Afentra's Podcast Tuesday June 13, 2017

Tuesday, June 13th

Duality, Buzz Briefs, Russia, Meatballs, and more!


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You think that morning good morning name's Andrew detainees here mark this year coming up in the eight ball challenge out the other balls. Freeney balls here. And and maybe a chance and Portland shirt drying his. So meat ball challenged down and I got into an argument. About who makes better meat balls because we're ridiculous. Will be cooking starting at 8 and 9 o'clock and you're welcome change. Outs side of the station and drier meet Apple's app. As you want it they'll last. As his meatballs lack. As long as they sell aspect enjoy army Rees Jones are wary since you wanna follow along and he spent we have is a client and a cash and we just it was your idea. Sound yeah. I want you to play that's in plenary think that it plan is. I'll get there doesn't and right now geragos again shot and there are last. Is the world's high and it's fair in New York earlier in and that's piano on the world side is found right wage you know how. Fabulous evil ways smarter than. And a panel will it's titled. Hot pondering the imponderables. The biggest question of cause of cosmology and. And they had on various gas and Perry and they had an eighth email as well only one on the panel and and hot and she is a. Erratic physicists. Are right and humid today. It's. They asked her questions today. And that wouldn't let her answer course okay kept getting talked over all right so a little man explaining gets you involved in physics. Rights and and I'm down and one from the audience and he's saying let her finish speaking here ER ROK you're ready. Each year on from a field theory believing it lowered its infected can think of it this living on the bombed city. Off the space time that the granite and it's. And disbelief more generic more generally with studying black holes that any theory of gravity has this holographic. Nature to it that you can include all the information that's happening in such as you. We Delaware dimensional. Dealing with us. Haven't heard of up to its if you could only see the shadows on the wall you couldn't reconstruct everything that was going on at the cocktail party in the room right. But that with some striking out not elite yeah just doesn't guarantee quality is that. There's enough information. Start. Oh yeah. That always happens. I talk too much and you've got knocked him. It's no ha ha ha ha now style it was thought it was a person in the audience. Yelled out yeah letter finish please app. That posted Nvidia I was pissed issues also the one that shot and out letter finished its. As laugh now I'm letting me finish every sentence I. No news out we talk to each other and we tried to be respectful and stock up. But someone was asking your specific question and trying to answer questions you do what Tony and we might have a tendency to do. Here are it and it was a very exciting questions it wasn't for army air and being black holes that. The universe there on out here you didn't let her fan and and people are calling its access. Is I mean that guy kind of seems like. He likes to talk and like you know this is like the world science fairs like this is his time this is he like look at me I'm gonna be the guy on the panel that's awesome rates. It's possibly was a little lamb dobbs but also not letting the woman speak because he's secretly on the inside doesn't realize it feels like he give a better answer than she could never cut per. I mean she's a pretty well educated as a says yes I'm so she also wrote something about it she commanded the lady for screening out. Let her finish. She said it was inspiring. And that she was glad that many of those inspired sure they're gratitude with her. Hahn and the subject of the incident she felt that it was not based on sexism. Rather than the guy wise. Just very exciting. You may be amazed to hear it but this during this panel session I genuinely do not feel affront to discriminate by the moderator is behaviors seem more amusing to see him try to posing a question in a way. That at the same time tried answering it. We're. She's like maybe I'm naive. I simply gave them the benefit of the doubt that he was so excited. By the newly learned idea of duality of and he couldn't resist the. Things I might have occurred had the panelists Dana mail instead of me. So it didn't bother me as a cheese everybody's excited about this new league duality very tickets you sell and stuff you can't stock market. It. Now I guess. If she's not there yeah out a lot of feeble or not then he can't and I like and she's like maybe I am. Maybe I wasn't there I don't know if he arrived at every one. I'm gonna guess he did it in play because maybe the other person Sudan. But it has sent him an erupting the males as well. All man and I just learned about mine matter duality theory. There goes my afternoon. Meanwhile challenged cast edgier Rawls. Trier meet and 9 o'clock you're welcome the king and my decision. And judge judge who are better meatballs hub judge army bald mere Gianni and you won't know who loses is Susan do you eat them. Can you tell us a ago. We'll have a need a champion than any other cannot speak meat balls to her again Nasrallah apologized suggests. Boris having inferior meatballs yes indeed an hour wait for you say that. Then. That is inferior. And inferior meet a maze of balls he's scared now that at all. Your confidence. In your name miles oh yeah. You're hitting again and lightly and eyebrow. Sire our rob rob. As I think I can never even heard I can't wait to hear. The reasons why you loss. When we kind of post mortem is intact there will be no loss. People haven't Mary. Experienced. Its allies see you already experienced power IRA. There are ideal celebrity judges are in as well offer their two cents in and you can run even and James Beard award winner Al shafts when Selena GOP right. And yet. It Danny Gregor Afghani her friend Kenny Mann knows a meatball I'm sure I'm series and planes are yeah. Now we are talking about that physicists earlier yeah and you don't find you Alan. While I was reading about why the do or did the Internet thought was being manned explained that actually was she felt just the guy be a pompous ass regardless. I call today. To see the Internet do something nice filly here you go this is very powerful moments where standing up for women speaking right. And being her intent. OK good thank you are out yet somewhat to very close whenever we talk about this hi I'm Bob Watson I'm here. Form I was reading about what the duality thing was such typed in duality physics and includes news on Google the guy. This is what I've found that carrying. It's as it deals with the concept of quantum entanglement. All by the way. Quick quick aside since you're letting me ventured down the physics path you can pull the hook at any time. No regrets today no beef okay total respect you say the hawk showtime at the Apollo is over are all right. Our act quantum entanglement. Tijuana just end it now. Hi this is not fox writes yes you teach high. I don't know what you want it. If are you up physicists know. But I do have things where I kind of have a sense before they happen. This deals and quantum entanglement. You are implying your speak no not at all. I'm implying that quantum entanglement states that it too light photons. Travel along a path Holland and intersect in the each other OK okay if this fact doesn't loyal way you can stop this now. Just getting them now okay to photon suddenly become entangled afterwards their moved quite a distance apart. If you interact with the one photon it affects the other instantaneously. No matter at a distance from one another. OK so they were entangled. They have a railroad and on relationship what it's about time and it's a particle light OK okay so that's like hammer Pargo ideally. And in the light on the lead particles Miami baby particles and does it is they finished their business like grinder meaning and they go off on on their own my wife Abby griner I don't I could've picked a pipeline engineer I just thought I like because I always yell row the other guys like what's that it and then they were quantum entangled parts of the photons. Entangled GO it and then they did but they don't this is the title as bodies yet they usually like down there like a special Friends With Benefits. Yeah yeah they come together and that need new and so however. Afterwards if I if these two did this these like I'm tickle indeed ADBs gonna be like tickle tickle. Years what I think you're seeing deaths are Friends With Benefits and then they separate the men and you know there separate they steal one and now it's like sex and the like if they had. Like you have who do you look is okay we gained let's get a CD sure okay. Yeah out what a fact you no matter or the other. I love it that's a very good way of explaining ending that's debts yes and making up my kind of energy OK all adult I've really gotten to the study at bats I don't play in Gaza entanglement. We just did it then yeah he's like wanted to I don't. It went Mercury have Friends With Benefits situation and I hot hands. And when you leave went in there and you left something behind the other rules and men and nasty right. And there's more so that's his view is blank wanted to we can walk away having done I had a good trip exhibit a Gordon physics bit. Iowa it'd been out of information a tip mediocre at best. You're not gonna get this anywhere else there's a reasonable because people don't understand quantum entanglement like we do. Tens of benefits. With her pre. Morning. Corning as this. Point oh. Where is this. Clinton went good good good that. Just surveys. Portfolio. Please. Aren't you mean. Be at a kegs and eggs coming up this week Friday in Alamo draft house with hay days free show doors are six and twenty and up. Free beer free breakfast free chef in me. Later on this morning premium dollars. I mean for probably like. Sixteen area. Right hand out I brought the meets but you said two pounds. And I have a little more important to pounds yeah back and not too much in America got to concern me not challenge happening today alive. At this station nice things I liked it's that's right where ridiculous. To cut off cut cop who makes the best you balls. You're the judge Garzon guys 9 o'clock when he may start to he's testing me. At this station also opportunity feelings enforceable the man to get steam and sound check imitations. As they are kind enough to do that that shows this Friday as well. It's right. I sense mark out and in. And I thought you would share your eggs. Size supposed to bring Xperia now for the your thoughts I was figured if you're bringing I easy bring it does. I brought law I mean I was just trying to be compact so I've put everything in me. All the lights are ready to go. So as not a guy and he's up for eggs. Eggs bread and bread seeming ever at some mystery ingredient the till Margaret does it say yes yeah. It'll give me advantage and a command tents and track at. So we have celebrity judges coming in here. They count this is seen as heroes and soliciting public and any review and Kenny remembers L record yeah he's a food eaten me. And James Beard award winner she gasoline details coming throughout mean it's not. Anyway that's coming up the sport thing the yeah in the meantime what is going hung in the world oh man. I tell you Latin. I saw this thing on Bloomberg today. And I went nuts are. Spray. Oh. They read it. Are you a headline OK Green Day I ever radar can give him veto this is ridiculous if you're gonna light a roll your eyes and that's because he can't because this is like the craziest thing. Grams okay. I still find it hard to believe what you remember in December after like everything happened with the election then and then they came back and there are few news report tonight. EA you know Russia kind of hack some things in the mail accident it was like they flip Denny votes and it's not like. It was that widespread. While today it dropped from Bloomberg News that Russians breached the 39. States. Voting systems. And is saying can I get into it and then but they didn't flood that we I know it's more than we said they did originally but they didn't flip any votes don't war. And it turns out they knew this all they saw this coming from a mile away and they decided not to tell anybody because they wanted to preserve the integrity of the elections. Also I think that's BS. It is well Obama drew I don't blame you do I don't believe that's why didn't tell the American public address I think they didn't tell the American clients McConnell. And ms. McConnell in a closed door meeting with the gang at eight. Which is like the security. Senators. And congressman doesn't charge those security commission are whether that's a CI when you have. I think they didn't tell the people. The US because it's hard swap. Oh it's very hard to swallow hard to believe that remember and what they would jail time okay timeout we got to ms. McConnell did see blocked specifically coming out and telling the American people and Obama didn't override him as a parent reduced while I think. If your Barack Obama he. Can Hillary Clinton who was secretary of state just lost the election and downtrodden and and you come out and you start talking about how Russia happy election season. They knew Allen are easy menu before it doesn't matter I don't this country does not believe the rent the balance they just don't and you can deny Value Line. One former senior US official expressed concern Russians have three years to build on their knowledge of you as voting systems for the next presidential election. And there's every reason to believe they will use what they have learned in future attacks. And I have you heard anybody talking about fixing our voting system how we vote make you more secure now loaded backed Italy Italy. A recall. Pretty good time here here's some even more knowledge in the meantime a gunman and. Of the president trump at the moment so when you look and sending zig you know that the breach of 39 states of buying by Russian security. Does the president need to come up and say something that. Francine you know great question yeah I there are a lot of Republicans that want him to and to Tom's point. This is incredibly significant I need 39. States. We're breach with security by the Russians and you know on the senate floor this I can my math on the freeway here that are getting. I think rush doesn't sound and green on the is incredibly significant I need 39. States. We're breach of security by the Russians. And you know on the senate floor this I can't underscore this enough on the senate floor you got a bill put forth by senator Lindsey Graham and senator Ben Cardin a Republican and the Democrat. I'm calling for more Russia sanctions for this yet the Obama White House using a red zone trying to get in direct contact. A direct line communication back channel as we've talked about opera spent actually have. Until they picked up the red phone inside their red phone direct a Moscow over this election acting and Obama picked up I was like let me be clear one what are you doing. And that's that's what happened he actually use the red phone not the one order Coke. Hack Coke sign up button called Biden never. From the go button but he particular funny called who was like what are you doing back off and really pleased Dahmer give us more information we don't know what your talking about it. So you know it's terrifying. And this is they're not telling us everything just leave it right how's everything before. Because it do you think that they are telling us today that are in our election at 39 states were hacked by an election if you think they thought that was to listen tell us. And you know it's still has to tell us if they actually succeeded in changing. Votes right well but Tex has a great point. Explained to me why it matters. When the Electoral College picked us. Will I mean did you see some of the tightness in the vote totals. Blind you there are few counties also I have are shockingly went door truck yet and don't forget guys legs people are shocked blaring blue collar town debt. Really for you again you've seen me there are normally got a Democrat. And they get it. Almost always go Democrat who's ever make any like Reagan Democrats whatever but what impression you had your Meebo loading. Well then they McNamee no loading I would tell you I I know I know I'd be hard to believe this is like guys that I I just don't feel like joking about fists. I feel like Daffy Duck in that duck amuck when the boom. Blackness is just flying around him screaming and rhetoric that nothing's gonna change between now and three years from now. Great they already know our systems they have a map they were doing picket where where is the thing is still. Find it hard to bully new idea he ends out of a movie needs honest and we hear it's I living Goran had his Jason Bourne. If you do you remember that. Do you remember that. Mathematicians statisticians. Yes that's in Kansas who is looking at the vote total flips. And how that there is a disturbing pattern that she needed access to the voter rolls to determine that it was for strictly jeans that was the sick weekend and countries abide denied. You should check out Mike far on Twitter my farm I notice a lot of these same both switching patterns that we're going on with whom. Across America but I digress let's stick to the Bloomberg story. Let's say. Where we yet it out so thirty United States that they act on. How much. Leo. Undated Illinois which is considered patient zero. Parent. This is what we have reporters so far a contractor who works or three days a week at the state board of elections two or three days a week. Defending the integrity of the United States we really lost our way right. Unauthorized data leaving the network. General Counsel us according to Ken Mandel general counselor Illinois board of elections hackers gain access to the state voter database. Which contains information is name's Dave Byrd genders driver's license pars a Social Security numbers on fifteen million people half of whom were active voters. As many as 90000 records were ultimately compromise. Even if that entire database had been deleted it might not have affected the election. Ties of blood records in the state not the other way around no data moves from Davis base back to the counties was run the elections. Hackers have no way of knowing that when they attacked the save the hackers had no way of knowing LA's exit date that is saying that they couldn't do that thing because it doesn't go back. I give you be viewed. They had the information but the records you don't count he's got up to the state the state doesn't downloaded accountancy students and. Her is what they're saying and is that while Russia may impact the elections. Do you didn't change about it's not that hasn't been reported as of yet but. Adds up. Yesterday. It had been reported at 39 states for compromise here. By Russian hacker break because it was too hot to tell us well I'm guessing they managed to how can citizens and they managed to change about its. And I mean I feel like. You're telling me that the counties report out Wednesday super Borger our news or don't I don't care in new what does that have to do that day. In Illinois investigators also found evidence that hackers tried but failed to Alter or delete some of the information in the database and attempt that wasn't previously reported suggesting more than Amir spying mission. And a potentially a test run for a disrupted attack. So regardless of November. Forget. Were in America is here. Right yeah. I'd love to go back in time address this and we can't but going forward. Are there is nothing is being done to protect our elections this is highly it's hurting. And really nobody picked. Simmons is seeing is an inside job. Are blaming Russian. Ohio 2004. You should read about that I mean don't forget that. President or the elections commissioner of Ohio in 04 was like I promised to deliver these counties the Republicans. Don't forget that die able voting took. It is Shaq to the Republicans and Ohio at the Gartner or. These voting test systems have been going on for a lot longer than just play sixteen for sure. It is seen that the Russians had to I don't know. IRS I I get it only very. It's just black Barack Obama is getting off really easy in nobody's talking about Barack's moves the last six months in office. He's either like really weak leader. Maybe 32 Larry Dillon and jumping up and down and out of the giant conspiracy. Stop have to help it but after my guy cutting out you're just sitting down and annoying. They get. You think god the GOP senators. You think the one that is just going along they just wanna pass legislation not depicted timber. Mean who was just in Russia I have to gain this thing is how we out 8 am it is my sons candidate. Why do what does rush guy dean. When. Why and president might over the other one person in office vs not. What I've read and seen is that they were trying to stay out of Asia some influence. They didn't realize that they were gonna get all the influence their whole bunch of different pots loud look at me malts. And they didn't realize they were gonna win every single meatball competition. Let's and it Iron Mountain that's crazy not. I'm not seeing is not after it was made honorary costs that. Well here's the thing there's been rumblings of Russian screen with election. Election and particularly this past one. And then for a long dot com Elmer and our present and can I White House. Haven't in the White House take how the American brass and only now only our Russian Vera Pacific remind me not on now. Ed Bass you don't do that because people stock wire giving T ball and opportunity or excuse to talk about things. But he's just seem to care. Is that Russia did hack 39 states. And his son in law try to establish his secret back channel that might Flynn. Fired Mike Flynn compromise might Flynn guide to payments. But he did not disclose from foreign governments Mike Flynn. Like everybody's is at. The White House play it's that come on guys. Guys you're kidding. You're targeting Europe DRG. You are Keating. Apparently Simmons as they act and other elections and the French and English guy yet they they've done tons and actually there was even in what is it bella what seeds were mpeg ten out of the 39. Which way would they have lean season when there's nothing you can do about it too much they lean so hard when where the other. Mean I'm just curious why the only act 39 states we have. Well it probably today they probably were able to do it's like thirty you send out the way they did and I believe is like you know that fishing. Where they send you any amount. That looks like somebody you know that you could tunneling. Yeah I came out they have money usually are they sent out yeah they sent out tons of that you know maybe you know it's all states. That 1112. Playing on states' help eleven I was right 1150. And I think these. Exiles are they dying I don't think we know I think that he had time now I think that's the scariest thing right it is look this Russia thing is now one of two things it's shown itself we wanted to do things either it is nothing. Right. An idiot trolling people. Enjoying poking the bear witness did. Right it's not horror. It's thousands of people correct. What an exciting time to be alive but it may well. Yeah well you know priorities in there got a while for me I now I would stomp my feelings. Yeah shout out something Democrats and of those feelings in many ways being patriotic. Apparently is a conspiracy theories are zionists not a conspiracy theories. It's and it's actually 39 states were hacked by. Russian Simmons and probably GeMS and things Agnelli and I can art editor I believe can I take what. Here's like Chris robot he's ground zero for drop. That these very air greens that. I tell you what I wouldn't be shocked if one day. Mitch McConnell what do you do you ever watch a movie X-Files. Movie I'm not the show the movie is terrible load. Dad Terrell. But there is this thing it's called the syndicate. The other syndicate was now and then then the syndicate. It was like these guys got together they relate aliens are coming to colonize. Earth look at RA carry out how to act as I normally my dad got you out I got you I got soon. So any declines as these dudes there were in charge. Smoking man one of them was like look aliens we will help you take over earth. If you have some of us serve. So instead of eliminating all the humans sums arrived drank it it could consider to control our. Region quote. From the X-Files movie renting. It's very angry that's fine they can be angry. Why are you reporting fake news. Couldn't see the ethnic forgot to ask. The odds that does show that I have means snowflake Stephanie bell and your loved that. There it doesn't repair for the end to measure the size and power of the enemy face choices standard by 2000 whale of a fearsome enemy. Or surrender. To yield and collaborate. Deposits the offense for a Bob composite Jimmy I've posits. I was like you display your source. Of that with the X I get it priors that Al Bloomberg News. Bloomberg movie and instead not exactly a liberal rag. Yeah. How you can look at that yeah you can you gonna go anywhere I thought I was important stories Ira I don't care people teamed up I feel like how I don't disagree with you when the bombs start dropping and I'm incinerated. Because I'm Mike and I Larry. At least they did say well hell. I quoted Bloomberg News and told an X-Files or its. Breakfast I was rules any and I can do it that's all I got to do again as I can do. You don't get thank you are here today good kid you're not gonna do as good and mean bunch I guess I'd. Now I don't sell Frist. It was kind of bit I'm not that yesterday have their automatic path. Which usually indicates to me a heavy traffic dale around. So give it someplace at ten minutes. To reserve a top guy yesterday evening. I was the chairman and hope this new and he's terrible in and out. And then you're done just how bad thirty seconds of mars' moons then once he is yeah would you by the way off them. Yes and no program active yeah yeah I don't know about it Jeff Sessions is testifying at he has senate committee today and truck might fire. Robert Mueller. Mueller is still investigating. View our you learn killer problem. Mueller. Meal or. Mueller. Meal that today might be a jam tag day full of action for that date they've argued is that what it up until the I just wanted to meet Paul's I mean that's all I do I have not trained in hand in hand or ranged combat. The meat balls deep vaults. I got it. Arctic Monkeys from the guys. And it turned back the law and. Yeah can you do Arab ally Jordan action there. Is when I hear that. Makes me I hear Paramount. I intend to do an easier America's irritated. That same instant Keenan howry and things are coming and helping today. I'm giving what he can't hear me Janet. OK anyway we are doing this is actually happening or find your we learn that we heard through. We're gonna do mini golf challenge. We brought to meets. And we are asking if you want. Accountant and hire me pujols now now we have an hour to cut by the way did you listen to. Very few tweets that I did one last night from new ones out that and we will is. Whereas he's a viral cooking challenge I don't know why we're doing mess whenever it's fine you're gonna get your assets and I mean I just theater balls right as far as I get a rousing you I'm following a mile talent like I have for you have the exact group or examined relapse this morning William bring eggs to share her I did not say that I came and that's not how I sat at. Are so. Dini seems to think he is a great back and and and sent a lot and then and I make amazing knee buckles this is just a team and and Danny says as a matter glove although Ottawa or talking about the event. It is something about being a chef for your patience chef boy RD had dairy. I'm telling me in the area and it it was mislabeled 750000. Pounds of chef boy. It's yellow rabbit I call on right now. Somewhere in the me politics. And and so out today. Need all shallots and cashed regular balls. Trier meatballs. And probably in about an hour out hits like. So nine between 920 times in 930 immune. Coming out of this Asian drysdale would just say 830s stars the hour hour and 930 and 38 Ernie Els will be done. There'll be at table downstairs outside you don't even have to come and you tried to be pot holes in which it would be better. We will not identifying who's me ball easy coups and you'll tallied votes and. For celebrity judges. And Selena TO is coming in and James beard award winning shaft. And duty extra in there. Any information still record right. He knows all the city's best he does and they know him. Think he he's really funny he says he only the best in the best place says. Now everything is so both will be here. To offer of a gay professional opinion NB not a professional yet. Pretty duty and then you'd you'll every vote counts ever as a person with the most meat ball but it's. These are adults that need help only so well yeah yeah. I brought mine. We'll have we'll have that immediately challenged the winner. We should do that like a monthly new policy on Ellen steering. Once a month or retired maybe once or Carter that's a lot of alive quarterly events a lot of meats as an a lot of money am I happy this data collided title defense dad's life title defenses once a quarter a game winner we'll take panelists and her challenger. Dow slipped from a person meets that standard and we can't even zero coming up for the next challenge and a quarter. Citizen we can fantasize about this that I having to commit to doing any work. We got to do thing with a listeners who want to compete against us we got to do like iron people with. Like the Iron Chef he added I don't winner of the list army boss takes on about the of those people champion yes and yeah. Let's get all of in this Food Network Radio. One up. Lalime all of to cut that's true that is true and we'll come good did you mean there's limits to keep she can not robbed and then make dilemmas don't show both these men each you have got to be pretty hard to merely blowing you don't tase them. Any disease meatballs okay okay I don't taste to me out let me tell you how did it has let thank you mark Carolina and others on how great my country it's a city are you ready for each dollar and the signing day and aids in the eighties and then I come in this morning I have eggs bread. Making any extra bags and now. Got any progress is they now feel like you've both loved it means. He's salami and bottles. Yeah why me me. Crowds and so on now at some point this is easy Euro meatball if you only Euro mean Paula I expect anybody else there. Boom that's. Not a million. It's not a done awful it's a little hole okay. Doctor gasoline to the burn unit. I don't know eighteen that I Irish again I just did happen you can't on page doctor wrestling anyway you've been admitted to the burn units. Christ cut and both of us in the burn unit K you met him about it now are our last advantages as smog these that you're doing your stove top ranked. How we're thinking about doing so I am dolls. I hope nobody is used in the kitchen well they aren't and they've got room to make stuff there is this a big countertop. I need room I know you do. I mean we're out previous base on the Austria on the other side I'll even operate with the distance this is in it's final day of the announcement until everything snapped that's fun Scott yeah I feel sorry Bob Jones begins now actually. Five minutes do you nearby 930 to try or may not turn me put. Latest from Arcade Fire that's everything now Yahoo! buzz good morning my name's mark. Is it into the big bad morning buzz and containing boy. Our lives in the kitchen right now cooking meat balls. Can now on FaceBook gliding over there right now I am. Going to putt out audio right now siesta here what's gone a little bit in the kitchen. For just a couple minutes we are going to be doing case testing us. Live here at the studio. About 9:30 central to come on down 7000 square broad mission Kansas we will have a few samples give out. Gonna come down here tasted so this is dean going adventure alive in the kitchen right now. That is my weakness currently hope it doesn't affect detection too much. Texas I'm all in our house. If you do dropping me all over the floor. On the floor pounds it. And messy out there. All right. It's me in my. Mind's. We'd take over. This video better the notes are paying you the Salinas not probably I don't yeah. That it is the only released currently. So is certainly going to be. Celebrity guest chef Cellini TO. It's your dealer had an off. The thing. It's. Yeah. All of us cents a anyway that was going. Police still in the seared pan of hot hand. In the oven not on the stove top and. They go. I like Selena being here to play the chiropractor and I hope they don't mind it now this is the but this is because I have my night in my Steelers aren't in every line. And I made sure that my life was sharp panda dance. That that was impressive the way. Most people at home go to every uses steel they just like Phillip Gelman I stalled by another one walk away yeah. I don't think it's. Yeah I feel like a very good. Of this story for you my eyes yeah I think now tonight you're. Yeah I mean I still use global because for me my hand is tiny and they're super light on the handles small also works well for me but you know. Other people get other nights. If you wanna try and meatballs. Thirty. Comment. Me it took a look at them. Now we know where he thought some may well have done the flavor of the end doesn't it. When you're gonna get her to be. Great fountain. We get on the floor in a racing said yeah and feeling down the Danny taking about the. I've let everybody down every day nobody is doing. All right so that is happening right now in the kitchen. You guys don't take that out on nine east side does he FaceBook page they spoke alive. In the kitchen here and her come go ahead and come on up here. At 930 to 9945. We'll have some samples of Danny boy in a Fincher is me policy has been judged. He who has the best ones more amusing now kgo McCorkel called. All right our good timing. All right. If all challenged John being seriously thinking man that's nerve wracking yeah. It came down tonight I think we found a newfound respect for each other and attention. How high numbers it's got through I was being sun ninth. How pretty your aluminum foil a spoon and I know you like rejected help I got a OK I got all of you out by having claimed kidding yeah it's one kid who's not an intern deuce I just can't wait to Lionel yeah. Just I didn't have a C shaft that's more meat balls are per listener. There's four left in I don't know burned and I don't even have any bit easier to try or need it doesn't matter I don't care and have fun there's a legal electric car. And we also a portion of the man's against me and sound check invites me a good try to end sleazy is our right. Time to ago did you just hand is going first speed is scared to try any one of these. IBM any armor from Anderson of records here. Can challenge left over from thirty seconds to Mars in your leftover from thirty seconds or aren't and that's O'Leary is Celine NGOs here. She n.'s Juliet is so hot so adultery. She's a James Beard award winner and she's also been on top should have. I adjusters. Ownership American actor lightly jet likely a jacket and try to cracking having you there watching. I can't comment. Party peeled garlic you're using a steal to sharpen your ninth Verizon press OK got. He ready to turn me a break and we'll come back we'll do it so we're on time we're not Robinson will go downstairs and we will deliver the meatballs so listen for the judging lives fear index. Ice and now I reek like my ally on the ground ball I smell like me to fall offs and morals of people in the microwave her. How people Americans and he just started this place sometime today yeah. 82. Mornings are your big fat morning guys on offense had an easier mark is here. Are paid in his gear. Cheney or berg is here from inner scope records a celebrity judge in our meat ball challenged these alien had TO is here you mean James Beard award winner and restaurant tour and Julian and adultery as his mom I have heard John are. We've done a great job by that she's super brilliant yeah I think she's adorable. Yes she's on the air she does not she never shy she is not she's gonna not shock I'm confident that I. Aren't so out there will be the first of charred meat balls. Can tell us everything. You may Trier meat balls as well they're ready and we'll come downstairs casinos were done witness. I think we should serve and you guys. Tag you as senior seats marked you handle that you need and well paving you do that please sorry Harry so each and meatball if you don't have to you just tell us what you think and then you've got its. Why maturity plus. My aging counts Cubans and listeners count as well. Is damning facts. As we want to know what you think. Mean hiring today Danny don't choose to just pick a meatball. Are okay. Once you dreamy balls three meatballs remind me. Give me just you are I don't know why mark confined to thanks Heidi today. Network. Calumet they have for us and we have four delegates against you instead rescuers are. Are so you could please tell us. The yes. Bulls he Danny's first. And then out. You know my name Jimmie Jimmie. And that. You guys ready to tell me what you think before you eat it they are fully cooked they are going factories where he looks at that. I can see the onion and as I can easily be your biggest criticizes onions did you get bigger onions. And in this though it. I think having overcome time and I'm looking parents. As very well seasoned. Is properly seasoned and the taste out. Gasoline TNT. There weren't weren't happy happy happy Danny I'm getting crazy fields there this evening that was villages it perfect on Jenny finish and. No Harry. Not I Ohio what do you think. You can tell the truth it's okay how will be heard. She's a Zaza the best shot the meatball I'm. Well done Danny. RA. Meanwhile number you know yeah Kenny what do you think has allowed us. He had like a palette cleanser. Persons or day. You wanna have my water different texture yes. A gang. Aaron can. There. Harry. Threw. Just seen it. Idol in the crush and I decry as chairman Christopher has excellent Erica how is that it actually really I can't. And it does that accompanies. You can easily on the outside and then yeah. That'll walk around all the time. Truly know anything. If there and then grind is different smoother yeah. Do you like them right in the. And are located and is as I would add a little bit more salty or allow argue that I didn't and I think I had in my results. You know. As insulting me balls before. Finally some team evolves from grace and Morris on screen. I was vote taste in their both super moist there aren't over until off OK they're not or cannot at all. None are not dry at all come down Kenny does have a is the meat ball out of history he is 100% Swedish yes there. IKEA meatballs I hear me. Any idea Mayo do you think. Dad and she ate the whole thing. And these enormous on him and I can't. I I can't see how involved. Are ice. Melt for Ventura or Kenny earlier daddy it's out of Canada or any dollars. Okay all. Of these wind Patrick contact. Filling up. We've taken or are okay and Mike. Are you ready evening together by a German. So much as Anemia they're not our. Joining us this morning for me bunch Hawkins. GO owns the top three oranges and apples and oranges. You know my you have to know that want to have to meet on talent machines are that it and then we'll head downstairs and there near the Wall Street guys and try it. Soaring really like. Direct. I'll choose Danny's or. Whose currency is Danny's good seasoning okay did anyone Colin congratulations. ASEAN and towards next hour I don't I really capture and I love the islands look crossed yeah. I was worried your browser that it. In his earlier us merry go your technique. I mean yeah yeah we would particularly bonds in a different item pal Mario. I think got our work is really wow currently golf. And I. You guys can think when an issue. He near me. Aka Mary time. Gianni deaths both ladies. Shock term. I just shot my age I mean. Shot her. Shot shocker Shaq deal I. That you guys don't tell you about downstairs we'll head downstairs taking her coming to you very much for coming into fashion island NIC thank your ideas caddies Imus is on had a lot of you contest winner list there comes to challenge me for the Meebo built up or me. Yes well I mean I've always seekers yeah I guess as a Studio One right now hurt your marks gonna try here Haynes got a dry. There are endemic to me bond challenged Danny has just begun honestly. It wasn't just rely on my daughter is trying to influence voter doubts about an hour and lie Alan ma OK I want and a threat to hack the election important archive. Not well that was the equivalent of saying I hope the Russian hackers find Hillary's emails and release them penny and I'm. We'll probably you know Jammal Brown yeah because we're done to won the challenge yeah. Has tomorrow we Sallyann who's famous beach off the ILA bone we reveal the line avenue went our way. When YA yeah yeah yeah and said tomorrow. Each file more importantly and then harass I think it's important to people's champion of your balls I have a great day journey next.