The Church of Lazlo - 06.16.17 - Mail

Friday, June 16th


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No no let's go to the mail here's how it works. We get mail centers throughout the week we say that's the way to Friday we play it. So you can tell us what you like and I'm real attacks on nine should chargers are pretty simple stuff you know. You have ma'am. You have an. I didn't. It's. Mr. Thomas up effort there's some good dance. So well known stuff Malaysia. Well let's just start used Texas tells really like his songs are not nice excise or is there under your age sex location answer. That's it so you wanna start up with. The new killers I would love to it's called the man tells really like it or not really text line. 96 chargers are. Hi Andy. That's new killers called the man. I like it I don't love it yeah I like it but tax Linus split it or hate it or love it. No one seems to foment joins me now is I'm final group I love that drew a lot of yeah. I wonder with a song like that I can view it if I just been a different place. When I heard the first time but I did and I was late at night I forgot to listen to it when it first come out I'm set now my couch and I've. Pull it up on YouTube watching on my TV and I don't know I was really like this that and the seventies. Funk after SharePoint and then and it does sound different. Then. Even the reset that they've done still sounds like him but I wonder if it sounds like the killers because of Britain's voice. Or any other part of it really is that killers ask you know what you think of like dissent pop on don't. Doesn't sound like Sam's town or how no us doesn't come off as an item number four for sure so. I like it knew killers called the man there's also. New Queens of the Stone Age. Here than us. No. It's called the way you use to do. Luke is a sign you tells you like and I'm really attacks on nine C chargers jumped. I do you. I do live. So. Hands across. I still lay you stood doom. Love it. New Queens of the Stone Age you don't I'm disappointed right. I feel like if it's I loved it raises donation allowed Josh is voice I think if that was someone else sing it and is. Now. Not so miles singing and and it's odd now. I'm they could grow on me. Zone second or third toppers aren't I loved it I was really excited about it I know it's no cause and your recent Hewlett who moved in and so greens aren't resign wooten. You shaken and there's new Paris. I like to spend huge fan I don't know that much about them and no I Elvis songs or music played in Ramona. No big you know. Lot of streams on the Internet that are in this tough. Currently. Are people who love this bent. I'm not that familiar with them but I do know that there you know and other songs we played and other going to be a beach ball. I know his lung and of the kids love them socialism no together there's news on me all the what's wrong. Okay. Well. Somebody might have somebody reluctant. About assigned I like it. Sketchy. Spoon. It. Has put out. Can I sit next to you. Or it's arena X. You know anything about that snow perimeter they sent it to us. You know I just read somewhere that it there was I don't ones if that's right because. So and so once he's in the matter LC geese on system remakes opposite notices that Tyler poke. Both remixed. My favorite you know Sharapova is known for my love them. You know what this says on the song it says cash or next you'd Tyler Pope remakes and it says. Parentheses LC these houses and so. Maybe he was on the other guys it was part and help. Let's listen join our spoons. I don't need our lessons. I don't know about and those in Jerusalem now and I don't I don't either party's complaint among governments who put his good point. Tourists and a damn. How does that even a reeks. So we just listened to their real own car no no no to stop that noise and I don't plan. We're gonna do I was gonna play the actual on remixed version of it. I don't know why they the remake showed up more than once. Maybe because it's they just release it now. Now yeah came out this week. Are now. Two under the real version governor now. Learning art and what's on the album but I'm by the rivers. And I sit next year hey these guys will be ultra cut. This next. He's next to me. It's. Tune them so good. You do. So. Don't seem to be. Victims. Let's. I mean. You get. Steve. I love that. I'd like that you land a lot you love them and perhaps can do no wrong really Emmys and the new album is great and I am very excited to see them of beach all the and that was so much better than moderate every mix was I don't even see how they call that remixes spoons. There was nothing about that. Maybe I miss that point I didn't know it you know what I life. Beth ditto I like both you know the gossip I lover gains. Lucky me as a fan. I hope how allows lawyers buddies but there. I get to here world friends China's record on. I just heard before was mixed remembered and I got even a little alone time little demos. And our great drives I've shot hole records out now all right great. And that album came out to today I think who knows we've and it's on at the check is out I came out today. During different songs like play something off the album I know is a song I've been listening to for a long time I think is if this isn't. If this doesn't win a Grammy knows something's wrong I really believe that like this should be the biggest song in the world. Like does is her target I love about it but this song to me is. Unbelievable. We can run yeah euros. James cleaned. See it's. Healing as you need me it's okay. Me. I know. Okay space I need. Me. Some little say don't like her doll but a lot of people like and I think that song is amazing and I'm a huge Beth ditto supporter. As a set I've had this record for quite some time. And listened to the demos and all those things and I think his burrow into you chance to get that you should do so. No one in Africa it's about did she says she is a fat feminists lesbians from Arkansas. And she is truly an amazing artist. It's your views on TV is there. Thank you senator should point. Really I'm gonna Seattle owner Charlie Sheen but on policy seems like a Jean is important nice person. Shares. And it should be fun to hang out at she edge. And you know. She's she's our size people showed does that make sense meters or school. Let's do another one in and now I loved the song to another but that aside. Not sure it's. Even tab me it's never been dating back home and and and the song they need these. Lulu. Does daily and then even Mac O. I'm. We. Pan am not a done and and funeral. And he is thin and then his name from. You know. Me. And the game. And then lesson here. I. I. Really and I do. For me and be okay. Right right I love ice additional personal record it's out now. Our focus article that's another record that are premature and I have. And I played us. Down if you want Jim. You like it I'd love this so I'd love a lot of the news that she's worked. The song I played a lot of it right yet. Sometime in the student let's just another guy wrote in saying man and I feel like them biased because. I just can't believe that she's. Not one of the biggest stars in the world right or San were about an hour Ryan O'Neal turned to music scenes he's weird. But I name's Chloe consensus unbelievable yeah. It's and so combat by the way vanishing without like you know when it was those gossip records of sometimes she gets so Gosling and this woman could. She could lead to acquire right you know she's. They got a handsome lines and so there are so cool and different but this is what she's learned courted New York to reach when I was up there. Go to people were not familiar with kitten. They knew nothing about them rather than just played in the rectory after its take them. And let them see her life first. Let that be your first impression. Or majors on the pencil necked Kosier. I just think she makes great great great great records musical song to learn. So if she does shares those lyrics that yeah damn. I that's stung yet. Why does is getting. ONG up. This is she caught on sheer Mike matter whom I got a I loved getting people harassing somebody bladed it it's fine. There's there was no you know somebody who dislike it I love it. Some new asking how to get it you can't get yet as my little sneak peek for you. I have run a mean. I had a lot of songs us one let's finish. There's good stuff on their two right yeah that's relatives that a like amount of amount of mail. That says we're done. There was killers. I love you OK okay Granger didn't like Reggie Love that Paris on people's flip let's have a rule like a spoon everyone likes right. They act like a lot of people like that that'll definitely the kitten they don't.