The Church of Lazlo - 06.19.17 - Birthday Picture

Monday, June 19th


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I scared slash of a buzz baseball get your tickets now and I'm as excited buzzed I've come from a detail Snoop Dogg reserve sponsoring people run the jewels. Spoon Marion hill go bordello bishop bridge Bob Moses skates away a ton more. Tickets available. Median number. Two days. Should be fun. And when she melts already from those are aren't really understand the scam sites that translates against them. They'd if it just looks so phony and you have to do that organized of those are come the tickets. How are they get your information why it's an email those emails. Let's assign them out for somebody in the mall Imus and the time. These figures I am in Iraq or a Mini Cooper do you read it that was never the prize did you ever get a call for us now remember I gotta I gotta calls for a month. I got a walk call. I don't remember what it wasn't sure it was a four Wheeler one of those Polaris raiser things are bought her. I got a call is that you injured at a mall I'm OK that sounds like something I do it's that you want. I was at a restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. And I was waiting you know. For table technical aspects it is call. I got some of the art what do I do music well you know the you have the option between your prizes here I'm still at this point on 23 years and then I'm still pretty gullible and they deny what's it going to be human I didn't win the cargo what's their option and you end this thing about time shares which are bad enough finesse themselves there was a time shares and Branson. Like I won. The right to buy timeshare in Branson share. IKEA. Who has since I'm here in Branson. I figure viewing. Did you ask me if you're a line people up and I'll row and so I would get one of these people on times cameras and say you get that but you think it's just a Condo. Like you wouldn't think they actually offer time shares. I think you have a timeshare Zain is so I take my major is married to Louise slew of other fees from August to whenever Richards or to reduce the same time I can totally hear a common man. Academia populace are you want sir. Two you don't want it positive and alive or. Don't apply. Shared. Apartment in Branson. A 23. Now of course there was Bynum this from Clinton. I doubted his dodge a couple of years later what they try to give you. I remember I hung parliament he just kept calling back. Well after that answer look at those little things and you find your actually registry when. There and give that annoys. By the way that actually the whole world is an enemy like the picture between two picture you tweeted a picture from my birthday. I mean you know when years ago in the oval studio why not as Yahoo!. Leasing. It's not mine as Yahoo! and as you that is not me I never had that hat I definitely never had that Qatar case. I guess I never took a picture doing this of course you did you know I was just saying now I did Wes. Distilled to a yourself to that's enzymes that is not me honey honey no it's not you. I never had that act I've never had a neck guitar case and I know that is as mean you resident it's modest Yahoo! it's in the old that's not my Yahoo! human Amanda Beard back then. Now he doesn't have a beard he did then. Will he clearly didn't because I'm looking at the pick on him that Jews that's him there's a run but not that's now and picture. That's not Dutch U. That's mania I remember him coming in. That's not a lot of young asked for rooms have been that I posted a picture of me knew all along time ago and use and now he complained about are not complete at this point now ice told Solio camera diamonds you mean a lot to him to return. Well thank you just. It's not me. She's news. Twenty impostor documentary in CU. It's not it is and quit telling me it isn't. My charity posted a picture it was me that you know you've posted not me that's not modest Yahoo!. That you. Why would you pose like that for a picture with me. I don't know and she probably some sort of promo shot or some thoughts promo shots. Like we were doing promo shots share I don't know why and I just went through everything and as far as well we need some new promo shots yeah night Chicago yes. That's when you know they are young man you. Now that semi appreciate cinnamon. As a long time ago that's definitely the old old old studio. I know it's me union that's not me. Jenny is that we in the picture in his modest Yahoo!. Yes it is who is it. G love. Specials. As Sheila that's means you love I picked him up. Let's see I went and picked him up and my 500 dollar or tourists that was all far apart and he studies being kidnapped. That's you I went to pick them up at the casino that's on your take you up. Is real hesitant to get in the car and then when he got is the station he told us I thought this guy was kidnapping me in pick me up or rusted out Taurus. That's so memo that happy birth day. You do that and everything it's. Let someone gives you again after just like glue job because you. Do you do that but everyone why he's just sign cards over with the wrong name Morse is that it happy birthday just as happy university like I got your card. What do you candidates has had a fifty university when it's your 35 birthday actually do that right. You know that about men just randomly pick cards well you also randomly pick pictures on parts of the last. 86 foot too dark and white dude it's not me. The six foot two dork you like you who's able to capitalize on being six to. Acuity. Clearly you know oh. Also this guy has hair. So he knew back then no hope for like six months it was shaped by that time I was OK whatever so it's not you go on. They should make a documentary about us. It's it would be really short it opens up with a picture of that. And a caption of your tweet that says it's me and and some are all of a picture of G love in 2003. Let me say well that this interview in 2003 and a pictures you love. Picture mean 2000 and you should do is right there. Obviously but I confined here. Boy. Not easy to fund. Money images. Okay this is and this is it from that long ago it's little more current but clearly the same guy journeys right that's not. Not even close the same guy that is absolutely guys did a handsome that I look back to our guys and brand some kind of cancer is not now you're just messing with me that is obviously the same guy. Clearly you. Here are happy that you here's an older picture of them. That's him like a bad Angelina Jolie movie. It's you. Yeah you're the cop. Who's handed over the wrong kid. That's not me. But thank you. Means a lot you're an owner noticed if that's really not. That's probably two dollar and ninety lights on no one noticed.