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Friday, May 19th

Snakes, Buzz Briefs, Floods, RHCP, and more!


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Reports of golf the Miami. Here June 16 at the middle and. Corey I'm sure of that your take as well they are still available on yeah. And six by the buzz dot com. Respect to get an intimate parts office. Whatever but it suits my invention dean easier Americans here are mark mentally I'm hey yes OK and chili peppers. And chili peppers think we can do that. Online dating. You do you have a privilege sweets and anchoring okay. Cut there so you'll do. So I read I an online. I'm lying through a front row we'll be undermined our friend Robby talk IWWWWW. To make sure you logon. With your 56 K motor on the 28 K not supported. It'll be the and let me do web 2.0 people it's a whole new paradigm. The effect of the our land photo photo hunt blind Federline thought I'd find I don't know that it and I don't know how we're looking for. You'll find an answer that's that's the blind I don't mind are ideally yeah now Lauria as our guys is it is today. He's solid. Snake. How has. And then that I saw. A story on the news. About snakes. Can't. So. After I saw the stories. On the news about snakes. Venues are snake. I saw a snake first before I saw a story. In the news about snakes. And KS speech being. I guess it's so. That really happened and I did that happened there is a snake and they say you begin the story as far as I am concerned and pray we need to really hone in on your snake eggs don't know where the way I feel about snakes. Is the same way I feel about spiders. Are here. Can't stop but as I. So damn snakes and spiders. Should be debt. Spiders do good things he shouldn't kills byters LLC our house. They should be made Enron saga it's called. It's called. In just had this conversation with my young castles -- else. Right and I explained to him that gay means fighters are more afraid in the years then you are saddened. And I also ran in the benefits. As minors and what they do do you mean. Might get rid imperious insects bugs and mean. Four and a well but you just believe it we see it in a shower. Now he's gone down under is gonna it and dig our from Dion real Buddha like yeah I take an outside if I'm gonna look man there's like it some day it's like why some days is that some days don't other bits castle defense and a fire offense they demand guys help me anyway is a lot snakes. In Kansas City is there and I noticed that I noticed on people's social media mogul part. That I want you know yeah just snakes I don't ever well and I think snakes Sadat to. Hello I'm Natalie announced also like. Yeah that's a bad idea. Is it. Is that the cities and trust me if I can hold it yeah nothing to be scared at that if you still can't. Minute and item I can one channel nine an offense that had tons. Sometimes it's I have found it on the I had down the stereo before they posted online has been paid let's since. Is a rat milk snake it is one of the many. Non venomous type this they shall find all around Kansas City and trust me. If I can hold it you have nothing to be scared out that if he still can't stomach the thought this thing being around your home. Just looking art tidy it up a little that you see this brush right here. And that's pile of leaves there that's a perfect habitat for a snake asking once told later running into and it all just clean it theory art and you'll have nothing to worry about. They only good snake is they get think bingo conservationists say that couldn't be farther from the truth I have to. Never recommend killing if snake because snakes are extremely important to the ecosystem Perry got a lot of rodents like mice and other things that most people don't really want their homes either. Snakes to the most active during spring time that Rebecca Miller with the Burr oak woods nature center encourages people to remember snakes are not out to hurt us. People are actually most often it while training kilowatt it. Army head they're not out to hurt us and then next sentence he's sad. Was people are often picks. While they're trying to kill the that would mean. This hour is intent tried to kill that and its intensity exit date they had their try to Hertha when they ally it's definitely an advice they are trying day. Yeah but you're trying to kill that when I kill. Now it's not it's common yeah me it doesn't hurt you okay it's not poison OK there what's the milk snake thing vs the venomous one. I doubt it gathers like she's like this reveals that you go pick it up but what if is it red touch is black your OK Jack read touches yellow you're dead fellow. Oh my gosh is that I. Brown get out gap by out right back I'd be very bright I believe that's right it's like never heard about papacy hey save that which you told the red milk snake. But there's another state where red that is yellow you're yes bella is it. Ray does it here rat doesn't grow here there's a growth here we have had a polite and does that live near as tight. He gives you metropolitan area. Agree habitat for poisonous snakes targets in the eastern coral snake is the venomous red touches yell. A silly. Santa isn't Florida rules. A up. Simmons are they at a bull snake and their house they slept outside a home pools and a true then rebounding like bull shark. Well Tennessee didn't. Announcing it stinks of Missouri. I don't think. We have taken a back pain you ready for some some big fan as I watch think Max Payne bags aren't. This is the Missouri Department of Conservation. Snake effects unless they're. A miscarriage Kia. Snakes and user experience of Missouri. And libraries. And eighth. They give birth alive baby snakes. Are not adding skillet to fire. Now all. Non venomous snakes. A western worms snake snake northern Scarlett snake. Eastern yellow bellied racer. The prairie du ring next snake. My and realize we have so many great plains a rat snake are supposed to remember on the black rat snake. Western fox made me so which ones are poisonous you any yet that's what you should get into him I don't want you NHL on these animals that don't do anything to make suffers strangle you. There are veterans copper heads in Kansas city park tees on some decent amount that's nice and terrifying instant I don't know if that's true or not. There are only too dangerous snakes in the Missouri Kansas area act comprehend and rattlesnake. Got the worst kind and then another person's rights who then read judge Blackhawk here are premiere OK Jack read Ted's yellow your dad Fella you're. You're you're wrong text slang guise of going 20 are there more there is the Osage copper had. I can OK which is found in the northern 230 just say copper head yeah listen. I'm telling you got. Osage copper at parent northern two thirds. The western. Cotton mouth and southeastern corner and spotty distribution throughout the ozark region. Eight timber rattlesnake. Statewide. I eastern muscle log out. And the eastern Raza ride out rattles and it. It's not. Anywhere near this species is found scattered in populism nor have Missouri that's right near. This is our right near Jackson can that is Jackson County visitors and a dancing to me right there don't cheat don't you. Don't you show don't tell people eastern miles the log that is out there waiting to take a bite out of them. What's the eastern Raza Ireland it's created darker it would numerous gray black or brown Jack lots of noise. The western pygmy that's fair by any I think Brad is scary. It's got a baby rattle it's a pick me some problems are linked to. And that is not near us you don't know that's what it's as you know knocking at the region and looking at the mapped out. Glaus is doing his impressionable state eating amounts right now. Gorilla fund with snakes when you guys know lot about snakes and texting and I think size zero error. I don't know why you guys there's about drugs they may say people had a waiting for the makes an enemy is not poisonous to be using poisons I guess I'd probably due to both apology house apologies. Ventas. How good your all of them snakes is if there had issued we can all their harmless or rather non venomous here had a lot of Lincoln trying all. Then it easy venomous snake I did terrible in geometry. Ovals triangle. Same thing. Their cupboards everywhere around slope part knicks. Hi how you always ends up our third trailing climbing up an embankment and that. Cheese is pretty good gotten bit by copper had. I did come across a sneak. Attorney mission park in the trailer has snake it and it was. Game. Steamy. Long and block. So what your NS name it was Matt that's our eyes and chair today in my again it's okay that I did you know it looks like a western Reynolds. Naira was in her house she was like that non venomous kind you're showing you earlier. This just bought. And very. Actually beautiful. If I'm going to say this it was variously as a big beautiful snake. And I jumped over a I mean it's like a mad dash in case you decided to jump over its banks. Yes because he wasn't that the game get all he was a terrible idea was in my way yeah and Steve were we decided to slim above a stingray. What are you supposed to do go around I couldn't or didn't go back now it is now you never know you think you left over like a ballerina. About that little haters gonna I try and I had originally thought about it like what am I gonna do he's not moving. He was sunning themselves so the middle of him was an inter mountain for how long anyway because they all boy I wish it was all black. Wow you made a release Jorge to stands a choice westerner. Rat snake. Is that poisonous I don't know if it's arrest as a black snake and you resolve. Probably a sounds more of playing Billy waters thing. One or the other he was all black. I don't know why accusing me. You say thank you and then there really long because I don't know where he started Arabia and active in northern kind enough to actually because. You know is the middle part was just all over the track. How is it what he can do it I don't know which way to head is at the challenge is I'm just gonna have got it. Dining and go northern con about this tournament. Pollen. Item here and yet just like why would you make the choice. To illegal births today. Now I'm worried about your judgment in the field. Hamas we're hide you you've just admitted to leaving over SA. I don't know what's your vertical is these are the really long snake and Aegon strike really quick. I got a guy you right now are pretty harassed he didn't get me am I may be ahead at big black snake denied giving him and you have to go we are with a venomous snake bite your vagina. That's wouldn't bats global news. That's gloat woman goes the hospital with cotton mouth in vagina pot melt by vagina. I was fine and yet that time but you and I it's actually seem obvious took pictures. Most of the bridges and it's Ingraham they are all we did see were gonna think is it. Yes can tell my age. Unless you have let's go ahead hey all our whatever our reasons. I ran into animals ninety consider them my spirit animals and it's that they are sending me messages like I need to deal where a Trace of her ever getting current download time was more animals than people. Know that you don't normally encounter are a floor yeah there is a shoddy mission part trip and have really good probably as stable. Yet but they are forum on the I'm venturing now that doesn't happen every day that was geek. Unique situation you knowing how minutes hour ago was yours needed that your it was after the before after the wars adventure. It was like every week at Shawnee mission park I would there was scandals in the big part of an eye on the trails there are four horses Danny. For courses on the trail that I can do stop and move over to the laughed so they can pass and I'm hearing on the track you don't see that everything you don't see for an idea morris'. Without T ball. OK before or after running river north. At the Gilmore ran reverend or a leg before as in Butler going Allen's account yet. And see Jack White picture. Users are hot dog legs at the cool. Starbucks and kick start. I don't encounters snakes all the time me neither you really don't encounter them on time and I think when they. Are right in front you the way that it was Anjelica. And I looked out. Sneak channels here a week at the 1970 by companies that you guys you've gone back. Mahan and you have a lot of instead adventures. Did you have a lot of instead ventures minster. On itself tees YouTube by aids some lady and these are ours is China mission dark that's in the arboretum OK so you don't back. You don't see yours is by themselves without someone writing that. Forum I mean that's how horses bootleg you know to get this Johnny mission park. It's a mean signing mission prior. Eyes saw some horses creep up on me in the dark. Three leasing going Karen three horse is rain and Johnson during you know people who. Apparently everybody sees or sand. And it's not as backdrop. Cat that's fine. And everybody is horses around here I'm not you know I'm not Spanish all. There wasn't a message for me only me that's fine everybody in town and never encountered forest is in my life. I ever. Ever. Just chill and I don't either. Oh areas. Gone I'm oral Danny. Present. Yet I think it's super funny the day we just trying to do you know. Came blind photo line contest Ritter's death and and this elaborate do we do it just through and steroid use something else I feel like we should do something else because. Not everybody has an answer. More people have been two grams intruders they do yeah our market. Do you weigh more people having sir Graham and further people don't do art contests as much time in Seagram and that's strip. They usually do your Twitter Twitter it's more exactly. ABS and he is again trying to post the contest the wind and on the today and not working. Out I say we skip it and do something else. We could see its online thirty like in the next 45 minutes it's. Now Boston's anti July and his people and take their pictures now. In his posted members now do convoluted Ernie this game is a cluster. I I agree you and is a cluster we should inject that that's what I'm saying right now. Now think Harry's visit to an online contest that's fairness your amateur doesn't work I do think that we should laugh. Yeah you thought Twitter had more people know it's not that manoa rain we have more. I mean Twitter for whatever reasons action yet we have more interaction between them well and answer that doesn't mean we should push. Insert instead Graham interactions on my job to do that today I job is to give away front row right actually Pepper's theory eyes. So we'll do that on air and I'm there I only know blind not outlines that because Twitter is down. People Twitter is Jack. Eleanor like crazy stuff is happening and they don't want to break after it is a well. So now I can read tweets from five. Eric sack is a game after the games Jack and we're not doing Brian Todd on after. I made a call. Perry and we'll just give it away down there. According get a lead get away get away vehicle and delete and impose the app Marianne. Updated and apologized. Twitter was down announced that account and no blind I don't. Are all right Greta just tell people Angeles. Aren't getting yeah. What's gone out or well. I have a story cheer them figured out. Omar. The main coon. The main -- Omar the main who I am not alone demeaning coup when you're mean to me it's gotten. As a half man half frank and no no it's not have been epic records is in the big cat. It's a cat. Can now mania like Tom cats. Public that Tom can't look like John now I have no idea I know I am sad that really journalists I'm an outlet right. We are calling out Alan Ball club tomcat was a movie in 2001 is a rom com he's really it was in their bigger than regular gas to stardom. That's why is that time Jerry O'Connell Shannon Elizabeth JBC Horatio sans Jaime Pressly. Images Tom can. You go finalized insisting different images has as the F fourteen tomcat. Is tomcat from Hanna Barbera. Can't hurt I am not finding I don't know when it's on campus. Life we're expecting I mean now that's real high using they're bigger than cats. This is a big it's a well you'll see you credit your find out but my editing is really worried about Australia. Because remember they had the world's largest rabbit. The dive. On an airplane armament and the world largest rabbit it was coming in TC that in the world's largest kept their company is a cat. He's pretty big he's Omar the meaning king. The our noses of those Stephen video this guy ABC news you liar people he's three years old with thirty counts. All right now this is the longest cat on earth. He's cute. He's pretty cute he's not he's pretty ugly. He's he's a ginger. He is closed gingerly cats I don't think ginger cat it's all I mean. The tabby you know like get tabby I don't like tab yeah it's either here and tides and I am anti January that sound like right now oh my god I've entered the not truly great universe. Hey hey sorry orphans. In those holes. World telling Tatis he's usually they're G injures. And I think they're going to it's and there are so this is you this have you with cabbies right now and okay grinning Ameren. I'm single hearing about short estimate our farms. IAE AR and sick of the politics I gave them. Commitment. I hate all that all of this whole war to have him sitting at about six I gave them. That's you I hate to have please. And counting their spirits I hate all that having the whole are no match at the main gear and links think a big fat tabby. Let's take a big fatty tabby cat. Big fatty Tammy and not anti fat Jack. Now you have pants aiming you do not at all not at all not anti facts and a low fat cats I got you. I have I can't yeah does not impress them okay eyes and was like eighteen patents all right it's a big Jack Johan. Twelve more to get into. He had that. I don't know. Yeah yeah yeah you could I kind of the media business is series that no warm down down down makes announced organic. Homemade Dan alliance soup for you. Apparently Andean bobcats but yet okay hey. I don't know what's going on and Tom's ads are being male cats that are neutered and like to fight it and oh they are apparently and I was anti I don't sat on tap danced around they're just making stuff that entity you know share. Hard to explain his nineties I euros German it's a big. It's big and he's ugly he's ugly head ginger. Hang in each and I'm gross stuff as commander in Georgia's eat the mansion that was the story of this series like really large. Rocking room meat and a hundred powered Kuhn that I was ginger. They look when it's always surprising me finance somebody's dollar to bigot hater of them there is lots hi ginger is asking me. I don't know who that particular person who's. Hi ginger. A few weeks ago yeah Gary drag to ginger thing. And it happens. The irons. I didn't ask. And that's the team he was and his friend I can't believe. It is here retract her up like I gotta go I'm not pay. You know let them if you were sitting around in your like. Man. I really wanna watch football. But I'm really worried. About the players' mental health after that play football. Really worried about those players concussions hours there was a league. A professional football league that I could support. They didn't have concussions. Like the women's league know they have concussions now and they're having Kyle on. Sand they do cause quite a bit of damage or seen documentaries on hanging in and whatever. Sports show which is actually really got an Ngo and running come on you're seeing that column. Real sports real sports it's really gotten they do a lot of interest in store it's. Reels for it's yeah and that it's concussions. Are issues yes and that's who they are in these players. Aaron acted in many NFL doesn't care. They not help them with medical bills our turn now. Inking car eyes aggression and loan. Is what we've seen with a lot of these athletes Craig particularly in the NFL team they really don't care they haven't gone they're basically be warriors are still watch it's like. But it's kind of against when he too because. You know I mean I remember when I got so the PlayStation Sony PlayStation one and I got this NFL game I was like that it was man and I think. And you booted up in it was the most devastating hits you've ever seen in full ball just like. He's doing 360. Flipped slain in on their necks horrible injuries brain that was like the NFL that's why we love the NFL is sick weight. Yeah is that is the law. Europe's debt sport. There are modern day gladiators for exactly exactly what I feel like we have the stadiums. Which is why does make any errors like glad you in Arizona and we don't care what happens in the matter so will I fight your way out of poverty yeah. Clay for us while we garner high nines and boom is yeah and we're gonna do here and I highly freedom. Anyway. But that thing is this league that they're coming our way at the new pro football league. It's. The like if this is a good selling point like it's safer. In the NFL why. Why. And but you just can't wait for the NFL season to get started here's a new alternative coming soon the American flag football league is looking back. Don't want to do grant of this world that's both faster and safer and take things that people like me who are much more accessible for robbery and tomorrow morning with all the negative press surrounding the NFL and concussions it seemed inevitable that a non contact football alternative would spring up AF FL founder Jeff Lewis hopes to get the leaks started with eighteen and 28 scene but he's holding a trail game in June. And some former NFL stars will be on the roster quarterback Michael Vick and running back Justin Forsett are on board to help launch the leak. Look hang out with Michael I don't think Michael Liggett necessarily safer I saw a plates. Yesterday and its head and neck. And Beck and Beck wrong. Maybe look like I was as a personalized my innocence rescue me. And Vick and Vick. I'm against us and maybe they really like Michael Vick made my dad Michael Vick may be that name as my coach Tony her aim is. Mike Vick he civic. American financial Poland compare your black rival like anybody got his and a I mean I feel yes but at the same time I kind of think it would be hysterical. Deceive you could really get an eighteen league that would travel Rangel played flag football. Or would people buy tickets to see it's like I think they would deceive Michael Beck it's all are pleased to say that. But threatens to get other people right it's 4017 man. It's like I get older quarterback play seventeen. L running back existed till block. No knowledge of how they hate her about it Joe Buck and Troy Aikman made Joe Buck does not trade rather enjoy be QB out. Because just like they wannabe. Strain command Emory now it's your breasts are back out there no I don't he's gonna personally and it's and flags put on yeah special I don't think Terry has a year. Other than. Insane. Anyway so I liked the flag football story and then I like this story because I like picking it apart and its root atoms are in advance paragraph but. Lee went right into my story you did yours ability is woody posted on I posts and I'm in okay in Santa letter into. I was watching the news yesterday I was I was watching television. And we had storms. We had stars we dance some people can help some people did not and some watching Jimmy Fallon and and that's on channel 41 and something's crawls across the screen I mean it's. Zero Blair's my video game last night is a safe for work GAAP. Cheney and a mind. And something good. Harry around and then to. Permanently changed over an hour right turn around don't drown. All now a PSK prime channel party line that's the good and now that is stupid and our own people thought hey why don't. And don't dry out and people think I don't. Don't you tell I have to say that well you don't drought like GAAP. I'm chorus that's again me we're gonna try not judge I know you're missing the play I'm not missing the point I completely miss not miss you. It's not it's like it's late brown get down black fight back read Ted's yeah current. How bad general crowd turn around don't drown people die all the time trying to drive through water that they don't beacons deep just inches of water is enough to overwhelm a car in a person's a bit. Turn around older out basic and so many rescues to try and save people he actually yes pork especially lately it's a organs flooded pretty easily. How many drownings of media hides in the dirt in the Kansas City metropolitan area though they need to tell you not to draft I think cutesy way of saying hey I'm here to. It's too bad bunker isn't. It is turn around let's don't drive fight back. I am I mean red yellow did colonial you would disagree with me I knew it. I knew it. Turnaround don't drive different and share the you've got a charter and I'm guessing it's a necessary nobody wants drowned out though nobody wants to drown were all gonna try and not drowned. We're all trying not to drop and that's every jag today and in day out whether it's raining or not I mean I did I do you play a lot of bodies of water dramatic. It's as to how dramatic. Don't and it. It's drug addict and I think it goes without saying nobody wants to dry out there my kids in the car and I see water going over history. I'm gonna say start out don't go right. And I got dealers Indiana is very anti. How are very few because they use that PSA hadn't eaten I'm agreeing with DNA this thing. QD. They have a bill and I don't they pass I think they did in Arizona now I've never heard. I've turn around dodger if you try to drive through. One of those things you have to get rescued the you have to pay for your rescue because an Arizona it happened so much that people lost their compassion. For people who are. Die in the middle of the street nobody wants to die in the middle of the street. And that's like you clearly nobody wants it IG and your car. It would be the next adventure I love him for Iran and that's. And Sheehan who had to have instructions had a flat liner when did we start getting. PSAs. Liners I think people I think floodwaters are like the new hot as in raising awareness for because so many people I didn't the other channels they don't jerk well I mean I don't see you. You don't want it sure how others is getting they're around don't drown. I like things that rhyme. I was right and it just kept squirrel didn't just trying to watch Allen Matt maybe you just trying to watch and I'm proud I didn't break a ball I'm gonna tell I didn't want us either Iraq I just wanna watch. That chick from unbreakable. You're gonna find yourself applicant and a stream soon we will have new ones are you putting that juju on me though I'm trying to tell you the fact that you noticed it over know you like to just keep scrolling over an hour I had never seen that happening why reverse screaming at you going. Her it's it's just for you with a giant crack down on the top of the screen and you're making fun of anybody know. And maybe it's a matter of form. I can't get enough for me. Are you related calls 41 and says to take the weather gaffes that you want to show. And again are you the lady calls in before you want no I don't at all in any good news channels and I. I'm trying to watch Jimmy Page right odds Allan if annoying me of course I don't wanna drought. I've core results around lied over you that's what's so funny you like there is league's elite out a main act. You can't even handle it cry I'm telling you don't tell me what to deer writes. I'm not and I'm dobbs I've got it. It doesn't need to be happy SA track view it's okay. It's kind of like buckle up to arrive alive and parks forests attitude. I. And enough. Yeah. I know in the end yeah. Ain't your iPod with sarcastic and totally sounds are casting doubt that your life. Don't drown down Massey pay debt that's compare China a drought that person just text of that do you often tell people to tell you what not to do. Her maybe it's me. Knew everything that everybody disagrees. Yeah I maybe wrong. I apparently Enron. So I apologize you know forty. You're. Always say is stay inside during the tornado watch wearing yes. Go to decent. Hey Don. Can you three do I think this is her turn around don't drown. Into. And it's an excellent crosses the road then I'd feel that I can drive McGraw. I guess I just I was not asked him. Like you're you're like okay did masks I also think you have an aversion to drowning which is you gets a reaction to word drowned has reloaded for. Charging we have this whole conversation we usage you were worried about flip it over a car and drowning in a body of water yes oh my god we've talked Detroit's. You're putting that GG on me I gotta go get that thing that breaks my house mark mark I know that pay your out. Yes. People are stupid they need to be students and all the time. Yeah I know but that guy also I mean I can't actually you know I want him for anything based on his statement that would be unfair to somebody I have not met. I do feel it's unnecessary. C and I think that like today here in downtown. Let's turn around. Tell drought. You you'd known that on. So while yes so people aren't some people don't people deal with them people them you do. How can work from police department and we do you have to protect PSA out because it does happen. You would think you wouldn't be necessary but sadly it. Yeah I don't. I just say you know it is an official program of the National Weather Service had no idea national Oceanic and atmospheric and minister okay and okay. I am not a job it's to. I obscenity that. I just halts. I didn't need to constantly see things as I was aware I'm really gonna try not to drop every day and trying to determine. It's something I can't. It doesn't look that Pete. So we decided. Again Mason coronary dramatic hitting a bunch of trees this PSAs germanic turn around now drama. It's takes just twelve inches of flowing water to carry out the small car eighteen to 24 inches for larger vehicles. More than half the deaths from playing each year occur in vehicles. I'm leverage doing this this is a good PSA for everybody carried out for me you don't underestimate. Them up off of the walks off. Yeah I don't Tyrus back a lot of turnaround. Don't ground. Area groundhog came I had no idea that hey you know what though we may. In some inadvertent way at some point in somebody's life changed because of this congress next gen. They'll be like we're gonna water let's go through the blood wait a minute turned and put. Turnaround drought turned the radio Letzing that's lying if you drive thru this. Now you got to do it you know it's a good thing. Sometimes Simmons has to be heard. Your insert Graham accounts and down. That I that Eden. Yeah are you shouldn't be and yeah I mean out. You know you shouldn't be in. So that doesn't work and fortunately. I think this is Garrett at this one person keeps trying to make as do their gun yesterday Brooke tiger are gonna talk about floodwaters. We're talking about. Practice like Westport and what's that traffic going down covers her plan. Those two places of the ones who break. I've only then in theory dad flooded waterway. And I did try to drive through. And I tried to get off to the. Carla I look I was looking for GM at the time and then I had a general motors' vehicle led unfortunately General Motors chairman and yeah it was an Oldsmobile about OK okay and. And how well it was that you know it was a car ahead anti aids was one of the ones look like a vote is nice yes there was a big car is brand new 98 than you have brand new car and a production assistant for the television department internal matters and to trick. And they have this story like I've never seen and never seem funny like this before it's a peacock the apocalypse. So I'm in. Our company car. And all of a sudden the freeway is a river. Yeah let's take a lake and I'm like OK I'm going got to get off of anything. So there's so much water and going on the opera round and it full notes OK in the car the water was. Out past the door side is John did and did it again but there she has such. I want to compared now we. Saw eye to eye and I do on morality. If things are yeah. It. I had against the companies are out here workers demand. I made it. Yeah. I made it. You don't feel foolish thing no pool and you know it. Yeah I loaded backed down in an Oldsmobile. Their boats. Out there are huge anyway had tied the accounted for the that's where it was a boat you know they didn't count for that kind of letting. So I'm never gonna do that again I was freaked out when you pass the door the water. I didn't turn around he's. But I made it. How can examine your life since this song from Bonnie Tyler police had to do this PSA right. So I guess that is it was truly appreciate it was. During live broadcast that I accidentally hurt so boring race may. Well I don't think they have been at a commercial is and you and I were running ahead of the offer down in I think you got it. And god did I made it and I never will do that yeah and lesson learned. I turn around. Every time every time I mean everything like rhyme stuff on the text line and every Friday and Tuesday. Jack had against the company's current. Don't you pull this thing no fool and now planned. Ari I don't know I am sorry. I apologize and we spread the alert. Country. I hear that sound. Turnaround. Don't just seems obvious. So I can just fine thank you. Yeah. Right yeah. Brent actually members. Do you wanna do. Take a welfare just color. You know we have a choice I think collar and let me put this choice you are gonna break this down our. We have to perhaps in front of us we have the road. More travel than one Muster break it's bitten. Be weird day as far as trying to get this contest off the ground I agree. Let's keep it simple Paula and I have to present both sides of the argument. Normally in the correct thing to do analysts to accept the weirdness new talent and six and walk away. The other thing to do. Is to take control of your own destiny charge into the store. And played ticket welfare and see what happens. Glass. I say we take. And we don't challenge anything to an American challenge C. I think they're athletic OK fine. Let's do it clear line I can't believe you listen to me. Adamant iron I've tried repeatedly to just do it to Colin I need sexson. Though to develop fair I am gonna cut you off at UC percent. Are you taking a lot of your tell us why you need for Iran had chili dipped five cents an inkling of death or cancer. You're out. You start of his game because people Guinness. My big deal really uses the lane has some time my tickets were in the helicopter that was lost that the compound that Osama bin Laden died okay. Are you calling me six man. I just you know anything in my group fights. I'm gonna ride away that's where I'd advise and six and 99. And then 97981990. Get regular tickets are good as I only am one pair of for it and as I call up. That sounds good to me our march start counting my friend 96 we go given away. To act early on of land management members net. Well I yeah X. It makes sense. You know I am US. I have a way of guy that helps to mind when they do cover its. Publisher higher ground out a lot higher per I terms. Love rollercoaster. To a higher. That's that's. If you blow. People and people laying. Our good luck. And that's to see it. Higher ground. The Red Hot Chili Peppers version. Wrong. Parks as code to. 3393. As they occurred from our going 300 varying. That's nice. I. Is this. And he collar 96 can gradually see how. There you're gonna guess he the chili peppers front row Sunday nights I am serious and stop calling me Cindy calls on the line and he charged mark. Mark then. The rest of the callers whenever you can't reach your left. Her two whenever and I Nissan and nine he can tickets. As a while regular tickets and got a plan and now I am one Arab front around. And Cindy is going to be using. Have funds and he that's a great way to see the show. How funds and there it is the greatly to say it's a wonderful legacy issue and it's beautiful. It's one of my favorites is just very pretty. Planet earth yeah it's rare anyway have minds and yeah and perhaps. For real hurry down and we're done. Toast hosted amateur and a few Monday he. Can join the chief papers. What kind of parody song. You annihilate hip hop party as if this is weakens it. I gained an eye on the you can do bones in her Baghdad entity now I love it. It. BOP. I I realize how Ike I like the.