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Tash Sultana is a young, dynamic Melbourne artist. At just twenty-one years of age, Tash is creating waves and generating massive street buzz by playing sold out shows all over the world. Tash has made a name for herself busking on the streets of Melbourne and having homemade videos go viral, getting millions of views online. Since having her hands wrapped around a guitar at the age of three, the self-taught artist quickly developed her own unique style that has people lining up to see her perform live. Her vocal shines with a magical quality, she has a natural gift for melody and her virtuosic guitar playing is from another planet. The young, one-woman powerhouse is having a huge year - Tash has already sold out her entire world tour and being added to dozens of high profile festivals including Laneway 2017. Both singles ‘Jungle’  and ‘Notion’ were quick to receive high rotation on Australian broadcaster triple j with ‘Jungle’ being the #1 most played song on the station two weeks running and also added as mega hit of the week on Netherlands 3FM radio. Accolades include a #11 ARIA album chart with “Notion EP” and winning a J award for “Unearthed Artist of the Year 2016”.

1. You've gone from busking in Melbourne to selling out shows worldwide. What was it like to experience that kind of immense change in such a short period of time?
I didn’t really think it’d start getting this crazy when I wrote the EP to be honest. It’s one hell of a ride!

2. What's the one thing you learned from busking that you'll take with you throughout your musical career?
That you have to work your ass off, they don’t have to stop and listen to you. It is completely organic and raw, you’re just there on the pavement jamming out.

3. "Jungle" showcases your unique sound--it's got elements of several genres (alternative, reggae, and more). Which genre has most heavily influenced you?
I am not a genre based artist. Music is multi-dimensional, it’s all in the feeling. Sometimes I feel like looping, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I want to strip it back, play instruments I’ve never played before. It’s whatever the fuck I want to do, really.

4. What's the story behind "Jungle"? 
I wrote Jungle in my bedroom when I was having a manic time with a particular girl, everyone thinks it’s this really upbeat song but it’s not, it was just a really manic time so I wrote a song about it.

5. What was going through your mind when you first heard "Jungle" on the radio?
It’s still surreal hearing myself on the radio, I’ll walk into a shop or be at the airport and hear it playing, it's crazy!

6. Who was the first person to call you once they heard your song on the radio? 
Regan, my manager