Afentra's Podcast Monday MArch 20, 2016

Monday, March 20th

Buzz Briefs, Memphis, Ducks, Floors, Salons, Taxes, Remixes, James Comey, Russia, POTUS 45, and more!


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Condensed. Wins and quality and for us to discuss your dollar a graduate installations. And it's. I know there to discuss and went everywhere now they're being out and now Dalia. Moving. Our or back painting. Again everybody's Beck had no do you know that lay there and think their children school. You guys are you back in school now or American schools and are you. Helps my serve us. It's been a long week man my started last Thursday. Spring break for the kids. Arsenal school on Thursday and have I we have school Wednesday Thursday Friday. How staff. Now I am perceiving to make schools and here. I mentioned that counter check that calendar. In check that should emissions cool can't remotely check that calendar real quick now. Alex's. Mom is tired and yeah some time I think America. Now I am and PM midnight Greek do we have that. I really like that midnight Marie gas sounds like. Dangerous powerful. I was marvels I mean to me now. Not even remotely. Anyway yeah it's Monday sure it's beautiful out. Is exposed continue to be happening in America. Her ex weatherman around here. Today ads in the 88 and her and create any storms wearing it when it rains it'll cool download this week out the windows are asking. I think there's a chance. He is doing and others. Tuesday Wednesday and agreeing all right Inca but I agree that it probably Iran swallows the current. Good you guys are greatly miss well that's not true. And things grassy path. We are gone now Arnold Dow means when kegs and eggs teased and that's a long time and sinkers in for a long time. The 64 in an N outrages. An instrument and a on time I refuse dominoes are starting spring break refuses to discuss the Tim Allen thing affiliate if anybody wants to expend energy and Tim Allen you may do so on you're your own time what happened to amount to a place needs is used in your account and his late. Being a conservative and I'll it was like being. And in does he deserve and yet you know there. Now I mean I just know he has bounced as they are Coke right and they turn and everybody hate turned into violent people assuming that effort. So heating go to jail for burial now he anatomical. Debt user. How he ran people and it's coming up. I mean now that. That's how I got out and they LA business wasn't as during my common drew no pain or numbered when used in Santa. How I I I've made a lot of excuses. Like tip outs fire I don't care he was making a joke and Jimmy Kimmel show. About being a conservative being like nineteen charities Germany today. I was surprising easy concerns that I was surprised he was on Jimmy Kimmel show IG why yes I agree all amazing though is I guess is apparently now he's in a so called last man standing. And it's it's one of those was a TV time or nick at night shows them in its dubbed ABC family shows perhaps break I was on one of the major networks by number one yeah I mean I mean we still makes that 200 get any hour now here is how well because it Jimmy Kimmel show he said you know that being a conservative in Hollywood is like bring in 1930s. Germany. There were saying that you know how he was comparing themselves. Late is stupid and he's not easy but they'll Jews. I was comparing the staging area as our cat right now he's worth a cell towers here and now have. You know grew as a good show if he didn't know he was going to be. I guess I just it's like he just made a joke I'm not gonna who cares there's so many words that isn't right Gerri yeah of course he's looks completely out of touch well is it worth like. Patting him on Twitter five million times. Now. There's like so many more people you could. Act like five million times a Paul Orion. God I hate that guy. That's a guy you that five million times found. Yeah that guy and a percent in these urban linked to what happened oh now you're. Uses the rugged door because he is like trying to be like here's how you get out of beer like he's like I during Briere in the there's a picture of him as. I don't think he was praying god it wasn't a pint glass that he had I don't get a pint and wasn't sure really reach him playing again as puzzling idea upset about Orion I would I don't is that I didn't hear how signing legislation that gives grants rights to a drug test welfare recipients despite the fact. That like point. 01%. Of all welfare recipients who have been tested by states. Return is having used drugs that's something me from the tolerant of anyway let's fire at some real stuff shirt the thing with some real issues. Why talk about some life. Some light you know really suits. The fat. Flap to. I'll pack how. That's the FAT not the pretty hot the image yes all right what about how well the it seems. A nail salon has upset some people are at. For their insensitivity. Towards. Overweight clients. What kind of announced on. William what kind named Nelson well and I'm just curious what kind of notoriety tread carefully. It's. Little. No the it's in Memphis which by the way if you're upset about fat people in Memphis he should move. There have been a Memphis. I actually he. I have yeah yeah. Really. Yes I think. You and trying to yes I have been to Memphis I drove through Memphis I'm actually did and members don't like that duck coach Allaire. Ducks' locker lobby is at the line yeah Memphis and then clay tile on. Weaving duck would have held it does help fuel lobby what is it can tourists through rapidly if I have been staying there I didn't stay there I don't even ally now that. Didn't or Luther king died there. Yeah and gentlemen this is whereas I I alleyways and Mary Tyler is that looks like sore arm. And I now. I did go into the hotel where. Where is that Tennessee Titans. Don't know a national. I've been in Nashville and I am in the Memphis I am in the national minimum genocide committed this duck hotel whole lot. Hotel we're duck walk through the lobby. AT&T in the name but he does this month and I got to go to. Dad did a couple go dig it not come up the kids get they can't do it does they all do an ugly. Well Peabody Memphis known as antibodies and here's the luxury goods now hello ma'am we define luxury very different from members. That live or not there's no for the Peabody ducks. At our hotel rooftop and make its daily treks to the lobby it. Not to open professor at at at at at and pet food attack. Kerr rice yes did not stand out so they can his daughter worm poop. Well I had a friend that would go their own this man there are pictures of people just lie and up to date pictures of the ducks. Yeah. Yeah. Well I think the point hasn't there at the Peabody is still a hotel like pat pat you know you can't touch him to have the roped off you know opposed such a docs I don't think women in this special occasion. No it's is pretty ripped up and down. Interestingly enough they've. Gained celebrity status to television appearances fairly there's a duck master. What to half right that the drug growth there. I don't got no charge to the Doug Allen and I am so that it does not Ali knows that there is docs and I would tell and then. Stuck master imposition of a duck master Bolivia. Is the only position in the world gee I wonder why. Celebrities have also assume the role of honorary duck master program with such celebrities as Paula dean. Molly ring walls. Kevin Bacon. Mayor am Merck emerald mean year old amber Amro would Osce. Oprah Winfrey's son of rich and talent he had in his leg be obligatory Gayle King king. Leahy is overly I'll be duck master but yet you gala chance tip. Then she really loves her friend Nancy she's a good rounds scale she is in good France Gail please. Me yeah. I. And came back to Memphis hello I'm you're on and the Peabody resident there of duck palace. For the 75 anniversary. Of ducks landing somewhere. Meaning. Let's seed to do room. Yes amusing banter about fat. Really because are really into these ducks like I am amazed that people think ducts but I love ducks I'd love ducks ever since. The guys on friends headed doc. But like wells data needed die and there and they like ducks' morning in their of the original the plumber so I'm Barbara Stewart was a Peabody. That's not a lot. To hike in as my first word. That child. We adults in Arabic here and run but the ducks just came inland it is needed duck master it was like a tourist. I we should just call Memphis and you guys got docs everywhere here is you can check him out I. And for those changes chaining and in questioning why or diamond dogs Guinea is doing a story whose blood does this now and my follow things as my evolved I apologize. You I apologize. Eyes are ducks. Did any apologizes. Are about we all apologize yes anyway he was sorry about men fans and and nails on an elective your rent a Memphis benefits are so that's why he has been damaged and yes isn't there at a hotel where the ducks look feel lobbies. And that I'm triggered the truth is like play and that's meant as is I get confused commitment swirls a bead besides. Nash bell. In Memphis and what's the name the only place that's plant as a unit count Annika but it's not in Memphis it's near man it's okay yes. And that's why you didn't see it ducks he went to tobacco I campaign initiated into the Dario but I did go to Memphis. I sour Martin Luther King died Vincent shifting trip. I got those big tour let's go to gambling he would stick our. You and how do you not do. Error it's crazy you know hotels. Isn't the day he died I loved that went misses kind of warming. Yet has yet barbecue you know why did they did they did and then like they did up first 48 Memphis it's really interesting sitting at its its they're actually your trash Memphis. I told someone I had a good time that I like Memphis or worse than Wichita and I was very dry bush. And they should be yeah a year from deter and it takes up my creditors you're right so like Memphis yeah oh it's really weird. It's a weird area birds solos members is hope. Red Sox Manny did about the Detroit does them drugs and they had dead ducks. They period is definitely dead taxis you know it happens every day at noon when the ducks walked through the lobby why it's. They walk in Memphis. You may now I am. So. Whenever you lose I went here I thought I was the duck master agenda. Any ideas as to his story about and so I'm now happy don't just wants to limit. It's. Flights from 120 Iraqis can answer honestly don't Wear. Spot dimensions together stuff. I'm mad Max terror members and male friends and well done. Anger and thank you just a little bit more and have been. You know. I tell you Marc Cohn is. Under appreciated thanks Gary tell me on the nail salon and have people on my members. Sparking discussion on FaceBook saying oh. Sometimes overweight yes pedicure is will be forty Clara based or a news there and it starts and posted on FaceBook did right some irrational person. Putting some big irrational up. Because there's stupid and they haven't thought it through on face and then the news gets a bunch of posts about it may go investigate anyway. Thank tonight dollars to disservice easily as your eyes like the hotel since their husbands who have money manager Farrah sparking discussion on FaceBook. Saying sorry but if you are overweight pedicure is will be 45 dollars to service fees for pedicure is. Since it was posted Saturday it's been shared more than 500 times with woman across the city weighing in Cincinnati and I. There half the Al's. And he says so brave women across the city weighing in. Time has that changed. Not the woman who snapped is that it was our rose nails I've Frazier boulevard in over ten. We went their today. Solar exhausting ought to senators Jiabao road nails on Fraser. And bless and hang in Manhattan in Memphis. Are you trying to limit sun win we showed him the picture some evil exactly yes how did while you noted that the lie to win repeatedly denied the sign was ever up this business. And we didn't see one today the wind said and he's considered one did you have one point have a fun. Now. I tell you I say I am thinking that I don't without they also showed him another picture that was posted in the salon. You can see design and the same flooring same chairs and the same walls. This isn't your business. On innocent until I think the same floor in the same. Can picture the planet. Now I'm on pins Tomlin this isn't your business you know there's you know. The floor in tears on how to fly zone when he saw ha ha I don't pull off. You shouldn't pass up feel like that so many Florida you know you never. There. My it's only there's so many floors in Memphis yeah now you know I'll write his prices. He's an the only extra charges five dollars for men for a pedicure because they don't come to the salon is often. Wins that instead of putting a sign up he's decided to just not service someone if they are severely overweight. He said it's difficult for technicians and he's had broken shares in the past which hurt says bottom line. To a time. How much money that I cops call. I played about school to a thousand me it looked and if I have a night. That's how historian and activities that figure induces story of there at the news people got there but they must left before they wrap that up wow and anyway so guy is upset and I asked here and again about your Lawrence why you fools these floors and floors. Just so since the stimulus can this be so many forums. She's because as your walls and these are slowly is showing pictures are assigned to some pictures of the sign up on no obvious flaw in his soul line break with those same lay out. The same for our leg is she's like this is an air place. Brandon do go. Flooring same chairs and the same walls from this isn't your minutes. As long have you need to ask Gloria I had him perhaps as a platinum mine. Can picture the planet. Now I'm on pins Helmand this isn't imminent as you know. On the floor in tears on how the bras so many brouhaha and powerful us. It. I. I. No matter how. Hours earlier this season as the music proceeds of mine and Hammond and you're right thanks Ryan Parent CIA in my hand. I easily so many so many misses so many florists. If you believe Arnie for his. I know he's not going to admit to any of these deny it like you have been days I can they get away with this break and I thought about putting him. I get away that I did not get away with and can I get away with it all although I got as I got this out and at Alamo. In his and it is and it's just his story just floors me is amazing. It's great. I ingredients is stupid stories entertainment. Well honestly mean that there's no volume control on this mets' slow parts. Are well and still. Yeah I area I shouldn't it images secondary. Even the dogs like. I blamed floor in the same. Can picture of the Simon. No I don't think stylish this isn't your business though. I don't I'll publish prices. He's a real love the main guy is five dollars you mail than any year you visit and then your floor is often. Wins said it was gonna sign up he decided to just not service. Why the past few thousand dollars for its share. Feels cheers and had 2000 I'll leave they are 2000 dollars I don't believe I believe they are I believe he's not okay 2000 dollars for the lot of those. Crap he's here I'm go I say it's it's an crappy share our five day we basis. I'm glad say good chair probably does cost about two grants. Now yeah I mean that thing costs. Fifty cents each here's sock and a thousand also apparently were there any rough and the chairs and studio well I don't buy new ones because they cost them. Or chairs were supposed to treat raw. There are clones. I know that I don't know where that that we get the act armor as smooth there's oh we get our rest stop even a hardware problem yeah okay jet was put your weighed on the armrest maybe you should get meets here they can handle radio persons where if you. Act at at. And get back. We do that type of. Crushing. I do people a decent traffic reports that in a million. Crappy 10. I just don't get traffic he's basically saying cabbie villagers don't care I decided this is that you breaker I will not even at that you bring the chairs. You have skin on your feet can't reach including yourself. Asking them live music and I met Peter priests taught Democrat. I never actually there my mom as. She does. She's always worked on her feet I feel like what you start working on your feet. It's you can't stop playing guard like once you throw off your foot balances something I don't disagree about and issues to get patty here's long time ago. These two shame not skin and yeah I'm an infinitely self book raises. They sell the regime the year after it got links salons that's was part of a penny care. Is getting your feet change. With those fund raisers. Today until they figure out. That's the problem. Is cute you know nine times we news new Blaine and everybody is. So naive and other people's dead flock he's in hello Maria. Is that a health hazard they no longer do that okay yes and as has it would they do ducks. Had a number I would Bruce. And does he net net I'm alone ten stores there's still not a duck illnesses that are that are well I wouldn't necessarily sage. Better. Think think that there. Been. The squiggly. Yeah out the corkscrew yeah yeah Clinton just think he had never seen that it's like you could open a white model. Brits organs is fine which rose traffic. There is a lot of traffic any fat signs are that feat signs from. There's no ducks saw dad a tie she believes now. And you know and give them any money. Line Alanis Morissette head over feet. And I don't Lance Moore is not heavy feet local natives sixty feet tall that well. When it's bad. Galveston area. Tapped it past them fat possibly know that's what's my friend blossom. But I did much better today amendments senators who dug himself. It's a record company and fat lot of positive I don't know anything fat constantly up fat lip. Now boy's slim now. He goes scheduled shore from the bad news soon. An afternoon noon you know an iron hand and and asking what is. And in Iowa flying is that but science that I don't know I hate. To. Let's lion that that's that's why it is a sign that is a sign there's time. But he doesn't sound exactly like that Erica Erica. I mean I feel I understand you understand why someone you know it's I'm Daryn ironing or an arm round and you navy and air crew. Rooted in tune yeah has isn't it. Stuff. A million is an instant term Rod Stewart. Am. Julien sit and turns to. Could hook a back it's. Does he has. He. Do you like you have a lot like a sound countless. You do sound how does he comes up I think there's a different apps for and that I just say it now we're whenever you're dealing. We here at C sound I don't think that and you intent signed an outpost with the app pace scenario let's. Museum has a song in this area. So yeah. The manner in humans at the end of the. This talents. It's his parents is not. A miscue by the Rolling Stone and that's fair I think this is yet. C. But they jam because it is still owns and runs student serious duds are odd stuff. I don't care how many times do you booze and that not a lot to not a lot now. Authors say it on misuse Zardari of Euro. You really rare or partly being soundly now. Tank battalion that. Who's Morse uses and has blamed. This next. So. This nonsense. And yeah. It's. Hi Joan this is. Minnesota. Why can't find them. Excellent business. As you go. It. And it's. It's Torre. Orthodox faith in god because fanatic and comment upon me it's just early evening news. Because neither of them in the system. What's the name of this peninsula where can I say next. And I sit often hot off the seats tagged him. Yeah. He's really it's. I mean. I like I really enjoy the news I do is this a sign it diet and here and right SoHo and around that idea. You're right there was something about this track that I was I was asked if not already written in in my soul is. RD field is so yeah you can sit next to me sir do I it's sit down near. And break. So there you know it's there. That was Bryant. And he should. Let this stand on the computer. We'll be heard just which I can tell us. Through. Keep the and I sit next to you eight. Yep and on the screen. You know nothing of this is it OK gotcha that it looks beautiful and dangerous. Have been saying. Near the sounds terminate at the same business son's playing with expert I've gotta I went zero minus fifth and I think you've not played well. Six casinos open and then playing together this Townsend words. Obviously it was yeah. And there. Hot mix coming in line everybody went head to the hot man John Danny had a great man and Iowa I have to call my name. And it sounds fantastic at them and isn't great. And that's something great win. Since. That's amazing well. A. Sees in this person in my opinion. You know I really liked it because that's how nice and it's happened. You're right it does sound like that now. It. Yeah. Out. Wow throwing stones. You need to re Max out Arie and send us about Obama or any second I think it sounds amazing together we'll get rights to spoon sued out of existence accidentally happen. Simmons has no idea element and this time and well you should listen to it. It's really a great it's been album it's very very good and the director I like yeah I like that Dan yeah it was it's great there's a bunch of tracks on there and I think we complete innings and yeah it's great it's really great. Corrected times I'd buy that makes and I can. Islands you know I'm really funny about remakes that's now. I like it there where they are there that one that's just what's this thing if I get like well dine Danny you know that. All right skating is the most I cart here. Maine's pension dean's earmark is here. In Gaza ears and then he's got up aren't. Donny yeah with gone on our own there's some there's some action in the Kansas legislature. Compact. Are talking about you know if you didn't know. You know Kansas is facing more than a billion dollar deficit. Over the next two years. That's a lot. So there in their trying to figure out what to do. You know. Because it's not obvious what they should do to fix the problem well what does that. Well I mean why make everything back from that was before. For the did all that stuff you can then change things like go like so it's like OK so we tried this wine. Style. Some sort of like you know supply side style of things. And it generally worked out the way you thought it might rain which is okay it would have been great if they did break wouldn't it have been wonderful if that's how economics work. You just cut taxes and money comes it. Wouldn't editing grade. That's not our we tried it they really they gave it a good so we've given it a good solid little. And it but there's a billion dollar. OK so you know the trying to figure out. What to dip. Over there. I mean now that's real. Bright guy kicking out found them a billion dollars. I capped out them my credit cards human rights let alone a billion dollars well here's a good talk and I certainly am not one share of suggest how June. Save money no no but this point can I do I would like Jesus Clinton is out there in the in the heat there sure have so maybe. I think it's funny because the news is doing news stories on this the local news doing news stories on. But it's funny because. It's like I don't. Understand. How new is people look at stories. You don't mean the nose people I don't care I don't know how they see them per say because it's all been presented him pretty much the same manner when. Just take take a lesson because you know everybody loves talking about taxes but where do you send a reporter. For your like. Your hot roll. On taxes where you gotta set your reporting live in the field on time and it. When you send them I sent him to the Aristotle and no I send down. To the plaza I would say it does make sense eventually but now are and where they found a Price Chopper. Brackett says he mentioned that flat tax would reduce that to just one. Tax bracket but in exchange for these flat tax talks some lawmakers are insisting. But the state sales tax on groceries be eliminated we'll see if that comes to pass but it would certainly be a welcome relief. To all kansans out there who currently pay six point 5%. In state sales tax whenever they go the grocery store and buy bread and milk. Okay this afternoon in the house committee on tax to peca will discuss these two competing flat tax proposals. Here are the two competing flat tax proposals now here's a makes me laugh. Where bring presented this as a like a option like these are the options we're considering here to reduce this billion dollar deficit Andre Ellington tower sign legalize and tax lead three point 9%. Across the board flat tax. All deductions including business deductions eliminated. The other would be a 5% flat tax which is higher than anyone pays right now because it's four point six and in a minute. Five present by Texas hired anybody pays an up at the trade up is the get rid of the sales tax for foot. Yeah Jesper maybe you'll pay six point 5% because sales taxes guys down there is a regressive tax. Now it's funny about all of this is a libel just to apply text. Kansas has it the fact a flat tax and flat taxes actually regressive I'm not a tax accountant but I know if you make. A hot if you make a million dollars and it paid 5%. You pay 50000 dollars in taxes how can I know that if you make. A 100000. You pay five fouls or can't you make 50000 you pay 2500 OK and if you paid 30000. Yet pay 15100. The difference between the difference 15100 dollars makes to somebody making 30000 dollars. Burres is the difference sir say 5000 dollars and sure somebody make a hundredth that impact of that money is different hence it is a regressive tax then. Now with the talk about old mate will go to apply tech will really we kind of already do have one because in Kansas two point 7% on the first 151000. And then anything after. Is four point six so effectively. We can already have that flat tax and it's not working so well forever but I'm in Spokane has some computer yes sure. I'm. It doesn't think Kansas you make more than 151000 dollars you pay four point 6% mental wreck. Done OK I was getting that need. Tax can rise with regular right now what I haven't seen because I'm you know not a math genius and I don't know how to do this. Is so if you're four point 6%. But then you. Go up of five right now liberal but then you lose the sales tax what's bad is that the way how much do you pay. What's that dapper you really make it up the difference down now. I don't know either don't listen Omega about Texas a move up its fight I don't I don't imagine though like this being presented as the option is like oh will go to a flat tax lower really had a flat tax that lets you make. Under 151000 dollars a year. In which case. You're getting. You know really paying. Nonsense movement and with here I am I mean I acted on the conservative flat tax is gonna fix the conservative. Billion dollar hole that was created by conservative supply side economics right do you zero saying here I there's a cockroach other Coen Brothers more break. Then say somebody megabits I I digress break. I digress I'll move on forget it. Let's get to naked women on selfless now and if he can't that your raw I know I know it's a hard little weird topic. I don't think it's weird topic and he makes and I think I think you know. Paying for stuff is. Yes roads schools. Roads need only go on sofas in town that caused me sir thank mr. Aren't negative on so please if that doesn't tax doesn't weigh your whistle. They shift gears and I think taxes well a lot of peoples and well I'm I'm changing gears a minute just down I asserted because I think people are hot except snow opera passes stabilized that I yeah. On taxes Beulah taxes I think people right now wish him lubricant and their offices or wherever they're working eaten. Here heard you talking about taxes yeah passionately gathered just ready to go down everybody's turned on talk about flax look at the person's next thing I love when they -- topology and am amazed how much politics is it is like we tried one way may we should try the other way center or I am trying to wonderland -- wet. This persons as I'm glad you're with any other person forever number yeah hearing Danny talk about tax it makes me. Her name right I've I've got to tie yeah I didn't know you guys can Danny to see me personal time and no I cannot I certainly don't want that last thing. You know I'm battling those were Jackson and way before I am talking about wedding peoples was all right I know I know that's his time I don't even know they unique and naked woman panic out using Agha just go flat tax solid and only ICDs law already in garden. You've got a moral dominant as sexual frenzy shocking about Jack citizen. Four point six vs 5% cut sales tax. They throw it net sales tax you on that very Obama I wanna stop staff and Natalie are rugged at stake target IG sees steak and fry it up what Dario Bob Knight. Sales at. It acts fountains and taxes sampling of ten as tag tap backs backs back amp tech attacks back. Back to local or else. You make some money your face a billion dollar all pac ten has our charge him for masturbation actually that actually got proposed in Texas to you know last stop it did it did know it did for men up for men only why well it so people took that the wrong way actually when they proposed that they said look. How about this how but every time you Automask debate. You've got to pay attacks. And the reason behind it is. Just like you know women's issues are you wanna. Number of control you know you're gonna legislate that it right away of icy morning out the hypocrisy of birth control of of legalize would legislating somebody's. Sexuality. Tension makes sense which is not there sure preference but house they were born panacea and yes it. Yeah. Yeah are you implying I don't already have bloom in the office of. David Sox visit progressive taxation says that their life. I don't know what you have in your op has look here's what I doubt they are you ready for this I doubt that. He variances this in people listening right now are hot for taxes yeah. Athletics axis. There's lineup yes and the harder checks this is an excellent. Then do. V that's what I feel like Wayne recharging is anyway I. As I bent me over meaning. Have no choice in the matter that's the other thing about Al is that Danner as it I don't like this and on the panel in the middle class of flat tax disproportionately does pass the burden from the wealthy to the middle clocked doing something that occurs. To any stop. Network you can only get so turned guy I found is people gonna do that I don't know what awaits you hear that the current evidence shortage you know. Did you know that in many other countries across the world and we shortly have the capability to do this here but we don't. Because the companies like Turbotax. And tax slayer. And anything else Dale Earnhardt there's certain called taxpayer tax slayer hash tag tacked slam honestly when tax sleigh goes to take it taxes. Say yes you sang my attorney taxes basically the government calculate how much take it ending you know have we don't have April 15 inning doesn't exist you're just constantly taking on a payroll taxes or aggressiveness in that chair but they're just taking out like yeah oh ahead of time you don't even have to worry about they do the math for yeah. You don't ever worry about it but tax lawyer and Turbotax get in there though you don't you want these people. Single him out let's aliens aren't enough. I hit it harder government right right. Yeah gas flame out slam slay me all over my face. Telemarketers and let's go. Carry yet Brandon barker online and we want to double no I don't think people can handle election legislator talking taxes I paid. That crosses into gratuitous street terms of the FCC made me that later in the week. May may have maybe once we settled down from two days knotty talk. About flat tax inches. Am a legislator Newton Kansas do well people I would let him. And now they're Brownback Amanda your guests get a ball the other balls and I let you better balls command yeah not many not all that any delay he can't fireball at an act if he was somehow sometime. Yeah I never comes and her station. I always email on never for his bitterest. Now he's numbers spots he's not taxes Liesman Naples I just want to think it is clear that the taxes here alliance. You know and goes young taxes while he's been handover attack India where he seems so unassuming. He's Terry where he wants to put attacks baby unions yes he'd is about an eight on line. 965 the blood. Crushing. There is no bargain is fine but after. Well I mean it's a little bit wet. Style now you're being good to now the dog's getting all around. Put it away realized. But that read like. Ran dry cat friends around it and I understand and you become my own measures a marker very well I. That's red rover. Sorry yeah I'm Greig could have confused senator comes out of your mother's mouth. That it comes out in his room rumor not relaxed and yeah. Yeah yeah right right and so yeah I just how tough. So yeah it's. That's how I used as I had rocket falling down five. Following. He's a red round come that's not them. He's Jerry Jerry hatter in Iraq whose brand racquet and I ten and you can move. And happy and I am a little. What benefits depending how he this this new music we'll deal like. My Morning Jacket on the guys. Names pension Danny's your markets. And Guinea's our blog is here's what you. And I and and breaking news analysis here that's their right. Breaking news disease areas. I just kind of Twitter furlough day and everybody. Misery tweeting mess. Defy. If true may give. Any I know you are very reeks it's an a plus it's not that I'm excited this is nice to know that I'm not completely crazy I feel like I want all in on that you can't we well I was with out we went and all in real early yeah real early man and women and I really apparently acting on bases back. Let's everybody all the hot hand out an error yeah sometimes I will slow overall is is not some times. See but I'm in light sometimes. Opposites but if you want your worst week there was a sense I guys here it's just that you try to extract value body convert you can't can't burn you sometimes in Senegal and thank you mark you guys you guys sometimes you say just like push him off. Well if I do act to aggressively amazes people Miami's Seawright. Remember we were all and where's. Where is taking on Saturday to say rat failure and it's about it and now listen guys let this guy tell you exactly what have our breaking news is turning this is great this is FBI director. James columnist for coming testified. And it's. Testify is tight as it is is tires like what's up yeah testifies on both up and tells his command yeah. Rise by the Department of Justice to confirm. That the FBI as part of our counterintelligence mission. Is investigating. The Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016. Presidential election. And that includes. Investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign. And the Russian government. And whether. There was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts. So we have a sitting president that's never time out investigated by the FBI the technical reason links between Dora should government. We got through this how does an investigation that is occurring by the Department of Justice that is only being brought to light. Early because his hand was forced in this place while we are now well. And this this was added this Nunez character is like running a thing that's you've heard it before you've heard about him he's been very. Like a solid Russia is a heat this is all about the supposed to be about the leaks. Coming out of the administration's brain and this kind of like he was trying to direct the conversation that matter in this kind of put that on its bad. In bed again this is the FBI director saying that they are investigating. The trump administration's campaign. The sitting president prank. For links are us and any involvement or collusion between the 20 my god read our in an inch interesting place. Just keep getting news alerts like at least Nixon just got on how and how their own blow away you know on any idea but I ever got a break up. Well what happened that's I don't I bill may play out the rest of this investigation. Right. Yeah yeah yeah and then here's Donald Trump tweeting. I just lean and it and there is now he integrated on the twentieth of piper just ironing out James clapper and others say there is no evidence Botha's closes with lesser group Russia. This story Al and by the way it's interesting that in the sweetie referred to himself in the third person. Artist could ever in Russia the story is fake news and everybody. Knows it's someone should tell him to turn mr. Ma'am I don't know what this means. I don't know. I don't always go from here. I investigative presidents. Like that I mean ol' boy. Oh boy. Emery who has twitters something tells me this is tied to the indictment the hackers this announcement is also tied the hackers they got last week. Gergen testified they worked. Should Google Carolina conspiracy. And Palin power go from here into an area where I relevant message to get enough. Yeah I mean I'm I'm Denton high interest to just say it. And he and even did there are 28. When and how to contact the Clinton Campaign and the residents also has its that the DNC would that the FBI look into it. Mean. And fake notes. And you complaining and Hillary Clinton as the owner of beyond his years of now there are Hillary Clinton. Think that we're at at at the Bible. I love about my marriage people they they get here against line you must before the other. It's like making you look past Hillary Clinton for about ten minutes FBI directors and our sitting president is under investigation. Bring links to collusion with a Russia. That's ahead of the body than the fact that panties in real we're discussing in the outlets that we have discussed I right. Months ago you odds are good and great but that was the you know let us now we're dealing with in the moment and that are dealing in the moment is that perhaps a foreign government colluded with a presidential candidate to win an election. In the US and what that means for the United States after hearing so if you wanna shout but her emails you go right ahead and do so. I'm more worried about this yet. He just read and that's you know it was a rush evident as the Democrats can combing comes out. We're investigating potential links coordination between term campaign and rest. If so weird day in America. That's so weird Hamas to be glued to the no I know right now think hey I like to better I was Ryan said it before say yeah I was brought I like about him people didn't we government was an interest it. When I was like the slow road to hell you're branded a rollercoaster. It now the log drop we're on right now. Eric let's go to. So good. Yes well I mean it doesn't sound honest yeah Matt. Well and then if you use this now let me just tell my god this is hilarious if you didn't if you've been following it all you know that there was what they call the inside of us gift. As CEO I Alf. This is a sensitive compartment that information does I don't know who put this together and it's hilarious. All of the a hack. I just wanted to know how deep it goes and I wanna know maybe that's why they were waiting who else is involved Brock. Capitalize and Brad change your name Russian dog. You have to change you like America. Leave that weren't. That's right. That's right so that's gone on. I want to see realism and a. It's on. That comment. Humor and I miss spell things to lead to me. I'll leave that up.