The Church of Lazlo - 05.18.17 - Slur

Thursday, May 18th


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Let's listen all right so this again is the last night you may see it either until today a sign that day was snow cone. Thought that epic epic. Mario there they were known to watch sports I'm guessing you probably wouldn't be tuning into the Toronto Atlanta game anyway I'm okay alright mine because I'm a man you might if its on going on with my girl this. Unlike any being distracted by sports instead they kept seconds portal casings or any was very upset about man I was washing the royals game any concern you pay attention to me yeah. Why am I even here and I didn't know was tied. I asked myself senate. Chartered professional grade class those questions they leave when there don't move in the professional girl or on both yes sort of true ring girl with a solid I guess is from last night's game is a land in Toronto. And Kevin. Pull our that it saves and you know that guy is good. Blue jays have become like the bad boys of baseball are on the other hand I mean I'm not really add much to do a good you know I love our country so nice and cool their brains are object your eyes America not what's everyone's cause withdrawals so. What happens here is you get like the quick pitch from the Braves right I don't know who this guy is here but they're gonna say isn't the dispatcher for the Braves apparently quick pitches. To bar employers unhappy. And he says something you mount something in the picture clearly here's what he says gets angry and benches clear. And then of course people start looking into the footage and watching the read reviews of the footage in slow motion to try and you know read Kevin's lips and and it looks like he might be sane. A homophobic slur hey. Catcher Sears. Okay. All right so it looks like he's been hijacked and now have initially originally decrypt instrument is I mean that's what they said the story because obviously don't like you know at least obvious at all I mean he throws an obvious ball and then. Large swings at it and that's right but the story I read just said he may have been upset about the quick a quick pitch I don't know catcher it's just takes time right. I guess that does I don't know that I'm I'm in a watch baseball what Johnny quite don't go to court it's like you broke. Old Coleman even you write about them look like not to miss are always upset about other than maybe just embarrassed that he swung as such terrible pitch. But now here's the Internet doing their sleuthing and and zooming in on cannon's mouth to try clearly says. You've got to see it. There was okay so again all right so watch one more time. And think I'm still can't I don't know if so people are saying Irsay said that says only just gay slur DMI port and airport and it seems like. According to this news story it seems like Kevin has admitted that that's what he said listen to this very Canadian news broadcast. Covering the good drama. A funeral center fielder Kevin Millar apologizing for an outburst during the jays game last night it appears he shouted out homophobic slur after pitcher for Atlanta. I happen in the seventh inning. Florida played decent. Seemed down eight to three Florida. Straits and swinging. And he yells what appears to be a homophobic slurs in the pitcher's direction soon after the benches would clear. No one would get injected but after the game Clark apologized. Lows in the chairs student it was a phone call for its part of the game just. I'm a competitive guy and millions the moment we not a similar do it and do region. You know I apologize and I don't know that he didn't do anything wrong moves on me. Can you imagine that phone call. They minutes Kevin colas and I just wanna say I'm sorry for calling your thing. You you know I'm I'm a competitive guy and I'm in the wrong here the Miller formerly of don't won't touch yeah. What. Why are you calling big that you saw George practice. Does your iPhone does doodles then it's real life she's there's still enjoy attacked well. And but all. Oh yeah. Let me I'll I was gonna past season surely I'm fine them. All has been passed and president was that it yeah. For a baseball. Although we do it on our own body he birdied the.