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Lo Moon

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First things first: What’s the story behind your name?

The name originates from my nephew who's name is LOWELL MOON. He’s very special to me. We feel it conveys the feeling of the music on many levels.

The creation of “Loveless” began in NYC and was finished in Seattle years later. To what extent, if at all, did the amount of time and change in location affect the outcome of the song? (Was there always a clear path, or was the song kind of molded and warped along the way?)

The amount of time and different locations definitely changed the outcome of “loveless”. It started as an idea based around a beat in a basement in NYC, so it didn’t have the entire feeling of the song in it’s makeup. When Crisanta, Sam and I started playing it we really got to the core and the emotion of what the song was about. By the time we went to record the final bits of “loveless” in Seattle we had discovered so much more about each section of the song and the bands spirit and emotion came through. I think the bands voice mixed with the producers voice and the time to experiment in different environments really helped the songs feeling in the end. It wouldn’t be what it is without everyones unique voice.

How’d this tour come together with MUNA?

I think this is just a tale of two LA bands that thought it would be great to tour together! We are so happy MUNA asked us to support them, they are so great.

Governors Ball is huge! Please tell us everything that was going through your minds when you were invited to play?

We freaked out when we found out about Gov Ball. It was the first festival we have ever been asked to play. The day it was announced I woke up to a bunch of texts from friends back home, which is always exciting. For us it’s just amazing to be on a lineup with so many bands we love and respect, that’s the craziest part. 

You’ve said that “Loveless” is about the transition from dark to light. Can you expand upon that?

Musically we were searching for the feeling of tension and release, which directly correlates from dark to light. The verses are tense and wound up lyrically, so when the drum fills announce the chorus we wanted to create a euphoric feeling. “take my hand in belief we trace our steps”. We really had this in our heads when we recorded the song, and at every musical turn we tried to convey the feeling. It’s tough to explain but it was the beacon for the feeling in the music. 

We’re loving this song. Can we expect more new music anytime soon?

Thank you! Yes! Definitely, we’ve got new music ready and can’t wait to put it out in the world!