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Thursday, April 20th


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All day. And I want to play as a discern who's. Artist's third at the starlet. These Dublin nice is kind of a second employee may try to win sun. Coming up with iPod Shuffle. DNL. What's going on in the world. Well I mean. And lawmakers. Working together. To try and find. Revenue. Wherever they can search and soundly meat does it twirled around in game dental twelve states. Are currently considering. Something like this. And I like that some. And no partisanship here 11 bit rare kind. I just think it's funny. There's instead of like the if taxing a rich guy more. Like a really rich guys valley of fire in thousand his guys let you know they've really got million rich guy. I got fifty million or more rich guy won't make him pay more. Or. We all have to paid. A porn tax. How about we tax quote as saying. I said. How about corporations don't pay any accidents well you know we do need it tax code reformist vision corporal level here there's several. Option is currently being floated such but from reasonable. I'm not not you know excellent pain no well yeah is against is the waited they've. I don't I don't have enough money. You hire the right people and help me keep mine. Re designing sent out people who have money. And hire the right people home. To keep their money plus the way it is like our corporations Cody is that it encourages companies or cash and things right but. But what is it true GE pays no geniuses know that was 2010. Hits shapes and yeah yeah. I don't wanna get off on a corporation. And why engine ran because Clifton let's say I'm kind of historically McGwire. Why I just think corporations pay taxes in back taxes they should visit I mean if I eight didn't pay taxes. You know from 2000 backed say 2010 lawmakers are paying taxes he'll attack guys they're a bad taxes you Barrett Jackson there there there. There. But what you're saying is days. This campaign is now and again play until I figure I I. Understand your anger. But it. I hate coming IRO all. All corporate accounting standards. What they did. Was perfectly. Legal. And so. It's like bay we just need tax code reform but that's not the point this story and I'm going to story bizarre about porn if you own a pouring your phone. I do. Yes I do. Acres and about a dozen states wants is gonna affect a lot of people all new phones and computers. I'm let alone isn't about a dozen states want to block porn from up all new phones and computers. Real quick you can't do it it's impossible UK RE block walk or you can't just block porn. I don't you know this. People will go through a lot of links to get bored we used to have to go to dirty shots and bad parts of towns share a magazines we wanted to break. Like we would do that. Per hour more children. That's so fun to walk through and I just don't get magazines. Now when magazines and I don't get any kind of console porno magazine. Revenue stream these days right. I can't imagine they grab I don't think those south hunt now Merrill Playboy made that Smart move their like hey we're not anymore naked chicks are going to be like maxim. Right and there is an you god why I was the only thing it made you different. I just seemed I don't sounding like just like stills I don't know. I don't need is still I don't noted action when I was growing up it was called the 56 K modem that's what is still was fresh. Does alternate seminars in various incidents in job are you picking right are usually visible when you're going with the Berlin caused yet you know unless I know joys and helping us. They are considering eight porn tax Eric Staal joins us now in Derek so backers plan to introduce this bill on the federal level this month. Yes would could affect all of us have been passes supporters believe I had porn is a public health problem and they probably I'm. He could help cut down on a number of issues including sex trafficking. But there is quite a bit of push back to the proposal to. You know it's extravagant is coming from and not be William Clark is coming from your churches. I eight. Loved foreign I've never sink strategy anyway NM no intention doings it's such as yourself to do that is a stretch and that is. So wrong in Steve and I are you trying to shame six more. Correct. From Smartphones. To computers. All new devices connected to the Internet would have to come preinstalled. With a porn firewall is the human trafficking prevention act becomes law. Consumers who want to access porn would have to pay twenty dollars per device to take the filter all pornography as a gateway to sex trafficking. A mine helium play. It in Barents. A Mali's part to nominee yet. Is sex trafficking in issues yes it is targeted because I don't believe it to be I don't -- there is very important. What came first we don't know right. Because there's importance extravaganzas extract dawn of time the people that engage in that are sick. Now maybe Singaporeans get sick. Not really well as community standards you know do you remember the warning. On the communities on the porno in the hotel I was like look. Or we'd assume no liability for you watching this you should know your state laws. And then they had the movies edited which twelve states are down and this are we want mom. Like Kansas and Missouri all consumers who want to access foreign would have to pay twenty dollars per day of trying to create attacks to prevent people from. And engaging and and that former speech any says the deal could open the door to taxing other kinds of speech if this passes First Amendment my monster. What would prevent states that are not friendly towards firearms. In doing the same don't do a thing where you try to do it. Well what if there as then that puts his deals where way of doing it right now why is trying to pass bills like they tried this in multiple things like that. Don't always that's how Washington works you remember in 1996 how is it going to helps to have sex trafficking. It is a matter we are each right next time. Yeah. Now just off yeah. We've already done this thing we've already done this whole new story already. We've done it we did it is in is that remember the blue ribbon thing now and reward people are upset back then when Bill Clinton did it and then they ended up repealing it because it was him. Possible I would like to know how twenty blacks. For me to watch boring and a new device is going doubts light traffic you're that is not helping. Your issue or situation. It is no issue performer I have more not addressing the issue it's complete and utter BS. I think that's there's a very you know important you know topic but I won't or specifics. But is this going to be built into the cost of my phone can I just charges directly to my plan. Right how to lie immediately. You kids filming a device would like some like spyware on its way. Give us twenty dollars to look at the pornographer. Where that Tony Dow is going to how is that helping stopping sex or. What does twenty bucks dude you or me. If you're sex trafficked Trevor anger. You know Max you know learning how does that stop you know anyone who loves loves prostitutes. There. Men in Washington DC. So that's already appears to me like out of a rally along eggs are in need. I hadn't done it and how I wanted to hang and that's really what it costs are declining and Eliot you know it's bits error was. He was the governor what was EU. Is an attorney general attorney general of new York and you know investigated all everyone and everything. Except for south. Who had a prostitute. I is so you go to radio and he got cute guy. You can each have mining Israel has a record you're going to jail right that's not being a bit and Brett and Danny picks up the phonies like I'd like a prostitute. Led to a clock please. And then the particular prostitute yeah I'm Ashley something I think I remember the prostitutes name. She's stocking the girl's beautiful attorney Eliot Spitzer. But they were in 1986 figure this thing called the music communication decency act perhaps. Yeah you just really are off off on the Spitzer. You know lack of hate myself and he's hot. In because I know he sank. And dirty. He would be a terrible day probably Elliott's out Spencer Spencer. Plants contain there. There are there any visited crossed suit look in his eyes he looks like that Tim you would think that weird of you looks like an inch intrigues me. Yeah wells and dealing Ashley Alexandra Dupree and she is just sunny and ending kind of disappeared. Well after all of us as spamming your career are not ever get the career. Right now that everybody that Monica Lewinsky CM per team environment are. Brad it you know why she did make a career I think there handbags she had persons you can buy and ninety these days. Ashley Dupree that's her thing. We not seen him. Books she it was clearly that one. Ashley Dupree and doodling I understand. I Google I am asking and talking about Eliot Spitzer at some. Prostitutes. Hold on here's her Wiki page. Passionately he Rainey whenever any men's. How better known at this stage name Ashley Alexandra Dupree. Is a former call gore on. She's worked as a sex columnist for the near post and as a singer she became public figure when it was disclosed she was the woman at the center. The Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. In that capacity she was known as Crist and the names used as a call girl. Sorry it's a story. Right it was a story I'm reading Wikipedia perhaps I. YAD you have to go through all of that. We just Canada. I can't confide in theory take his people like Eliot Spitzer. Act wanna charge you twenty by solo guitar he does now on his hard between Housley reports some people legally it's is that it isn't the only guy Christmas Eve Legos as at all Eliot Spitzer trust me. Anybody prostitutes. I promise you had to be one of the fastest people to get this point dollar tax paid. I just think they don't they don't realize how stupid it is and how complex it is and you can't it is a complex like why are you not saving us from I don't know there are plenty of normal people engaged. And enjoy pornography either way it should be and sacks. And sad for Merrill I'd say give further drugs whenever that is right. Let's go even further and then have. You worry about you I'll worry about me did. I quit taxing people and things they enjoy community that really that easy saying I think Dana I fear this is he gave away millions and their effectiveness of your part of that gambling lobby trying to get that try to get those gambling taxes reduced. So when you do hear it. You don't have to wait forever. And the whole thing is they do not care about sex trafficking. It that's average it's infuriating to me you're gonna use sex traffickers the means of control corrupt. And it's not a us extra. I feel you probably get decent paying far. More important and helpful then I'm sure problem can look around a bit like hey stay you need to just stop with perfect traffic he evil gene that deli case. It's about this concern about it it's not about sex trapping him now. It's like this you're a liar like Vince and I. Airline name. And you me and Dupree led the deal and so going back to my original question on this app. I I said. Wouldn't it make and no politics here. Wouldn't it make more sense than to go through all of this. That we just tax rich people a little bit more. Yes. May have contributed to. Quit taxing and things. Or if you've got to do it make everything legal and do it. You wanna tax people on things they enjoy agree that make medical Mecca love should they get legal. I'll gladly pay for it to be taxed and pay the Jackson camp. I can show I'd still I don't wanna join big Brothers big brown is hate that. Only the important. Thing I like I don't like being brings it means huge figure instant. Mr. infineon and now like Netflix are more colleges and nine. He ignited me for my. Oh well let you pay any five a month or right now on the regular. That does something way more embarrassing nothing for that's more mirror is nothing embarrassing about pork. But I just got tired of that adds in the short movies and jumping around it's yes OK I doubt I bought my kayak. It seemed clear X. Against you for me as I exit the headset off. I'm telling her it's rainbow six paints Ford 28 inning again. Yeah hey this guy could use imports when he did you hear what happened in the royals game. Always something going down a little royal. Narrate Jane go to the royals game yesterday and they went earlier this and wonder why they are the B Baumgartner. As I was watching your trainer and the bum Gardner. As the gorgeous day to go to a game yeah well it was it was part of it has let it bark at the park compared cute. He did your dog but it was somebody. Barking. Up the wrong tree. Good morning first let's take a look at that video uploaded their TMZ sports take a look. Soviet Z Nvidia he had his Dijjer. Heinz is this dated in the face of the wall. Jesus Christ. I got today. Yes he got it on tape as we look you did you could see some sort of commotion huh. And there won't ease some security older and it is talking to folks and midway about a guy in the number of fifth Atlanta unloads on the woman behind I love law enforcement sources say they spoke with several people they say they'll all woods started the fracas they say she spit on that man several times and smack that guy before he retaliated. It so your iPod somebody in a phase right spit back throw your beer on her. Come up with something you can't just go straight up punching heat I don't leash what separates ice t.'s Craig from Saint Louis fans. Yeah if we go straight to blunt seeing what happened and like why are they even arguing. On up and relax. Some were arrested. They were cited for disorderly conduct and escorted out of the stadium they're about rest and medical attention and apparently didn't suffer any serious injuries. Now we've contacted at Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City, Missouri police department for some sort of response or a statement. Man that was neat. I am going to try it. You don't just come ask me like every day the hour gritty sand like an again. It's not a game yet ever now solving somebody gain control your emotions yes. How many times he's pity him I don't now it when he was she talking instead she's just got to lose lip of great did she like. Spent a Lily yeah is Kirk in light blue get up there hasn't been good at what that and I wanted. Bird back from either just yet. And if you're wondering the royals are out of town their starting a four game series with the Texas raid I was wondering at this plan as well I was wondering what happened. Mark did you hear anything about him anymore those like they know each other. You think they know each other. Don't speak to that. How for Christ say DNA you're not an attorney I'm trying to prevent audacious bet on a multiple times why. Why is she spinning out why applicants down. Was he not sitting down. I don't know I mean you don't just pick people. There simply not sitting down and you don't like what while doing but if you look at it though if if if William we go to the tape. There it is that guy in the yellow shirt is that a security guy. Yet he is he's so he's already there they already know there's trouble in the stands right there's also chair guards should have been in between now and there's nobody EP is just separating them the security guards behind. Spitting is considered some holes okay fine. Why she's spending and what happened. Other matters that I think spinning is different and wailing on some way different it so begin this hour. And I agree I agree very. If you're telling me she deserved to be punched like that that's because she was sitting. I disagree radio. While both yeah they Bocelli households had a tighter shoelaces together get a handle something ops. Instilling. It comes out of nowhere either I'm not expecting him to punter and. Jesus says standings since being. Released clapping. Let's go to all those hello. I got there I am saying don't talk. With you I hate you Osaka and then yeah if you're feeling some day and as is going down. You will are not David Attenborough you do not need to narrated. Every time I've ever tried to narrate something right. Goes sour gas a bit and G is. He pulled back in a way around to different takes. Charge about I don't disagree with fine however. The whale do something equivalent that is not to say grab your lady you know actors. If she had her piece. She smacked in cheer. Yes he smacked me too I'm Martin Smart Car against I don't know and I. Now that's not match any price that was in this married an hour late to set the rules for absolving people. I didn't know she's meant. Well that's okay. She slapped. I still think is important. And. As CD transmission terms hitting Israel and I got what's the likelihood that happy guys can we come on guys Syria's yeah they're really seriously trying to OK that's. Because she spit out. On them it was okay for and against. I should I finance the most fascinating thing that happens it's when people. Even though they know what we say. Day and I can't get him just wanted to do you wanna be difficult or can you not I I don't understand that that makes me now I don't know how it escalated to spitting in slapping and everything before the right why it happened like that Collins guy. I would have never reported up the room. Thanks mark. Apparently she was beating up on the old guys smaller friend. And he wasn't defending himself and she kept doing it says the. Only yeah we raise the tax side and how they know. I you know yeah nobody likes. Let's hear that you're willing to sign an affidavit. I am. Now the eyes I did not. Write that there doc. It is speculative people are seeing out there ounce. Org don't member or guard it was tax find that it's always attacks actually got at least I have time really I tell you I ask Asia. I tell nobody brings up the tanks and these things were bunch of idiots. Yeah men like one abuse and television rob what do you should send us an apology card. Yes who was hot that's just say it was multiple people who tanks and I don't it's. That's why I agree. I think. Yeah. The security action at that show that went on after her 96 by the buzz. Russia's. Played at the situation and sending escalated. Birds are Harkins is fine yellow shirt actions taken now. Julio serve as a remote somebody when you agree that you have to go stand somewhere to keep adults from fighting. These should remove one of the adults. Excellent turn as part. Spitting is not equally as offensive as punching somebody it's an honor in you'd like why can't do is really why can't do wrong. Why do you view is getting hammered okay I'll days it's not saying you that was not his life is somebody's life and Rouse it's disgusting it is. Nothing wrong are you guys than it is not the same you're guys like is that they are going to McDonald's and then in the we'll wanna go to Burger King. Is because she's a woman what about equality now ironic it's quite a hands. Getting punched her two different things getting here when your defenseless. And not expecting it and if let's say that she was wrong and see this is you know what actually isn't what's happening look at me but to me this is what's happening I don't I'm not designing better militant. This is what's happening right now this is protecting. The people who pretend like they're dense. Since we've had knowledge them. This frequency is only going to increase during this topic. Hurry. You're at it she's the pop present. Fountain girl. If Annan opt out moment grade found mom was a fantastic. Hilarious she's been on the show out and can we get his sinker guy and the show. Mark. You know bijur royals Bebo. Royals fans want oh man way you know let you know at today's listeners are vick's days so let's just we have an update lately and today. We have an update on listeners with addicts say okay this one comes to us from. Listeners can't be dings on for joining and I can elaborate what the hell is wrong you guys it can't she say Chela challenged. This would be Jonathan Mossberg at grimaced and her current agreements underscore hunter. It's good score and his avatar is that I hate underscores. Stop underscoring thinks it's a pain in the accident early elections where can't seen underscore it's no wonder get a new password. Heard you. You can't solve some someday. Think just I know underscores the any underscore employee is so old it's just a pain in the terror. I.s so Jonathan Mossberg at grimace underscore hunter. Says add offense up at table and answered by. I think you gave meet your cancer today. Trying to talk over each other for my entire drive to work get it together. Only time I won't come. Can't take that into consideration. You're probably not. Housing. Is there your cancer. Is there. And yours is or cancer of the years they and number going to be going I got here cancer. In my heart I appeal to enhance our. Let's a play music. Right. Which may be I'm Justin on the mound for their base and that if they had spent on the part of some later anyway guy or girl that's been bombing are still. Very. So mid spat she did spend spend anyone's in deterring I just blew me back outside it. A lifer and I here underestimate her you use my. Just disgusting wrong infuriating. I get a you go to hit it happened to me she summed it spit on me you know what I did I lose you job and I am back. But Eileen who gave. You got in punched image I wanted to buy jerk. I'll get it on and it was at a gas station. She was so aggressive and I'm like trying to be show trying to reach out and and she spent and that's when I live he'd ask them please. And we of one hour we break this scenario really quick I need to go in puts the outputs all the factors what I was just planning often have worked okay. I'm. Industry during a speech there are tat and and isn't Southfield Michigan and kill into the gas station and Q and apparently I took upon she was leaning far. I'm like Heidi of hey you know I I didn't Dini I did last year when a man. I didn't see ya I know I'm saying like you're so funny because like. That's totally you. Never meaning what absolutely I like I was like Israel I mean you're driving down these are listed in Panama too loud like it's driving your friends drama. Yeah I had no idea and I was really nice and I'm Egbert an apologetic in my game and I really didn't see a guy I was ready pounding. Ending in our I was very sorry upon me like Arab audio and video. You know I'm really sorry about it at least some quick in my you know gas out like you could have been waiting now I don't know where you're currency and Brian there's anti palms everywhere as he spits swears that's the other thing where it's it. App right I almost got my face was on scanner close it was. And my neck to my class city and Stewart in her car step unseated a dry eyes she pulled out. Stating she pulled out and she started going ballistic about how. You know I'm over pounding and I walked over or triangle or. Contact you overcome. He walked over I started pounding. And I walked around me and you can she's screaming or when I'm earns his friend carton. Housing and I can see applause I know there's. And million pounds and thank you want this about you don't want you get everybody can add on pop it crazy beds you know like. Back off. And she wasn't happy that day and because I try to always like there's a million MT buttons. Go get a pump. And she's been at me and then I just lead pack it puncher. Wanted to punch or how but I love her so much better than she got me out faster delivery turnaround time. Quick bites like cobra like I was like I did say don't use it on my back and then I was content. She. And then their girlfriends started standing a ninety watch soccer coach Eddie it's a span it. I don't do that because that I was infuriated I guess being spent and I didn't puncher and guys there were clapping me I guess that a man and played. Some people are core easy like clearly that page was crazy and she needed medication she wanted to yell at somebody correcting I realize that our problem right there's a million times over and there's no reason for this exchange and you know there's no reason for this rudeness. And there's actually no reason to spin on. But I am puncher. Spitting is. Work sometimes it's worse in the sense that it's just this. So did meaning that I assigned to write disrespectful. Hole and hit besides your garbage. You're nothing and so I get past. Spit it back scattered cheese is there's more review at dinner have a Lou he party. Or hey don't go to a baseball game if you're going to be a Dick right the point of going to baseball games to go there to have fun have a couple Beers and relax laugh. It's not to get into a titan. That's not what I am sure the Kansas City Royals want it to be Julian and to kick. That that they want that all these people came out here to see right your personal levee that's why not why they paid for flight option but for parking in for tickets. And for overpriced beer and popcorn and hot dogs you know. They want to vote for. Clustered leading ketchup and I don't believe in ketchup abuse. As somebody sends somebody else's seat closer up when they tell you it that's their CT is an openly you don't turn and fight with them. I think people who fight on the airplane about the seats they were Sion yeah if they're not your seat as like manner that empty row behind me and I'm not saying and I can I for and I I was in a situation. That was my initial reaction that I initially arsons I'm gonna hit. And I thought about it for me I don't know she was eighteen or not I was an adult she was not. I'm not going to unite. And I honestly do not know spitting was assaults. Think chest I know I make about this I was into that drive by on you're Detroit and the worst you get is a little way he'd daddy's absolutely. And you out so I'll live in. So. Take that but. It's. Steve's and forge when he and relax. Hello fellow kids and cool kids let's fast Layla and sort out we did Portland all the time and you need that follows up. A slight bulge in C and a loss for two wanna share. Can assure him in the best decision. That's what happened. I thought she made its climate and you know why she didn't punch some lady in the face. I did not demand. And they approach I've never done. Don't think I have to. You Spice Girls telling people thinking he's by ago Coca she was announced on. You'd try to save a guy who wasn't having a hard. She was asked how I was protecting children drummer and she is bully. Sometimes bullies need to be bully I think I. Hello bullies so what do you look and I. I don't I newlyweds John and I don't always but I will see and comfortable he won a final question how will idea. What it and I know why this is in a vacuum is the complete hypothetical. What if the time. To bully bully. Income. At that moment. And the real game. I would have been all over that I would and I don't know how does it surprise you that I would have pat you are mad at lower beings in situations. I had shall I mean how can now join them I'm really gauge don't spend on that guy and you know. She's pretty good yeah. I just feel like you have. An accidental way of igniting powers that it's al-Qaeda and threatened. At all. Third Thursday tonight I'll delve fighting. Yet no fighting of fighting at the Nelson Atkins museum unless it's not what they enlisted dance beat you know. Beat yet have fun and it's free relaxed beach show and if you feel like Stevie says that would agree to an idea yeah. 'cause it's free and you can show and when you drink you can relax and when you drink you go wobble. While with and while would be one of them are I think.