The Church of Lazlo - 05.18.17 - Whatcha Listening To

Thursday, May 18th


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Alas I put my phone yet must always listen to you guys know. A bank called Texas is the reason I remember Texas is the reason they were that's Soledad name program before it's old school you know yeah like the real stuff. Not known for. I mean the nicest way about you know the real stuff history ma not the enough is enough to stop it came later not the Taking Back Sunday stuff to stuff before that right. I love Texas is really taxes you resent. I've not I mean I I do remember a couple songs he played a couple of your hard drive good. I'm sorry I listened to on the way and called there's no way I can talk myself out of this one tonight. Yeah okay. We. There elegance on Texas is a reason Ben Allen I'll let you play after blasting me like you're in the car driving and what I really love him drunk tonight and I was like I should talk let somebody get drug drug there's no way I conduct myself a Muslim as we're list I just had his visual viewer your car loans from users visited texas' recent. The last thing I was a draw thought. So I like that I love Vampire Weekend and the song was as far as I know only on a soundtrack. And the nick and Norah soundtrack for a wage not that familiar with but it doesn't show up on Spotify. It it's it's hard to find basically and I'd wanna I wanna listen to all have to bliss into her home on you to reserves I finally bought the song on iTunes I think. In my life I've bought maybe two or three songs on iTunes actually bought this one just like listen to in my car and this is less you know listen to. Miss cats. They need and that. You can't. You can't. They're young and. Less so well listen do you got another one for us all emotional on shelves were. Shouldn't or you know I didn't listen to. You read. New York City man he liked that song. Yeah and that I love that song true cone dude does is put his last last song was develop our hero growing Laguna publish them. Now is always admired you did you Girardi I'd say yes. It's. It's. It's. It's. You know the great mom. The question. Straightforward. You don't have to go all the fans now my new dogs did and then me. They go and that is. This is going to. Read them and saying he is and why. I want to be your round. Good morning Andy Ram. Name any names. Until. I'll be gone. Intrigues you but he's clueless we trade and it's been crazy good enough. As the most news ahead even. Deal with the point nine million dollars. You re employ us. It's. Any other news. Now. Rolling your eyes a beyond that I got a son again and Rosie got. I just blasts things so I've moved obviously the vampire we can was the literal lesson goes into on the Wednesday before that. I did mine so my annual a listening to a narrow stairs that go all the way over. From beginning to end love that album so does pick one random. This. I airlines are grown so gaga turns. You got one goes into okay. There's nothing good. You'll like we just talk about the strokes you got that book Ali Abdullah and oil in the bathroom just trying that author on the air you tell us or judge allows the Monica. So there's only about a first. I don't remember yeah I doubt that that's so unless and until I went over to his house the couple days of reminded jurors outside I get that. So don't assume the strokes here but did the thing that was in the book they got everyone's attention was that there's this accusation that. Albert Hammond junior got hooked on heroin by Ryan Adams spurred which is just funny to hear out loud and that they're interviewed in the and enjoy and look right over in both the book comes out it great but this in his early copy a Muslim dome and I always forget about New York City cops. You know the first day you're on record our interview for our New York City Council I was in the that. This morning in the shower. And.