The Church of Lazlo - 03.20.17 - Tomi Lahren

Monday, March 20th


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Hi how are you good you I've never been better. You know Tommy learn. And in your face shine up in your face. On the film lately. In your face Jan one interface China's economy we did blows himself up in and they do find you stuff people love it. Is it a bunch of that what are stuff that I like China I mean she. Yet is cheap. So pay for. American made shoes and so well. Under fifty bucks for those brown knew balances moment. That's rough. Moon that's a rough one I can even imagine how much and governors and the cost. That kind of money and now. Your iPhone. It was made light in Detroit Detroit's already expensive. Com. Tell one cameraman in your face shine on your face. And Tommy learned she's cellular engine issues so he's probably your face chief Earl. She's a prosecute them. Tommy not few porn star not that I know love she's. She is it background singer. For room. A doubt no and you put on her own record and you're saying in my view a better note Tommy land and brand new star no out of London. TomTom clearance yeah I think it's time no TO MI we talked about it many times telling Lauren this time we learn she's in the new movie. It's a Seth Rogen things it's going to be. About decide a couple of moves and not next to a sorority. Or male fraternity but an actual old folks home moon and they keep wandering over. And causing problems that's a good that's a good treatment for neighbors Syria do like that and you know left to figure out how to deal will. Not that I know of maybe she's stunning tunes I don't know what Aaron I think there. She's my favorite. Xia she's a conservative. Talk show oh yeah real popular. Hands. She's like 24 years old. She's been on Bill Maher I mean she's all over the place because she's so popular from the show issue does on the blaze on. But she was on the view. And just said something that upset a lot of people. Can you call yourself a conservative. A conservative Republican and a constitutional conservative. But you also consider yourself pro choice which is interesting to me because 68%. Of conservative Republicans is pretty abortion should be illegal across the board. On her choice and here's why I am a constitutional. You know someone that loves the constitution I am some minutes for a limited government is I can't sit here and be a hypocrite and Sam parliament government I think that the government should decide when and with our bodies. I just can't say that as a Republican and I can say you know what I'm preliminary government to stay out of my my guns. If instead my body as well so I think it yeah. And I did a lot of tax conservative women as well. Yeah I think it's unusual equal equal hate from all sides are leading. Stick out in my guns she isn't as broad a term that you can't say that as a Republican she's got suspended for saying that. The blaze has now does this event has now suspended I suspended for sanctions pro choice aha. How do you get suspended these articles Hussein just came out the she's been suspended for I saw yesterday that she set it in his. Quite the had tweet storm that Tommy Lara in his pro choice but. This is according to. Arm. Daily caller I guess but everybody memory units article on buzz Phoebe she got suspended well as she gets the manager under the network told the Daily Beast the staffers. Have been informed middle irons show would not be in production this week he didn't use the word suspended specifically the website reported. If you suspend someone's firm. Look I got it like he knows say you're suspended for saying something you shouldn't say right like. A bad word or idea breaker rules somehow but if you suspend someone's front ideology. That doesn't break any rules right. Do you expect there ideology to change when they come back is that like when she comes back is shell like proof. You know I took a week off thought about it. Totally pro life. I mean I don't see how it changes drives it they it's got to just be that they don't want to say it again. Right you know we are probably no hell no you can't say that people actually says she gonna come on to say come as a major thing right is she and issues as outspoken. More men. Or man what I mean she had his new woman as a manager is outspoken person and somebody says you can't say that you're pro choice anymore. If someone asks her what I mean does she say. She's a strict constitutional Astride and part of that is freedom of speech. Does she say sorry I because of my job I'm not gonna comment on abortion right that seems like out like a hard place for today. I didn't know this but the blazers found a bike went back to ya know that's his thing and he said he would not stop a person. Who believes in abortion from working now has company. And they just can't say first of all we have a whole bunch different kinds of people that work here if you're pro choice. You can have a job at the blaze is just can't talk about it every city disagreement Clarence Thomas about a Thomas the conservatives who are anti abortion are quote hypocrites. Citing passages from the US constitution he said he believed back up his argument quote I would disagree that your hypocrite if you are limiting government. And you want the government to protect life of the unborn. It's very very clear but it takes intellectual honesty and it takes a willingness to actually think these things through and you more than just read Twitter FaceBook. To get your news and your political opinions. I say she's as I can say that as Republicans blame can't stand in my guns and stay out of my body you can actually set a budget apparently can't say that now. And what about. About capital punishment brought down on where she stands on that Aslan always freaks me out you don't. Trust the government to do anything. But guilty if you decide who lives and dies it's good they went move. So Tom Wheeler in the torturers going to be an Seth Rogen movie. All the old folks home about an old folks home which we absolutely not have to tweak that treatment. You both of those movies were bids. Doesn't does that just show our real old folks keep Roman over improvement on incitement. The people there they're really not like you are an all right time to blow watch them yeah become overly trade general of them. Our cars keep it relevant country characters you Odom psychic woman and man and right yeah. Lady making quilts in the front runner. He drove it that's it that's neighbors three. Of them whose column whenever. Tommy learn. Toilet would you. Let's say she was hold on let's say oh let's save that she you know she's beautiful but I can and I can't listen to what must say the issues so Indian man I'm just I just know sacks and I'm telling you I find her very attractive but I also see that old. Conservative shirt and look at our cyanide just. In a vacuum yes in the real world. Where I have to go have dinner where there are no and it's can be sure to send out there and Buehrle this Josh well all right fine if we shut down and Angela and I totally normally I joined at high. I really perfect I had no idea I don't see that this is outdated every said downs who started talking about make America great again I mean like all right time. I'm going Jew I can't. I mean look where they're beautiful and you know. Sexes greater important but it is some point you have to put a little bit soft stigma out of it yet at some point had to say all right I still. You know a lot of chance yeah look I mean I want to what you're row horrible in every time you turn on the TV. Is it the same with making telling. I mean she's beautiful opts. She's on knowing you know she's really annoying MET imagine I'm Jason when she's like Santa clauses YOK okay he just did see just don't act we got back ago this question okay trump. I'm xanax I'm Laura middle ground laying Jelena again this won't be sold a video of Tommy went in high school and she's doing a news and it's. Clears his and we what she says now. I don't know if it's clear that she did. Believes one way and I feel like she's pretty conservative now on May well how was your high school losing you reading what they wrote for helping cheque she seems pretty conservative but I know where you stand on because. You have matches on general people listen Tom we learn is mired back. Spirited doughnut because she says aren't registered animals and NHL veteran video. Yeah regularly right now they don't there's announcers can learn from him into a Republican loves country music come and watch this budget smashed. Logos on a Mac. Catch all right thank you Jennifer and let go hey hey okay knew that no I didn't get it and I says if you went a little bit more about me here's some Tommy learn videos you shoot that's okay signs your good. And you like. What I can overlook this when I'm saying is I can't overlook I deciphered would be not being judgmental judgmental. What are you talking about she's sending you judgmental app by the way it doesn't matter they're not being judgmental you're looking at it and saying. I can't imagine. Sitting down in a bar where this woman. And I assume that's not going to be a bar that I want to go to is going to be toll keys last pub or whatever it is and I did do it. We think are just they're doing it I tell those guys are all right okay I admitted that. But it I'm at some point again women you hold all the cards I've gotten here are smarter than your prettier. You have a vagina and then you control us. And the world would be better if you're in charge but as men. At some point we have to have a little bit of dignity and say yes uncontrollable. Yes. You can manipulate me no I'm not sleeping that Republican sure but right now about. Which is well that's just the first step. So going to get so far the other was a good rule makers like what feels like what isn't exactly is it the Toby Keith is the time you learn videos is that what is it exactly. I'm just really kind of you know what we know that all right we have fun guys on the impact on. I guess we can do a lot of fun.