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Monday, March 13th

Buzz Briefs, Baseball, Money, Buzz under the Stars, Glass Animals, Miike Snow, and more!


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Regulars. And the buzz. A morning note oh furan yourself are great yeah yeah adds a new day. And things in the great today. We have. She noted telling about. A half as an as starters share. Technically the first night that I announced. Is that 91 and I don't now a very numbering them this year what we're just doing that they were not quite sure we don't want to let everybody. Zack and we don't like have a set goal of numbers we're gonna get to France candlelight. Early again we're gonna call it convinced. Writes go say you know all she's coming in August and resonance tires and and this and another band. Coming in June. He means that technically that's amazing it's the first that I now doesn't stars I've seen. This guy's tendencies those the first one that you know of on the calendar date yet guy and we asked call that noon. And tartan. Or column after column because they can't call overseas or some recent. Action we we can apparently column received broad Kaye events as governor I now. All right it's okay cost her I now we're gonna branch. Ha we've got this gap Harry's old is a little show announced the charge them one of the man okay. That's I think it's a clock. Karen does it timers to do that sounds yeah. How was your weekend eyes guys as kids weekend. Mean kids weekend and it's rained or snowed. Just can't snow and I was at my hand is not in science. Actually were very. Critical presume Douglas what bond of what's bumped. We hear about bond now say as a watched Bobby was sobbing yeah and there's a racist Disney channel's. As. You've ever seen bunt how. Long it is like. The but you don't even know you remember that have banned bridal Kylie. But that guide Hinske. If firm it's loose shorts yes blonde disliked when he gave teens salute your shorts if there were crappy day. You never and then does me no no that never doing it theme song sure debunked. He could block. Kiki Lanka. Leaving the scene would be. And then now let's get the bad camp out casting messing is Sloan dad's thinking up. And then there's like Lou have seen mass. You know Lou is Susie that chubby Jewish and now Holland under that's a it's a Jorge he's chubby and Mexican easy and looks Julius Jorge I know dealers well we give plump week ten they get older girls gone he has that campaign it's. He's got the full Karl's terribly dark about his girls to take stories takes care is I have seen massive anti back. Lou it is. The weirdest. Thing. Like I did I don't understand Luke. It's a very diverse cast they preach SS it's also the same cast from Jesse. You remember Jesse hey Jose. Now you luck. Now it's the it's like they've put all these kids are like a bunch of shows and they force them to where the hell is Lou in this episode. This can't be aloof free episode. They must game they got the Indian kid. You're. Like this it. Because that matters how cool yeah about the thinking glance yeah. They did god yes. That's why we can. 41 of those who live. I have to listen and you. That guy's name and you Jim Bob beautify. Now I felt like a few bags via racist. Not something Dan. I GG banners and then and EDT creepy and now he's actually he's British Q yes they're all Brazilian to all you have to do of his does that lead to his respects write pretty much thorough analysis. DT Deanna can't fines are heating and now it's not our man that's a DT Dan. Try DT to. I did DT de and DT DM AD TT IM EDT had an anti idea and you DNA DT GM. It's annoying. Next the easy one of the guys that screams. Now a accurately as scream. I can't it's just like Jimmy please turn as Bob says two million views that guy has a ton of viewers. Don't get the two man. You're welcome back and I'm involved wet today I have something very very exciting to tell you I promise you it is almost. He regards Tom belongs look. He's really keynotes. Bill. Jack and he's our sleeves and Salam pail and pale and very British words you know I like yeah. But it's on 24/7. And I'm my fellow Latin tide turned desire to leave please watch regular genius has any day and it ahead on 300 and I know and doing leaves my trailer and TV and we are here broadcast television avoids I have no idea what is god and not even pride cat because I don't want to broadcast TV myself really. You know just beginning on cable. Baby Netflix. Like they get pissed when asked to run out and Alex added that with a it will. Happen anyway. It's paid just hey just say what other shows us that Sammy cast can you name is Dan. TT and TV yeah wouldn't get match. And whenever I think. On the water. Just turn Ramallah. Polity there's another thing that Gerald Hodges and I pay more I don't really actually mine Dan okay. There's another thing that always brings up the illuminati in snooped on I don't know it is. Okay. Illusion Nazis sneered artist is kind of a wide ranging one. Let's say it's a knowing that wins anyway. I've got to. Snoop sold his soul to the double in the illuminati for fame and fortune by the vigilant Christian had no that's not that. I'm interest in him at the vigilant person might have this as I have now and two and have no idea. Sometimes garner on the Ichiro holds an idea except for when the terms oftentimes it's not. It's no. With a double now if you've been following my lead audio media expo series you know that that's a theme I've talked about it all law. The entertainment industry the top the leaks entertainers how neat deals with the doubles packed. Made a pact we see him in order to get all the fame and fortune. That seem can offer the. I have a question yet Heidi some insane to make these deals like how to sue Dodd a seventeen year old and LBC. May single move. No idea he gets that series. I was there Doggett there's a growing kids watching medal went about beyoncé. And it's just that they didn't look in the holy scriptures we see that when Jesus was letting ladies sounds like a user reviews are we have video games yes it's just as perfect. Style ever and unique voice that exists only area that. It's impossible loses it in the wizard by Satan to be tempted at one of the things that seat it was able to do is offer him all the kingdoms of the world all these world's riches and fame. And it's still to these days scene is still up to the same tricks offering to these people the opportunity to beef been. Small it is I broke don't fix that currently dubbed the same tricks for the CB worker yeah. Trying to buy in the way your Kindle twos this is. Nine Zacharias I can tame the exact thing you're Snoop Dogg Lou minority. Haven't paid. And ever have a day they they re dubbed had mpeg. I don't have to agree Doug's. ML gene he asked if his name emerald you I don't know that's how I guess where yes sometimes. That's an obvious wearing a European pressure let's say that was I think the one I played last time have a big joins the aluminum bodied. And announced this is motor players. This is the same line to he is saying dude oh same episode. It's just pot and out hey is this plate umpire. The united cup of pig confirmed a year ago. It would have been. Able. Am too much you like me and I I asked him. And still I holding back up. I'd sure all week old. Yeah who yeah. Didn't think it fenced we'll meet some sticky. You lots rooted in particular I tried again and did change and why. Because I was in their view and I NYJ why it is side and I'll listen there's Lincoln Illumina any sign out of nowhere yeah and then snoop dog pounds. Israel air nose is legal pictures of you dying in and they read. Happened and we're very in we've already been over radars and boxing video habit. So my I'm talking aluminum body and my nine year old try to explain that if anybody is like Illumina ideas load that is something crazy people talk oh. I. Everything's the words they agree yes that have a vague read. And where luminous efficiency target is. I treat apparently me. Anyway it's it was a hobby yours I don't wanna do that's handy to please coming medias and actually get one of our radio show. Zach saying in the gang. Act saying we joins next and he's he's toxic he's really annoying because he's always just like so happy and excited. They would love you guys are America's god when there are being wind caught the exact day in the himself a predicament let me reboot these pants and didn't tell anybody and they he had the smell it's idiot. And they go and now. Jack sings them correctly I think the American RI. Teach teach Jeffrey Dallas. And under for Dallas media. He's don't vote on the entry of this that we items and YouTube are you sir Hamas please know my YouTube and brush with death and there's a guy holding a paintbrush and I saw that appetite. Carol good at thinking out there thinks the same this. All right. From 7:30 this morning. News moving my name's offense and that's Danny marches here. Coming up about 9 o'clock tell you who's playing another doesn't this hurt. And hopefully we'll talk to Latvia since. I was defendant. Prove there is some doing those and apple Italian coach Eric thrilled Italian either way I've been tomorrow we're doing kegs and eggs it's hard to trust me. Played the tanker last nine Eaton sounded amazing to me. So. Ever really big sound I'm curious how tags and exiting tumor on calendar after hours. Will they do acoustic. I have no idea I don't know either. Not really sure gonna mcsame to find out that is tomorrow morning. Exams with slots for us anti Elmo draft house join us in history. Mean that I did out details humanize these kind of NASDAQ comments going on. Well I mean I'm trying to find this video clip I swear I didn't have a stroke or three minutes. Markel though about us that you're Donald trivia. That happened right. Where erode number thirty on the ground. And then proceeded to strike out the side. Let Danny Duffy the last night the union's team USA what happened. World Baseball Classic that I have no idea what the World Baseball Classic is seen in America why should care about it and they do it. In non. Olympic skiers like every couple years I praise Barney has a 162. Games a year yet like there's no classic it's going to be. It's yeah it's basically just like saudis plan on Venezuela. How this other thing about Ericsson is a bad error. I had to secure that country of her death but easier that we need huge amounts of the camp you know that's just I gained it doesn't matter what you Garza's rotator cup ya cause I mean yesterday you met her business. Yeah but he wouldn't do anywhere he wasn't playing in this stupid exhibition game that doesn't matter at all compared to. The 162 games that do matter whose derby care paying manners. Taking. That's cool. He wants to blame for her in Venezuela. And Duffy wants to play at the team USAA real bad. Seeing. Are you look and think that people come from different blazes ju B two airplanes for Italy and I did that. Amanda I think his mom may be has I think Olympics and like in a hero and stuff like that and it's done with professional athletes. On because their professional athletes there are getting paid him that when you. Yeah yeah I needed it. Hero number it Arianna management struck out aside and their plane Dominican I think. All of that kind of bird and it may claiming this track athletes are given three home runs. We got three outs yet very straight strikeouts I'm guessing and now they say they are a side that pretty common. I don't think I remember that never heard struck out a sigh of annie's strikes out the side sensory and around the lobby is just yet. This chart how decided as yet an ambush you call it needed to strike out the walking a strike out. I stay outside I guess earlier it's outside of outside now as unhappy about trying to wrap for your desire to. Say it again because I don't have ganguly. Is it sawgrass sort out the side actually start you know aside is this getting three strikeouts and one in Australia is affiliated there'll walked. Is that had no rhyme like that so I don't know man has been what he called lady just I don't Rollins. You put like that disclaimer on the back end of that I don't know exit striking outside this drug outside or strike out the sides both. Well you don't they striking out the side I Diaz is and three strikeouts and one yeah I'm blaze so I got excited. Ticketing give up I am right around the side street I know you just say is striking out Zahn now you see striker struck out. Strikeouts you know or we're gonna try and so I got aside. I would be aware approximate estimate strike how does. That's the thing. I believe you have. I don't not believe me I would tell us sir I can't decide mean. Fatah. I guess in one inning. And the pitch strikes outside he strikes out three batters in an inning and the Max number of strikeouts and get him winning Clinton. While clearly. And some there is this disagreement as to the exact definition of sect you know the size sometimes you can strike out four guys in the room. Definitely catch your eye drops the ball that's true. Some feel appears or can be credited with striking out the side of three outs in the inning were obtained by a strike out regardless of it the other hitters. Did that the pitcher face 'cause the of his or is always sort of cyber he's retired three Euro. The ally and a series race I have to agree the second notice I like the second I join you three and around the narrow landing though exceptions yet it's still important but is not so I get outside. Well Duffy did it 33 up three death grip three out yeah yellow an easy three and three down and trying to straighten out scientists are gonna cite their common term. You know they had heard in a strange now solidly look I mean if you Google is all over there are aliens. Zeman BP to. Usually adherents say. We have three down and I feel like I've heard that more than I turned straight downside. No saga tonight people I want to. Strike outside area so this is certainly not in in the royals are as sound until you sense from some dirty. Psycho besides striking out not a good thing strange how that side. I don't know that you know he's a straight guy is turning out the side evidently king. Outside you appear leaking. Out I don't think it sounds okay I think that's more about. Blossoming problem. It's striking out despite anyway if you Arabia and author mean outside an aside you know maybe I like bag Donna go out and out someplace and things leaking that something's overflowing. Well yeah that's right his strength out of it. No known as engine inside out of some things about you I overflowing. I give overflowing. Its units. You can't strike striking out like this this is the most striking out struggle I missed it. And I don't want to emphasize. On the record. Well all of his baseball and podium time yes. Because I'd cards now yes. Yeah it did sound like you're having a strip. Mean are you here at those are Susie I think it was George feeling you get saying history Gaza killing Hitler by please enter Gaza and this dragging out this write him off from the East Asia society's. Hosmer is also on genius Dahlia and it's just like Clinton. Who cares he's a great baseball player. Who can answer these two are missing adults I am you know all the upset those solar you're tired. Okay it obviously is no I didn't see it viewed Tara ran into Salvi at home boy hits. He had begin MRI in it in the world is like he lives he saved baseball classic. That's gonna hunt and throughout these fine just inflammation. Cancer and a half that. She's. Formations and Aaron and you know me you know I'm formation on a torn ACL that's it. Hey I have a question. Have a question Jack Nicklaus and Syrians are designed so a lot of baseball terms I'm real dirty did you. Not sinful opera is over what terms to those earth. Basketball too yeah. And train and lead listings you've ever seen people on commentator and we are ten hazardous areas have it it's my unit. You know they do that during the eleventh incident. No way that they actually. Newton. That's out there what like what they say when that they don't remember I'm prepared at act. It was a matter. Like I was dragged to leave anyway. OK guys thank you. Appreciate it thank you pay you for clarifying. His opinion become like some viral video last time their in the Olympics. Start you know aside ha ha. The weightlifting term it's okay how was it doesn't matter let's move does snatched sending about his mast head at CNET. Yeah and the pop in my know that there is a dungeon style of yeah Aaron hey. Tell us talk about health care coming up. Challenge to forget about sports and tired and you're probably about grew more and that's true mark in my a little bit better than that. Now a lot from her act I you. Heath tell judging him you know way more about hockey. So I'm here anyway and he accused the hockey compliment that's true. That's like sightseers I notice you aren't Smart or drug you out I was born in the north. Knows zero about. Had eyes on TV as an update on health care and stuff. They were. Have been some meeting in the house energy and commerce committee which is just always a good time. You know everybody loves watching committee talking especially when it's the house energy and commerce committee but they're talking about this trump care. You know the replacement for. Obamacare. Clears up putting people's names on stuff. It's really frustrating I can't keep up I know the identities of Barbara what do next time barely had three strikes you're out to strike out aside whatever anyway. So there's a little weird though saying. He has liked and is led this dude talk this is John that shim Curtis. From Illinois. Wanting to know about prenatal care. Okay required by the Affordable Care Act Harry aren't ready yet attack. Does he take issue with certainly not with preexisting conditions are caps on benefits are letting your child stay on the policy to 26. So I'm curious what is it we're mandating. The gentleman yield pressure where about men having to purchase prenatal care. I'm just I heard is that not correct a reclaiming my time and shoot today claiming Markel. Although there's no such thing as out your order rehearsed my size I hacker dudes gotta paper prenatal care and talking about high you know you purchase insurance. There's like that's not how that guy isn't Bubba I don't need it I have a bigger if I don't have a vagina what do I need to pay for prenatal care for and I was sit. My ala carte insurance. Not cover pre K okay yeah I never getting pregnant saying. Again and listen to the deal go visit the guy after he says the whole easily you know she hunted prenatal care licences to do go camera part part part of the draw they visited. He likes ours Iran entry. Are caps on benefits are letting your child stay on the policy to 26. And so on I'm curious what is it we're mandating where the German yield pressure where bening as I legitimate. Yeah zero is that what. Bob men having to purchase prenatal care. I'm just heard is that not correct a type of reclaiming my time shoot today claiming mark. Although there's no such thing as out your order there's no such thing as Alec carton shortage John. You don't don't get it that's about my Internet and Elaine we want the consumer mailed to go to the insurance market. And be able to you negotiate on every claiming my time you tell me so I wanna get creative. Reno coverage as part of like your group insurance that they can be an add on. That's leader grant oh sure sure it is slid her yeah I know but it's it's gonna. That app and at and a little news things current numbers in there and critiquing every time to take you back my time I. And I think that's hilarious I tell you that they're taking my child like forget how you feel about anything I am only playing this for this interaction between these two gentlemen. I mean it is amazing to listen to them go. Poems and reminded predicament area. Again listen listen don't lose it. Purchase prenatal care. I'm just that I heard is that not correct a reclaiming my time and shoot today. Maybe this is his vague to me and I I you know yeah I feel about everything and so this is doing Massoud directed. Well it is speculative like why would you yield your time to a crazy person. Thank you know the guy from Illinois sounded fairly reasonable gonna ask flight somewhere so when that guy says I need them Mac is when these same clothes are almost always is in man handling of purchase prenatal care I like this guy comes in mother of the Republican the comes in like the hammer and. Yeah. Ladies say what you units hi Kim Il usher what are Bob Nance having to purchase prenatal care who had bound. Kelly he's is like boom roasted and the guy looks like are you crazy that's the whole thing we do that. And it's exciting and Minnie great point because women get pregnant on their on he lawyer your own area where all the I can't mandate is snowed I have penis. NM we get right now are I don't acquire well even if it does doesn't matter grad I'm not going and his pregnant. Yeah you exactly it's you the woman. In no way I'm pretty sure Viagra still covered. Stop I am I'm pretty sure is covered in a rural house was diving is awesome. Kazaa account change about her pulls out Boehner pills pregnancies are you boring pills for free for me because they downtown. And birth control do that. You get access to it per share on our regular ones not a new one. Other new on this front is on the take a mafia current. If you didn't. And that's fun that's a good time you know. You know and of course coming up but Ursula marchment and attempting to you know Tammy Ennis. It's the timing of the pizza party people get all excited actually time brackets in jeans day. You guys bring as a box office. You will let you have an official pizza party bracken day jeans day. Where your schools your day. Where your school's shirt day that's right only and you how much is the bracket this year K do. In case state we just got an email from the got a does the brackets are F five bucks. Per entry nipped in the area. I never do well at least one. You know you. I got our desperate and wow onion like you do it. Oh yeah like sports. What does that do it and and he wants to serve and damaging has bounced all the locals wanna work is little different they give you points based on upsets they kind of and it goes through written. They do a little different feel his assistant being cleared through gaming commission probably how can you acquire play how do you award points upsets happy new. Value different upsets for different points or you just do one multiplier. Ramada fire you know I'm not sure. Eligible expert you're. I just don't play. We should play. Honolulu nano. I mean I take always refinement of profound and then every mosier numbers though I OO and India Harry's take those places where I didn't know or they were colleges exist and and then like I have like he'll tell me how talent they have to Washington where like where is gets hot. I don't want to see this here. Yeah like I had no idea can't deal would be able Bragg is for two weeks on social media and then when your team a team loses you like on my dragon's blood fish slime made moon called march sadness. Your Mike is off. Reclaiming its 965 of the. Russia. Did here. Oh my god the thing I totally wasn't gonna win I didn't win anomaly campaign. Preserve Arkin is not by a servicer. Not kind. Now what's the text or Rolen has been through rock as the gene to AP tests strike outside its stride and I knew I was. That's arm from. GC. I'm staying in on the east and well I mean that's. Just her low. Price of in cities I've heard he's a deterrent than his visa and I'll needed. I just heard did you do Italian did you. Yeah I had actually very funny because if you don't I know I think I learn something there right now where that. After a really stupid I never missed of this before. DiMarco it is appropriate to them. Would somebody says he can't have your cake. She needed him yet what does that mean. It means that you can't have things that way it's maybe you want things to does that mean that maybe you think you know what it's saying is that he can't DB. You can't let the cops. You can Iowa now he can't indicate anything to mark what does that mean via. I've never actually said that so I don't know you don't I feel like you've said that I believe that statement fully. There's there's people who say you can't be Kagan it's noon break and a few like Donna I don't I've heard it belies her interpretation of that statement me. And I immediately go to Marie Antoinette. Let's MET sure somehow that has something to do it it does no matter at all I have that's what I always thought never stopped to think about this saying before. Until I read about it and somebody explained it on the Internet when they say it. AT&T things it wants maybe you can't have your cake in front of you. And also be ET your case because once you eat your cake you have no cake. Housing market and I yeah I have a meets. Yes there's that to me that's how it athletically that means you can't. That if you get someone. I have that thing it doesn't need any of my life whatever is is that you get heavy Kagan news or my wife's sick can't lots of dollars in cape right now and I can you think it right but that I will no longer. Half. Said Kate. Near the Nikkei. Yeah absolutely what you're hearing takes you puke that's fun. You can so it doesn't even make sense of it it's too bad now does it but it is what it means you can have your cake. You can have whatever it is you want. And consuming as well for than it will be gone. What he does have think. But it's so that the plants and parts of the cake as is that I you did you did you get us out of your case can keep some of terror. Well and then we'll move slowly sadly so on the case. The final order I always saying. Look. Okay you're gonna have but it's true of me something I enjoy it but I lie and well our timeline against Iowa he got DMK Raikkonen and why it. I will move on to somebody else but you wish you had the case. I don't think that's what that means and that's what any means that you had cake but it you can teach your case but you can't have cake and eat your cake at the same time. For your case is going away. So that's what about I passengers and obviously you see thank you can have your cake. So you can have the cake or you can eat it you have a bigger you can either but you can't have both. He just kind of facilities and makes sense yeah. Yeah Simmons as of now what it means now that's what it means that sodomy and I was on the tax fine which is 96500. Units thanks somebody from a 66 so Larry Conway area code is that before your testing taking math. Same Sally. And is what I think it's misery my dad died you know Missouri and I are aware why. Severe as a blue valleys will grow to only five. Erica time now Myers at growth I think the it really means you can't continue to possess it can consume that's alleges that. Right now persons senate Penner and I'll. Well they said no that's the same person who said this I would means. This pages or one or the other rather. I've is saying. You can have your cake and it is. And he is slightly Iran help. Vegas. And out of my understanding is further cause it to what actually means it was twenty minutes ago. When you're stopped to think about the words that you say and what they mean. Attract and China. Nobody eats fruit cake I don't read for Kagan of from Kate say you've. Can't possessing consumed pink one at a news saying the reads rookie you can't possess and consume. Right and Clinton Missouri man yeah I'm so close circuit around. Obviously consumer Jeanine is exactly right yeah yeah. This is what it means to me it's like Clinton friend and is married iMac. And you find out he's got a girlfriend. And then you telling you can't help you can. And I needed to hear I don't understand that Larry I don't and an area again does that mean there aren't. Frowned. And I'm branding and 419 time. This is what it means to me it's like when your friend is married and you'll find out he's got a girlfriend. And then you'd tell you can't have your cake after it's not literal cake though he read and our case edict here. He can't. Easy they're trying to say here is euphemism that you can't because the others that now go and I possessing consume X 360 don't cover a lot of ground by the way. Yet this out. And realize that it's icy Alley the only neighbor we're bridging the possession but these are saying consumption and shout out civilian. Tax rises. Metaphor for power not literally Kate. Then why what we're not really talking about change cake it's molding we can't eat power. It's not real it's not about power either you have a serious powers is yet. OK this is not a power RK. Alex someone challenges is about Pala Karzai about change you don't masses. Tomorrow power. Can't eat cake inhabit. Yeah it. What if there's more Kay an average distance and it is ray but they're more brighter dishonest I think that you can't have a boo. Which is what I was gonna die yeah we can't have it both ways. And I now. I believe stores not a choice. To have it both ways if that's what you feel you wanna do that's you know that's valuable art the SARS coming out says he can everything you know something's Value Line. That's canned ham everything you want. But you can heavy Kagan into if you have some of the case that you get some of the things you want doesn't that person's pyramid is disproved would you share K. Now we're at an ally do any brought that to me this morning thank. I just felt like if you Google now. I'm actually I'll run my hand I go to dictionary words recently because I. Every day doing and then now I started doing that right because you know because I always feel like Emily isn't as properly. And a lot of times we don't we don't wreck that's gonna say I came across this haggard case here it was can't smelled really needed she says some and I that I was brought the cops have pulled you over that is Iran may be chance now here we and you do need. It's fast as you can yeah. Think about it and you can't cap money and spend eighteen. Can't do why that makes this is somebody says that it means that you cannot or should not have more than what you want or desert. At the little as a general John meaning Jesus freak. If you don't deserve any English are the things of prop her. It's about money you can save your money and also spend it well I mean you can't if you play. Accurate it's it's people spend their coach has about king pine is not there you can't have the best of both worlds and Samoa. Deanna and I like KG sacked. So like I I would really hate to leave placate her get the literal Kmart screens would text line. All the days we've K it was a rare hop okay the reverend Lisa is it. I like shot each CNN you think you needed to use scare tactic might be an advocate he needed to metallic case you can. Does take anything about it. Not mean they actually I don't know what type OK all right and asking about the ban on it definitely usually it's not okay triple AC shot you. Really. Had Charlotte based. Anything Java based ago. Can tell lumber and don't force. Have to Dalembert you don't listening to whistles it's fun and I mean I'll email filing a decade as the guys are beyond five. They do. Arizona the bank Kate hates it when you refer to cake as cake like we're talking it up a great about tape it's how thank you Burger King donated and walked off stage I've watched them walk off days in Salt Lake City. Because people there'll Yates case not to K it's two K not cake like Kate make I get it bites that dean's weird. But I love them unit is being K it was about cake and prayers and yells at his audience and frequently. Yeah he was yelling at us to do is single line is now as we learn doing it but I really feel was monotonous no phones than I but I 98 I can play Jake. Yeah I don't but like is only here that you did they don't care. Look you losers me ask you can have his cake he wants it plays regular not talk America right that's how that hurts and I would tell me couldn't have his cake. He needed to you and I think I'd be easing incorrectly. Ari. Now I mean it it's it's like hey guys by about so no I'm not Chinese design and just trying to be time to not just signing Jake. Read is that I just want to wells and Atlantic. It was supposed to do another cancer announcement coming up at night yeah I'll. It's fine we have to wait a little than any idea how none of the man's going in our era. If they do they do and they don't they don't we'll it is coming in regard this. And when you and he can take and terrorism but as free letter pre sale. And then this one Steve it's been all the details coming up your short on the does this mean John Danny. You please tell me what is going on your own little action in the Casey City Council. Election. Drill it and blank I'm not physical. Not that leg you know. My man like my hair like this so yeah out kind of way I happen that didn't that was the thing that happened that did that did happen now is. However knowing the outcome of that was in the got designers down and remember. And horses pigs thing that's going around. Where people wanna get paid. For working. Right and end. I'm not gather here are my gonna open this up to save my old dude if this happens in this have is people deserve to just make a living wage. So I penned by the way thirteen dollars an hour I don't think that's living but I still think that's low but it's better. It's better chair I do think it's funny. The corporations. Were billions of dollars are allowed to off load their health care costs of their employees under the taxpayer. And we still pay those people who work at those corporations. A lot of money kind of in China now and I think it's very funny but Kansas City stepped up hitting quite go the full fifteen. But just because they approved thirteen dollar minimum wage. That does not mean that we are not in for a fight from an unlikely place. Jefferson City. Please myself and it didn't do. Well actually he's the video out of equivalents and I didn't do Ireland. Nonsense he can do and that meant the minimum wage is 765. It will increase to eat at the hour in August and eventually get to thirteen dollars an hour but. Could hike hurts you in the long run forty when action news reporter now it. In elements of America Online and there. Thirteen dollars an hour break when he 23 it is a victory when it was finally yeah this is look people in Jeff city of freaking out about the life. How dare you increases years from now minimum wage to thirteen dollars. In 22 any theories. Wow yeah. Yeah. Yeah a friend Sammy and it's helped lead a grassroots effort to raise the minimum weight with a look this is a whole hippie. I think give the pony tail. Not quite sure. It's one of those John Clayton for ESPN mythical funny tales may be and can't I don't know if I ever get a side shot that this is the good did. He says but positively affect members of his former congregation I have seen folks having to choose between rent and medicine. Are ripped and food. But their victory is far from over. As City Council Betty to increase the minimum wage state lawmaker is in Jefferson City passed their own ordinance. Prohibiting cities like Kansas City from adopting a minimum wage higher than what the deep fat. Now let's go to him further than that of the abstract is a little bit further iMac forget about living way forget about this minimum wage discussion. Do we really want to live. In a world in this thing is city in a state. Where the state government comes down here. At this tank you can increase that like you're you can't do this for irony here are going to ask that yeah any are always one like Indy then a small market national government. Nationally the government's I pulled Janet wanted to descendants. Yeah I mean at that they argue grace thanks I won't kick me out all the theory that I think Sidney Rice. Oh I think your eyes I just feel like that's a natural progression yeah yeah that is the city says hey. Thirteen dollars a hour if you working in Missouri this is I don't happen than just saying yeah. Should be saying now. Right because Jeff city is in Jeff city is lazy tiny po dunk correct this town right there hey it's a lot cheaper to live and how are they don't know what the city we are the economic engine not the same host the two cities are really fund Missouri. And we don't just say you wanna. Happens in Jeff city. Well as we have a city just. We have a disproportionately represented a structure in Missouri where. Rural areas get a lot more say over singer asked I just I think it's funny because there is taking it to stay right track. And then you while local small market mama arm problem and then on May June June had time sailing on any it's not the other thing is late it's not like this try to take away people's rights either you know I mean like it's not like or like it here like hell were going to be end this human being for looking this way her act like we're trying to improve people's lives right here yet. Bring more money right rhetoric but again I just don't like BA yeah there's no right to be doing you know Emanuel did urging everyone to get married guy. The way I think a bathroom where you wanna go and we want you to be able to afford rent and food great. And just music and that can dance with the states Japan and then and now so this thirteen dollars without take effect immediately changing city Missouri noted an amendment and another is that the one skill that went under way to Tony Tony Perry and a way to break it down for a you ready for this crazy cost increase. Well blood no bruises so. Heard they cry look I'm sorry I don't feel better. Current middle aged kid city seven dollars and 65 cents don't have in September. You know go this year and go to 850. In a January. Trying to maintain. Nine dollars and 82 cents. When he joined ten east 1096211198. And 23. Thirteen. And to prepare prepare prepare prepare Pip Pip Pip Pip Pip him so this could just get knocked down and immediately and emerge kind of a weird place. Not a money at all now. Link at CUR forty hours a week and and it lets just surround them to eight. And usery had three and try out some time here in. Tampa and yeah. No foreign sixty dollars 300 player and was director I was right guys the question was validates it. Well it's a pain every week which nobody that it's there. And then let's take taxes and patriots what got you moment. Well depend on the get kids to mean this is just general estimate. Not a tax accountant clearly. A moment. Not a lot not he who's right and I'm rounding up 161006. Arm for his seriousness. But now you know it's not they are going back to the original I looked. I just don't wanna look forward Jeff city run by Eric I Wear cowboy boots with my suit to meet the vice president greet sentence. And then they gonna demand. Rural areas there and hammer. That's my whole thing is that's led I don't get that. Why so actually knows and tells Tony Tony's region possibly made thirteen dollars and are correct it's nuts it's crazy. But it did in Kansas to the big hands strong they hamstring local. Municipalities right so they cut a lot of stuff and then they're like hey guys can't raise. You know property taxes you can raise taxes to make up the lost revenue literally are starving. We're starving in the midwest. Even lower the fat ray. The only way that. The deep blacks and hours okay that's under the table right he can't be taking chances on track and it's god damn now I agree. That is acceptable only under the table turn out that kind of wait until we talk about like money and stuff you always get a set I was the one thing I did here. A really cool idea as far as changes in the tax code I think it actually hit a Republican groups which was why it's not gonna get an tactics it's a good Republican ideas big and throw them away into one's brings fire and brimstone policy. But like you know how rich people have stocks. Yeah like they can do that I don't pass through whatever the hell it is Mitt Romney does and an Amazon has a different rate capital gains tax all that stuff. Nothing that I guess target behind you and satellite are so there's the company will college company offense sure today. You had a great year. It's kind of strategy it's a gas fetid she's had a great year at that right billions in sales strategies used started it is and disrupt or start up. To disrupt fetid she's distribution like on the spot fetid she's delivered right today. Everybody's on board. You decide to go public but you keep 51% of the shares right. They would and tax they wouldn't you know it takes corporation they would just figure the value of your 51 shares and and tax it like regular income. You see. That way when actually kind of Hugh Hewitt on this month so Abby is let's values do you get taxed on that much of and a catchment pretty good idea. Rather than forcing companies to pay 35% CI a reasonable. Yeah yeah I like the idea. Instructor from its she's to a restart the defendant chi yeah. Can can how where it is a soaked in Bryant only on scooters planned. It by formally ambassador assessed was only that's your whole thing. Only a vast and she's delivered right to your door it's got to be in his prior I need a good punch your credit fees. Can I get an update on her pre sell for the shout out there. Mean yes just one Angelina on a news discounted it is this exciting again. Another story no I mean really had our only and I really wanted to talk about that. Thank and in this person comes in just because the capitals are just city doesn't and its citizens Jesse vest that he's right Imus is I I'm aware of that however. If you look at the representation that we have in the state when they vote in Jeff city has a lot more. Rural and can't see any chance Jeb CNET Chad sailing how come just city got to really capital. I don't there's always a couple saints six what do you do at least Saint Louis or Kansas City picked wants seems easy now this is like where do people live and actually function and not drink Boone county wine snort some defense of McCain get their hands on methamphetamine hunting bans. You really believe for Indiana. It. If there had never snorted seed and then no no I mean I'm IE and trying citizens are right. He started who knows just how. 965 the buzz. Russia's. The spurs are organs funds poster but you have to have tendencies and Brian text line. Everybody like lol I don't add. If your fingers don't smell like strategies. And tear did get an and there are eyes gets into now crumbled I wanna suggest that Ireland. Brian is disgusting it's not just casting it keeps your found out. In pristine condition and text that says they believe business on as a profit margins of less than tempers I can afford to double or nearly double play for their employees NN. Your job will be allowed either create universal health care of if you can't afford to paper people there and I guess you don't have a profitable business in my view. Batting get fed up in my view that's my tagline. I you can make other people polar listening to that I get that I I mean I thought we are during the whole reliever conversations. I now. We do with the French phrase it. And is a Frenchman payment for it and it's three ways of. That's the Japan your eyes on the buzz good morning means pantry Danny's here mark is here. And we have another dozen of the stars like you know about last week we told you OJ was coming to the sorrow I. This week we have a few bands. And melanomas on the found. So now ladies and gentlemen please welcome Jay from glass animals. Hey. Hey what. Yeah. Yeah rerouted. I'm doing excellent excited to see you because you guys released your tour dates. And we weren't anywhere near there. It hit it. Yeah well. You're okay. Guy that I know liberal or not you're coming back are terribly excited to see how does that stirs not only are you got any designed glass animals. Mike snell will be joining you Saturday June 10 at the Providence medical center amphitheater. So I'll. Here he started touring I know you guys being. Reimbursing. There we currently haven't haven't stopped story is a closed it's. It's an all of it entirely relentless. To not throughout the UK and it up America and America. And until you. I saw your south American aide Stephen Drew so long and so much has it taken a toll on you how long until you visit the maharishi and decide the final world peace inside of yourself. Well. Yeah maybe I need to appreciate that they need to get them kind of like additional guru of told The Beatles it's called the ballot. I am watching it is name is Mike my blonde movie called the guru he's not mine yet and I recognize. She's is a guy and you do I need to instill much annoys you brings it to everybody I'm sorry to have. Now Joan V super funny July oh yeah. So we got a I want so I wanted to commentary the guys I think that's when everything goes sideways and yeah. I just wanted to jump on mature and stayed there south America's sounds wonderful you guys are gonna get so much trouble. I think yeah at some afraid of truth. We get so much trouble a pole positions. Are these you know it's always true. I don't believe that I will say that I was purely just that. I'm Europe they went to Detroit to see you guys you're doing a fast well there are hand some of us went CU my friend's bar. Where she DJ is in you did not go out. Let you know that going to be a very very match in night out and get it boggles my. Oh. Curious about it being questioned under tight until you do it but. I. Oh my gosh you can go to certain true what drew was amazing. It was Jerry had men. And police your lady lady I love her she also enjoy. Either ready yet she Kyra because he towards I would go a giant. China gold. Fruits and inflatable. And I'm plant of them the first what do you do with athletes. We're further. There's room and I didn't like yeah I don't think it's I think he's usually polished it. That's what he does that come out here around Tuesday I feel like maybe Jane that's the diseased roommate because of the flu either scared or Easley asked that's for its leader Warren. Now I can see through it just looked up and vote but Obama did it. Create the option being at the yeah. He had some great outlook grew up front not ultimately settle. I have actually wrote. Well let me put it I don't throw it does have more value south American dates letters of your favorite south American places that you know comply. Well we've never paid that fool you don't know the water yeah. Just look at it I need you now don't think the longest and he's earns his earnings and his team from Bogota Columbia at Columbia. Club what club secretary not would do about it. I heard it's guys imagine all that counts is this is Kennedy now. Here is needed to buy distressed. Area follow thinks it's okay if you can like hire somebody with a boat in Columbia. You get them to take you over the coast of Venezuela. Because of the American distance there you're Euro will go much further in your drug trade purposes. They don't think I did but that's a really good at Topeka a week. Are talking to different guys animals they're playing buzz concerns. Actually the first and so far it's Saturday June 10 at Providence medical center Eric joining them will be nights now and more to be announced at a later date. I will tell you how I need your tickets and the rest of that candidate discount if you're free letter but we are terribly forward to seeing out. Aren't what glance animals times we play next. How bottle oh my god. You're in tiger town line. What you're pretty unpublished you know I have so many favorites I do love poplar street it's my favorite I think you album. Already. It but it got I love the Long Island ports and I'm with Deanna I love the look I'm still figure life itself is just a mother half of it does is it's in saying I can't really I've heard a million times and I still love of the same amount. In hand eye candy doing love lockdown. It's our fantastic. Mean we don't I don't often rely on popular much let you exceptions. It whatever you want we. We're very excited she's here nonetheless we're here to the Rahal and in game. Tell everything we say hello safe travels and an amazing time in general you Saturday June 10. Take your name that's what you Maynard. Pet lighter prison this hers. June 10 Saturday along with mics now here's glass panels on tale about the tickets next tournaments I want from kings island in Kansas and that's when I do love and into business channel this I love tell. Glass animals on the badges they are coming to town and I'm very same to see them Saturday June Chad this Saturday. It's going to be a prominent medical center and a theater might snow is special guest and more to be announced at a later date south. To get. This is awesome if you're not impose tighter maybe might want any. Two kids are discounted admission of you can text free loader to 96500. To start doing now. So at anfield it's not freeloaders just self care for its 45 dollars for GA pay. Thirty others were reserves and the lawn is 1960 bucket. Three letter priests out. Minus ten bucks Panama. So you can get GA Pitt for 35 nights are reserved for 25 and long for just nine dollars and 65 cents a stupid silly. Yeah even thirty I backed the pants or you're not a buzzed three letter. I'm just tax free hundreds nineties escrow zero or you can come on online NIC it's kinda does that count. Balls and doing little reminders of what value meant. And that's upon 92 by sea glass panels and mics now sweet deal minus thirty dollars or they'll add 03 to go through it tells her for about them for the star and a snub. Join us June 10. To see glass animals back against city and joining them will be makes now. Details available in nice and abuzz icon. Or my sandals or mice now. Marta and the problem now. If you've not heard glass animals is coming into town along with Mike snow Jim Talent. At Providence. Going amphitheaters are. Island medical. Is that re doing in Iran. I think center medical center amphitheater now and it's going to offer freeloaders. Went. Wednesday morning at 10 AM third Thursday and midnight Mark Kennedy hit the world the lawn seats. I love the lawn see kids under ten bucks for you for your letter priests who danced to Glassman grass. He did to yes it does not come at a bad time that's there's her. The free loader salads are as easy it is at a discount so if you're not a free loader. There's just becoming land here in tax free loader to nineties I 00 or you can go online denies these kind of buzz. Dot com. The information you need is there are also. Tomorrow and join us at the Alamo draft examines. Sloppy this news to get around in town. Great show last. Huge huge huge sound huge. And it is just. May easing access to really as are you laughing as mine's not mine's the opposite of that. Anyway I join us and thanks to borrow Alamo draft house to when he went outdoors are at six. Why you beer and desperate the first hundred okay Karajan died kind of gray day. Re finalist.