The Church of Lazlo - 02.16.17 - Timelines

Thursday, February 16th


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And mentors and violence on zoom out and I forgot to do went and I told Siri to remind you mean he did yeah I'm a bachelor remind me on Monday what he does human Mina. I must've given the wrong date I don't know what happened. But it was. Offense has really party right great time had by all okay. Great show put on by her and not quite. The hostess I see everybody having followed the chief it was a good party yet everybody doing cool things. Everybody excited. And I'm standing outside. And right after. The girl walks violence as my god what if you don't their head or shake your head right after that write another girl walks up to me. OK okay how does is still saying cigarette. So your front room. There's other walks of me I'm man she's up. Describe her but no no he's risking maybe someone anger and do this but she was sure. Murderer short heard right I don't look I'm short so Ireland there's like your. If I'm taller than you and by a fair amount then there's shorter right fair enough. Because I'm always normally the shortest guy in the room and a lot of girls are taught me. So she's shorter she's with a another guy she has. Brown hair like maybe shoulder length because straight back says Shelly got maybe. A white T shirt does this ring a bell to anybody not me okay. Because she says demean pay. You remember talking about. You know being quiet during sacks. In an apartment and I'm like. No. And she does not do you you know like. You know like do you know. Snow cones house like you know how you gotta be why did you have exact dry ice howdy I'm like guy does so I don't really remember that night. OK and his idol let me tell you something. We are not quiet and I said I think we're worried when we we what are you talking about I'd still in strike me Ryan yeah well what do what do you mean when we were quiet and she's like what. And then hurt the Dodgers would goes what do you mean what you mean unlike. I know what you're saying and what he's saying NGOs which means no don't have sex in his house we're not quiet and I. I said no I'm OK. Okay. So I like to know that story if I could you because I don't follow it up followed up with a another story that and I haven't who talked about I don't know did you know that don't turnaround so many girls home since he hollowed out there. You know that's right you know it's good yes you do and you and your loudly your roommates are home. It's up to you love me. You know I don't think I'm many louder than normal. But I guess out. I hope they grow out no return pusher show you guys are not worried certainly not worried about male I don't need that. So as a friend your son and they are an hour. The shooting death here she's this is cool there. Kind of wild but I like Irish need. Suze agonize girl out there now who is a book Donna as you don't know that I had no idea. And he's with a guy should really guy but he doesn't want dating because you miss said that you know on a mile and so is his recent. Few weeks ago. Ancient history there. I over a month ago and remember she had text me after you said that on there. You know as I notice soccer long time ago and she said what we were not quiet on the one thing you know who. Nice. So we don't gonna talk about on this. Well at some later on home. I go up to the VIP area up there yeah and you're up there with your girlfriend right you guys seem to be in deep discussion via sought out. Ottawa and Toronto is going on. And so I stand at a different table and it's our friends goal and Bryant. Kara. And this other girl amount whose other girl is right on Lucius. And I'm Joseph don't take just a long way. Joseph all I love you love to I think you're awesome when my most favorite people the world. But Joseph will talk to you. Right here I just talked to you right then that's fine I enjoy talking to him do so it's not a big deal. But these two other girls to the side of us Joel's not paying attention they're talking about. So come and all I can take out of the other side of Nigerians. How can I here and what's going. Yet still talk to Joseph right. Source the girls standing there out of our name. I don't know what they're talking about and I know that I say to her. I don't remember exactly what she says but I know that I say to our lied. That's a good look right move and her outfit yeah angelic black sweater I don't know. Marlon did wrong and I'm. Black sweater black skirt. Black tonight on black shoes right I know all black thing and I saw the girl you can choose to end up there yeah I'm sorry say that's a good luck tonight semi hitting on you but I'm way you know your way to a over me. Bench and so I'm wagered at her words over relating to sell a anyway I saw that sit and we've kind of had our conversation and I'm talking to Kara and Lis must individual and I hear this lady say. She's talking to her friends she's talking to Caroline. Talking about. Snow cone the outcome is whether want to talk about me cringing and that they had sex. And now. Now. He texted her. And said it I'm like god I know I had sex review left Cisco. And I know I had sex from this other person okay. Don Don Tony this is what I learned OK that is not and he texted her purse and sad com. Now I'm confused. Because I don't no mood to pick. And I thought to myself like what kind of world ice at. Now what my you'll like I had sex with the union had sex lives other Garland I don't know now I don't know would have picked like to a decade or so I'm like welcome to laurel does this dog and I live in wearing it just taxpayer will be like look at. Hi such as several people and I'm just confused right now about who to pick so I need to give me some time just to think about it like that's never did. Aware inside of my we will houses in Rome. Of possibility is not true I can't say that now right now I'm gonna say that I never. Don't have dated a girl and had sexual another room right. Nobody wants him and I. Doesn't doesn't handle Bob Bob ball to test and say there is such as several people Arnold are going to be my girlfriend or not. Once you relax a little bit why doesn't Clinton to do bats like and I was like Arthur funds are really track right. Like blood pretext is that if you Tex I still all doctors for a quick look to defend yourself. But if you did Texas girls say. Booms and live phone but I I don't Egon was a good description of the tech site says there must have been a few of us there and all black a black man you know just there was side I named about. 30% of the women there but I know what I knew then I gave that description to. So don't you would know and I talk but if you text of that tour I. Believe I then you also Texan the other person and said the same thing. Decisions little girl and melanoma return choosing and is that how you. Get out of commitment I guess someone's interest in a relationship that's how I attack someone out there as well and happened so she just made that up completely. That sort of aha. OK so I was we were talking pro this is the girl has a soft this is the one allowed to talk to we can't control a little bit. We hung out a few times after we hung out she Texans have him early. One need to get her relationship right now she just got out of a long one doesn't wanna be committed okay sounds good no problem so. I keep talking of the people not in the committed relationship you're looking for one welcome your tender profile says like his will be for good time or something like doing that and and whatever. I mean someone who actually I really kind of like we started and often we hang out a few times and seems like things are going pretty well so now Google has loads all poses the goalie came to the TV show. The other really came that he Shelton Alka geez some of the another girl to be sure but there was another girl to be sure that you dated for a little while. I don't wanna give too much of description I have probably was a gun to see like a movie with him before work one day. I'll OK okay okay yeah that was later this somebody got. That's that's the go there yet that's the one that I shouldn't yeah yes and yes it is I swear to god you just I don't know was it it all right finally we talk about OK so I need someone else. What had an offer get along now the girl was we'll talk to. Text is that hey I kind of changed our mind I kind of grew like you I wanna be your relationship. And source the law I mean. I don't know what to do or because I kind of met someone else who I haven't had sex with haven't. Disclosed that haven't said that to anyone. And so she sets him back why don't wanna make you pick my I'm not trying to pick I'm just I'm not Charles was to do right now because so she said she's natural enemy cubic. Yeah. Yeah I never once said like I can't decide who I wanna pick and that would basically did. Now she's gonna be a relation of the union said on start to see somebody else you know I don't know what to do. Tuesday that it. Chill out intermission time when I played. I mean I know huge danger mode I don't know why don't you have to impresses you know go and I'm loving man. Of course change your margins longer I met at colonial on an agreement talking to and I like turn things are going well and that's kind of arms it. My other children. I don't know she's. When general what you saw no. So this is so confused so are you still talking to the girl the UN's all the movie with before work when I guess that's the one I'm actually kind of talking to and actually. What about other girl I saw. Not talking to him. Much what does that mean I mean every now and then we'll text but we have we have analyzed. Everything yes we know otherwise I'll side minimum. Alabama talked to press. Good weeks. A week's order. So weak so and so so loses say two weeks ago you had sex from the girl. But I met outside India Barr who said you guys were well I was I was more than them for more than three weeks. About a month pick pick pick a time line and a political thing a month project so month they're really just sexually others. On VIP got a couple weeks ago two weeks ago or any matters other girl now know when. We don't only met a few weeks ago policy met before you let you go outside so are we gonna hang out and tell like. Choose someone did want to not let you create and over and I know I don't do the very minute when I'm telling you is that I let you create its online. In most cases a detective would ask you more pledges or get an accurate timeline. I know I'll due to create it. You don't win back two months but we decided only go back a month and now you've got overlapping dialogue and don't really make sense because the two who wonder people don't actually see and now. Have overlap I said that that they kind of overlapped. But so you met the other girl first go to Baltimore no VIP first and had sex in there before anybody other girl's. Yes. And then she said I don't let them that was two weeks ago so you met his new role are Richard. A recession question senator now they are trying to figure out overlapped my motto I don't Oklahoma so did you amazing new girl I know it's not actually. Did you need a new girl that you like them and start talking to her. Before you had sexually drone VIP. The meter I had been a human technologies a little bit yeah but it wasn't anything serious about point 10. How long Rosen. I told a few weeks ago Arnold wrote and said a week ago whose amendment that wasn't a week ago was. A few weeks ago was an Oregon texting back and forth a little bit was a month ago. I don't remember it was a three weeks while I was Tomlin matter this is the matter is trying to figure out when you're having sex resume. I told you I'm seen one person now by that I mean I'm I'm kinda hard to believe with a revised timeline no don't add up I told to do is okay. I wrong here. I don't have any ballots haven't already. Do journalism and Jenny hates when you're not ear when Jerry when you're a young lady. I guess that's right and I says you the same question yeah. And you would make the same mistakes from the sidelines right now. Yeah I go out I let a let down hurricane right on Thursday I'm like oh really moved OK some excitement and I'll write about just. Try to enjoy my job god and then she would crumble yeah. And walked out you are still here so I'm trying to find out. Is the girl outside the union knew that essentially a month ago bird. Right yeah three weeks ago you started talking to literally is seeing now but only taxed and pretty much. Two weeks ago you had sex with a girl VIP. Mood I'm in a long way to go you started seeing the actual girl. That tell you attacked that sounds more along the lines of that's sounds like more along lines of what you might. The room now is Rhonda how that is. I'm on your side panel have all the dates in my head no after a disaster for Ron out donors that is about his club that is yet not the girl. But you're talking to now inflows re serious about it she was listening. Do you think she's surprised. That you just started actually seeing a public Richard Newman. Got. Yah I'm am dumb because as pirate Poehler in here with the weather goes dating now after a good part of caller here. Do you think her time I would match routier's there's not because senator I got a question I. I don't believe it well but if you say well. Well then don't find that you know who else is on line I don't think is gonna match up. I don't think a timeline of the girl VIP is adamant jump I think I learned the girl also do you bar's been alleged job. I don't think any of these time lines are gonna manage money and you know what. I'm heroes in your side of sort. Now if there's anything you'd like to change and those islands of the great. But does that to this we're gonna call Holland originally insulin. I'm not I think he's got a lot of little things that is what happened. Like none of the time and I imagine no matter how do you say yeah well I do know that the fact that. A month ago was the girl outside India bar great. A month ago three weeks ago I started talking to their own currently dating now through text message. Two weeks ago. I hung out with the grown decade. And now all I'm kind of series about the other girl whom. I was a girl earlier detection machine. She's fine as she should issue where you as a girl that I am talking do now we've had the conversation that we dollar wanna talk to anyone else. When did you like erosion should join a few days ago moved. While that's the reason. He slipped of the VAP girl Blair when he started talking right the other girl she views suddenly VIP Euro. Maritime and that's what you said earlier. So essentially meant that way again now I wasn't really a serious thing with anyone and I'm still here. Mr. Obama opens up. I'm honest I just sent you guys had a conversation that had a little. I'm about it openly dating anyone else like a week hasn't it's not like Ruben did you know quite a lot of second where he cannot we're the only real way nausea and hours and usually narrow now. We had a conversation whether or she aware that it was. Yes draws and somebody else who loves more than a great wish it was valiant and was heard as I know I think she's been featured on the series and the same boat as in. Oslo all right we're slow but I sing anybody else who were passing yes that's literally slow considering he just started singer last week it's fun. I tried to tell you started actually see her little slim. It's always it was somebody else and then in a week so they would you say. I'm not gonna see anybody else will you not see anybody else and do you know the game her record as usual is a zinger a week ago. Seriously. And foreign car my whole lot of time in that seven days you have since then so I hadn't. Let's take things slow and stimulus. Because I find that fast but you know what I'm not a millennial I don't with what I think. Dating someone for six days and say you know what let's go I'm caught off anything else. Don't wanna see anybody don't talk to let me say you're my guy. Four days since press. We've been talking. With it a little bit longer go oh yeah man relaxing a little man talk. Everything and at that time lines such huge discrete back a little bit doesn't you know like you could start over again. I would say valuable when you don't have actually you know signed the Indy bar if our you know I'd say six zeroes somewhere different here right now. Presumably it is gonna work on or off. You need to write some some of the stuff down. I have to remarks and we really talking to one person alone and everything is easy said that you know Jersey but it did not yet. Yeah when I'm your gay for years that you lose that you're not seeing anybody else then followed up with a shrug I can say you know like. But I don't you're supposed to follow the latter. I always tell me now so I don't know the rule rules aren't not are not seeing anyone else and instead there could be potential prospects that are. Exactly and I'm Smart enough all right Natalie Natalie what it was do you still. We've also does anybody else we know what that means soon everyone I know I don't all of that's about what I meant I misspoke voters' decision. We're not seeing what else does you know just me and are seriously doesn't eject bumble. I deleted the problem. Is really limited in front of area. He Ashland just now dating knows you're not ask me to Julie in front I didn't progress I want to because I want us that big lie. Serious thing minute she's been. In this wanna show you must she think he'd have a lot of promise rings in the cobra you put your what's this I'm doing well. I committed I don't know until leading me half. My profile but yeah. I'm on the Phillies a profile. I don't know my guys deleting the out is nothing to delete the profile to deduce that ball.