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Thursday, June 15th

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Prizes screen. Area. Near. Cleans this talent agent counts relate to that and I'll tell my car Gordon. And they will be called villains. I have a question yeah about like the way we do music now. I like old man's. There have been around since before the digital revolution. Two bands that are currently on Amy and produced by mark grounds into other guy who did uptown fun. Yeah that's how hilarious. Asked. He looking for a big record sale on missile and I can tell you what I know why writers are black why. You that you get mark and a producer actor. How can only attraction. Only attract only attracts it'd be a mother after its threat and theirs out. You need track called heat don't fail me from our ground and okay and queens of the stone Shia not to Z album has produced and okay at this is going to be like in say I if there but there's going to be awards I bet you there's boards. Well I played you that are crimes in saying I'm a lot of heavy mark Bronson is. Oh really sound to guide it is doing everything right now though well I don't think. I think you're in U alum from Bruno Mars and I mean is like I mean he's up pop icon. And I think he's done quite a few albums out with if you listen to gap and Els does attract a lot into. I mean he does. I'm really surprised to hear that. He's working with Queens of the Stone Age I. He did Dell's first up Obama right which has just yeah Amman strossen it and how and down on you announcing who's worked at. Let's say it's those heated heated now it's okay ticketed the Kaiser Chiefs in 2008 those that take data that's cloth. 2008 Kaiser Chiefs act 2008 Kaiser geez is call yeah. I got a little later than I've been here on how a different Kaiser Chiefs I don't they give 2003 guys would you think so yeah idea either apartment when he Taylor employee and relive relive them. Like 2003 years 2000 head cold dirty bass. Oh indeed may already be. Rat. Let's see. Bob and I think that is 2000 jury yeah yeah I. And it but. Yeah okay yeah yeah Y get that right are anyway he did like 2011 Doran array and I get back to black but you may find out here himself out in 2012. This is kind of really where the dude started hit it tells you Bruno Mars. And down while I a Adele has the power. Another curator and aren't there to Lady Gaga asked. Ruth swinging our way out the day I'm glad single do his magic for solar angels though now say why is quite get there was still age more honest you'd have yeah I mean did the heavy and I just think is funny that squeezes studies they you know it doesn't seem like I think we need it they're gonna they're trying to sell records right Larry they're trying to cement themselves a platinum status by getting a hop producer I can't fault them for trying to make that money. But I runs in the lower house I've been used wars as there have been warns on queen's. I. Declines ever been well. I feel like being in really horn okay. But brass instruments. I can't think of one offhand that doesn't mean that there isn't Newton. But not to my heart my words there will be some brass in this record Aaron he loves the brass are brass yeah I learned a breath as they like Marlene yeah yeah yeah I haven't. And I love his tracked down at me. And I found at a pretty new drug is wow. Oh that's yeah okay right down the limitless one yeah yeah. Well here is queen as shown engine. No warrants no horns. No Lawrence Latino or is this was anorexia America steel. Yeah he did the Kaiser Chiefs good days bad days once I know that's the name of the song I was single from that record heat and not root beer I predict deride it. So here's squeezes donates followed by a two for of the Kaiser Chiefs jays are in this morning as names offense again this year. Yeah mark you see. We let you know who is playing beach ball this I'm sorry I. Offers. There is like I always have a computer screen up on a more scroll and always look at the sub to talk about them wheels girl was thrown at him. I clicked arm ice the article and this is the cruelest. I'd rules against cruel unusual punishment America and do you remember. The guy who robbed a bank. Sat there to the police got there and when they got there you lie Irabu is going to get away from my wife. I don't remember how you don't remember that guy again Iowa he did that he rods and again that is as local as kids against the threat and he robbed a bank. So if you get away from his wife Anna he's he's gotten a job or evening after he was given money ripple waited for police all rip ball. Court records indicate a rebel who wrote the robbery note in front of his wife. And told her he would rather be in jail then at home so that happens. That was that date well. He was sentenced. Looks at why. Okay I'm an. Add to this John CMOs spectrum commercial finishes airing and which shame on you John saying most don't do that for Telecom. Anyway your good me and you don't need this better than rock blow its not anyway stereo ready ready camera. Arrested for robbing a bank of which he's said was to get away from his life sentence. I. May that's all because he was tired. Of living with his wife. He's planning on going back home for six month trip faced twenty years federal prison for holding up the bank of labor downtown Kansas City, Kansas last summer. Instead today a federal judge sentenced dribble the six months of home confinement he also got fifty hours of community service. Telling her yeah. And like Dubai I'm Robin is bank. I'm going to be gone for money here to see you again. That is very tiny home confinement and community service. In jail emerged earlier column he clearly knew woods when he wanted to believe that's why I think it's funny the judge came in the other man getting a divorce is way easier the Robby today. That's what I'd suggest. You can't prove a point E. Coli like he can't by getting divorces you can't be like you know. And you has anyone talked to the light. I don't think anybody needs. Cracked an auto plant in doubt it I am amateurs and talking to cry van. That's the only thing that is as two boys anyway that judges are sick since the humor. Just in illegal locked him up forever I need to isn't there who grew brick home. I can RA. The fat and yeah. Yeah oh. Wow wow wow you PO UBA how loud. Snoop Dogg doing does beads. Ball. And. All right tickets on sale today for every that are frightening and direct news. It's your job one of the headliners and we. Didn't plan that. Totally inadvertent whom. I someone asked and add them. I mean new. By some and do there and boom. And then and can get your counsel to. Club got hot down there and was. I turn on my god I didn't exactly get exceeds deep throats race. Yeah I didn't expect tuning in and either I got that there would sprain it's the HT throats trying all right hey. Now I don't know fun and of renounced his rights. But. Yes did you hear. About. The addict Dix. Or the DDX. I'm no DNA DIK yes. I'd say Dick Tex it's Kurtz Dick picks. Who's Kurt not that Kirk it's like a tired of it type of Dick Dick it hurts stick it. Or DT I don't I did against do you remember at the end of the cartoon inspector gadget. Do you remember the production company logo that would play. This really is all I can get in my head now Erika hold us. All of which cartoon. Inspector gadget. I don't remember the production job any doubt I'll play OK after that no doubt I'm gonna play this. Endowment in no way I think you will. I don't think inspector gadget misty by reading program area. Always at the wrong one that's the joke one that the joke is on hand he's his Deke. That counts pronounce I mean in this one is the that's why I thought it was Dick you hit dirt race because this can't be the wrong. Yeah. Maybe that deet deet. It just sounds they did you can teach EG eight app and a unique. Any seats. Deke aren't so anyway the tactics are here and I got a warm welcome. Oh well this is their. Dick sticks or tiny and a loves that vary in color. A pending other habitat and Kansas City zoo. We got two new tiny antelopes. The dictates. The GTX but we aren't you polar bears little opera. And no way to discern any UMEAD indeed I would really DB yeah I do these geeks I think these guys can be very popular. They were fourteen pounds they only live for years and while why am I never heard of this a dig dig and GT. Paula how are browsing and better. Yeah he brings Clark doing it after the inspector gadget production company. Great Dick. Dick yeah. I'll sing Digg team from its area and then. Dick. DD. They're cute. Touch with pretty intense Melanie. A small and are of the G investment now. Dick tick tick tick. Kurtz that they are here. I and the Kansas City zoo. Illegal cruel Elena Ford ten years is a little pass these cute little tiny Ana Lopes but he got its tasks that polar bear. Who dared cute guys holds you though. Why the insecure I am a thing under their back they got a thing like my god that's like. No no no they're losing they got makeup added as far away they just painting. They're off. The time analysts with the rocks below grade me and I'll that ticket yeah. There aren't that big ticket like listen to Depeche Mode and during coffee. Yeah so we wish him well. I sort of got those are like my irons okay and okay okay. Okay good. Good Khatami camera on and now I'm not saying you're right coming hammer on I'm not saying era. Me and the detects light black eyeliner you an addict Dix all about that eyeliner. Black. Ask your yeah couple cuts out and each app picnics are jokers. And aren't personality Dixon. And address that was against Oakland. Yes they sure as through the now it's count I can choke or go into it yet against cancer that you pervert that's a statement these. It's like this is like eternal lit Joker. Yeah that is open and functioning so it's just slayings and stronger. It's the weirdest thing to put on the carousel is messenger so yeah yeah act as it's a little while and you're aiming. And you gotta make sure you tell us things and be aggressive you're volatile like contemporary homes. They've got interesting design patterns I chart a new day nooks yet open crannies. Yeah did you Uranus it got married it's like whoa yeah yeah yeah known at a nowhere. Out of nowhere. Hey. This little rough town. Young did you hear it happened this morning right before 5:30 AM and about 38 the Broadway camps which violate 39 Kimbrough way it always one of the most interesting intersections in Kansas City at all times. I don't always has been some things and I've lived here something's always going down volume and at 39 and Broadway. Right. There while greens are as a Walgreens. At these 24 hour Walgreens as an it it has Piaf. Yeah yeah that's that's. But he's salute don't mistreat. It's a good intersected these are some interesting stuff happened over armor and you know I'm probably armory Gillen at Joan don't know Oreo. Listen this is all of a town that says. Suspect at this time these are called cutting it's not stabbings in saint because. They were more like cuts around all parts of their bodies you've got three cutting victims. That's what's happening right now those people have been taken to area hospitals not my thirty injuries they are possibly looking for a fourth victim. They've not found any believe that as a woman the other three were men. The police at this time of the area taped off here. They stated the cuttings happens at 38 in central which is just as you can see right off of broadly similar maturity and Broadway in the next block. His central so they're looking for that suspect the person was wearing all purple what we're told at this point a white male. They don't know any names they don't know luckiest people knew each other they don't think they did. But at this point they're saying dad said they were not stab wounds they were cutting wounds. Prison on the funny differ position to make it tonight plays dig carry the same charge. More importantly if you see a white dude at 39 embroil way at 5 in the morning wearing all purple. And it's not you Gina you get out there Iraqi run. You run or Easter singing and herbal start worm turns in her way senator exit for cuttings. But three possibly four cuttings. Stabbings where everyone column that I have telling him cuttings verse because there wasn't a stab maneuver it it was a hiding maneuver. I miss and we kind of got me involved in the difference between cutting Tammy what I. I think it's well mark's doing good demonstration that the stay out right with a forceful and the cutting more of a slice. We're opening a box for me Amazon. But it's people. Rob I only bring the story because now there's there's just another knife incident I think yesterday. I ain't Kansas City I know a couple days ago it was Arnold thoughts. It was all caught on camera and connect. I do. It was a fight on a Casey ATA bus and it will warm person being stabbed in both men going through the bus windshield. This town is top down. Month's steam really cutting standing. I spoke to several passengers today some say they feel completely safe on the bus. And I've never experienced anything like you're about to witness. But others say it's all too commonplace. It's about 1030 Saturday night when two men get into a fight as they Casey TA bus heading down 31 street here's Wayne avenue. What's writers' reaction to what happens next says at all. How old you with the guys. All room. Oh my god they had the wind hole. All of the. The impact of the two men struggling with a knife shattered the bosses windshield. That's likely not all that was shattered that night watch as a mother and two little kids who were right next the fight is that unfolded have to run to the back of the bus and hop off. The fight continues to man with a knife runs back on. William Johnson who often rides the bus with her two small children says it's not the first time she seen a knife on the bus she carries one. I yield do not since I don't know you backed up Bob and he he'll try it until I played it my blade. That was that you know you can't fight back here you know but he is Kelly and others out any did better. Area Casey ATA 24 Kansas city police officers to patrol bus stops last year off duty officers write another 100 hours a week. Passengers are calling on other writers to please their own behavior and think about the safety the is right around them. It is are fighting and they almost go through the windshield with a guy slams the brakes right. But listen I love the way that this she's like it was do try to get up and I said you don't even try it and he didn't respond. Until I took out my blade. You gotta be tough to ride the bus. Can't carry a blade you gotta carrier blade. At the box itself not terribly tough. I mean ten meetings or buses. I don't get her mouth I'm not afford to dye is all right oh to break out in Wales through the entire way and she now you're talking more about durability arms a solid laity alike want to hang them. Clearance glass did you get out of that front of the hot this. I ought I think OK we often talk about. While we would do if we are stuck in water situation yes. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you could free the glass so easy on the firm to busted escape. Yeah I guess now or have faith they hit it that hard. I just. Got an eight 818. Apart from where he implicated. Am I wrong. From Mike the corner yeah. Yeah and tells me Mina he's. If Isabel has embraced it can break. Or shattered glasses posed is Fuzzy shatter right and didn't shatter. The buses you know front window did not chatter that rather peeled off I'm here where it was inserted am I drawing and that's that tonight. It appeared to be. What is it appeared to be. It appeared to be that I would pencil into the back of the bus and colonel I'll be with the blade like. He was the blues house sees great I'm surprised you mentioned glass. I used to dread I really Alley with a blaze is not the first time she semen on the bus. She carries one. I yelled do not test me I don't know you back up off. The old tried it. Until I played it my blades that. We'll keep at present there play. That's not know why. I'm glad I'm. On a steady it's a cutting. It for is that in my claim is that outlay. I need to present a Blaine I presented my blade during handcuffed. You did you had a blade you have blades memorably that god knows aren't nice people linking him to me they're beautiful restaurant somebody gave spent some really nice guys are gonna go back through fine I'm picture they give a view showing in those knives around. Like a circus performer. 'cause man you love a knife. You love a good blade and some resentment there yeah you're very Detroit in I feel like there might be a hub like. Cleaver in your bag right now narrow black. That's around I would guess this is my all flaw cleaver Scherer not so much in the stabbing her more and hacking. I feel like. Yeah I don't know how can be easier to carry. You know what you've been that's clean and mergers and I am. Yeah I isn't terribly steep its safety and hamburger cover on and I have met face to pound in the handle out. Phase down handle options. That's the way we like to combat phase down and a lot that the way we like to cut around. Now no longer are more like your finger thing good about that. Anyway missed either of us it's a tough town. Better have a blade to be presenting. I presented my uncle. Little bit slow brits are rock and is not find. So. Resort that I carry played today. Apparently I'm an idiot yeah than text line around bag windshields are designed to be remain easily for rescue in this case. Now can that I know did not know that I have. Don't be such a Dick Dick. Text line. I never heard of that. We're just having fun him. And doesn't seem like yeah mine until the job like that. Not mean I if you watch a video all three if you watch that video like Dave they Qaeda hit back glass. But it does that comes out really is Eli got feel extremely happy and I did the Braves couple times and in now. Laws may have. Bounced forward a bit when he wasn't wearing his safety belts. And it didn't go god is a strong doc we still didn't go. Don't we isn't an up. And well I. Cynthia I'm. Sorry about that it depicts the new in town that tiny yellow and zionism means it takes an immune him. On Twitter just so he's not shout that at five day air and knowing you dig digs aren't likes it okay all right so I'm right here. Yeah adjectives or you don't whether Divx. Did you hear about the Divx. Why is it about guess what dig digs are in Kansas City Kurtz at Dick's we had them happily ever know the reason your Dick Dick. We've only got him reported ten years so don't follow love them too much. You know up all over the Dick Dick and have a die Angola tell me weekly knee is getting that morning buzz good morning mine and I brought my dongle. About dongle it's don't be so quick to do iPods have. Easy maintenance and has. But in journals and a dollar you're too kind yeah there's two. Kind connection to find my dongle and does. This thing a column person to do it harbors and I think purses are a lot like and I'd like archaeological dig some times. What you get line and Basil it's sediments like at a one week and then it just kind of all settles in Nevada and you can kind of dig down find right now severe passage now yet. I remember that movie four years ago. It's usually pills. Gown covered and the tobacco gum covered in tobacco's always ago one gap sometimes you are that desperate. I try to pick it off I only India but sometimes. Now there's never a time that just means you don't need the damn much character that's. What I think that that's why every now and again seeming just. Overturn the immune does take just seeing that I can think of a body slam yeah led debt. Let Pat Hurst you put your purse down flip it in reverse and a gown and our iTunes iPod Shuffle Dini is up. And we have tickets to see fortunately the man tomorrow night and yes I have boulevard to pass this. That also starts tomorrow and Saturday president for the bowl party and do we have one day or two days how does that work or pitched against we have I was. And we can do legged. Super three giveaways. Feeling nice and I think you think we got we will get several to give away so we can do. Are you man angry area sound check. Which is currently have sound checks here at 345 on Friday that we can also be able guardian for Saturday. I season didn't attend bout with it now works for me is our for everybody else or any of Omaha zoo in this month as well. We got kamikaze bass is simply do it three for drugs duet. One. You're limited today loaded Barack towards the man think it's your invitation to their soundtrack. Tickets have already on Saturday at noon. Which I'll be there. And I am. Think I'll tell me there I'll be there at same mode so older and everything I'm seeing on how often. There is an air and Americana in this stressed human and I can throw you out for destructs. Who I met last year and they're very nice. Yeah that is the parent Agassi's Omaha zoo passes last all the way to make Jews RE CO there's no pressing Tara for that but that. We do when this month and you mean text Omaha is in 9500. You wanna chance to. Are awesome thank you mark. Come task in hand kind of our draws and 577 nines as I'm you'd like to LA. I've got shuffled to win all of those prizes and our convention I didn't he's linked to Friday's girl. The lady Annan. You know it's an alliance. Is an ally and I are like them prices right okay yeah Bob Barker later actually speaks them. Yes he speaks all the time have you noticed how Drew Carey is actually turning into Bob Barker before our very eyes. Have you seen him recently. Now is again making noise. And he's I. I in this season and he's turning into Bob Barker is Ayers two yeah you hold them microphone that tiny microphone. It takes your what it's like its occupants. Sentiments yet. I don't think she does it's something that steals your energy I have here that I noticed Benjamin says RA. What do you think is on. I'm gonna go way it. Snoop. Okay and Newton. I'm going to guess what is on Danny's. Rick ross'. Okay did. How long time as I've heard any Rick Ross. Pirate things and bringing Rick Ross saw. And also in both of them helpful author. Rick Ross writes I guess. I'd say Schiavo can demanding game. Don. Little acoustic. Blue piece that punk yeah. And. So we need more and more. I got his team pod fitness and this is del Valle who is good isn't a valid let's this is good with the. All of those accused again I have hundreds again. He knew lots. They own. It's. So strained in painful for such. Well what is going on in your little world what's going on your little world. You never reached this. Do you guys strike out after your airline and the part of the man boy cardiac. And I'm on zoo passes. And I'm. Moment. There's a lot of mixed zone. Who doesn't love this it's. I was. Capital long complained rounds I don't really judge I don't like clear like that much. Marty and next year you have they do Reel Big Fish. Those beer. You know I gonna be here. Know you're a mere three Beers. And just now. He said he asked beards. Beer steers its way it's Thursday yeah. Dearest Saturday and convertible are embarrassed Mozilla graduate and go you're on Friday yet. Hello the buzz. I ache I play any iPad you can't use this. Cal Perry can see woody doing all I don't know where would you do. I am a narrow. Okay that's awesome I'm not only has to learn what what the army work and what kind of nurse I work for vascular surgery bull vascular sir I'm out on yeah you are still yeah oh yeah. And a lot of ending surgery. I had no idea it was and share my I want you that we Europeans realize how many get into vascular surge. That's exactly what I about. It's been working toward our congratulations. I don't I wasn't easy to get where you want to put. My Danny Jones you. I mean as well as thanks in his iPod. Anybody get cash strapped. No cash and I go at times he's got cash because he's got him out of the matter is yeah you're not. Doing in Korea. There. Did Mark. Martin Jamar. Yeah what do you do an MR. Oh where what do you do. Power hitter and change towards his name's Ernie Els and it has this item where I was I was there but so oh yeah Wednesdays and Denny's I've. I. Don't think I'll call not mine hearings in the she's babies. A roll your own lawyer. A Geary on me I'll. Hurt Mary. Mary Jerry Jerry terrier Jerry. You're gonna see. And hiding. Hole or Susan is really that Zardari. Yes sir no it's not. Hearing from coming out there I think Jerry Jerry he's said Ari astle T. Very Jay-Z. See not heed her call and we're hearing this is continental citing column now is that the. But. And I don't know it's not the same guy. If you're not the same guys area. Maple signed Gary O'Neil here. I'm gonna get good zone and you know what yeah strolling book picks yeah. Content and nobody knew regardless regardless regardless Jerry do you own content labels I think a lot of management democratic ticket I don't. Jerry to own it. Yeah yeah yeah no doubt. Surge broke you almost out of right man I feel well and still leery and I loved ones hearings I got so excited tall man. Continental flight eating I'm trying to get through every year. Yeah. I don't break your. Heart. Our goal would go out of Alabama are. Trying to John. Probably doesn't matter so I am disgusted by him is like eagle baby again oh no. I aria from all Obama cheered pretty good this morning. Is that it's at a time when either. Then during an illegal and will be important. It's an OB appointment EO. I assume you're with someone a pass oh yeah. Yeah. I thought he said OBE 98 Perry may yet it is like and I was insurer I don't know that couldn't get Jerry Jerry Eric Azaria are not for love nor money and then Jeff says he's going to the Albania now I'm reeling from years I've seen a movie junior with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I am very progressive guys so I was gonna judge. I just thought OG OG personalized have any OG. Anyway Kevin tell me what is next on dealings I've got and the nobody has set a time for some reason a Marquez at Aaron. Our guys don't know why we got the cash and beyoncé at Alabama or soon to have a winner this morning to dig a portable man. Both parties against in Omaha zoo passes. This is your first spent. Janet's. And as it checks and. Dished it back to sprint center. Because she canceled the wind she can't buy things don't Mac O viciously Janet. And the apology canceled. Paula Paula Abdul. On deals coming through doesn't cancel. Yeah I'm probably has licensing its sales of these protesters were still now boys to men and now Baxter voice today. Now. Somebody's in new listeners. Yeah us. Non cash with Tarek. That was your first. Knowing him. It's flow right now. This is a collaboration with David dinner and every. Time. And I moved the perky as here because it is an. Yeah. OK. I am I yeah I don't think Kirk easier. And now. Harry. And I do my job home. And I didn't do anything. I didn't parity does this violence is probably the best thing I ever did lost it. And now her show Dow's first room when her remember it was political it was about Rand Paul actually weirdly enough gloom and very I am aware person we need cash and the young Alabama or seen talking to get a winner. They'll tell us who's an Israeli security now. I do but I don't. If you've done yeah it kinda did and now. Present yelled ladies. I'm into turn them on site. Let's MR down ninety's Merck infomercial. It's next. Now that as yet accidentally a minute Max it is all right we're thing I'd I'd jump ball. That was your third spent and get up for grabs Portugal the man against these invitations to their sound check boulevard in tickets in its. Otherwise you passes and she wanted just to win Omaha zoo passes. You can text Omaha zoo cracked Merck Q 96500. Right c'mon gang I'm sorry I was getting laughs I know you're getting lost in Max. I. Take a diamond ring run. Car EU's silk. EU. I think EE all my god. Fearing the air take resulted tambourine Alba good self whistle OK I think that's what he says it's easy I don't know I I I think that's why am I doubt it is when it. Well played again. Take generally don't get just a powerful that it others. Part one Moore's been there that if he act. It's. Eminem strolling you're at it and grieve. And Gwen Stefani. The vast burning going since early show. Here it's been a senator was is Padilla that that was hands down the best current God's punishment. Was eaten. I. She's tough. She's just shows paw prints on her breast. So it's an area known donate immunize them. I had you owned and. I didn't feel I love peace dividend. It was easing that's just as chairmen and she means we have a winner I was mark. He did. Kmart wants to do is again a lot. Poll on those amazing credit markets. Mean this. Is like teens and I didn't miss. And don't get a more Margaret it's a cup as this column. Like he living there but pretty good. Pretty gut tells C congratulations. You can cash human portrait of the man against me and greed still usable party on Saturday and I'm positives. Inventing cash. My beard and AME Aztec pre cancer that she should appear in every song I don't know I think from this couple feel in line. Magazine has saying. Years. Thank you right. Right. IPad Schiavo dongle found my dongle. I have 6796. And we have up for grabs Portugal the man tickets plus an invitation to sound check tomorrow which is very early. 345. There you put it if you guessed correctly when his eye on my iPad you'll win that you'll compared to get civil party on Saturday. And Omaha zoo passes Aston. You can also try winning Omaha zoo passes by texting Omaha Zune 2965 years your. Right yes I mean gas now library Mehdi. Thongs shot phone caucus. Ready I'm ready you ready I'm ready for you. But my dongle is and right. Malice in knowing each year. However I don't think you have. I don't know. OK Google search for offend truck is pretty good. All right what do you Jews any. OK Google. Search for White Stripes. Went straight score against Merck. Yeah. Or go. Don't Robert yeah aren't that tough financial. Play final choice. Then your final joins yeah. As ugly as my. And. Maria I'm. Brad Brad Brad Brad touched. George Michael now history. Great choices as a Liz George Michael's life and and jars George Michael was that Yasir him out. Dad George Michael and prince. It and explicit. Here's ours and I IRA and a reference. Days ever go back as. I area. You know that he is this the trash Laura -- three million. I am writing where I am what do you do. I work are all mark you do and a lot of friends network at home mark. Well I read help I'm not that all yeah. Trees you know that's cool you're cool man yes. Yeah I don't do that transition. You get great discounts. I. I back yes and our insurers tell me and is examining I've done. I'm. I thought as they are yet what I want you to not get it there. You can actually do you know Danny Danny's guess is that marks don't count we just basically do that some people know how to play and supplements. Oh really yeah. I never need that okay why did you go. OK go as free educational online go bordello is gone off the plane was beach golf this year. Tickets go on sale for freeloaders hurting today attempt to tie the buzz. Yeah I'm Marin on. Our own shirt business. And she and winner Dario. I'm home I'm really get courier who were okay catch your name change if you just tell me was XML as time. Or. Go take it parties equal. 00 or adjust according to act like object by. Object I gently. John might be in the cage who want to keep him happy Ani Jack why and how hard Diana Erica. If you listen mongering no did you play arguments here I'm about as. Hello. Differently lately. Her. When he adamantly. Smoke is cigarettes alcohol and smoke on the boards. I I really wanna come and I doubt in allies that I think yeah until lately he's got a good church. Our. Town residents are right about that. Did somebody say Eric Y yeah anger though we're down yet. I don't have a match. Last animals are. And you love them. Really look. Thank wanna go away with them and just take me on your rods he quit digging out of that massive stimulus yeah. I would be grand that's me with a pineapple out there I outfit I'll stay with that huge fine a ball hard with my life vehicles that the about this. Way. Records. Tom jobs shoots him and this is an announcer said she I apologize. Yeah that's not what I had time. We're at Bagram are. How it's common occurrence. See periods. I want my grandma I met his grandma shopping. Tom I'm shopping enters this. I was shopping and ours here are some second hand shopping just now that still. It's one of the things I do you know. Alex searching for treasures with people and assistant manager of cut. So a lot of characters at a secondhand Shalit yeah Harris honestly that's an apt. So sitting down in one of the rancher or chairs. Is this women and she's kind of really Jack audience we and we had gotten. In she's adorable she's funny. Then she kept telling me it was beautiful like I mean how do I now love this woman in sound it turns out. And drama Tom's mom to listen I. On top and it. And it really started targeting and now I'm friends and Tom Tom's mom and grandma. At all. Yes me me miss my grandma she's trash fight CEO Leo where she's awesome Graham on the topic people leaders sit in the chair she is flag where as my turn to me please you know. Lee is a long time I did not seen this I thought he's close when they were knew she'd I don't need to be here for the rerun. Carried I'm totally is next on my iPod. Has potential had been taken. It has not would you make it. Very Depeche Mode for time that's left with friends you guys get fives n.'s Mike Pence by there Tom. I'd tell me how I. Don't have my parents my. Now RA. Or play an iPod Shuffle for. And arm Portugal commands against ending greets they're not being green ball you will need to. Clinton soundtrack. Jackal. And pullen TJ yeah part of the man tickets and sound check boulevard in for Saturday and Omaha zoo passes. I get five spins me go bordello Jack like glass animals or Depeche Mode for a winner. And friends. Here's your first. Top. Or does this week. Yeah me. Mile. Which I love this track. They're doing something I don't know what's what's the name is turning to use it. They used to Heidi since I'm here today filled doomed I don't know I don't know how they use that I value is too until I use here. Isaac yeah he stick. Oh. Yeah that's out now. Me I disagree. Shout out. He is too. My craftsman tools there guaranteed for life. So why. The secure if I love my for a. Yeah I. Tonight our. They did Nevada this is an island link trash hey that's the record muse which they wrote that aren't so that was her strength. You can tell. It's. An. Which what dog. But he didn't get as Covert Jack blankly as animals and as the market has now has two freshmen big thing. We've seen there's a lynching in the square that's handy lying bra. Kick up strong knowledge that's too modestly. This album is very like that spirit. Or timely. Yeah congratulations a time they had a month sing at a grand mom I I'm gonna play pilot got AME. And it's time people and you know which engineers. Politics. And then. Paula gone this column lately on the way there. We back and we B day. We re Harry were ignited the gas on sale and a few minutes or buys freeloaders and buys dealers only. Our tickets to Busby volunteer. Featuring snoop dot. Weezer Foster the people run the jewels do Marion ill Google bordello bishop Briggs Bob Moses take play Paris iron John. Tampa campus charities to count on that man low low middle kids local H. Beat slaying the score yes you are and the slots. Tickets go on sale at 10 AM Lincoln Sanford freeloaders. And that's so goes all the way until Monday. Sound. If you're not afraid that are unique and one that say god it's pretty easy text 39500. Or. In Guatemala and various tickets and ticket prices. You pick out whichever one you want. Two days. Two day tickets. Today is as a show is September 8 and September 9 at children's mercy for. Has teach about 2007. T. Good plan are why don't why don't we give away. Theory. Portugal the man. Appearance against the meat markets. You must be able to attend a meet and greet at 345 he can't this is no fear. Permanent watch it. I'll be there. If you don't show up Ewing. You are past quarter. I guess on the evils of new age thinking gaga and every day and it's like you say like you give it that reason. But is zero order. Ever had a passport there. Details harder go look under the seats severe loaner car. I just got my hands on me I'll bring passes everywhere I was talking Danny how much I really like a lot of car does not upgrade and and he's just a wet blanket about it yet. It's really cool when you in the car off she's like you wouldn't believe I'm Dave Greg is you know what this card goes man into a lot of things he's new and now eyes. This car he does something. And I. And listen to spread. You know why you until now. It's. They do. This and frequently when I'm escaping police driving down a narrow alleys I lose my side mirrors. Well not anymore as it floated that the feature there's a lot of eight terrorist. So I can dry and they did this card to win this thing to premiered yet take navigation in front of me. In front and worry your Don that was you need more to come back later greens in front of your fair value act and then now. The screen for music media. Now if there's all kinds of things you can Jews are there knobs and bells solve Matty so all Manny all the bells and let's hope so that is probably like a page and is the manual is like you never press this button and you're going to be like. I don't like how I am depending in part it's a weird thing. To use it UT it's weird pass and meg not somebody stand up to drivers can we are irresponsible. You have to hit it's a weird gag gears and Oliver L Arnold took note that in I'm a guy pushing ahead. Thinking you're saying you know medium changed. Us fiction if it's not switched. Recall that man some shifter. Yeah what's the Shuster for. The media going in a car and drive or worse I think every car ever. Yes and in the way you do this one's weird to have paddle into want to follow over to manual that happened paddle it doesn't go park reverse. New troll drive. Alice human error that it is. I'm eager is garment it letter I don't even know what they are invalid does it I'm NATO. You next reverse is Berquist. Which is weird vs burger vs turns and then drive is back although in Manhattan. And then in the mid alt is mutual's somewhere in some other things. But if you wanna park kept which I am having a hard time just hit hitting park. Sound like I liked the way you're describing it sounds pretty normal to me. Which I'm sure it's not. It's not you almost sound like guy like or like a really really really really really rich person who's never do anything and you got in the car phenomenon I don't censor I know it's not sure I don't touch her but that's a saying like it's got these. We got this giant wheels some other than I can just. Colleagues. Well guys it's a lot owner is not mine he. I imagine all those bells and whistles costs a lot of money on my car varied pace you're gonna come you're gonna ARA basically you've got to move your own seat or is it that you said you said that you eat it sounded like. You had talked to a car salesman even accidentally. No I didn't eat at Carolina and he's like you said the word equity. At night sweating aftermath. Power. And it. It dead if they are you got some equity in your attitude and your likes cheered yeah bells and that's all I can get them here then I do about it editors and I at the mirror I. I'm mad and pay this guy that I'm not gonna have her idea of the courage of Argentina's under warranty. I gotta tell you are trying to get that idea afford it. Buy you know why apps and it makes me on the you know John Belushi said that while it Chris Farley let me I don't do that Hedberg I don't do all that. Trying to spend money elsewhere. Great girl Lou. I should would you rather he drags. I mean ninth inning wages better man out of a wet blanket friend. And that's the best kind of car you now know it's not kidding and no I'm not an enabler. I will not come asking you doing name a few are how you've been asked NIC and hop throw. And take on conditions. Hinges on the world's it. Guess what though and it limits in it doesn't nice you know language is tied to Mears who aim somewhere room types there is no we could find excuses to skip it. Car. You know those you know the clutch and that's always on Ryan that for all wheel drive zone that is Elena so I don't know. As you know you take out two tires got you for an. Are they low profile. Yeah that's hate that it knock. You know he's yeah certain G surely that's why they cars as she reached. How does not really about Ayatollah Ali. Ice and I was able why Audi a sponsor I love their cars I lot of employees wanna Owens has asked in front of the Detroit news my cousin went. Deng and lead a driver and it was my god yeah body near the scarlet O'Hara a deterrent. Just at Enron and the Detroit made vehicle. I'll never done generally okay.