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You're being fat morning buzz good morning Manning's attention Danny's earmarked this year yeah. I am. It was a Serena has an on line Rory reading 41 king's guys secretly do that they don't line you know and this is so superior it is too bad because I feel like I do a lot of I've feel like we anything that tries to separate the genders is dumb because are all the same. Rain doesn't like I why I do that it's giving some of us does do this slave holders do this I this is like the worst kind of read the journal is he in the shower. Every week he's in Russia right. And I do if you tell your lie there you you're you're gonna leave the warm shower. To get out tango PP in the cold. Oh and by the way I tell you some things that I've I've learned a lot of sitting IP. It's wonderful. I don't have to clean up and out or I can finally relax. I don't understand. Why you guys. Guys you can me. Know what I know liar believe anybody who says otherwise there's a lot of variables in there sure sure I get it but. What I noticed yet don't bother to even touch it. The Euro low but mine's pretty controlled. Thanks wait. Does that mean it means like its a pendulum that tongue having. The hollows doesn't go blasting everywhere under sudden strong pressure. That being said I like the city. Also I've found out in the mornings when you wake up in your like you know. Okay and a lot of times. I don't know I draining begin and just his Alma Powell liked. They took my left hand and I cup pit that's smacked in in my forearm you know when you wake up in the morning morning in your life. Anyway. A lot of times you don't know what to do it gives you those uncomfortable band and lean. To go to the matter is is that we wake up in your. You really start to. Right what I've learned to do this count is if you sit and we your coming in you you do that the bend back and point down. But once you clear the lip of the toilet seats. You kind of push it off to decide a little bit in the don't touch that thing in the and you can just relax and do your business. Non I had 300. I don't know how that tournament. Why I urgently and yes it's like it took me a long time ago have the courage to try that. There's such as I don't not a big deal to sit down MP in the list or not you haven't this does is stigma what kind of stigma. It's that is a gender roles stigma and I don't agree with it while you have to use it down to be some times anyway also it's a great way to let out controlled parts. If you really you know you're looking for minimum maximum. The silencing. It a little love vent fan. Little little hot water. And quietly released you know Harry do you watch your ball's moved and I themselves while they do that. On that's one of the things I was telling guys Arenas. 41 thing I mean they do I've seen it slightly discussing things. The guys doing secret they do just may have randomly I mean you're watching one you like is that a visual trick or is it actually moving like yeah I guess you Adams. Guys is one's always on the go you know normally it's does want arms noises like don't buy got a behind the other guy. And there's a race and atop the Atlantic when they're grandfather clocks got a wind him right. Master reading in just waiting virgin dry. Out I mean that's everybody's tongue I don't know I don't have to. Attaching their junk in the non sexual way I think most -- India terror yet hearing does this event they don't women judge you don't those guys. I adjust. My breasts you know disaster. Libya. Not really not usually. Now if our woman hours visit by the kind of poked out. I don't mind. And everything's. Nothing comes right Amir all encompass your and the poke ball I'm in the coach yeah I'm just say it's a time squirrel tail hangs out you know you have that. You know I get and grab them there in the action. You might Hudson's character that natural to high bids financial type called the two that is. I I guess I ninety I read that on buzz feed last week I think that he would. No I don't adjust. I don't have to put in and right on into Rangel on the scene were anyway and spray turn our hearts are hard and you got a hard case luggage correct yeah yeah it's all intact. Yeah it's right yes yeah yeah yeah are packed up kept yelling go look at ya got. Can you find it again hidden in jail around town. And I try and teach her he has simply go to Denver. And it. We try to buy an air BMB in its board Tony cool gray got a Diller. The TRU. Is gonna get it now is gonna come followed out you're not gonna get it. No probably not any. Mentally and again it yet now every Manning and yeah yeah now now don't you just smiley beyond. I wonder of those maybe there is yeah highlight its role. Touch man I have to think that's income to 93 abandoning now that's a lot of work yeah. I did these are you didn't get a job is that real or is it just the women are shy and it's now that have to go line it's a constant struggle. It's like I understand maybe from the private citizen viewed the bureaucracy doesn't make a lot of sense. But on our and the red tape. Making sure that everything is constantly in the right place really does. Make our lives a whole lot easier and I can't focus of your winners in a strange place. Well a year constant theme. I plan on your hair well it's just yet and Missouri are on your Weiner yeah around the area well I can't talk up. Because it's a show. You know I do you tag. I think they're evil attack that like you Erica it's wrong why do you attack that doing an excellent sir I can't take any minute who attacks on that. Nobody tax not. People talk up talking up would be ideal. I don't things are talking up would be just how lighting up would be income from militant it would be part I love talking up. Dario is great is just it's root it could be rude I forget. Yeah I think it's really did Jose maybe there is some sort of shirt or like undergarments that was for talking up. I hate to our needs at this side well let's ask you after a geology and now look at got a boy did it tangled up. To attack under Ali talking under only take a little towns. I mean more important it that is Alexander and so it is kind of made me grow. Each account not push that aside and allow. And then it's all pulled down. His free. I see a lot. The air might owe its. Backwards. We're giving your Mike our rusty trombone this morning with lots. Is god oh my god are did you have a perfect circles and stealing it. Out and Amy near perfect circle it's like a perfect suck out in 96 collar. We have fifth fourth third second era oh we have borne at third and I can at whatever fourth round will go first okay. Are confused in even more. I was so there'd be no numbers. Iowa is I mean it's radio group that does it make any sense. Put that and ended its data on that. Pension data on that it's Clinton. Are are right now. I'm convinced we live in some sort of simulation. And I save this. Because. If you pay close enough attention. Been news's actually never knew. We just repeat. Certain variations. On stories we've already heard in Dunn news OK Ike it. Well I mean like an extreme negative example in this is also an extreme negative example. Alight a really extreme negative example. It's like you know whenever there's like. Freeway shooter. Yeah and like you know every eight years we get another freeway shooter to yet another graduation now that's I guess not that's his I don't say an example that I can picture clearly. Yeah I see what you're saying and so when I saw this story again this only emphasizes my simulation theory. Because. It's a story that is one of our favorite stories in the news of all time parent. One of our favorite best of moments all time. And I saw this story and it's born again. And just like yesterday when I said we haven't had a coach. Having post game press conference melt down in a while and it was glorious can we waited so long it was like vesuvius okay. Our pom pay. You know. Okay what. Now they adjust our Iraq Andre has now been here where we enter in your conversations fun. And I'll Google imaged pounding images gassed out they like this he is doing and he's gonna bring a pound feet yeah. And you need bloom. I have. Do you on and bullion tiger about how they like held each other in that I actually dad. I can see that their bodies. Yeah that's how they were like mothers caring and there's no headline near the tragedy born in Nero is just fine all right if I see the matrix and I'm telling here it's a real well do you I energy during yesterday's. Listen. So you'll figure out what story I'm talking about real quick and but here it is. In all of its when he seventeen glory. I like to call it a H. Or are. He each. Or bar. Car our Honda. Are. Now and I we issue is our ally hired a real good I will say right now you can wipe. Pirate from the story was I don't think we do pirate stories we I'll have very rarely we wanted to captain now very rarely been named yet Wright Damione Lewis okay area. H. Our. Or are. State senator from Miami under fire tonight for using a racial slur while talking to two African American colleagues in Tallahassee. Frank are chili's is causing as cursing rather at a state senator Perry Thurston. Of Fort Lauderdale and another black lawmaker at a private club near the capital. Thurston spoke exclusively with us tonight. Well but both from feel that it was brought up that. Do you need it occurred when she loved. I didn't curse that is when I walked away and I came back in view of all of blah. Well you won't let the public face and his parents can be leadership of the Republican Party all in you referred. Being well mobile all of you. But he told our news partners at the Miami Herald that he has apologized to one of the lawmakers. And he let his temper get the best of him he also said that he used the slur because quote I'm from Hialeah. Actually trying to president issuing a statement just a few minutes ago saying that our chili's will apologize. Zach and I I don't know what it means but let me let me let me let me let me read this Tia here. Miami Republican senator frank. After calling one of them and at being a hole. A bitch. And a girl. The matters that are LA times' agenda so. Is that guy in its name calling. Always like Democrat. He's he's light and a Republican. He's a white Republican and stock mean out right calories aren't strapped her grades he adds. So well why you republic and and his way here are learning that he's tracking a Democrat a case that there hanging out right. There is hanging off the chill when they're clearly not just sit there at the members only governor club over drinks at after 10 PM you know what they say. Nothing good ever comes. It. And after 10 PM at the governor's club. Users in building tenure in the militia I go to China please ask him in command. Oh man. Coffee would be like going. Oh yes you're supposed to go you know let Cheney down stairs offered to buy coffee if Marc Garber and I don't know if that's something. On. Just I didn't know until it during the and you forgot. Policy hero. He generates good luck. Tell mom wearing a Jean jacket. Over drinks 10 PM at the members only governors club just steps from the State Capitol. The white guy. Told. To black people. The senate president Joseph and this is funny to the universe is simulation and hilarious center president Joseph Negron. Okay. Spot that went on your head on Letterman to catch up. About it do you I have an uncle Negroponte. You know that's like. Going places with your Colombian family and then yelling on the big. Euro. I want the end of the day. Does Negron mean black. Yeah but it's in Florida it was weird. That's where we don't mean we don't address when glad to get together get together in Florida power and got him anyway. Our and solicit. The guy said that it's senate president Joseph Negron a Stuart had risen to his powerful GOP leadership role because. Six and words. Quote and quote. In the Republican caucus have elected him. 666. Loath six Edwards. Other Republican caucus. Or GOP BBC. Had elected. That GOP BBC he helps elect Joseph Negron. On everybody. The GOP BBC and help elect. Joseph neighbor I want to just our efforts and up Q does. Yeah getting this evening the GOP BBC news being mean. Are because you now that's the only kind of mean even if you don't really I don't TV ABC yeah yeah okay I only know that I doubt of the GO PB he's my match I begin to be down the GOP I think if anybody needs. Like if anybody could reach out to you. From GL TE GOP VU do you hope you listen to he didn't like De'Angelo call you Leslie Taylor so sorry and I De'Angelo observe public and yes you mean I but yes certainly that I think I kept my dad and are or where were in a back into our patent that would break my iron is like hey I want to talk to you about austerity and you would be like. My eight Greeks says no but my LA via say yes. Feel these very conflicts it inside absolutely. Absolutely. So listen how he does bad GOP BB CR. Chile's later told Gibbs then Thursday and maybe use the word. Any. Yes. He has it and I. AS. And not a fan I. Hands when he's not. I I. Okay. I'll have you know I did not Mal that word either did not now no I didn't how people yeah. He's in saying he says he didn't say it will be our PR and word and it went. With that he may Haiti's deadly media I had. Now we can't I'm not no way I don't even think I would. And schools and a way I OK you know what let's use him using him as an example you're confusing me there's you mail letters. GOP BBC. And now. K okay ER I sat out. I hate us like I don't know that CSI. I BI has engines guy yeah Dana I know I associate yeah that it's okay. FB IN SA brands a lot WikiLeaks acronyms there. There were error blues because the GOP BBC correct then the others were not marked it. You're trying to spell words not smell right and give these exams so the white guy says she I did as a yeah I needed earth sing. I said. Are you landing in the best way to explain heard the question I have a question I've aggressive. Type of question as. Is it about these his handler game in the united that I tried emailing in about five. A large vivid in the hardball is becoming an eye on this day he said they have they have things to do well thanks I mean I was like all right as I saw a ball I know I said I'm Sally and figured I had just outside handing over here I announced that I sends you an email five times he knows did you get a bounce back guys that now did you get him unless you get a bounce back just saying we only want him for a minute knock out of Brownback. Kind of how listen okay so the white guy I ever come on it's it's fun it's fun who cares. Our role audio are over here yeah we're busy lately doing phonics were doing fine. Jesse used are not there oh era but every up ready okay and it Brothers could pose as via. So so why is why I feature length so he's saying though is six. Positive slur. Like my Brothers my Brothers. Got that GOP BBC elected break he'd say in it like. As and I GG ER as a racial slur but says that students use and I GGK. As often as they'd say and do or hey man. And Dawson says as much as he does not like the door yet still views the length version could build more comfortable the accident. Why why this word used. So frequently throw. I think it's. I just don't understand. And I'm trying to understand it I need help yes I'd I use this. I I've I've used it. I admit I've the DH on it emphasizes. God. C.s that's what this guy says that's exactly what is exactly what are they saying hey he's emphasizing the gates right I. And you may even probably later gives some examples and this gentleman who did some real world examples of how does use and. He got down to the minute negative then yeah please edit. And you know. If your lender that pencil. You say. Right if you land a lawmaker. Up BV IR. GOP break. So it's started his culinary meaning. So yeah and and Vince and they and out OK anyway it's unclear who are chili's is referring to. Since the only black senators in this state senate are all Democrats. So this guy's saying somehow. Black Democrats got a Republican elected. Because of I don't out and generally doesn't make any sense right and it says none of them. Backed Negron needs bid to leave the chamber. Itself was at Niagara on the surname causing everyone problems now are you glad that he's got called Joseph Negron. Who see. Below with the where the other latter out of Jesus Christ can't stand by lags well we've got we've got hot seat could be. Towards the end of player right now are we out RR. We haven't opt. We have Negron we have publicity. We have ditch. We have now of acting as a whole. Rice at a lot rates. Our achilles' fired a lot of artillery I don't disagree. And true currency. So you're angry and that's what we do I don't know I don't China. Can depend so. This is the conversation this is according to one of the guys OK thank. I said dude. Did you say. Slower rate. Thursday are counted. No. I said. Yes. Ray. Will do different verdict. I mean that ran by god as we say and that's but he said. That's that he said. So that happened. He didn't like it really is a Cuban American ex marine who represents southwest Miami date has gotten into mentor is trouble in Tallahassee before there's always some bag what you don't eat troubles just in talent and future. Two years ago a college student in town for spring breaks that are Chile's punch him in the face. And Clyde and Costello with. I had downtown bar a couple of doors away from the governor's club. There's a governors that's where it is all targeted the governor's club right. And it was after 10 PM. Break. Anyway I. Don't be racist. I think is what additional way for us. He isn't gonna instrument out I mean I don't understand judging people based on their beliefs. Unless the discreetly mine. But certainly not their skin color break certainly not. Where they're from bright certainly not I don't know enough about you know right at that Michael wouldn't mind who manages but he based on anything. Right. I don't understand myself. I'm like yeah you know one and your present so. I got my own little NASCAR already created equal all men and women treated equal right. Under whatever it is you may believe and but we should all beat each other. And that they go that same ad that elapsed yeah. Ted that I have the same. In. 965 of its. Robert. Sounds right. Everywhere is really crappy. From the north wind coming down I 35 it's bad I mean against this guy didn't get messed jurors and aimed. Throughout the amount you guys are freaking out about the word which now freaking out dad who is. I mean we use humor to doing our absurdity. Kind of what we do it's what we tried to do anything to mourn meaning you gimmick and the more you sound makes sense in pay and is. We selling sensitive fans apparently he's always hesitant pansies. Let on this on the businesses say and I words. There is certain words I just don't say when I'm alone in my car and I'm listening to two pock I don't wrap it. Ice just stop saying I don't even try to like change the word and say Brothers. I just leave the word out out of respect I doubt if I'm CNET. I had known I mean I Hilton. Oh man no way no way no how that is the trigger word for me. I and I I'm white. I can't imagine. What it would actually be break off judge people this year Republicans isn't money that's what it has yet I mean at zero. The posture of notes is beyond that I'm an intolerant liberal. And. Why don't have to be tolerated. Right leg eight in that you have to me how it yeah you can't force me to be tolerated. It is alleged movies are on tolerant of every day except you're dumb ass. And it's intolerance. Towards people being a cool. Being treated the same. And we eat. And received. Personal parkinson's. You say he I have to tell you something to please. When. You move. The dongle moment. Earlier I got an overwhelming get my dongle when a venture was. Going to place and they offer phone she's got a new phone is Jennifer and seven. And she didn't know. That they had gotten rid of the audio Jack port Amman made a part of you that at all. Well because now I mean I didn't remember it until I saw your face at that moment right. And she realized like the future immediately caught up to you by UN from iPhone four or five or whatever that thing was. It was his skin that was six it was sick lot and I know is being updated. Should it take get a picture that Steve Jobs and are proud of that engineering job any. It didn't he writes Gotti held their enterprise together I do a dead air out. It was time bringing about a I had no choice seem to get Al Simmons plans as to why he's my own phone. And 27 team gets up to you was just an amazing moment marisleysis. You do know you can meet the needs of its I had no idea. And it was because you that I need to. Do the power in volume yeah hey that events have huge debt because I didn't know how to turn on my -- either it's a different way to turn around and off I mean -- I like to reset my phone -- resources as you have to if you have the new iPhone seven are those iphones have an excellent new at this point in dog years were helpful in years is a hundred. Somebody was nice she can't find your Don filed by Ewan my and that's nice in the Amazon misled I should start here at our eyes. Yeah I'm not that kind of girl when could be. I know I gonna be that I don't want of it yeah the suns I you don't even have to because people just wanna give he gets from Danielle it's not necessary. I think that's where it is outlaw came down and power 'cause it's always. Everybody expects something on me I got whining back yeah everybody wants them to back out there could be even if it's just a little possession of a low property something like you know you being fair. There not do you our property that they treat US bound actor they want nothing but truly break everybody wants some they want your goat. You can't have my doubt zone that is a dowry as I am and yeah Larry guess from my parents tell from the virgin Mary and my parents yeah I'm great now we give towering and candles out. Damage our Zurich and I know I am and when I was a little bit on the berg and church yeah like they're gorgeous and no I mean in any light candles for parts. I like handles almost every Laker super power is illuminating roomy candlelight under 62 idea of round like where the hell. If you get over that I've seen Ali candles. I body in executions back. I candles you have and his skin and the you know but it's very sad my light candles to I mean that night cigars there outs when you guys are on some times out I would sneaking Campbell that's fine I know but it wasn't burnt my thoughts on knotty. Of course you do the clean and you don't do the dirty land slide did lavender. I like Clint have a nice and I have and I togetherness even when you know white pine valley behind Intel like kinda like I don't like I would. Which got Lyndon lovely I glean intent a lot of women I love live news again. Assad is image out any one bank is your love and voice yeah I want I always been TO didn't think it's stress happen. You take in your that's antique medicine I mean in humans aren't terrorists and take everything. In the eyes I do you sound better today yeah it is yeah you didn't go two barn you know. I don't know that every day why don't I know I know time is sailing when India is your social let's all sing needs you don't want them. And in the end seasons suggested. Taxed Tug Tug text Tug of texts subtext. And he. We didn't give away any of these viewers you're in Duluth. To begin the way I know you Paris or Rome which concern to do that duo like right now let's go out. 43 chip it by citizens owners for a terror. Like green on costs. You call and it caught some time tomorrow talked to mark and always in at least as do all we talked to him and talked in real time right now we are told. And say yes now. Yeah we start to handle content and at times using your brain has got into it like let's will do a break we'll come back we're doing news segment called talked to a he talked to. It's that if an ability near normal. Around we're not still been you'll get nothing. Right exactly. Entrenched. As glass animals. On the nights. I AM. Let's talk about yesterday talking about bag I think animals talk about that glass animals eyeglass animals. I was listening to. I mean human being and and did you learn. Now on more yeah. Any other views and also this then how did you leave it. Any ice and don't know meg Chad it's quarry is out. Semi I don't know. If this term is up if I you know I love is in check out. And they're gonna assailants programming myself I do I'm doing that our guys say you're driving down there to write an analyst Tina poplar street. Well that's that doesn't work for me right now in this situation I want to because it doesn't set. The tone for me properly you're driving now Metcalf in your ID yes. And some windows down and the NASDAQ is amount. Canoes down music up sunroof. Open. Now things are going. If this now. And now the things that it's been Alabama it is they not I was here I am and Harry's dad image came out today exam. Now I NG any a just and I see really did is I don't wanna have my sciatica act. Give my Lombard pillow and we're gonna. Energy lines now that he golly why is your plane Panama for many clicks is the only areas yeah. You know like I symbols of their ads are you come into view here that this isn't met caps the inside absolutely like yeah it's like. Miami Vice CN. Amazing well item by the pond I should truly be driving business. Everywhere windows down so I vote and see your Maloney is. I daddy here. My credibility is when I was like power to undermine our speed limit silent I smog days alone idea millennium I was mad and irony of how early area. He's fitted tags they are brought the kids. I was thinking about taking a major insurer yeah I'm Atlantic is you could bring the kids there and tell you you know it's always they'll have good pins a mouse house. I'm going to matter though news. Car speed millenniums. Eight it was packed because he wanted to be outside and and then the only thing really in a Bloomberg. There's nothing like Maloney is motive and hail land yeah over on the Lar because together. It's on these loans are cutting down coach here I'm amazed they don't have a south sometime. And I mean. We have started the above global money maligning Colonia Le millennium like so it's like a away on site. She sure she'll watch the. Warm yesterday. With a warm on the patio room. I can see. Dropped on my fear love. Greets made some examples. Live bed bug so. I mean I was into our guys got us down on Julio the only other song bit like is pure awesome. That rivals. Van Halen Panama in terms of driving down Metcalf. Like opening scenes a soprano us. Like you know that's what I picture you windows down you've got like this that cigar. It's it. Can't canvassing our Panama's play and and it's like that sopranos. You know. The longshot at the rundown Metcalf. Is telling you man I was listening can't. Yeah all over the bridge of 435. I don't know brain just for the if you have a copy of 435 south. We're gonna let me ask for an amount. Now Erica. I even remember I didn't expect them. Is to from here OK was this guy is driving in Panama now but do you know the only other song that all that you could've applied in this situation. Maybe I don't think I just two minutes I was maybe nine there in Iraq. Ninety's now and 99. I sound awesome on there additional means the whispers yeah. Yeah she's she's she's she's rocked a lot in that season 99. Or. He sounds rough bizarre music. I selling Johnny there hello nurse so you're gonna. Fire ready to the other signed yeah I think they like to listen to on the patio line is also a great sign. For when you're sitting right here I said P&G now. He says hands and don't get when rising immense pain and and now they're spelling out forming a community. But it first of all I think day you know how to spell. And saved hands and Alice kind of DC anyways so texts person who's like correcting Seve says pans and on idle hands LA it. It's just how and what what I never heard it he usually has brightest. That's not a salads delicious I love salads and bread. And changed. From the lesbian like a bread from a lesbian and no doesn't mean I thought it was seized from a Lebanese Lebanese lesbian. And I'm glad he's Lasme often series. Yet on and it has jumped on it. How far down the yeah. Lebanese lesbians now agencies salads and those things I've mostly in his inheritance and I Google. Do you shoot low. Chinese. It's probably some moss and directions important. You know I know but there is a YouTube video called the Lebanese lesbians from Lebanon. It looks information Italy and in and socially aware. Sorry I'm really quick though I was gonna tell you the song. Yeah what is the others on the other and it does kick ass it's it's I think I guess is modular houses and no I doubt that I mean are you listening to tragedy born. Now I was in the last Hamels yesterday and on the opposite from driving down match right. And it's been a Motley crow now I. You're the first lyrics through this song are no idea. Sky dive naked from an airplane. I play music access you don't have a dongle. Otherwise eat what you just heard all of a minute what you just heard listener. Was of venture realize the iPhone seven no longer has a headphone Jack yeah I just does John I mean what's a dongle he needed dongle. It's a US BC. This thing here where I put it it is it is got to know not it there's no headphone Jack it's gone I don't hang on to enough now. You have to have something that would plug into. A dog a dongle that would plug into your port there and in my parish. And that would be have an aux Jack or something like that yeah they got rid of that that was kind of big news for a cinema and Charlie is supposed to play music I want. Well known. Well Allison a Motley Crue and Van Halen video lottery NN two I need to Don the whole season. But there who are kept in dongle skydive negative from an airplane. To get your dongle. That's he could make it appear right now you're extreme. Oh wait no this is when I get high again high speed on to give a different part of the song when I guess I guess hi I'm Steve. Current. Anyway. The way I was losing glass animals don't know man camp Jesus creek there is no. Blog here here's this period. Poor lady with a body from outer space. Kick start my heart. And then really lets just give the bridge the appreciation and deserves. Because you can hear all the words in this. I love you not having cardinal. I mean it's ongoing. That would hit the. As I do in Iraq has so whenever that everything can always reminds me and wounding two and seeing whatever our future that soccer. Towns in terms of all don't do did that through like you just need to independent. Don't just. Yeah right now again that I seesaw its take you right educate kids just say those same pressure I don't like I. It's like trying to use the wrong size socket wrench. When you're trying to take it little thought the song for me. What's wrong with. Motley crew. Man. Okay. Leave my potty. Blew my body I was also listening to that as. We can do but you know I get the leaders aren't and since we're doing time and a shocker. I think just blew my duty didn't use any glass it was coming zone. I was just can store the weekend has everybody has found in Syrian. Guy Dionte was glass animals coach and here I am. Glistening glass animals dragged down God's image. I think the Donaldson coming your box thinking there might be a dongle in my box. So before you buy I want checked the box at my non X period dongle take a box for the dongle you don't want to lose out of there that's an infection rate napkin off met I'd isn't it can't what is. I can't putted the dongle for your vagina. There's now on about the guy should help the there's a lot of my ex. I think there's something in there is charger and IMAX sending out easing go through everything visited I didn't I didn't hear that how do you do how do you get a new iPhone and I go through every little thing in smell every and I want every piece of paper. It's still learning having in the box but it's just been you're gonna have a box long after you have an iPhone absolutely yeah yeah well thought I know well are. From box. Let's go as the animals going down. I always get the day right June 10. I break Merck time for the death June test and it isn't it time we finished is Brett yeah as a private medical center along with Mike Smith and now you wanted to hear it in my body now. I don't know when now on the man's command he doesn't matter. Here's movement really here's what we were here's what she was actually listening to I was losing does CBS instead of Motley Crue or Iraq's. Panama Canal ghetto no no I wouldn't be different on to be different as always finds out he's a Lamar street. Cruiser when you're going like 26. Now let's see if it's cool down. Again don't listen to came in the docks. Get boxes that Donald lady dongle comes in the box hello. That's why she didn't even think to look in the box. For the dongle in the first place and IBM Donald I must say I mean I doubt that dongle was inside the butterfly also. All along it's. The end. Man man. On the buzz. Okay Larry you laugh and in the land back and I don't read it takes line until after I you read it burying I created after bright. Adding you operate everything if I do a really great job pay you very much it's too high and snow impress. I give. Whenever I mention he going to ask about I can be as likely dean on the board. And he's got like everything you Andy in Millicent. Yes all these clips easily constantly moving over there I'm sitting here watching them. Not even paying attention and half the time. It's really really an amazing that it manages to do a lot of bank is very nice if it's OK I thought. So. When you had talked about it pans and Ellis Alan is that correct stat. And then my ground zero and then and and and and and and and and and it's even sweeter than that I got. And you realize you were reading the tech citing Europe's act like your life what I say it right I samurai pass enough. Now whole thing about it. And then they. Didn't mean it like that they didn't want any means at all so not to go back to Van Halen. Aunts and they emit light instead of Panama. But I'll pans I don't know love life. And it. I'm an idiot right the year getting all upset and they just like trying to play along you know what it's just like my life now is using hasn't used that. I'll do what did you say right right right at a moment's notice right. I apologize pins and. I didn't know and then. Yeah. Anyway so like get a moment's notice my favorite part of IA LU. Is that in a moment's notice. You can go. Well I don't give me fifteen seconds this is an unstoppable. From zero. No I mean like your usually operating at about you know won an app and a us. Every day I mean you run never rewrite narrow line hot you reached down between your days in it is. It's just to see Lou. Anyway. At any moment you can go. From. One of the dangers of running full Panama spray like you're running an awesome life right child but edit but it. A moment's. Notice. You can just just switch from one it's. Every day. Hands and now up you wanna know where this came into play last night and Maloney a balloon is hands narrow. Why dean outside his views of my. Elevated outside it was. Diplomats. He's standing got my country so go out as friends. You know when I got the last four. Like that's just they're and it will be eaten. Do you really like got to let these is they're like yeah she's fine like you guys slow down visiting crossing some imaginary red line. No not yet selling to a Maloney. I had parked in a place where he should it as a businesses were closed. I feel like it's. An insurance company he. Yeah yeah you don't do mayors say it says they'll argue any time it does say no partying like you only parked there for these these business as well like these businesses are clothes we don't know the insurance I mean it any moment he may have Italian screening action and what if you're in it that way I knew it away before a deduction as I'm leaving some guy. Comes in using K annually cards or that others don't think. You're gonna tell my car new and yet because it's a no parking anytime I Larry there's nobody. Working. Those businesses are closed then it's 95 men. 10 o'clock you sound exactly. That's the argument that some firms use. When they took land away from people who were here originally. Like yeah I've already been there at like nine to five. That you're not even err it's should be allowed to say. Don't argue there. But their property. It aides are saying not business hours but so they should buy a suit like it during my non business hours at just Spencer's populist government. Takes all the parking space is backing gives them to the people act now laughter hours a disease. He why it's your friends are you why it costs me. IR bucks for a child when your business is even operate maybe he was in one. Somebody was there called Intel which I tell you something what it tech you're at an excuse me now close allies if I may please. If that was your insurance agency if there was a fence his advantage. While it wasn't I would let people partner after seizing you would be with progressive socialist progressive okay. And here aggressive yes. And you're there and you know you sit there and then you see. You know somebody parked in your lot that you pay for and come into the bar. Blatantly ignoring you know. This yeah I knew I hit it I assume no parking any time you're encouraging I didn't even know you're doing any pain this aggression will not stand. It clearly says bedside says no partying yeah and you would stand for the cy. If it was your sign man but you didn't plant the flag so your resentful. Mainly. When I was inside a business next embark. And it was closed after pie hey that's a Smart ensure that fly are way. Why haven't your business raiders figure in Gerdes business straight a's to a bar houses are nobody likes you do. Constantly tell people for no reason and no man like no money or arranging and clients are New York. I know I'd struggle where I'm supposed to call I had got. There's like no parking its full. Year three businesses and that's your hat or cola loose. No it's hurting anyone. Not exactly the idea man time and maybe eight. If you let me part repairing companies. You know whenever when your businesses are you wouldn't eat because maniac like you like polar bear. But now waits and helping nab. Did they try to tell me like meg I was backing out of my car lowered this thing down Brady's let me say something. And I did. Unlock and lock it with my car and cash purse of I don't you tell that I would have got impounded my card aren't you going my aunt. Obama alarm. For that troll but let let's but I shouldn't might actually end up hanging out and we or didn't think guy he didn't click IQ like switch played tries stabbed in the neck glisan. Can we. Break this down in a vacuum though really quickly chair okay. So. Europe argument was. Bet you would be so impressed with the super cool businesses. Allowing you to park in their spots after hours I guess may be. You would patronize their businesses. Honestly know the yards if I can tell you orange campaign I. I I'll be quite honestly I didn't think about it. When the casino parking it usually says no parking during various hours I respect signed a lot. Lot of minutes it's as you know and usually during various power is there the sign outside that said no we'd like no smoking weed here I would respect that it's a sign you respect assigned. I think between us and Hamels and any time. I fear it's after hours. You know maybe that's a design can speak only of ice during business is. I'd say now. That's clearly not the case and they were showing car is. I'm not on there but if I may and not patronizing. Your business are okay well unlocked and I think let's say Dayton. Let them weep over on las dollars they never had access to. But. Yeah why when they just heard Trent are part I have a question. You're inched now like I am I could make money league being great seemingly everybody and I want to tell people's cars. Cast your reason area. And blocks. IE I do not disagreeing with your sentiment. Or what you're saying and I am in greens with. But. There is one way. We never had to get agitated. And never had to almost get the car towed and go run and now aryan. And in in there there's one way and that would've been a follow the signs structure our senior. I am then you didn't have it gives your blood pressure all up I didn't have my blood pressure. You were. You doing your car with your army standards are currently down Lear. Yeah Laurie David was gonna come into play out there that. That the challenger driver wasn't going to be in my car in as I was and am. You're not taking this car now the and it and you can't do that I don't know if I sassy and stop it still doesn't drive right and I haven't taken back. OK but I can't take imagine because it's been gone so long and without its all okay here's this. I is that it takes like that I feel like this is like so that we should Smeltz. Because this sounds like something that sounds right. But actually isn't true it's like when they say oh your teachers later in fifteen minutes in college she'll have to stay in class I thought that was a really not a rule it's a made up rule I think it's a real around a game anyway all of that are so this personal attacks that it should it jumped in the car can't stowed someone inside because kidnapping. That sounds really good and that makes me question it because it's like. Well that's my that was my thought they're not gonna tell me me and it. I feel like I can see. A salty telefrag Caribbean like art is over that's an iPod gym like this is gonna go bad for me I'm writing in my car so how I. After my aunt Alice ally in this situation. In the future as and in those kinds. So you know I thought man I'm just saying I don't think I I don't think that people are gonna be decks I can mostly not a day. And in my day to day life and just not. Can. Violent business and it's closed off screen he's never argued. It's a parking lot OK or power that will remember that for when you open your business OK you rely. I can't wait any product in light a cool hit store and you're gonna become a marketing crotch I know you watch. Marketing crutches. People keep saying meaning gonna cut from the took me maybe I don't know I can't speak why Allen makes sense I can't speak your dad how am I I can't I can't speak to that ER that's with a you know they think may be that the possibility. This is it that you take our place below reason this is what's it. I just wanted to go to the monies and held hands and l.'s. Mark you may do this we got a perfect circles against possession tonight yeah. Part about waiting till last minute. It's at this Charley what a beautiful night would be a full way and he her perfect circle ice and things like that means it's nice things on treasuries the and knowing you're seeking and the disk as you said was a beautiful night and thought it was a beautiful when I tell until tonight. And an NN NNN and then. NN and uphold our. Horror. I guess they believe that Adam others. Why. You know deadly power now it's funny because blatant. Pod music is all about sex all the time. What's lab techs pop music. Analyst and a lot of pop music. You know I was I was to deny additional Muzak and down and got does something for me. Doing hello about this. I would courtroom then it's gone in not a whole lot to her work Susan's on and Brian what he's doing. Let's work well for. Were possible hey Brian I'm Brian portal children struggled for Brian yeah. Are you the IA or are you PR. Lie if he. I am the how does that mean. You think you know that you have no right to explain that Diane the lie behind the lie Bryan on a golf mobile go because there's no way involved. Although I mean DR YE had a win. Brian Brian on. My. I'm Jim Ryan Madson tonight and you win. He was gonna see if it was YE a huge get notes galleries aren't so now it's Vegas. Those tickets like it's an honor he asked. Our eye on let it dry out on you sound like us scrub pad right now happen. Congratulations he's going to see a visceral tonight for a draft new. Nice solve sentencing Zelaya 965. Scrub its not forget the bubbles dryer on is air you wanna stay in front of Brian and because I was scared her to. We do however. Loses our remarks here he went in and changing around the end you wanna set and go ahead of Brian and I would not over yeah right now are handled Brian on holes icons. Design. Hey Brian I'm. I'm seeing right hand and the delirious. Memories Brian on sign mind. Whose relatives on CNN and had to cry on. If fighting does mom Kris. What to advance my motor yep have guy. When they have got contacts. Isn't that different and is your new lead singer from anti now I think it's. They are navy air here routinely guy he's the DNA they created the daily Lebanese side. Mean he abdic have you very masks to July how do you that we mean I knew that she and I couldn't come up with half of summer and it's may and I like that you jobs. That's pounds old and into differently singer Alex them the day and it two and survive easily in India had stud no doubt without growth of finance it turns out. Doubt they who's the newly singer is a dreamer is an educated attic is saving having his TV OK and that meant him yes town that's I was wondering if maybe he's still not with him now he's got to do from the 1975 cop and is staying in here as they wait a minute I can be I can be. A star again RA. Harry Lyle won his second title in Maryland. Our anti. That is. Pretty good idea. I'm sure. You're welcome Jesus. Max is as Meyer were wearing today ma'am we need you and oh Mort aren't. Working on to peca and here on the job love thy -- you love to be. Island to be that you may get zoo proper answer to me oh Lou call clearly the tickets before five they. Any gas to get your ass back home are you wearing reflective vest straight here going to be seeing. Merv external from the second round and you're gonna have signed on and Brian on behind you that. Awesome have a great time tonight OK. You're very welcome Terry Doss and match but will be on. Today Wednesday. Cheese it's east weeks blind guy we have a mare now know that it before reaching down there and I and they don't. March talk to them given their tickets. Kings use time on Brian on. Matt you real quick did you hear area's rain and I just ran that he got it it's as say yeah is a dream car. In Korea we believe that something I was gonna play I eriksson's not as well and thank your dream car. So I feel. Dream critics person it's. Seeking that steamy attic. Empire is going on still seems like me letters. All you have to do and I apply Vista OJ to ask them easily no no anti American NN. I and it is supplies does it all you have to do. We're professional athlete of that caliber seem real Dark Knight is they're really. Not that hard. Murder. But I think it Deb boy hires somebody. Yeah hire somebody. You know I just think it'd do and even act. Even back it's I'm just saying they even got it. But you know he was really life she got her life is pretty damn guy. Most more than most people's right you are afforded savage more than most people like what's weird here's what's weird. Growing until someone hears it's weird Eric Hernandez and rock. Are a lot like. Dickens' a tale of two cities. It was the best of times does or sometimes yes. We were partying on a yacht. Was gra inclement. No no order grossed just wants to dance and party would trying to divert our kids' TV show blue bird yeah that's a ground as it sex with a porn star down he's. Happy it was like it right he got has gone blurred I have people write to cities or I could even do who is it that. To pass. And I did the one let's take into. That's what Hernandez did don't do that he's going to kill him in prison and he comes out it says in the headlines says he committed suicide and yet as though it says. Yeah I just interrupt don't know I mean. I think it's crazy because this aren't you putting it down and as you know IIID. I'm on and we have brought nine and now you're talking mayor and turning and. Well I mean I just wanted to address that I feel like there's there's it's weird. I keep I didn't he just. The former New England Patriots and then. King himself using eventually catch the window in this little sound she intended to block his during damning items and she's found guilty in 2013 killing. 27 year old semi pro football player O Deloitte and 2000. The driver of the case was complicated event Hernandez's beyoncé. Shea and I Jenkins Hernandez and Lloyds girlfriend changing and her sisters. He. Listened to this though he had. Was recently. So acquitted. Of another murder trial. It did he help his then girlfriend. His fiance he was found not guilty of double murder. Asking the former U nutrients and was cleared of charges in Taiwan as I can pause it right another line. These are convicted him one. So is he helping her. Get whenever her sister's boyfriend. It's Carolina go saints an. Idea why is she in jail. I don't. In addition to conflicting perspectives image humans relationship prosecutors are one point believe China and I have helped Hernandez. Dispose of the murder weapon and then lied about it and. All was that he will couldn't wait where they say in that because he got this thing they've charges were dropped against they were gonna try and also appeal as other conviction. Not liking is gone to jail for awhile for the other OK I mean like don't get me wrong I like it they had somehow weasel out just like just like OJ will get you in the end. It'll be about something stupid. Thing but when you steal memorabilia. We're gonna put in jail for life chair. Harry by the way really quick. And Mets still listening he texted back and get ten thanks I was just on its AB grunt today. Take your Sharpton guys don't be garage you eulogy Sharpton did I mean I feel like there's that I happy medium between grind and Aaron Hernandez. Sleazy bar right in there are really close to the ground say if you have to pick. What I want out on. Time to go grow and you don't wanna dance on a party about. I don't like ground and he he's but few ideas that are not going to do I'm a dancer part of Augusta I can watch is that China now. I mean yes and a dance kind of rebelliousness has had yet all we needed to yes yes yes. Art gets. Were real got yes a hit three identical envelopes and dance on a party or my son AJ we a party out of now now on where embryos. We're going to lake we're not gonna do that whole lake thing. There are actually acquire players like raw league thing that happens there on. Hoping that didn't pan am I am poised to clean Jerry needed right.