The Church of Lazlo - 05.18.17 - McDonald's Dad

Thursday, May 18th


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The last thing up I pulled it off I've got it used to miss it yeah how about I. You couple weeks ago you guys cried during commercials you're human being but I mean Jesus. No one was weeping in there all right well Arizona oh yeah Ukraine and saying it's a good come on the herb and you may wind having on our. You call indicates that an alcoholic insane and you're probably as fodder well I deserve Kirby. Yeah. He said there's a better chance that you are that little man that best summer so yes no there's a chance on the kid's dad of course of they basically described me but the and I didn't say anything about the bad. I do want shut due in place and yes wanted to commercials it's from the old saying isn't fair for me though this is the instructor why does my situation so I was looking defended knows debt and I can still be touch vice and yet but I have more reasons not sure I'm there. But applauded a of course you can visit them this is a commercial that's running to in the UK. Could it. House thank. You make fun. The NASCAR fan. Always smile. Things are. So shiny casinos anything so everything she's saying it's just a novice drivers may have really no good a killer shoot game. My short game is top notch. Everyone comments on is socially about my shoe game being taught my time greats and. Loves and everything that she mentions about that McCain is just the opposite says that I shiny shoes he has dirty sneakers onto says you demonstrated soccer in this kid misses the. All interest exactly I also play soccer every Wednesday but sit in a given if they implicitly Corel. The look at me though like Palin. Maybe. That's not the point let's get through the. He's going to. I count 2000. User right catch your dad I think is what she says using Katzman he's good with the. Like. Didier a new life like now I know now brown okay. Now this story I know what they have in common at the end of this commercial. God is real quick before laying it gives me answer. What do I order every time you go to McDonald's. You always get the play with such. I like debt into this is exit the upper end of the court along they're sitting in McDonald's and easy to play offense right. Favorites. Don't I just does dad what technology universe in north wanted to move back to the United States I guess never say that doesn't. Sorry man just says he makes a mass do you have to tartar sauce on his face when exactly were you lying in the commercial does start with a can opener of a box and picking up a watch which you lost your watch like bridge I want to go to us. I guess I could be your vantage point is man that's come on it plus the that's a good commercial. Mendes is a direct commercial there's nothing wrong with that thing. What do you mean there's other prominent I think it's fine I saw them ridiculous I Don actually the kids bother. Yeah take that away take that away because they describe majority. Take that away. Meant. I'm supposed to believe that those kids dead die. And somehow. Well I supposed to make me wanna filet of fish. I don't like to play in my heart strings a little too much. Well I mean they said that they've withdrawn the advertisement because people real life you yeah. He's trying to make you know they say. I know it's and here's where they say after strong protest the fast food behemoth withdrew an advertisement featuring teenage boy trying to make sense of who is dead father was and how he related to him which features. Well I guess it's us what you mean the filet of fish. Don't. I don't think when talking to kids whose parents Fastenal earned one of our offense does win this case being a father. We should be like everything will be all right because go to McDonald's gonna play official Jamal it's going to be all right to city found something some coming out left. Now I show up and house trying to put their advertising. Life and I thought I was fine yes it's sappy but it's fine you guys disagree that I might as well and the feeling of its. Well all right well we'll do we release one whom wondered dead men got candor something that's. Now I don't kicks on and then started on the phone to you know when you talk about your dad don't want very much you know and once national bring uniformity nor do you know brown learns melanoma. No so today for his season was yours now it seems accurate then no video always we're always taming down tennis shoes are now he bought his own show I wasn't. You know I wasn't you know is that what you're saying is is that data appears in doubt that if I thought it was fine they pulled that they pulled the adverse. Because of people like you we mean people I mean that funny studies woman. That is final that you're not clear I feel like you're accusing me of being a boy's father waiting on this how I never Q were you want to insult watching that commercial I said wanted to talk about our 'cause I'm starting get nervous yeah I think when it owls that kid went and I go to counting those guys just are important dates together but it looks like he's fourteen or fifteen should not not great but yeah.