The Church of Lazlo - 06.15.17 - Sports

Thursday, June 15th


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Hi nick right. Well Mario good. I'm assignment. War welcome him. What are wrong. Resume tonight that in haven't. Or back off. I'm really don't have to adjust to London now and outlook for some pervert pervert herbal or Arnold only now are what brought about this the first whenever I lose like five MB ancient egyptians and the no I mean that obviously not true and accumulating on the route or apple where a lot of crew arena to run. And you lose. I don't know how many law or so LeBron beyond LeBron finally beat him and something. We'll get a lot fair whack well pro war and into eight. In the NBA finals and they called him mr. clutch but that was back when people care about back. All but I'd eager Q1 ultra more topical news read more product life. I was luxury oil. Real quick nick I do to address something. I saw last night. And a I I got so angry I was really upset and I felt like. It's kind of like when Liza starts and things you know about like Stanley make it on my family and you know that that are not body art art yeah. So last night. I see. There's FaceBook page you know I should Nevis and I'm not even going to promote them they stated it's Cora court official I'm not gonna give them. The plot but on their FaceBook page they have an article has just titled nick right the idiot. And then it says he took more als than the Brooklyn nets and they have a crime acting in the you know they have a video of you talking about LeBron. Nick I want mine these guys. I think last nights ago again because Maxi. And I can do but I think last nights ago takes welcome but this will find these guys. And what's on the island to pick on you anymore I don't like you know. You don't on the war one back right now like in the old school cool machines. Up following. Nick aren't. Honor the actual one war the committee. I think quick imaging. You'll see and it you can leap up you could be on the air like he is how he took images. Well look like where he all day. LeBron sexual or transsexual. Who brought you not at it you are. Actually I can't run the actual toll. I want my. The things they say that you wanted to LeBron. On my goodness if LeBron Toby right now to put his lead in my bleep. It's MVP bleep and you never turned bleep away from the greatest of all time until strike call from neck that's what this thing says they've guided I really I've heard him say. You people want some. And make only seen it and lack. Yet says nick right hospitalized. Notorious Tehran sexual has been hospitalized after months of bleak writing. Some you got to admit I went took some time but now India that's pretty good. Ray. Thing about Twitter that her actions we've been cold and now. And it's all day long people like all are we away. I rather thought to myself. That's a fair question how do you talked. Oh. Then apparently again yesterday long pauses. Beyond that the teacher talking about Labatt. Actually it very little to do with Iran it's compilation of all I like. The Golden State Warriors should not buying. Incorporated and that the cap wearing an order book at all about the. I didn't watch the video Heidi money given that this this stream you know the view that. Well LeBron saying he's never played on a celebrity. Well pat anger and hate that he's never been on super seems like yet we epic finds super. That is it I Europe so I'd never. Heard a thing except electrical currents. Record. It was Celtics to a first. I would argue electorate in the right. In the eighties but then go on and get any of those guys like to make it a super team. Well they went out and got Courtney. They try to Gail Goodrich in order to get an about the art and graphic it created other Wear it during QWERTY. Now they ended up black in Chordiant Patrick helped the minority champion added Bill Walton. The ball now aren't you. But Dow's. I was a little different than like to heat right McGahee and the Celtics and and and no lawyers this year right. Feels different like the lakers went on animated trailer made a couple of drafts and I got one of those teams per share. But they didn't like bill that Iran and throw money at free agents and bill panoramic you know there's some risk involved in what they were doing the Celtics went out got it and they bought it. Right I mean it's like the Marlins say when I'm bought. And eighteen the Celtics are each duel on personal. Assault as the first one night to think I'm right. Current Hollywood guy who they're giving up. Here's a patent not help your partner Scott Barnett aria. Yeah. All the couple lakers. That won a championship they got the. Our follow your record Karl Malone and Gerri at ago at. All. We're really. So they're the first ones to really try. Yet but it was then you are actual news are you more about Arctic or me or are quite all occult and. Mean. She's likely mean a little mean he's about like Aaron. I think we already talked about what you're talking about a little bit the fight. So what you think Mayweather Pacquiao. May act out all right let's talk about that night wanna file was twelve rounds. Mayweather status LeBron loses value all rattled. Through her. Maybe what are McGregor I apologize. To you what in the liable. I mean it's so uninterested. Aren't so I write questions are. What's important for wanting what he opened. A court one at that omni whether it war the hundred dollars in the street line Tony Padilla. Yet you wanna win under. On the bench he's won fifty. Why. Are. 900000. Us is that once it just doesn't mind them. You let it rip 901. And 100. And come down because and copy. Or that a cracker ordered now Marty it pick it. Go get rid expect you to win 100 and right now that cracker if you quit if you wanted to law. And one on virtually at the at what point boxes Jill walker who would buy up. It. That their partners not like that surprises. It does surprise him and I certainly don't put my money money on on money but. Those kinds of odds are almost stupid not to throw down a little bit of money because there's a random chance I mean boxing is still boxing. And there's a random chance for the guy as strong as McGregor and barring any catches him once so I don't think he will I'm saying from a sports batting point. It if you look at sports betting which I know you love and I laugh we'd both love. As talent the stock market you're like wow I mean I don't think that company is gonna do go to that stocks pretty cheer about as are a couple bones about it and forget about it see what happens. It will buy a couple of important points carpet being all 154 pounds in the morals clause. Lot and it depends on the way they are in it bought 147. And eight ounce caught. But because they want to border using an out score. That out Mayweather beat nick. Because of the bigger off upon our. For McCarver. Technical in the car are you here. Cracker 48 Mayweather would walk. What are or are you say what you. Think each gonna make. No I didn't actually didn't see that yeah or got. I really could use upwards of 45 million. Update the right thing McGregor local lake. Well over six in May be a hundred million I Natick and aiding Mayweather could make 400 million. 400. I was a hunger for knowledge and people that excited about. And a harper and the but I feel like I mean OK look I'm crazy. For years and it was two boxers is common novelty thing you know what I mean I think it's going to be adding much. Mark baker act. Is that just because it brings in the USC fans who think there gonna just like a boxer. Exactly and cut the pot and know that but lacked big paper due decade. Like what it yet they don't have any celebrities. But what you got a partner at August point six. We've got you know locked in with the USC. It is a Mayweather promotions but we eat it. You aren't in it and dock it. You guys and for share. It but people caught it forty pick me what about a lot of hurt Carter. Love it were and I'm pretty it's global summit the leaders here and culture. Don't change it not be aired in a girl we will be or. I. Incidence and have them locked down and he's got his Smart. We think that they are open. They drive like Nixon who isn't gonna win that fight though Mayweather. Now do you think it goes the same way I think it goes that. I mean he just runs from arm he had some and it goes the distance and it's unanimous enough clothes. Exactly right. I think it is not on like to watch. I think. And when it's over the USC people get to bitch because I like no you go on that's boxing it's not fighting it's just running. And then boxing people get to say good boy was schooled and then everybody leaves somewhat happy. Thank you like your election prognostication. I think you just wait it all out in jail once or. Shame. Is that you're not well could hurt but it. You could hurt their nary an opportunity like well why apple we're not only are they really act. So the greatest outcome in this fight would be at Mayweather knocks out Connor because no one's expecting that to happen. Boxing fans would love it but is Liza said earlier Mayweather doesn't really knock people out and McGregor. Really gonna take and it name it isn't it he's taken bigger shots. Then what I'm guessing Floyd can light. Not only that McCourt herb Mayweather you're living are well. In 1988. Mayweather has won knocked out. And it was bad light if you remember when they got I think the work he's put the main. He put it all down talking to the rat I mean whether locked him yeah. You can yet one knock out at all when he bought twenty years and they got what what. Like no he shut these noble technically sound fighter ever and so. You know what I mean what it looks like to me is. Is the Sugar Ray Leonard Marvin Hagler fight wind. Conor not being as good a fighter as Marvin Lewis. I would like our anger totally agree and I know exactly. By talk about that you should Google. And I'll who. OPEC I don't know if it's a good fight then and what you know why not say I am literally where. Right now that commemorate aren't at did you ever see. Why don't you abruptly Greg Burke ran an unbelievable you know Tommy broke. I know I thought our noble thing and that's where. But you don't know those miners. And I sure winner here are a lot and then we speak or I don't like it. See him.