I'm like well. If it is like the music all right there's a station for instance right. Or shed two doors down on the right you can beat Harvard degrees three doors down. And is therefore you have an idea act as you know lives remain. If you like that I've got Francis is what they listened to right. I get their truck and boom I hear five holes of death. How punishing your face I have no friends it was a new runway really not mine started later in life much later as we droplets in the same stuff because I think 'cause I was around. And then one inserted listened to create a lot and we used to make fun of comprised of white guys make four recruit guys do is listen that rap crap you know I mean right yep you're missing the boat which is really weird. Let me just went straight man her you know I mean I'm sure. He's pretty much exclusive and then once I got his car. He let me borrow his car and you listen to Phil Collins so that means yes Phil Collins greatest hits surrounded by but rock which you know Phil Collins could be his Lionel Richie. Right I think there's going to priorities are my writing to highlight on Reggie but I think it's my disability I asked me not to dancing on the ceiling been I don't like that sometimes is Billy Joseph minds on which I like dead easy on Sunday morning sir that I like all its crichton still. Stood. The end of that is like I'm like damn I don't that is good. I thought through and a hello and then some selling anyways it's a button again because I got derailed a hold on now I gotta take it back up sorry. All right we got her. I don't personally I have for you is by a band called hidden there. Part of a major dome today and designs go better than me never heard it couldn't name a song and there is an American rock band from Oklahoma. That was formed in 2001 my drummer Cody Hanson. Guitarist Joseph blow or guard read home. He calls and some blower. And singer. And singer Austin wing color. The band was inducted into the Oklahoma music hall of fame in 2007. Now they've all remember Amber's six years and out the other Oklahoma music hall of fame so there's only like seventy balls in the air I would imagine but. It got him in their quick so they must be popular yeah I'll make fun as far a lot of people in the Oklahoma music hall of fame. So they must be really popular to get in there in six years I don't know much about Madonna said OK that I dine their name in the van I called blower okay the song is called better than me. Hear the music please yes better than me. And it's also really hard to figure out where he search scene was at all intro or he must start singing right at the beginning. Fancy design get nervous all right. Better than me. So that's a hot team better than me. The bomb here tender and there are a year ago. So much better than being. Real long nose. Playing this game. Look Jim. That's why I'm saying unions. I may. Are always hey. Handle your. Rather ran off when that that only news. Back and today we do. Well so much better. I don't love and at the end cruel push him down and call them carry the day after his father in law yeah. And it's Iran over the guy named Adam yeah that's really happened you know I'll wait there was an out and yeah I think I adamant there for you but. But your girl. A girl to an ad yes hole so that was a man hurt you move that you hear I try to relay and I'm sure your daughter in laws pushed you don't oncology gang. With words yet. We hear the real sunk we have. Pretty damn good that is the hardest. Are yeah. I think this man. Yeah I'm really good. So our idea was. I had judiciary that is okay Guidant all right clearly a little off but that's. You could go Daisuke Matsuzaka can't solve day I didn't think you can do that now his dad didn't silent and you know I'll better. He's tough guy here I was I don't usually like to dab push Rihanna called again all right then then you're fine and so that message drizzle or wrong I still think you learn a little bit of your own influence. Our bodies. Fine scene prove vice president said that's never a happy ending. Took the lead singer of okay fine what's it. God we all know there's been an iron and I picked it I've never heard the song okay. Now I'm not trying to pretend like I've never heard it. Any of their songs but I've never heard it live song okay. Who is it what's it called nickel back heard a bomb. If today. Were a year last day don't know what the only and I know his photograph and the one about the stripper. Yeah third bitch is now. Now that's not huddle among us. Now that out chair and dessert I'm here what I know. I didn't say Indiana is now. Nobody nickel back does two versions they have like a country happy valid site to themselves. The may have an angry a more rock face side and I'm Amanda so do I like you're gonna drop down do you and me yes what about those. And and also another so that country's always like we're just gonna sit on the patio drink beer in the grasses. That's your behind by I don't know that and tomorrow remember that one all right what's this month that may be I may just told you that I don't know. I I really do because. I listen of these and then I pick up and I listen to Oman what is that called YouTube. I was at karaoke sing karaoke version Mariah yeah so I don't know maybe I did just given way I have no idea Yemen Nigeria had two events. Not tigers on Allen opens around songs and there's a ballot can I hear what's it called again don't what's the song called always your last day today was more of your last today. Yeah. This is I don't know this morning. My roommate. I can hear his voice though again here his bookcase. I feel a man guys get away but I don't know I know I'm sorry if I did. Now I feel like it's a ballot I can hear his voice I just don't know what he says put out it'll come to me. Don't know I get confused all right now go back to today were your last day don't. We. Today Giuliani. Today would you regret. Yeah. I'm told you them. Sitting in the car exact name. We're he had found he. I'm doing the most to look Jimmy did have a good Samara Monday do okay. He had me. Drag it comes to. See if you can finally catch a bra. Daily yacht last we lose. On par. Army says he might then. Yes you. You had a voice Eminem is good wherever needed is you're right on it several all what does that lessen the birds I can think of anything. Look I know it's hard to do and I don't adopt your advice. So does this like push me down a golf again I don't mind rhymes with today. Saying day McBride is another day when you sit around and watch the birds tonight very much on parents and what ever played this I'm you're gonna laugh when he says it. Hi it's pretty close as you heard I didn't have a decide not to have the right idea and I always go back that's always going to be that's going to India for aliens and enjoy your last day. You know similarly another friend Johnny with a weird actually get really advise and doesn't give us advised. Well we understand that no matter what it is it's going to me is gonna. Uplifting song about how we should live our lives. Wolf our joy our lives in the trailer from all our version of blooming. Exercise on the other in my only other of that guy and I sit I Russell I think it might be a couple where you know kick your ass dude he's really into him. He's always on the kick dressed just so you know that's a good and all right and honestly as a band I've never heard of I've just I've really never heard of written. She told ten minutes it's is it Mac. Yeah that's typically cult's intent he doesn't care. I think Mac. Got calls back called back I imagine you Grossman yeah I don't Britain has spent I've never heard of but I think there pretty big as well there from Fort Lauderdale okay. And they're called alternative metal. Or at nu metal grooves Leno move it also says a rapid mad all in all Latin medal uses. Under their genres alternative metal hard rock nu metal group metal rap metal Latin medal. And they've been around since 1997. I was simply terra. No I would. It was set understands it says chino raft when they were a metal band in the world south American Samoa text us from the ninety's I don't know I have one of their CD's. And chino rapids and what's name has banned a type of non point okay not nervous we're safe and it's called dishonest called bullet with a name. Bullet with a name. Non point joy was no music bullet with that name a banking system vocalist Elias Soriano. Schoolboy. Really having. All all how's that sound nearly impossible. You you know. We have to bring up my pipes. Whereas I mean I mean that he's a screamer sounds like he thinks so I think so I've no idea. These enzymes and I'm not going back over that I don't know if you're absurd on just says alternative metal Latin medal. I think in high school 'cause my boyfriend and any app to two types of. He's a screamer I can scream scream heard rack and just doesn't allow me at all I can't remember as a music was. Hi I'm okay and scream. Iran portal with your Bullock aiming the bullet they handle it with the name. I am I don't. Bush Mariah yeah. I was right I wonder if he gets into specifics like that. I don't know 200 does going to be very excited he had a Meredith yeah idea I think you well a society biscuits. Is terrorizing him. OK I think you know earlier on route nine. All so the weight of his world the weight of the world used to visit filled with grief yeah the way things are gonna date yeah I think you guys are right gloves like I think of these and it heated. You do it and treated exactly nail and I feel like you juror no writing session you don't come above went a song together. I thought it was good plus I like the way you send thank you in the dialogue that screaming voice again. But I do how. I. I missed out on the screen melting by like. Two years you know then again you'd be really wanted to go to for someone well I sold my car do ought to go and I join you can do I don't know how it goes by it's us. I don't. This. When you have to look too good nobody would have expected it out and I want this and did you. Nice. After the doctor this week why. Because I get. You know I'm prescribed medication or Revver and it's just refills but eventually cause any are had a check up in this long grind. That makes this thing about like you it's time you have a check I think the last time I had one was. Before years ago remember me it was my cholesterol is high. A guy who's the first time that I dawn had a check up and they took blood on stuff and it came back and there was a couple little things like ten. Not ideal I'm. So you and I were having the conversation a couple weeks ago about. At what age you start to worry this pain is. Something I should look at our guys at what age you at what age you go to the doctor get a check up and think because of my age. I'm probably find I remember going to the doctor one time when I was having a panic attack in Seattle I can. He told me before you ever met me he hadn't examined me at all I just sat down and I told my I was going through he said. Read I promise without having even look to you. You don't have cancer you're not dying UIQ Tony three years old you're fine you're fine big thing was 23 years old you're fine you're gonna be fine now. Get over here and take your pants off whatever they gave me generation. So they ask people what age do you stop. Feeling invincible. Did you always told me in your twenties you can either retire when your old life and your. Are retiring your twenties as a new dad told you my turn to energize your information and enjoy everything and in other words or die so that means you you're not planning for the future and you are probably. Experimental drugs show us you know I play on the last hole fighters we all know if you're old enough they used to be you can drink all night. And the next day. Right then. Media have a mild hangover refine somewhere around thirty all of sudden it takes two days to recover from right. So they did this national survey and asked people at what age do you stop thinking you're invincible and he'd. Age 35. Degree upon ages 35 when you have 35 you start to worry about 45% of people 45 to 55. Said that when it comes my help I take steps to look after myself in the long term so less than half price just under half. 31%. Of people 25 to 34. So did they take care of themselves and look after long term health only 31% overall the research revealed that 63% of people surveyed aged between 2555. Do not take steps to look after their long term health. Health. Course my big thing like you and I talk around smoking now of course from kill ourselves. I always said I was a kid people you know my friends' parents could. Give me a hard time for soldiers unquote I'm thirty I think I can do whatever I want Toms or not. Forty. Or 58. Is that your plan now and it plans. I'm 34 now like I said I would be done along time ago. And I still every day I feel ninety fried food and microwaves barbecue pork ribs wherever from. The vending machine and smoke my heroes pork. Ration after they got some over there I have long and today Tug or both parents now bad. The point is every day I think our tomorrow I should start doing a little butter judged insane that since I was. Toys and even more hours I'm stand on the barrels a doctor's visit. Which is coming up this week he's gonna take my blood is nothing I can hide from and I don't want adults I. Think my you know my motives because they just don't know just I don't and I assume you'll find themselves below to help you out rides a horse. Section Donte'. Don't you get nervous and enjoy your life and Syrian and we'll send us a lab for large man everybody does. I think people who were actually I pray for high cholesterol. I pray for some of those we can fix this well yes that's true Bryant who you don't want as they say when you come and Bryant. Somebody talked about and found some things there you know. Are the same remember. I won't say nobody told the person that they had cancer and had a few months to live. Oh they said you know this looks pretty aggressive you've got these tumors you need to go to a specialist enjoyed. So they went to a specialist here in Kansas City and get to the hospital they run all the tests as an owner now. You don't have cancer at all. They're just you've your retaining water some (%expletive) out of America the second out my checks and would have never made when they say go and there was no I'm not only doctor. And I've got four months left forget about it I'm not going now all my money this is the second person I know you. As soon as somebody below I think so too mail each one and I just a number intelligence analysts actually mailed prosecution I'm not prostitutes. I've done all these should realize isn't. No I Monday and now I don't know he retaining water treading water water everywhere in the world hates me. I just spent all the money anyone in the world ladies and I've just dumb all of the evil things I've always wanted to do. I think he's entertaining water do you spend all that money you're standing on the top of the stratosphere and they is about to jump on the phone rings sensitive highway just water aren't we give you Catherine you can find out what's. A catheter although the catheter also I said well just. A second person I know was told that they had cancer and that you know. There was terminal and then he turned out to be nothing more until your cancel your fifth grade and I think you really just. Screwed me up I think it's part of the reason I'm so scared doctors when I was in fifth grade until my mom my back hurt. And it hurt just from normal stuff it still goes up period on just a feud over use I think I've been mowing the lawn or something. You took my shirt off well. I'm OJR olds like gum I am back at her side. Mogul and I suppose I don't know that she children Michael Jackson had just an old man MS thirteen in a Sheila Harris at the she looked at my back and said oh and one of them thought things were so absent salt mommy I've had those shoes I don't remember the I do love my god damn did you buy special missiles weren't big compared to all men. You don't know your dad was a lot healthier. Never complains you and your registry an absence of so they told me in my mom's oldest mold how is Larry colleges in the dermatologist told my day I know I really. The dermatologist on my that I cancer I had my when he looked at a yet he is and I'm glad anytime minutes and I'm glad I got to remove it now but this is you know malignant I can tell from looking at they tried to keep this secret from me but I overheard conversations on the phone on the land line up the phone. Her my dad's on my momma he was at work an old man learn Gladys Kravitz and phone through to talk. Truly set I had cancer and so now I have white could be exciting. I think justifiably so they're going to be just fine young man. I you're a young man you always you know just fine you were about the settlement shine and a little Al D'Amato and they said my cholesterol is also what that's normal. You'll find. Can we find room. I'm just starting to feel. Old. It is it's starting to really. Makes sense to me like I think again I'm older. I'd I was at the other must now show. Last weekend and I told my friend's little sisters are you guys be careful driving home mobilize the number one cause of accidents and people our age she's like twenty or some such mean said. People are ranger your age. Your right foot in my head and people though as I've read my tools and as you get older you know I. I was just drives right and so I look at Spencer I think we're the same specialist at Maine thinks I'm a lot older wish Palin. I look at parcel and think yeah our yeah we're that's where the same age he was a man thinks you are a lot older than my view general vicinity right. I whatnot and you go lose. That's always you always had that gone over. Yeah when I met you were younger than me and how important Arianna and I am now. And I'm you I thought yeah I thought hassles like this you know get of course in the polo shirt I had a job in radio he worked on these places and radio and you know. He's an adult to make new. Don't you man shown the word great grandparents and great knowledge and everybody is getting our health insurers look at things in my eyes this guy. Georgia railroad. I look at them so he's got gray on gray going. Yeah now that's the problem the problem is and I needed for many in saying all this for years again. Catch up with me initially OK rewriting. And eventually this survey says that at 35 you're done being invents what do you say that would you fear meets you halfway around change. Take. Your story about this. I can do better here find. Claybrook food from home man that's yeah I knew that was the only times. I know what I always does is like a week before much somehow I should change and I let O'Brien keep a bunch of free go to the dentist and try to make a hand. Now of course you can't actually back to getting you know whatever with a us. I'll look I trust me if I get a clean bill health then I'll celebrate for the first day by saying I'm gonna say healthy and then immediately else are you compare prices. Crazy thing you know and I know we talk about a million times you know I now. Now all you know why I'm not to need some way today I brought in I don't know un body guard guardrail and salad sandwich would no bread thing like KO double Cahill sandwich. Michael Palin the governor Douglas the. Yeah doubled yeah. And I'm like OK but then you just sit back there and take drugs are prescribed do you drink when he loves the challenge of prey gum seeding you always bring grim and do it Graham does nothing to do. No. I'm saying is if you are so worried about your health trying to doing that right now we just. You won't give up this has nothing to do with great room silicone gel has and just reckless abandon when it comes to that you guys don't even have. There's nothing wrong was pretty impressed him he let us not unhealthy we don't taking an OP annoyed at every day. A substantial amount of mobile ads every day. For three years can't be healthy we don't know that is not healthy maybe it won't. No we do know that that's not healthy I don't know you really think someday they're gonna come out evidence that shows and it's healthy are you what I'm not usually in the I would be on the same. This ain't gonna bring an end to your talking about your do you have a secure Iowa's and you always try oh I always brings into as the nothing to bring up. Think he's aging old feelings every day hoping he's in trouble to me I'm fine. You guys are good act addicts and that's OK but. But I doubled sales are more Jagan a pledge that no you are. You're drug addict and so much on your listing on the things of life like maybe I should do again as I'm not feeling so healthy. Kicking your hope your predictions come on top of that list of people I let alone. Hello all I cannot get my did you enjoy Dallas learns that hey man program college eating banner. Quitting smoking. And man I've been on hold yours for like three years every day a substantial amount they would soon okay. Let's deal with the don't feel an addiction and babies. Dogs are related to smoking and eating better and that's what any doctor says no moral mile ride up and starting tonight and I'm not. No not know what does this play dumb and don't let your freak out yeah plus slowly. Yet knows they wouldn't say you know why. A more solid. More salad. It's you can't smoke at any open joins stuff god and I says it told doctor says that we are gonna bring it into the conversation college doctor says that no one's told you that I pay. On Jersey had said oh good addictions are bad for you well I feel like they should do it as a blanket statement we know that it. Different because it's illegal plan and it's it's different. I'm not I didn't hold the only other than water that you should be drinking every day in the quantities that we drink that crash. You just can't make that are easily get out of that manifold says you can only nine minutes and hold and I'm saying you know that is a little plot and it's still no good addition if you go to the doctor and say I am I don't really engine cigarettes out of New York always crushing my cigarette. Do you wanna get healthy and should quit smoking all right Fineman and the other day I was like all right I should quit smoking should do that and then I got coupons from Monroe in the mail for two dollars back like four home site for home. And a free cup of coffee from some clubs. The RTM is the chorus lineup. Anyway this until Friday I've got time got a couple more days trying to get my cholesterol down trying to get my hypertension down. Why did you guys it's. Just and is so positive. Cool. Work environmental needs to be calm you let them days won't happen. What the doctors say do you see your triglycerides or whatever he says you know I know I'll hold us doesn't. Whatever he says you know one thing it doesn't. Know you've been taking a double dose of mobile everyday from three years you are we have the chair. Every show humility balloon boy that sounds dangerous dosage cancer HIV but anything else. Simulate how. Maybe if I cut down my hope your predictions some of this stuff and come back normal I thought about telling don't listen to on. Just in case in case he's like and what will be worse is if he doesn't know any cause and we got something really weird your blood is dream. And when he's and you lab we've never seen anything like this whereas if I tell him up front. By the way had been drinking his blood from a guy and introduce a format shop every day that they might say well okay thanks ends the green blood. Because I don't need to get back halls and it's just you know credit related. As you go see if you're OK you're OK then you're pulling. Your door your dorm is a young plant matter. Around your kidneys it can turn green and your families earning her she comes up but you the inside it looks like the swamp thing a there is something growing. In your heart and doesn't know OK and my old Dakota plant. But if you know I was taking it that's a horrible phone right if he knows mazes yeah I think that's such as doing something to yeah. My glasses as I know okay. I should stop being so if I'm a classic draft or shotgun Favre. That. What could go wrong it's far and of course real heroes here doctors on the map the Safeway says have you been doing anything different pro. I have some interesting results here and in doing anything different than the last couple of years and you say. Look man every day I don't know ahead shop before and I am buying. This substance. And then I'm mix there was water I drink two bottles of everyday and a vision realized wow well look man what I'm really I'm asked him also a big deal for my. Ask you about something serious. Like well I don't go to boot ranch and don't hit me when you're weird stomach I don't hit me when you're drinking a gallon of some sort of creation you may get a head shop don't have you of that nonsense I'm trying to figure out if you doing anything unhealthy something weird because we're all doing man. That's of course you're doing. Yeah or just stop doing that I was in my desktop going to head shot he doesn't classic car. I wouldn't do that at some point you gotta live your life. And that's part of life but what I guess I'm sure don't don't don't even put these strange and just do it of course you're doing now. Course they wanted to go and look. Your fine everything's good. Move looks great and doesn't matter we're gonna find them. I guess we'll find out but I wish it was you going to find out not need a saw. Arduous set army because I don't wanna have to be the one to go in there and Hamlin got to. Why we all know and loan the no man's four years ago I had high cholesterol so why it. Some young enough I love my. Losing your logic I'm pretty sure tobacco's a plan right yeah initially ozone food. Good there's a few of the other stuff added to that's different toys yeah. I saw a guy mart rose injecting it because modules for pesticide and rat poison if so what is it. What do you think yeah. Williams or did you do any time doing row I'll I'll play the role of the wall won't admit I'm real slow and there they don't have other stuff you don't smoke America's spirit you'll be fine. Right there's no lawsuit against them learn a thing as well I'm sorry your their ads say who. There's nothing in honey I just there's no chance that anybody's ever put anything heads or rat poison you sure there are quite good. Holly made good dude Todd for godsend or whatever is it's fine for all. Ground as cheap as we're getting it probably is ground up grass clippings sprinkled with Trammell at all what has happened before OK I've read this this and articles it just happens or whatever is finally you know in a lab every need to get tested to see what's so I checked about a half. I think I've had child yeah. Yeah man he's perfectly cool man no therapy men and here's some castles. Streamer aromatherapy not for human consumption it says not for human consumption aren't we could regroup and move. Trust lawyers yeah we don't drink it every day Ryder. Where you sense. That. Anyway it'll be fine because yes. I mean now. I carb low fat. The next few days. How carb no fat gas on Michael Phelps us we have you're gonna. Please Olympic swimmer. And he did you for 98 I thought needs and energy home he can evaluate because these women like 800 laps today I'm anxious. You agree on sort of what is sugar and I'd switch a lot. He exerts that energy gas is high carb low all go oh OK so after I shouldn't do anything athletes do then you're down. Eight and while exercising on an athlete. Below. You can slowly become an athlete but you don't actually don't act like 100 part of what he does you're doing. What he does leading high court of what he's eating out because easy energy just 100 strong dominant. I need the energy lives and yeah. You at all then why should I eat I don't know did McHale you just. So I Zeum. All of pasta giant ball plus plus minutes after he does and he goes towards out dumb dumb. Joseph McDonald says it has excellent effort and I'm really positive for Danielle is a good goalie I don't like how she. I switched my children and where does this mean we earlier should lube and usually look at those acts diet and all of the Rockies and then just do. I'm sure it's high protein sure. Let's look at imagery to look at what does the Rockies probably chicken breasts in whey proteins. Are halfway protein at the house. Would you know what they approach do you kind of true thing done Sunday. Yeah you gotta get some protein in there too. Some big suckers technology. You'll don't work alone I'm still alive and I'm using that. Here's strange Thompson's time at the fusion turbines and I think the insurer mail law and ten ounces of Todd. Okay fish right through all legs to Kosovo now. Meal to announce is John I thought well bonds is a sweet potatoes one cup advisories here is that he's real free eight ounces of chicken to console white rice one cup imagine some meals all of our. I think I was Johnson took pressurized one government G1 tablespoon fish oil. Killed five today announced to twelve Oz make the tendon in his salad bars of his meals snacks to another 101000 pounds. Of rice and salad. Seven first three grams of protein K white omelet one couple veggies and one tablespoon of Omega three fish oil. Usually do everything he means is that every advantage you're gonna eat ten warning. I could cut its final or any punches and big forty pounds Chicago. Don't tell me twelve page. I bought hard boiled eggs eight ounces of chicken and eight ounces stake. Of hours and has done. Not including all the other stuff going to need Donna Reed and thrift Barack doesn't he's healthy media will maybe I will be no reason to work out when you don't of those males of the stadium a girl I am president going to be rough we like our. They're not going to be chiseled. When I'd be healthy they're going to need done. What did you go wrong. Man I'm. All I said Willis you wanna be like Michael Phelps yeah. Do you like I don't vote this I would remind you that little bubbles elections. Did you high carb low thank you so why does Zach patrol Michael. Come on Michael Goldstein and why not he's slam okay what I'm saying the pool for a few years.