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Thursday, March 9th

Buzz Briefs, Chiefs, Weed, Sam Brownback, Kansas, Uranus, iPod Shuffle, and more!


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That's their revivalist on the diets can Maureen names of sand trap. Danny interests. Came writing here is any drink. Slams and energy. Not quite but we're getting there. And get her out of France and Germany. Now apparently out. It's spring break started today yeah I didn't no idea. I might have school today it starts after school I got some slurred a ministry day. And then they got another day. Where they don't have to go and then they get another week off that's not that's over spring break that's bull crap. Gap there. Miner Don TI yeah then on next week in an indictment. Well leg I mean like a Friday's five at a Thursday or Friday that the lock Catholic Church it's okay. It's all right so I shot him in the office thorough bunch I pads in there aren't any Maher to get a box of doughnuts. Has said don't come out. Don't come out there people broadcasting here. Now that's by Michigan that we should do something when none on and on and on and on and tells me they're contains there happy I don't like well no there there are happy that like we don't want that we don't want to mess and we common babysitters here we don't want to mess with the with the fusion. Of of love Oklahoma this well I mean a closed door. Takes maybe need me. While they are right they're like out there have of his step away from it out about it. I would you bring them here they probably only coming here other figure doughnuts they are playing our iPad than there in their coloring in the office tower cam caller on everything in the office sorry if you had anything valuable in there I doubt I know I'd ideas I don't care usually we mean it is technically our office. Yeah we are in there we don't news now yet and high proposal. There's of how tough a there's a ton of beer in their answer there I don't have that against go more green beret who free. Our rights. After 7 o'clock here on the buzz names venture detainees here marked copy. Thursday. Carry out what he's an iPod Shuffle off. Danny yeah. It's going around the world. Menace like a lot of news that just made me laugh. Giraffes are in the news a lot. Stealth. Is the difference or rap okay did that draft give birth now finish. The address is alive death. We have a giraffe incidents. In North Carolina zoo. Which led to a dead giraffe. And venture out here. 09 year old Jimmie Lee died after she accidentally became entangled in a mental and physical engagement I don't item. Why it. Mentally fit when you do with the mental and physical engagement item for a draft I don't know. We became entangled again a brand Saturn I laugh when they get black hat and I regulate geared god you know toy it is it's a toy or something because they were kind of what kind of mental and physical engagement item it is. That it's some draft Sawyer. Yes that and mental and physical. I mean they're longing gangly would probably get. Caught up tied in knots really quick liking cartoons. I think probably didn't do her neck fast enough. Check Saddam is playing with a ball tighter neck and pretzel. No way no I did that made that part out. Yeah uses as and in description it's not enough and that raises more questions or not is rich in I don't like that then meant to say that again mental and physical engagement item. That's how they see toy in Zulu language okay yes so she got she died because originally written. I just say that. Bootsy could if you Google mental and physical engagement item yeah what is that all it does is bring up North Carolina did badger. Has no one else is used and no nobody knows who that is don't know what else and that's what is that I don't understand. Animals foods they. Yeah I mean again if you if if I had animals to the end of mental and physical engagement item I just did nothing vetted the North Carolina dead giraffe. I'm never heard that before just say it was a guy do enjoy that somebody was like go after Hogan who organ actually in this long grain. Who ever did come probably the Davids are out the barrel while balls kudos to hear that kind line there attorney in the waiting yeah tell you why that's again when you little PR person in need community is I am puzzled. It's a puzzler. Was that and that's. A rope. Kind of measures of had a row I figure like the give mortgage or have a big thick rope. Yeah. I don't imagine that if I didn't see you on the got a stronger publisher Gannett he's just back. Animal kingdom OK. With Jack Hanna. Now thank you do is attract. It's called Larry I think so and their RG nine glide about community is your house. OK are aware. That there weren't any groups. No no big thing group sling it does you went on a safari. No it's really weird Disney's weirdness and yes I don't know that I love that oh I hate Disney on its cool. Place where children don't have breakdown. As it plays are adults go to to have breakdowns and put themselves the massive debt. Try to be like I'll grab my kids love me they won't be able to say that you write is like. I don't care how good did I do think there's an immoral or around. Yeah and they had these two rafts just kind of there's like that just imagine an open field that's really not opened it and and then in the background there is a hotel in a menorah madness resorts. And then all easing balconies and the like got tree toppers aren't. It kind of is there's lots of trees you know feed the juror asked for me about it you're not supposed to be then yeah point. It was kind of like math right and I felt awful for the giraffes. Like this is their life yeah and I look at me yeah how to play the. Yeah. Hope you do or die with the physical or mental they gave it. Explain exactly yeah age balls I think but models and staff imagery it's. The giraffe. Like people food would be fed to them. Up in the trees that makes sense they have long necks yes everything was up in the trees. Well. Sounds like. Does Disney guys have a duress like all figured out. We don't see me do but giraffes like covering this I all feel odd ball out. Yet the should make a movie about that I'd like to know with the draft thinks. God has been against. When they say mental and physical engagement they mean enrichment there really is just the toys but this is terminology used in the zoological community. Thank you weirdly informative text line. They can just say a toy. At that we would everyone would understand that can sign. When you say simply I. He raises more questions shirt and what is that yeah what's going hardware let him play or the Bob Seger CD release all of it askew needs and as our bad we were watching it closely enough. All right hey. Two Brothers. He got themselves a mental and some emotional challenge challenge through the former magic mushrooms. Okay. It ended light. Not well. If you had chill don't do drugs because chill don't drink. And you look if you're the guy who wakes up and you your hand herds can even punch in a walk he's got angry when your drunk. This crap isn't for you alcohol Humphrey you have a problem already even if you don't understand why I believe emaciated very bright you shouldn't do it. Yeah it was everything it alcohol makes you did a negative way other drugs built it right I don't disagree is correct yeah. Well these two as I release the point they're taking Johnson. Or alcohol. Can't relax a close state yeah. Feeling a little bit better effort certain percentage of that Dick population right you don't feel that you make everybody else is like worse and you don't realize how inconvenient your being efficient government have to okay. Listen to this two Brothers who helped police. This won't magic mushrooms are now facing other serious charge. This afternoon yet this is a crazy story here in the south here at eight that police say they ran around a south side apartment complex. Some really make it making death threats 24 year old Noah bounce and his 21 year old brother Timothy both pleaded. Not guilty today in court took combined. Seventeen charges. And to learn more Foxit the united Bryan bothers me talk to neighbors who. Witness the bizarre incident and shows us some exclusive video. It was here on cape phonetic court to the lighthouse landing apartment complex. Where the two Brothers are accused of running around naked and causing all kinds of Havoc. The an officer teasing one brother is how this bizarre event ended Sunday but before police could arrive and apprehend. No and Timothy bots because plenty of commotion and plenty of damage. And as serious is not the first time the police have met Noah and Timothy box. I think he yelled at that cop I hated you and high school and in ten days. Yeah yeah. Hours. Outing outside and had a windows open and then stepped out on the back porch and well enrolled. Just seeing naked people on the bargain. Any patent was just one of dozens of neighbors who came out to watch your deal and she caught it on camera and yeah. This video shows one brother allegedly making death threats to the apartment complex manager and then jumping on top of a maintenance workers trucked. Another witness told police she saw the man lying on top of each other in the parking lot. She says they shouted at her look at us look at us shortly after that she says no bots approached her and punched her in the face. Q is extremely aggressive. And then to hear later that he harms somebody had it wasn't surprising with how agitated he was and he continued to get more and more agitated at. According to court documents the Brothers admitted to police they it's not magic mushrooms earlier in the day. We knew it was something I mean beyond just being drunk or being high area now it was something heavy duty. Not get that so whatever you got. In addition to punching a stranger and energy is a damaging several cars at the complex getting inside several that were unlocked. Damaging items in getting blot on the seats. Now Timothy in no Abbas did plead not guilty to a myriad of charges today they're due back in court may. Man that is some white privileges and if that's I was thinking yeah they're teasing him that he would have been dead. Oh yeah like the juggler guy we talked about your dad and even think about this are the juggler kid the deal I juggler. Yeah Bremer I have like. Iger the this is like couple days ago. And it was yesterday was all over the Internet and people like it's a white privilege because he can his reach into his car pull out these these bully Vincent Sutherland we don't like the right. Right. Bigger bigger bear these naked man who are angry and they kept saying look. I Killian that's all they want repeatedly and I honestly is this guy was there aren't so Ashley shiny eases thank you know school. Doing drugs union totally. Magic mushrooms. Ha ha that. He rents rooms where there is to sound like bath salts yes sure they'll make you take your clothes off well. Pain and I can't speak to everybody. My bench Arizona made you angry bear bar residency said barreling down on top of each other and screaming look at us spend all they're doing in all of this is like look we need validation an intensive. This amount of mental and physical stimulation and I think that. Darian if can you do you smoke service normally eat them right. You get in. It never smoked much. And in any of smoke I mean has not yet it is who you probably can't pay Eaton has smoked portabella mushroom sure. Alicia sure how do you have to the status but you've never smoked a police and it Janet should never Canada now that's it. Just a bad tee that it takes our team and I hear you DT PNGTE. You do T and you can do until I introduce dungy team. I'm pretty sure they don't did you area and our trumpet is you don't make mushroom tea I don't know a competitive. Yeah who still smokes mushrooms you just eat them right. He's and he spoke up why would assume you like them on fire after he grind it first seems like a processing just yet. I don't think a little honest it's. This thinking about it texture and he's gonna. Or haven texture. Cash Itar DE. Although it's easy when you've been in chalk minutes though he's just got to choke it down on now and that chopper and armed by you product university. Just like we have gonorrhea payout. I was selling chocolate bars is nuts reasons tunes in and day out perfect. Minus their instance that's take a little bit of creative liberty with the before. Can get outs killed my shirt yeah Nancy did you textures. Men I have ever reasons. Right. Are right 1 final story this morning. One final story did you hear about the chiefs tight end. Demetrius Perez Mark Hurd I want him that he got arrested. July. What we did at 4:22 PM or on I 49. Trooper noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. He was Christopher felony possession of marijuana. How many has PCP. Annually yet because he he was how much marijuana and we have well here's what's messed up right pain he has over 35 Graham's now. Their programs like one point to something ounces have had his man yesterday at such an arbitrary amount they decided how bad but. If he had had like say him and his friends have liked smoked up some before they went and it was below 35 grams it's now a misdemeanor right. But he's the amount you have on his he had. You've got to bring it back and say well we did is there riding with usually take the rap for this into the football player you're obviously a guy who bought it. So somebody else is say it's mine. How many people are in the car. That he asked about sonic. No he did not have to lose but I sonic. Did not how much you thirty I'm gonna structure which is how much like many hours as two ounces millions in change. Now over announce programs which is really. Attempts a lay I mean it's just since it's a good amount about it that's not a bad luck depending on how much yeah it's not enough. Either you're one that it's never enough yeah I yeah and either your life really unlucky. Rightly you're really just 35 grams of spread the ball players just like just a little bit our completely Jay's life re. Yeah I'm antique a couple of nice. If I buy you buy much you know you never know maybe somebody sets up through little couple extra in there thank you over that limit. Substance people my god the how'd they pull over some and I have examined we you. I got the list on how many. Yeah that's right yeah. How many people on the car whining and homeowner because I don't I don't say he's kind of I'll tell you. Well again this goes back to sounds like a dealer set amount major probably gave a little extra gift. Ideas to deceive the police report yeah and unlike the who is the do that we didn't hear about for days after he got to resolute we could hasten PT no note. Is Casey PD and his city star and her very actively colluded to cover it up. That she's a we player. I mean she's players we she's sweet as you can blared. Tomorrow's my plan none of this what was differ because like we found out way after the fact that it it happened was did Blair. Tom Ollie. Tom plan has a Mali beat up busted for weed and enlightening didn't report it it and show opening police records okay how much we found out after. Right one game suspension theirs and the scam have a four game because of how much. Help for games is president of felon. Now what about yeah I can. At valid fact. Person we did this is I mean if you is Travis Kelsey you know like the best time of his service does he wouldn't be having this conversation that would have been 34 grams. And an error is set him up like that. An audio strategies Chelsea doesn't smoke weed knowledge he needs to track. You know it's a skeleton vale CAF yeah I think he does not. Man I. I don't know he's got to deuce I already are valid and make it Brothers that's that's Travis Kelsey. Is the guy wearing cowboy boots is naked outside. Somebody sent a ninety pled down to a misdemeanor. You don't like it can't just because he's not the best buy them right at the rain that's why it's fascinating story can. Hasn't he was the best time in nineteen pro and heard about it at all Hutton. In my room. There how he's going to Keisel traffic. Report. It will that's kind of why needy people of avoiding the third inning after Panasonic is headlights on the right now they're giving up only really speeding now like let's go full rights is here because I don't know if we go all right as the universe is very funny and paying us back that night. I'm your rate now about times past I was asking questions like why meaningful Overton is is bleaker because the officers smelled marijuana on the interstate well that's economists had 49 and that's one that's out there before great weekend I will hand they've put a different reports if I get more information. Three trails crossing. Says China's Kelsey Delhi's most we will not enough. He needs more often that's the pro football talk this is a smear and for the isn't bill 35 grams. Right he could to an afternoon. It's the that program outs and a quarter Sonata considerable amount. You sense it. Outside the quarter man. That's a felony and and Larry that's not state. You gotta be careful man and I and I thought it was more like it Philo I guess I don't know why I know it's just a little over an hour that's terrifying hours in one corner he's got to make sure you smoke your stuff bro. Or at least divvy it up yeah thank you again according your shots are in a corridor that three year contract extension. Yeah I thought you said in the report that there is a strong odor coming that vehicle that this is the night I would suspect that they had to pull him over before they could smell that. Bates county yeah Bates county not show raids carried. It's candy police reports. I'm touched the she didn't mean to me chasers used to be a basketball player is one of those converted. Is basketball first and then became a timing telling Tony downs and Tony Gonzalez. I don't now how these songs all of us. At Tony Gonzales experience. In the looking up here here. But keeping incident and in May he probably posters. I'm sure that they're so that happen yeah ironic that read this rumor time again. Mean playing good news out soonest go to on two point that your were pulled over vehicle with Harris is a passenger in four. So is a bunch. Did riding in the car power can be counted how you are divvied up by four people bright how this somehow you know it is because 81 dude says half his mind. Then all of a sudden is not a felony right. I feel like this is starting to racism while you have the messed. He's hiding in his pocket nor I would need. Bright is actually dropper on the also if you're constantly over do you think you might be over the limit you either eat it or you shove it up. And we need youth well I mean I don't know what you're gonna do in the moment. None of us are faced the value enjoyed it or shut out of my. Right which go by fire low as a ten in the name and illustrious Harrison Dimitris Harris has chiefs now he's a great tight end. Mean that's why we're hearing about short two point conversion master he has. He got the winning one against the Broncos. At Denver I believe OK so these are they tied it and then went to overtime one and then the peacock one against. The Steelers in the playoffs that would have tied the game than they called back because of the holding correct so he was OK meaning into catches right. I didn't know he didn't decriminalized that think I didn't know there is still that. Amount C. For a people thought I was too most legal emissary at this necessarily that I didn't realize. As most people stopped that long been found because a lot of people go to jail for life. For. You know on the amount. It's not a felony if you shove it up your book. And you have it's still legal. It think lynch. Another record cop math question they say it's I think there's maybe they had already divided it up between the forum variety what had announced. You can you do equal distributions is making do math right that's your problem is that allowed it. He Geiger was this budget is for unit Carlin divided by four. He's one of those they can't add the name and M have been fine ounces they'll charge. A Libyan link. I'm not if you each got an ounce and more in some change and I am assuming news or be on the car but if you're in a program does that break what is that about to impose these two. You NFL guy. Wait what attractions and we don't usually I agree a 100%. We man is nuts I only grossed donors are second half yeah we it's just. And we'd math is a whole different ball and I ballgame immediately bare it out but this does this looks like this is it's always my legs. Yeah paranoia and an interview everybody's trying to steal for his I'll say yeah this looks really Lye yeah. Yeah. Like to win this. And then I go to the sharp permits and finally get a kitchen scale. Because that's where you get up and I don't have this Kelly I had I now I do it turns its iMac and a way yeah it's always complained to cast it's a little lucky. And thrown answers I. Now our religion I'm saying and down and Bates county emergency sounds like trouble you know and or your friends then you're you're an NFL star. You should your friendship AB jumping on the Gurney for you and B should be doing the run for you that's why they get to hang out you bring. You're guys probably bought the re match. I. Yeah and then the other thing that's funny is these guys can going get a prescription for like any painkiller you want. Jews yes he can play on Sundays but you while Purcell recreation marijuana. Law. Felon. And I don't mean dirty Graham's makes you a distributor. How at all. No Nelson British general stashed her a little bit thirty eager and that it's less than a great attitude now now that doesn't make you a distributor hell no it hasn't like here that's ridiculous now. Anyway I'm obviously pro marijuana hands. Not only decriminalizing and I immediately golf so there's a member elected ten as I said if you put it up Obama's about felony. Think it's gruesome and says hey I'm a full fledged I am osment back. Not me. And you know he's been kind of we've met. There's just. This as did you get Baghdad brigade everybody's can't. Be happy with that I'm happy with that the eyeball look bright to you yeah I was married. Yeah and I don't blame me. Hey it's Sox ever out there from the triangle numbers are walking in support 35 to I 35 to I seventy. Basically everywhere sucks today it's abuzz traffic. It's a Bruce are much yeah. Result rockets are charged with a felony for 35 grams. Pay your listeners in these kind. I denies any down of its kind no I didn't I mean. Just that it's we're wondering why there hang out yeah I'll Indiana and was wondering I mean I don't let's be honest it was a girl that's really got there we. Why would they need to go to Bates county to get there we he's really gonna need. What's your rebounding is like words that drive I go to games coming through issues are anyway it is you send me that's my. Yeah. Early on how can I match up well. Danny's. His now I 7796. Time so we basically just playing in her pounds. Your music and it shuffle if you guess who is next on that popular credit spread Europe radio station race. Lyrics. You know are getting any nicer they're both for our two legged look forward to iPod Shuffle it's fine record. Her spine as other residences. I didn't hear what happened I don't know how to act right anyway. You're anyway prizes if you guess what is next on his iPod moon is getting. Yes correctly answer whatever tickets we have enterprise but you're welcome to one of them and marked. What are those chickens and we have her precious prize back polian Disney on ice coming up at the end of the month. He sounds just that. Telling the well we got to the guys in the month coming up. They're the mavericks march 10 okay. Flop the rest of this week Sunday B they're coming tickets in my wallet. Had to tinker with and they're doing tags an exit this Tuesday morning at the Alamo draft house. Degree is Waltz OK next week on the fourteenth. Saint Patrick's Day we get some of those VIPs for enemy man Andrew McMahon nice Bryant's and wealth. Song it's another man among them and play that I can't remember did. But he had GM lion. Many of them have did uptown yep. It's that. And do you. Are those special yes to it. From going played them yeah what specialty units we have. The repaired you way okay when are saying. Terrorists that arrow and we do not too. Harry third second or first throw for blinds you we start at 33. Third route and that's available to you now. We should probably say that as we can to have that announced today I know you like base and a third group blamed. There and. Even as an N center which is now Silverstein thinking I centers and Silverstein that place dad Silverstein. And juries are doing years yet again for another I play. Does that chance says Silverstein might step up like it's slipping and sliding to Silverstein with GM's. Can he do that well yeah that's a doctor Gary thought our rush into anything and trying to get Indians. GM's real hard real hard cigar. During times and 67965. Holes. I don't mean one of the that is a. Cooling down this thing with hair. Loudly. It's been. I'm only guessing he's going. Gocong notorious. One year anniversary today are big. He he's been dead twenty years shot. Read me you know who kill big enough. Have who have the most to gain from daisy I mean they don't get as David okay. Illuminati Jay-Z did is he took over daisy doesn't happen of these holes isn't that true you know things out I think that was some game and thrown death. Okay. You have an album take that there are shooting night yeah. Well who's who was unsure nicely long as I West Coast that the two pie it would mean really nobody like me lunch shipments labeled as you so violence. That was like he helped death row that was just our right yes yeah that says who's on death row I was at that continued attacks new trade break. Who killed two pot. That's an interest in print. But. I do you know it's easy killed. He. Could make so much sense to not be true. It makes it does. Who who has The Who is a superstar. Jay-Z break. I don't know. Makes sense are kept him out anyway we are playing iPods have gotten and apparently. Who killed me into the rock and to us as easy dated. I have no idea who killed. My guess is why if you. Haven't salute the guys. My business. Actually see even. Obama way to work you. I port city brought back. How that's awesome I need to rise to worse. I'm Justin. Has really nicely or appreciate did you employ discounts. Can pursue and it's only explorer models. And hilarious actually tell me what is next Sunday's iPod. And Drake to rate he does play Drake I don't understand during June. Little is Davis I don't know I don't get drinking not now no longer right. The Russians killed biggie says lead out. The fans. How are you and it is this. Area Menino and what are order. So beautiful day here. It'd and integrate. Its saris and then again. It's going to be a good day yes I tell myself that every day. Until it happens I believe it can and they were great as there guests can keep telling myself that Jeremy and what do you think is next Indiana he's iPods. A moment ago Mariah. Or not that had the fewest since the longer she does. I detainees I pads that are playing sites on 6796 by an iPod excuse me. Oh does. Me has been in America beyond prank. No but you can you can tell me who you are. Or are okay Samantha and as society and and I give you beyond saying it up for grabs top players in the prize for compare and also just you know. Third round tickets just deeply when he teaching it at that far into the night. I personally don't. I just didn't pan. Karen has such. Carol thanks Sanjay thank. My idea of hairy guy. Snoop dog he's a great honor every hour. All right on or maybe already how many guys get five spends its iPod Shuffle detainees is up. Beating Drake morass fiance coursing down her women's. It's. Tuesday. Night and day. Yeah I. Me. So Michelle Branch now. Let's complements this artist and really know him. It's and Medicare now rates again I've kind and his girlfriend you know never leaving now aren't. He. Does against. We. Everybody and people there right. That's generally know. Maybe chance. Okay this is the longest running animation comedy on television then. It. Ashley Ashley says today Ashley Simms there is why isn't. Yeah there is dead now higher numbers you're renowned. Pieces pieces of me. Pieces of me then again in my team. Actually he's this relative ease now. But now she messed up with suitable her. Sums now is that an ally. You know the Orange Bowl Q mess of the work hand in live like back to back. I guess Sunday terrible and then you're right it was back to back each UV because she's being recorded that I did she ever kid with the Fall Out Boy yeah asks people lands column Oakley. And I did note that mark knows a lot about it successes like him argued that closet since that Santa Maria. Have you really turned up when your other ways she's the fat ass isn't the first time I remember actually Simpson was on the show seventh heaven. Not Q is that she did seventh heaven she was. She's like the bad girl crash that the kid and really Anna what is she doing now I think it's been a while raising Pete Wentz kids. Yeah I think she's got music after those grants to shoot it the issue was somebody else. Easier more cancer is just he went I used steroids she got she did get the good pop boy I have a crime he knew he could have been with the lead singer nobody knows his name. I go all the horrible things that celebrities too costly day in day out like. Mel. A Gibson gets another chance and Hollywood that we ran Ashlee Simpson at a town because of a battle Orange Bowl appearance while his past and now she just joined snaps and I got to follower. She's on Santana and thing that's yet another chance we think Evan Ross as he's married now is that. Who's Evan Ross actually Simpson how. And he's an actor and musician I've never heard of him being there. He was really is trying to be he's got that big hat like he looks like how will Smith's kids. Our camp and we were playing iPod Shuffle uses that they're out. You get I spend that was your first. Had you just Ashlee Simpson and. Yeah. Do you remember that did this by the size of bulletproof. Zero and a buddy cop show movie between Adam Sandler and Damon plays a bulletproof. Now this particular kind of. The Irish. Laureate Shannon now in the age guru. Learned of yet no idea now. Never heard and I have never feel like I know the chorus now you think maybe ever and maybe no more coverage that song actual. And the original and yes I'm I don't hear an end and how it's Diana Ross is can. That Ashlee Simpson is married and she's doing fine and Enron's. And Russell has money and ultimately this. I don't know. This is her experience on them that I do and he does have much. Times Rick Springfield. Here I commend them looking for kind of kind. What these patents and Imus might stand. Yeah you can go on and reverse brings him. And I think it was yeah. So I Amy Winehouse definitely CNN and finally yeah. It's not anyone else caught. It is that you want but with something else. Designer OK the oh reading. Doing. Yeah this area. There's too easy for. Easy music scene but I didn't know he did that it's gonna last stand. There really were that it. I'm Carlos job as a member gave him sound nice I hear. That flight controllers as they tears ago is suffering. Gas I don't know his name now its side size size and that is still good. 26. It's sixty. Love's book and to lead I. I picture you listening yeah walking now if I reputation youth it's just give me a minute ago and a wife theatre guy. Can you locking down Warren okay just walking down Arnold lock in on her own life here are adopted and and did you ever fans now we have late gene now you're bad. Matters in cash this is the greatest getting enduring bonds ever if you've got a Bluetooth speaker. And as of that shower. You know you got yourself a good time with those two things outs nobody would guess that now posing as a Right Said Fred Perry. Oh I want or one more fluent or more points Guinea's iPod Shuffle injury Mariah beyond tears in time for a winner. Who sings I think tiger is an eye of the time now to get. Beyond tonight. I can do things. I'm hitting somebody yes. The wind because. I know we didn't do the multiple lines are always. As Vietnamese and Jack yeah I in the and we don't strives for but if we gave them White Stripes at a time so she just said beyond that that's a tough loss on the queen bee yeah I have to I have to say. You know go getter consolation prize that's iciness consolation for this not technically and I. It's not C a meanwhile beyoncé is Destiny's Child true. No and argue that I don't think I don't believe so she would have to say that's his job yes I. Which. It's her child in the eye of the tiger aside and tiger and slow that snow. I'm on and on and on and and that's. Fleetwood Mac. Is she's a realignment yet it's plea was meant something and I might even imagine. Price tag is a lower seed. Yeah sure they would match. Mean. Yes Stevie Nicks in the video. She yeah she was doing this on the guitar. As soon as OK guys math RA heads to seventeen. Okay will you play duties as snow patrol's version of this. And are you thinking of. It's not crazy a lot can't get there and that they do versioning crazy amount to rehab that's usher we. It's awesome. That was. Think you're ready for this jelly black. He mortgage hampers the latest on the finally do it preserve the idea that puts jelly and jam the man. What's wrong with. And I like get everybody kind of links Juli Jimmy's idea to post that was known and loved seniors who do not a lot of time in June 10 sees him to Dallas and Dallas. Posed. Come out mart can. Well they should he should play some music for them amongst those sir I can the love to do that out well you today. Once we're done with this related denied and I read below and you guys come out and then. Tell us we'd like to hear okay. Now we can now. I have my kids are on your Arenas on the board. Is that my email is enjoying like the planning hearings. Right theory nose is funny they were in their chuckling about her anus that my son. He's so my son I love them as all of a sudden your Arenas is funny they are now Perez is on the board is that mix between planet and other. So OK you can see you know I love to dry and then Emo hair and who's the one went weird eyes and big ears and a pig nose please god tell me that is not me that no that was my daughter like a month ago I drew that was your daughter okay. Benefited the it's like babysitting dryer states Florida had 965. Vote as they're gonna regret not paying for airing in housing scared that a good good good going to be nice cat and mouse taking out. We have a building for the company do you have a building for example last season Sparano I know we got money. We have space for an hour there's a whole anti floor that could really help your employees. Like that's a big deal would be nice if you know obviously bigger companies. Can do that in an anti gay and like target employee they have added twelve target should be able to do that you target should be able to get a big company all large corporations that have gained an incredible amount a while the last fifteen years he's African Jimmy you say they should space like Apple's sitting on billions of cash right. I don't know what happens apple. I do think they take care of their employees here battery yes I guess that would be like well I think Google definitely nice. So there isn't a company thinks earner does to you mean alphabet. What you mean Google's. Now alphabet how to allow whatever is it. Yet out of the same the company is off the map there's a Google division play itself out I got to analyze it is stupid I think the AG UN handling various kitchens. Kinds and different things from toxic assets and Taylor I think you don't pay for your meals and they can't think is seen as you start working union like ten pounds. Google Talk and I'd be harsh and tough lied to saw that movie with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. I do other people that I watched that you I I I didn't mind them moving now I didn't either. A laggard invincible I though Wilson pairings yet on how I definitely thought. Our work and use like in house and take care of sir her anywhere written especially though those large corporations because they try to be helpful right. Click wanna be really helpful hey we got you this deal where if you find not direct EU letter. We'll send out health tips once a month right but that's not helpful told self talk. Helpful is. You know helping you see your kids sing especially. One through higher unit you know babies survive that's really tough tough. Very very tough indeed here's so ridiculously X thread Dick -- predict him so yeah I'd be awesome if they went off and that sometimes in. But they don't show last area I agree with children in studio which is bring that. Actually you know is kind of takes an all around OS I kind of wanted to talk about today. That I had some time to note that some sound clips together last couple days he got this whole obamacare. Repeal replace not really repealing or replacing. Pretty much trying to keep a lot of Saber changing certain things so it looks basically. Paul Ryan. I Obama with a obamacare Obama stole Romney care the next level does what is. And then it's that in hindsight perhaps a brilliant move because it let the GOP would know GOP health care plan. Particularly contagion is anyway well I hate consider that right now he Republican right. That Romney racked his whole career and got to be socialists who who I don't know why Mitt Romney. Thinks it's okay as a Republican and I think health care Ferrari is a great idea sure but it's got to be for everybody if you haven't seen any of the reports on the latest thing on how works basically it's a giant tax cut for people making tons of money going. And it increases the cost for people. Who don't have a lot it's and it's a weirdly inverse thing. I Shawnee mission hospitals how much Manning and the testing that has had done recently. It's ludicrous. Their Vincent question though I mean like you know win. Tucker Carlson is grilling you. If you're Paul Ryan you might have messed up like this things with sounding like it's dead in the water. Which so did they repealed on an honor and they put places and they have this new build of putting forth. You know they're gonna try to do some stuff through reconciliation I don't understood it's so convoluted and difficult but here's what I do know. Apple cares about her please send management of their employer would build suicide notes. I'm they had them all over in Seattle needs of the bridges because there's so many bridges. Sell high in the weather I think her since I read there is higher than anywhere else in the country. And it freaks me out when I first like let's back up. Why is that never it's Britain's and it's a suicide event. And prevent people from jumping. They're trying to either being helpfully and oh yeah. So here's Tucker Carlson talking to Paul Ryan because they are not that I that I just I mean there's a version of this whole thing is that it's already gone very poorly. That it's probably dead in the water already they don't count another plant and even even conservatives are upset about this plan you know he doesn't just look like the plan to they have one now while they kind of yeah but but but take a listen here take it was there's Tucker Carlson talking to off. My most disliked person. More so the Cha Paul Ryan is the worse because he's such a little Wiener. Let witnessed anything usually quickly go to annoy you rolled out yesterday ECB to work on this for a year with some you know what precise terms and everything. You when you roll that he must've known that lots remembers the freedom caucus and Heritage Foundation bunch of Republican senators we're gonna start barking about it why not wait until everyone's onboard written version before rolling it out. Well like I said all these folks can't pass this plant we campaign on this last year right we did that we get to went on these people what I think is happening. These people are getting a little confused about what you can and cannot put it will be called reconciliation Bill Brown get a little technical here. A guy and I'm getting really out there and I'll visited recently with clippers because this is low power and does so where would jump off they're there. There's this flight mean that exists about Paul Ryan day he's like some sort of long. Like he's a really Smart person who knows the ins and outs of policy the way that us normal people can't possibly understood bratwurst we're still at TO he's trying to like man displaying. He's like I don't wanna get too technical here and I are very very nicely and there's three phases and suckers like I was I guess I had this and I'm just. A lot of outside groups and folks just don't understand the fact that. If we put everything in the bill we possibly want. We can we would have a filibuster we wouldn't give a pass in the senate. So this bill. Which is the first phase of a three phase plan there's no we got passed without a filibuster in a budget bill there are things like interstate shopping and healthcare. Association health plans let people buy mauled by their health insurance nationwide group buying pools medical liability reform all ZoneAlarm Gruner reform medical and that. Or I don't know what's kept on it. That's sounds stupid and totally your money together to buy insurance just regular don't put inserts as you pull it quiet may get. Neither area that I play out you shouldn't just tell you I mean just allowing people to geez the problem of good health care of the problem in health care and everything costs keep going up. It's not because of this poll or this state Laura this is this tort reform. It's because that private insurance industry is making money and the hospital industry is making money and they can charge you 50000 dollars for Paraguay as if they want and there's no accountability that now. It should be a federal master charge list that sets the cost of everything hospital yet and why it's different for and I he's just after the hour serve their pricing upfront. If we're not gonna do the universal health care thing which is just so stupid I can probably Bristol doing this. Then you got to make it more anyway so his kids then and then been Tucker I guess our best in class and. Of ballots. About bill. He's the remnants we have these well I don't know anybody that you have in front of the TV all right here we reached consensus as to what are they Republicans on to win like. We called it a better way we'd put it on the Internet we all sound. They let my guess is a match critical holiday weekend even tax and spending policy okay and not Wear them but also I mean you have. The overview here is that this all live wealth basically the last ten years or stuck to the top and that's one of the reasons we've had almost political turmoil as you know and so. Hard sell this day yet we're gonna have to repeal obamacare but we're gonna send more money to people aboard got the richest over the last ten years I mean that's what this does now. I'm not allowed just it just that's true. When you have Tucker Carlson they had Jeff Sessions go on to defend himself on Tucker Carlson show that he was the softball interview. When Tucker Carlson is eating you alive for breakfast right you have a really crappy planned it is normal ties anymore he does sometimes okay got it that I elusive very nice does sometimes and it's a very very nice lie it is continuing along with these wonderful with this roll out how smoothly it's going in there in there you know because we want a peeved and the health insurance industry one more time in fifteen years. Representative Jason she fits. Chief it's telling viewers you from shopper at sea from Utah has kept his Twitter handles at Jason in the house at Jason and pounds. Jason and how so he got really unpopular couple days ago trying to sell this plan okay you ready. Access for lower income Americans doesn't people coverage well that we're getting rid of the individual mandate. We're getting rid of those things that people said that they don't want and you know what Americans have choices and they've got to make good choices so maybe. Rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love that wanna go spend hundreds of dollars that make the nation's best in their own health care they've got to make those decisions themselves. Yeah iphones aliens and half baths Piaf hey I may I phone seven right now just like bottom barrel whatever 649. Dollars right. That's lie. A month. Of health insurance your enemy it has your paycheck yes I will need your eyes and and you get each oddly I need to go I want to keep your point man right. Do your banking scene configure. How much money I mean that's. Ridiculous to say that in this Danny Ainge can't because you're pork. You should now I found all Amanda like the date there it's it's it's it's an amazing rally that. A guy who is getting tax Payer funds it. Health care yeah it's way better than any of his constituents yes they do have better insurance than any growth is is sitting here elects. Eli and oh well you got these you don't tell investing in your health care and an I phone hate. That's ludicrous all what a poor people get air conditioners now true. By now what it was they got a big refrigerator is important to get microwaves thinking. He's leaving it cable to get to go to a place you are saying. They wanna create a sense I think he would write your mind your business that's really ludicrous and wrong right now. Good it's not a tear to tell them to not have a in this day and aids right and that they would have to choose. Something that really has become and how out of touch is he the he doesn't understand how I insurance isn't 649. Dollars a year now not even remotely like like you imagine. I would if I can get how this surge of 640 dollars a year I would give away my phone right now. I would do I mean RB in about an hour and I can get things ready and I don't know yeah isn't for an hour care doctor nix your primary care provider. But it's nice thing he tells you what you should do you do what we years need to get. Well as long as sir as you elected them. And he's supposed to be representing Elton and I you know and that's how you feel about it you know you have to go without its. And ordered he gets what other people get. No whatever is that these poor people start eating lobster that's just for the for us the rich people break. Itself. One more story. I know it's all political but who can. Amanda I hate myself for this that there are tons considerably cheaper than I accounts yet still wrong. But I mean Mandarin person's paid if I'm sorry I get it but what he's saying is Annie the threat he's not just saying he's seeing any phone at all. Think whether it's boost when you have Brett he's saying thank you shouldn't have enough I don't know whether it when I go behind my my iPhone I do do the payment plans I pay 33 dollars a month again right Ellen surged 33 dollars and there's not a question re. God knows people paid 200 dollars or less in the country and I agree. He was just that's how out of touch you know you got it but he's basically sings any you know you shouldn't have a fountain. He kept you have to pick or choose Foner health care. Because I remember in America lag we right now we have our phones and our health care why do we have to choose. All you gotta be colleges about just. Ending you know what kind of business mind your business. Yeah I think what he's saying I he brought out tonight and even vote. What he's saying you should never found you have to make that choice couldn't health insurance or because is being what it is is say you make a choice what he's saying is people. Who were poor areas just in fourth annual meeting here each alternated or more visions that's correct port. And I'm gonna do upper mobility or income inequality or any of his current. He's insinuating or people are lazy gimmick or decisions. And frivolously right pants what the insinuation life and that chaps my third all about the saving like at Jason in the house rates. You know why because he probably lead paint to pay up if it's. I'd detect heard this guy must've been in college his comment again this year household doesn't land chat did you know he doesn't pay any doubt H lobbyists checked to lobbyists next door you have the opportunity to save money yes. You know some of its doubts right. It's like you know me I'm in December 15 Everyman what was it got to make this bill wait until after. You know. That's not decisions he's made recently to. Remember when a roof below was out of touch you remember when that was a lead narrowing of I was like a rubella and nervous I Uighur route you leave it. We have lettuce iphone's. Great. Anyway. He's not meaning I and I guiding people owner they get hung up on your he'd be happy he's saying don't have a Tony's saying. That poor people make poor decision to ask why their parking. And that's nothing tastes well like a newer tour as your par like that cost you know like. Hi this Harvey Miller before because we have and I'm really raise the minimum wage to level the level of his guys to order permanently on the dollar and Taylor porphyry read write and. Right all violated Missouri state legislatures beacon of minimum wage is fast track in a bill to keep cities in Missouri from. Raising their minimum wage. Brinkley model. Now the blocking it is that we can't you know people are poor for a reason it's not because aiming towards is not as 'cause companies that cut pay low wages. Like gay any franchise any chaining large chain re like a CBS along greens and McDonnell the bargain whoever they may. Right right pays people seven dollars an hour. It's hard dogleg right now I. Error to get health insurance right upper hand the profits and purpose you can make profits future uploading your people the American taxpayer. And we got to worry about the iPhone can happen here mark didn't personally wouldn't let him work over so many. Right Ali pure and it would be time and right guy or he would be Forrest god forbid to given how well he's working full time power he me I'm sorry if he worked full time. You can match your company's policy. He gets health care. And don't tell and to not put ours on this kind she. Because then you'd be forcing him health care why don't you just pay MCI mean look again this company had enough money to buy CBS radio. And keep their name intercom they bought CBS radio. And they can't do that government and right and good ticket tackle Kirk and car right. Like you get into outer overcoming them is a marker people like it was me. Years ago yeah it could be a great company still is mean how does not mean that the system is an email. You know what it is right. People are Borg is again you know go waived his right it's not certain that circle stopped each of their work furcal. Divers who yearn on my leg donate and poured don't have. That does is that I found an injury did you make decisions I can do better. Everybody could you you shouldn't be forced him where you view you wanna feel guilty every time you make an indulgent purchase on yourself like everybody else gets to argue should it. Don't beat yourself up about the situation urea. Not your fault. I agree it's it's hard to get out of popularity test system trying to yeah. It's hard to get out of poverty it is it's not you yeah you're losing listeners been spewing this political. Bold I don't know what is the guys said like I don't think it's a little time I am not humane do you not like just drop your ideology Blake three seconds or really this guy said well people are gonna have to chose between around them okay that's it we make everybody choose what if and they said they don't have anything on the announcing friendlies which is really none of our business and not eating lobster and I don't get air conditioning and they can't see him anymore health insurance right I mean Jesus Christ's. Please come back to earth and smoked all of these people. And then finally this morning glory were on the role losing list now lefties and they never let your love that's how your love this. There's nothing better than failing upward. Punter people do it. In the state of Kansas who is the biggest failure. Sam Brownback yes now he's gone away or is he going he's getting now. Promotion he's getting a promotion like he's not facing the destruction of the budget that he did did to Kansas and he doesn't have to do because guess where he gets ago where. Tonight you may have just seen this on your phone with the fox four app can't just a sea of change no less I don't know if it's stupid act. Nobody wants your local news that. Yes number in mind because it's the same day at some company made for every other way to a number GG's and how does amount of people having bones. On your phone with a fought for app Kansas may see a change at the top in the coming weeks. Kansas public radio citing a former high ranking government official who is not name. Is reporting governor Sam Brownback will accept a new role as US ambassador to the United Nations for food and agriculture. Our engine stops wolf where food and agriculture. Good for him seal later Sam thanks herb like it's your boss fight for what you did. Good luck did yeah he got political and knowing people may give political team needs humanity it's humane. I haven't having people be. You know I. I'd be allowed health care yeah you know I'm I don't I don't understand why or how he's just really it's not political it's just it's it's too citation Kennedy issues that you shouldn't you can make a political round. I just think it's humane also it's funny when somebody who's writing a health care bill seems to think that 649 dollars the cost the new iPhone. Is going to pay for your insurance subsidies and that's the reason why people aren't insured they don't that that's how much he thinks it cost he has no idea. All right Sam Browne Max gone going to be gone CEO I've just doesn't like him. I think it's I was I was at last week or two weeks ago when they were both going for the veto override and he went to Washington DC right today he was like I'm outgoing. And we'll talk about. Portion of something right. I was like all of what I was saying I you know. A guy. Oh just one of the worst politicians. Meaning him and some of you back again in our Q Rene was this a case. I'll talk about ideas are so nice season I really love. Need to visit TC dot com keep talking every one that I encountered errors as wonderful often and I think it's great for the city tea. By visiting Casey is it's easy dot com yeah yeah you really Dicey area he had imaginary do more. Stop for their your writing is very good thing caught off guard by how. Rich the words words they'd leapt off the page informed he didn't really have an. The volume as are my right are getting there that's very nice and very very good I was worried. But I did pay homage to my seeing much better than the presbyterian. Is a much better than those yet like the presbyterian well I just I just feel like saying your presbyterian has chips. Antivirus I was. It's a little alone and it that's not a baskets. Either. Okay way to give a compliment intrigue when I had found time it has six. For. Man I do I do like the people who when you just start seeing anything critical they immediately in dirt they're losing it and they're near near. Come on in her mind all eyes yeah I got a song for you kids. Jackson. Did you body care. If I you have time flies it's. These are my kids you chairman just coming a mile away. And I got a lot of mall OK you guys grab a nightmare and my phone jacks and you get lined continue gambling and you get this one yeah. And with your dad obviously. I don't know why there I donated chairs. He needs a job anymore to be careful they break he needs a chip the other Arrigo Bruce are organs fine our I. No school for you today. You guys have been really awesome just seeing you know as he has a great kids in your hair Jackson. Out of control awesome amazing he's handsome guy who really are yes you are. Yes take I'm getting my hair ponson. What are you going. But you need the pink the speaking million. You keep paying I don't think it does that you know what does turn your. It really doesn't freaks me out of time. No idea. Are both of them what do you guys when he. My when he uses the don't. I'm not her speech he. Florida Murtha and the rumors. Who's boss. Owners openly mercy here you know how I feel about Sean Mendez you know how I feel you talk about and how I feel it's ominous and Jack yeah and you know fill your mouth just like me just keep the Peabody amount to three minutes. That's the opposite Kelly yeah. And Honda and ends. So yeah. This is my weekend. Alone with some kind. The bullying. The drool. And yeah. When you're pulling in the who zoo there would have been no. Hey if you are considering having children just now. No. There are at least half and hey what's on your earlier. And I had about who. Do. How does not and never balloons Clinton and. Well Ali I don't think it's great. Susan studio absolutely that might get hurt all right we're done this is projected Diego. Around. You're on the ground per. Yeah so. You're on. Well. And somehow that my. Dad do better. You ominous turn is my god. God does do out a lot it's I mean no way. Is cute yes. Do you guys have anything else to say yeah yeah you want to lives. Yeah. Fending off preferences. And yeah yes. Your game both Xena. His dirty dirty Jena. Are. Do any Julian. Yeah did you made sort of today and my day. I'm I did you use that with my children home and I easing. I'm certainly early tee how my loneliness from my child has adopted your sweet personality started it and generate a little while he started shirt. They were in the other room and they wrote down here. And I pilot funny and has. You Arenas is never not funny you. Yeah Brian. Sentence and okay well. It took planet right yeah I. I want you and I need unity and it. The planet the planet Uranus. Simmons and these kids should be they're having. I. Com yeah pulled me so Saint Louis and you can't be you know. Don't you mention that. You had a muted button for your Brothers and since there. Not just he is like why didn't you Romney is Jackson. You guys he's new and and you could use your mom in your dad or anybody. And if you could you anybody. In the family and I wouldn't Julio being. It's not only allow you. If you read his name is. You know why that's telling me. You had. Oh my gosh. I'm usually you can see his or her back you know life and the medication I would be great. You have to bring their own and oh yeah yeah. I will bring military. Does Jackson. That's. I ran a songs like that that makes me we don't played at Paris they don't play that. Yogurt. Because we don't yeah. Not our format. I. Hate you hate it. Not a liar I'm on anti Lauren heinous heinous hater. We. You know what we should let you guys going to the point out we services is still got a busy morning simulator while they are better than her voice and data in the morning. And Digg is this what it is not about seven after 88 chapters seven is going to be talking about heinous. The eight all time. 98973. Anger.