The Church of Lazlo - 03.20.17 - American Badass Grill

Monday, March 20th


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Simon SXSW. Kuroda. It was a surprise show them who was an unscheduled blunt. Glad we identity when I showed I did tell you forget to join me I was driving from the airport a hoax. How old was asleep she was old her and for an aka. So it wasn't fair which is kind of annoying issues driving from the airport nine rolled out my window. Your client note Merrill assailant. I have got to Solomon like Indian food right there and aligned and on Israel alone window looks fine. And then shoot a rollback got. From the front and I'm like OK and I had to deferment on Roland down line okay. Can only take so much butter chicken in the morning right where we do in this a look at his role down. And she rolled back up and then there is a huge line of people. I mean it removes just stretch try I don't know who was blind no idea and as I was coming enemies just was and had to be. I don't know like it's for people spread out right mall on the sidewalk. And I had to go 78 blocks. As they wrapped around these corners it was an unbelievable line and she was like I need to find out who's playing there. Because you know people last when I pick him up in the cab. Ice and on whose plan their issues that are you here sir no music RS yeah and you said it was fine and I said prince most. It is like all of that makes cents us an idea that it's fun so I hope everybody should picked up from there on I said hey who's playing there let's let's allied forces general principle and am. Or she's just asking people a year to see prince. I don't think he's yes he is so I know that he's playing. So. That was my big fund for the week prints. I cab driver picked me up and he said. I get the cars and K man now our you know is like a good long curly gray hair probably is really the twosome. So where you for a man mr. Duncan's is that all that's cool listening you can smoke in the car if you want to it's it's finals like RA he's bogus they're right aren't. So were driving as we get downtown there's great man roll your window and I was like what he does hold your window man there's a cop behind us. I don't like a cop at a nursing what was going on like illegal to have a cigarette or two maybe it is I don't know physically went to a quick so I rolled the window up and he is so. Concerned about this cop. They see goes to turn he Ramsey no curb guessing as part and we drive over this like you know. Whenever the water goes down in the thing from the street so like the car was racked up his church doesn't come and serve a bid to enact tough freaked me out and and him as he dropped out is that part of him my name's Kevin if you need more rides through please don't hesitate to call Lilly you've got to me and I saw something something this morning that you are gonna love parent I know you love Kid Rock. Well you know I do he's from your hometown blue moon and I got a Detroit tried for Iraq via. And I thought you might be interest is he started a new company. I thought you might be interested in all right put up some promotional videos here and like you to get sales of its. How's that made America. This is 100% pure American. I'd say he's got a grilling guns Jack drills that were made in China he's got a fifty cal was made America. This is pure American bass he's about to shoot. A pile of grills that were made. You must oppose some of that. CNN night or whatever that's something we talked about the issue defamation explode then so what at the end of the video he says you know please check out my website. Draft ask me twice and take our website to go let's say there's a promotional video on this pretty lady and she's explaining the company. You know what America and Canada. Well being boring emails this guy conceding an ailment then made. Yeah. In America like Kid Rock American bad as a real you know. I. It's happening you're shooting her what is happening to other catapulting barbecue girl line any shooting them because they don't barbecue girls are made a giant giant so he's shooting the girls out of the air blowing them. In your face China. How amazing is that one indoor ice shot you the president has over the like. We ever gonna recover from this. This is. This is the media and there we have an image to see making grills on guns he's making girls and at the end of the day commercial you know he tells you to go to his website and by an American grill it's called. Or make sure I get the name right he says that the animals. All right there American bad as curled rush hour outdoors you did. So here's the website this is what they look like tired of seeing US manufacturing jobs go overseas. So is Kid Rock support American jobs be an American bad or good grill girls called America the oh sorry it's called. A bad ass botnets and American bad ass together by this ban outside is bad ass so I clicked on their little tiny girls still like Georgia take two tell gators and the right. There's got to he's got a charcoal wanna he's got a gas one. Coliseum I don't know why I thought this was funny but here's into the yet to choose from chart pulling down five easy payments. It's a 10000 dollars. But they'll that you can make installment payments select a payment plan for the victims but this is cast as a 150. And he got my ideas you can make Tony Mac for a hundred bucks manned with a hundred dollar when you I guess I know you're audience man he's not really no room wrong writes for the sake element they like on a box god damn did a hundred dollar Guerrero lined up that kind of well five easy payments from. 1999. Free shipping and hang them. You must bring jobs back he says something he believes in and made these girls they when he start shooting them out of sky with a shocked by the way the wild weird place to make a stand to yeah. Drills. Drills and so pistols Chinese girls you know hello all grills Chinese I have no idea who doesn't know someone whose lost their grew manufacturing jobs. Since the Chinese right that's what we think about free elections and all oh manufactures weird industry to pick yeah that I'm gonna make it stands. I swear to god I'm not gonna buy anymore Chinese grills he has a video Horry goes to those some sort of growing comfort to some sort out towards being and is always people cooking he gets them to say. These girls are American bad acts we are bad America is bad ass. There's a bunch of people saying they keep jobs here I mean you go to those let's say you can minorities. I think we need one. It is pretty nice and you like to grow out. Ma'am. I can't imagine you and it's got a giant. Steel. Logo on the front of it with a bald eagle this as American banner asks. I'm I just looked us up I have no I because I have no idea I didn't know anything about grills or where their maiden sort of things I just don't Shaq right me neither but they're drilled it comes to mind is Webber yeah I resented him so I looked up as go to Q2 Weber Stephen products a guy. And the Weber Stephen products LLC is a privately held American manufacturers charcoal gas and electric out or girls. But but they probably don't actually make them here right. I have no idea. There's headquarters is in Illinois. I'm guessing they actually manufacture democracies. I don't know I'm sure Kid Rock do his research report says he wants us. New company. I don't know where to start I mean what I do you mean how do you Google where our girl's leg and I literally Google map and she didn't do much. Who watched. Barbara glamour girls Grunow this says mostly made America by private equity. 61 years ago George Stephen got tired of wind and rain messing up his cooking and it's an opener girl. You know this says mostly made in America. And then there is a consumer reports. Article it's all about finding girls that are made in America. There's a lot of them. You know you can get the Weber summit 678. The Vermont castings signature series. There's a bunch of a bunch of Webber's royal king. The ones he's blown up or those little tail gating girls and maybe those. Are made in China. Are we shooting and he's lighting corals on fire chair I mean and then says take that China one that's the best part of either one of those for you. Is when he just says Holland zarrella broil master hasty baked coach girls Ingle Britain girls. Vermont casting. Whoever. I. We'll take a lot of army a lot of men says from more continuous clicking when I'm done now they don't have American Venice girls on there no idea. In your face China. In your face. I said I hope the kids get angry at what right about I mean kids have this kind of stuff doesn't (%expletive) you off Elaine. This guy is angry he's. For so he's not angry now he's trying to sell barbecue girls shouldn't five bucks and talk for our five payments of twenty botched. He is. Complete tool just a complete tool. At this point I always thought just kind of dumb on but it does for legislative bad person as well. Yeah certainly get advice and there. I just I already did that whole tour this summer and charged mourn twenty bucks a ticket. As a because you can't. Yeah I mean it. I don't mean that in a bad way but he wanted to go out he what he didn't wanna do whichever is to a lot of people right. Is he didn't wanna go out and play 20000 seat venues ride at. Hey day of Bol what to bar right. And then have to go back down the road and play. 5000 seat venues. Nobody likes to do that. It's a just a different vibe Bryant yeah. So what bands of Joe's ability you know here's an intimate show court and Orion. Or they'll do two days and an even smaller venue right. Oracle doing Kid Rock says he says screw these ticket master bastards I'm. Not charge you more than you wanted buck. Right right. And that we just have to go downgrade the smaller of course she of course. I was X can surprising he still uses Boller to why in the background I thought maybe you pretend like that didn't have a lot of little larger girls in my Dolan also lol that's out they present little fresher and all summer long. In your face China or face China which I shall not use forever. For anything. That should be your tag line. When Jay comes and says hey did you finish disability in your face China I don't have to I know we've analyzed teacher ideas but in your face China. What needs to be done have to do that one. In your face China in Europe based China. I think two exclamation points. Make sure those are made on Chinese teacher yes please. You wanna do they and that we heard at south by complacent in the herself by. I Summers says the gas girls only 9% made in America or how they find out I says says on the website. And we went and sometimes those Mona let me look at this by this that asks okay. Oh more than 90% US parts and labor okay gotta be kidding me right here once is a 100% made in the USA. What I now know that's ridiculous so that means that the gas probably the nighter and stuff is altering its cheeses man come on. Want to take that China. What I think it should acknowledge several hundred nighter exempt for the part that makes it nice you're gonna need but everything else in your face it's. We've we've we've made up that grill. We wanted to make it gas man I thought a bunch of American news you could make like a box you put Cole in what once it got to the point to where. We had a light it ourselves. At a college Chinese suing your face China. And tell you know that lighting part that is weird or any some of that Chinese engineering all right. That's crazy yes would you guys do without buttons thing. But are not only shoot PS out of these things. Thanks kid he likes them on fire and shoot some of that canonized upper it was called explode. Now that's American class. I mean except for it uniter yeah. So for them parked there and guess in the that was our budget had we had a wire and stuff via all I can think about these weren't cheap sunglasses and teach our disarmament world's clothes from. You'll see like an American Apparel kind of guy who don't call me crazy but my. Maybe he's found minimum maybe he's thought about that but then you look and see that. The gas grills and he's a total of Mecca and the whole thing just to put on. Do Nubian results out by live would've looked pieces is tougher I don't regret we were all talking about beach sign Uga student Austin the dial Pallet that.