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Dan Luke and The Raid

-- Check out the song BLACK CAT HEAVY METAL by Dan Luke and The Raid --

Dan Luke and The Raid is a five piece psych pop band from Bowing Green, KY consisting of Daniel Shultz, Kendrick Brent, Patrick Stewart, Dylan Graves, and Anthony Joiner. Shultz and Brent have been playing in bands together since high school, cutting their teeth playing house parties and bars that would take their fake I.D.'s. Shultz also happens to be youngest brother of Matt and Brad Shultz from Cage the Elephant.

Growing up Shultz was alway weary of the inevitable comparisons between him and his brothers, however, overcoming that fear is what enabled him to find his own sound. "I think what pops out to me most about Daniel is he has such a keen musical sensibility and broad taste for such a young kid. He’s far beyond where Matt and I were at his age musically,” says Dan Luke’s oldest brother, Brad. You can check out the single ‘Black Cat Heavy Metal’ from their Debut EP ‘Be Good’, due out this winter.