The Church of Lazlo - 06.15.17 - The Fight

Thursday, June 15th


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All right hot whiskey. Another makes me feel better. On a hot day today like today. Mean he really somehow or ski you should have been at that. That Jamison thing is they started feeding everyone they did they do like charities on the during more they may have just only invited us once said. When for the Kansas City only here but the there are serious about it the wake up like all right you want some coffee and this is like the main guy you know musical it's nice in the chicken and Micah came brings over coffee. Scott was in it like wow. Gotcha it's loud copy just so you know I wanted to go to Ireland do that right I understand that but they keep I don't know laurel Clark. So then as soon as breakfast time is over and coffee is done they switch to whiskey and ginger. I mean they're going through so much ginger rail they just expect everyone drinks whiskey engines and after that. They just expect everyone to do shots whose shots. Whose thirsty it's it's afternoon's afternoon than they tell you are you got a little bit of time to rest because we're gonna go out tonight so. Before you go resting goes settle yourself before you go take you'll siesta and have a hot sunny with. And Bo more whiskey there. And that's how professionals are made. We talk about it some people just have that ability Ron no rookie mr. And some people don't so I I've played it straight out about only those. Yeah I am. Just us now. Morbid Beers got pushed around my 200 miles launch an initial public suppose it is kind of mouthwash who have. Saw my job the phils are delivered. Men. Misses some summer for you. I got excited because the last time. I mean you and I have hung up at the last time that we really got to get a with a group of guys and hung out rather than like drinking coffee in the morning or something like down. Let's get together we got a date set we're gonna go to someone's house was for the Pacquiao Mayweather fight. Well let's try and now Floyd Mayweather and kind of McGregor are gonna fight it's coming up soon push news and August. So they've been talking about this forever. Many people's that it would never happen but it's happening boxer Floyd Mayweather junior yes he's our kind of McGregor will fight August 26 there's an official poster and everything. It's gonna be a twelve round boxing match so we had a lot of discussion with nick right how errors or worse yet haren again and do this is it going to be part. What did nick say he wanted one round of boxing in the one round of kick box seen or maybe in a manner molecular alternate but we both said. Whoever's. It's five cents whoever wins around right whoever gets and they should pick how they justified the next round. Is it and I think that is the way I needed boxing and only the first round Mayweather is gonna win right I would assume. While some women you know are talking on his cell and may erosion and kick his ass as yours and really move. So there's no doubt about it it's going to be a true twelve round boxing match with ten ounce gloves. And they're holding it at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. They'll fight and I 154 pounds. Floyd has an undefeated record of 49 you know all Connors when he went threes and emanate Perot. He's one of the biggest stars in the history of the US seabees never boxed before as an amateur or professional so I didn't know when you would ask nick does he write a history of boxing somewhere along the way and we all kind of assumed. That's how we how we got started well. Boxing you know on a plan to put all my money on it won't I would say Mayweather wins by decision. And there's not gonna knock amount I can't imagine that a large amount I can't imagine they can had to die hard like I have been hit hard in a white says is no way not some right it's not possible. So that did John say Spanish just now debate a unanimous decision after twelve rounds so the big money is on. McGregor get knocked down like Takeo that would paid it the best probably odds probably yeah. Miller doesn't knock anybody out that's certain. And certain element where when it sounds like. Are they just days away from had some people say. An end in amendment writers are Osage just ran from an all time and members do the same and in always says he is like international. After the decision I understand some guys are millions need to sign up for boxing match I'd be unanimous. And that's when an hour and a management. OK I guess I do what you're saying that he's not gonna knock them out but it just seems like. It seemed a little unfair I get that Connors only Tony eight and Floyd is forty so O'Connor has the age advantage sure. But still they're gonna be boxing that's Floyd's. Arena well one thing I mean I'm but you don't like Connors telling us that I just got attention once right in my schedule once or Shannon Zimmerman hit by anything like Mayweather is lighter gloves ominous knock his ass out. It just seems like the losers are an Emmy earlier guys like demo to his art and everything and in the guys box a lot of people know innovation are like him. You know I think packet on its artists never know. No. So let's all Connor artists are trolling Floyd do you see depiction between gotten Boone. He said the fight is on it's a picture of himself Conner on one side in now operating inside. Its Floyd's dad so it's an old you know. Make fun of Floyd's age aren't. Poise that was awesome. Well so this is it are we going to choose there. Are we going to. Get together to watch is fighting for like this is the first time there's been a big paper view thing we're not really into wrestling I think we got to do the same thing will last time and start. Goer channels houses got to be projection screen you'll be on the phone for three hours. I have got to pass rush he's got the projections right you know what real solutions and so replied man disguised it. A slow guys there was a guy a lot I'd like a lot like a lot. I'm not making fun of them I'd like him quite a bit. But he was like you on dry celery pomp and I'm like among them come on try. I think drinks I noted salary not lost on summertime tomatoes themselves eventually putters a regular pop would lose. Tell mats what you want to make it four if I don't get I don't want to make regular guy I want Coca-Cola toll regular embargo fiscal it and examining. He actually did at home homemade job I don't think it right. But it was someone's house or it's like pop in whiskey. So you do to your house seats as I'm thinking I'm going through your grocery list. And what's your house and it's just popped in whiskey so I feel like you've already decided to publish your. I managed fine.