Afentra's Podcast Tuesday April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April 18th

Buzz Briefs, NBA Finals, David Fizdale, Refs, Press Conference, No Water, Toilet problem, Story time, Alicia Solo, Backstage, Stories, Cookies, and more!


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And it and is that okay so right set rates excellent it's RI. Or society. That morning and drew good morning. Hasn't gone. It's going great. Baghdad. I saw this this morning it's from last night I'm just gushing. I'm scared with emotion. Caro. Everywhere just. Emotions ardent. Stopped there is nothing better than good it head coach grant. Harry in a press conference. I mean sometimes you get a players stepping up to the game. Like Allen Iverson talking about practice common practice but oh man I we normalized. Dave is dale. Coach of the grizzlies. This issues Dave's as it is because of the grizzlies Al and by the way after. You hear this clip you're gonna know who. Dave is dale is and you're never gonna forget the day Denzel you're gonna tune into the NBA playoffs. It's just to watch DA of fear is dale. The gimme some day fizz out OK there's a lot to unpack here RA so we'll give it once over if you want me to stop at any time early on we can and but there's several things that you were really going to enjoy throughout this whole thing you're ready amazingly your generation and I'm Cameron plow through this non sand I want you to dissect which you want to dissect it and don't get to the things that I think we shall come back around and point amounts are. There perfect brace yourself aren't you ready I'm not over selling is either I do you know he's talking about our. I have yet been this excited since they saw this gargantuan Coke. Ed now my god apparently is how this sent it day at the corner in the local places 75 and make calf. I was so I mean didn't matter like that like Phillips 66 is something I walked in their eyesight Charles hunter. The yeah but light on and on and that sat across from Duncan it's across from donkey can. It is a long DEA. Yeah I want me and I sound locked in. And I walked to the back and mother. Of Claude. 64 ounces 64 ounces of styrofoam it doesn't fit in might call older. It doesn't fit in your one hand you a better date anywhere and use both hands it's up big in. Holy crap and you digging outages as to lean on the BP and so much today this is all I have in god thank Coke zero and here's the best part where I'm driving home and I have to. They got the layman out and I visited come in and start ice he's my hand for not feeling that yet keep you warm. It's. Diet or it's a Coke zero is by Sherry and they they sheer. That's a lot I'm regular calories I know it's not regulars I think irregular Harris I mean this is like a holy Grail. It was like I heard angels. I got using a deeply near Wiener and then you got Anglican. In there got an Anglican. I was shot crap because that would be alarms one in my many alarmed his desire. Yeah I anyway kind of ignore Dave. And Z here. Tisdale fans out date his daily ready Dave is L real name Dave Dave Tisdale after the win here we go. An up week host. Do you almost have to go back to that in game three because. Let ya moon moon evaluate their stuff and cool off and and you know I don't glass of wine plan. Look at film a grandson ran. Zero lead over his glasses. People who Danny's dad puts them up Q west Iraq and have a glass I am finally go ahead and give us a line on him playing her and. Relax relax I figure what LeBron. More oh shoot as uses it's got our confidence back. We need to see that would assume compete with us tonight on now. You know so fortunate that I got a guy like Mike Conley who in his whole career has gone zero technical for house. It just cannot seem to get the proper respect from the officials. That he deserves. I was very poorly officiated basketball game and it. Zach Randolph the most rugged guy in the game had zero free throws was somehow wind and had nineteen free throws. First half which had nineteen points shot nineteen shots in the paint and we had six free throws they shot eleven times in the pain hits point three free throws. Not a numbers guy but that doesn't seem to add up. That was a lot of numbers really great right yeah not a numbers guy has lottery numbers were not a numbers guy I think it's not like he's about to rattle off a whole bunch of other numbers. Overall. 35 times which sucked the ball in the paint we had fifteen free throws for the day. They shot eighteen times in a patent at 32 free throws Y shot more free throw that our poultry explain it to them. We don't get the respect that these guys desire to my colleague doesn't go crazy he asked class. He just plays the game but I'm not don't let them treat us that way. Do not know popped up pedigree economic young rookie but they're not Holbrooke us. And not kept current cap and I'm not gonna ruin if I'm not gonna erode got naming that's unacceptable dolls unprofessional. I got Doug and again that are on the right to be in the game and they did not even give us a chance. It take that that data. Eight have snakes that are down and out and I'm Albert and asked you were crying Xenia did you hear heavy bringing it toward the end yeah add. Really is like some analysts that are. Explain its. Explain to me we don't get the respect that these guys desire to my colleague doesn't go crazy he asked class but he just played. My colleague don't go cry a easy. He dug okay easy being taken unite our guys it's crazy is that ran out 00. Name but I'm not don't let them treat us that way. You know I know popped up pedigree and I'm a young rookie but then I don't Brooke us. Not again our guys I love that happened to me I had his son had not Canada. Not in India not Danner I know I'm Kara has. Not an hour gusts well this. So unacceptable I'm a professional. I got Doug and I gambit are on the right to be a night game and they did not even give us a chance. Three they couldn't. Take steps that. Came back for gaga tank that but Diana. Did you like oh man in all I can hear. Like when he said I had everything inside the green which he loves his point out is like we can't help but sometimes. All I can hear. When he's that take take damp for data ahead okay was Dave Chappelle's black bush okay. When they're sitting at the table talking about oil. Is like take that for Diana does is look in my head immediately what pops up. What. Hope all. The Cecil. Johnson. It's just opens you couldn't. To examine the I know there. Well I think he's adorable on I think he's great I'd like to thank him for bringing such goodwill into my day knocking Iraq has not gonna rock guys fighting back all those bad things that happened out there are those news stories that wanna bring us apart. This man. Right he's says take her anger and other things that the spurs got has just affairs games. Now that was the second game are ones with the injuries that. They're down oh do have no idea when to gain during. Probably. Is because I love his pants today. 'cause I'll watch the mile route to spurs on Arianna has spurs only had its Memphis Memphis yet through government announced that it. Take dapper Dan and I do to learn why it Thursday and gore too today ads do that hey thanks for data is tied been smoking it. Jerks. As he pushed you over the planned this. It does stuff how cool off enough. I have a glass of wine. Look at how. That's all the guy like some boys the memo do. And it has a line that is realizing. That's the line on the plane in. Ranked. County girl I love you can hear the breeding from there are little right from the beginning and he's got some heavy breathing. I thought yeah there you said now. Oh shoot who chooses us got our confidence back. We need to see that we can still compete with the stigma on level. You know so fortunate that I got a guy like mark Connelly who in his whole career has gone zero technical files. And just cannot seem to get the proper respect from the officials. That he deserves. I love this so much can he says I'm not a numbers guy and then he's about to fire off forty number brain very poorly officiated basketball getting it. Zach Randolph the most rugged guys in the game had zero free throws was somehow wind and had nineteen free throws. First half which had nineteen points shot nineteen shots in the paint and we had six free throws they shot eleven times in the pain had 23 free throws. Not a numbers guy but that doesn't seem to add up overall. 35 times we shot the ball and Kate we have fifteen fully. All's OK and the numbers that you know he's suddenly losing it's. He has that's why you're donating toys contradictory to what it took drugs you do do you mixed what did you do next is that Bloomberg radio and he uses respond back is like all right Herman. 32 free throws Y shot more free throw that are multi. Explain its. Explain it to me zoom in we don't do that like an offense relies explained it to me I believe ice and that man John and Larry that gap ladies and explain it. You. Eggs blighted okay. Take that bird and I. Respect that these guys desire to my colleague doesn't go crazy he asked class they just played the game but I'm not don't let them treat us that way. Inaugural popped up pedigree economic young rookie but they're not Holbrooke us. Anyone else unprofessional. Ill the ideas like I saw you out like I saw. I am now that's good hey nineteen events wherever you dad coaching that's where you are that are used by what is is aiming at his name is Dave. You don't know you can't I don't know is now the rough is death these Iraqi and I'm gonna roll out broke him and you know Lamar got Doug and I. You're right to be in the game that is not even give us a cherry street. Than. Take that. Take back down I didn't know his name is Dave is it Alan Davis should and hand in June and two days. I was this about grant park Popovich they agree or whatever it's probably a shared properly opponents. I feel he would be a good candidate. And larger Kindle bunker 000. Like you got a lot of black heads and I assume he dies. I don't know that to be true I've never met Gregg Popovich. And he's an apple yet he's been an old man and I mean. It's like he's been romance and curry started. Not to demand. Commissioner Tim Duncan mentioned her in the gym time game time your entire Louie and then this year if they retired his number the first potter. Yeah oh yeah. And Tim Curry every day in its invention during yeah that's in period. Doesn't encourage someone else is an actor an actor not a business and I'll let you know many of staff curry. Mean reality he's a dad that's. Dial. I just had dad Tim Duncan and stand curry made a Subaru Latin. Just curious any near. You you created an homage to are AP Tim Kerr yeah has been. It. So that's good afternoon and then carry that through Perez how leery yeah are now. Greg eventually carried out of its. That's right I advances and popped yet ballet everybody expects him to be a jerk and I guess is he's so baseline now usually I do think Gregg Popovich. Is probably a jerk Abby is just used to it now so it's not my guy is so am I still think he's a jerk critics say your minimal miser and like before he passed out like he would Tim Curry. Notes no no no. No propagate Craig Sager died marks and I always tell people on this yet and I got anything more suits I look I can't excellent and it's obviously nice now. Well I mean he died he was dying right yet saying got to nice that guy that's true but admitting aliens up to the guys they like your opportunities on his dying Lernout. Carl real sure it plays for us to be nice to him right it'd make the most. Craig Powell eventually single leader. Has black has a lot on the from. Sure it's a series it's. Summonses are in turn your neck analytics team we're changing our students who lines include that sleeper now. Are you okay yeah okay. Tim Curry in very simple. Dance now. It's okay. I'm sure you have to do again tonight it's Milano got in her hips he doesn't matter. It doesn't matter you don't have to do it. Two faced a life. I'm pretty sure that now. Have never been there ocular pictures of I have that I don't early teens and and then no one who is in his view of those. The world has girls' singles on it yeah the time more things as fun. It seems they sending they would do what's that place in great town. Funky town. I bet they do that time warp it funky town. That's all funky town is at the time more. They probably DOD out. Maybe not necessarily isn't it more now they did an idea like peaches and cream shake degree do you like but you're okay let's does he wanted to dance. That the hospital. Don't you do you view it also as a called us all I imagine that you play a lot of funky town of Fung couldn't funky town I am. It's and our experience. These sometime in the Emmys and only youth vote we don't have no. We don't have Tim Curry is in debt and let. Tim Curry's dad Tim Curry is still alive tinkered. Tim Curry is sold it to bring it to you irons I know he's dead. I know for a fact he's dead. The blast me pop is the best. He's not dead cows for Jessica who fit that. I guess Costello I agree and I and I and I. Saying Erica yeah he's not to have you wrote me mother of power is not dead I'll be damned right. We'll let that gives me hope. That's a good elevenths terror and all this turmoil and DNA Danes and curry is live in wow I mean my. Why and and you know what hold me up with yeah and that very yacht they should do that Asian decent Tim Duncan. She can't curry still alive tape that her dad break. I don't she reckons it's not gonna rookie guys here Condo or guidance. Well I I am so happy he's the line each year Tim Curry's condition has been upgraded to a life. Look at Virginia asked for more than that it now that's a great newsdesk in. 965 the buzz. Crushing. Street cars. That's the best news I've heard all day. I mean he was dead I don't know about Jim Carey do it I really thought Tim Curry with debt. Always play really good girl scout. Who is the new abuses. Now but Corky Romano blatantly ripped. Wheeled and his girls off that's from national and who's loaded weapon by the way and we started new US business Samuel Jackson. It was a lampoon on the evidently are lethal weapon it's. William Shatner is the bad guy Kathy Ireland was the supermodel who was making fun of the Sharon Stone pray. Anyway spot thanks you welcome. Well in proctor from police academies and permanent. Or Procter. Driver ever so Oxford's Iraq means. Not fine. But do you remember prop doubts from police catch Donald you always are around accountant Harris historic. No proctor was in the rookie easily into the green. Not gonna rip me. You've got to take it I never heard that par before just right now. Yeah I heard it is you and I both came in on that lay a bird it's like a million times yes and then I never heard. Yeah at this funny Hispanic conversation or the week on the tournament and this and I how's everything. Some choose. Discussing. It was just as saying in his foul. I'm not trying to dig it. He does say it. You gotta say head and they've got and so again got it catch. You gotta take get it sounds generous ticket is a big DNA take NN. Taste and why it's David terrorism toilets. Why are reads as Jesus Christ is still Larry David. I had no idea you're Larry David. I and I almost sense of the gonna sign email but it did leaving clay I couldn't get into my email yesterday similarly and I get fire okay. I had that feeling you can't get in your email right line on my guys dominate Glen Davis stations went and did the right fired me now because I'm always. Certainly recently waiting for gonna pitch so you tie gather around. I'm sank in the enemy now Mike are either something wrong with me now are getting fine. So near houses. Come Newark. Here I am not fired meanwhile actually my boss say. Welcome back. Here that's great. Will where it's like I could before you went to the bathroom I saw this thing come up. And it said water supply shut off the BHC is here detect a leak in a backflow system. On the ground for. The water supply has been turned off for this maidens sorry for the inconvenience. I'm sorry I city comedians folks. No owner. Fences sire for the kidney stones aren't around this I am Paul. I happened to me quick trip not too long ago. Artists raising his toilets wouldn't flush I had to abandon ship I had a prayed god. Nobody was gonna walk in between that time I left the stall and the time I mean I don't seeing it now. Dan asked to keep it quiet. Yes mark. Usually I mean I don't know Pete tram usually hit one flush after they turn enough. Loud didn't plot Shaka. News and does it will flash was that thing and he was thing applies it didn't folks. I'm. Don't wanna talk about how. There's so many things we can talk about that is I will ask me wanna talk about it's it's like it's nice nice I knew even stop you this falls on me. Because I saw that hill and I was like I'm gonna go about reserves yeah. And I told jam gas railing on it was a flip flop pray and ask me and I started him Sarin gas I mean I never would have. I wouldn't have pursued a line of questioning I would have accepted flip flop for that answer I know what I wanted to. Thanks. I sell them you know I was going to bathroom. I know and I know I was Dicey I understand I didn't know they were there detect a leak in our back flow system on the ground floor. And there are your eyes are right I mean they're -- idea I'm like did you is keep going like piling up to manipulate eventually this thing's gonna kick on well what I do is courtesy she did you seek out hot to the other stall. May never. Here that. You're now known and then you're never gonna transfer never had a transfer OK maybe or miss situation you ran a toilet paper and you gotta do transfer and quality of the transfers like frog or both who has come and tell pitcher Jack. It is true temper and I thought yeah I guess I'm watching did not exist and leave here. Slowly goes full rights is a very bad remains intact because. To rights act right but yes I had done it before earnings of course you can because we don't know he's like. Anyway that's an anti government. Next I went down and made nice. And then I'm like how it's not where he maybe needs as you know CNN has not managed. Maybe and it just stands out because it's an automatic so I lived. Sadly a great light Styx song. Yeah thanks for her when things is around there are automated it's when I need to stand up I need an underrated Torre and then nothing happened like damn. So I go to wash my hands and to sell everywhere. In and out of the process are there so I just had a White House this. I hate no towels I easier with how has been nothing line. Topping that tells it like to see a whole clean tells me so it's funny was only that I drier white never heard anybody. Anyway nobody needs no behind Katherine. I'm sorry. And up. Into the kind of embarrassing but it is no toilet paper over here. Kentucky and me yes. If you could scares them. My own son. And camps ferrets nothing. Not just three squares a duplicate tasks I had this great. Up you don't mind degrees yeah. Threes when you're I don't know this artist my kids are square we're good to. So let me ask you questions serve. Have you ever had to ask a stranger for toilet paper yes. In Tampa this. I have no shame and I feel like that's where we're at work are outside of war outside aboard okay for friendly bathroom known bathroom or unknown bathroom when Gary friendly unknown and boy you guys you know I mean I don't want to rehash this again we've got your spots you know you go like a go to the QT a warm out. That's a good map through for me I like him as. A bigger bathrooms and small like clots can book that her bowl but behavior had a bathroom experience there. And that's turn yeah I changed and no one's ever done I don't have a square spear okay so you did you use that's no problem. Now I thank you can do is reeling Harris and act. And usually people are really helpful look at doing in my storage and get horrible horrible. Okay good and you and I would appreciate that in this particular man you're reading here I'm just gonna and you can just say whatever comes to mind you can take all the shots you want okay got a myth and stay here and second grade. Young Danny is going to Rowland hall saint marks all exceed talked saint marks on all saint mark's Rowland hall yet. Same rock that's corny and they were those willing to. Griffith who winged lions. Are there were Griffin's. Current State's secondary secondary we did this thing called winter sports. Some think games and contempt and stuff. Eighth day god. I appreciate them they hurt you as tough as people are kind and generous in winter sports you've got to go somewhere and like I was going. I think right idea roller skating so every Friday to take you roller skating. And at every on Friday every Friday during winter they take your role because he wanted to they're different options you can do like archery skiing. Swimming in each have as roller skating every time. Know that time. So. It's it's I've finished eating. Lunch. I've got some Keebler elf cookies left over or can. Seat that was it is packed lunch peg. Hagel is going to us. And I go on my blog at a batter before we go roller skating rings lord knows I don't wanna go with a roller rink shows that's beyond my control yeah and the variables there are far too great. For that to be anything but she miserable experience for any line USC since that's a child like guides are easy going spring bathroom and more. I'm if you. Mean I'm just. Gonna keep thinking about aren't. So. My gaga you know just go and that brought. Through macular of cookies that are here it's always eating into executing an hour. As is so anyway so it was one of the ones where it was the first time in my life. And I think maybe you all will remember your first time where you had things not go so smoothly and had like I hangar. It mean I don't know that I remember and that or as my friend Jeff Christensen called them Boe day gets. This late you know we got that and so. I went in with what I had the toilet paper he does not. Not easy steeler coach is a noted that IR and I birdied number these numbers now leading music TV I would Jesus I knew how to do that to keep well he. I'd never desert you learn. Have hearse carrying out these how to measure right outlet that actor obvious. That he needs a little something extra healthy and I know it's that the pot of gold Papa Keebler. Anyway I'm Sanjay you musician you're thinking there is like two squares and I got this. And I go. And I don't gotta like palm should do the paper immediately. We are at Defcon one on this mission sir resource is scares were on the wrong beach man great artillery is both of these showed what about me why you JO. What do you dare I ceremony in crime. I'm because I don't wanna like be too loud they don't want the second graders to hear it but in the classroom immediately behind me. Is the pre K. And so I'm quietly moaning like hello who can somebody come and held me. I'm stuck on the toilet and there's no toilet paper. All of which by the way is super funny because my dad used to like when my mom would be at work my dad never knew. Who was coming and going how spring of my dad was always on the toilet only gone. Ads. And my downs I go to it but he would always open the door of the bathroom and he would yell out for my mother each other Avery yeah. I believe. I don't need the land grab my. And then and then he'd realize when no response came he would try to like play and off. Like if you're walking with a bag groceries you fall down and if you pick and I'll let him keep walk on like nothing happened if nobody saw you nothing ever happened so my doubt that I. David. Yeah me. Ease that wire. And I can't narrow it. No lawyer in particular share a year you can hear me and helping them. No I heat he'll get around to us and like because you don't wanna go when my dad is used up all hot water. Because he just turns on these does a Columbia hot shower and had sought after whatever it is he does in the air on that toilet. He infused it with like steam. And you didn't want to go man. Like so he would just wait and he would it was like give his leg kid dead far relaxed like he ready to GoDaddy let me key and then you just had to go do your duty right. Anti science hasn't really had a Keebler cookies or read play a larger role in stirring I'd I'd look if I thought about it more I collide here back I don't do that break. So I'm sitting on the toilet. Were now on fifteen minutes I know the buses begin to leave and about 67 minutes for our roller skate for roller skating and it didn't see it as it is. All the big campus will be gone to us aggression against buying you get up and go to another. There were no other stalls in this particular bathroom it was the two yearn all. One seats it Blaine guy and I get out amused. Paper towels there were no paper tells us is. Everything went wrong rights that was possible an 88 you have to understand. The thought of using my hair out and was never in play Brett I don't think psychologically. While you're head to head second grade you're ready to cope with. That one day you may have to go there right now lord knows it was only my early teens when I eventually did break. But isn't too far along or let's see any I just wasn't ready you lose that innocents yet great. And so I'm moaning moon bowl. The voices are getting quieter. Yeah because everyone's gonna gusty there is skating and skiing are there out on its women to go up against the jets we know what you're doing second graders. Oh hello Jen I'm crying the blues sound like you know me Emmons of finding the dark attic creeks open this is the lights around mile haul it's there's. Dark. Excuse me. Yes. You're scaring the children. Did you ask for hope and now I need held in the toilet paper and she's like oh. We'll give him in hey hey Clara don't let paper any kids stuck. All I'm and it and then she wouldn't bring the toilet paper in to the boy's bathroom should go get a boy no she just there was no Boyd again. Two of the senate Reid came in to face. That. Cranked I mean god knows I was already started enough as it is the second grader weeping on the toilet and. I rest I had more people are oath cookies sure. EL fudge stats is damn name. In his heels and dance arrived I think Conte later bigger haul. No no gloves today and heroic work anyway cloning attack this name so that became the hunted bathroom. For the next three years because those pre K kids pot there is a ghost in the hours ago cyanide I ended up being sent home. Because. Winter sports at laugh. And I was stuck opinions on rollers yeah it was not like home alone and ask her eyes got real sorry David mound and I gotta tell you I was real signs held spare a square miles that was very. Hurry there was nothing like this amber adjustment fared it and we couldn't stop deeper adjustment. And bridges and military views opinions are handled GR CDS and try this one can ace appear on David on purpose on purpose here is tired of getting picked on first rate you murdered Jeremy. That's that's so that's so it's too much. The eighth just stood up any peed right in our name's David a sent EP item in his desk. I tell us crazy he got it dat that's a disciplinary action for. It's a bigger deal in being our report three deaths you're out that the other consultant to. Q do you he was crafts and start a draft the draft yeah I haven't. You. Daft Punk. A lot more happened. That's the story of my bathroom from a mile and think yes can you understand why I am the way I am a bathrooms. I mural funny about that I need to know The Who what when where about why and how that story made my morning drive hah hah. I think he's anyway. I'm glad I mean it feels good to finally tell it's our experience. I say now lives just like. Yeah it's done I well I'm glad you got that off your chances more than teacher's name is Teresa. She was not not a case you're ready got out of your chest your diet. One time and second off and I doubt its missile Obermann mr. Lieberman's done there. She took its. Alone on the law. As funny as your story was as terribly can take mad I'm look yes because we needed. Oh I'm sorry you needed light Anita and I Diebler ecology mild virus that in my childhood trauma. That's will go to school and sweat pants with a whole warrant. No one time I had a abscess summit but oh and as wearing light khakis and it popped it in first period and I thought. I had to wash might pantsuit Jim. But I walked around ray and some reasonably happy you period which was just like home I got to wanted to diet but. And I said not satin ketchup packet and work. Adds this outrage. Yeah us a sense that. You know as a freshman scoops and NASA's. My prayer for doctor somebody's that is that something. That pact that then yeah I didn't need to panic and I popped it by he's got power to back. The Lanier is on the buzz. The morning names of country Deans here. Marks here. And is. Police are models like she is well she announces herself. In determining and. I did you bring in talents listen I know it's it's crisis. And baby steps and out baby's death. I am currently and other vintage vehicle it's vantage. No hubcaps on the show on line and. Spare tire one's good size one. Pocket now alarm baby baby baby beat up I have to buy mine peak. I'm on the leaves eleven god guy eerie paid three dollars and ice talk about the polls story. I don't couple's story can tell you stories in just. You'll Paul the poll this is apparently is my neighbor is my favorites are able now in a ball gets some interval or any of my guess is better the later part of already I am now until then we have players are all get the unbelievable. Colin Powell and we call him the whole genius. I so I go to Lawrence in union in prepping for an okay. Yeah just do not want to talk about no stimulus it's it fit it I think all kids should hear about it. Sound I go to our studios here in her Paul do you want your story Murphy engines and he's got an artist very intrusive and all of it's a sexy story Nicholas Iraq. Well Mary Mary blog. And I cater anyway this finally got to learn from Mensa mind is cardinals' super important decision making yelling yeah I think about. And it's not really hate is also awesome and it's actually the same time. I think why would you do. Go to Lawrence. Really excited to see interval I love harding's. I think he is just sex chic look she called him back yet he exudes sex songs are sans his voice is actually on this acts mean I don't know anything about little skinny for you is I think he is but the sex factor is so high. Yeah it is so high and that. I'll give him that. I'll give him being skinny skinny and not terribly tall he's not very tough. For you I'm ready yet you at all. Anyway and I like how you dress a little bit of an act and I think C here's my thing when you have opposite problem. And so like all of these things that you're willing to like throw away because of the sex that you so perceived right. Not going to be there may be you're going to be always a tiny man who is not tiny he's. Chinese company is well just a German players vests easy charity does he Wear vests iPad I don't know every teacher CNN fast and Sherry Buchanan and as I can't BT now I'm telling you man is filthy. Nextel is just dirty but again you have opposite problems you're an arrow. He's helping them and I guess I don't plan and our semi OC interval. The ball and take Lowell house he doesn't really wanna go see the ball. No one didn't know I didn't even wanna go ice it doesn't really know I was like damn mom dad you know I never with a big Interpol fan and tell them that I. So I don't know Koreans. He put time section out. It was hot and what's he's hotline and yeah you gotta get him out there and try to go through shows dine. They ends there in Indiana and the records and I had and kind of hard. Okay. Well I gotta go. I'll have your sound. I didn't wanna grow and some inject me congress happens on the top. So we're supposed to go backstage in need the ball I've never met the ball. And I might cannot wait to see him in her slit and because polices swimming he's dirty sex. Alignment with this. I. Does that I listen up you're you know. I was at my actual work and pound on the hole and I got I now think. So I got to go home can meet the Paul can't be too old. Because well this doesn't want me to pull teeth taking too long. Is what I happen the polls taking July and pulled that two line here is great news I was like oh my god I'm you know not need the ball. American meat holdings from interval hole and I'm crushed. Here. Polices like it's fine you know are supposed to mean my friends. Who's like a guitar tanked yeah I feel lonely because and you should come until Lawrence yeah I I seizure let me. Well and the guitar tech can Artie asks me do you wanna come CM pawn on turn them over no. And then when a friend asked me like OK out of Iraq and it's like I wanna hang out my friend I don't know this diary Greg Oden had to stay out fear and they hide him because. Ease Simi they're right on a yeah. Amanda in dire need to know I'm not coming now and there. Sound man that so pathetically awkward for you. I mean I didn't like I'm not going to be there I'm not I'm not John fab grow in swingers on nine going to be there and I show them when your parents and nobody needs. I'm Paul right. X I don't mean to small leisure is gone off with a guitar attacked me and my access to go back home to over on the margin on wanna do is India and I wanna be an LS case of bad. How I stay in more than ever in Kansas senator Sam can't find out she goes out of the guitar textures and our. Actually the good talk this is what makes O'Leary if they guitar tech because I NYK I'm here. My friend got me and you know and I like to say hi before I leave these ignoring me his feelings got hurt that I didn't. Use his guest list I don't know some weird thing right so I left without even thinking about Hank and then I ran into Paul banks in the style walking in my car. It's way after the show I'm just walking in my car. I don't care about San high and I guitar tanking right there's so mean to thanks. Had so many it's not exactly and I actually won only 571. They'll have a moment to Mike Capps and so. The said the pull and a and this guy. Start walking and done I'm hoping this girl's she's about to wasted. And getting her to her make sure she safe right. And then they go are you with Turkish use stumbling like known but I'm making sure that she gets home OK now like. Syria they go where you go and I'm like I'm gonna go to my color. And I think actually kind of guy is so nice sets. Now and we just Keller said did and I sat I'm like whenever Bach. And I flake well. My friend that with guitar tech and I came out to I was gonna say hi I'm but he is on the talks so I'm going home though like over me about me methods bar. So I go okay let's walk on. And walk up to him because let's be real the artist is your boss Ralph somber clinging on to have Paul banks and the other guy in the band. And so we stroll up to the pig or whatever these law and up the daisies. And that this and and there is lying quote unquote friend who is not texting me back and like. My caddie at all. Right oh yeah also thought about not. Are not important artists aren't. You don't ask the important tennis I aren't. Sounds like waiting in minutes like and is now under remotely interesting dinosaur dance art somehow does bitch needs all beings in the streets Allen's campaign and then they get it off. On the streets yeah you're right. A badge and a tower. She goes back and it's an honor there aren't somehow I have. Getting right back right I'm sorry story I dream come true out. I am living vicariously through lesion solemn. She doesn't involve being so intolerant insider I mean to be fair had a good about how the camera that's how it did in Israel that now I how he wanted to hear it anyway and you can't I don't know America what does she do in Palm Springs hotel room. What would you do p.s on the streets means and he's embassies. I. I don't apply to him and I wish them visually these numbers she says the. Now that would have been a story discussing what I'm nine you were finally hearing aid dot Pete on sheets just fun. Now Sara Murray held trump she does nothing nothing no hey you know he'll have a girlfriend now my Boehner shrink or. You know who is girlfriend is in mind now needs another former model of its Hoover I mean the chicken and criticizing video what's her name. Not going to roll around in the sale otherwise I place any video as and a sound mind. Now different Bonnie detained is not tiny kids. It's a chink in the criticizing video. Top Helena Christensen. Chairman Tony could ask his girlfriend Selena Christians and I tell them hotel arm and Lisa and police and doesn't say when rob banks now I am not a chance. And make a little Tonya nothing ain't seen locking arms with them he. He has a girlfriend does this do that. I'm went silent lady exotic and not step on. Somebody exactly estate especially Helena Christensen lost actually heard I heard you will only increase since. That would be me doing her thing now what is your stance videos when. She does and can't I don't even after it out terribly kicking him and he I would not as a gentleman walks into her car he did he made sure I was in again makes text me busy caddie hats. He shouldn't buy it easy when you get your card is easy volley errors about. Card in my heart really and oh yeah out that it felt EP UP Paul. My car right kind of everything whose pension you can tell by the records say routed embarrassing says Johnny Jolly me. He walks into her car at least is hasn't I rarely got away I think he did it walked me through my car I wish she didn't. A lot of LeBron James and our youth. She even goes is this your car and go yet vintage it's into this. Yeah like there is why don't you like I just tear you down and then unlike my crappy tomorrow. And. Yeah our main advantage is. We'll see you know I share the ram what the hell is it we got a graphic yet then there have been it's. Blue cheese incident July I'd just add literally super glue that could have cap on my arsenal. And I think horribly data out of it I had a good data and I think I DM ET. Too much after in my trunk I feel you should. Might go and Powell thinks the whole. I damned fault didn't hit it's vintage car. Anyway it's in film my teacher I forgot about that. And it's vintage away ousting the banks and seals stories and announce. That is holier those they were texting back and forth and I'm just scatter like you can die and. You can't pop thanks Ron did you dirty things you don't need a lot and I think I don't know I get an idea. Don't know that I can forgive you for that. So we go they did Christmas. The greatest story clearly this is my day it's. And Paul Baines is nasty there. Are some nasty. Back there. They are on the and a scanned like when am I gonna go and I got to meet and I mean the ball. I see what he's got to bring a lesion to the Paul. I actually like doesn't it I was facing two years as you remember become if we come in today that there dressing room yet says it's too nasty women Kodiak is huge news now. We know what's gonna happen now that everything he stands ready right and you know. So what do you say OK I'm only tell a story to write a drag I want and I introduced myself. Let's just didn't. Are. That's part of the best part of the story I love this story so I can change and he's made some time gains and CEOs. And their resumes really nice. And funny and for whatever reason. And making fun and there is up all night. All night and he's going like bad luck that put her. It been like he's like I liked it even the third surprise I don't think anyone give them crap. And then. And calving style he said. And he does I remember you he goes I blocked deep early. And locked her on is found because this did he Z and then you know. Odds are as his surprise he certainly. Respect that I in all honesty I did it artist who denies the move he wasn't he may not. Wait hold on how is that a move I had these thing are cameras this I I did you sell irresistible. I have to put you on the block this yeah UA. Violent games you know it's good day in my life ten hours and pans out. And. I'm like wait eSATA and friends have everybody like you forgot blocked you might look at this. You didn't return my calls and even go on them yeah. Yeah me like we you have a girlfriend and I. I I am told that you know any Tenser again that night legacy on income over my normal stuff that she's blocked. Yeah and the whole time twice now I am blockade for national science times blocked me twice. Community by Erie. They show all the time yeah we should set a banana you got home they aren't as conceive your blocked against her. Penalty based on a fifth and I told him how much they didn't like some of the earlier excelled within the best part of the story but does he were champions. Pretty sure he marched into your car really feel like he's a fearless flaws candidates. It was some poll Harris and then released back to back his legendary Apollo lays it. Asha back to back to our face summit. That's the lesion solo playing prop. When that next week or next Friday it's Friday and ultimately in free showed joining the leash out. Not how things turn and they and are well you can't handle it now began meanwhile that. He's not allowed a topic. Hate that song winner from things that seals they sites had gone back to my room and I tossed at you tell us through. Costner has agreed to toss them and what if you is sweet talk star that's what he was doing and life ever and it seems. There was and I agree and that's my issue and then I can toss are so flippant about sweet tomatoes correct it's making each immediately get special coaching and this cash cow. Sweet tomatoes is very special you know and just say tossed it. Back to the ruling that hostage yeah. It's not not geeks it's not and I told the Arizona. And like I guess she didn't you tell that some things that you ask you about this we're isn't. Yeah and then she I think you felt like four times she'd say you just tossed her like just how. Yeah so you just offer he's tossed her yeah confuse did you toss her out. She says it again so Yates is. And he's like yeah I don't think it matters. And palm thinks it's. Even while I approve it go you know he wanted to say something now and it's right can't use what you say about alternative music like. He's like trying to coach him through like Iacocca an alternative music you can't say these words wow now he said it was originally earlier I took her back to my room and I. After. The F from the Malick and while they denied that yeah he but you know there have been taught that's what I tell them as toss that's why. Yeah well that's what I told them how and yeah some people can interpret the coughing may be different what are your mental toughness and I was nominated yeah it is they just cost just toss her anyway. ET possibly should permit if you call and but you can see her. Friday April 20 along with a deep valley. It is possibly understand that's always nice Spain today clearly cannot take her back to your room and sponsor now but it I just. Just told you that story. You cannot. So loud yeah it kind. I was at Monterey password against. Speaking of prom last. 0100 times that. We played prom there are ladies which I admire crowd surfing in heels. Blake. All I saw coming up to the front of the stage where these dresses and he's healed but that's. That's amazing what just two ladies and yells. I think that's me as your onstage and you're watching usually people crowd surfer Tino and my daughter and a walk in heels I think it's a new generation. Yeah I mean I think it's amazing like no it's not gonna stop her she's gonna crowds there. These ladies in Hilo big giant my girl like you liberal sang an ace is. Inch heels crowds there. I'm gonna try and brown please. You know I had I did license to the ills. Moral note I did I got some. Slightly students and we got those goodies Sarah rose. It really was. Mentioned I diabetes. Center and not by these two Perini slightly and enhance like an animal prints. At all. I thought it. Birdies slightly. It can take me back tier and also. I think that's why he was confused. Yeah. Tends to your panties and this. And see that every girl and certainly you have further out. Out there and our vital animal prints up at all and moments meaning. They'd be backed. Rant. Yeah The White Stripes and the buys. In case you're gonna commands and at least so Marino completed it. Lisa solo playing from. I barely made it I'm not leaving next I am waiting for initial with a bunch of lakes shopping bags like in the crowd absolutely the cracks your elbows. With a big sign hand on. At like 9:50 am here are here why you get that Blake TJ Max had a DL what a way into that and it doesn't matter it's reality or not. Let me should I mean at Lee are you William RL is brush up against germs. Cookies I know that he knew all the time you uncomfortable. With the leash commercially ship flourish and knowing that they had their. Yeah like. He's been in this studio more. I think me my I think. I met EU are doing bingo at the brick yeah I used to host speaking out now. His townhouse right now is that none of my better times my band is about and I I'm hospitals are on our hearts that big I. Didn't. Big Apple I want a better job of that out flat. I grant and away from something year ban I know that we play idea I think. Along million pixel and yes we I played a show like Ed Mueller had to. He has played scenario aren't pixel and my got to learn keyboards backwards. I thought I was so little. The Leo yeah its other for a long time humid could have been me could you. Wariness re molasses and marginal classes this looks and win so we ran things. Thanks Angela those cookies. These links and we'll look somewhere else and announcement. And actions when is fairly easy bake cookies no no they're eight and oh yeah I. While I think an announcer music you know and yes yes she doesn't conflict has taken those and I don't think Rosie and there's no scrutiny cookies god bless you. Thank you yes when you want she. Zocor if you've source raising. Inner cookie year yeah Satan his third Thursday this Thursday yeah I think he's going to be and arts and he then delicious. Into the cookies I takeaways Angela. Force these amounts go to characters you're going to any went 69. Yeah I'll be there. Know your own without our team yes I'm know I'm involved I think about going towards helping them before. Wright for twenty here's Sharon but I always feel weird their UN hurts so do weird thing we dance. Hey that last time mostly teens and we have like it's almost career well we always wobble. The wobble and I'm always well there's always good if you've ever wondered part Jagan spontaneous line dancing. That's not country. We wobble a bit Thursday it's free. It comes out of nowhere in your really entertained and you'll feel uncomfortable watching any hurts and DJ Joseph hits it it just the right time. What's this mean this week or this month. For a third Thursday any new besides it being 420. Why don't ask me if I'm all about I know and test if you're going to be there they wherever they are imperfect forged money ban. Might stop by early because somebody has to finish up fro our normal warm up or you have. Because you're so Michael Ian Black knights are a matter Peter and I damage overly pick somebody has got to thing but I say that I got to be I could barely got his era is thankful myself I mean maybe if I could which I never do about Imus gonna save getting lighter later date him and it's hard for me to get ready and get down in particular time I'm always like. But I would like to go see you the fan to Celtics. Everybody through Jersey and DJ Joanna ice call. Okay the best husband and wives DJ do Oki B dancing all night. Jeanine well me. Didn't you practice your moves well yeah oh Charlotte street companies going to be I like them. Give me grant. I told him you know isn't that someone needs to give me a grant and I did you are illustrate work to do what. They did give out green at whisper for people I need admit and the better I don't think you are grant worked. That's not our work got a grant college. What I gotta do to get a grant from the mountaineers somebody that you got to college not okay. Other that again Arianna minority. Yeah I say Indian and mean. June at the idea of my grandma. And my mom's grandma. And are ticked up apartment yeah my parents came from the votes. That my father came straight from the boat. Like the casino that to you at. Laura but he boat parents Stanley from the roots is that is so did and she's like Downey didn't really want to casino. Must laugh. I'll play then there's you don't blink handy crutch. Loved women really talk about that we don't have a darn about them that's are we got near pocono can tell on. It. Have a great day eight Julie Schilling coming back again early evening. I'm not going our way and kind of child I mean learn to talk about plans so good target like my school and I thought I taught that no water. Have a great day for you this is.