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Friday, May 12th

TVs, Arizona, Creepy, Sharks, Buzz Briefs, Steve Harvey, Scorpions, New Airport and more!


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Are you being fat Maureen has good morning I'm infantry. So I'm supposed to move Monday wreck that's the living zone before. I'll admit I need you know Internet that not necessarily cabled and share I mean I can I I have I. Live without cable I love living without cable I feel. I tell me I'd love to no no no it's so good because everything you do has a purpose. There's no there's no just. Turn on the TV in my eyes see what signs like we you do that your Watson and if you don't really have a desire you forgo right and it's eat it like probably adds about ninety minutes in my day of conscious time. I usually tell a lot Steve and I don't know what it apprehensive about letting cable. Again I don't inside because you've been you've your whole life you've been tethered cracked it's like your umbilical corporate guess what it's time for you to be born and what happens when you're born. What happens Dearborn. What did they had any separate you from the mother. They cut the umbilical they cut the cord there right be reborn while I didn't look like I'm not writing blank on cable on. So I mean cable news. Beforehand because as if I'm live and on day. I want your cable running on TV on TV in some pitcher. So now. I don't mean to continue playing season. And he looks to music where TV is either man there are TVs here I'm like how I got you needed TVs. Does it didn't shock me. Any TV is because as a site entering table entering game. Nominated I amended do something here and but I want you to know something here. I want you to know that I would do the same thing because I would just assume it doesn't matter right here if you have a TV and activated checked the signal I just need you to hug and a from the box bra break and I mean that's taking it I'm Robert Denton and know how -- your job is because I'm sure is difficult as busy dealing with people like -- all day it's really nice actually get a nice personal converse grace ray -- you know and that's what I'm say and like your cable guy to be your best friend I guess they just wouldn't think like in the checklist of things they tell you to have. Maybe TV is on their but I don't read checklists I didn't AT and Johnny to bring that TV's I got a lot going on July to put in order. I'm not doing so this terrible guy shows up he shows up to put cable and when you have no TVs now remember I just had a huge disclaimer I can't. Yeah I in my yeah. I was then like rain over here I'll be right back is that cool on that yeah no problem I got plan needed it. Rights hike our column. And we very Fiat should gets what TV again. How I did that crappy old and there are of course that's good yes this. Try it in my room right now you know and I gonna do the biggest ones arts and I got to put all this stuff. In my little cock he's an average of three TDs one small you know like thirty you know it's not. It's again you have to be ashamed that you have three TDs. You got to downplay it TV news that's not even a good guy getting ready TVs are a small but onslaught one of us all now I get all the old TVs and I'm not even sure when Edmonds and smarty inherit about that's what I thought is so I'm not even now I'm not even sure one albums Smart T pay knots in Manhattan now want to see why add table I love that's funny that every gives gives Smart TVs. I need a Smart you need on earth does that as odd that you get a roku. That's crap for me to get an act I'd have to figure out. When I'm taking digital dates because now I'm in the house and I'm looking in my I don't think any of my crashed in a fit. Properly and that's what it's right except for one year at the gate muted downsides is extra anarchy is for. You know I thought I had to I had to finally the smallest kitchen table known to man and that's OK now I know it's OK I just abstracts are OK then so I got to go home. And during the TV uses tenements and poking their eye on how everything. And that's kind of stuff out of comments this Vizio way. Like you think it's a feisty team me feel like I'm like a flat screen you grab it it's the opposite you know what happened here is opposite of when he reached for the cereal milk yeah and the milk jug is empty. You reached for that TV and it TV was. Full. I take its Indian economy do during that time I dressers it's about me I'm sure yeah and it can happen that I didn't know me and it TVs out cards over your head over my. Odds my matches are mad and loan. And I was like mother got their memory foam. It. It's and I have to get the guys in the car new. It fizzled in the backseat in the banks mean. And I mean again in the Tehran doesn't Clinton that you're in the grants and I have never done this before they grow it's U ropes around blow you could edit irony behind their Carlton TV I putted on behalf I'd say I broke it in and stay. I can on him south. The gap in all the TVs and Imus if you had a AA EU and and a problem. Now that the aids day Garcia I am and didn't have a TV in that oddity. And that little I would he had them winners of that in there I shoved it and that's the lines and a and he tied it down. At the TV though where he certainly but he had a rough day. I had a rough day. Okay our our. Okay. You're the Braves Stosur don't worry about it now is Doug aides are you as good morning names and detainees here mark is here fry. Is Friday. And a fear a pi day. And a week. I got alone we began ain't got to and the pardoning them on and since then soon not a league and lagging I'm okay. Hey I love Arizona. If for no other. Reasoned then the interesting talkers they gives us we were for radio station break we run. Advertisements. We run. Public service announcements sometimes probably is hitting on Sunday mornings really early sure. Here and months. But if I told you. That Arizona radio station. And removed its child pornography announcement. You would say. What wow I can view is yes TSA. It's a PSA or is it per I mean I I don't understand PSAs are ready for two years telling people how to hide potential evidence in the child pornography case counts and that's a PSA yeah well that tidbit today in Arizona. Oldies station. Apparently it is and I hear that he has. That's what the share of coach he's counting thinks about a public service announcement airtight southern Arizona radio station now this PSA explains. How listeners should hide their child pornography. Here's their stall. Once news of this PSA broke people when Benson Arizona launched a FaceBook page called shut down he's FM 977. Scheerer tells me he launched a criminal probe today. Public service message from the gave 977 FF. It was broadcast late at night by events in radio station for almost two years should understand that your Internet provider could report to be the police if they catch you looking at a website featuring naked Cuban files and the PSA from k's 977 FM includes specific advice never storing such pictures on the hard drive of your computer. Always use an external drive and hide it where nobody will ever find it as lesbian like her eyes. Never keep paper pictures take me or films of naked juvenile where anyone else confined. 33 years and aren't you first for me to have somebody promote. Such disturbing message. Coach he's county sheriff mark Daniels says he learned about the PSA from a reporter. And immediately started working with the county attorney to see if it's protected by the First Amendment or if it violates any loss. Enticing people to provide information that says. Hey here over the health workers are what you do receive the cop doesn't catch it. The TSA is voiced by cave manager Paul locks off and on line he would call locks off. That's why people he read call locks off first ball. I don't know that the public stars and this is not it's a weird so famous anti. Public certainly sees here why he does it ready yes and educated for sentencing reforms in Arizona. Under Arizona law possessing a single image of child porn carries a mandatory ten year prison sentence. And each count must be served consecutively. For instance when a jury convicted former teacher more burger on twenty counts of child porn possession he got a 200 years sentence in many cases the penalty for possession of pictures this worst of the penalty for murder. The sentencing laws for possession of child porn in Arizona are stricter than those for second degree murder. Sheriff Daniels says if lots not really did have a political message. Because I've got about it much different way clear all CBS five. Signs protesting that kid's room radio station for your own person all. He doesn't like child born but he created it to the things airs on his ten year minimum sentence treats him as a child or is too harsh. I think athletic guards he's like so worries they Kayla I'd I don't look at our aren't ideal added. But if you do. I'm is are you Joba uses fighters up in a situation earlier trouble here the steps to follow correct rights. Stadium against trying to make a joke and people it's not funny number one and now. You know I mean like you try I announced to be funny and and and sometimes you guys are sure it happens it happens all of us one. Regardless or what they don't get the joke on child porn you don't double down. There is no joke I mean like what Roger there's no joke so when I heard the penis in like easy doings and serve parity. Where is the kind giant that is why is he doing a joke and you know child pornography Barak right and you're trying to tell me he's not cataracts. Not doing that you're using your radio station and well amazes hey not a public service announcement it's not TSA should serve the community right that's the point and it is not serving the community. His jet the general population is audience. You know it's funny because people like this really did play it's not like this guy any easier to be surprised if it ever happens and is geared. Like they put these warning signals out about themselves publicly to like this is what I'm worried about. It's like why why your gen Y is that it's important year and it's why did you do opinions about it and need to there was no need no need. I don't know why is it's oh man that's me a lot of weird all these days it and that was line from Buddy Holly hey here's your fingers yet they have not to get charged child porn that's what I think all these days it's. Kind of plain and AM crackle and in the distant past and Petr says derailed. Dirty parking lot this LP in future. Guy hey yeah it's tees ABC news. Pace to a minor she one thing with us Jerry Lee Lewis he was the one. And seventy senior fourteen ports you rock and fourteen inch exit. Not sick not sixteen pounds thirteen fourteen that's sounds like penalties sons she was not pass six teams you like a path that's. And rightly I mean it doesn't matter. She's teens are today's date together they like Americans are now I don't know what you're going to be to meet McKenna was I agree down this I mean. Theory. The Lewis. I ones I know he married his cousin. And I know she was underage. To do thirteen. He. What Elvis was superb too he was young women as well is that all noted that kind of guerrilla he's gone on and really your turn sixteen. Let's see yeah now how long are these rocket pro career faltered in the week in his marriage is thirteen year old first cousin once. When he was 23 right. There are no no huge. When the new revenue what pray he had too much and load up the man is saying how he could ease the demo I. Oratorio. Ms. graves is under age. In jeans he insisted that she was fifteen her cut back I like Patti and then. Only as you get almost kind of I easier is a lawyer for my cigarettes he's thirteen. I guess by then it didn't matter. I mean the cigarettes aged and married and her aides traveling chair fair shares her sheer. Is protecting. An out. I looked at the bottom line. That. You know protecting child and her people when they call themselves. Until mile trip to Iowa and fun. Burton is great for checking that Tibetans now know as you are like yeah how and why this is acting as spotters are governed leg of the weirdest PSA ever in life hey. Jokingly call it child form by doing these things like lots. That is not he has. Discussed is that anybody had to tell somebody. Somebody should told uses a bad idea why for two years two years no one listens Nazis. Nobody move. Nobody here click. Here is that these things. I that's nice doesn't doesn't do you have a good time when you say it I do it's a matter yeah. And it is it's or having your goods nobody moved nobody the year who. In any anything to. Do is apt. Malik you know. Poison right now the goal. DJ shadow featuring in the jewels spread the jewels. Hey great area where ya hey I know how I feel about flying ray. Yes and you don't do it this is the finest hour now I just happen to believe that it boggles well look I saw album. To. No announced. You know how much I like to talk about this other thing too and that's the ocean. Yes and how much I despise it why in the and it isn't only earlier Bennett. And I love it I think it's. I want nothing to do with the beasts. With it and anything above my knees I am out really. I'm slowly turning in the light how we Mandell. You know I mean now there are items are just taking over and I'm so I'm losing like I used to be waist deep in the ocean. I had a bad experience in the ocean that's why I bring this story and some people out of my brother and I would this please call Emilia islands. In Florida yeah. And it's supposedly where they went looking for the fountain of youth that's the towards it anyway I guess. So it Emilia island and a nobody tells me high tide looked tired arm I tied the tight okay I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah law right I not easy outs and job right now sure now. And noises are entitled type we get there it does and does not then this is pages so we wander out at all. 6700 yards from shore like this is also look how far we are yeah oh Oz a and then all of a sudden we realize that it's. Moving up our bodies and I have a hole in them. Wrong direction of which we want to go to survived break so we start like slicing through it's like slow motion nightmare trying to make it back now are you swimming or are you were watching were like waist deep it's coming up you feel like you're drowning it's not quite time to swim but it feels like it's really just gonna suck you back. Okay this is gonna suck it back via it's just lost to suck yet. That take in and Lance ally has said it has ai is is that. So were running when Ben plays. As soon as he gets about shoulder deep you know we're start as slim in the waves start comment. And then there's this wave and it's signed down. And the sun illuminates the wave in inside the wave is nothing but Zell leaflets have thank. And then the wave crashed upon further as exotic as mating season where they F. Is right Jarrett. Why it's everywhere. Out there and everywhere yet at the ocean. And while brings back bad that trauma I saw this story about these dudes around there like paddle boarding pass in the ocean here. Her paddle boarding that sounds like the start to a horror movie paddle boarding in the ocean. OK I did. When we lived in Seattle for a little that they have you down. The whales come up. And the sandbags and in out. Or come down depending on the season and not so we want to see that stand on islands again. Which by the way is my getaway. And I never have been answering regularly get together guys your way I analysis than on say Enron I'll have mine that's very and if you miss you're still in San line bleeding to death and yeah like I feel like the border there's a wildcat GA commissioner Janet and the US. Because this Enron islands I think are sharing. Between the missing Jana loses your escape plan this is my Jeff Sessions signs are wrestling at all goes Rhonda I am going to visit everybody does a Macs ago I'm going out they're Canada but I'm going on that I have gone through this general and gas sold Panamax again if you're out gay candidacy if I you'll are now they're never gonna against you have that are. You're gonna expect it could Jihad medics tell you I didn't see to have reacted escalator right now did it. Sure. Oh my god that was hilarious and really talked about that because I was account I got this is the sketches. Border crossing I've ever read certain. Anyway coming border crossings do you miss each. Hello DuPont sees half quarters they come out you lie yeah. Yeah. Well I. I'm pretty sure it enterprise to try and is she is and I've been agrees that stuff surreal. Those legs ever for an country ones. Those are scary in some of their from Columbia. Colombian dead. They never met who has now waded through. Like hello Colombian businessman it's always yet know there was look at you know Greece is far and I mean it was Miami yeah inside his time on any airline emirates. Yeah and then people or paddle boarding. Time. I'll work along the way holes like these enormous well pop ads and then they would be accused the state park is so weird. And I loved it there may come back about. 3 o'clock you know. Out of Els arraignment for that I know should be back around my schedule wells played who else. What you welcome. To go out lodging at that I had Jerel easily be an idea on the viewers like what is today's the day you whales decide nor correct yeah he and I I I. I respect the Irish now by giro and ask unanimous and I kept. And I figured I can watch him for a land that's what you can you imagine being in these people weren't paddle boats in these. Enormous whales were jazz had a boats not yet I know lake those kayaks or tiles Piet here kayaking so this guy kayak and look like a little Laynce Nix make. Yeah it's gonna kayak I'm like man that would be like so much fun and I always say that Sarah and I go man lay in my really got to be a kayak guide low really wanna put down the group Michael are in Kansas. Not everybody doesn't show you originally that I'm I'm I'm exited a guy that idea. I can't put it on my car I Rolex or anybody in there is no government land battle. Buying kayak a little battle everywhere I don't know witnesses and it's kind of funny here that they do is play well there's no I mean Peebles still on a path it's. Blake that is that Iran does not you know Chilean sea bass native to Kansas. The Lebanon everyone's moved to Kansas but my point is my point is you know maybe in Kansas. We just don't eat Chilean sea bass. Okay you know at any wreck. Okay those same guys are happy I understand boarding. Her pal voting wearing. Their boarding and other Southern California. Okay. And so please head up and a helicopter they got to send him a message. Okay because there's something. There's a lot of things in the waters near them. Kind of wait a minute. Day to those that aren't on the police helicopter. Of the Orange County she's at nighttime or during the next during the day during the day these guys are panel board. Which they have every right to be doing now this is native way of saying don't. You're gonna sheriff's department. It by state is asking us to make an announcement to let you know you paddle boarding next to. Ultimately fifteen great lecture and cheeses for they're advising that you exit the water. In called man. Thank you for your cooperation. You can show us department we've been advised. Heavily populated them all with the great white sharks like total which pushed us being so flying. Please do not into the water. I think I do about it and they can dish called out to us. Why didn't they are fits me great legs are here imagine helicopter flying overhead. Presiding LA now or someone does them and really good fellas I looked up and they're like pages so you know. Exit the water in a call manner you're surrounded by great lights are. Sprite. Extreme specifically. Out. And Scarlett lasers attached okay aren't either surfers are panel abort her resilient especially surfers on the image change and it pilots to mention chair put us feels that yeah they look like just sent something they can eat yes if you're you know you're on the board Yahoo! yeah arms and legs dangle laying. Like who I love Praxair teacher read it's tracked him down here while fifteen sharks. Great wage or zero team. It seems sharks that's just a hilarious schindler's together fifteen shark wow what a nightmare I agree. CA is oh yeah. Now in the law there is always something a lot of com Ers now am I targeting usually view oh caught. No doubt they'll fly overhead be beggars 45 sharks. How my parents what do you do here and what do you how high he'd come get me Hank. Yury above me ask Paul I know yeah with a bad. Yes I didn't now. And hope. That leads right there will be guys clickserve. That's what I would've liked them to do. So what happened to the panel borders. Are high and team. She's fifteen shirt is. Disease that's the state parks and renting California that's have to have to do it there on the couch OK desire right now. Updating priorities are sound barriers surrounded their right I am I mean he's he's very calm like it happens all the time maybe it's something that happens all the time. He sounds to me you know it's. He sounds like Will Ferrell and Austin Powers lease. And do you remember Fuhrman that when in the as by he shagged me in the sequel now and he's like I can't handle being asked questions. Fareed tell I'd asks. You're. Can't pair that are fresh are very quickly and and maybe I'm just you know mean. Have to kill me group third to kiss my ass pounds groups argue. Doctor even. That easy or that they can why did you tell us. I can't stand to be just fine person three times it is the unity today. You could get again it's as it was is he says. That you want. The protection of you're getting sheriff's department. Bit by staple is asking us to make an announcement to let you tell your paddle boarding next to approximately fifteen great white sharks. Bill prior periods of fifteen great actors but if you act now. Will double the order. Yeah why didn't faze them did you with and that adds how I want to do with the bats and he could do an event like I am not dangling above water I've seen the these dual John yeah. As they do I'll show their jumpers these gas price well my god has. Immediately iPod they're innocent guy in the mess and a little lie and I want yours does bigot speak. Approximately ten and everybody is my eyes Ares fine. Thank god. There's there's probably some punk teenager is loitering. There won't help worry in the ocean man no I'm in the sharks. Ha. Our chances are going to Jamaica man and don't do that they're all that great white sharks in jolly thanks edged yeah thanks Danny boy hash tags they seem yeah. And somebody. So they got a chance I had two years ago they never used it not you know lines. And they sold yes change another four enthusiastic and still how many times is is that higher going to be sold it like a sad game of telephone. I don't think a guy get this Subaru you've already got the Merrill's. I don't have them I while they're boots they are Merrill's there they're cool blue collar Raza Gilani and send her tireless Merrell boots but you use your group I'm surprised you know obviously group that's my sinker out back as soon as can be here. Our fifteen shards. To put that on the. Sorry. Almost 830 Friday finally. Or and I Annie she. Mark. Dads asking him I can hear it. Doesn't sound garden tickets for this weekend Harry we have found our enhanced our I. Sure they left. Spoon man. We easily it's another kind. Hear the cringing. There's a couple people on the bell I don't remember. Man that. Chris Cornell and the gentleman yeah I mean you did he's he's won he's aged a loud noises he gets more handsome as he does Marianne her. Yeah I think he's. The elder yes there are dancing at same with any matter. Same in any better our same way that he there. How nice crazy crashed any matter how Norah how that came from that's weird right now I never dead because this lake and the last few years. The Dillinger escape plan they're metal band nice silk suit under oath from the back Dillinger escape plans that name is so medal. Is my. Good days. Game from a they're repaying the money go in his career. There was being attuned and that it opens up some reaches an arms. Dad Dillinger ski outing there. And that it. How can they don't have room for guys feel it infuses TV Cooper you didn't do DDB Cooper plane yeah that's hilarious yes got a different love being an idiot it's fine it's careless area my brain was like hey as a sub brand donors that hey. He got into art IDV Hoover to talk about open and paid up in my brain as like Dillinger is that guy anymore I'm. Yeah DB Cooper was again did dug up the plant with the money where's the DB Cooper escape plan bans. Some are down into that yes he is good at the Alan Parsons project. I. They can do that you remembered at all was he from Seattle and he jumped out of a plane and yet Mears he had. He also may have been from Amman and I don't know on an apparent some man in the house's definitely done while I didn't think I'm the money but not him. That's weird yeah. I don't know I'm thinking they found some money it counts of money they thought I was DB Cooper's money that they never. I'm DB Cooper DL YA Cooper that other apps are went through this Enron icons in the US army of America card rebate group where. That's ID give me dad aren't Cooper Cooper Bloomberg is. Now thing and funds Jose Nelson and I say it and well it's piracy is just say Cooper Cooper up to one time that you know it. No no pain that we do it. We shut it down trying to shouted down dominant you insist his son's I. Times you have the last one adamant must have you Paris this. Our idea anyone's going around the world did you hear Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds have a new song now I dividends. Does that sound like the old stuff. They're ready this is your top story. Dave maps is and timber and what I can do a record label Lauren together I don't know I just nothing Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds at red rocks was the prized CD to have. At the college. Of university of there the University of Arizona. Dorm in 2000 economic. He better be it usually just a slight movements and every right every time when. CUN idea. He way it ended it. On late show you know what I did there I don't have been packed audiences and in news I've been finding all kinds of and I pounds. I'm ninety Matthews. Stockpiled charity event teach her oh sure he did that a long time ago yeah we are in today's best music camp it was it's. Where we end Dave Matthews humor against I didn't get to play if you guys and invite me how can. I mean Edmonds aspirin it's an environment. You're gonna show you want to ask him twice you went to hedonism and in and you thank god love to know I was it was weird yeah it's weird deceived her fouling a good idea and you Gary Neal now a lot of my time residents I don't wanna be this person. Now we don't I don't want to have a month that's ended velvet drapes. Lie and you got I big. He's got to get there you gotta get there and got to get near my head around gap so they were on the late show. There performing a song specially chip on the late show what Segal there a cigar late show. Out of whatever the relates to me there's a lot of bleachers and didn't for how to got okay so. But it's Tim Reynolds writes. How can I ask is gearing juror is a guy in Dillinger was a banker well I'm just an idiot I think we clarified gentle curve or was there when I think chunk of our he had these ski play our listen you ready for this. I think I doubt about. Being compassionate in times of nine compassion. And see I mean obviously. Okay. I. How do you think in Matthews got here plugs but just to keep the area he had. Yes because some guys come back like a really hard core you can't come back hard core because everybody knows you've got how it is looking that you Jude Law you know he can't come back like that Jerry Seinfeld is here now. Again. Does he saw how little ball no way they thought behind is like he's he's he restored he did the restoration. Site using Google and now I'm very disappointed but stunningly except I'm sorry. There's only one cent. Oh we dug out sharks. We did that earlier yeah out what was the other thing we mentioned besides talking about the ocean what'd they are talking about. Fine that's right Paris there's another flight story oh yeah. Is this if followed to the spirit airlines center and no it is not how can. A united flight was delayed for hours Thursday after reports of a scorpion. Crawling from a passenger's clothes. The sec it's scorpion related incidents reunited in less than a month. Where is in line yeah where thinking I was there this city Houston to Ecuador. It evacuated due to a scorpions steaming up past user. Where Xena I'm doing main drag the guy on the yeah yeah I want to go home islands of odd Google hello to go home and the leggings airline. I have got scorpions right. Yeah I united and Uighurs and he terrifying about scorpions sure MI how evil god is or like what it hilarious sense of humor no god has. She has right. Guzzlers towards that end. Just in there are tons and tons of types of scorpions and maybe they'll bills bills stink Nina can okay. But the one type of scorpion. That kids that stings you and has like yeah actual effect on humans or. Is also. A scorpion. They can hang upside down inverted. On the ceiling rattling the gap how do you know that. There because sliding into I don't know why. You had to know about scorpions can you had to know kind of scorpion was that that would hang on I want scorpions. Bark bark. BE ROK yeah I think mark hurricane GAAP. Is that terrifying Sarah have you ever seen a kid gets stung by a scorpion that is creating babies. Into the emergency room parents who do I. And they bring him in in the kids' eyes would be going like grown so nice to Agnes what our own star and land. A scorpion bites. Always seems you get things I was so it makes your muscles contract. And and then so then your eyes go your eyes start like. Spinning around you can't focus on anything you look like you got the spin that you've been drinking too much of the playground okay. And they're they're just like A and they're totally out of it. And so the one treatment when we have right now is approved by the FDA yet or maybe it is been a long break but it's from horses. Is a horse serum okay greens Equus horse to do and it may listening to counteract the venom. Like horse semen no no god annually said Boris give adjusted syrup in general anyway. Scorpion is terrifying and now they've gotten a taste or fly a cut so. Check your overhead compartment. May have filled with scorpions during flight. The mother had installed and go right and finally this morning. You Steve Harvey. You see is that part we all it is so real and it's a relief and a follow up to it Steve Harvey miss your family fears. Steve Carney seems like a nice guy. It's either a fine guy right so when you wanna hang out and and talk to him and he sends out to this message out to his staff I'm Steve Harvey show and I went yesterday. I like no way is that real name. He's standing by here are tickets out to Arizona I cannot believe. That this is Steve Harvey. I'm so disappointed I feel like the feud is alive are. Oh personalities on TV. Steve Harvey Palin the Republican who wrote that and the like scandal. Did he actually the opposite when it comes to the people who works with the daily variety publishing leaked memos from Steve Harvey is to have. Saying they're not coming to my dressing room was invited all do not approach me wanted to make a curious as I asked to speak to you directly. Do not take offense to the new way of doing business it's for the good of my personal life. And my enjoyment in it waddle saying that you have got them. Well that's the. So Steve Harvey set out this email is like Don an I don't adult make eye contact with me when I'm in the makeup chair. He doesn't want to be bothered. By any of his staff and my eyes and Aron right basing your open my door expect to be removed in all cabbies fired. I always feel like if you're a host. Of a television show you have to talk to your supporting stat. Because there that you agers nervous. You've got to treat your battles yeah respect middle as you get your objectives I agree 100%. Like your not just the star of the show there's a lot of people have put in certain there's a lot of people that work hard for your show now. I can't imagine his staff have the amount of people that are there and if you should be respectful and kind and beaten and engage. I I would wanna work for him he sounds like a tyrant. Well here take this out yet he does but service are now ready pray I mean it's easy get the family feud goes right to your head. You know. You see a couple of YouTube videos dedicated to the top ten best family feud answers. And all of a sudden don't make eye contact me with me and I'm gonna make a check. So ET made an appointment to see him pray and ask them about it now over the phone is with Steve Harvey had to say. To see what happened with the memo. But it's going to be here because I was struck by the way back to just get bought me the company public sixteen year old red. And I'm not trying to wait to welcome bit strange to address will to a bigger bank of jet walked out. You didn't I didn't date. Or agenda didn't have a large well thought I could just walk and it. Steve Harvey spoke to us exclusively this morning from Chicago. I mean did you have to work. He is a policy always speak to people he just wants them to make it a point. That's not necessarily how that war how FEMA get employment if you need something print let's say gas canceled. And he needs to know that that's something that you need to now I mean I wish he would like blow them odd way is it. Great you are you decided to be an entertainer I was OK and with that if you are successful at it. Commons. So a lot of perks. And some products. You know I think you have to take them out the parts and the drawbacks. That's that I feel like I wish I had people coming up to me wanting to talk to mail at time. And say hey let me ask your opinion on this thing. Right. I just wish I had his staff to take care of each yeah my god and I take care of them I would you know miss Tennessee well I'm younger I mean I had a memo to you and I get around stay out. Yeah I have to appear and I try to take care that you Riviera as best as I possibly get right. He now without any little hole right like you know if I had pull like that could totally be a different ball game right. And yet he wants privacy says the tanks trying not to rally that there is when you work. With so many people in pain like Jon Stewart. Since Darren many rights to have when Israeli prison. He's not Jon Stewart without. Is that why he's right that you Don and our privacy and job. Your war or war. You're gonna need to talk to mom I think you talk about your private life or do anything in your prime time sir or as some laws talkies probably be on the right there and want to make it. Right I mean if I had people of you know radio used to be they would have people who made you look better you are. Right I just am appalled that he entry discount well I just thought that was Ruth like if see Oprah dot. She did get him Senseo collar edge feeds them every day. Exercises then there's staff meetings. She listens to everybody because she knows. Perhaps you've got to hand as her status is supporting staff I don't know how to get. It's not privacy. And a privacy you gotta pony up some privacy your work right and here it is like you and your aunt and and people love you. I don't mean what kind of people do that apparently people love him a lot. Yeah I'm sorry Steve parry let me try ambient or don't make exactly there is no meantime when your work. Unless your ports are doing a solo masturbation video Euro work EU have responsibilities. Have org year entertainer. You have a sack that requires. Then yelled bitch about not being told about it's if he's that same verse. CIA he's gonna venture out nobody tell me that I apologize I must tell you that literally we only serving 99 people why didn't anybody tell me I need top. 100 people surveyed. Wreck. His identity and I were to an energy or regional and had to make a role to. Not trade charged realism and after a while having children. Like I feel like try to go to the bathroom. Is supposed to be meantime that it's not. You can't get frustrated when the kids' fingers going to the door now meantime. I can only on its oil I. Even though I'm out and -- they don't care they opened the door on it commands a camera and I'm and you have to see when they do that being with daylight just figured it. Alien life and I. Do you write what you want an and you hit back at the door and flagged down a they only inches. There's not meantime network. Your work but yeah a backup you made what millions of dollars. And there was people help you make millions a dollar that's not on your. Now that's on your opinion do empires you build a Steve Harvey empire. You build the brand as we have esteem I mean really. Does he have an umpire Steve I would say as an empire so he's got to show is starch when you tell Martina in. Right which is a lot of work which is proud Natalie I'm briefly must acting with likening the sale via satellite dolls stat I'm pretty sure he doesn't maintain it and now known. He has in the family feud into the Jews and the announcing I don't I don't magnolia NATO president. Thought stand it sounds like a deck I mean and I hope his staff gets tired tells her that I'm pretty sure Allen doesn't do that us. Or she does civilian keeping class I think she's nice store staff he was here. I don't think Kobe or does it prey counting Kimmel doesn't you know of only O'Donnell and she's on here and break. He'll be downs and you don't act like. It is yours to treat people. Yeah. To think she that you are about everybody else. And that you need some need time network sir actually at the bottom of the totem pole looking up I always that Lorena. Now. He would look at our guidance is to be there people arrested telling you own one and hang out long. Only those silly as it favoring those six and expect slide Steve Ferrari all manner should remain appointment. Yeah that's cool I just thought that can't be real well. Steve Harvey is the kind of guy. Who in everybody's picked and there is no you know we stature Steve Harvey's gonna go ahead and pick views. That's that's a grimace that stroke for like three people. Yeah and some you are defending him. I don't care. You're always people who are gonna defend index and that index. It's you know are the parents series where 100 million out that's not yet how about this what if on what if like once a month. If there's staff reaches like ratings goals or horror. There's an obeys the rules about interacting with Steve Harvey. They get it jeans day talk with Steve day. It's a party. I don't know the pizza party with Steve in jeans I'd be looking for another gang of pirates version yet. That's our media I mean it's so funny digs he probably this more monetary distribution for hosting the family feud as Steve Harvey and everybody else is here it's daytime TV. Steve Harvey probably makes Kool Aid more than anybody else on the TV stay out there right Ali I'm letting it did did did that income gap is huge EF. And then he's treating him as such as well. Steve Steve Steve I know what I'm fine of people that I thought gravel. And I have to go check on you to buy the watch some of these lets people are saying he says drug for things about women and I'm not I'm bore that out that's an instant DQ. I'm out. Well I thought that memo is awful I would not know where I've. With her for some of my you know. Yet you have the people you work when you they were chosen and infer reason be respectful to doubt in their campaign. And everybody's where is valuable kept. Everybody is where I just seem what do you are you send those crappy memo to staff on the ground. You know down heart to you must make an important you don't talk to me in the makeup chair don't talk to me walking from. My a make up for him to the stage she make it a point basically make an important though they ambushed me. Don't read it anyway. Tell us about it. Fathers are organs probably semi find it looks pretty. Looking out my window I feel that the Metcalf. The beautiful and renowned. Metcalf and he Johnny Miller in the party well hello relief is flowing very well. I discern and extrapolate from that it's probably flowing pretty well everywhere else that's booster. And if not although things like we do have to give away somewhere and think that it. Just listen I don't think we'll do it can't personally want him and gradually. Henry did police. Hide decision. He XX on the buzz. Hey your they've got morning buzz good morning meanings and Deans you America's zero hey I have questioned. Yeah he's from Chris. I know I have. How can I have Manny normally have a question rates Marcum and turn you on all right means you focusing. OK you guys hear the news is now. I itself I think I've seen it like floating around and I'm very. I wanna know mark thinks the news imminent talk about it is that Casey think that is yet totally good job yeah okay via my airport to airport. I'd like that in about a little airport loved talking about the airport looked okay and and and before we begin though scorpions them before we begin I just wanna say one thing. It's very clear at this point that we do need a new airport he has more and you know it's been a long time coming we've been arguing about a foot ten years now. By giving it feels like it's been a long time spent a long time it's being alone and that that's something about care for everybody everybody gets on the sit by the airport itself. Late yesterday. Some stuff started like. Happening some news started coming out that sly James is gonna make you know have a thing today about ten the airport this is basically it's public and on meet the in thing here. Huge opportunity it's a brand new airports landed city leaders hope will actually take flying. What is unique about this proposal is that first of all the Kansas City company coming forward to talk about improving it at Kansas City asset councilwoman Julie just confirms he is working with Kansas City based engineering firm burns and McDonnell. To build Kate TI at the single terminal. The roughly one billion dollar project doesn't include bonds or taxpayer money. The thing will still own and operate TCI in the project will still require council in voter approval. No city money. This would be no GO bond money that general revenue this would be private investment and it is paid for through the user fees that people pay when they parent the airport. Unlike previous plans the city will not be responsible for the debt the risk falls on birds and Mac. Any airlines the goal now is to finally the plane and that would go on the November ballot. Okay cell. Just for a second it. The one thing I haven't heard addressed yet in the conference is going on now so my information may be a little paid it right. But my question has been like us I think that's great burns and McDonnell right now I know you're trying to light overtake. The name in the aerospace industry in Kansas City away from black and yes. Black and met Smith is a total alpha dog move I get it. But I have a question yeah I'm so why he win does a private company give away a billion dollars out of the goodness of their own heart John now. They're like it my contacts I think that's great. I and can imagine what I think catch right what's the cats re always had cats there's got to be intact there passively cats. And it they're doing good good news there are heart would no strings. Mae and burns and McDonnell made you guys are license. But if there is a cat's. Black and beats come right back. They did not do they do the same thing I don't know what day it is it they're right next to each other I think okay. When you're driving down. It's I have burns and McDonnell is one of the leading design firms in the United States it's it's headquartered here. How the company provides engineering architecture construction. Environmental and consulting services for the aviation. Defense environmental utilities markets and hand. And the group brings among the top ten designers of the power industry America. Let's go I can go defense industry airplanes ago days or what's going on here. While they do a lot of thing. They're doing it ever I don't a lot of and they do a lot of engineering. And divert that makes cents campaign they architecture the engineering. They construction. And Porsche and then as now that maybe they just want. To make light of. A piece of art that would be our airport what tiger is look at Kansas City Star editorial board said last night at OK it is in the kids these are. Editorial board burns a man doesn't even give jeans company says government and our magazines fry it we can't can we trust somebody. That does not going to be doing is saying that you don't even get a jeans day Christ say now I I love to make it to Jeanne stay everyday maybe I would neither of the Merrill of their integrity of not using it faded jeans day I appreciate that your real streak shooter burns and Mac. And I hair making the money back through the terminal fees plus if all goes well the business they could get after that's I'm saying maybe they. In Philly this monumental airport question yes follow up question to that question. And I'm genuinely. Information seeking. What if that's the case then how come private companies offered a finance all the things all the time. Does that make sense. I even airports popping up I don't see a bidding war for private companies jumping in there there waiting for them the federal money coming in right. As somebody does leave you while somebody says black and needs some marketing agency now it doesn't matter. And then some other people say they do the same job and make almost the same amount money now or from our debt. Listen here's a weekend cereal and editorial board set OK okay. Thumb but but. No government entity including the city would issue depth of the project reservists and taxpayer in exchange birds McDonald will be awarded the exclusive contract to design construct the new terminal. Voters still be asked in November to approve a new facility the city would still on the airport but the exclusive development agreement between the city and burns and Mac and cheese. Known as a memorandum of understanding would be in signed and approved before. The voters vote. The original schedule called for submitting the agreement to the city council for consideration on May eighteenth with a final comfortable coming as soon as may 25. That would leave the public just one week to offer comment perspective on the framework for an allergic. The largest public works that projects in the city history rushing a decision is unacceptable. Like I kind of feel that way right. It's OK I don't like big things that happened quick that are rushed break I have another question I like these changing yes would they allow. Since they're thinking about allowing a private company to invest in making the new airport without other countries. We need to join and help in airport know it's late they get the contract per they integrated content every rank mountain. And doesn't Joan other people get the opportunity to bid to know. Why blow America I mean you say they came with a billion dollars like let's say they GE LA I was somebody else with a million dollars. Dow now I have no idea I don't know couldn't do it like Applebee's airport right. Yeah I found out I masking the course and I have no idea by every outbound flight get free basket of boneless buffalo wings and either ranch. Or believe she is nope never jeans day about a lag and then occasionally seminoles thanks and we get to Wear jeans on Friday if we donated Sheridan. Went. I don't know I I would like to know more. I did feel like the media played in local media really is not. Don't know this is reporting what's coming up but we're not really kind of but I see why they would do that I did it just so busy got a quick and then I made a joke. I am made a joke because the as a term limited politician. Who's seems that he really wants to get this thing done and well we all look monuments built ourselves. But I think we're kidding ourselves we say that's not gonna be the slides into memorial airport in like 2030 years Simmons. And they heard it's just one terminal yet when terminal which one are they doing enough to let it get you the big dance and others can make ones he has I get that. There won't be Avian seeming more gray hound has been one huge airport and which is basically most airports. You know our city is Denver airport move. What's that the Denver airport airport you have to take a shuttle I am shot down. While you have to take one here via our number it's like you're gonna show you did take a shot sole right to Denver airport. The wind attorney has let. Cool little like I get on the right to. How they're real wrong too with the Denver airport is up 45 minute round trip. Now I've never gotten on the wrong tube. Very little train or whatever that Lincoln town a couple of bullet train will bullet train to nowhere and some other instruments consensus. This is where DB Cooper Simpson right. Yeah I know I Taylor it's good I hope it's out of the goodness of their hearts. While I think if the do you make an amazing looking terminal each other people to hire them to do other jobs. I think there's just certain things like when when they're that questions that may be. They don't have answers yet to but they should acknowledge is what's the catch rain is you know say you know we're out pretend like this says. Sprint airport Edwards 40% of central Brussels multiply the total area. That's funny that transition over saline road who works pretty prison if app and you know and I'm not anti splendid terminal and I'd see you think those people who live here where you read where you ask him. It's so convenient then very inconvenient to other travelers well I did see some idiots we it was the Clark Brothers are in town and they did treat them like we're in the woman's prison known as the Kansas City airport it does it looks like a woman's prison from a cable TV show. It's an odd airport at the oddest one I've ever been sick and it was fun for awhile it's it's like even I'm coming around on the airport right between airport edges. I don't we do it I hope I hope burns and legacies is like straight up this looks to be off into the cities like ray need that family here. I think we do have a few I. I mean we have to we have the namesake still to be right Isaiah that didn't Wear that new blow out say this could be a new neighbor you know obviously it. Yeah I they're opera's legit but I mean you know where. They have plans are you mean like sketches so that we can see what they're planning idol now. I that there are. In our third ponying up a billion box thank you gotta think there's a plan and we wanted to look like that us it was designed by Salvador Dali. So now. I would love that idea gray area where. The air so yeah airport I hope this works out it means there's like a Russian and a little bit and when you rush things kind of feels like maybe you're trying to hold somebody knows something records. So if they're willing to do it for billion bucks you know why not wait and discuss it more republic comment if leading up to the election in November. Well let people get to vote in November that's but the city could sign the agreement as soon as main point. Without people voting to her while yet because the city has to do this agreement and in the people can vote on it. Our final council vote coming as soon as may 25 wing so that would leave the Greek NCs are one week of public comments. Which seems a little which also means an analyst and there's gonna do it's gonna do any decisions and his city feels that way a lot Italian guys he's there are really what why calving town to town. Calls our Jersey where there are people who don't fit who Camry and awkward dance everyone everywhere I know. You know I don't give like a front man like we're going to Kevin news obviously for. Loch neck. I Carl he's not going to be even if he's there he's gonna do he runs any way you know he's join. But yet it's city as a way of being very dismissive of people who aren't on board. Maybe it's just because. We don't have all the answers and if you just given to a Swede and chill out already I'm totally with you that person that takes it and TCI's our son he can be latest challenge still make your flight Iowa can read to negate. That's the beauty of our armed men but it's too terribly inconvenient like I said for anyone coming thing there is no or eats. Everything closes a family to Atlanta from 3 o'clock in the afternoon yet like at 3 o'clock dinner us there's nothing there sodium Israelis that didn't exist or model the airport M what happens in the old airport well. I have some bad news. They're gonna have to carry out. Why interior there prop acting used quite a bit that some of the term you know that space. Eyes and it takes is as they probably arresting him because every time people who voted for any improvement the airport has been denied for ridiculous reasons. Then they I I'm finally that is an answer just communicate that is your answer so there's that element has its right ahead. Regulate if you add billions of dollars. This isn't like a common thing for private companies to not expect some former taxpayers' subsidy when building a large state. That's just not something that we do in America and so it's very. Different from the norm it's at now why are they going to college the out. Burton burns and McDonnell airport burns and Mac and cheese Casey called the Mac and cheese airport. Amid the bacon terminal who I'm over here and grew to be right there. And it sounds cool it seems like a great idea. To put this little. I'm Brothers can eat a deal on his arrest is seeing when you can't okay. Okay take fly and they don't that's the guys that are windows guy that the assailant site it irony about. Yeah I'm down through an airport I guess you I will miss being laid is now making much like it. Molly hasn't quite knock them typical of a because I like the city a lot and I would hate to see anything you know I'm for seeing happen unintended consequences. That's all. I feel like I'm being reasonable. So what you are being in this is what you always jam you. Always. Have opposing arguments. Yes. I'll stir you always play devil's advocate. Not for bad. It's just sheer nature and it's what you do all his agenda everyday and the other perspective all directives. And it could be very frustrating imperil that when Marge terminal means. One TSA yes. Ending January 2 or three hours and they want to know why and how much I have multiple stations and AT and any lines. Not an and a no TNT zero TEN day a lot of TSA and spoon is on the buzz. I got a special Freddie treat you guys want to come after this break. We're missing it by now we come back. Special DJ set by pinch on the ones into its China out of its what's gonna happen so get ready to dead. Or. I'm would be depressed I don't know I didn't have set all of tempo and tech are a tempo if at all cause I'm kind of BP ams and start I was born a main favorite bands Portugal the man and kicked over and at Dover and darn it it's our and its allies ticket with Porsche with a man this kid a local angles. Reports OK and we'll point. And then another happy track. And force the manga minutes on and you get your tickets that they led Glenn fry gay gene sixty. I will be there. You mean. And and and and then. We will be giving away soured and he gets right now right sound garden if you can make it just Asian. And you can make it tonight and stir up Nelson an excuse me. It's Sunday and there's certainly but you need to pick up your tickets today I 7679 since I've. First four caller you'll get a pair of Digg and disease sound garden this Sunday at the start and each. And mark thank you. Mark. Send us off into the weekend. TV is an old creeps. Sharks scorpions. Steve Harvey. Sound guard and airport.