Afentra's Podcast Wednesday May 17, 2017

Wednesday, May 17th

Weigh in, Rompers, Buzz Briefs, Russia, Vans, Pies, Drop off, Haiku, and more!


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It is every bit as good morning name's Sandra Dee and easier marked. This year need a guy I had a doctor's appointment now yesterday I mean I am a lot going on man ends. And they like with cold medicine and lead us on yeah I know it's kind of a paying they have to they have to acute. For insurance purposes unfortunately they need a doctor's note I can't stop I I'd like I think really. South but the one king. And I back you don't worry about that's. I know I think you're wrong I might surprise you OK I stress about it. Getting on the scale here or get on the scale and have lost away it's so embarrassed when you lost Dwayne yeah I'm the opposite of that my. That's. And then I pretend like I don't care and a lamb right sleeve of his time as they mind when I anything you can flip flops and you get line you can do the minus right good birds like seven Paoli Scola at least five how oh Merrill Merrill salutes us. Tick vinyl rubber Merrill of their beds. Like seventeen pounds and my hair is longer that six hour. The winds now and dine. It is around time I lost ten pounds in a week OK and I was like for all of my and they were like. Something's wrong as actually eleven yeah gather you can't do that you're not supposed to do that out they were concerned. It's called distressed beach diet that's and it works it works. But I always like eggs I hate it like why aren't the ones gala can't remained as the yearly thing law I'm dying every time I visit. I think like may be that medication might be Willie Mays but it's not gonna make that much of it ever they get Intel does is an adult mouse. Thank you could take 800 milligrams of Advil basically if you're an adult right. I mean that's what I tell him as my understanding. So like you know how much difference is when he pounds really gonna make but it probably do it to make sure that that's of the L. Going on where I get that heart and still trying to take care of you and it's a whole scale thing and then the nurse pretends like she doesn't care she cares she totally clear early this admit because that he will they bring out. A glorious afternoon and over again is there is that right every 25 pounds gets big or fifteen. All of the big one the big clunker they hunger lion King and I. A social rude thing can I get out of a more dense metal. So it's not so large. From like out on move to fifty blaze on my god they grew. They got angle it to lifted up yet now that it's these either for arms trading like oh my god evident a move isn't three months just off halls in the last time you're here for your crazy tells you worry about her. Losing oh yeah is not the Morrissey like ol' boy am almost 200. I'm sorry again right time to go to panda. It's an ABBA Cotter comatose. Mark you stressed getting youngsters and on the Afghan scaled. And now yeah my first time you're on the scale. I get on a scale I renowned man. I'm kind of between Mike having now won 84. And 189 and never go over 19. And it's so okay winter rye people I know almost 19 me yeah I mean you trim out yet how no one it is to I never chains around and maybe over the week and you don't have as many Starbucks takes. That could be that's your alternate down that's his saving grace yeah. Mark it's in his most of his calories in the jury said he it is true it's all energy drinks and copy during yet but they're not coffee drinks it's shakes. I mean it shakes bro let's just admit that they drink I had enormous shake everyday here at least they do you ask me if I wanna copy base or. I scream they suspect and I am always like. I didn't know there is an option Ali I do want to copy based I didn't know there was an option for that though for cream base is always in Ali's our agreement is based. But as these always are done everything it's on five there's always options for their outlets are about. I was a very says there's always a green Bay's option and stop it. Anyway and got me down I'm here okay I'm excited honest not a bit other cream base you know the funniest thing about Starbucks. Is that they call cream. Bread day. They don't have to be like Jimmy outlined a line happen half. Milk shake. Like Ella Brennan. Prep it's you know please you use half and half yet the Brevin. And now some time little has again and for a lot to discuss its like is a lot and it's a lot of a lot of and it's heavy cream having nobody wants heavy crude he really lied like a hot cream dated light. Very alliance lawyer he had fluffy ball screen almost. Went yeah yeah yeah home every creation. And taste is if I did it really it's not a good way to go cream base is to have it sounds as eager you don't want to be drinking tapioca you know an area where. You're being that morning buzz good morning names ventured in to earmark is here we do you have. Are hot chip to get story. Ahead got student at stats little romper is. Went around her I'm in. Yeah mark said he what ages into the Annie. I says it looks like your story you might enjoy robbers come back for men. What's romper exactly and you made a really good plan. Is it just might attack shirt and short to shorten that my girl my children girl's it's legal ones they were longer legs break. And it's hard to go to the day after and yeah I remember about romper move I DN frequently. It really. Yeah and actually for them how do you guys do that I don't know it's really I don't air their rarely ever happens to look he's uses different. It's our partners comes out Baghdad mellow and that's how it comes out and yeah it is now. Don't yours or Amer I. I'm fast and it's it's history here streamer that it's not like a natural stream it powers its way. It's half hour demo physical obstructions. And is still Listerine. Hey yeah is it normal for. When it's tasty low lying time that he is that abnormal you mean. Thank you is that their permanent wake me up and Ali I it would wait for some people appealing Jesus right you can't hear you empty out here and now here it's your side here. Now I'm not shocked banner well I just it's dying it's quick it's fast and I met some people at site. Jesus. Teach him a minute to anti out. Others is that they go to the monologue they don't have a right and a lot of pressure. It's united way he need you need to. It is time. Depends on it is broad circle. I mean sometimes sometimes you gotta just like push hard the whole time. And it's just weird it's is that things are and if we do that you gotta be dollar. As you can't trust any signals come in from Greece you know I mean and you don't know I did well. Press guys you don't splash behavior the general your errors and NASCAR colonel you're pushing that hard and I you can't turn this park yet you can't usually robbers are or maybe your twenties you still can't but as you hit thirty. Who's bringing back an hour on other operas write and add and it's not about how you're supposed to tee in them. Probably kick starter here's the problem I see with this in the kick starter it looks like a bunch of deuce pros. That's alms looks like somebody has gone to Kentucky Derby or may be on yachts. You know I'm not really into this because of the people who are bringing it. Actually that one balance really and I know you like the year averse to stands signed into any news like this guy with the purple. Never hear you like that which one they got the beer. Now that they guy in the pink the guy in the pink that's totally blanked the boss yeah. And that they are of his legs god there's a VPL and all these guys cancer and now it's VP of violence visible pianist won. I Bob is all of us. It has yet your VPL coming out. Let me say you know cleavage for Madden. I'll let off some other guys that very comfortable wearing a romper some down I think it's all about you know personal choice again it comes down to it. I'm gonna go I'm a way to get a robbery I don't feel like a bye have a burning desire I think you've looked cute around is governors to buy my tights. You and mark with the adorable and on earth. We should dig photos. How much their bumper sticker actually called Ron him. Which is a rock our rob I know it's wrong to him I get a contact other prominent a little like rock her round. Regulation is now Lilly brown been. Yeah yeah like romp in tax filing I got in headlines Robbie. Today BP I don't look at the past I challenged that contest MVP yeah. I don't think I know it's a little sad really adversaries lets you gotta give ray has really hamburgers. Male only now I don't wanna do that's what you want for women one for men. Then emerges broad city pleading give way to use his daily and I feel like heading your way today I feel like we insinuate the pianist Lang we don't actually ask for it. Or say I feel like I don't want across the red penis line I might. I don't wanna ask for as a liar it's our red we airline we have been about it. If we're gonna do account as it went out and opinion. At bat. And I think I have a candidate and that I. I mean I'm not not asking you know we're not enough now and me. Fizzled in no winners no bullies. You don't have to. Sins of French. And Smith. Very eager to those too soon after those while students. On this chair and this is the wounds teens seeing us. Seeing how easy T and T in senate listened and listened to news saying me and okay food. Ernie Els and during your singing with. Yes and I think thank your team flew and I can be right man whom I used you and scenes. Rural roads mark and it's masks on and resident new dad are right Danny. It's going around the world okay. I'm only doing we do you chili peppers and Aaron I'm only doing like one drugs the very end it doesn't matter because is not even about Trout out. Does he worry me and dad Greek teams this morning train and stuff yeah well this is an excellent credit and say dream is he not a morning prayer and if they grade. Teams square in old. And then summonses. This song now this it is a T ninety teachers anymore. Our man you can make some other people happy some of that time. But you can't make all the people happy all of the time that's the truth. The site site asking her best scenes that cannot and it's not an attack marriage as an it. Grades. Changes. Things for the teams in our hand and takes his team and seeing greater. Cruising beards. He means believes that tunes beards. Acts up our sight and out to artists we are writing out a 100% 100 usage he's he's skating finale greed CU this morning brands. Teeing. I got to sit down with things. So good now does teens engage in Stan announced that America felt. All right one country. I won that there are no actual countries on what terms are but not because of drug at all because of prudent not because of an apple political stuff at all this is to be. V.'s greatest troll. Of all time. When you consider. It is between. Two. Country's struggling for world dominance. Are I mean Russia trying to be relevant again. Plus world leaders this is earth orbit the earth level troll. Very rarely. Do these opportunities present themselves I have barely rarely do world leaders because the world leaders the supposed to be leaders not trolls break. But. I had a couple of her meowing a visit from Reuters. Rush does couldn't says he can give record of trump and Lavrov conversation to US congress instead it. I up. York city and our yards hitting the holy crap. Talk about car base DN. That's fun while it was. Is he Russian media was allowed Andrea I think that's why did the tasks and super funny and I'm I'm sure they would love it. I mean say what you well we only just got torched. Move. And Vladimir girls and then you get there was used to be. Back in the day back when America really was flag on top the things. Leading even need to make fun of Russia anymore like we nailed him in the eighty's do you guys remember a little guy named Jack drops Mironov. Soviet Russia. The out there it is there's been Rossum boom boom boom make it utter us it out well. But that birthmark on your head guy I pop pop pop pop. Right both Blu-ray drive and rubbed it off and police gotten big big guy he rubbed off Gorbachev's. Birthmark right he says I know it's okay. I don't remember them there and Matt yeah. I I think it's funny and now it's like it's polar opposite breast just every day do you wonder if rice has her own version and Nagin got. Where a Russian version you have it like we're there to take off right. Donald Trump's which way you're rat and a dozen I I knew I comrade Brett sure yeah as it would be in Russian yes yes he really comprehend so. For hands Goodyear Ricardo Montalban that's aligning Greek T hands free agency is good laughs. Straight Cheryl Lynn great stroller and blithely. Roland Roland truly truly am. Truly true and too little too. Yeah I'll be taken out here are hey I saw a story yesterday. Late last night incredible story of good samaritans here in Kansas City thanks. I'm you know I got a tweet this out it's you gotta watch this video. But a guy on camera I'm so there's a car so there's a stolen car. A dude. On camera stand on a street corner down prospect okay. The stolen minivan that learn. Runs the light hits the car the two cars hit right at the dude. He gets trapped between them. And in the light pole falls on him okay. And then. People run like lift the car off the dude this is all on video. But these guys are of course beautiful wonderful. Wonderful characters you've screen and pays for and I had serious he's dreamy marinades. Love scenes and not. I'd love to listen that teens are these dudes. When he got hit by those cars then and waited do you see the dramatic surveillance video. Friday afternoon started out as an ordinary day per Troy Robertson and Orlando gentry the two buddy Phil closed near 35 and prospecting Kansas City we was out here what are key is. And we was there word for dignity you know we Airpwn gentry a Robertson think 61 year old Carlos Greene a friendly guy who knows lots of people in this neighborhood. Was just standing on the corner outside this convenience store. When all of a sudden I even on a corner and I had a lot of big league club body man police say two men and a stole and Chevrolet Bel air travel east on 35 street when they ran a red light. And some massive to a gold Cadillac a woman was driving seat probably and stop our breaks. You Hollywood and into. In this surveillance video witnesses say UC at all first the wild collision between the two vehicles. Then a startled Carlos Greene tried to get out of the way as bold vehicles rolled right toward the. Like he's the sand wedge gee he's trying to back up but he can't because it's like your worst nightmares as a card to the right via a Carter laughed. Here ER stuck in the middle. Any wise and then not the light posts like what's that like most it falls. And never. I don't have title. Always like that choice is right after green was trapped underneath one of the cars a light pole damaged in the crash almost hit demand. Here you could see the guys from the stolen bay and quickly jump out and ran for the seat so I yelled to help. Carlos has had me help me live this hour and a huge crop passers by neighbors heard Troy sprained big screens. Razed over it was Lam from a firmer ground and championed them any political or an angle and just under two men at that too quick thinking kid the city dad's. In other good samaritans lifted the car it was heavily. Often helpless bleeding Carlos green. Just in the nick of time. Saving his life I'm not a hero my parents and I want to thank president you'll meet Al they talked about help at all about hormone Tommy Roy. That's awesome that's amazing it's fantastic and make such a great place and I think it gets locked. Yet you should want summoned did you Japanese didn't do that like we should know that we've got each other's backs it's sad that it takes a reminder like that I think sometimes some public came down to those two do they were a year ago. Sometimes kick her nose clean and said I'm I I would I. Yes he's. Recovering Saturday Carlos is recovering. Or landed gentry and Troy though any time I need to go buy some of their shirts being incinerated dudes in over there at thirty for the prospect. Good times man I can't when I saw a Salmonella is over there. There more than more than I do not need jail like I I travel a lot yeah. I like ours just thinking in my Lorena and as a trailer there. I think I turned nine. The I have to ask prospect to go to. So our. And we went NBC's occasionally mothers doing an account that's wonderful. I was it usually gets he gets sick or you don't get in we willing and I didn't know the chicken and waffles as the wings. You did and now. So I am sitting here picking out little pieces of me. From need to might not I he's like that's a bad day eight but he couldn't stop eating it right. Now so it felt like that not balls guide me if I had could not wash my hands picked fast enough. Just picking a little bits of meat out of our way com it's your youngest Kennedy. Mop. My. Where's it's okay news. Pick my wings are. Happen. Something else happened when else. Mattel and net news new talent talent mute tone of her eyes and news. Meanings. Good news you need our kids and you tell us in years can we Chela. And some good eighteen guys say news tell us what about. Uh oh well it's not Nat talent and they tell us. That new Intel honor tonight needs help. The talent. Not so. Now you're saying not to Allah. And you're saying nude. That's how I can say affair that loudly about the hazelnut spread that allowed the first ever official cafe. Need tell us. Is opening in Chicago. They're having an Italian count you out needs Alec cafes how well opera an array of our day deuces and to go options. Among the authentic menu items inspired by and hazel that's how it spreads Italian or engines origins. We'll be warm bag gets in July so. Sounds good alt pop to it new tell us. For those who have needs allergies are just on something else there'll be nine new tell items on the menu as well. Even the deep cores meant to evoke the spread. Yes because when I think of interior design I think of who brown and right. I might get a it's as some middle ground now it is is smooth healthy ground it's not sure I keep it that that's it's is that the paper. I love to follow. Me. Hey yeah getting new tell. And food one half can't hit huge topic I don't know. It's fun. Did you hear about big dudes. Request before he died the prisoners gonna get any kind TV. Taken how these irrational well yes I know he's got anxiety dead. That is that they do I. Is that the same guy odds aren't I I'm glad that black male behind then the house mail. Did you other under no legal obligation to provide that to you. They last mile I know that I think they do it anyway. Like I think that is that is their last day and noon yet and I didn't know that they weren't obligated to try to I was under the assumption that there. I mean I always thought that was kind of weird right. Like it's like hey murdered those people. Yes sir whatever you love but lie it's a meal all. It's not like they're bringing in and conquers Malone Gary why don't exist there and he has got had shot. A miserable person you need to die tomorrow. Enjoy your chicken wings I'll announce. I don't mind zone is the favorite class this is the missing guys but I. I was reading. What people or her right Diego already acts he knew I wanted a last meal of Philly mean your old. Oh Grafton Baikal. With pepper Jack cheese. A large French press tent she continues with songs from a porch up blooming onion. He want app higher average guy out I say how illuminated. Yeah Doug Brinkley that's well and oh yeah did you break me blooming onion from my back broke outlet. You better say it would not say that that when you get it. Count high he can. Con PPI began. I'd rather you didn't either impeach him and they're into you must I mean I had. That talent that you can't buy you know I used to create a good bet to bet that that it sure bets. Answer. And this bright. I don't go sprang from my last one. I don't think they Helio got it's a marketing of the late Leo wrap debate did bring up bloom an idea from Outback Steakhouse. But I wanna alcohol that's an hour ago. I don't think they give Yahoo! Google. Deal last smoke. I had to laugh during the last meal. And went. I mean a couple all under different. Let every open bar. Yeah cocktail party I would like a buck as the score right I'd op Ed you're gonna kill me anyway Tara had like a nice and sweet Baez has her. Are right it's a Molly. That. Daylight would die and be that bad column and that it feels good he poked in the cougar in your high. Oh eventually yeah. It is certain points I doubt as and but right up until that point. Anyway. I don't know what I would yet for my last meal I've give blooming onion. I really would I would get a blue and the other I would definitely want a blue I love blooming onions. The. And our Kindle and a sweet yeah. Stories on. I lobbed lament idea that snapped the until they realize they are I don't know I don't know underrated colonel Plymouth and guys write I don't know why he wanted her project she's on the filet yeah. Seems like that would ruin. I mean I don't know I don't I just I mean the stuff by a guy like a blooming onion what do I know about good cuisine mean. It's I thought a lot of crap a guy here I Sherlock TGI Friday's. He was in there all the time in Yemen now he's got you know his guys fired Fries yeah I never had a his teachings and writings opens in Hilton with the isn't yeah I don't think something that worked and and he has tired I'm the guy that Honda. Do you take them he pounds I get hate law you lowly islands I think they can stir it up a lot lately well who cares yeah I mean yeah. I don't have fires are works. I think I'm right on this I think our I think only one person has a bullet. Only like the only one person Taylor real boy yeah. They never announced that they don't know who can maybe what if it would if you mess since they have like three bullets. You're not gonna miss. Mean I don't know how I got an event like I would miss from my Jewish and I lose the ball I'd trip when I have a fast break. The firings flood situation I miss. Easy layup you miss that myth that every that if you elect clutched no problem easy layout not. Check out I went yeah that's made. Rallies and not words together. Looks missing those easy lay ups the bullies you layout. All right. Result likens is fine. In less purely due to until. His pleas from our instinct into eighteen and he's here. First brigade teams me and yeah I know. It's been it's been issued power it's too late as Hussein than you put in which Iraq. You can do that type. There's a peach find. Heard MPG is there yet there's peach I. Boone. EMB traveler you can big impeach. Him. You can't make it heats that they bacon honey did nobody does any compete it's doubtful that added here. Crews arrive is five pound. That's dream car and about it. I moved. I at listen that album. It's not bad it is pretty good lag is somebody who's like it's god. It's. And I can't police ultimately bad for DB has knocked and knocked down. Whatever blah whatever rob Rob Brown where are wrong arm he ran of the gospel. I didn't run when she Josh holly. You Joseph appease. Well I. And drive the Visio stick there and there was a renowned. Renowned he's it was a Renault whatever its London Alonso ran out yeah of course yeah. We can't install all the time of course he was such a gentleman and I haven't had a place to start did he have black fingernails. Now he's he's do you have black fingernails signs if you ever have black fingernails. And are choker. I have had a gentleman who. JAV. Anyway. Yeah I think why I dream car a delisting. Any dies try to sound glamorous Manhattan. And it's gaining our bank and the guys are no doubt and and there's demand dream car and I like at Davie have Exxon Matty from the 1975 being a star and said wait a minute I can do that matter I think kids. TV having pres Abdullah. Not a lot. That grows up I'll let I'll threaten Z here that. Changes and in the. I doubt that how you crack com bleachers. And like dream car I don't I don't crap I'm bleachers that's all you don't lie and don't allow it right for you like this. Broke he doesn't sound like yeah I do I dream her better than the bleachers there. Don't care who I mean I think that it RA speeches. He has a Vietnam hot take Covina deck had enough of that as a so this morning yeah I actually just as there is apparently an Algerian man Annika brand they were not helping each other out taser divorce it can't. So I'm doing drop off for. As I don't you drop off I do you think. Brett it's like in mr. mom when Michael Keaton Doug goes to do drop off and he doesn't understand how works right because. It's new and even though for you it's new it's later in the school year for everybody else but nobody's gonna give you that benefit of the doubt now the Alley because it's just not Sharkey shark world out there it really is pick up as Bruno. Hey take multi day highs. That the people who work night thumper but that's like the chill chill pick up that all the people who are mornings on purpose. Like that really will look like now we're gonna work mornings I mostly polar or that did drop off people yeah have been very nutshell clock. Everything's really huge drop off debt they writing at nine apparent he's got a 'cause I know I've I'm a lot I'll get there right exactly I'll walk over not a problem drop off people could take a lesson. From a pick up people I agree like I understand we all have to be places. But you know tilt wrecked. South. Asia and make less tour announced it has here and really a strata than OK see you go Karen Clark Biden said o'clock via well. You're supposed I on John thank you I'm glad you're like well I am. Mommy at a course you walk out of course you do it every day and now. Well I downplayed I was already you know have been doing that absolutely does I think I did yeah okay I'm in the last half time did last time and a committed lives yeah. And then they ate you know kids are getting out of the car. And and I got skewed outlooks I got to cars are empty you know like GM jobs I'm here are. Michael I got as are others heads got jobs directly get to go pull forward. I'm like just get out. It's just an hour and that's good our car ran for your regular plug it needs to be we can get away with whatever we're doing wrong if you get out right right. And then my youngest has you know reading Dahlia the lady try to open the door because they have a person there. The help birds love to help get Albers and easily don't lie your mom says are dealing there are uranium may just get out. Carla I gotta gotta org. You know it is scary when you see you right away and how easily program they are interred team yeah like if you asked them to deviate from a delight. I don't think you know what's gonna happen. Date they were really like we may very. Its policies got us away yeah. And a night there's three days left does quote man they just get out of contact get out of here right eject Dowd it's so vague no problem in the capping grades and I love the nobody says a word there. He'll pick out there everybody's. Your feeling guided turn on the dream car I. I am as teenage dream car. Feel like nailed that Dropbox I got drop off right there and school there are so I have done drop off. I had to drop slowly get them out I seen by the way your right. With app today that is correct you've got it done it doesn't matter. Greer rules the rules are stupid while they may mean they're not stupid but yet. It you know I don't know I'm an underwear announces I don't do chop house right. Job a lot from that got to go to work. And I'm excited are you Danica can. You got that dream girl. Tim and I only read it's it's cricket is really had sees as the rest of the album Danny yeah and I like get at. Do you not denying and I don't deny him it's a very guy that right now it's a really got a great song. But there is better songs on the album and it's it's crazy and yanked out so. I'm in opt out don't necessarily items beating yes OK but there's across that as a I'll have my day and I stop. Simon sorry you know because I love any taxing employees stopped at the guys operate act and she just looked at me and a leash he's gonna kill me. Well again I know that feeling where like you stop and you like me and I know you maybe feel like I wasn't but I was I stopped I did sound I thought I would I am a lawyer. Mean I always I. Are you aware but I am aware right now that doesn't mean I'm wrong because I was aware later than you know because we're both aware I was aware later when you're aware. World where. So I apologize right I lifted a hand tablet an arm sorry Mike Walters still like. Player were 1820 feet between terror the united Geithner says she's taking urged us. I'll see him walking across the street is so she's beginning to come out she Jason rice he's gonna start something and I. And I'm Mike title or going to just take your time that I see that are just really can't win ended down. Always right after Dallas has seen a dream car that certainly does now. Top open and or my son or whatever value out of college you have listening to music and turned it down apologized and she's taking her time. Make or if you just take your time. Anyway. And she turns around walks taste and I just go around areas like I'm not gonna do as I actually have to go to work managed. Let's think you're going straight on. And he jogging pants but just Craig could very our secure working gradient to pass. You glad you're legendary they're gone on are going to hear radios on job for as rebound that is changing out yeah I'm going or GAAP carry out doesn't look major in a rush to go anywhere so what have I and I get my ash ally Israel tag that says she gives me. Singer who. You got fair violating jogging pants. If and flip flops. Fingered fingered. A man so I don't get angry. Because I'm medicated now. This is the best part authorities that she got hooked up here is the punch line you ready our guys out. I was just think she needs to damage is because that was me. You know on purpose of walking slowly eaten. It is the other person off and then like giving him the bird you know last year south you think lady. Years salads you need many gays in Yemen stabilize or. Initiative proves that I got to Roland I got that you know that show. With Jennifer Love Hewitt the Ghost Whisperer. You're that adds you're like Jennifer Love Hewitt but you know like. The pill whisper. Like you can sense if you touch them it's like he's just take you might not touching and Ollie. And or you don't you legacy here as Sally are doing their data is. I got here and trying to (%expletive) me off just like you can't be smear campaign is me. Obviously. In the hour of the procedural drama that your hand. Trying to get close to her and befriend her so that you can give her the medication she truly needs. I hope she is listening right now and then Lydia gain the aussies play pilot this is the pilot. Love how he would obvious show of your show that whisper it's fixed I should do that this is it right here I recognize. That I we used to do. Right and no longer do that. I feel better earnings in a you don't have to actually. John have to be detonated. You know your phrase seeing. Means I think a little bit of now she is the dollars is he was the idea but I guess the point of the medication that you're trying to make. Rather than you know go fifty yards in think in need you should go for the ball touched down. Doesn't that sound is so much and now let's turn it down your anger I ended up I talked understand her anger at her apparent stranger there was twenty meter waves you don't really know how necessary you know our day I was I did on Saturday. As I've necessary I'd whereas and I'm like Seth Green as she loves to prevent Arab community. You didn't come here you see I feet made doing yielded more if they reveal IC once you heard about Myanmar refugees she wants to provoke me. Egypt at current crop regard. Are all odds again I don't gigabytes and it's pretty. Or so hard about that. Anyway. Yeah it thanks to see your cell you know. Still yourself how he had nothing seems remote is in a predicament knowledge and a predicament apps is is how I react to let him. Just smiled and throw away interned of the dream come and they go and Charlie can depth I got to do what do you do. Brawl. Get out there and throw down the Enola is our did you interact less okay. Yeah that goes back in my line my comment and now you know Noah Noah and it was just play it. I'll have a good time so loses me Manny manage agents that actually is good and JD is the hand motions for Superman. I didn't say a word smiles and eaten. Spots turn off turn entering. My wings like. You choose your. Jade and the lion and the guys. Salary mix. That has him at those agreements as the original version. That gap. That's the one we play is 2.0. Sometimes. In the strive to make things radio friendly we really kind of remove the art of aside I really like him like that I really like members and yap yeah I'm glad you I didn't boots. And I was listening misery and some you just don't wanna clap. Doesn't wanna clap clap. I have all the time that thanks for an hour he's did you hear it. Now I was reading an article I told him about mails and emails about that lady yet Christine sedate him yeah she's great she's a Leary is so funny. And then she makes gonna clap. So don't have Christine some doubt as their names. And then under that seventeen mile area streets throughout mobs. And Soledad you're the buzz leading economy. But mom takes energy and once my email us. Which is how my mom's conviction all right edges namely Iraq. I do I I don't know I ask because my mom asks one I love how bemused you are like by the your mom's inability to handle computers and I have that I don't OK whenever now I I I think it's I'm I think it's a bad thing mr. I emanate. It's different level it is are you like my mind doesn't know. I brands. They know why you alliger I know you do. I now and that's about as far as I out and out but when that technology comes in like you have the hollow phone or whatever you'll realize hey. Hey. Did you have you help me out there but how did that I am I need to look at the real election results. We Indy chili peppers and now a little turnaround some iPod shoveled out. Do you chili peppers and then Friday they'll have programme. Mark yeah just I can't. Ready to got to wrap up the show every game. Pave marker to turn around for our Friday. Mark was that thing ice was I tweet has since you was that a haiku now I I tried. Was it though like how close it was and how close was its eyes set on time. Newt Gingrich. He just doesn't matter right now he does that goes back that I mean the one that's true. Newt Gingrich. Sensitive. Gideon for yet it's marks times and the job I in this is I said it's a mark because he's so inspired me to look for poetry in the world but hey cottage out. This is an email that Newt Gingrich said to Rosie grade. Who works for. This instance why the Atlantic is the White House correspondent for the Atlantic and he said I am on the way back from Kia. Big wash post story as you put it is a lie McMaster fine news media sick Newt's. And that is tried takes but he can you bring. That's I feel like that should be any Hamas saying yeah yeah what's my email address just let my game. Your kid. CNA 60s69. Steps peaked at Yahoo!. Mommy CNA sixteen. At Gmail nag on any other month. The security team. You got a mommy DNA 69. It's. It's still do that IO I don't know I don't him and am I not make eye and I doubt if it doesn't fold you know pray that's all they got lots. You've got mail and and easy B. Her exciting time oh yeah yeah I knew that she hole score. A pretty simple. Oh yeah. I. Try to get. Highly interactive. Tiny bit of time I got bail out shag current. Share. You know. I live chat rooms. At that that I mothers unfazed will begin again like two weeks. But the ladies and my dad did not like my honest she's in her maiden name would contend in Hawaii pattern meaning he put many. From data because you've home on people don't know her married name and people Selig to reconnect to. I don't know why it I thought of war are really quick doing here an interest in fact I learned now. Murky Jenkins. I'd go yeah it's about cancer experience it's kids and period there. Let's just rants about the economy of cancer stand out. I'm guide are you sure I'm positive you won't believe who has a lower economies are Catholics and share it anyway sad to Romania. Thanks okay I mean that was a necessary but interesting things. Today your facts and it is did you know Romania has a worse economy I think has exchanges share that every when you're quest I I think they're express IBM you watch that you they will. You won't stop I know old artist and a plows are I didn't know Romania was so bad off. I watched a document. I mean I don't went on to. The parents Germany and gentlemen as you know that's not a documentary that's I think proof of their bad economy. I was is about how important concern they may do did you think is you know they are not going to them all the same on. It was the same honor all the gymnastic yet they made these girls is because not incoming needs. It's like that says that's purely there out is gymnastics. Suit you better be it Jim Nance is for rats got a better economy than you Romania courage and mark. Hi can damage over its arch as you use by care. Weighing in robbers. Dunes. Trolls. Stone then peaches. Drop off as a bit which the FCC Kansas City.