Afentra's Podcast Wednesday June 14, 2017

Wednesday, June 14th

Meatball Cook Off Winner, Shooting, Buzz Beach Ball Announcement, and more!


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And beats ballroom video you know I think is interesting why. Now. I am. I don't know I'm surprised. Pleasantly so many people keep asking. And me when he talents I mean it's been gonna Vermont as the guard time you Oreo they really impatient. While not even I just think. That they want I got college and he's really call me. Doesn't like I mean if you're we've struck Russel Wright an aggravated like a man who wears it. Right well we tell you who is playing at 8 o'clock. You know tickets. What can I stand now you need to say anything I 80s90s and is a bit the big ones the big one. And on that I've. While one is good now pass level and that's. That's what not only is it that I got to see this ass yet to show it's also somebody with a catalog back it up yeah are huge cap on now. And he's awesome. I don't know who doesn't like him. I don't think you can. Actually friends via he is not. Just like a hole I even heard of any of large controversies. Towards the negative things that I wouldn't be able to well he does it. Hello Sherrie does negative things. Anyway let's stop talking about it before we give it away. That's about right I don't think any of it out that's the other thing. You're not gonna gas. To me I was surprised when I heard. And I'm really excited and and and I have been asking Aaron just recently in fact I was talking about it now that I'm about. AA did I know I had that did it right anyway so I'm really excited about one and that miners and unions and the others and others does it mean it's it's there's a lot. It's a mother ever I terrorist leaders got headliners playing. It really is and but I have two favorite hymns playing and which I think are. And I've been tasked yeah yes yeah. Not necessarily headliners but. 12 in my favor by hand and I'm very excited to see that again anyway 8 o'clock is almost like you who is playing his beach poly and get your tickets. And the rest days all against our rights yesterday we actually followed through on them. We never do know. It Aureus. It was after it was hit. Wasn't it qualities in people tune in for the entirety of it on FaceBook live the full hour and fifteen minutes that's iPod that is just now. Am I should do it again and again at the very beginning of this thing like people in light of them as very mart I'll how many people man isn't he telling people had a good time it's okay per hour long long time is good time. Are grateful that are. Maybe they have a job they Kim do FaceBook. You're like distracting him and keeping them excited. About what's gone we made me put holes we did well I was. Does any body as we may get me involved and he beat eggs in making me Boswell and senator Ted Koppel on adds that it. I don't know what that guy you all excited mommy ball's coming up we just an attitude now or that people liked them I lied to we did Bobby Flay Alton brown and yeah I was endurance his last night to say I need to tune into this thing Imus send it to a milling today kind of act because that was some Food Network quality stuff. I can we do better than most of the through a network. That all of the people who are trying to be the next food net. How are certainly gas. I mean the bomb went better than did new scare Ross solar ride me. I don't create you gotta what's next week and this is our fans who watched that. And it was that beautiful Indian one of these in what was your name. She interests she wound up having a bit I don't know she's still on and launched into our network appalling. I was over time I was like season nine real good LA's real good ticket out. Previously I. Meatballs again and we did only because. Councils and. Little competition anyway. We made them and we asked you to vote come and chase and we had judges judges are split the judges split one for Danny. One for me and Danny are not Denmark yeah. So it to the final results from the people that hate about my need balls in Danny's name Powell's. Two Y. Rita tallies first read to tally numbers between both and then read the name it was a very close tally it was thirteen to eleven we'll. That is class Louisiana though with standing because Henry like from six and still hasn't DM me. It did but regardless even if you don't enemies out there and look at it up and slay partner guy are great legacy airlines and and I asked people when they're voting to vote darker light because. I urge our union so clearly because I am Tarver in new it's funny edit the how one was. Offense just thirteen days. Congratulations. Out Lesnar really cloud out he had a tough line and I tell you I did not expect it to be back it's out now understand the knives that were coming out of work in in the off season really Jenna and I was really caught up it was intense in the kitchen he ever really got intense I was a good shall and I English I tell you those who now yeah and it doesn't matter of well I was expecting to go for Danny is they're talking about all the assaults he ran out and I love salt things. Not that that was going to be a bit then. Others of them about your accident that voted for dealers are wanting you out. Iowa and that's in your income and counsel you both and I had me ball as easily as it usually ends that was a whale results. Chilo assault she does like to match. So proud. When she told me that Myanmar under seasons I knew they wards okay I I hate to say that an item you know I don't I didn't wanna say it on the air curtain because I. Like it was solved it and that was assault Disney volume ever I love saw them I don't beat yourself. I now but I like salt tube I never under seas and nice trying to step overseas in the air until I got brains are a lot of trouble with the oven you. Depth fry what happened was frying frying when I think the taste lies. Probably similar delicious yes I agree I yeah I agree I very. Everybody was saying that by the way yeah that members of both of them were tasty but if they adage is than they would get by it has either five more minutes in the governor candidate amend I could have done yet little bit better take a few have been just as close I think maybe you leave them out of one we'll see about that but TU ma'am I say congratulations. You have answered clear me Bol you are the meat dog champion. Irons. Are you share. Cancer care. Here today for buzz these bonds and coming up at 8 o'clock yeah I really that fair burden we're gonna need their fans. Well enjoy in this building. What's on his hot. It was mark said it was social altering. Well you know the kids are in their leave them have been there might look we will suffer well they are my kids are in there they will be. No other all other in the office followed and yet loops are mart. Are you can sit here us. Mark's room is up a bit not even getting on the and he should come let's listen majora there's a month in here. Why don't we leave Martin fan because I'm hot. I'm not like as I'm way too. Yeah I know I. I you will be soon as any solid and about how high you are 'cause I don't like that is only we have brought the fanning here and. Hours and a stamina back panel yet we have a dog in the background you know I mean like I mean and the real high gas and does as well as some point to unload just so air flow. But that's slow at times her posed is how we work let's say it anyway beech 9 o'clock and then sending within that happened today. It just happened at about 7 o'clock this morning our time. Congressman Steve still lease. Aides. Were shot at a baseball practice in Virginia I guess there is a congressional baseball team. And I guess they were having practice it's they're Republicans ever practice in the Democrats have a practice. And others was that the Republican practice enemy and locked up with a rifle sort of cheating for the third base side that's not. And it was reported that up to five people were injured including congressman Steve the school les. There is he firm. And it's in the Louisiana thank you mark. Sees Phillies and he again feel OK representative. Mo Brooks. Use his belt is it tourniquet. That while leaving. Europe. After a capitol police officer was shot. He continued to fire back at the suspect. Who was I believe wounded and is in custody. Everywhere and I'm a low life yes. However. In this. Yeah so that's basically what we know at this point. We don't know anything else. The congressman has done it shot in the hip yeah. And Rand Paul died there from Kentucky it's threatening. They've got cut rim Paul from Kentucky. Said that so while they were laying down in the dirt. To avoid getting shot that. You know bullets were kicking up. All around him in the infield kicking up dirt and dust you know they land there was paying paying paying. I crashed and yet I had no idea there was a congressional baseball team is does once a year they do us. I was gonna say celebrity softball game and it's something like that stock volume they do like charity. A guy says something tomorrow as the series game this is for either they're Republicans and Democrats both had to practice this morning. Is Claire McCaskill. Are senator from Missouri she sits just talk to capitol police that indicate officers will be okay. She says thank god hold true for anyone it absolutely yeah. Absolutely eases that's I was wondering if it was made public. No I just and I mean way tie. I have I had no idea I was driving it and I saw somebody follow on Huffington Post at like 659. And say representative Mo Brooks just sent me attacks. Indicating there was a shooting. At the baseball compound where they were having practice. So we don't know basically. Anything. I've seen it reported a couple times that. Somebody walked up and asked. Yeah. It was a Republican or Democrat practice before the shooting started and also they say that if Steve's police had not been there the shooting would have been much much worse. Because Steve as police is a member of leadership and so he carries a security detail with him everywhere he goes OK so there were people. Yeah ordered skipped out on yet this thing is what you think he was not there in new he's member of the team but he does get done on the pressure and crazy there and you know them. So. You know I pilots. Obvious Ali is never really not okay ever and I guess anybody. I gotta hope. I mean but they do of the guy in custody which is does generate at least he was just me or not having a life threatening. Yeah it's kind that's just something you don't really expect to wake I mean I exit and you wait you look down in number you know does throw a thorough break and it doesn't dynamite blew up the on this. This whole picture and Emory and witnesses like. What I was confused because I mean it is an hour. You know absolutely ate there and at times they probably started practicing mornings mean I can do like an hour practice yoga Gotham was like you know I'm not gonna get out of bed today I felt the same way right now get your hand and that sometimes it's good when you don't miss allies on doesn't know her or does it favor yes. Breaking news. Somebody shadows toppled right I'm like it's hurt too early in the morning for her size iTunes playing. I guess they try to strengthen before the workdays than they like 9 o'clock in late today they'll war. I don't know that's a song that says that no one's gonna I IA. I AZ. Alec this kind of labor going to feel like this one bit. Telling violence obviously and I don't like to dehumanization that's occurring. And hopefully. This is just a crazy. Person lone wolf. I just didn't realize in recent accessible. Well you know considering enough for us and you know I mean that's that's I was curious and that's the meaning that somebody who knew I had no lighters rattle. Soft already I didn't know that that occurred. I did not now show people who I wouldn't Allen their practice was hidden and less. That's something you know maybe locally less SpinRite doesn't seem very in them. Now Dan the man and a brown man probably do now. There. I was watching I was watching him periscope of somebody who was across the street. Who has three years. Took three congressman shelter in their apartment building please recap the story for everybody I. Revver is that it is easy to lease and was among those shot at the congressional. Baseball practice police say the suspect is in Tennessee shot by. Capitol put a cover please I was or who was previously wounded by the shooter. Five people were injured and no in the shooting as we have now that's basically all the information we have. Shooters Inca city and you just got to leave it up to the news and the police hands is tells was going on a green. They are life threatening injuries nets at. There you go I really don't be doing anything about that. For your from your news. I kind of hard to do yours shift yes yeah so we're gonna have to say I know I know well I know that's why you say that. So that's fine. Yeah it's Hillary's. I thought everywhere. First article was closed an assortment. Right we will get him as being strong and let you know about that coming up and you talk. Do you I. The White Stripes. Will not to be imposed beach volunteers and thousands have team. You know concern again and sadly. All that out Jack refuses to leave Nashville dream. Does beach ball whites treasury union thing that would be awesome that's not does he not yet. I'm still hold an outpour of we will tell you please Busby trauma at 8 o'clock. The as a few minutes. I hearing not about his free loader me be my lesson and to be when we have our pre sell it starts tomorrow. And for a pre freeloaders only. And she gets her discount and salmon Italians playing coming up. They do not abuzz free letter he can text free loader to ninety S I 00 or sign up online NIC is the NASDAQ Harmon doesn't cost anything. Five JJ gets only are available on trees down. So that starts tomorrow in coming appear in about ten minutes Housley has claimed as beach L 2070. Many similar snow. I. Positive. The most amazing version and they Dinara ever hurt him. That's exactly the now men's iPhone momma that they tags in nags many years ago in May dander who Dini and I just stopped. Cannot and rockets and that's when I started listening there as their album back for buzz beach last September 8 and ninth at sporting park. Tickets are available starting tomorrow. We have a pretty self abuzz freeloaders only. Pre sale runs through the weekend in and I'll Jana buzz. Are ready. You wanna. Play the prime offers does beach round 2017 and we just started. And we do as more fun I mean sends him. The big ones would give either revealed we'll give you the day and malware I'd do is give anyone first the big big big one yeah I think we did I think we've drop it with the impact. I feel like if you don't drop it feel like because we could do. This dance. Legs are we to do this band yet but I feel like. To get the most impacts at the top of the 8 o'clock hour and prove how awesome this beach ball is. Even your Camara or. I'm feeling real jerk a little bit about how I mean because people aren't bothering me yesterday yeah. Whose plan does beach bum in my car I guess. You know you guess a couple right out we're just so anti with where the anti radio. And I just I just whatever you feel I'm willing to do right but I think. There's no one's guessing this big headline hole. Yeah I'm guessing so you know island relies on Dynegy and that sir I was beach ball is two days this year two days September 8 to September not into the sporting dark evening. And one of your headliner is. Snoop dog when your headliners for buzz beach ball 2017. This year September 8 and ninth at sporting park. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for buzz freeloaders at a discount. And you can only buy two days tomorrow Hunter Freeman Eric. Which I make things you want to see you we've only announced one already comments are both saying I really need your air attacks lion share. So far the myriad some of these text the Caron only. Said Snoop Dogg was going to be playing buzz beach ball this year Friday September 8 conservatives September 9 the children's receive part he's not playing those days he's Elaine a lot of guys who say baseball's a product that turner clarify. It's so excited says holy as so much but we didn't. I'm crying thank you so much actual mouth dropped just happened. I love it yeah. And I don't remember things you've done for year prison. It is just I mean isn't it great I primaries and I was bakeries. I did you amounts job when I heard Santa they. While Kraft well that all right well. Snoop dog will be there. And a damn that's somewhat familiar with this radio station and does beach Powell being there. I felt which is Monday morning. Shooting tickets only are available on free cell now. The general on sale as of Monday at 10 AM to day tickets only I'm sick of ticket prices. Chalet. GA field and lower reserves seats and I mean I'm out there's. Reserved seats. And it gives your particular section 79 at the upper reserved seats 49. VIP tickets 339. Bud Light landing tickets to 59. Those same kids about lightly ending. You sits in the Bud Light landing section there's all you can eat stadium there. Five Bud Light during tickets per day. And you get access to G. UND field club VIP take its. Here's a county here is all inclusive food along with full service cash barker. Premium and trends private rest your hands. I emerge about your access to GA. Television and why 51 class heating. I'm. TV I sensed. The yeah the thought areas honest I don't know what I'm high density Wi-Fi is that you I didn't yeah VIP. And Bud Light landing tickets battle areas. Aren't exactly it's. Things you your reminds you Phillips 66. They're proud to be here supporting Kansas City priest chopper Jamison Irish whiskey and elaborate tequila and sailor Jerry spice round part of our. Sponsorship sales Gary. Far back as beach ball 2017. RE coming up we'll take a little break out half I realize you wanna hear all of the lineup I get it. But there's no rash. I would like to enjoy some of the music's and that's organ and am so Genpact relaxed check back him and he can't. I like to do it the way that I like to do that is to do NASA and say wow I mean it's now later we play the promo it would be fast to supply and I'm fine whenever cry about not trying to do is sit back and relax and enjoy at least enjoy the music so so hard line can you not see in Dan that we have let you know that. But as beach all this that every night vision. It is add children's mercy park. Snoop dog Weezer Foster the people. Coming out. This day and so are for me the bass album of 2017. Hands down. Excited to see. Another man's gonna pay one amount of time favorites are coming back. Like top five favorite means lets see what you may see other people might like to. You as well. I mean really honestly I have when I was old survey adds I wanna plates L is that is of those ads can excite some people don't want I mean there's a 12 in here that's a rare and so once you try to see 12 in here that like you're going to be like no. And one man that I haven't seen them really excited about. Yeah I've never seen scenes are. I am I have I have met and never I was about sales I saw with the re eleven a couple of years in that. Yeah I think he seems a year's turnout. Who haven't you seen. Me I'm happy can't tell as we know bouncy and Jesus Christ. Know how to say are so so far you've got Steve died Weezer posture than people more to come very shortly. My real and a man. Is only doing the Dan Allen. You've never seen that no that's not that's my favorite album in 2000 oh wow look at you're gonna and lock down their amazing mind. And I have only seen him in my theater type settings never like arena type things I'm very excited. Going on own I'm sledding over it it's hot in here all right mark as the fall 2017 coming up. The goal Bordal allow you now I'm about is. Coming to town September 8. Or September 9 that was beach ball 2017. Is at children's mercy park. It's new job Weezer Foster to be bumps there and go the war dialer the band that's. We already mention. We'll play the prime off and it is really people are. Replace your honor we had finally convert our. And there's some really good stuff coming up here there's literally not enough time we just mentioned sound all yeah I mean domino played out 12 punch coming up here are okay are sure to tell these local agencies and local agency guy that's awesome that so good he had Tony's a month blades. James Lang you guys were all gonna get to scream it's boring. Drew wrong golf our asses. For children's mercy part wrong golf or is going. Do that together together with the saudis get a telling me. Local rates coming here does PG as well Marion health bishop Briggs Bob Moses in pain Paris. And hippocampus. Chick had a bat man who let allow is coming back there are great they did the deviation out. Middle GeMS like as a local age beach settling the score homegrown does earn his yes you are and I am wearing their shirt today. The slots. Will be on buzz beach ball 2017. South. Tickets are available for a freeloaders starting tomorrow and Darius ticket prices. Or whatever it is that you may or may now want USA great. If you want GA great you wanna get food and five Beers great. Like there's different options or UNLV. Available in cleared tomorrow and I seized by the buzz our comments of you're not a free letter. You can become 190 Eckstein free loader to 96 I 00 there isn't just. Free loader pre sell tickets are discounted by ten bucks. Shooting ticket sales only knew that may or may not change. But that's usually what people do. Like I think when it's more festivals I think he had a Biden without these changes by single day. Let's see I'll go over the phrase is really quick 997949. 99 is GA field in lower reserved seat. The IP tickets are 339. Bud Light landing tickets to 59. Different items comes with both of those things like as a that'll be clear. Tomorrow and we'll pass. Oh man on the playing through. Bought air bids that morning buzz good morning this morning orders came out telling you who's playing lesbians fall 2017. If you're just catching up. Friday September 8 and Saturday September 9 children's mercy park so far we've only gone through three bands kick back relax is go below that. I'm not only not real and I got to play every single day now sell Iowa who is there was. Oh man. The wind really that. Like drive shopping for me. Because I knew a lot of the dams that are coming very excited and. And we were looking for another headliner and I heard it was snoop just. It was just lag. My mouth I was like yeah asked about I'm very excited for snoop dog I was just talking about and share out. I saw that hole. His introduction did you got into the rock and roll hall of fame and I told you how amazing he was doing at he was fantastic. And telling us stories and just someone a lot of people won't get the chance to see. You know needing to deceive you by getting antsy day is sound I industries seem to have. And I'm excited September 8 or ninth I'm not sure who's on what day and Carey snoop dog Weezer possibly be bumped. And this weekend. My favorite. One of my favorite albums of 2017 so far has been half pods placed John and spoon is coming to present each policy. And soon will be joining snoop dog Weezer toss in the people involved. For each spot 2017. Friday September 8 Saturday September 9 children's most perk. Tickets available starting tomorrow for buzz pre letters and buzz freeloaders only. We do have a pre sale and lots of tickets available only to day tickets will be for sale. Even during the general on sale. Which is Monday at Kenny at the south. If you're not about is free certain you can tax free letter to 96500. To become one or log on line. Blog law dog he got logon line and are as excited devise a dot com south. Are you ready for my loves. I know I love all cement. You guys. One of the best WiMax you'll ever see like them are not certain there's a lot of them. Hand me really bring it every time that there on stage. And bigger and parks drove a bordello coming to those beach ball 2017. If we. Our child boy not advise beach raw. We deemed upstairs to. 12 doing but it didn't say between zero indoors about it right out almost we we put it happened it. Well like three quarters that even if we you can still play Bob Moses and garrison Dion yeah I can do because I don't think we've played them. We did local H. We did tell these guys so far we've done Marion hill bishop Briggs tell these local later on the jewels. Go go or jealous Boone. Foster the people Weezer Smith John Voss to the people Weezer saved up GAAP. At seven was speech about 2017. News September 8 and ninth. In the children's mercy park tickets available starting tomorrow for free letter was playing world classic. And ticket prices and nausea gas he can either I'd text preloaded tonight's XY 00 you'll get tickets at a discount. If you are free letter general on sale is Monday and I know you would wait. Especially unions can turn means to make sense easy so text 39500. Or go to nice six times the buzz. Dot com. Harry. Middle kids also playing Busby is gone is here. One more time doing needed to warmer time. Danny I mean I feel probably is probably aren't in just you know it was Busby is gone announced today and we know them from what we got this. Friday September 8 Saturday September 9 children's mercy park featuring snoop dog we easier to Foster the people run the jewels spin. Marion health double bordello bishop brags. Bob Moses came flame parents iron content hippocampus. The saudis are going to be that. Account about man below low middle chance local H. Beach slang the score homegrown guys artist since you are and the slots. Tickets available for freeloaders starting tomorrow. You can get them adds a discount. The pre sell runs through the weekend. And then the general on cell starts Monday at 10 AM to date ticket sales only various prices. Like I said you could get a discount if you are freeloaders is not every voter. He got a nice excited about as dot com and you might wanna go there as well for all the details regarding seating. Especially with a VIP and the ball flight landing take suited. Different things different sections different price is. 49 bucks. Reserved seats. Upper seeds. Is that right Tony by the day for all that and doesn't seem very. The sensor is against tells us why you need to go to rising star the buzz back. Right yeah it's as minuses attitude it's it's only were on sale right. So that must be mentioning to get for inspiring more information and I he's expected doesn't turn you consent to be a few letter. There as well all right we're now. Good beach is gone on. Did you. There is something that makes me laugh out by its estimates bailout why I'm very preceded you know I mean as as I love I love it's like. Five but lied during dig its third day amid the good deals aren't I just love the ideas like that it's not like five but like that I've let my journey. Yes you get. You get at just say anything about lightly innings thanks in all you can meet stadium not a bad idea math and out of I'll light drinking as per day an axis GA feel there's a good thing I just love it is actually fifteen and so I I would take my day break. There's like I said difference. Tickets in danger circuit venue there's different places even gotten a little anchor our wonderful sponsor our sponsors are. Phillips 66 proud to be here Mimi and sporting Kansas City priest chopper Jameson Irish whiskey the laggards tila and sailor Jerry spiced round. Thank you hope you have some locals say. Come on any kind any job that related to men are like come on come on in town opened the door the dog parks are getting out of control and so I don't even announced v.s on all the exams instead today as well who bit off you've been out there you go. And I think helping them. Stay entertained can you Danny is Glock as yeah are right now we're out have a great day. You know venture.