The Church of Lazlo - 05.18.17 - Last Words

Thursday, May 18th


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You know did you see this story about the guy who was put to death and I some in the newsroom this week because. They were talking about his last meal you know you get the last mile in his. Our memory it was it's. I really don't remember some sort of 5000 calorie meal he wanted to bunch of different things and I can have an appetite Reno you're about to die but this guy ordered much of food but. Now he's in the news today because. Music and respond yeah I am nervous stomach knowing now on. You'd think he'd be hungry knowing that you gave rating now B killed you. Man I can't even each win someone tell like if we were to get eaten up our bosses taking you call me at 1 o'clock. Got a few things like talk but I can eat and tell. Them at a yeah. Those are sentenced Monday I don't know that I think the belly the withdrawal if he requested. Does subsidize my uncle Al's. The idea. Let's see he had filet mignon wrapped in stake in the pepper Jack cheese large French Fries chain ten chicken tenders with sauce fried pork chop a blooming onion. Alligator they called Chile's in the era outback like hey we view one Lebanon is sent to the state and but comp I would penalize stream sharper and it's bright. And there's his last meal since yes well so now he's in the news because he's been put to death and he had these last words. And his last words quoted cool hand Luke so first of all this guy and his lawyer had requested. That he be executed by firing squad. I convicted murderer JW oh and as well. I think there's multiple guns but one guy doesn't have bullets went on dot yeah I think it's one guy and dozens others a chance that maybe you didn't shoot the guy. I don't know because that usually once status of their gonna bring your background those done. Got to say something before they like and gets closer Saturday bitch he couldn't get relief Yuri couldn't get that firing squad they denied him closer. They tonight at the bit to start dancing around that now they denied it this is the guy who. Do you want it available the other night policy. And faces east added. You. And just now gonna be guilty of what you say. Not you people an Achilles heal and now. He was sentenced to death sharp. For stabbing an elderly neighbor to death when he was two point. So we killed Downey's Tony stabbed his elderly neighbor who was the position that brought him into this world of hurt by the way it's a doctor at that was. Yeah well it's definitely I don't know. So they denied the debt by fire his answer I gave them lethal injection and asking if he had any last words have to be born son Mitch. And his last words war. And you probably recognizes what we have here is a failure to communicate. Some menu just can't reach I am not the failure you're the failure. And then his final thing apparently they say he was smiling according to witnesses he said you can kiss my white trash acts and. And on Boone looked at. I only address yesterday that is act that I liked him but get this in my hands here's my hands of white trash low light trance. Not happy again. The good news analyst John undersized. All right so what would your last words be called out that's it just hey you know based applause or puts. It. A little closer. Tough guy. Standards of Arlene was abducted Tuesday as lord but kill him and since. I'd be exact opposite underneath you know like it's because I'd be crying and so much. There are huge you. Probably yeah bawling like New Iberia glazed. Life and that's about it a lot of big. Remember that reset it but somebody better check to a wide. Lives that's that a box but it's wanna you.