Afentra's Podcast Thursday April 20, 2017

Thursday, April 20th

Buzz Briefs, Tennis, Spitting, iPod Shuffle, Car Wash


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Good grief. How rack. I don't traveled and are dominated. I. Danny. What as the new voice. That was that was a new voice users that are gentle laugh yeah yeah yeah that's a different playing you Vince has that went out. No it just came to me and the world debut. Now it's over games are only am I brought up a game you know I guess how long it no I love it its dominant state. Who's this I thought I was kind of meeting and India I know but. That's why I think I really loved it innings have any kind of sounds familiar it was about towns like me and I'm arts and I am I bachelor there speaking. We'll do that later. And then tee anyways going around the room well there's stuff going up on an. In the world I tell you write. That jazz well. Do you use male or female sexual enhancement products. In. Tests. Now yes I mean I'd be terrible because we don't know those Chinese are bills until tomorrow if you don't know I don't see that link would be considered lubricant. No I mean that's significant enhancement I mean elect. Enhancement. And enhance an anti you said. I face it in other word I didn't know you are now I face him like an and then. And I was like what is in an Hermione and state Bloomberg now I mean like it's like I'm so that I don't take any pills are needed and I don't herbal supplement and a what about and for non sexual things you take in your ginkgo below book your personality I'm pretty much strictly twelve pharmaceutical Horry count down yeah. Mean vitamin PH. Now sometimes Odinga it's used to drink and add interesting avenue or play got to do some maintenance. I mean I try out you know you don't wanna like had quite a few bad Jesus and yes I do that and everything else that comes from a script pet. Pretty much well a number of male and female enhancement products. Are being recalled. Do you do on declared ingredients. That. Yeah that's does have DA approved now to the FDA matters not good stuff I had any of those stars of the braided gins and if it does not matter Jimmy you have because I felt worse things and I'm Ina so I'm not judging and but the truth is think about anything and her. Organic herbal supply. Announced it is conducting a voluntary recall race. Yeah because they all logs of uproar. Who more. Direct. Monkey business what are those things extract. Rick salads I'll extract tornado. Z daily big and hard. And enhance are all natural male enhancement capsules. Now you used enhancements Schnur. He GO in his herbal ones and you know I mean like you know if I was gonna grab one. Here and that glory downer. Oh here we go over the ground well I mean like the pharmacist here on an over the Reverend Wright aren't. Our can use any mail an instance. He grabbed them microphones so delicately. I never have you never have. They sure yeah you really can't Carter page on us if we ask you if you follow up questions I want dean today it's okay. Our I afterward as I am about and makes me want anti. A whole coffee costs in who. Whom I was like excuse me and sent around in Birmingham and Atlanta at eight. So at least I've never daddy is the enhancements. Organic herbal supply incorporated. Announced it is conducting a voluntary recall. Of all lots of uproar. Come war or acts marquee. Business. Extract her talents tornado Z daily. Big and hard and enhance overall natural male enhancement capsules. It's used. To an energy drink sir yes oh my god ligaments in his Qaeda IE. Kimmel comes turn nine and and not come. Learn loses loses with this listen Korean Food and Drug Administration the products contain. Ted dollop jail. Which is an FDA approved drug. Used for a tell this function I think it's hilarious and erect tile dysfunction drug is named. Tied the bill. What does it looked it up the bill is called the dot net Nadal looked at ala bill out of Dallas left and the why they call that what hey idiots why isn't there are exiled his budget Bill Hall to adopt. Right Erin makes sense right die yet I don't armed yeah I don't do that Pennington I wonder what it would be like now. Mean I mean I'm not a productivity is also recalling. The rats for women. And let it be done Matt so. That may be dominate PM Macs no lab. I do you look sick try to say that that's our line is though we are going to say. Libyan ex. Wilson will be. The BMX the Peter Max de La. Lab either Macs jewelry make some island beat Max out. Bet they say the pride that product contains Philip bands are in an empty air purse fruit. Proved. Prescription drug for hypo active sexual desires sort of basically they're giving you the do voluntary recall is that we're giving you medicine that works. I will admit it. Being. Tiny. Look I know these are both tours give us those that break they actually add the man as there are working gap. Store and they recalling them there was some news. Well that's as it gets about. It. I don't know that means it means he's got actual medicine and and that's why they say you know two dollars those active ingredient in scouts they eight. Good morning. Seattle's as stupid as he meets is up. Asked Alice needs better commercials lol it's that I have to substitute. I found out the bath Bill Clinton think about this. The bathtubs and that's laughing there's two year old does yelled at. Job Motley. Wait a minute Poland. How could see Alice. Has two people into separate Tubbs. So like when you take Seattle its own mother you wanna Girardi later and push the tubs together. Is out I mean like that makes no sense shouldn't be in the same tab are hot tub. It's since hagee if as I cracked open man was very happy about not so hot tubs are tanking. If early two of these. Brown above ground. Over brown above ground you know they created a bit is guided tacky brown above ground. Giuliani in ground hot tub that doesn't exist so it's in ground. Yes it out as a hot tub flushing with the ground. Yeah like next up we'll all he'd never seen those. Surprised your mother think they have I am very I have shack house. Hot tub. Act and that I house. Fans it's in the ground up. I seen those before a FI I would try and get that Iran is Hamlin now in her house. She doesn't I'm surprised she doesn't I'm sorry that she bought the house that my grandfather Bob when he came back from world to Taba they re do that don't even see he's jurors aren't around and durable and sees things she lot of things are and I didn't leave it in his 1954 conditions don't apologize and knock it down. K yeah apple I realize get a gap I'm saying and that's probably more column or resurrect a monkey business extract it Rick talents tornadoes seen daily. Big and hard enhance their own natural male and hands me capsules. There are Margaret I told me we're Miriam. An area. With the guys saying hot and fat bottom girls you ask that guy exact Meeks algae. Think anyone can Maria hot time in the back. We. And I doubt it yeah. Not gonna do and not candidate gonna stay the course you can't read my guy that's doing nine again to. Not. Not but also does everybody when you're writing down the street on your bicycle he started seeing fat bottom girls. Huh. OK. Was OK okay red okay it. And you. Bad not a. And logo. That's never had affect my dad's uproar come ours. Facts monkey business extract her talent tornadoes in the daily big yard and had thrown natural male enhancement. I meant that. They reduce hot tub has us I'll amend minded and do what I do. Hey you want to thank the lord did not have to put out on them back. I don't get my pot to. We'll get hot and up until all the bags here we get most of it. Could now be out enough. That was designed for them so soon. The honcho guy wait aren't those Gonzales again now. Did. Some are handed you some words that orange. Where they've gleaned what porn played placed a warehouse. Foreign warehouse. And so are excellent and half minutes I. Imus Imus on the scenario illegally. A porn. Age would bring me porn and stuff. From this warehouse nowhere this mysterious. Foreign warehouse yes. Where where. And where may I ask how many Google for warehouse I mean instant I probably a bad idea I'm not gonna like Luke the results yet don't I don't think I am and I'm looking for now its data tagging decent they have ninety now. No warehouses full for an end. Don't supplies fielder distribution center Abbott also you know the time you know video games. I really think about that. And it's I think Barack me I know and and anyway. Interleague liver hands. Tickling things you know stumbling tickling things. Yeah kind of and stickler. So vulgar. I am not due this is the guy that was IK now just yeah I certainly you have a bar I'm saying. Like some people we really can't handle the word moist. I really don't do French stickler. That ran away get rides tackler is offensive tear yeah that sound at something Gerard Depardieu didn't waste. Moist is far honestly has stimulated his Alley those are the you know I ballet nationally. I am B I I might barely be like it's your Tommy or you're stemming Gator right. The police find her babies. No bellies and shoving your belly nobody wants that child near vale. The things I think it's attached his screen area children shall we are ballet as it was like. It's kids on its kid's done miles. Oh give observer spoke with the observer. Did I can't catch up to possibly after intense. Though it's an op does it make as you know the Latino. I think tentacles it's a different stick to get. There. Further friends take our eye on Zurich her hands he Avila and I don't need to get. And you've never been server and it's funny. Item from the golf part does things is this funny cards from any. I mean they have played. He's Syrian Miami where does that come from under scrutiny and he has anywhere deserved vert. These days of foreign warehouses called and. In the Al east to I guess this. Days before rounds don't vote. I'll be doing O and track. Try out how lapses I'm hungry yeah. By the way is the unreal of hay dat as long as we're talking about it and let's do it. And do that. Did you hear about the world's most interesting tennis match. Serena Williams won the French Open. Cause are now. And now that a dancer and in no way could be real tennis outing because she did well I actually I. I'm she winds pregnant to people why that's the gratitude are pregnant. Is that she's less known as the ready to do dagger LX is so Haynie and yeah. Yeah I'm like jammed in there having a baby he's an inch and twenty weeks and everybody was freaking out because I don't think he can serve and children. Found that she won the French Open and Pickler wrote this and you Kyle van and she is try to release and she and her little belly done. And healthy diet it's her it's it's I mean it's not a Tommy about you know it's a valley bound. He got against you gotta give up a little bit of that now leeward what do you think it would take to make and it's interesting to watch. Have for me and it's great. To watch them play out depending on who's playing and to me it like watching Williams sisters. That interest that was outlet and yeah. How that Monica then. Yeah I don't like the yelling all the time. I can't follow that grunge I can't follow ball it's like that time. When I try to watch hockey and fox tried to make it better by putting a little or is there raspberry your animals cook. I guess is cholera is Mary. Well the raspberry is observer is from the Kaiser Asia and that's O'Leary as slow. Dogs it's. Aroused. You got it gets you liberals are. No one ever known as the anti hero anything is Herbert. We had preserver conversation before I will give UN Danny. I never had as ever cover is Asian. And he's from the Cosby Show you're right. As we so are you with my appearance my dad gigs ever. Just basically are raspberry. He can work things out for themselves. Then there's everything else themselves. My barbecue shown us. There are. Excuse us and this movie stepped in France I'm excuse us. After world when it kicks in an eagle birdie birdie. I hope I'm dead serious haven't haven't noticed that after one of my barbecues and they have the stunts. People when you get right or wrong. And replace them most and had a couple of good. Upon my table and. Asking him to clean wounds and dirty in the book. This idiotic thing is good is Bob and she saw I got some of that upload that Stan Goldman and all my ass to get a load. Excited to relax. I got a couple of them us yeah. You have to look breathing. Don't you do it and check into these people who school about them. Person's loss. So against the rest of the chicken yeah. She wants it you want they brought him is that he wants us he actually wants that Gaza reside in eroded I. That's absolutely a. Back any particular way you think it's taken away from O'Brien's time in his diary and so anyway that's his story about how bill caused be. Told us he was a rape is during the cause he's my intent. Good anyway real quick. What would make tennis interest seeing wow that's a that's a tall order but the answer is loud sex. Yeah I agree that our science lie out Peebles film prize that pregnant women can accomplish things I don't know. Yeah she's pregnant. She must be useless is ideal weight tub and Alexis are any areas he's clearly not rendered useless now Adidas and stink feeble dragnet. An outside you can do that and in. She wasn't like eight months pregnant walling. I actually would have been he could have been I bet. Eight are you pregnant Serena Williams while RI tennis court shall meet everyday which I can't believe. I can't believe to be on eight and he has a good. It isn't the kids between. Depends yeah I think this'll stores thing. Is she really out. Outing in this time Dahlia and unlike the fate valley last time. America early and those were the conspiracy theories. And she learn how to handle gaming and you're worried about you know rush job front to get from the inside as they did did beyoncé really have that baby I don't know. And I don't know and of course and saying that. Ceaselessly. Because everybody likes a story that that doesn't mean some of the Yeltsin MVP I mean they couldn't you know. Heard beyond fame party Jay-Z. O activism that is alone. Don't. Feel like I said that I put it up in somebody's womb. Catholic. That's what happens and it's aggressive. Mean I don't know if that's an app and hit some of the base amid JC. Got to put it up in somebody's wound up as an anti different. She didn't look pregnant and got arrested park. They made dinosaurs. Know what's their baby superstars. What's your baby's name Lou blue. Right no yes oh OK anyway what makes tennis interest thing. Sex. Go to Sarasota Florida that's yeah. And they're playing. There's a tennis match happening. And it originally was reported that there was some adults. Pornography noises being played from somebody's phone nearby. But later on it turned out that it was the couple across the lake in the apartment banging it out listen nervous on the tennis courts. Now they're playing tennis. And there are across the there across the way our lord means and stands about this and escorts once again love fifteen. Kruger has component deficit situation. Well that is. But the most bizarre situation. I don't know how to put this folks but somebody's phone. Going off. In the scans. Somebody's phone going off. In the stands at an adult. Video of an adult video. An adult video now people across the way people across the way. Sewing room. Very very. Pitino. That is an all timer. That is an Alzheimer. What's it take to be a tennis announcer. In Sarasota Florida that it does not inspire. It's this Sarasota OPEC meeting today and they know how well you can pick that up at home. I'm around. It's so darn right there's still some sort of but he's a tennis guy so. Hitting the public eye toll yeah. What is going oh yeah. There. What is going oh man I've got. So people were. Like getting on in. People were. Eileen Islam and his Twitter pair it has serial it was I mean like I make you tear from across a lake an apartment complex again this lovely team. Kruger has component deficit situation. I mean as a magazine's Sam. I and I thought yeah I hired her and I are jam woman who were both varieties. I haven't explained and I asked him Enron I had our guys probably. Lower. I only made. Her a look at what her leg yes. At some point a mother has a covers those years from the noises. And then the announcer has a nice little click here at the end. Oh my god. 4050. Well everybody was looking around to see where that was coming from and finally. Figure out. Temp wasn't a video. Miles we somebody's got a good night. These celebrities have a good night's. Email. Because we are not out here on the semi pro Sarasota. Open and we're not wallow fire because we're tribe played that day and tell us exactly and so let me in my it today and our bread and back out. Byron Byron dampers and they can't beat Annika likewise a release so upset by the sex. I'm not exempt as though I am upset by the so I think loud sex would make tennis way more intrastate. It is pounds a year playing Monica's allies it sounds like you're having sex act girls on the CS has she is having sex playing tennis. She loves it down much examined Sheila contentious Monica Seles still she doesn't say now she is the also may grow owner. Grind turner. In what is yes and hear me out I am not you know I went out. Haas is not comment because I was about what our our voters out there I just want to blow this out there just won't look this up a chair okay current. You know our reason likened as well uses the new Michael Jordan right okay. So like you've got it today. Day in 25. Years since Monica Seles has played compared to add inventory needs pioneers Monica's house. Well we're gonna wicket after British red dots I don't lose that are there. But. It was funny five years is my guess those played tennis you don't think. It they tried to drop one correlation I'm sure and is now one player that does it better Yorkshire I don't think sound you sound like somebody is like. I miss the days of ordinary or heard any Detroit bad guys. On it was a bad boys ask all that. Downed lines. I it could screwed it up any better the bad guy insisted that drove it bad guys know how that's not what you we are geared to look you're either gonna go home this. And is the right word giant rip at Jesus Christ and Barrett. The bad boy isn't reform are giving us the bad guys the bad guys. Here a few miles group right. He tidbits that didn't through their organs is probably not find. Aren't we'll do an iPod shuffles student. At some point. Well Americans back making bad guy and you've got guys sounds like a walk in that was the Mark Wahlberg movie Muslims. No that was the Marines are proud of that is that grounds. What about she also doesn't play anything anymore or Billie Jean. Not at his scenario I don't think she granted as much. Time nine down to watch some. I feel like she drives. Thank him because he's just not me I just feel feel like. She ever dynamic pair. It was like it wasn't really bad here when of those like guys dome helmets very bad and the good Tour de France out of. Ferreira RO. NG. Kitten. And she. Is in around eight wounded from the nuts. Not to be confused. With. So and see. Now he is playing profit tax fry how does our. At Millen free show joining goodness tariff for. Deep valley unleashes hell yeah absolutely free teen an out and that's who brass. Or any address. Yet. That's what it says things just imports. And mutilate dealer really had doing manages to make an effort. Just a little into two Griese isn't evil do and they like get this as you do garner now out then. And if you don't just announced wing it. Whatever it is weighing in. As I say. That's what I'm doing it everyday and I mean I don't know that I nail it. I have been doing it. I mean wing it's on his very own planet because if you plan it then you see how bad you're missing if you wing it I'm planner and a cleaner. I don't I don't plans. It's hard for me get along with clippers yeah. But I feel like wingers need planners. We year's team player athlete yeah. Yeah evidence like mark that he plans either. He does come a definition. He he follows her and when we waiting. Are you doing I've had trouble as mark mark and air ambulance coming into our future. Anybody in here literally for mark. We Grammy as soon as. Yes well in my e-book. And Huff who are we losing them pounds. So it's on a duo or data from our. The first charity radio. Down pace players realize it was me I got a going to cigarettes in the navy turned improves on. It was the longest time we had earlier in this dialogue going to due to do to do these two did you did you do. You couldn't do this Asian in the bathroom just off. As you know as your honor ops guys didn't have an app. Your cell phone out and throwing an app for that India had to fire each element. So you had to press a button every shot and her the next song the next sleeper than its commercial loan scheme actually had to be in the studio. Okay now I just can go on for a car. Gamers attention. If either of them and that's something. Not like he's tons and room. There's a lot different investments. This is no touching. There's a lot of attention in radio now back in the day now my cell lines Zelaya touching just not in this do you hear another all right. Gap any lag well I thought it I think there area of our tests. March. Are you ready shovel out our own iPod Shuffle mark is that it's very simple we have concert tickets you try to win do you mean you may have. A pair of whatever we kind of price income. I know we had do you envision Berg's. Yes she's playing in Midland. That's next week coming up prime that's freedom mean that doesn't next a leak out a bush is counting. Casey life. Can mineral zones Hank may fifth 1975. Into instant and I just I. I sure wish. We have I may have I have to go to that. And her friend's band. Aids charity day or all go and that in 1970 not a and we also have OJ tickets we have one pair of its ambassadors at the Saint Joseph Dixon as well this Saturday in Paris and if you like and this may know. Those civic center line nine line 91 night early you. Very solid and then he heard wrong. We kind of went through those on Monday when you heard on. We just in the past most of them are aesthetics and mess is an asset pass it around. That's Italian anti science has been asking for its ambassadors and is now you may finally why didn't do you know who X ambassadors is clearly there are. Neglect there than new airborne toxic event. Now diamond club yeah IA that they're way better than ever since that I wrote that song was. Huge in which wind. Day I had talked imminently good and they came back into this he had dogs. There Emeka or didn't does demand and then dies young there was a break you can. Or call us a Latin immigrants Avery you gets. They came back with that song sunny Christian army freaked out IAM gonna gas nicks and marks I pod is going to be wrecked talents. I mean. I'm tornado I mean Z daily I mean bigger hard. The son Peyton in natural natural talent out of it I guess Thursday concise science. Snap to aim targets them how he acts because of excuses weird. And my brother wants me to fly to Seattle to CM XP enabled we're doing is right mark but you should do that that would be fine. Earlier royals they're in Seattle that same week god is she going to ask the fourth visualize makeup and monster. We'll see. So you marketing dollars in an experience as we went towards me they were a little weird towards like uncomfortably weird they yet where was on Twitter rarely aware swift. What a dvd dvd something we're able we want them to come here marketplace and meet a fly there MX PH is training him to play anywhere they said. One dude flying to us is way this way and XPX never blew. Anything because there might want to find out is way easier than all of us live here. To videotape the fact that they're charging zero. Tells me they need a bigger hands and eyes out I I think that's a non cash amount and I guess saying hey. When you come as an I class I said. Well I said you know. But it might be worth your while if you come here you don't sand about like you know make your money. They're only shows the summer in Seattle and Denver and they said no that makes sense they didn't know. We still would like it knowing that it is cheaper for one person to fly to Seattle from Kansas City. Then five people didn't think I was diagnosed by some facts or something that is I don't Spicer facts that I realized I Spicer facts in his conversation how many followers do and I expect him on Twitter. I had thank marsh has more. I was the other means so weird I. I was feeling rowdy that day I was like mechanics fiercely Dylan and in the Juliana theory followed me out and lower the end of June and there's back. They're going on two or this summer that's Olympics reaction to it I'd be amazing and Millen Collins can be a lot of things. What's the closest realize the Julian day is coming as Nashville. It's terrible timing powers them. 35000. Parents buried zionism more than you think at that Popeye and I'm not enough for him young not enough. I mean it is funny to CM XPX right now. Like and they're 25 year anniversary right they look like engineers in this building at this point legs so I just wetland that like for you when they were doing. Chick magnet you know being a commitment warrants. Shouldn't there oh you're out there want our inside your guess is MX PX I guess Thursday. The plane I'm fine job for now the rink behind and XPX to hit. It was a murder got to Missouri and her staying at is an hour or even agents and nagging feeling that was how my dream I don't think gazes and it's. Sorry you feel that way I love the hell is this more though on a sad isn't it may be angry. Pushed. Under oath featuring Copeland. When they want to feel soft. Marriage is an email shall on Sundays if you didn't have the kind of like all of this. You really enjoy the show on Sunday at seven A yeah. All right so if you really does you don't think it's fun and Oneboxes. From tennis to fascinates houses TV news. I mean. And did get a idea tech guru Bill Bennett and go back yet serving me. Things in. Common citizens. There. I Paula and me man. We're glad that's close but the minute cordless today that sun. This song and I know it some strong currents by sleeping in its current space museum. It's kind of get people on the phone. So maybe he's now rain trying to. Elizabeth. Current Korea. Arian is sure. Yeah yeah there are right you're listening Summers I've nailed. Or no matter what impact and then how beauty team has and does that say give back take back to send a hello guys. As honestly I saw all cats Jesus. Does Bethany Stephanie what do you do and. Yeah in order during what do you do seventy. Eric in marketing. No firm on the railing got up marketing people like my marketing idea as Stuart thing I ask you. I do okay. When we heard. I don't know I played nine. It's my urgency if you haven't part of it and I think Barack is an uncle enough eyes tell. It yeah it sounds like an escort for hire business not that kind of age like immediately it that's what we started out early bird did you marketing. Arrested for prop up a lot of people don't. Know how to do an. Or even the mark anybody anybody anyway. Anybody people's mind off our little bit -- really I am sorry about Lleyton at the buzz. Let me get paid to do your commercial less than anybody else does the ruinous. Everybody will ruin everything for you did you if you've heard some of the car commercials. Yeah. Yeah. That's Anthony loves company I if we had an age at an agency that hired and marketing needs soccer. So I'd be in terms of morale but I'll tell you what Stephanie good who we have a follow through on anything's that's gonna happen. The current it's in their reasons so many tell him. Summers I've. And it was buried in a brilliant. New Nike ads collier's. Let the guys. Don't yeah I do and. Just sit at a put boots eating. Potatoes outbreak that you know normal that. Your car blues or any yeah. Fatality fire and you know they don't Easter breakfast. Brunch. It. I was into blues yesterday. Everybody's always a pap lose I needed I would just hope car to its stock in those one by that I stop by needed. In the U refreshments do large vials of the higher than an energy drink. That's not going to pop blues you into the gas stations going to the gas Asian man to walk us through the restaurant mark and father is I mean is still get to. What I mean you know and then on the way back and likeness topping this calendars and didn't I didn't Lundy Bob clues we'll have. Oklahoman chose legend to waiting in line satisfy Honda guys and have to there was no line you me and had happened is no problem is great man I love and I was in jazz pianist from arm I've never been. You shoot down the sentence and defense. Time period ahead the debts. Whose story about the lover Tony when his next and merge I've gotten. A cynic could grow they can. He's not do you want on Chris around us. Our arguments you just keep them to justice happy you. Happy that I have to answer that MacKenzie are my dad. This opponent he's a blue and as a rural area. An area and is. An hour. Yeah. What I haven't I'm delivering paycheck from working in the he color in protection but it. Man I mean you selling your character and stranger things learned Ajax Odom paychecks. I wish I actually weekly dude. Weekly paychecks. I don't who gets that that should be in Mario all of us we give me twice a month and I are here and every other Thursday it's the fifteenth. And the last stand a month yeah our solar is our fans the lord's day Hattiesburg knowledge economy changed we believe they are not. We need yeah wild helium paid weekly what's the big deal. So you know it makes them poster board and duplicate something. Yeah we'll get some post boards and they get something unfortunately your collective bargaining has been weakness months though in Kansas a union. Yeah well. Old gentility it's XML file your supplies. Okay let's not do that on the cart unprovoked. And I can tell me who has examines. All of Alaska Arctic ever taken meg and and Branyan. He paid off Chris Toronto it and it's weird. It to him because he is sitting at Pappas and I Sanaa. Current. Under. Larry Apple's cats greet fans online you guys get by spends. I've got shuffled my op we need. TJ Maxx and name brand new cars around that any of his fans is that the chain smokers an apple seed gas. Berliner. That is the signals. Who's me I had this thing another I thought it was Coldplay keen eye and it's a couple weeks ago I had a during March Madness as constant change somewhere I had was making fun out of that video teen smokers chains not making every chance even make any chain smokers song by holing a very simple chord progression. Yeah and singing. About the things you see around you. Bought thousand Coldplay music video because it was during March Madness include why don't you just say like the chains client's image is only on once I'm. O. That's awful. Our teachers get paid once a month. That's terrible. Mean anything. Weekly paychecks are present how I environment where you can pay went through but I got. I got I got weekly when I worked in the and easy it weekly amounts tees and by association. First cease humans in the it was so there is a here's the breakdown. Since Christmas and we think they'll probably name that is on with them I thought I would like it more of Chris burns thank. That is transparency. It is good Marianne as I probably might get as much water is so I don't month. His voice just. It's like it's it's called something just like this time chain smokers and called corporate. I know they designed together. I would say is bloggers are hot yeah a lot of people in a moment. But the everybody thought I had ordered a new Timbaland is a cat so they do a lot of beats and iTunes. Instrumental zeroed in on what I make this thing I was they had excellent did no one guided saying to. Departed Jack thank guy yeah that I produce like every radio here for a while you are like. Fifteen years and now. I only knows. And you know anymore. Mean anything. Here's a local man Korea turned up. Hopefully I'll guarantee you. Mama's boy. March 3. Sounds like. Both the the dollar study yeah they're trying to yeah yeah yeah thing along yet so they don't say. Not exactly. Thank you sing on how they do in the. Alone in the world and whoa. Whoa whoa you. Whoa. Plus singles you weren't sent and I know his record company yeah he's really good nice it is. Yes next. It's. You. That's all right. I was trying to figure out how he's gonna go because you're from the likes. Moon. Your clothes and. He's been playing. Within calls to KM Moret. This is to share more answers should never played teachers. They hit a pain to go back to these guys are right we are playing iPod Shuffle that was the third spent right. Yeah arts is we needed Taking Back Sunday bring you Chris Toronto or apple C Casper ware far. I. Yeah. I'm content to them that this. This Tom Petty. Don't don't care Larry is that makes. Yeah don't don't don't don't do any. Attempt. Don't want more spent. There's going to be eleven on this. Night I just out another round around the and Elan in the UK and it's strictly pay. Don't be logged in all of his pain yeah what I held in all of you're okay me what that it means. It does it mean anything to him it's not real. The zone tonight. It's now. Nobody doesn't get better. Playing out. And get kids on the all day. Boy that thing wasn't as sharp as. Artist's third in the starlet. To its Dublin nice is kind of a second employee they try to win some. Coming up with iPod Shuffle. DNA out what's going on in the world. Well be doing he. Lawmakers. Working together. To try and find. Revenue. Wherever they again sir that's only meat does it twirled around and came down with twelve states. Are currently considering. Something like this. And I like that hasn't. And no partisanship here 11 bit rare kind. I just think it's funny. Today instead of like. Taxing a rich guy more. Like a really rich guy knowledge of firing thousands as guys like you know they've really got million rich guy. I got fifty million or more rich guy won't make him pay more. Or. We all have to paid. A porn tax. How about we tax quoted as saying. I said. How about corporations don't pay any accidents well you know we do need it tax code reformist vision corporal level here there several. Option is currently being floated such but from reasonable. I'm not not you know excellent paying no well yeah is to get it's it's the waited they've. Oh well I don't have enough money. You hire the right people and help me Ki nine re designing sent out people who have money. And hire the right people home. To keep their money plus the way it is like our corporations coding is it encourages companies or cash and things right but. But that is that you GE pays no taxes no that was 2010. Hits shapes and yeah yeah. I don't wanna get off on a corporation. And why engine ran because Clinton president Ali ended historically McGwire. Why I just think corporations pay taxes in back taxes they should because if I mean if I hate it's didn't pay taxes. You know from 2000 back saint 2010 lawmakers are paying taxes he'll attack eyes they're a bad taxes you're married to exit there there there. Error. But what you're saying is days. This campaign is now and again later I'm like I figure I I understand your anger. But I hate coming IRO all. All corporate accounting standards. What they did. Was perfectly. Legal. And so. It's like day we just need tax code reform but that's not the point of this story and I mean I this story bizarre about porn if you own a pouring your phone. But I do. Yes I do it. Makers of about a dozen states was is gonna affect a lot of people all new phones and computers. Unless on the isn't about a dozen states want to block porn from not all new phones and computers. Real quick you can't do it it's impossible UK RE block walk or you can't just block porn. I don't know is. People will go through a lot of lengths to get bored we used to have to go to dirty shots and bad parts of towns share a magazines we wanted to break. Like we would do that. For more children. It's so fun to watch you and I just don't get magazines. Now on magazines and I don't get any kind of console porno magazine. Revenue stream these days right. I can't imagine thank god I don't think those south hunt now Maryland Playboy made that Smart move their like and we're not anymore naked chicks are going to be like maxim. Right and there is an you've got one now the only thing it made you different. Yeah I just seemed I don't something like gas like stills I don't know. I don't need is still I don't noted action when I was growing up it was called the 56 K modem that's what is still was fresh. Does alternate seminars in various incidents to job aren't you picking right are you June visible when you're going with the overall and because yet you know unless notre isn't afraid house. They are considering eight porn tax Eric Staal joins us now in Derek so backers plan introduce this bill on the federal level this month. Yes who could affect all of us have been passes supporters believe I had porn is a public health problem and they I'll be on the ground. He could help cut down on a number of issues including sex trafficking. But there is quite a bit of push back to the proposal you know it's sex trafficking is coming from is not being William Clark is coming from your church is. I eight. Loved foreign I'd never say extravagant you NM no intention of doing it's such as yourself to do that is a stretch and that is. So wrong in Stupak you trying to shame six more. Correct. From Smartphones what. To computers. All new device is connected to the Internet would have to come preinstalled. With a porn firewall if the human trafficking prevention act becomes law. Consumers who want to access foreign would have to pay twenty dollars per device to take the filter all pornography as a gateway to sex trafficking. And ideally and play. It in Barents. I'm alleys part to nominee yet is sex trafficking in issues yes he is targeted cost. I don't believe it to be I don't Moreno there is very important. What came first we don't know right. Because there's an importance extravaganzas extract dawn of time the people that engage in that are sick. Now maybe Singaporean Logan is sick. Not really well as community standards you know do you remember the warning. On the communities on the porno in the hotel I was like look. All we'd assume no liability for you watching this you should know your state laws. And then they had the movies edited which twelve states are down and this are we want mom. Like Kansas or Missouri off their consumers who want to access porn would have to take twenty dollars per day of trying to create attacks to prevent people from. And engaging in and that form of speech and he says the deal could open the door to taxing other kinds of speech if this passes First Amendment by monster. What would prevent states that are not friendly towards firearms. In doing the same don't do a thing where you try to do it. Well what if there as then that puts his deals where way of doing right now might try to pass bills like they tried this in multiple things like that. Don't always that's how Washington works you remember in 1996 how is it going to helps to have sex trafficking. It is a matter we are each right now. How are you now. Now just off I know we've already done this thing we've already done this whole new story already. We've done it we did it was it was that remember the blue ribbon thing now and the reward people are upset back then Leno and Bill Clinton did it and then they ended up repealing it because it was him. Possible I would like to know how twenty bucks. For me to watch pour in and the new device is going to outside traffic you're that is not helping. You were issue or situation. It is no issue perform I have more not addressing the issue it's complete and utter BS. I mean that's there's a very you know important you know topic but I won't or specifics. But is this going to be built into the cost of my phone can I just charges directly to my plan right how to lie immediately. You kids Sylvia device would like some. Like spyware either clay give us twenty dollars to look at the pornographer. Where that Tony Dow is going to how is that helping stopping sex. What does twenty bucks dude you or me. If you're sex traffic trafficker. You know relax you know learning how does that stop you know anyone who loves loves prostitutes. There. Men in Washington DC. So actually appears to me like out of a rally along eggs are in need. I hadn't done it and how I wanted to hang out and I Alley when he talks are declining and LA you know it's bits Eric was. He was the governor what was EU. Is it attorney general attorney general of new York and you know investigate it all every one in everything. Except from south they'll have a prostitute. I is so you go to radio any god you guys. You can each have money in Israel has a record. You're going to jail practice being a bit Brett and daily picks up the phonies like I'd like a prostitute. At 2 o'clock please. And then the particular process yeah I'm Ashley something I think I remember the prostitutes name I. She's stocking. The girl's beautiful turn Eliot Spitzer. But they were in 1986 figure this thing called the music communication decency act can't. Yeah you just really are off off on the Spezza. You know lack of hate myself and he's hot. And because I know he sank. And dirty. He would be a terrible day probably Italians. Out Spencer Spencer. Plants his name there are there any visited crossed look in his eyes he looks like that Tim you would think that weird of key looks like an inch intrigues me. Yeah smells of dealing Ashley Alexandra Dupree and she is just sunny in and then kind of disappeared. Well after all of this jamming your career are not ever get the career. Right now that everybody that Michael is DC add person and I. Brad did you know why she did make a career I think they handbags she had person you can buy and nineteen these days. Ashley Dupree that's for me. We not seen him. Books she it was clearly that one. Ashley Dupree and doodling I understand. And Google I am asking and talking about Eliot Spitzer at some. Prostitute she pulled out here is her Wiki page. Ashley he Rainey whenever any man is. How better known at this stage name Ashley Alexandra Dupree. Is a former call girl on. She's worked his sex columnist for the near post and as a singer she became public figure when it was disclosed she was the woman at the center. The Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. In that capacity she was known as Crist and the names Hughes is a call girl. Sorry it's a story. Right big cat was a story I'm reading Wikipedia perhaps I Janet but we you listened cast YAD you have to go through all of that. We just Canada. I have conflicting theories and his people like Eliot Spitzer. Tax why charging twenty Basilan compel or he does no one has heard between Housley reports some people legally it's been so there isn't the only guy that's Ziegler goes to sort all is Eliot Spitzer trust me. Anybody prostitutes. I promise you had to be one of the fastest people we get this point dollar tax paid. I just think they don't they don't realize how stupid it is and how complex it is and you can't it is a complex like why are you not saving us from I don't know there are plenty of normal people who engaged. And enjoy pornography either way it should be and sacks. And say I praise there at all that's taken further drives whenever it is right. Let's go even further than that. You or any value I'll worry about me did. I quit taxing people and things they enjoy community that really that easy saying I think Dana I fear this is he gave away millions and their effectiveness of your part of that gambling lobby trying to get that try to get those gambling taxes reduced. So when you do hit. You don't have to wait forever. And noble thing is they do not care about sex trafficking. It that's ever and it's infuriating to me you're gonna use sex traffickers the means of control corrupt. And it's not a house next. I feel you probably can do something far. More important and helpful then I'm sure problem to look around and be like hey stay you need to just stop. A perfect traffic eight people do that deli case. It's about this concern about how it's not about sex stranding him out. It's like this you're a liar like Vince than. Their locker name. You me and Dupree led do you mean so going back to my original question on this app I I said. Wouldn't it make in no politics here. Wouldn't it make more sense than going through all of this. That we just tax rich people a little bit more. Yes. Bet venture gets up and quit taxing and things. Or you're gonna do it make everything legal and do it. You wanna tax people on things enjoy agree that make medical Mecca love should they get legal. I'll gladly pay for it to be taxed to pay the Jackson camp. I can show Heidstra I don't wanna join begging Brothers Bindra is hate that. Only the important. Thing nature I like I don't like being brilliant mean she's sugar instant. Mr. abstinence and now like Netflix support colleges and and do you not need them. Oh well let you pay any by the month for right now on the regular. That does something way more embarrassing. Nothing for that's more mirror is nothing embarrassing about war. But I just got tired of that adds in the short movies and jumping around it's yes OK I doubt I bought my kayak. It seems clear X. Against you for me as I exit the headset off. I'm telling her it's Ramos six paints Ford twain's any idea yeah. Yeah hey this guy could use him for twenty to zero would happen to the royals game. Always something going down a little. Royal narrate Jane go to the royals game yesterday and they went earlier this and wonder why they are the bee balm Gartner. Because I was watching your finger in the bum Gardner. As a gorgeous day to go to a game yeah well it was it was a part if it was let it bark at parked hug you. Into your dog but it was somebody. Barking. Up the wrong tree. Good morning well first let's take a look at that video uploaded their TMZ sports take a look. Soviet Z Nvidia he had his Dijjer. Heinz is the in the face and walking Protestant woman during oils dad I'll walk out. And she's right. I got today. Yes he got it on tape as we look at dead you can see some sort of commotion high. There was ease some security older David is talking to folks and midway about a guy and the number of fifth Atlanta unloads on the woman behind I love law enforcement sources say they spoke with several people they say they'll woman started the fracas they say she spit on that man several times and smack that guy before he retaliated. You can still get upon somebody enough faith right spit back through your beer runner. Come up with something any gains it goes straight up punching heat I don't leash what separates us teases crates from Saint Louis fans. Yeah if we go straight up watching. What happened and like why are they even arguing. In. Relax and were arrested they were cited for disorderly conduct and escorted out of the stadium there are about harass and medical attention and apparently didn't suffer any serious injuries. Now we've contacted at Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City, Missouri police department for some sort of response or a statement. Man that was neat. I have and try. You don't just come ask me like Yemeni India already sand like an again. It's not locating yet ever now solving somebody gain control your emotions yes. How many times he's spitting him I don't now it when he was she talking instead he's just got to lose slip and break DG like. Spent a Lily Allen music in light blue get up. I don't like that and I want to. Heard back from either just yet. And if you're wondering the royals are out of town they're starting a four game series with the Texas raid I was wondering at this plan as well I was wondering what happened. Mark did you hear anything about him anymore those like if they know each other. You think they know each other. Don't speak to that. Powell for Christ say DNA you're not an attorney I'm trying to prevent particularly she's been on a multiple times why. Why is she spinning why applicants down. Was he not sitting down. I don't know I don't mean you don't just pen EP ball. There seems not sitting down and you don't like what I'll do it and but if you look at it though if if if we seem we go to the tape. There it is that guy in the yellow shirt is that his security guys yet he is he's so he's already there they already know there's trouble in the stands right there's also chair. Parents should have been in between that there's nobody is just separating them the security guards behind. Spitting is considered saw all's OK fine. Why she's spinning out and what our patent. Other matters and I think spitting is different and wailing on some way different it so we can I sorry I very diary day area if you're telling me she deserved to be. Punched like that that's because she was sitting. I disagree radio. While both yeah they Bocelli households headed tighter shoelaces together it's something else. Installing. It comes out of nowhere either I'm not expecting him to punter and. Jesus says standings and seeing. Pales clapping. Let's go to all those hello. I got the odd man I hate that don't talk. With you I hate you Osaka and then yeah is your feeling something and as is going down. You will are not David at number you do not need to narrated. Every time I've ever tried to narrate something right. Goes sour yes it did and G is. He pulled back in a way out to a different take X. Charge about I don't disagree with fine however. The whale do something equivalent that is not to say or merely go laughter. If she had her piece she smacked can cheer on. Yes she smacked me too I'm Martin smack current I guess I don't know that I know that I feared actually price that was in this manner in the our way to set the rules for absolving people. I didn't know she's meant. Well that's okay. She slapped. I still think is important. And as TV transmission for his hitting Israel and what's the likelihood that happy guy he's can we tell our guys serious yeah they're really like theories or try or a bad. Because she spit on him it was okay for and against. The most fascinating thing that happens it's when people. Even though they know what we say. Day and I can't give you just wanna be did you wanna be typical or can you not I I don't understand that that makes me now I don't know how it escalated to spitting in slapping and everything before the right wide cap had wind that's how I was guy. I would never reported I go to the room. Thanks mark. Apparently she was beating up on the old guys smaller friend the guy and he wasn't defending himself and she kept doing it said the. Only and I am not we have rating at tech side but. How they know writes I you know. Now Benin and let's let's hear that you're willing to sign an affidavit that hey yeah. Now slot is I did not end right there doc. It is speculative healers and and I accounts. Org doling member who got it was tax finding that it's always attacks actually got at least internally I Alley I ask Asia. I tell nobody brings up the tax these things we're bunch of idiots. Yeah men like one abuse and television rob what are you should send us an apology card. Yes. It was hot Dallas does say it was multiple people who tanks and I don't and I just. That's why I agree it is it. Yeah. The security gadget that show that went on after her 965 abuzz. Russia. Later this situation and sending escalated. Birds are Hawkins is fine yellow shirt actions taken now. Will Leos are generally move somebody when you agree that you have to go stand somewhere to keep adults from fighting. The issue remove one of the adults. Excellent turn as part. Spitting is not equally as offensive as punching somebody it's an honor in you'd like why can't do is really why isn't wrong. Why do you view is getting hammered okay I'll say it's not saying you know it's not that's why you're somebody's life and Rouse it's disgusting it is. Nothing wrong are you guys but it is not the same you're guys like is that they'll go to McDonald's and then in the we'll wanna go to Burger King. Is because she's a woman what about equality now I don't think it's quite a hand. Getting punched her two different things getting here we neared defenseless and not expecting it and if let's play that she was wrong and see this is you know what actually isn't what's happening look at me polygamy is what's happening I don't I'm not designing better militant. As is with happening right shot this is what's happening. The people who pretend like they're dance. Since we've acknowledged them. This frequency is only going to increase during this topic. Hurry. Your it she's the pop present. Fountain girl. If Annan opt out moment grade found mom was a fantastic. Hilarious she's been on the show out and can we get this chick or guy and the show. Clark. You know bunch are royals people. Royals fans want oh man way you know let you know today's listeners are addicts days so let's just we have an update way we are now today. We have an update on listeners with addicts say okay this one comes to us from. Listeners can't be days unfortunately I'm not gonna let let what the hell is wrong you got it catch today Chela challenged. This would be Jonathan Mossberg at grimace hunter okay grimace underscore hunter. This square and his avatars that I hate underscores. Stop underscoring thinks it's a pain in the ass generally likes to underscore can't seem underscores now under get a new password. Our new. You can't solve some someday. Think just I know underscores the any underscore boy a is so old it's just a pain in the car. I.s so Jonathan Mossberg at grimace underscore hunter. Says add offense not add to it ordinances. I think you gave me your cancer today. Trying to talk over each other for my entire drive to work get it together. Only time I welcome. How taken into consideration. You're probably not. Housing. Is there your cancer. Is there. And yours is there cancer and years they and number going to be going I hear cancer. Link are naive people can't terrorists and play music. Right match. Maybe I'm just a non rappers and their base and that they it's been on the part of some later airway guy or girl that's been coming and still are very. Some it's bad she did spend spend anyone's in deterring I just blew me back outside it. A lifer and I here underestimate her you use my. Just disgusting wrong infuriating. I get you go to hit it happened to me she summed it spit on me you know what I did I lose heat up and its impact. But Eileen who gave. You know I mean punch image I wanted to I'm sure I'll get it on. And it was at a gas station. She was so aggressive and I'm like trying to be jailed trying to reach out and now and she's there she and that's when I repeat. That please. And we are we break this scenario really quick I need to go in puts the outputs all the factors what I was just getting out of work. I'm. Industry during a speech in Georgia and and isn't Southfield Michigan and kill into the gas station and Q and apparently I took upon she was waiting for a car. I'm like Heidi of hey you know I I didn't Dini did last year my Heyman. I didn't see no I'm saying like you're so funny because like. That's totally you never meaning glass or you have guys like Israel I mean you're driving down these are listed in Panama too loud right. It's driving your friends I am. Yeah I had no idea now was really nice about meg really apologetic in new great game I really didn't see a guy was ready pounding. And they are I was very sort of pumping like Arab audio and video. You don't really sorry about it at least some quick in my beyond at a out like you could have been waiting now I don't know where you're RSC and Brian. There is empty pumps everywhere as she spits swears that's the other thing where it hits it. App right I almost got my face was on scanner close it was. And my neck to my class city and Stewart in her car step unseeded drive ride she pulled out. Stating she pulled up and she started going ballistic about how. You know I'm over pounding and I walked over triangle or. The fact you over poem he walked over I started pounding. And I walked around me and you can she's screening her when I learned is a friend curtain. Browsing and I NC applause I know there's. And million pounds and thank you want this spot you can blow you get everybody got out pop it crazy beds you know like. Back off. And she wasn't happening today and because I try to always like there's a million MT buttons. Go get a pump. And she spit at me and then I just lead pack it puncher. I wanted to punch or how but I love her so much better than she got me out faster delivery turnaround time. Quick bites like cobra like I was like. I did say don't use it on my back and then I was content. She. Take that. And then the girlfriend started standing a ninety watchdog. I look at these ads that it. I don't do that because that I was infuriated again being spent but I didn't puncher and guys that were clapping you know I guess that I land like. Some people are Corey easy like clearly that page was crazy and she needed medication she wanted to yell at somebody correct me I realize that a problem right there's a million pounds so then. There's no reason for this exchange and here there's no reason for that Israel and its. And there's actually no reason to spend on yeah but I didn't puncture. Stating his work sometimes it's worse in the sense that it's just this. So did meaning that I signs right disrespect. Hole and hit some sites your garbage. You're not fit in so I get past. Spit it back outer cheese is there's more review at dinner have a loop he party. Or hate don't go to a baseball game if you're going to be a Dick right the point of going to baseball games to go there to have fun have a couple Beers and relax laugh. It's not to get into of titan. That's not what I am sure the Kansas City Royals want it to be Julian I think you hit. That's that they want that all these people came out here to see right your personal to me that's why not why they paid for my copy but for parking and for tickets. And for overpriced beer and popcorn and hot dogs they all they wanna vote for. Mustard leading ketchup and I don't believe in ketchup abuse. As somebody sends somebody else's seat closer up when they tell you that that's their seats he does get openly and you don't try to. Fight with them. I'd like people who fight on an airplane about the seats they were assigned if they're not your seat as like man is that ever a zero behind me and I'm not saying and I can I for and I I was in a situation. That was my initial reaction. Initially arsons I'm gonna hit. And I thought about information I don't know she was eighteen or not I was an adult she was not. I am not going again early show I honestly do not know spitting was assault. Think chest but I made the magazine I was into that bribed by Johnny would Detroit in the worst you get is a little way it's daddy's absolutely. And you out solute today. Take that that data. Wow. Stews and forge when he and relax. Hello fellow kids and cool periods slowest guys like relax export value or do I know that I really do that follows up. RS logo didn't see bad loss for Troy Nikkei share. Pressured him into this decision. That's what happened. That's why she made its climate and you know what she didn't punch some lady and a face pat I did not demand. And they approach I've never done. Don't think I have to. He's classic girl tell people fighting these fights ago Coco she really there was all. You'd tried to save a guy who wasn't hard. She was asked how I was protecting children drummer and she is. Bull. Sometimes bullies need to be bully I think I only bullies so what are AF INI. I'm not I newlyweds John and I don't ways but I will seemed comfortable in what has final question how. One idea. What it and I know I this is in a vacuum is the complete hypothetical. What if the time. To bully bully. Income. At that moment. And Dorell game. I would have been all over that I would and I don't know about decision may surprise you that I wouldn't pack if you are mad at lower earnings in situations. I had shall I ask how now joining them I'm really big stones can and that guy and you know. She's pretty good at art. I just feel like you have. An accidental way of igniting powder that. Al-Qaeda in Trenton. At all. Third Thursday tonight I'll delve fighting. Dad no fighting of fighting at the Nelson Atkins museum LA it's not what they want publicity against Biggio. Beat yet half but it's free relaxed beach show and if you feel like Steve says that would a great thing to do yeah. 'cause it's free and you can show and when you drink you can relax and when you drink you go wobble. While with and while what while there are. The debris that is just shut a mine. That's going to be emailed all line. And send me another email whole area that's. Now. My storage units in the arson our series or areas. They can just go by the stuff I want to just go hey. I think I'm having four dollars now I think I was agreeing. They need cash. Or money order. Oh man maybe you should storage wars your own storage unit. And she even get into Iran girls they weren't you know I'm saying like you get light yield when they auction it off you know you locks up. Maybe you'll get a discount man. As the way you vote. My grandma gaming stuff and there are a valiant and that's not even an option all right what kind of silly scheme we're gonna do lemonade stand on I don't know gambling. It's hardly I'll lock. Hard gambling. And it's silly that it's just. Two things that I wanted there is only do things I want restoration angry Allegheny sound. They godmother gave staff and I saw it just. And it's really useless. Really gotten their eastern only here. There was so wonderful on GM right now and she always had like parties. My mother had parties yes get anywhere time appearance to make. Captain mentored betray Greek people okay because they found they held its Han people let it come over. And he would get them. How how it's it would help them tube that they have. You know they owned restaurants so that's where I. My dad worked using dishwasher. And they helped get him into her house. Because it was one that they own and how she would take my mom to the doctor. And now translate to take limos you I mean it is really got people that sounds like you're really greater American tale yeah. You're they helped a lot of Greek immigrants and other immigrants. Kind of get. Acclimate him and you know I wouldn't be here in a winner of sort them anyway. We go for parties and start there's always a ton of people and she had. Gold. Silverware. And I would always be I. All his latest is still land there this summer where my known now as silverware. Anyway when I had my wedding shower she gave me the Goldstone. And I would never use it can insurance like gold plated or an amateur is writing really goals coming sentiment I don't care. I just think Chad. I'm new on the Eagles favourite because there was just so who is a wonderful memories as always I'm filled with people and laughter. And great food and friends who are asking those. Of paintings didn't work out now now and I always got bagged all the way he's he's DS are we singled silverware or wish we say gold I don't know if I don't know I never saw a gold silver or before her. So she would only busted out like when there weren't any people at a party he becomes this beautiful case in I just thought it was sweet that. So he's older you know when I was eighteen how much was like huh. If the gold silver is coming and I was just out of this out. Eccentric again extravagant and finding you know let's hope for her to give it to me for my wedding. This Sunday morning she came out that's dissolve it right why did you Google's earlier ranked. Yeah dammit. I can't think can't let that be arson. So back to my original question is known about its. I really liked mayoral topless car. And he really do that tomorrow. Our late healing are huge landmark yeah. Clean I Xena gallery we'll and you didn't have a Slattery to tip us okay. Julia quandary it can be cold tomorrow cardinals lately I easily mark I think ever cat. As your mind in any anti democratic margin as a cash or money order bride she's accusing widow and we don't have time to wait for the weather mark. We get we just see how far bodies can carry this car in tablet arrows in the other thing there's a lot of slim fast crap and there. You know I'm glad you Saturday which is just probably give me a few minor bikes as a we could do we could. Market I could do you know. A car wash. And that's ludicrous dad by car wash and you can do donate which you'd like. And you know we'll randomly hand out tickets from the prize book. For coming in and ends in helping us get the gold silverware back the gold where. Team and getting their analog to instincts. You know some say we guzzle LL Bucs are we got it all out we got at all I can't do that to beat. I have you get. Sides drastically needed to color I watched that movie saying I'm going to be electrical Waller is stupid story geoghan and why not even in my career and then he's running I like sometimes is located these dishes and he's good and sometimes is OK to accept people's health I know that this is very important do you hang out and I can't help and and and and god boom goes Morgan I love to be so get together. Super hot. How cold is a tomorrow. Is it warmer Monday I had ten cash reserves hey I did I it's 'cause it doesn't go off if we don't do enough tomorrow we have time to reformulate for Monday if we wait till Monday week it's I'm doesn't go blue line. Then. Were were screws. Light if if are one of our scheme doesn't work out tomorrow we saw and a time to scheme for Monday. Simmons and I'll make some money just how is kind of did okay I'll laugh at how we're gonna do it just without the cocaine. And is posted the other thing you know it's so little areas Sally V not only money I and then your ankle is race for the fourth. I briar Rosie soundly Jabari acts aren't pitch. Is like Carolina living. And you know it's really ironic I gave him money for his divorce. Lake any. I'd tiny that money back for my divorce. Really can use that five grand I. Kind of millions that you ask Paul but. Really thought that was didn't pay it guess it was hilarious. And get it back focus on the positive man and Gary now write down a little tests now I'm telling you this enemy this enemy end entirely the heart and see if I lost those wanting to listen to me. Yeah you don't get a lot of stuff from that the first rule of universe here comes at kind of clear the only way. To defeat drama. Is through the insert okay so. We can either get all worked up right. I'm not super word or. We can get absurd. And see. How far can take yes. Now that we've got to love what are we gonna do. With the whispers. Learn to read yeah and I can't take donations it's. Because you know why is on it donate your ass of Ralph it's okay it has trails sometimes you're where they you know why people like you. It doesn't matter just easier on the radio so lots. Like your somebody who if I guess I'm on the radio you get my ass senator or twenty dollars in my hand apps you as if I didn't know you and I saw this story on box for. I would do this story Alex Elizabeth lady every now that silly I did I understand what are employing to better causes for people to get their money to ignore it just shows he can. And I he emotionally attached to. Couple of things and all the. So you are so great sometimes rather insult the flag and throw yourself off that day and I Bruntlett. Yeah there's. Somehow. There's kids who can't concern. Can he do that I got old and I can't do you have your part to greet you know I'm new cars anywhere it's it's going to be un sponsored I can't now I don't drink I just don't know it stopped. Stop you frustrate me it's no and sometimes because when it comes to use your help everybody else to take every other stray cat in off the street. And he'll lay bend over backwards sometimes weirdly. Where did I make everybody thinks seed and then like one time that somebody you care about. And somebody that well suited thank you right now I don't what is over it because some gas cans that you can't do they can't do it yourself you have to accept. The US and value as well. Yes yes. Sorry and time and that's not his idea. Well it's gonna get done so disarming that don't have Barrett's. And I'm gonna have wind that is. We're gonna get your gold where the balances. Do you see this is that you gotta go you gotta go do that you gotta go well that's in Hawaii we can do I not only the good spirit and good heart. We can do this I know but monies should be. Not raise money for kings or G-Unit. Man it's not about the unit. It's not about the unit in China I'm trying to tell you. We can beat this through the insert in mail little hair. Parent ul where my leggings I have god don't I have my leggings a Mario tomorrow. Mark I don't have lanes that nipple and I have tides US entice. I have running shorts really short ones has a workhorse who Wear those. You get orders. Knee socks. And yeah okay. You guys are things that the attorney Gloria I'm not doing I'm sorry I'm not do it and I grill right there on May have a right eye out in middle of a traffic jam. And gorges got his start eight vitamin because apparently have more tomorrow look out. You'll wind being I was things and they want markets and add it stands that's what and same addicts that wouldn't say India's. We've all been there. Yeah I got I'm apparently concluded that yeah it is a you know how you get by and you get high with my friends that's right China and I'm really. I jam a menace as glass. This time in theory like she tablet boom that I am amount and I don't know how to do and how much it means well you do or some of them are really. I don't know I would get through that and how I do is have long there's actually even Danny I won't Dini and then this is me we're doing something about some things that I don't that the was it mark mark mark were surveillance and mark. We just need to decide because I don't want you going against the we decide. Are we going to. Man escaped before tomorrow we gonna go as we are today. I want you on history you are. Is go with you are goes how you beat yourself. Iger. Check out we are who we are it's happening I got that's okay here on out now okay that's good I have figured out stomped up until now. I'm gut. Yeah well guess what you view you figure your plan out our bargain I have our plan our. Any crap and another hand and you can see which one gets your gold where back first black and I guarantee you it's our nipple there. Because we love you pound guy and we love via. Islands here are you going to tell those idol like this this is out. You know brains.