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Monday, March 20th


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Three. Are right skating is the most I cart here. Maine's pension gains earmark is here. In Gaza ears and then he's gotten out. Aren't. Donny yeah with gone on your own there's some there's some action in the Kansas legislature. Compact. Are talking about you know if you didn't know. You know Kansas is facing more than a billion dollar deficit. Over the next two years. That's a lot. So there in their trying to figure out what to do. You know. Because it's not obvious what they should do to fix the problem well what does that. Well I mean might make everything back or that it was before. For the did all that stuff you can then change things like go like so it's like OK so we tried this wine. Style. Some sort of like you know supply side style of things. And it generally worked out the way you thought it might break which is okay it would have been great if they did break wouldn't it have been wonderful if that's how economics work. You just cut taxes and money comes it. Wouldn't editing grace that's not our we tried it they really they gave it a good so we've given it a good solid well. And it bought this a billion dollars. At camp so you know they try to figure out. What to do. Over there. I mean now that's real. Bright guy kicking out found them a billion dollars. I capped out them my credit cards human rights let alone a billion dollars well here's a good talk and I certainly am not one share of suggest how June. Save money now know of at this point yeah I do I would like Jesus Clinton is out there in the in the heat there sure have some maybe. I think it's funny because the news is doing news stories on this the local news doing news stories on. But it's funny because. It's like I don't. Understand. How new is people look at stories. He noted in the nose people I don't care I don't know how they see them per say because it's all been presented him pretty much the same manner when. Just take take a lesson because you know everybody loves talking about taxes but I where do you send a reporter. For your like. Your hot roll. On taxes where you gotta set your reporting live in the field on time and it. Way to send them I sent into the Aristotle and now I send down. To the plaza I would say does make sense eventually but now are and where they tandem Price Chopper. Brackett says he mentioned that flat tax would reduce that to just one. Tax bracket but in exchange for these flat tax talks some lawmakers are insisting. At the state sales tax on groceries be eliminated and see if that comes to pass but it would certainly be a welcome relief. To all kansans out there who currently pay six point 5%. In state sales tax whenever they go the grocery store and buy bread and milk. Okay this afternoon in the house committee on tax to peca will discuss these two competing flat tax proposals. Here are the two competing flat tax proposals now here's a makes me laugh. Where bring presented this as a like a option like these are the options we're considering here to reduce this billion dollar deficit Andre Ellington Tex sign legalize and tax lead three point 9%. Across the board flat tax. All deductions including business deductions eliminated. The other would be a 5% flat tax which is higher rate than anyone pays right now because it's four point six and in a minute. Five present by Texas hired anybody pays an up at the trade up is a get rid of the sales tax for foot. Yeah survey you'll pay six point 5% because sales tax especially down there is a regressive tax. Now it's funny about all of this is a libel just to apply text. Kansas has it the fact a flat tax and flat taxes actually regressive I'm not a tax accountant but I know if you make. A hot if you make a million dollars and it paid 5%. You pay 50000 dollars in taxes and I know that if you make a 100000. You pay five fouls or can't you make 50000 you pay 2500 OK and if you paid 30000. Yet pay 15100. The difference between the difference 15100 dollars makes to somebody making 30000 dollars. Burres is the difference sir say 5000 dollars and sure somebody make a hundred to impact of that money is different hence it is a regressive tax yeah. Now with the talk about old mate will go to apply tech will really we kind of already do have one because in Kansas two point 7% on the first 151000. And then anything after. Is four point six so effectively. We can already have that flat tax and it's not working so well for everybody I'm in Spokane has some computer yes sir I'm not I'm. It doesn't think Kansas you make more than 151000 dollars you pay four point 6% mental wreck. Dot elect a guy I was getting that need. Tax can rise to a regular right now what I haven't seen because I'm you know not a math genius and I don't know how to do this. Is so if you're four point 6%. But then you. Go up of five right now liberal but then you'll lose the sales tax what's that is that the way how much do you pay. What's that gap or you really make it up the difference town now. I don't know either don't listen don't make it about Texas a move up its fight at a town that I don't add to the latest being presented as the option is like oh will go to a flat tax lower really had a flat tax that lets you make. Under 151000 dollars a year. In which case. You're getting. You know really paying. Nonsense movement and with here I am I mean I acted on the conservative flat tax is gonna fix the conservative. Billion dollar hole that was created by conservative supply side economics right do you zero saying here I there's a Cochran article Brothers more break. Then say somebody megabits I I digress right. I digress I'll move on forget it. Let's get to naked women on selfless now and if not that your raw I know I know it's hard it's a weird topic. I don't think it's weird topic and he makes and I think I think you know. Paying for stuff is. Important yes. Roads schools. Roads need only Alonso says you know on that caused me sir thank mr. Aren't negative on so please if that doesn't tax doesn't weigh your whistle. They shift gears and I think taxes well a lot of peoples and well I'm I'm changing gears a manages various going to be advising people are hot except snow opera masses everybody's eyes yeah. On taxes Beulah taxes I think people right now wish him live for him in their offices or wherever they're working eaten. Here heard you talking about taxes yeah passionately gathered just ready to go yeah everybody's turned on talk about flax look at the person's next thing I love when they need to polyps in my amazed how much politics and that is like we tried one way may we should try the other way center or I am turn idol on my. The spurs as I want your way as any other person ever in America after hearing Danny talk about tax that makes me. Her name right I've I gotta tie yeah I didn't know you guys in Danny did she mean there's no sign and I know I cannot I certainly don't want that last thing. Do not want ally those are Jackson and way before I know talking about wetting people's was all right I know I know that's his time I don't even early in the NH and one in panic out Lady Gaga just go flat tax solid and only ICDs law already in iron curtain. You've got a moral job Menendez sexual frenzy darting about Jack citizen. Four point six vs 5% cut sales tax. They started net sales tax you on that very Obama I wanna stop its Natalie are rugged that stay united veggies sees steak and fry it up what Dario Bob Knight. Sales tax fountains in taxes happens to hash tag tap facts facts facts have tech tax back. Pats fan pro or else you'll make some money your face a billion dollar all pac ten has our charge of her masturbation actually that actually got proposed in Texas to you know last stop it did it did know it did for men up for men only. Why well it so people to get the wrong way actually when they proposed that they said look. How about this how but every time you Automask debate. You gotta pay attacks. And the reason behind it is. Just like you know women's issues are you wanna. Number of control you know you're gonna legislate that it right away of IC when he out the hypocrisy of birth control of of legalize would legislating somebody's. Sexuality. Tension makes sense which is not there sure preference but house they were born I understand yes that's. Yeah. Yeah are you implying I don't already have bloom in the opposition is David Sox visit progressive taxation says it's excellent. I don't know what you have in your house has let here's what I doubt they are you ready for this idea that he various us and people listening rain and a are hot for taxes yeah I. Athletics axis are. There's Lima yes and the harder checks this is an excellent. Then do. Via that's what I feel like Wayne recharging is anyway I. As I bent me over McCain have no choice in the matter that's the other thing about Al is that Danner has yet to I don't like that is an on the panel in the middle class of flat tax disproportionately does pass the burden from the wealthy to the middle clocked doing something that occurs. To any stop. Network you can only get slowed turned I Annan is people gonna do that I doubt we'll wait here that the current Hernandez shortage you know. Did you now and many other countries across the world and we only have the capability to do this here but we don't. Because the companies like Turbotax. And tax slayer. And anything else Dale Earnhardt or so called tax here tax slayer hash tag tacked slam honestly when tax slight knows these take it taxes. Take that's why you sang my attorney taxes basically the government calculate how much take this ending you know have we don't have April 15 inning doesn't exist you're just constantly taking and a payroll taxes or aggressiveness and in that chair but they're just taking out what you oh ahead of time you don't even have to worry about they do the math for yet. You don't ever worry about it but tax layer and Turbotax get in there though you don't. You don't want these people to single him out until your tax. I hit it harder government break right. Yeah gas flame slam slay me all over my face. Telemarketers and let's go. Carry it Brandon barker online and we want to double no I don't think people can handle later legislator talking taxes like cake. That crosses into gratuitous cheer terms of the FCC made me a bit later in the week. May they may be once we settled down from two days knotty talk. About flat tax interest and a legislator Newton Kansas denial people I would list him. Not ever back man having your guests got to bow your balls. I Adlai had a balls command yeah not many not all that differently. He just fireball and then yeah see them all sometime. Yeah I never comes and her season. And we email on average for his bitterest. Now he's number response he's not taxes Liesman Naples just think it is clear that the taxes via alliance. You know and goes young taxes while he's been and don't attack you but he seems so unassuming. He's dirty play he wants to put attacks baby unions yes he's is not an eight on line. 96 by the blood. Russia's. There is no bargain is fine but you're. Well I mean it's a little bit wet. Style now your Gingrich now the dog's getting all around. Put it away realized. But that read I. Grand rocket and ride it and I understand and you are kind of my own measures a marker very well I. That's red rover. Sorry yeah I'm Greek can confuse this that comes out of your mother's mouth I. That it comes out in his room rumor not relaxed and yeah. Yeah yeah right right and so yeah I just how tough. And so yeah and it's. That's how I used as I had rocket falling down. And following. He's a red round come that's not going to be. He's Jerry Jerry hatter and Iraq whose brand racquet and I can't tell and you can move. Confident and I am I. Would benefit spending. Holing this is new music we'll deal like.