Monday, March 20th


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My Morning Jacket on the guys. Names pension Danny's your markets. And the detainees are glasses here's what you. Annan's. And great news analysis here that's right. Breaking news disease areas. I'm just kind of Twitter furlough day and everybody. Is a reach beating mess. To defy. Oh Q maybe Danny I know you are very eggs can say well it's not that I'm excited this is nice to know that I'm not completely crazy I feel like I went all in on as you Janet we well I was with them down we went and all in real early yeah. Real early men and women and I really apparently acting on bases and yeah. Please everybody all the hot hand out an hour yeah sometimes I will slow roll is is not some times. See but I'm in my son. Sometimes. Opposites but if you want your words when there was a sense I guys series is that you try to straight value body convert you can't can't burn you sometimes he got a call and thank you mark you guys you guys sometimes you say just like push him off. Well if I do have to aggressively amazes people Miami's Seawright. Remember we were all and where's. Where is taking on Saturday to say rat failure and it's about it and now must have an idea of what this guy tell you exactly right now are breaking news is turning this is great this is FBI director. James columnist for coming testified. And it. Testified he says does this is tires like what's up yeah testifies on both up and tells us commit themselves. Rise by the Department of Justice to confirm. That the FBI as part of our counterintelligence mission. Is investigating. The Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016. Presidential election. And that includes. Investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign. And the Russian government. And whether. There was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts. So we have a sitting president that's an timeout investigated by the FBI and the technical reason links between Dora should government. We got this how does an investigation that is occurring by the Department of Justice that is only being brought to light. Early because his hand was forced in this place while we are now well. And this this was added this Nunez character is like running a thing that's you've heard it before you've heard about him he's been very. Like a solider Russia is a heat this is all about the supposed to be about the leaks. Coming out of the administration's break and this kind of like he was trying to direct the conversation that matter in this kind of put that on its bad. In that again this is the FBI director saying that they are investigating. The trump administration's campaign. The sitting president prank for links are us and any involvement or collusion between the 20 my god we are in and and interesting place. Just keep getting unused alerts like at least Nixon just got on how and how their own blow away you know whatever it might give advice I ever got a break up. Well what happens I don't I don't may play out the rest of this investigation. Right. Yeah yeah yeah and then here's Donald Trump tweeting. Just leave and eight that there is now he integrated on the twentieth of piper just ironing out James clapper and others stated there is no evidence but as good as with less or Russia. This story L and by the way it's interesting that in the sweetie referred to himself in the third person. All of us could ever in Russia the story is fake news and everybody. Knows it someone should tell him to turn mr. Ma'am I don't know whether this means. I don't know. I don't always go from here. I investigative president's. Like that I mean ol' boy. Oh boy. Emery who has twitters something tells me this is tied to the indictment of the hackers this announcement is also tied the hackers they got last week. Cord and test five hour. Should Google Carolina conspiracy. And anyway I know or go from here but an area where I relevant message to get enough. Mean I'm I'm Renton high interest to just say. And and and did there are 28 when and how to contact the Clinton Campaign and the residents also. It's that the DNC would that the FBI look interior room. And they notes. And you complaining and Hillary Clinton as the owner of beyond his years of now there are Hillary Clinton. Get back up at at at at at that I thought I love about buying marry people they they get here against one you must be for the out there. It's like making you look past Hillary Clinton for about ten minutes FBI directors and our sitting president is under investigation. Bring links to collusion with a Russia. That's ahead of the body than the fact that panties in real we're discussing in the outlets that we have discussed I. Months ago you odds are good and great but that was you know let us know we're dealing with in the moment and that are dealing in the moment is that perhaps a foreign government colluded with the presidential candidate to win an election. In the US and what that means for the United States after hearing so if you wanna shout but her emails you go right ahead and do so. I'm more worried about this yet. He just read and that's you know it was Russia that entered as of the Democrats think Tommy comes out. We're investigating potential links coordination between termed camp and generous. Proof. So weird day in America. That's so weird mom wants to be glued to the no I know right now like hey I like to better I was Ryan said it before say yeah I was brought highlight of our own people didn't we government was an interest it. When I was like the slow road to hell in branded a rollercoaster. It now the log drop we're on right now. Eric that's gonna. So good. Yes well money doesn't sound honest yeah Matt. Well and then if you use this now let me just tell my god this is hilarious if you've been if you've been following it all you know that there was what they call the inside of us gift. As CEO I Alf. Is a sensitive compartment that information does I don't know who put this together and it's a later. All of the I'm happy. I just wanna know how deep it goes and I wanna know maybe that's why they were waiting who else is involved Brock. Capitalize and Brad change your name Russian dog. You have to change you like America. Leave that weren't. That's right. That's right so that's gone on. I want to see here's some I don't. The times. That comment. You've my name is spelled things to lead to me. I'll leave that up.