Afentra's Podcast Friday March 10, 2017

Friday, March 10th

Buzz Briefs, Big 12 Tournament, Kansas City, KU, Highway Shooting, Kohls, Gordmans, The Shins, Alt J, and more!


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Don't put to a brilliant little uneasy. Direct yeah. That's not enough spend. Danny did your daddy daycare hard to do that indeed did did you hear it didn't hear it's funny Madonna's I don't wanna wait in the other room with the boys and I'm like you can do it every one break and of the boys like I don't want to be in your direction right. She's on your left the sees some of that comes from and who knew and that's just how that goes. News nearly you know my lap. Oh. That's okay amenity the other ones that's good enough enough. In Iran's top require you as much now yes well tell. Yes. Man I tell you they were the talk of your day yesterday with all right Dana stock how did you get in trouble so now now. You would get in trouble the other father Greg how I mean who are you getting in trouble from that sell it off. I know but it. They just them no we don't need to hear event I thought it was funny cause pain in her hand me a great time they were having agreed talents I think that's what's important sooner and that's the goal is kids you know. Zandi let me. Hi Emerson. On new genre would you rather. In particular room. Locked away room with your breath put away. That doesn't sound area that we does that business it's very threatening it is it makes me outlining donor room okay well her brother. Just found honey. We have that yucky honey here but it was under the boards. Isn't a lot I think I'm the boys are what are they doing right here. Q what is your life the guys that's why she isn't gonna go in the room and others hiding over here now your hi the only hand honey anyway. Her shake your dairy air cap hey Steve initiated area air he had. Man sucks about K you. And then they lost in the big twelve. OK I don't like I know I just is trying to be human. Okay and interact in a manner of which people. Who like sports interactive each other right but the fight in Iraq you advances there Austin TCU. What's TCU Texas Christian University that doesn't telling these of these sort of the horned frogs with. The horned frog horn frogs. Where do you place. Are they were like they're the team that terrible seat and I'm very good idea what was your team era. Galaxy. Texas Christian priest penitent that the that the that that does to your daily scrappy. But ranked much higher sure you know it's funny like K you people. And I did I besides the usual cant be got. That though like fifty years old and they still being that there are they still think that there are hanging out at college right. And I'm. Emerson grace. You're going new room anyway. They lost their people Rory thank kick start yeah pentagon and defense. Wouldn't. This in a day kick started. So the KU loses. And then the finding about K you people is and you know you don't class Deanna is is summoned dungeons in debt and you've been doing in an area this life but they always have and excuses like why its okay that they lost. And it's like over really. It's between them and that. Edge of insanity. If they don't accept delegates again we lost because we're gonna be rested for the actual tournament that matters right. But if we won this ameron NASA this would have been the tournament the matter of rain this tournament doesn't matter yeah I think I mean. I agree I think Harvard's. And in my other players like backed in to somebody. In a parking lot and so they did let him play yesterday. That actually happens. But he was missing their best player jackass hey. It's so funny like hey you people cannot do it they can handle it. It's not on K you know he played most of them and they all of them are like dude I'm still corny. Rocks RJ Hart. I was college basketball. It's my life. It is it is it is upper a lot of people it'd take your drive down the row between like. 95 and a 112. As you'll see yourself up I don't fear itself it. Look at it a budget KU flags. Hang it from things the right people treat those flags red and they do American flags tread lightly Danny never race. I'm achieve and that means that I know. Right. You just didn't need all. I came here about Missouri people do I don't know about now you doubt your doubt you I don't know it's. Mac I'm sure there are doing it I don't know what it is about the midwest but when you go to college somewhere in the midwest. You can't ever let go to you're not going to anymore. Here's the one thing I can say and Abkhazia and they actually went there. Unlike most people. Not me a lot of them didn't like I grew up to Michigan and it was always like me you know here's the missing Amber's in Michigan State. None of these gymnasts as a witness chair morbid geographical fans Jack. That's mind. You go to uterus to Michigan you gonna hear that wrecked you know that you have Katzmaier and or you know. I'd say mostly don't have that money but anyway I need people would gate do you really intense about it then thank eating go to school airman and Iraq I have to say. I go places like you know. My doctor and and my attorney and JUK you my friends tea tea tea a day UK temple guard AJ you know. I'd DeVon I've I do love this person has legs just so upset that they just have to attack me like in my family. I go like why are you talking sports it's obvious mom didn't love you enough. To put you in Little League Ellen mail you your area code 785 vice clearly your bias is known. Laughing crying make 59 year old parents are diehard fans in the ninetieth infantry out deaths I don't do now is like the weirdest thing right. I think it is cool man you can be a super fan but you don't always mean excuse me your guys lose. You can just say hey. It's okay. They really. Yet game is sharp smack on the tires because things are very happy about and I don't care about the Missouri Tigers are in Columbia Missouri there of no consequence you really aren't a part of us now owns the you know and that's I think he used. It's in rates and mourners born is a great city it's a great university. I mean when he India. Mean I love and easy and really didn't I K state fans don't cheer me too much. You guys call your busy basketball orient the octagon that food stupidest thing ever. When they have tune octagon content that's got wrap up the octagon in Manhattan Kansas I can do. I know people actually went to view. Unlike a lot of places that I said yeah I think Michigan knew he went there. Nobody under oral iron in your corner and nobody went down like he did you have you Michigan and blue. Michigan yeah go blah. Years of Jim Harbaugh. As people zeros emission law Danny go in and out. Good grief. Morning mind. Friday afternoon. Got slaughter us tickets and sold out shows Sunday night and going and failed to everybody's name is punching tickets. We've got those ship. Are we gonna do that I really am not terribly ambitious and then there's nothing wrong with that being ambitious. I don't know it's been a while it's hard to get out of that. Sank I'm like there's commissioner. So maybe anytime you hear object. Okay Colin and I am just you need it very simple today. Jennings or damage energy and it's hard enough and and nice and these currents that's coming up Danny Noonan to what's going in the world all right. All of those of us are aroused. It's over it and all right. So I know what it is about this town. But when. Somebody decides they're gonna like randomly started shooting. It always happens. Like mere 435 on the east side kinda nearly triangles. You know I mean in an area I don't know what it is about that area that. Encourages random shootings. Sure there's a random shootings everywhere we don't remember shatter shooter I guess my firm got a Sherri did we get what ever became a that they found a great crowd that's right. They're wisely got 435. Sniper. I don't know that I'm calling about Newton and there was unit writing felony counts. How many times they try issue. Or did they shoot well they charged Thursday with eighteen felony is some kind. Does that mean I was eighteen times easing keep all I don't know because sometimes though like. It doesn't have an announcement attack and it's supposed to be Monday. We have different a new issue there's one Monday how they are not the same as Monday at the different OK I have no idea apparently haven't 10 AM announcement. Dino and in his case you need to tell me. How can kind of start caring Marco or our era. Mean they I heard and Tenneco ADD happy Monday morning we have another line and demands calling it and one of the S and south at times confused like. Why are we doing mansion and it is definitely a very good very good bags and dozens shattered initiator pension issues. Anyway. Not a sniper but it was kind of a weird thing. That this happened in this kid is tough as hell he's twelve years old. And he got shot at 435 and you're 63. Is a passenger seat of his mom's car and somebody fired a single shot at him can they got shot in the leg. Powell. I got I don't think or react well being shot now. Play I mean I can't handle getting a cold right and his kids is pretty tough sounds pretty tough they interview the kids. What is why is that noise is happening codes for Coles. Her car. She thought it was a rock and tell her twelve year old son said mama I've been shops. I heart that Shaq can't stand the pain twelve year old DN he'll Snead was in the passenger seat of his mother's car when someone is shot at them. The bullet piercing the car door and into his leg. It was their right here. And being when that would indicate that you can now write about money. Give me back. But having been. You get through. Normal car. Sits RS needs it and that crazy it went through the car door through his lag. And left a bruise on her seeing him herself and into the says all three of her children were in the car when she is happening in her and her. He long jumped ten year old JD on in the backseat sitting next to his seven year old brother when the bullet. Ripped through the door behind me. Nice game the shooting happened just after 8 o'clock Wednesday night on I 435 near 63 street. Snead says a black Acura had been driving erratically in and out of traffic. The force Snead was forced to merge around banister road she was gonna get over so other lane he is don't think. Boom as I don't know if that's. Snead says her motherly instinct kicked in and she was able to navigate through the traffic stops safely. And attend to her son he was in great pain bleeding in the front seat of her car it hired. And so violently I earned a bad joke on me and got the badge of honor but they. I think prod and you know at this. Models to start the woods like that is. Because of the stranger who could have killed him I don't you wanna be shot this is only one town deal. I hope they don't and he. I'm Sarah malaria. Is this is a little eyes okay I'll love it it's okay Ukraine you got us I do like radio play Alex. I gave me cry because no one time deal man is not happening again and how lucky I am now. I hope there's no permanent damage and ameliorated shining goal regulate your man. Yeah I don't know he went through is like Japan car his lag it's almost threw his mom. That's scary. I ma. Now I'm here is beginning its shots. You think kids really tough these tough announced it was don't do the ifs I. Yeah yeah yeah I and where you wanna get shot. I am and I've always felt like my shoulder would be an acceptable place. I'm now too close to my vitals I have no idea. It seems to me okay Lange ever gonna idea okay light but is it your for moral artery. And it's easy Saving Private Ryan I know is that they got hit with some did you decide layers some tests. I mean I prefer not to be shy I know but like someone had enough not life threatening yet you're asked. Is a canal behind threatening lieutenant Dan again eyes turn and then I can't say that. Either lay and his stomach. I mean I know but pat gets old after I. But I don't gonna get shot there alone. Oh laid down that. He is lucky kind of blew his knee out. Yeah take into the kind of went into that you know made yeah. And then it went out closer than he did a lot of things can account and isn't that weird the lottery that happens when people get shot anyway like it went through his lovers think you're driving around 435 right. You're that they are getting shot no she's got her three kids in the car do who knows where they're going to care probably don't know. Who cares really go at 8 o'clock at night totally reasonable time concern. And ignoring. When you know just. Get shots or can't get shocked and can't even now there are back from the olive garden and bank. How lucky and I'm like to have easy unlike his person and situation lottery of delegates shy. It's good to get shot it in a manner of which isn't life threatening well he is everyone so Mikey that I can count and yes. However. He's doing it well easy handling it better than knows he's twelfth new. I think he's lucky because. You know hopefully we'll and I don't know if there's any permanent. Model championship. She. Okay in town to relive and hey write apps I've stopped at par is scary you know it's fun though. Now what I'm articles person meet either. Not a penny is not a cold when he is most American parent and I only go to JC Penney because this is for a apparent in there the kind that make up. A cut cap. So. I've done this for I've paid too much took credit card that did the math wrong and I. Your entire amount now thank you overpay they overpay now and they give you. Thanks you know. They won't give your money back they'll give news. When they college credit and credit yes yes yes yeah or listen to this if you know all about that not money back go listen to us now. Here's her sides Gary harper and. All those couple wanted to do was pay off third Coles bill but here's the have to pay and I added that he just paid off do you knocks you off the second time we do it cold doesn't want to return the overpayments. Were right around loves his pet birds with. Very good but lately it's not the birds but added who has his feathers all ruffled and I can't believe that they treat a customer like this he's talking about his you have critter with goals what's the problem. Well Ed says it started when he and his wife both decided to pay off their 15100 dollar Kohl's credit card bill. What happened is I went to the store. I paid casts not knowing that my wife had paid online so that was two payments they came in at the same time. Yeah and and his wife accidentally paid or 15100 dollar Coles bill twice meaning they've paid three grand. If you look at their accounting clearly states they have a credit of 15100 dollars. But that says it in a bottle marked the Nikkei I had a couple glasses electrically hello how do you spend fifteen dollars a call that was my first question you have I might exist they got like she's fifteen yeah like 15100 dollars. It has dropped cold hard cash on cold repayment. Yeah. I mean it's his name I can't gold what do you getting colds too damn birds stop. I don't know but if you give bird stuff. I think you're pretty okay. They've you got a bird. You've got a house he got to fifteen underdog pose billion pay Albert cancer if you're all right now. Can lose. But it's not worth what it who has his feathers. And brothel. Or older than it even sold it to you the 15100 dollars. And use it sure. It's as old thing. X I can't think three on your site apparent that the U Gary because I see that you have good track Gregor. And I know that you're gonna help to get its money back. Well a hold of cold corporate office in Wisconsin and told them ever been waiting on his 15100 dollars for nearly a month which is way too long. After that Ed says Cole's contacted him apologized and more importantly said they were immediately giving up 15100 dollar check out you'll. Ed says he's relieved to be getting your money back and says don't think long and hard about shopping. At Kohl's again I played a minute they gave you credit card they give me your money back give you got birds. The problematic. You know what. They don't have to give you the money back no they don't they pass they usually do is give him credit Natalie get a got to credit they for the interest free loan you Dick. That happened when meeting KCP you know I don't think I and they've promised a year sir can you don't like double pane and a huge thing India democratic. Credit credit tax credits yeah I was like an 800 dollar credit. Oh I SuSE is seated is like you we've gotten an answer every Doubleday and later give you your money back community because god knows I would like the money back. Like now season as a kind of little quiet but that's different because I'm going to use the moment it is gonna use it right. I'm not getting used calls. All the time I want my money back unless you have the latest khaki problem. Ladies loved Jackie's. And I I feel like Kohl's I NN I calls lights. I can tell I'll call you don't now. And it like those trying to merge ratings and dealing calls. In the Q about the mask on uncles I hate calls. I don't there. Hey hey thank you for its message of doctor mass mart because I got about Christmas presents and paid enough with your tax return me the money they're looking at it. They got wrecked got a oh why you go to calls mangled TJ Maxx. Jackson Lisa love TJ Maxx and love love love then. Well. Spear mask you Wear. Every day now I've draft birth news. Is that the lady who. Here are OK it's not the actual juror no no this lady's malaria is a really I like she's weird in this is he's very weird but I think it's. But on a giraffe mask and extra abandoned to parity that we don't giraffe April whoever briefings have been watching. Or video had thirty million views. Aron and. Thirty million people watched old pregnant woman is sports bra wearing a draft mess we are a weird culture yes. Like we are weirder than we want to know China. In Scott did well. I'm. And you want and it may seem quite a foreigner yesterday. As floated through mount their fourth child that has never April the real giraffe. And I think there's a lot of. Does it hurt them. LA anywhere that math and she's giving birth. I got my grandma in ninety pounds and calls that's I think Kohl's is torque. And khaki and don't forget about and Katerina Graham is you Graham is that my counts tiger kicking night gowns. Proof. Address got some nice boobs. Dean she'd just given birth she does the babies eat their babies breast feeding. And that's the first think tank about I'm complementing. The breast of Missouri right. I think she does have a stunning figure for having poor children. Yeah even with a draft had out and eating and he should QB we. It around where they where they live I don't know I can she's funny now at issue. Where does she live on I don't know does that cause cannons tear Breslin no not even that not even that I just you know it's like actually LA. You don't mean a South Carolina that's weird or too wrapped headed South Carolina. Cool. And that's treating. And those normal. Like she's she's still a sense of humor. Yeah the you know the people the sense of humor take it too far out rule you during. Yes yes me every day I. About that right every damn day idea. I didn't sit labor and delivery and dance. Oddly today blurred the boom that it now the news report. I don't think that that's stupid and eventually pave way drafts don't give birth people do. Jacki for Coles and don't double pay your calls and don't double vehicles built specially donor he birdied holes. 96 by the. Or he's being there aren't so DP has just been ruined like for any fan knows that the other day it doesn't matter whether there's. I was watching pornography since I was ten I was downloading that and there I. There's a direct correlations earnings TV today everything. Dvd doctor forever forever about it. HTTP. TAG I need from your career you choose your true and let's have some fun. Retarded fires start I guess they want you as a shop Nicole's reviewing for me my mom and my. Sisters. That's weak cold isn't aware worry hey I heard as a recent comes Robert Gordon's. I don't know what Gordon themselves. Gourds. Now. Isn't it going out of business. Gordon's yeah. Contempt what is it like Woolworth now. I think it's expense and or I'm getting confused and they're really cheaply TJ Maxx thinks it's not as good thing. Jordan Mendes off price department stores. Founded and headquartered in Omaha Nebraska. It's taken a plunge its stock price is only eleven cents it's closing I think is it. Closing stores. Nixon retail shopping lug Gordon's. Half an hour. You know they made 571. Million last year now. Who shops and Gordon and I mean. Mark marks an ordinance. Or as quickly as we are Gordon's team Gorman because my grandparents in Omaha. So ago there like before expanded. We're Gordon's that there's OK got them. I don't think it's very en route to go to I don't think people like did you or did Gordon and the injury I think that's also an older person stork you got some fresh floods your Brothers and to boost up that. Fair crack of the bat all right. We'll take guys guarding me you quality every national dignity Gordon's. It is something nice on the way all right Heidi. It's like TJ Maxx then I'm getting confused with another line. Movie could you give a big place that what's expensive place down at like a 153. Or 1393. Connect cap I don't know I'm thinking we like Oak Park mall across the street there's a Gordon answering. And then there was another leg higher and the car and start I know yeah. That's not Gordon and that was marriage you know there's what that's what I'm thinking about sports at the or something kind. It's towards birdie. You know I'm sorry about her Pentecost Panama again kind of yeah and now it's next to Boardman and or Lebanon's OK so Gorton does Lincoln yucky TJ's is a leg LO being. The other place you know I mean an example of I Macy's. So as I get expensive Macy's. I thought it was more expense enemies as they see something's dying and Zumiez. Now something's dying Spencer's. The kid although I June loves Spencer oh my god check this out take with are you ready for this and 95 in career. You have. Within walking distance there's everything kind of I think where Gordon's and Kohl's. Yes Coles I think is that in the near the mall and a Ross dress for less. Yes I have to New York best buy yeah. My business on the only Stein I'm fine and I admire marked the one you're informed as time passes a tentative yes Men's Wearhouse is there. Beauty brands. Also let's not forget Nordstrom rack okay we know your brands. Nordstrom rack. Stein Stein Mart I always wanted to know OK hold its everything that I set about Gordon and I'm thinking Steinhardt. That's old people stuff that can't expand them. Let's say cap if it tries to be like Macy's and I thought it was older and maybe marks and let's see oh you know who's Stein mart's featured brands are. You ready. Term. Allen flush sir and that has buffalo David guitar and yeah it's time I don't watch ads are not Seattle's well when I first moved here. We bought our first house. And stuck a friend of mine took me to sign mark. I now write an attorney mark that's spent a Max and he's not a mart needs the so somehow I got roped into buying like home this bedrooms Stockton scale is so expensive and it's Stein Mart yes he was indeed being thrown his thinking is saying. Anyway it was inside mark and impacts if it was good Stein Myers I haven't been backs that I'm so she. She's 865 of the did that resort of the final do it again just because I got all right do at times where we're gonna play out yes timer Theo peoples. Yeah for sure not Gordon's got computes. Scored means is a lot I TJ Maxx. I don't like Charlie. Think she's easily nine or everything. No hiccups. Well we'll play great lessons of competitive vehicles get a moment it's. 117 ram 15100 people were crew cab four by four with a gasp or V6 engine for 265 a month for 36 months of 1999 who would sign. How lessons extra available featuring classic isn't likely. Based and I just and where do registration data for over in the TV did you wonder if you didn't trust continues he sold in the US since 1988 Dodge Ram at the highest overall percentage. But when he took seven grams Hudson to do for details but where's your contributions from US bank exclude daughter you vehicles Cleveland center averaged over 30000 residents are. Trojan climbed to digital fortress seventeen. 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Also going on sale at 10 o'clock our tickets to see all Jane knew whenever things under the stars. Already announced will do another dozen with the stars Monday that I've. One of the bands will be calling in for that I see cousin of the stars and now it's I see boom. Wound. And been. And we have another show to tell you about now that's going on sale next week. In 96 by the buzz presents additions. Oceans are coming Mac. The last time I saw this year and and it was a beach. James Mercer and is James right. You know it's worse. These you know any different stuff these kids with their names but there's. Shouldn't show is at the middling in the town exchange show audition show did you intends Thursday June 1. Full house slow GA floor balcony available tickets are 35 dollars and advance if any remain 38 dollars daily show. There is a free letter pre sell that runs Thursday from 10 AM to 10 PM until one day pre sell your anonymous free letter. You can become only just keep announcing chosen chosen as a good way to attract maybe what shows do you wanna go to were down. So you can tax free it's 9600. Or you can. Behind all this information available and then 65 and as backup south. Punching tickets go on sale ten. Next week we're doing missions and another buzz under the stars. So far from the team that we know this would be considered the first OK so when we're gonna announcement Monday not to confuse anybody and I think it's apparently confusing. Plays Joan and leave you additions on the mats.