The Church of Lazlo - 03.20.17 - Headlines

Monday, March 20th


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From the righteous man is set on all sides by the the selfish. And to renew your evil men the lessons you. Shepherds the weak. The value of dark. Clinton lost she. And I will strike down upon the U with the great vengeance. And jewelry design nervous those who attempt to. Is. You know I am great aerial. Never been better my friend look at me the dealer could get some sun yeah. You look gun. Everybody looks good it really feels good it. Could be back. And hang out when you for a couple days yeah. Saw some cool brand's death. I forget when we go to south by. I was telling soak on the snipers gunned down there is certainly very here's a list of bands that are coming by the rumors of the stuff we got to do this Suzanne first advances dancers playing like. I do discover a lot of music don't they had to drag and when I get home and got like you know. Anywhere from six to twenty bands that I'm adding some plane ride home is fun yes let's let him down on the stove. Yeah I think we all summer we agreed on what we autonomous zones we've been seasons ago that. And it's always institute asks the bands who they are there to see my concern here about these bins and earlier you know six or. Twelve bands say the same name and you've never heard before in my parents. Dallas this month. Apparently we went and saw bands. That I thought was normalized threatened to fight them in the parking lot and I want to fight them. And they are horrifying. I believe you saw there are horrifying as well right. Slim fast if we're talking gonna I think we are down about snow comes I got things are done on this is really cool what don't you guys get they're really good. So then we looked it up afterwards and the whole thing's a joke it's not supposed to beat music it's a comedienne apparently it's a jury it's comedian from like New Zealanders something. Making fun of seventies. They'll dress like them all things so eyeball tiger remember unlike. And these guys to be on the air supply what the hell is going on I don't understand it is so guns or gun suits you guys don't go to school unlike. You cannot be that his Stearns and. Apparently hit some possibly a joke yes. Lisa first performance art. Where's the the song that thought I'd give me news. Is real like I 'cause like maybe this is sounded good on. The record something I listen to the next dancing now. He's a weird looking guy you just walking around afterwards. Manny and I get a shirt tucked into it's all ended when no belts I mean it was clear to me and they are gone for something. I was just glad that I found out there are gone for Alaska. Which if I would have known early returns which I assume everybody else there the new home. I would've may be looked at it in a different light had some confidence but all I'm doing as a nexus no donors are revenues grew man what are you guys don't get it here yet and it's cool I don't want no because I want throughout the crowd Tyson who is this and people can look at you and I have no idea who I don't know what the hell's going on. Then finally some girl clearly with an Australian accents and Mo leads Alex Cameron he's from Cindy she's got the photos and writes she's united friends or this guy she's aware of who he is. I knew what it took awhile to find someone because I think a lot of people were there to see some people bands are coming on later knowing what is going on witness and run. Movie I didn't like Italy the number it's. But I Allison Bennett we don't know what I saw a few jobs and under great. I do love me some. Do you live. But it's been a lot of time watching videos alienate. I mean certainly we are not always ends is everything else when I. I was funny is how he in between songs references those dance moves like Hank. I was doing some weird stuff the airline once with the legs thing ride I mean I was like all right. And then I also found an Anderson hello crowd decides to dance like him no matter what they do yeah. Like they're all doing the same thing miss. Punch themselves in the face I was like I get a legend. He's also really into hip hop and novelists you know whenever they do interviews with him like they did one of them it's their records for them it's always have top. And I was season assuming you CD's like performance above them it's. Snow come runner up in which she's singing you know who runs in this weird Tom Jones thing leasing and like. New new Avian but when he talks. It's almost like this he's kind of got this. Should top inflection you're only socket. It's it's totally unique and very aren't reliving Greg was born on Austin yeah. This on the Peter heard him rap. Tell us that he's and other name. I don't nobody if you Google same haring rap you can watch just like pop up on stage at places start routing for. Players and other bands who is really rapid. I thought you you and I saw cherry Glazer together literally right and we see them before a lot of fans that banned by I thought she jones' agent yeah it's a whole new level and walk currents. Among Kurds took us longer all new level. Their lives since nineteen years old men. Emmy show tell you saw us own Omaha. Unloaded that we love zones. We only got a few songs man. Now what song do you guys like that hard really hard liquor Coca. As a matter a quick. Alice Palmer. So it. Well this suicide ever likely. Next you'll like get a DJ in Canada there's okay. Yeah. Yeah. That's zone SOH do you allow sound fair always raw jade buzz on the stars and but he just if you didn't recognize that name or Felix's lists on zones you can find it and the record is perfect this good man's ruin your. So who stole yourself buying. I don't know I thought zone was ranked in the dollar smoke in the lasers you're like all right in the big. Grim reaper com or at. Another that was great I thought Jay Glazer is great. I mean future islands which had to say that because everybody has left handers in Westchester and Milken's enough millions I didn't know anything about they came by the room might hurt you know one song. And just started listening to just downloaded DPS are listening tour I really liked the sound that I didn't get to see him live this post goes through the tanker room. Weeks go with the Emeka we'll itself by and just incredible. And I think the record I can't stop listening to. There's each line so they still myself by at last year stuck and I were walking down the street and we saw all these people. Crowded around outside continue and we heard a band who we've you know we do know who was in there is that. Sure Charlie's yeah it's Lebanon again right right by journeys hotel. And so. I listen to them later I was you know aware of them and they can select a replacement since I cannot. Got a feel for what they sounded like and this week. Got a chance to go see them I got in their right zero get ready go on they came out stood right in the front and watch the entire sent. They definitely still myself I thought they were it's great really really good. And I thought tries a little time Laszlo. Should be in the. So good debt if you get a chance. Download both of those record doesn't he doesn't get a thing on iTunes and used to using on iTunes. His sudden shifts and we are spoon during the that or was that you guys are it's very and I went down to reach son that was right after the jury was shown. And he did this had never seem to be induced a forest said you know who likes rock and roll and everybody all right and he says who likes to cure. To solicit come onstage kissing Boys Don't Cry. So he's going to be in serious advisable to really notice like 45 guys raise their hand and this guy they've emotion this carrot you come up here. He gets up there the band starts playing Boys Don't Cry and this guy saying the whole thing he owned it he had good stage presence older parent this had to be setup but the next stage and it got to talk to me said no you know we do it and a bunch shows in. It's always gold because if the guy doesn't know the song and it's funny we just cover of form and then sometimes you gotta gotta this turns out that I was in like an REM tribute band or something. And then he did this on iTunes will be signed in this now is trying to find it for you guys what I'd others is a great idea. It's a mixed tape trying to tell us hadn't seen. Just called here I made just for you. And it's a bunch of eighty's and ninety's song is right that if you read did like Dennis. Anyway just my dash like. Two of those EPs out where does like. I'm souls and ride and Jesus and Mary Chain never called again. I'll really cool stuff. I'm sad I'm. Miss them when they came into the rumba so current journey goes said the guy can be slowing as the nicest person in the room probably the nicest guy government. I hear rivals bear to force us. The ground Aysu oh yeah easily synchronize. They were great. Doing. And there's so many good songs on that last record on the beach Simon and I can't stop listening to mutations. Anyway awesome. That stuff is great and made me feel like seeing the people who are watching LNM. Any feeling there is. Now I'm told you guys before like I can't fight your fight anymore kids I want you go out and change the world right. And it felt like for so long. I just wasn't there. I feel like Doug band. They can help kids change the world. As that passion and energy and god damn dangerous right it's been a long time into dangerous. And camera you know that's what I'm the guy that I was watching them it's. I said do you think you know he's he's figure someone who's 25 now. Replacements are basically done you know they were born right so. Are they ready Lincoln is this. A totally new sound and they are ready for this maybe this is so. The news and it's certainly a good place finish but I mean all the lyrics are updated and Smart and you know these guys that old timer at this the vibe of solvency rely Iraq. Lot of ninety's yeah a lot even little kids and he sounded like I compared to liken ninety's college alt rock band there's a lot of that going on the child finally finally the flotilla people dress that was his. Yeah ninety's when backers for a I've fun. I do have new Zambrano is blown out there is news. It's news. Just mentioned remember how to do it. It's funny because. I feel like a most of the time. You know as long as it's that we do whatever we're doing the show I'll get a text from a friend is music did you hear about what happened in the half like a week ago I do not notice. Right I realize this because. Everyday you come in here we're looking you know for audio for headlines turned fearless on the news. One week and Don a south by. I barely checked I look at the updates and I am not just any time so about trump comes up like just can I not think about this for a little while the exact thing. But you know IBC older out of town must have happened we had a big. Racial matter now. Flop with the tax return that was huge user does their racial matter house got trounced actress turns out she had a couple of pages from 2005 tax return a lot of people think Trent might have actually been on the leak. That tax return to show that he was paying taxes and was making money. But this story that just won't go away is. Both twofold you got obviously. The trump campaign. Work with Russia and trying you know to lose the election. And what. The hell was trump talked about lease herald's tweet saying they'd hit the trump tower was tapped by Barack Obama. Of course now all these agencies have come mountains said there's no evidence anywhere that anyone was tapped and that Obama had anything to do it. And so now trump this kind of backed up a little bit and civil IE I took wiretapping quotes that can mean lots of things doesn't mean you actually tap liars. Just that I was being you know. Spied on us now James coming from the FBI director of the FBI team you know was testifying today and said that the FBI is looking into. Collusion with Russia on the election that's a big step to the FBI's admitted that they're looking that and he again said I have no evidence. Then anything happens. As far as the wiretapping. Claims can. Respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration. I have no information that supports those tweets. And we have looked carefully inside the FBI. The Department of Justice has asked me to share with you. That the answer is the same for the department justice and all its components the department has no information that supports those tweets. I mean we're just in a world what happens like that. I mean if you know we are loved beach line and kids being persistent and hopefully they know I'll eat thrown bottle and change the world ride I mean if you're. Sixteen right now usually so goddamn aggravated the FBI. Is check gaining. Non tweets from the god damn president I mean if this can't get you in a mood. I have some sort I don't know what can. And again I'm the guy I thought Reagan I can't. I can't do it again did you have a I do it wasn't what a different funds that have to do it. Block your selves and your room and listened to bridge sign until you can't come out and then. Start a revolution no longer says start a revolution of not caring and start a revolution of not giving an ass and start a revolution. Hey eating at everything and nothing matters start back. And I'm finally back. You don't have to be focused and vote and all those things when god dammit. Get angry. Posters. All along audience. The Brady Jersey here's something not chump related distant dominating the news first you know months now I guess. What happened Brady's Jersey. Reality to don't know Brady's Jersey that he wore during the Super Bowl went missing after the game. And Brady finally started joke around a night you. Post a sinister and pictures of him searching for suspects in Big Ten border to look like the true detective national all the strings connecting the different suspects. Of this is a real investigation the police and I guess the FBI we're looking into what happened in Brady's Jersey. And the Houston police came out and send us right I know I know and you simply astronauts are right we founded. He's found that Jersey right. And he just kept saying over over over him during the press conference I wanna make sure I want to stress this point that this was not a huge priority. You know we did Osasuna bullet went off without it this is the one little thing. You know that tarnished our our record here and we damned if you're gonna embarrass us is not right boys and there's you know the cops finally air and embarrass us so I guess the guy who stole the the Jersey was pertaining to be a member of the media he had these passes you can see in the one of these videos wearing Alain your walking in and out of the locker room. I guess fox sports one was the first I think Jay Glazer of fox sports is when he broke the news that the FBI had obtained. Tom Brady stolen Jersey. And in some guy posing as a member of the media. Our investigators actually develop information. From a an informant here in Austin Houston and she's me. That led them to Mexico. And the that led them to believe that the Jersey was actually in Mexico. And quite frankly as a result of that investigation we're able to work with the FBI Mexican authorities. Two. Respond to the suspect's last known location unknown location. And look for the Jersey. I'd say he's been a sense he wants not a priority that we excitement we were working with the FBI we've found that on foreign soil means a lot of effort into looking for this. So Darwin's supervisors and doesn't change we done. I don't mobile sign unusable until local resident you see. Cash shot. Gave. The keynote rinds and knows she she gave a talk at the beginning of SXSW. Master other questions obviously. Registering and people looked at and then when she stood up to leave it. A song that they played as she walked out was. The greens committee hands down. Cash at the white robbery and had all stuff going on her manager and all the socialists took that song to. Walk off cessation of which I thought was interesting time. Was that like at the beginning of the week there isn't a keynote address or you know they have that whole day were speakers common problems that are news. And then they put out a new record junior the New Zealand and blue green committee I heard film. Single that we played for a male and they also took a Maria. On Americans didn't anger on. I hope so they should be. There's apartment complex and fired you soon OK not so it's text and know what book. It's on schools on fires and the school but what you're saying Johnson County in serious by Johnson County community college. It's an apartment complex. Patch. A 109 in college or historic right there. Apparently just built them. The fire is huge puts a new apartment complex and I don't have any more information. Go to G. In the tunnel you'll really. Some awesome attacks at times hatch can. So I'm not rich I'm not a news man some fasteners men I don't know nothing about. I think there's sort of KC TV five or seen anything so. I can neither confirm nor deny your reports woods I assume whoever sent a text checks this is really Carolina Arizona sounds reliable means there's a fire yet let's hope everybody's safe yeah. And knows it looks like a big apartment complex I'll spend too much time over that went bust. And I have a guy that I grew up with I gotta tell this is like hmm I don't know. It's time pleasant eight or nine years ago when I got a text one day from my friend and I dropped with a neat now he's in his recent eighty junior so and so died last night in his fiancee said oh. How he's an Olympic department compass is right to mysteries of the there was a fire his apartment no pleasure and they were asleep. Just don't think about that we love all the things it could happen you I'm unifier he's just not special wars so hopefully everyone's all right there.