The Church of Lazlo - 03.20.17 - Sports

Monday, March 20th


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That ride was sports Mario. Looked up. Oh no no rain break would go to will be enjoyed door at the time off. The out fox sports one how is that going for you. Everything's good I mean Houston at the moment I was in New York last week for my kids' spring break. And be back in LA tomorrow got a lot to do got a lot going on at. NCAA tournament the chiefs are not getting Tony Romo we can discuss either one you guys take it. But she's argued in general for sure I didn't see that. Well I mean I guess not I guess I shouldn't paper short but it would appear. That built it big Houston Texans are gonna give them and now it's just a negotiation I mean they traded away second round pick. Just to get rid of their terrible quarterback. And that allow them to capture extra Tony Romo I did ultimately in that they'll cap space proposal that might be dirty premier player and so whatever you want. And just went to the sweet sixteen we talk about that. Who'd had. You've ever find Martin a big kind of scary guy to go to K state that was always yelling you remember them. OK so he just took South Carolina the first week fixing program history they've beaten duke. Yesterday they'd score over a 110 point combined in the second half there to turn in the games they've been amazing support Marten these. Like he's objecting guide for me and here's why I know frank personally. I also know the players he coaches. No coach that I've ever seen at any level has more undying loyalty from their from his players those guys love him forever. He also. Like Davos when he on steroids in sports screaming at guys he got in trouble a couple of times report that handled players. Like Bob Knight got bigger and scarier. So like I wanted to know your opinion on the level what do you. Girl I met a launchers or George so. That's true but it also means a great guy but for a high school Matt featuring the club bouncer our son of Cuban immigrants who just. Like it could have a guy you can imagine but is that screaming yelling make sure and comfortable watching him coach. What are your general opinion on the college coat. I don't hate when they saying. Don't yell at these kids. They're not kids their twenty year olds. There are only our. Our twenty girls are not totally powerless but. They can do as a basketball. Yeah but not sign a South Carolina. Oh hold on because I'm not I'm not attacking Franken really I genuinely. One sort of like that like children would have been me and he is one of the lowest paid coach in the big twelve by a wide market. He got a big worries so we would like that in the mid level paid coach in the conference I was interviewing him that day. What we and he got the contract extension. At the end of the interview intellectually you radio guys media at the end electorate all the ought to have to that's real quick I'm an individual or alone. And then you know we think that would ever keep tax meet five minutes later during the commercial break like nick. You're guiding keeping a whole you know you're joking about you know you need anything I got you luckiest people really really good guy. In general. I hate the coach. That screamed and yelled at the player and the player has no recourse. If you're right he can do is say what that might scholarship. Even if they transfer. They didn't have to sit out here they lose a year of eligibility. To go like. They don't know is they'll lose a year of eligibility if they sit out the year. I don't lose a year they follows a playing here they don't lose an actual game they complain that next year though right. No acute transferred schooled you lose a year of eligibility but you can play the following year right no no you can't. I'll assure gladly raise it now if you if I'm playing. The sport and I say I'm gonna transfer that have to sit out a year that I comply. What you don't know how to that your hero that's I was talking about I thought you are saying it couldn't play. No here's the other thing. Unless that happens I think the rules should be if a new coach comes in that you didn't shiny red. And you should be able to leave at any time correct what you can't sign with Bobby Knight. You can't sign. With Frank Martin you can't sign when these types of coaches. That there are greater doing eyes wide open I do understand I think. All kids grow. You know what they are very opt in sixteen and seventeen when they do decide that's where they want to go through an art in college basketball. You'd save their twenty. Very often they're eighteen and nineteen are still. There. Can. Do you have a real problem when when kids join. The army and the guy and boot camp yells at him. These so that following the example. I don't think the military should be the standard for how you treat people in non military empire. Of course and it's not I don't think. I mean I think our guys and I make that comparison the comparison is. But you go one of these things when eyes wide open as you said you know what's coming now I don't think South Carolina or Bobby Knight. Runs their training camp like the Marines do that's a false equivalency. Right but. With the idea that when you're eighteen. You make a decision 1617. Sometimes you make a decision you know we're you're going you know what you are doing. It's been nice guy. Cracks in the middle of the of the locker room. He throws chairs on the court you don't see that. No that is right handers in Taiwan and this was more like gates but for me to topple because I don't think. It should be tolerated. But the guy like the fate of any college basketball I think it's a great guy and I would I would absolutely. Send my kid to play first and because I know him. You're saying that you don't think you what do you think. If they college coach yells at a kid he should be suspended. I think like the way Brian Kelly you watch Notre Dame I think the way Brian Kelly. And in those football coach is getting guys safe embarrassed players. Cursor at the embroidery then I don't feel that way about professional not just because they're both actually grown and become the lead has. Equal if not greater power. When a player you never allowed the yelled back on the players never allowed to push back. I find it really bothersome that dogged. It touch it almost bullying can be because you have no recourse you needed an unfair fight it because the power dynamic or those cute like that doesn't. Power dynamics are skewed when you play high school football. Your coach is grabbing you by the face mask and screaming at you and telling you. Run north and south you goddamn idiot not east and last that I really don't. Think that should happen Toledo. Like I'm surprised you're cool with it can you don't like people telling you what to do. No but it I played football all the way through high school and I understood that that's what was gonna happen. I didn't I don't always mean I understood that the coach has been a young being ticked me in my ass it's part of the game. That so I guess my question that. Active. Yeah that part of acting like your history teacher do. Well I think there isn't because we maybe because you have to go to history class I don't know. Mayor because there are certainly different guidelines for playing football and math and biology right. Why why is it active ebitda and active motivational tactic didn't shouldn't we use didn't say it's not there. Are you saying it's not effective. I don't I have no reason to believe that the coach who yelled and screamed. Life more is now president and Bobby Knight coached. Yeah well having Tony Dungy worked OK do you think Jim Harbaugh is an effective coach. Yes but I also think you think frank Clark is an effective coach yes but I also think Jim. Of course so the point being is that every coach has a different style and motivates kids. That in different ways and I assume. That the kids who want to be motivated by Frank Martin. Go to the frank Martin's school of motivation and the kids who want to be motivated by Tom Izzo go to the Tom Izzo school of motivation and the kids. Who wanted to go be hippies out at UCLA and give philosophy taught to him and they went. And played over there. I mean to me that's just logic. Yeah but that also assumes that they the kids that go forward you know two point eight per Bobby Knight or whatever it is that they had to. He offered equal Indiana. That they could've taken a step that I get my eating habits like you can. Are you like a far greater now like you'll just backed it up no matter what. If a kid got an offer from Bobby Knight to go to Indiana. I guarantee you there is probably a comparable offer from someone who wasn't going to take a crap in the locker room. You're like no dividing I net filing for example I mean that there's. A point I'm trying to make that I I'm really surprised by like. Just because something works doesn't necessarily mean what you should do it. And you're not you're changing it you just only a minute ago you said it wasn't a factor of then I gave us an effective names and I say just because it works you shouldn't do you people having the goal post my. Well I'm not sort of American move the goalposts on you what I think. I think there aren't you buy it by actually that I don't think it affected him on the amendment to I don't think it's necessary I think they're likely to potty trained your kid. And I even like say like it's happiness statutory wondered could that be used into. It was a very what do you do with him and I told the network in the body what you do it appears that it I will do that. Like how would work. So I guess you know tomato to model in diapers in you'll get to pick who your parents are biting you you. Relying also three Euro also on each inning as opposed to extracurricular basketball they use four. Different. Yeah I actually and less more differences there an actual. Boot camp basketball analogy. Yeah I I was really should point. But this I mean it. Using its fine ideas to the point I'm making within our circle back to post. Oh. Yeah of course who are well there. Or no it's not about it just well. You know. You know don't. Robin williams'. Head you're dead you don't get bitten Morton debt. It'll hold on second year IP that it which I'm really surprised by your opinion on the you'd think like the development in sports forever so and so I'm going to do some coaches don't. I didn't get that. You are the guys you hear that I say. I didn't say some guys do it forever solution is to do it I said some guys motivating through fear. Through yelling and then probably in the locker room and it's over they put their arm. Around him and have some sign that that whatever they do it's a fact. Active and other guys do it through hey man I believe in you you can do this and those are different types of coaching styles different types of management styles. I think kids should probably learn from all of those different styles because they're going to find. Those types of people in every business our boss downstairs. Is a go at yourself you know do this type a guy. I understand it maybe I'm okay at it because I played football. I don't know but it's fine with me but people use different ways to motivate people. They're not children they are men if they don't like it didn't go to a different school. Yes OK that you mentioned the boss thing which is why yen weakened I would probably gone on too long when it's as will quick. It's that's the point that I find the most interest thanks. Which is due you can say that you're brought physical after so the guy. But the reality is the only two places. Where did that considered totally standard and okay. To be an everyday occurrence. Sports in the military there. Well that's not true it's not like PS. No he liked that that he would like I got that kind of my point don't work environment. A guy who wants a long. Who looted whose goal it consider it in sports you would be considered the passion of control white. And that the part that I eat I eat the wide we. Argument slope and I don't know I see both your points of view but you're polite or don't don't choke on. And the get your ball and he's demonstrated that it you don't pick and she's totally by poking image. Other annual. You're applause for. Do you a.