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Tuesday, May 16th

Buzz Briefs, Avocados, Trump, Russia, Haiku, Poetry, Tweets, HOA, Coheed, and more!


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I'll clear. Clearer crews and I eighties and Claire and you met. What's out crews are nominated Claire you know they aren't through golds is days in Burbank. I remember and or bad you are a very nice and easy and these driver he would do like those stories he had like there early middle of the night morning B from like three to six and he always be somewhere. Weird and interesting. And he died very young par eating contest doesn't start until nine there I'm. Further and I lady clear. Perez's Alice is sign off how I got to tell airing your horror. Collect these guys did it anyway hey you act what's gone on our own gaming Harry. Man. It's us on Twitter. Super funny. I got we're going to be talking about avocados and hopes. Beard of the avocado tell us now so most infuriating on this talk about the cut I asked a man I love on the patterns parents. And as I was listening to another radio states and as they're referring to where they were talking about. Was they were talking about celebrities like they knew them and specifically Katy Perry OK and it was daylight. We don't know it's gonna be doing the boys though rumors say in nominee can apparently allow our American Idol or Kandahar area. And announces it's got to come on live there let the anger all led. And I'm like I wanna die what is wrong with you the you talk about somebody like that like you know them or light. The the the voice vs American Idol is like life and death I like deep. Number one discussion that people are having right now is bad I disagree. I think a lot of people all here's the thing. I be if you think like that your jeans day person. Hey and beat hi I disagree area that you start like there's something mentally wrong a lot of people that that is a lot of mental illness that I might say that until now has really easy to diagnose it you're hanging on bated breath as well I Katy Perry is gonna go to the voice or American Idol. You have a mental illness that is undiagnosed yet that's just not any evening. I want to disgusting important. Now and it's not eaten anything already hot Rotella is imports are using. Curve and he could be amusing I don't watch the boys. It people I hope you understand that I have learn about ultimately meals all the color coast. Think not I do not recognize the plague sticking out of my own guy writes. I just feel like I can relate to have a moderate as far as it's not that different it's Sudan came out ahead as stupid perfect town and bring on the I. Has diagnosed mental illness so this attack. I'm very self aware jerks. But you know who is into job they've people they're sick. They really are I think that's what's missing from jeans debuted all know that. South Deborah K stand this self aware and hand and then you have me you have the last two years ago very much our organic. Your house is right place we're going to be a gene dampers and you're gonna be watching noise they're your marriage and I'm disappointed that Katy Perry chose the other shows that you. Hey this is gonna be what's rocked their world that aren't we she do this show and it would probably perhaps beer because she has a new album coming out she's using you know brag I thought it isn't exactly eighty carried does. It's like they're job is she has something debris out yeah that sit in she really break exactly see I think that's where. We would Mimi is because we're cynics. I don't realist I wouldn't say were cynical I think we're realistic but anyway I mean have a cottage out avocado tops. Idea delicious OK you know so. Yes there today. In an see here it in an interview with Australia's sixty minutes on Monday. Tim garner. A 35 year old Chris. Tim burger Tim burner. Real estate mogul Herman Barrett chairman Dan or Jim Turner they should start of the air real estate show. During dinner German turn our Jim garner Tim anger. But very high here we're so stupid. I don't get her out weird so astute. Once they jeetz dame person nannies is different slot I jeans day person is a person who gets excited by jeans day on Friday legged. So to reward the U isn't adults. Are bestowed the rights to where geez. And your war later corporation is so. Who wasn't your fault for allowing you know the low key guy. To Wear jeans you're company is lucky you show up to work. You sure jeans whatever you want you shouldn't be beholden to some and all I'm Dan I'm Charlie. I I don't know where we gave our freedoms not like businesses. I really daddy didn't do was crap to us right. You. KE NN sometimes the other thing is like head of everybody brings a dollar Lima beans number Arianna how. Are saying. And then sometimes he gets a real crazy like donate to a charity and they'll just be nice to give you jeans day period pizza bit pizza party jeans day day. And the people who people fall over backwards orgasm in when that happens and you should stay away from those people. Yeah. Hi Stewart kind of plays that have genes hated that it's and everybody is the author crowds so excited as the words are easy games. You. See all. On an exchange and more compete. I mean I'm wearing great Norman golfers right now. Some dollars and households because we adore her room I mean that's correct that's out every day hey you guys you guys can't take it back. You have the power is more you than all right then. No one stopping by you know who's gonna you know who's gonna hear is get a stab in the back are you seeing state people. Yes they well they well they've people ruin our anti union. I don't people get together and work for greater good geez they're people now doesn't get excited about genes say no I'm Scott I think there's difference. I'm stopping it managers who think they're bestowing gifts upon people you're crappy manager and nobody likes you. Some Laffey miseries and gene did this come when anchor rouge zoo with her rib gene. It now now where we're at GM. It's not a good comedy drugged up there eight days the end Han. Yeah you IE speed ahead. Yes that's dean seemed you've. It just because you partake in jeans day than your genes there correct is that jeans day it's your court it's all yes. Alan and I and set out what is that the reason. Very nice. Simmons a domestic does does every day genes into that man I testified last year do you listen listen this is posing the greatest country the world and you get excited can you get to Wear jeans. Something went wrong somewhere. He's talking about. How can understand and owns coughing. And lots of course is terribly excited about genes named pizza party is out. I have here that's what I'm saying I'm Scott if you're terribly excited about jeans day. We've got to re happy because. You've been lied to him. You have to hide Waldo like them or is Smith yeah this today you like the boys I like the voice he sometimes let Adam Levine. Smashes his hand down on that button a spins around dramatically I hate to cheer. AT and I now but now I went out and sit Maroon 5 years target amount yeah I heard my kids it and it's in the news how much you like it when Adam Levine turned his chair around dramatically for them or is I think Kenny Perry should join the boys lets kids are. American Idol is played it had to go to a different network combat. Right seekers as a 130. He's Dick Clark. When Dick Clarke died Brian secrets absorbed his essence. That's why Dick Clarke died. Simmons as these people feel them like they're sticking into a man and emerging now the managing glad they can do Wear jeans. Sexy thing. There and yet they think like you are given it to in my column think that they're doing is they're sticking it to and you can't stick it into what did figured they'd let you do it that. That's taken into it is learned some unauthorized socks under those genes so with that only G every day. Out of nowhere and nowhere near. You know but sometimes you get behind a laundry I understand that. Bare ass day bats against. It depends. Not I mean I think in general as a way to celebrate your freedom. Speaking of Maroon 5 I do I I'd I do have to do this story then because it came naturally I'm bumping and on a comatose for just the men and there's been entertaining who cares IRA high or higher power on this and I have and a Linear so passionate about Jeanne Yang. They even got me on board genes anecdotal that genes they have the sign of a place you don't wanna work you're interviewing somewhere and the woman or the man walks you through there and they go okay look at this and this is the break room and sometimes the word yet. Looks back in four shifty eyes. Changed staff. And everybody likes. He's like a different lately that every out the hotel corporate we can exceed the process. Didn't have. Made it a day Watson I genes dance day after the united meaning. Roof so Owens movie where they that's a stabler. Well office space opt Zynga. These days pretty much gone on molested him popular culture there and A half should not be. It should be lampooned frequently. And the people who think it's a motor Bayer should be lined up. And pelted with tomatoes in this city square. Speaking of Adam Levine memory and five they made the news that everybody thinks I'm gonna do that truck news about the hold tellem the Soviets top secret stuff although technically doesn't. He has about ability to declassify information I don't know how or tomorrow order among pretending to be a lot did you bring your job I can't speak to next. Right now I will later. But when I saw this yesterday. This is a store Carter page. Remember Carter made he now Carter page is the guy who's work for the trump like ten seconds. But he's like god paint he's rumored to be the guy who do win and secured the nineteen point 5% rose and FDL. Now that he's got terrible it giving interviews we've talked about it a couple of time he just fails. Is that the bald guy and AA iron. It's. Gay is he gay. I just don't know I kick well this might I don't know I hear anybody was out for summaries and I don't know breast I mean that's preempting and some announced anyway yeah he is he's very bad at its Ed. Interviews he's very very. Very very. Very bad and interview. Yes I do you remember him and it was because one of those interviews is I'm working toward the administration. I was I thinking now I mean he's really kind of just shouldn't work for them are they sin embargo them at all nobody really knows. Quite how Carter page wiggle his way into that. Many dead. Anyway hi got to play a clip from my his innocent Cooper of your really quick so we get re equated with Carter before I tell you a cart page plays regardless and done Maroon 5. And Maroon 5. For Christ's. Let's go up rocks. Stop playing video that you apparently the office had casual Friday and then. Until they're in his junior with the extra tight dress. You know which isn't which is meeting sites well let me let me ask you about that because you have said repeatedly that you were in meetings with the president Iwamura who were in Moscow in December of 2016. At a press you held a press conference in this but in headquarters. And you'd apparently two reporting you deny claims that you would never met Donald Trump during your time is advisor and he said. I've certainly been a number of meetings with him that well that it applies. I'm in a meeting in conference room around a table. You're now saying those meetings were actually rally that is listen if you look at the definition of meeting in. Did you start airing an exit when you look at it definitely is an immediate aid DeVon and I'm lying. You have idealized maybe the definition of jeans day. Okay so this is what happens. Carter pay stacked high. He's asking the Department of Justice. To release documents. Decade detail efforts undertaken by the it Obama administration to surveil him. And used her room five to make his case. He's dead. Or parodied ten months now why Maroon 5. Song you wanted to because I knew immediately woods when I wanted to be edit blogs I. Only know one learned fives aren't you know it's what the jagr line which oh moves like these guys are there who are really count now another just as the who are just that's the only one and I don't think that that is now 888 I mean he's used does have moved I really do would want it to me yeah I mean that I can't teaching and it is it is but unfortunately. It's not that one crack. I don't know if. Intelligence committee by a McConnell campaign advisor who claims he was the target the surveillance by President Obama. CNN chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto is here. Jim what are you learning. We kind of sharp review pay my music colorful review the Senate Intelligence Committee which we should note is led it's chaired by Republican Republican senator Richard Burr. Wrote a letter to a number of potential witnesses asking for records of their conversations and meetings with Russians. During the campaign Carter Paige who was identified by president trump as a national security foreign policy advisor during the campaign refused. But tell look at how we refused in that letter he wrote to the committee saying the following I suspect the physical reaction of the Clinton Obama regime perpetrators. Will be more along the lines of severe vomiting. When all the facts are eventually explodes regarding the steps taken by the US government. To influence the twenty. Sixteen election. Part of page did not supply and has not an interview supplied. Rihanna and the evidence as to what he bases this charge of US government's influence in the Torre sixty much of course he's flipping around there the investigations are Russian. Influence in the election I should note that as you'll remember president trump himself has also accused President Obama of surveilling him during the campaign. And it Carter pages and the only one that the Senate Intelligence Committee wants information from that's exactly right with his. Look what they say and I think it's harder to breathe. It's harder to brave is Ameren fireside Tamara five sought. I won't he's sad that the docket it's that the US department rises are crucial blob blob like your unbiased leadership and authoring to release this information can manifestly help prove how completely unjustified is entirely spun by the Clinton Campaign the Obama administration. Has been all along. Page one play even cited with a footnote do you do video of the popular Maroon 5. Song harder to breathe. A suburb blogger culture of accurately describes many of the matter is usurping the vast proportion of your time in America's attention given the primary focus of the mainstream media today. Like a little girl who cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams. Is anyone out there. It's getting harder. And her honor the very. I really huge human and bootlegged iron out. Remain much better yet anyways so the. At a campus. You have to say it again. It's fair you when I'm at genes. You mean it was great season. Went all the stuff comes out about his detects light I love this. Because of the assumptions that makes on me when all this stuff comes out from this your hero Obama is going to look like a loser in trump will have been bright though Danny and I am. There mats over the Obama I'm not. On love me and I'm not a Clinton fan I'm not an anybody Pannemon equal opportunity player hey everyone I just hate it but it's fine if thing go it's doesn't turn me sour note. It turns assaulting an act act salty sweet you know low. I think backs on. That is death mr. leopard. The G Jews the mile south seas we learned. I'm just singing I got the pieces yeah what song is mister I have to it and I requested your area making love from nine year dongle you're. Here being investigated. Let ocean southeast Asian am yet directly to your being investigated it yeah okay. You're letter from the senate saying gimme all your stuff yeah. You write a brief. What you'd do video. Ewing junior footnote to what leery do you close to prove your innocence to the American people guard race. Did Borough five hearted great little cliche don't like Brett. I do you Bakley totals pancakes. Lydia I disaster I was busy doing OK okay. I thought prepared case pancakes in pancakes pancakes look at my takes. Under oath. Does that mean. So much earnest others as you. Wow this really had that ready to go. That's impressive yet you. Want to generalize. On dude has is to their haven't actually found out I'm sorry. I didn't I didn't know you guys are going to be in her. He quoted Murrow room five. Morals I have he's being investigated. For treason and any quoted Maroon 5. I'm sorry you don't light the rabbit hole that is funny and let me bring in all around he's gene zippers and he'd Carter PH ER as. Do you know how he's daddy and his whole truck Russia Spain what happened why it's. Voting pattern pizza party for Russian ties. Editing that you know what Flynn. You know what Carter days Rex Tillerson you guys can Wear jeans to pizza party date still bloom. Yeah Obama didn't have jeans day. He had mad dad gains they had that brown sued Dick let us not forget that that was terrible Obama needed energy that's needed he had he had terrible Obama had bad GM bad G not only is he not my hero he had bad genes death. In nice from for a I would agree you know it wasn't really fair though you got like mad props for like having out for that one down rampant as I've managed actually I was crazy idea out here I don't know why air I think our guys besides he'd keep going unless. She knew he's an energy drink and Edgar are flat like OK well anyway he got mad credit for his speech by the but only because compared to the other presidents that have been around flood threats. I mean they're like he is now. He had George Bush. Yeah as little. Without them we never sound of his shirt out probably for good reason too little and I and he was yeah I had bug secretly. How things I say well George Bush is buff. We'll let it rip like literally rim player. Or rip and lobby. I'm glad they didn't he have I'm gonna make it. If if if if if if if if it. A blank arbor is our rock is not front probably find barrister. That was fun I could time camrys and I volatile al-Qaeda exposed and it can my guy can't wait to get come out I want there and it's I cannot tell us. New music. Bleachers. I don't think the money. Or take the money. I mean I'd I'd I'd like it lungs don't compromise your principles that you take the money for. And what they emphasized a daunting dominates don't take money kept only bleachers clearly. He does anybody now but he took it at some point he took the money so the money it is easy to say don't take the money we have well you have the money yeah. Yet when you don't have the money it's not easy just Satan don't take the money you take the money. Mark. Our twenty money take the mining into. And for high V idealism and out there. Mark loves I really need to partner up. Parkland likes to endorse highly mark quantity of the mr. hire me he I've never met anyone that loves I mean more than mark now he does love that he loves his heels in his car I locally monetary marvelous ivy app. I X we Adam I want via these tests again I can't knock them. As I'm not getting it. Bradley paid for I could do it right right right right it's not a math and they don't pay you anything and now they gimme now thing. Except for fuel cards in your loyal to them. He knew. You love that I Taylor Marty doesn't want mining as a nanny and I and I always tell you as a stand that he likes his chance and an airline that plated vest songs they did today did you are OK I gotta say that they pay them I think it is listed OK okay I have a confession snapped by the way there I while waters I went there. Then I need to finance I did I win and and I was like OK I'm uncomfortable because I think this is really nice it's very it's as they wow I've. This is the interiors so far as rival quick trip. But the question is how Kaiser bath. Cancer is a real nice and best singles I went in there and Jeremy is the eye and I I don't or call if there was no Lizzy journal their for the mentally she can show up if you go to another area yes. There's single day after this I did and the Aggie glad to share does think one person one after a satellite when he money out. I don't because if you do damage as I Jenna animals I was having and I hear not waiting what anyone out if you give it your. If you have a bad one on one and one out and somebody's waiting it's a stressful moment when you did you make that choice you like you like here ago. Stereo gonna open the door walked out like nothing is wrong nothing bad just happened in here. Right 0123. Black shape. And I don't like the wonder why I like the cover of the multiple it seems funny because I am alone erotic I'm saying I prefer like you get a lot what you. If you really get away with something you do it in a crowd. You don't do it justice is standing by yourself as soon. I now it's you know on a dry tension jeers out so after I wash my hands I ran I would drink station Ellington to put myself there is to train station. Right on an audience Matt Danny and assign and by the drink stations says. Unlock. Your inner mix master. And I'm looking at that banner and I'm like OK I'm game. I'm ready to go slow locked up get a cup against the big styrofoam cup their star from their live large 44 outs are from cops. And I fill up with a Coke syrup and I go for the spice of Pepsi because they have a bunch of flavors. Independent novels for the flavors there right. And it's not like the acute T old school one that you push in it looks all fancy with an early days. And is right in front of ice dispenser I'm like oh it must come out of the ice dispenser. I thought I stick the cup under there and oppress the cherry Biden. And cherry just goes all over my hand there. And the woman at the counter here last thing here is the hub bub and she looks over in my government there. Such failed and unlocking my inner makes master how I have a giant massive sticky scary everywhere write a killer didn't react fast enough. To not make a horrible mess. So it'll wipe the pub downwind and I had a story is continuing my guy you're telling me today ads she looks at me and I say I made a mess over there. I want that in our market play the market the path I cleaned it up but it's going to be sticky I'm sorry I can did you go back to the bathroom to wash your hands no I just. His lab is shaky cherry James signature it. IV northern seller. Out of Connors they do sell a konduz and. I agree creating generous guy Gemma yeah there I do want a vitamin water by the way. Yeah that's fine I'll take a bite him on I'm anti by the Nolan not at all by itself. They're explode yesterday before the trump precious stuff happens. We'll do that later it's not I mean it's just more sentiment in an. It's not really it's a huge state. Alone he is is that we had I don't know that forget forget forget Arctic cat can check out GAAP OK a Melbourne property moguls is the dream of owning your own home is still possible so long as members of Generation Y. AKA millennial date cut back on. Unnecessary spending and pour lifestyle choices. Tim turner. Tim Kerner has almost half a billion dollars to his name told sixty minutes that people wanting to get into the Australian property market. Simply need to really in their unrealistic expectations and start saving. OK so let us join this guy in parts. As a personal fortune with almost half a billion dollars. He started with nothing but teams is expensive city housing isn't anything news. And that he's generation. Needs to stop waging. And stop cited. Morales took I don't know in jeans and Australia had an item as Arnold combined smashed avocados and often bucks and full copies of portal literature that's real the people actually young people. Actually end up to spending their money and then went to that effect I county into the property there's no question it's real well think until we generally she realizes that. The people look on how times tonight you worked very very hard for its site every don't want. Did everything I could to get up the property let it monthly remarkable investment property first you must have to share with non veggie monster ball with a friend. Did you go to get your foot in the door and go slowly get up a lot of. You gotta stop beating out a cots. You guys stop buying and mashed avocados for twenty dollars. Economic Qaeda. Nash are got to say yeah before I get into the New York Times fact checking of B out of Colorado article because that's where we are in this earth. We have the technology. To send this chaos for crashing to the surface you're Jupiter going to Morales and I've got a chance. What do you mean. I just didn't know we are gonna down this road this is the avocado -- I know but I thought it would be a different story about how to contact us millionaire to millennial stop buying out of products host if you want to buy a home this was the topic yesterday. About out of arrogant about out of ought to tell us on Twitter on Twitter. First saw avatar does not nineteen doctors look clearly that we getting in the fact checking I just wanted to point out like I hate this being that we do now. Where we let people safe beings. There are anecdotes. They have no basis in reality but because it sounds pretty good at it up yourself eating those nineteen Della avocados means complaining when aging. Waging okay. We using the whining complaining. But like where you can say that even though it's not true for example because in the universe is hilarious the New York Times Israel and the cost you four bucks a pop. Roy is actually more than that right is rock almond coffee costs mean as closer to sex acts mean. And it's. In Australia. It is far right snow I don't know I resist curiously as you can you understand my costs OK I don't know these change trade my cost for my copy is fives of the okay. Sapphire why. Ray and I have to have it and make it is say I'm an addict and it's yeah. Their take take my monies are vaccinated they did a good amount and he's not wrong a good amount of my money in 'cause our rights and that's that's just a fact tonight is okay well a bit BC you know what though you are susceptible to this argument even though it's not real. Like it for you you can do that math in your head like LA it's Xbox there's something to it may be. But in New York Times really did kind of go through this again and and pointed out so what BC I think other generations that have flat right OK look bad act confidence out to Syria which is a quarter you do and the other generations thing because right now that I'm just Leon there's steadily out of me now like I'm I spend a small fortune you know I'm saying is our top SeaWorld thereby locals. You need to suppress that hurt you need to suppress that cell. He's seven hours trying to buy my first home I wasn't buying smash of a Kato for nineteen dollars and four copies of four dollars eights. He said it where the plane expected. I'm a little lovable dog company. Here's as tough millennial Zelaya was so now it's on Twitter as youth so he said Brent 800 dollars student loan 500 dollars health insurance 300 out right medicine 100 dollars out of pattern does zero dollars. But I'll I just must be educated maligning maligning wreck. In fact research actually suggests that people from eighteen to 34 a group often referred to as colonials are no more freewheeling with those spending on travel and dining and other generations. And it would take a lot of skipped avocados to put a dent in the heavy cost of part ownership. Which is not always a prudent financial goal. According to food institute which annoys Bureau of Labor Statistics expenditure data from when he fifteen. People from 25 to 34 spent on average 3000 dollars eating out data for this age group through the decades sovereign available over the Bridgeport indicated mr. spent. 305 more than people from 55 to 64 a group that encompasses some baby rivers and 89 dollars more than overall average. So 89 hour mark it's not much difference this new generation right. The truth is even able colonials assumed to be eating out habits of baby boomers it would take a 113 years before they can afford a down payment on a home. Assuming its way percent down payment on the price for on the United States and others say Dublin are DMI. It's not mess up out of there were painfully dollar parts house it's in our burritos exit polls late jerk. Clock as extra yeah you using the block think that deters a completely on his head he's right. Comedy how I that the car of the year do we spend. On Glock a Malayan chipotle. I don't have extra greater than Michael Bradley is off. Yeah and Reggie ball comes when you have a that's nasty and it's pretty and nothing that you of all I need is really exists. And necessary for life so. There's really not and and I'm sustaining you say potato potato. 118 estrogen. He hires style not to. Honestly I can't family. And how to pay for those twilight and I flat lights. Just buy a bag of potatoes from all day and I. Ayalon on I pursing actually don't really care what some out of touch rich guy says from Melbourne Australia I would love to virus strain it's not near me it's it's it's hotter in the way. Right or China or Italy this is a if if we had grown based coffee yes and I had been leaders in drone base copy on occasion. I. Loved colleague coffee and has delicious. Called it colleague foreign oil onto land itself but I know I know these tests probably it's probably change in there. I iced latte so that it's like thick and of course. At a now it's delicious eyes and yet it's it is just thank you heard shrink in that coffee in his yummy. So that petty would you say it chug in Bangkok then I tried not tried. I tried to you savor every cent. Pennsylvania I don't chat and you aren't as as an error makes me nuts deaths. I will read my coffee. I like to savor. That sent in my money worth and I covered. And even my Value Line. I AM going to think you know count. You do and then you know you do that you started doing and I feel like we should have talked about this. I tell you right here Cooper because there's so much left in antelope call. The retirement ever Simmons so lets you got a microwave it. How much do you sit and an average set like nothing. But a bit like this yeah. I dug us into. At the moment because it tastes okay. Climbing class. Spread that yemenis throughout the morning Yahoo! yeah. And then you go by Noah. Later in the day later is there some more news of the more that usually leads to. Well they know that's the avocado controversy fabulous show some guys said that in the Internet was when I am upset. Picking colonials get past. Because everyone's mind that's correct. It's like wait a minute it's that's like it would if we can't blame the minority group hasn't been around a long time. For how bad the world is we're not in charge of it quite yet have. Sorry we don't wanna buy your products. The way that you wanna advertise them to us and I mean where the root of all evil. It means you have cried like I'm now intends to I think colonials are kind. Kinder GAAP mostly. With the same night generation and it doesn't act and because of by the boomers yeah to have absolutely attacked our ability to earn wages and stop it now. I don't think money so you know what he that I did is say as I like I don't Asia I just let me got to tie. He's Islamic confidence and support comments as sort of the Bastille are avocados. I help you there's an avocado famine. And we can't get our rob our blog Emily on Archibald like bullet kills the caring so much debt. We have to pay because shortly just like it that whenever clearest path cap so much so months for what so we can go to some. Place of work that undervalues and under pays us and operas jeans day once a month out. Andy has to bottom. So you know what. Let's eat our avocados on toast. Point 47365. And I know mark as access a page that. Are easy Kansas six Hariri continues an amendment. Calling Cambridge tonight and we have tickets Merck. Totally out. Her I they're doing the whole album and I don't know which find their album titles are so long. There's always Roman numerals I get confused. It for me it's the burning line it's still in the burns. Now normally I burning but sometimes during his time. It upon earning our four lines arrogant volume and I'm not Iran about the titles. Or their numbers. They tell a story. And then comic book with some of the area. Pretty they do all of them. You know our resident co heap and is is Stephanie. She's with me into Korean. The way. To San away indicated no way RA. Danny Noonan points going an oral. I don't know how do the complete it's program. I don't know how many we have so we'll do before 10 o'clock that's for shop. 'cause shows tonight at the Midland tickets still available view when the purchase them. Mangini that's gone on. Load you know stuff. That kinda stuff kinda you know who this is a little wacky stuff happened yesterday that was kinda like. I got a notice on my phone. From. Apple news. Yup and normal A I'd just. I like why don't I take the time to turn these notification right I agree it that's it seems to be kind of you know yes how my my interaction and with apple news. Bands. Its ads. Trump gave top secret Intel to the Russians during the meeting in the Oval Office right. And I went. Her cruel. The app and then do need not say he could. He can hit well OK so let me I what happened here that that let's do this let's do it why why why why Revver I let's have the news duet. Hacked OK I. Think he. Out of place to put it. We'll have the news do it because that is probably the best way to intro this story. But leaders there ago. And he gave away some information and the way it was described. By the Washington Post that video ready tightlipped about bottler I tell you what is happening here. Why is there commercial playing on the page. I hate you. Every honestly act that he revealed classified highly clock here the Washington Post that president trump during that meeting with the Russian foreign ministers area. Block Rauf and the Russian ambassador Sergey. Closely act that he revealed classified highly classified information you're kidding those Russians that during that Oval Office meeting and apparently has something to do with code word information. They came thorough. A US ally about intelligence regarding the Islamic state that is all we know. At this point in terms of what the Washington Post is reporting now we can't tell you wolf that within the last hour of the national security advisor HR McMaster a walk by reporters in the press area of the west wing. He was peppered with questions about all of this and he essentially told those reporters. To the effective but this is the last place I wanna be right now. And many walked away from those reporters Dick Wolf we have were repeatedly asked the friend. Now that was HR McMaster are. And who later gave a statement saying that that didn't happen as reported which it was an interesting comment add in there. So basically. He told him they said like code word. Intel like all good news people like to use. The terms without explaining that I don't know what's happening right right right right category aren't in town right right right let me just Easter from the Washington Post. And who told the Washington does that this our whole bunch of people who also the Washington Post printed at first. And then the New York Times confirmed the story. Using different sources and then Reuters confirmed the story using different sources I am aware of that senate confirmation timeline that this is being. Reported by multiple news agencies multiple source. That this did occur. You're White House tonight circling the wagons saying this story is false. With two former officials knowledgeable about this at a pace that is that the story was false I was Don lemon on CNN last night okay well at the open up your Twitter account right now. And you'd type in Donald. Sage from management and Donald Trump who can now be tagged and patterns and he says there. He's he's you know he allowed he said as president is our member this is the White House staff last night Betty. White House staff wasn't White House tonight circling the wagons saying this story is false. This is Donald Trump two hours ago on Twitter. As president I wanted to openly share with Russia and an openly schedule White House meeting which I have the absolute right to do facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety humanitarian reasons. Plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fighting as ice isn't terrorism. I am. So well last night delegates well the right Marty is like I did it break. Yeah if you're seeing yards did it. Europe now not much information is yeah whoever they gave us that Intel long wanna show that Intel again because it was like you know. But again he may have the right allies scholar I'm not saying anything about anything just kind of but very else anyway. It just like her email sick it is funny that flight information security image. Use the wrong computer was was that allow casino and I don't know I mean look it's highly intellectual person. Vera how popular candidate. Our area and Mary I am very very very very it seems as though at day when you see everything about the email stuff it was very stupid. They did that and that's a that's dumb but he was the key being a god generalize and security right there was like cadillacs and. And it is just kind of funny regardless of how you feel about it and the other thing is you know I I just. We need do these. These. Classified. Top secret debriefing things is supposed to do them in a secure facility first of all. You're not supposed to have a Russian media president was also it's very adjusting to the American meeting with media was allowed in the meeting where they disclose classified information and the right time. Have rushed and and I understand that perhaps the president does have the right to declassify information whenever he wants and that he is the President Obama legal scholar. I'm just a Monday Morning Quarterback looking at the situation and everything else going on and from an optics standpoint alone and I love using that word optics. You Lancelot and he's saying. It really does look terrible I mean if there's no fire there is so much smoke. Yeah. Why would you do that if you were trying to not impugn the credibility of the office of the pres the United States this isn't about being anti drug is about being an anti bad leader I think. I do have a haiku if you own a computer expert on it. If you are just Cheney and and has been listening for awhile then and and mark has taken to writing hike is a downtrodden. Announced for Dayne is done. The anger us done. Ari what is it 5:7 I am sorry I killed. A Donald Trott. From Merck. Stop with the excuses. You are a trader worst. Idiot that. As again I care about mark I know I think mark by the way I thought it was I may comment. I was like hey. Markets. Radical. He really has it's taken Donald Brown he's hardening a little bit his finger on nobody's doing it via high cure alleged makes it not exact no they aren't and it's sayonara is did you not ours. Here in art did. He just went on a Twitter app I might choose to Donald Trump and I think. I saw him doing a week it was week last night has Segui and they put my head tweet on Huffington Post that's why it would. Are. You got on top asparagus again some between it and then I switched two eats. Did you retreated from the buzz again it's now. Why not I. Let's think for your permission to just yet. You're going yeah because I mean ads and how Paris. I feel I can I figured he was and how speak agreed to meet. We would like to see they did Ashton weak side it has ten week cruise that we others though have certainly downtime between the word we and then deleted a couple of minutes later but we became like I had Sharon had Harry it's gonna happen it doesn't have Donald proper Barack Obama UT we and then you delete it's going to be Ares I did hatch saying share. That says that we've. Would like to see a letter similar to this one signed by opponents 45 the sooner the better and it's Richard Nixon's resignation. And that outposts. And they use might Sweden about. Eight others. In an article all about job that we are so you then how does right with a tweet yeah I mean several. Har could barely got there an ad there. Your barrel unless LA areas where he had to do the parent I think the only one to judge them. Then quickly trust because I'm pretty sure you remember nine minutes let's not pretend you to our member of the joints and made top dogs twinkies I mean we can't yet I think he was up posts and had a that was an article no no no no no needle it is into lead to. And today show. Number I did today for the twinkie. Yet as good time. Anyway well done market John are you. Always felt good today are those where you gotta you. Like will you don't incarcerate busting out the Dick Nixon yet resignation letter. You know was in an IQ swarm now this. This scene and that. Our mornings news they are not passing that tiger is it I now did they could be a thing now hide his eye could see I'm 75 well I both can I just say like is as late at one time I think the Huffington Post was pretty okay online and it really is just become the new salon dot com is a sometimes it's just too much right it's just too much is lack of case. Are rightly liberal rant than a minute I can vote on about first thing it's okay sometimes you just have to tweak Newton. I ask you guys are doing to allied allied his Brazil highly intellectual seriously very disappointed with the guys is going to accept Hillary Clinton was highly un electable. She did go like that. Now granted there is outside interference there is a lot of fanfare is patent and I I think you're kidding. I mean I'm kind of unity she really is unlikable. I disagree I like turn. I I mean I will say I'm not a very early and I burned for Bernie I'm I've I'm like I'm over donor Bernie's really just peed all over is likens legacy. There's a metaphorical PB tape of Bernie after after the election. And it's really sad you know I think you get a taste of that celebrity a little bit and it can corrupt yeah. And you're on AM I don't think Bernie but anyway rob and I just think it's funny mock Bernie. Man Bernie late Bernie how Bernie does some weird stuff sometimes and he's really not like they hero everybody body was for a minute. When he probably I don't like him as I matter I mean I I think am I allowed to failure. Is idol I mean look if progressive like me is like I don't like Hillary Clinton. And it's that I don't like that Clinton's idol like bill either ran things for dear Greg thanks for crappy Internet. Thanks for the mortgage bubble bra. He was surreal neo liberalism is the worst it's going wore our wrists. Is that is a crazy lilies they stand for something others now this so and they stand for the agrees. It's basic to it. We're all sterilize the black demand majority of Americans. Could play Tex I don't absolutely have yeah I assume you also didn't campaign in Michigan. And then seven houses for the first time memory didn't vote Democrat because Hillary Clinton I mean it's it's it is she was polarizing can we at least say that I would agree that she was like if we drop all the jokes in the street sense can we say that she was I certainly. A polarizing she is in this country has a problem other women. Well certainly we do sounds certainly we and it's hard to say that she was polarizing as we do have issues of the women and being that where one as I know my come matter Andre is that I have yet to elect tour and no I I've my income from mine does not come from her being a woman at all I know your mind that comes from her being a good I think Clinton. I think part of a lot of teeth fall out. M I don't like I don't like dynastic families in politics period I'd I don't like it I don't like it John Ashcroft is once again the Missouri attorney general and here are sorry about. The rest of thank the rest today it was just the thing that happened and that well done mark. Mean without I can do in every tweet and and the mansion and helped us me. Anything. 575. I Sar rating hike is mark. You're inspiring me embarked Iran Iraq is these are going to be about ouster of that. What are you know with girls going away. We need a new Lena Dunham. I'm ready you ready you are right you could write you to do you do your sex within your boss just like that I have it and I just sort of lying. Yeah. It's private dogs or delays or me see. Express itself correct something desist letter and now I'm into the void he had nothing wrong with that not sharing it that he lineup. You know maybe one and you watch dog with the blog now why can't you really should it's about a dog who has applied and got applaud her. It's pretty entertaining half sister her private life. I feel better. Whatever it takes man. Whatever it takes is let it all hang out yeah get it out there I'm really upset but that that went in funny direction we are at a tiger about gender rights. That. I really wanted to get into it may we can do it in a little bit if we have time. Or maybe we could save for tomorrow homeowners. Vs developer fighting for control of an age no way you know there's some good homeowner associations. Rahman. I hit into our own man play anymore though developers are HO ways. That the top line. I don't developers did I rallied showing now developers are rich because they think they have power. A major us. There's a definite do because you give it away to them. H a way to handle identity and a national letters as he easel who craved power that's weird to me many Trump's tone because they don't really many rock nobody has ever gone into NATO way and taking control and been like. And corrupted with the power that comes with NATO. Repeat I could do mark. One more time did you drastic remembers a rug and five. It's Moroccans. Is getting it. Are you you are getting. Donald and give us your 575. To stop with the excuses. You are a traitor worst. Idiot test. Any time you say stop. What I ghost jobless Dylan coz I'm about the road and I I do and I am now on these damn I started singing another sign on duty on March there was and how do you. Idiot American idiot. That's pretty well when he's in the ways sat eightieth. That don't wanna IBM mail to Jean me. Didn't stop with the excuses your trainer worst idiot the bat. Can he says India. I know I'm doing is Jeremy. We're. Being long been one thing. As animals on the buzz coming to town in June. Along with mics now Saturday. June 10 at Providence medical center and computer. Tickets available and ice for the NASDAQ com part of our buzz under the stars. Very excited to see them and are also going to trade June 12. From railroad track thing for more. Fly Spirit Airlines. Not an ad. And not a man I wish she were an ad down are right Danny yeah. I'm ready you ready for this. No I think this is now I don't think sound. We should always you know he'd dare stand in denting their identity after this okay this aren't I saw on channel 41. I'm just gonna read headlines we're going is blind together but I tell you this is gonna be amazing Arsenio and now a story residence. Developer. Fight for control of the nasal way with 300000. Dollars stuck in limbo. Control of HO way and 300000. Dollars at stake bonus. My favorite in town reporter. Your favorite. Service you never get. Homeowners in north canvassing neighborhoods say that's exactly what's happening to them yet and now they're in a bitter dispute with the homeowners association reported what action news investigator in the outside. A deeper into the case. That dispute is so nasty the developer has created a joy present. I've never heard any anti Al cop he's so good he is so good I love Lisa do you like a favorite. Report it and yeah yeah we don't have any we just had like we easy you know we kinda had like people that we would talk to. Because I don't really know any remember like Eric Shillue yeah I love your excellent feature. Can air Shillue buying yen buying you become a lot and as she left he's he's he's got she's on something suggest. And Amy Anderson and we seem to know a lot of cctv five people sir I don't really now or you want I mean I wanna get to know any outcome. Who is Louisiana DL guy out when he's not reporting who is Selig what is the eye to eye that he enjoys a nice Arnold Palmer. He looks like entire experience. Because I enjoy a nice Arnold Palmer. As iced tea and lemonade right answer is imminent and delicious American during could tell you what the. And felt the need to hire off duty sheriff's deputies to protect him against homeowners at a meeting we tried to attend this request that you guys are gonna end because it's a private meeting. And preserve the building's private property and off duty clay county sheriff's deputy denied 41 action news entrance to the. And violate that I didn't really guide that deputy I he's like in the worst position in the news people are here and there is bar here our team got hired for this dispute you know probably Smart to keep tensions down. And the news people are here I'm like he really he knew he was he knew what he had to stated and that he probably news is gonna happen if you asked. Hire an off duty police officer Aaron your opinion. And yeah yeah I just think in most people's opinion if you have to hire an off duty police officer things are out of control things are skyrocketing. You guys need Janus organics. And everybody needs. Alex Thomas day or leading when our class is being yet he needs not the needs an essential player all make it girl c.s but is that a body is man it's just for a little bit of its hanging tree just. Just say give back cannot. Chocolate Koppel relieve homeowners association. It's like instead homeowner Chad Elliott shot video of the meeting called by the man in the plaid shirt. James Peterson and Peterson is copper released developer and president of one of the two disputed HO way boards the purpose of the meeting was to vote on denying Elliott's and others who challenged Peterson's authority access to copper leaf amenities including the pool clubhouse and walking past even though they still have to pay for it every month we tried asking Peterson's attorney about it before the meeting started why you don't have to people who live here. Yeah we're happy to give you a statement at. After the meeting okay. And eat your pressing need is really pretty rude I think it's very difficult for a new enforced we don't really recognize him as an official board some homeowners say Peterson wasn't maintaining it and I understand I'm trying. Is it official. And I original. This amount of hair real problems out there you tap all of those people and now homeowners are you. I mean but you know what those like honestly would it sounded like was that they are being denied access to things that they have to pay for right there on the infuriating no matter what I agree ire ought to either in the properly and this probably is a very you know accidentally lose so why is that guy in charge La I think I disease hospital. Well and raised H oh wait fees for no reason they say for example security at the pool is lacking and showed us this door with wires hanging out they raise their their concerns and then he just doesn't address them frustrated some homeowners circulated this petition designed to target Peterson's authority and he was signed by more than hamper the homeowners and it here hey Joseph wait or was elect dizziness. Does that suit calling it an attempted coup he also points a Mark Andrews now op. They sued because nobody wants you on a board. Now he's nobody likes hero and call that an attempted to court statement and is now on the putter why do we know financed by trying to take over the age show way then Peterson called our march meeting his first attempt to deny access of copper leaf amenities to homeowners who challenged him when the judge ordered him not to hold the meeting Peterson simply drop the lawsuit. And did it anyway at this April meeting why did you drop your loss and we're not gonna stand on camera you're not gonna interview me I'm not and it does mean we made multiple requests to speak into their hands upon us to Peterson on camera but he refused off camera Peterson told a CS. I mean I feel like that the blanket statement everybody should feel having been deposed. That you're not gonna depose me I mean I. Understand that feeling he has right there. You're not gonna do about you remember that it deposition. I yeah I know we are actually gonna happen is somebody that feeling of composure. Yeah now we learn now that had so worried composure ray when you feel deposed. Are you letting industry there's a guy. I forty votes breach of eight undeveloped properties he owns for a total of 320 votes more votes than if all 300 copper leaf homeowners voted against democracy moved out of the courtroom and out here into the clubhouse where he can kind of be gave likable but Peterson says other developers do the same thing to protect their interests however now with control of copper release eight Jo away in dispute all local bank has frozen more than 300000. Dollars of dues homeowners have paid so no one can use it as a result Peterson says he can't pay is vendors like the people whom all the grass. Owners tell us when Pearson's suit was still active they offered to let the court take care of the H away money including the bills would Peterson refused. Instead Peterson has sent this letter to each homeowner with a 400 dollar assessment that covered those bills. The homeowners who have challenged him received this letter with a 3000. Dollar assessment to pay for mounting legal costs. I'm investigator NER Cox 41 action news. But bottom line any out kotsay did a DM's treasure. In he's trying to become a dictator. He's got he's Jim Jon Cohen. It's your right it enclave how nice it is. I need you know I mean I have no comparisons aside yeah I'd be alive it's. It's gotten out of hand and everybody needs to take a step back. And happy and content and John you have to tearfully you have a you have me you have Dick chair and I thought our daughter is do you have a nice place to live. You know I really nice days and Lara and you should have access to stop and an in App Store and I understand how. Frustrating ordeal that both side fall under dictators. Ten satiric. But I think it is funny. LA I understand though I understand we you feel like somebody's trying takes on the way for me and do it wrong when you wanna do it a certain way and they were way way way way way way. I'm just saying I see how the Hatfield and mccoys can have been. But everybody's getting those guys are bullying everybody needs is Vegas as I'm saying every happiness guys say about playing T ball and realize that the homeowners association was doing pretty well it has 300000. Rounds. No deposit. 300000 and assets that the bank was able to hang out and maybe maybe maybe cooler heads to prevail and we could stop this nuns that they should remove him from now any offense and win Allah and the Al pot is force aways his journalistic chops on this. Walt deeply informative feel like City Hall goes uncovered. And I'm really want you guys the layoffs so that anything goes view other stories that are off it's more reading and he is a resource than it is about the homeowners' illegal bachelor. He's saying there are trying to do a pure. And oh my god from our homeowners. Homeowners association and as your president. Give you a statement after the meeting. Okay and he you're pressing me is really pretty rude I think it's very difficult for me again to four I don't really recognize him as an official board some homeowners say Peterson what excited dancing gallegly. And maintaining top relief well and raised H oh wait fees for. The curb their concerns and then he just doesn't address them frustrated some homeowners circulated this petition designed to target Peterson's authority it was signed by more than half the homeowners and a new age away or was elected Peterson sued calling it an attempted coup he also points a Mark Andrews court's statement admitting he took the law into his own hands by trying to take over the HO way then Peterson called a march meeting his first attempt to deny access of copper leaf amenities don't. A lot of economy enemy like access the dinner and the man who worked out all right wow and they act is crazy. Homeowners who challenged him when the judge ordered him not to hold the meeting Peterson simply drop the lawsuit. And did it anyway at this April meeting why did you drop your loss and we're not gonna stand on camera you're not gonna interview me I'm not and it does mean we may not get into. Guys I believe in minimum depose her a policy of minimum to publisher. And a blanket non disc the composure claws I'm tempted to his intent accusing NATO ways. It's interesting stuff this is a movie that this should be you're you're on the air talking about this UBS have broken many there's 300000 dollars at stake so there is there is that's there's there's a little bad does this and I iris yeah there's the treasure. And like maybe there's you know that we have our. And Jonah Hill. Go ahead and they plot. To take over it so it is actually a canoe even though they're doing it on as a farce because they want access to the 300000 dollars for it so it's a heist movie. We think I like Kent yeah we Zack Ephron. As the developer. Okay and Seth Rogen is my name guy basically about the care that these neighbors theory let me have a good story having the when he Colin. Protagonist. Antagonist. The protagonist yet Brezec and as you know is a story there there's a good there's conflict and a red. Alerts you. Don't worry you know I did that then Federer into my head where they. I'm Matt Damon your Ben Affleck all right good well on this matter Jeremiah OK. You're totally about AFLAC. I I'd Simeon attacks I made a great point we're talking about my fear of where any. And that they did has signature though I didn't mean. To not mention GO it's just that was about it now as an Indy star I would rave about Joseph chartered to. And we met Joseph chatter out now nobody is. Is his stories. Are. Memorable. Are. Tonight cutting Jean Marie outplay the middle it. We should do it daily India out cocker Joseph Joe's story. Counting the airport and I. Oh. I is my gas side are now I feel they do their I don't have been burning the Midnight Oil. EV. They don't sleep all the feds are burning. Norman at the camp and I don't have pyramid. Soon. Yes yes and then they're learning and all right Kelly denied collars thirteen 1415. To act until March cents cough I 76 and a 965 you have to talk to America. He has to get your information. And I ask you to please be able to think of the tickets before because of that mountain which is 530 and and then hopefully you'll enjoy coming gamer and a commitment by mark DM a closing thank you for our show yes. What we did today M hi K I 75 people. Jeans day and pizza. IV and now account. Dom dom and show us.